Building an Industrial Harbor with Woody Powers | Tutorial | Cities: Skylines

hello and welcome to another City skylines tutorial with me woody powers collaborating with Paradox Interactive to show you how to build an impressive looking industrial seaport and rail yard combination here on the official city skylines youtube channel so i have started working on a brand new city in front of the highly anticipated release of industries what you are seeing today comes from xbox but it works the same for PlayStation and PC and now that Industries is here I am so excited let's get to work building a great looking industrial seaport connected to an industrial rail yard while making it aesthetically pleasing as any player knows industrial areas can be tricky becoming the catalyst for major traffic jams and pollution issues so today we want to take you from this to this yes an area is so clean and cool you would be proud to take your mom on a tour I already have my roadways and highways laid out in advance designed to keep those trucks moving with loads of things we've build in our city like smartphones and frozen fish sticks however combining the Seaport to the rail yard can be a challenge the best place to begin is by creating our Harbor area with keys being the key let's start by going to the landscaping menu grab our keys and make a border for this Harbor alright I like the way this looks now once we've got those seawalls in place we want to head on over to the transportation menu look for the cargo hub and we'll just scan around looking for the perfect place I think this will do however before we plop it down we want to make sure to double check the route of our cargo ships looking for a clear line of sight we don't want a Titanic size disaster as those ships roll in there we go two cargo hubs is going to fill this space nicely so let's go back to the transportation menu and plop down this cargo train terminal which will be the hub of our railway and then next we are going to complete our rail line I like to use a central line so that we can connect the cargo hub like I'm doing here and then connecting a line to our cargo train terminal we'll move back to our cargo hub and connect that track as well to create a symbiotic industrial area okay now that ships and trains can move freely we want to build up that industrial area but it does not have to look like the inside of a microwave of work or the floor of a college dorm room no industrial areas can look neat and clean and become the envy of your city hack number one plop some tiles from the Parklife menu before building filling in the area like I'm doing here then you just move on over grab some yellow industrial tiles let's zone that and just let it grow like a beautiful flower so what if my own personal tricks is adding one or two office tiles most factories have an office space for accountants and Human Resources and managers and I think growing a small office building hats nicely to our industrial concept then I like to finish off the area with some fences and some props from the new industrial DLC throw in some trees man I'm gonna grab my resume and apply to work at this Factory I love the way it looks by the way I suggest keeping your factories at a distance apart to help you avoid pollution and traffic issues it also helps to make several smaller industrial areas around your city okay let's complete this area by having a few unique factories from the industries menu I love that one and a few more probable storage areas we're also going to add in a bunch of fences to keep people from stealing our industrial secrets and we are going to plop a lot of trees around the entire area so that it looks like it qualifies for the new reality TV show city's Got Talent here we go tea bees bathing suits and bananas arriving daily by sea and being distributed by trucks and trains Hey thank you so much for watching today more tutorials to come and make sure to subscribe down below

Maps & Policies with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 5 | Cities: Skylines

g'day guys was 20 here and welcome back to seas skylines industries today we're gonna take a look at the new industrial policies as well as having a look at the new maps there's three new industrial policies you can find them by clicking on the industrial area and then clicking on the policies tab each policy is designed to improve your industry in some way one increases a storage and capacity of the buildings one improves the health of workers and the other one improves the production output all of these policies have a cost so you do have to figure out whether the effect is going to be worth the expense I'm gonna add a mixture to each one of my industries first up I'm going to start we've rosewood farmlands and stri and improve the storage of the buildings because we're producing quite a lot around here crest woods is producing paper very slowly and at a bit of an expense so I'm going to try increasing the production rates and then also removing an expensive paper factory and hopefully that will improve things and then lastly for my big polluting industrial companies I'm going to improve work safety supervision to hopefully improve the health that's down here leaving dollar town now and we're going to take a look at the new maps available with the DLC there are five new maps that can choose from all ranging in different themes and all have their own unique challenges and rewards some are rich of oil some are rich of forest some have very low fertile land and some have a mixture the terrain on each map is quite different some does vast plains and some are quite mountainous but each map is very unique and always has some sort of unique element to it which I'll let you discover them for yourselves hope you've enjoyed this tutorial I'll see in the next one see you later

