Transport in Australia: Railways At Work

Whether we live in a big city or in the
country most Australians depend in some way on the railways. In this land of vast distances, trains
carry not only passengers but mail and parcels and agricultural products like wool, wheat and livestock and manufactured goods and raw materials of all kinds. Since Australia’s first train of 1854, farmers, graziers and businessmen have found it cheap and convenient to use trains. for carrying heavy loads over long
distances. Until motor cars and then aeroplanes came
into general use less than 50 years ago, trains
were also the fastest means of carrying goods and people anywhere. In the early days as the Australian settlers moved inland
growing wheat, wool and other products, the railways
were built to bring them the food and supplies they
needed and to take their farm produce to the city markets and seaports There is now a network of 26,000 miles
of rail line spread throughout the Australian states, enough to travel once around the earth’s
equator, but in such a big country as ours there
are still areas where no lines have yet been built. Many men are employed on the railways.
There are signalman who look after the signal boxes, making sure
the lines are clear before another train comes through. There are gangers who repair rail tracks and make sure they’re kept in good
condition. There are yard men, who couple up the carriages and others who examine the wheels and under carriages. to see that the trains are safe to
travel in. There are engine drivers who drive the
powerful locomotives. The station master is responsible for
all the trains that pass through his station. He controls the men who load
the trains and the porters who check the
passenger’s tickets. Thousands of skilled tradesmen are
employed in railway workshops where the trains are kept in good running
condition and in factories where the railway carriages and
locomotives are built. The diesel engines fitted to the
locomotives give them power to haul loads weighing thousands of tons at high speeds. Many types of locomotives, trucks and
passenger carriages are built to serve the needs of the
railways. No type of country is too difficult for
the men who build the railways. Soon a new line will be built through
this valley. First, surveyors go out to plan the best
route for the new rail tracks. The steel tracks themselves are often joined into long lengths and
sent to the construction site on flat top trucks. The long length of line gives smoother and
quieter travel. The tracks are laid on heavy hardwood
sleepers and fastened with iron spikes. Heavy blue metal is packed around the
rails and sleepers to keep them in position. The stone is dropped and spread along the newly laid line. Trains can travel over almost any type of
country. Bridges are built to carry the tracks over steep gorges and wide rivers. In ragged mountain country, cuttings are
made through smaller hills and tunnels are built through steep hills to avoid taking a long route around them. Rail tracks carry the train through
the jungle and tropical fruit country, over the golden wheat lands of Western
Australia, through coastal farm lands and across the great flat stretches of the Nullarbor Plain. As the trains race across country the passengers relax in comfort. Modern trains are fitted with sleepers and with dining cars. They are air conditioned so that the
passengers may travel in comfort under all weather conditions. Just as important as passenger trains are the work trains that
carry great loads of produce raw materials and manufactured goods
from one end of the country to the other. Whatever the load may be the railways
have the equipment and the rolling stock to carry it. The goods trains are assembled in marshaling yards by a system known as shunting. The shunters arrange the loaded trucks in
the right order on the trains so that they can be uncoupled at their
destinations as the trains travel from town to town. Each track carries a label showing its starting point and its
destination. A shunter releases the brakes, allowing the truck
to move slowly down hill to the next man who switches the points so that the truck goes onto the right line. Railway lines in most countries are a standard gauge or width of 4 feet,
8 and a half inches, but in Australia many of the states have
different gauges. Now a standard gauge line is being built connecting all the mainland capitals.
This will permit freight to be carried from one end to the continent to the other without unloading and reloading. Already a standard gauge line runs from Brisbane to Melbourne. Although mixed loads are common, there are many trains with trucks designed to carry one class of goods only. From far inland, sheep or cattle are loaded onto stock trains. which carry them up to 1,000 miles to market. In Queensland, special trains carry
sugar from the sugar mills to the seaports. In the Derwent Valley in Tasmania the logging special takes great loads of
eucalyptus logs to the paper mills at Boyer. Coal is the most important single item of freight on the railway. At Leigh Creek in South Australia coal from the open-cut mine is taken to
power stations. The five and a half thousand ton train is the heaviest in Australia. From the big open-cut mines at Yallourn and Morwell in Victoria, coal trains carry millions of tons of brown coal and briquettes each year, providing fuel, gas and power for homes and industry. The railways have many special services. Between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie there is a partnership between road and
rail transport known as the pickaback rail service. Road tracks are driven onto the
railway tracks and carried eleven hundred miles across the
Nullarbor Plain. The drivers are able to sleep during
the trip saving themselves and their engines a long hard drive across the Nullarbor. The Nullarbor Plain has another famous
train known as the ‘Tea and Sugar’. It carries bread, meat and groceries on a weekly run across the flat plains. The Tea and Sugar train is village
store, bank and pay office for the railway workers
and their families who live in settlements along the rail
track and who work to keep lines in good repair. It is a special train service for the
people who live in this lonely stretch of country. In the Western District of New South
Wales a special health clinic train makes
regular visits to isolated towns. The clinic’s Sister lives on board the
train and conducts a baby health centre for the mothers. At one time all locomotives were
powered by steam. Steam which is made in the engine boiler
turns the driving wheels. Although the steam locomotive is being
replaced by diesel locomotives and electric trains, it still finds regular
work in many places. In Port Pirie in South Australia a steam
locomotive is used to shunt the freight between the goods yard and the steelworks. Some express trains are still drawn by
steam locomotives but the diesel locomotive is gradually
taking over for both passenger and freight services. because it is fast and strong and
economical to run and maintain. For lighter loads there are diesel rail cars, a passenger car with its own diesel engine. It provides fast travel between towns where there are not many passengers to be carried. In some states, diesels are used on
suburban passenger services like this one in South Australia known
as the Red Hen. In Melbourne and in Sydney, electric trains carry
suburban passengers. Sydney has the only underground rail
service in Australia. In peak hours a train runs every two
minutes along the four-mile loop that links the
inner city stations. In New South Wales and Victoria, electric
trains travel 90 miles out from Sydney and Melbourne. One of these is an express train serving the
Blue Mountains area some sixty miles west of Sydney. Australia’s railways are developing. Keeping pace with the growth of our
population and the expansion of our towns, cities and industries. No matter where we live, most of us depend in some way on the
railways, which carry passengers, mail and parcels, and the products of our farms and factories throughout Australia.