Industry Levels with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 4 | Cities: Skylines

getting a sauce 20 here and welcome back to city skylines industries today we're gonna take a look at the industrial main buildings now these are the buildings you place down in an industrial area that then turned those areas into the specialist industry and those main buildings are all unique and actually level up and change as the industrial area improves and grows when I first plopped down in Rosewood farmland it was only at a level one but as the city's been expanding and as I've been adding to this farm the farmers leveled up and now it's at a maximum of level five to find out more information about this you can click on the industrial area which opens up a window that shows you all the stats up top and I can say that nothing's important everything is home growing I can see where crops are going and how much money is made from animal products and flowers and down below gives you a pretty good idea how much profit you're making and how many people are on site however rosewood farmland is at a level five because it's actually a pretty good industrial area it's in a great location there's plenty of workers around and the production is keeping up with the demand unfortunately I can't say the same for born up hits it's been cycle level 3 for ages and we've produced enough resources but the work account is still under 500 which means I probably have to zone some residential around this area now any logical player would do that however I'm the sort of player that values the aesthetics of this city rather than the functionality of it so I'm gonna waste all my money building oil industry somewhere else when I place down a new main building a always make sure it's on a main road so that service vehicles can access it pretty easily and voila a new industrial area has been built and you can actually see the difference between the level one main building and the level 3 building which is pretty cool and who knows maybe the next time you watch this it'll be a level 5 main building but I guess we'll have to see what happens I'll see them

Additive Engineer Josh Mook Revolutionizes Manufacturing with 3D Printing – Together We Work – GE

I was the kid that loved to take everything apart and put it back together I want to learn what makes it tick what makes it perform what makes it work my wife likes to say nothing around our house breaks permanently I think there's something just in my personality that draws me to solve problems like that my name is Josh Mook and I am an engineering leader and GE additive additive manufacturing is essentially 3d printing where you're taking a design file in a computer slicing it in two layers and melting the individual powder particles layer by layer we can now produce geometries that before could only be drawn as an engineer what motivates me is really designing things that no one has ever imagined before in the beginning I started at GE Aviation my love of flying this really what drove me into the field of aerospace my grandfather was a pilot it was the one that introduced me to flying at an age of two my time as a pilot really made me respect the technology jet engines are like a symphony of very complex components working together with just a human hairs width of clearance between them GE aviation I was fascinated with big problems in engines when GE decided to develop our own fuel nozzle it's something that almost consumed me there's a lot of science almost sometimes feels like magic inside designing the perfect combustion system you would have seen sketches for me everywhere I would say at least once a day we felt like there is no solution I realized that the only way we were gonna ever meet the requirements is to use a manufacturing technique that we had never used before and it it was perfect for this part really because the complexity level have a very small component we're trying to fit just an amazing amount inside of it yet I can print it as a single piece which is more efficient lighter and more durable my wife often calls the fuel nozzle our fourth child and it felt like that after the fuel nozzle in the jet engine we replaced over eight hundred and fifty five components with just twelve using this design technology ever since then we realize that additive can be so much bigger it is gonna revolutionize the way all products look in the way they're manufactured we're working in medical oil and gas power generation automotive really every industry is right for design disruption it's completely shifting how the engineer approaches a problem and that's the most exciting part about my job every day I believe my kids and this next generation are gonna grow up with possibilities that we couldn't have imagined you

Industry Areas with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 1 | Cities: Skylines

g'day guys and welcome to the newest City skylines expansionpak industries my name is Jose 20 and I'm collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you guys some tutorials on the newest DLC now before I get started let me introduce you to my CV that I've been working on over the last couple of weeks this is dollar town pretty happy with it but I think it's about time I started expanding out the industrial areas with the industry's expansion pack you have access to four industrial areas forest farming or an oil industry for your industrial area to function correctly you first need to find the natural resource that matches your industry in this case I'm building a farm so I need to find some fertile land somewhere in my map once I've found the best place I can then paint down the industrial area just like a would a regular district or a park area to turn your industrial area into the correct industry specialist if they need to go to the garbage and Industry icon find the correct industry so I'm going to farming and then you need to place down a main building and what that does it turns that area into the correct industry area and now that I've done that I've got access to all the other farming buildings that I can start placing down you might actually notice that none of these is ownable all these buildings are palpable and they all are intertwined and work together within the production chain which I'm going to get into in the next episodes but basically all these sort of work together and they're really important that's part of the industry and I'm gonna do the same process for the other industrial areas wherever I can find any natural resources on this map I'm gonna replace and down there industrial area districts and watching that industry grow but that's pretty much it for this tutorial guys thanks so much for tuning in and I'll see you in the next one see you later

Supply Chain with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 2 | Cities: Skylines

g'day guys toast 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries in today's tutorial we're gonna check out the production chain feature which allows us to customize and manage the way that industry flows into city from harvesting raw resources all the way up to the production of luxury and special goods I'm gonna start with my forestry industry I'm harvesting raw forest products and I'm storing it within this little storage unit though I can see it's getting pretty full so I'm going to expand it by adding a couple more storage areas and you can actually see the raw forest products being transported to the storage units but at this stage we're only exporting that raw products we're not actually exporting anything extra so I'm gonna add a sawmill which takes the raw resources and turns it into plain timber and now my city is producing raw forest products and plain timber to make sure that there's always enough resources on hands and that we're not over stocking I'm gonna place down some more storage and of course if anything like me don't forget to waste all your money place it down some trees the cool thing about the production chain is that it doesn't actually have to be within the industrial area to function I'm gonna make another industrial area closer to the city and this one's gonna focus on producing paper and to make sure there's a nice flow from the production of the paper to its sitting on the shelves of the shops I'm gonna place a warehouse down the road in the heart of the sea that's going to focus on the storage of paper and that way trucks don't have to go all the way into the forest to find the paper they can actually just go to a warehouse that sits already in the city and I'm gonna do the same for my oil industry by painting down an industrial area where oil is needed the most in the city and I'm gonna place down another warehouse this time it's gonna focus on storing plastics as part of the oil production chain and honestly that is me scratching the surface of the production chain in the new DLC I'll get into more of it in the next episode see

Factories with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 3 | Cities: Skylines

get a guy's toast 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries since the last tutorial I've been expanding the industrial areas of dollar town and we now have a variety of different products being produced in the city but I think it's about time I take it up a notch and start plopping down some unique factories so the unique factories require multiple resources to produce unique goods basically the further up you go the more resources needed to produce those goods I think I'm gonna start with a Furniture Factory it only requires planes timber and paper which I know I'm producing quite a lot of in this area I think you're gonna put it down halfway between the forestry industry and the city because ultimately you want those products to be on the shelves as quick as possible when I click on the factory I can see I need to plain timber and paper in order to make the furniture I need both those items in the factory at the same time in order to start producing anything and at the moment I have neither so I'm just waiting for a truck to make its first delivery all right so now actually starting to make some furniture and some money I might actually start increasing the production rate so that we can start getting it out a little bit faster though I'm just gonna be careful of the upkeep per week and also if I can keep up with the demand of timber and paper to keep up with that demand I'm gonna put down a couple of warehouses that all store just plain timber and paper so that there's always resources close to the factory and while we're at it let's add another unique factory to the area there's something gonna go with a toy shop as it uses pretty similar resources though it does need plastics which is being produced all the way down the other side of the map so I do need to also put down a warehouse that specializes in plastics and in a nutshell that's how you get your unique factories running in your city though these are the most basic and easy ones to use they get a lot more complicated and tricky to manage down the track you'll see me fail at those ones I'll see you there

Japan Shinkansen Bullet Train FIRST Class VS. ECONOMY Class

hey guys it's Sunday December 25th in Tokyo Merry Christmas just walking to a Christmas tree lighting or some sort of lighting and look at this see these kids with a school uniform they went to school today not only was today Sunday today was Christian stuff yeah thanks for be on my video see ya okay get some rest it's Sunday just looking for Tokyo business market Dolph has a really festive tons of people and listen add a lot of German food or some reason I don't know why and this is a typical skin this is a typical line look at it this is the line is it keeps going it keeps going not over yet no keeps going keep going keep going keep going all the way here not out there you see that sign right there that's the end of the line every single stall is like this the place it's not that big I think there's about 30-40 installs around here so my recommendation if it is not come here officially giving up on that Christmas market it's really small and it seems like every booth sells the same thing but it was still packed starving and I heard that Tokyo and specializes in tempura I'm going to go find it important place this is supposed to be a really great place tempura T Nietzsche let's go eat whoa Bill Clinton ate here I'm sure the tempura here is really awesome I'm not going to be able to find out because a person that the course is run from 150 to 200 dollars so I don't make as much as Clinton that's why I can't eat here just walk past and just come my ID welcome I was just a little guy in the window a little adorable little guy in the window and there's plain cookies everywhere puppies everywhere you know how adorable this is real no well how is the pesto okay that makes sense but uh I gotta get a table okay oh my guys are go oh okay oh yeah thank you well was he home I know hey can I take home on my luggage that was really hard to come because the place was so quiet every time I spoke everybody in the restaurant was looking at me and also the shrimp in front of me yes go watch the go watch the video in Tripoli something the shrimp were for me like they literally they were sitting in front of me fresh shrimp about to be you know show for my eating pleasure and they leapt into the air right in front of me I kid you not leap off the plate about maybe a half a foot into the air yeah okay my logical response was I scream like a little girl which I did and of course they're normal to me again so it was just like I mean I didn't want to disturb other people's meal so it's kind of hard to film Tom but that meal was really really good I never really liked him Perot before I started coming Sagi right shrimp put in too low and when it's when you take it out as a zone that he's actually quite like everything was very flavorful I think the natural flavors of the food was up that has to highlight which definitely it's not the case for temper I feel like in the state also it's incredibly expensive I had a 12 tours and for a meal and that came out to be about seventy dollars but now because it's Christmas I'm going to see some Christmas light I want to feel festive and see Santa maybe maybe cut a ring gear that Tokyo Tower right there and it's all lit up for Christmas it's pretty cool Ashley reminds me of the Eiffel Tower it's pretty similar I mean in in size and the way it's structured well I wanted to see Santa and their Santa but so Santa and the reindeer Rudolph you're missing six more reindeers there's a special snack item kind of Tokyo banana Kate I really want to take one of these things back to the US but they expire on the 6th I get back on the 4th this might be the coolest ballpoint pen ever this ninja is about to attempt a backflip there we go okay so he was already showed it again home quite recently people and the whole is getting ready to get out of Tokyo and it is going to be so exciting today my first inconstant ride this is one of the fastest trains in a world boy from Tokyo to KO Bay where I will be staying at a real car which is like a ancient were really traditional Japanese hotel hot spring hotel really enjoyed this little hotel the family in psycho it's a bit out of the way kind of in the middle of nowhere but I find this neighborhood really charming I enjoy walking through it and I loved and they give it give me this little silver nice little origami box with candy inside it's always good I love art and I love candy one more thing right outside of the hotel right across from hotel is a little shrine and there are these little shrines all around the neighborhood you know looking at this it just it makes me feel like I am indeed inside of an anime I can't say enough about that awesome service at that hotel like literally here oh she's not just waited outside I was up there for about 10 minutes and I had my jacket on and he wasn't wearing much at all he just stood outside with me waiting for the taxi that's kind of like the level of service I experienced in most places in Japan restaurants even convenience stores I don't know exactly what Tommy Lee Jones is looking at over here maybe the aliens came back this is really exciting I'm at the Shinagawa station about to board ashin constant which is a super fat shrink I'm away from Tokyo over the cold air in the Turing of fat it has an operational speed of over 200 miles per hour and I think it'd travel upwards of over 300 miles an hour and I'm situated on the right side of the train which means that I can see Fuji mountain for the first time from my train window but before I get on the train there's a prerequisite you've got to go get yourself a bento box this is a key bond and they got a wide variety of bento boxes that I can try out this place behind me so especially made only there'd be a triangle rice balls wrapped with seaweed and this is also a great very convenient food item to take with you on a train so let me go ahead and get some them this is my seat um your luggages go up sir I'm gonna play my legs on the farm and show me has a weight like Big Town and this is the first-class cabin so I think the difference is these are a little bigger and you got the footstool you have these a little table then pull down that rules or nothing okay this is kind of weird is that you can see into the bathroom Wow and there's no foot so if you need to go number two I don't know what you will do maybe here toilet the toilet and if you want more privacy and this is a urinal where people can see you these these are really really flying light and oh these are heated he or she dancing they go there's an outlet and they have Wi-Fi it's not a secret partners on this which way if you're working or getting here place your drink all sobbing got little plastic cover on top take that off and looks like some tomato fried rice and some egg some peas and little hair it looks like a little sausage yeah a little cottage and it was the fried chicken and what it looks like I think this is a egg salad yeah we're potato salad right here and the peas 1 it comes with a little wet nap it's like a work of art – like appearing on a beautiful painting steps I can eat this and I'll get that color Oh still young you looking to start off with the chicken and the chicken obviously hot cold fried chicken not something I love I could tell the flavor is really good but I'll manage again so called let's try the little sausage on the bag that's awesome couple actually it's not helpful as cheese not that it's not good when him but when you're in expecting some things than when you put into your mouth it'll be completely opposite and just throws you for a loop this bento was only 850 and all about eighteen US dollars and if this was I do not select this would have been a good deal because all the ingredients are even tell they're really fresh their quality ingredients intercept cold fried chickens not my things this is by far by far the prettiest bento box I've ever seen my life it's red is bringing is brown and oranges pink a few more colors and you got yourself a rainbow before out with a nice kind of beef and grab some rice as well the beef is not tender but its flavor really really well I have an eye with really pretty pink mochi for a while and my guess is it's going to be ready and on the inside especially the best thing out of that metal box was really really they've got a clear almost jelly-like motion skin feeling soft creamy killing Colleen and Jilly and mochi everything down but they were so clean best item out of those two pencil boxes Kyoto the only thing I know about heel-toe is that it's got a lot of ancient architecture also tension and she-she'll had an epic battle here people behind these left in the syllabus Rekha line all the way what is difficult thing about the training st. measuring everything microphone I just asked if my stop the college table from stop out Kyoto and they responded by saying 22 which was at exactly 222 that's what myself now the last time I written on a train was back in China so compared to dad this is like heavenly so when you're buying tickets for the sitcom that you guys are off with a regular holiday war you get the first class because I wanted to jump up this in the future I'm already on my way not to Tokyo but I'm sitting in economy that what I scheduled a week equation comes in first class if she comes in economy class this is the economy class and on the right side of the Train is 15 left side versus cutie isn't if you like an airline you kontiki accept that from the lake space penalty it is pretty wide you can pretty much scroll down there's a tray table and I'm thinking this thing's so fat quite a bit so the biggest difference between this in the first class because that first I've seen it's bigger but I don't feel like it's much bigger there's no foot pan if you remember the first class see there's a nice progression on your site all breasts dispatch seasons and I have that event also there's no cup holders as an outlet as well especially in fact what a figure and oxo we can do is you can turn your eco round so that you have like four people or six people in a player speed around in space that might pose a question mark there so having sat in both sleeves honestly the biggest benefit I see for the first class see is that you get an assigned seat if you can want to see the state Mount Fuji you want to wait in line they can have that at sign tape but keep in mind that's about a hundred dollars more than the economy see which is quite comfortable I mean if you still on the left side a kilt sit on the backside or you know get stuck in the middle somewhere the really spacious and comfortable so I don't really see how the first-class seat is worth a hundred dollars more than ten darwinian signing like 20 minute an infection addictions which started a trend you want to be on in you stable hoggonomics also visited if you're coming from Tokyo to Osaka or Cobain the general right side of the track and vice-versa people back to Tokyo from Osaka or called adenosine on the left side and this is something that's really important is that mr. subway was coming here if you have your window shade close you might miss nothing so when I would suggest this packed the conductor at what time you're passing by now who do you sociable know one more thing I want to add about the Shinkansen economy class I took the train from Osaka to Tokyo and it was the empty train to start out with but I did see that in the middle scoffs especially its course the ended there were people getting on and not being able to find any any comedy so some of them have to stand up for over an hour I would say that if you're taking the train and you know it's in the empty what arrives at your station definitely go for the economy like a measure before it's the difference between the economy and first-class team is really not worth a hundred dollars but if you're getting on during one of those middle-sized where you know that there might be a lot of people on the train and you want to avoid the possibility of having to stand there for maybe an hour they try to go for the first-class seat all right guys I hope this review has been helpful thank you all so much for watching