Working On The Railroad | Bob The Train | Video For Toddlers by Kids Tv

“Let’s sing the Railroad song, With Bob the Train!” I’ve been working on the railroad All the live-long day. I’ve been working on the railroad Just to pass the time away. Can’t you hear the whistle blowing, Rise up so early in the morn; Can’t you hear the captain shouting, “Dinah, blow your horn!” Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow, Dinah, won’t you blow your horn? Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow, Dinah, won’t you blow your horn? Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah Someone’s in the kitchen I know Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah Strummin’ on the old banjo! Singin’ fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o-o-o-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Strummin’ on the old banjo. Singin’ fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o-o-o-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Strummin’ on the old banjo.

(FR) Cities Skyline – Industries : Pollution & Prospérité #38

et bien bonjour à tous ses amis je suis pop-up j'espère que vous allez bien on se retrouve aujourd'hui pour un nouvel épisode sur city skyline nous sommes toujours sur notre ville à des grues tonnes sur notre scénario où on doit atteindre les 250 mille habitants on est à cent quarante deux mille habitants actuellement dans d'autres villes et aujourd'hui aujourd'hui j'ai bien envie de faire une ligne de train pour atteindre un peu cette gare si l'un des gars vers l'extérieur donc il n'y a pas beaucoup de monde pour un sens qu'il est dans l affaire passée en fait une ligne qui passerait par ici avec une guerre par là une gare proche ici du centre sportif et une gare par là ça nous ferait trois gars plus le reste de la ligne alors voici de voir ce qu'on peut faire un pour ça sachant qu'on va sur le passé en dessous [Musique] si vous êtes plutôt du petit gars plus tôt c'est un endroit y ait de la place tu peux place mais j'ai un bâtiment ici qui va me gêner assez la bibliothèque [Musique] [Musique] alors assis devoirs sont un moyen de faire descendre les rails [Musique] hop voilà qu'on a cette liaison la de ce côté-ci ok ça va être hyper serré a sorti de la guerre mais j'ai pas trop trop le choix et même genia bibliothèque ici on va la mettre là iqu non ça rentre pas ok donc là c'est bon je vais avoir la place pour sortir en fait j'aurais pu rentrer par l'autre côté plus tôt ouais ça aurait mieux coller on va reprendre ça [Musique] tac voilà ici on va rejoindre dans ce sens là et on va pouvoir partir comme ça après ici par là pour rejoindre une guerre ici qu'on être au niveau de la piscine [Musique] plus que tout putain [Musique] magar est là [Musique] voilà donc la scène donné quelques habitations supplémentaires ici et quelques commerces en plus ici [Musique] ok on atteint la guerre là non seulement 100 m une par là [Musique] et on termine très bien ici à côté de la station de de monorail [Musique] ça y aura accès à nouveau au système de transport [Musique] [Musique] voilà et la dernière elle est par ici hockey [Musique] [Musique] éventuellement pour peut-être rejoindre par là la voie de chemin de fer qui ici pour que ceux qui viennent de l'extérieur puissent aller directement sur ces gars là en espérant que ça ne gêne pas trop notre trafic alors pour commencer de parfaire notre ligne qu'à partir d'ici [Musique] si équivalent et [Musique] jusque là plus retour arrière [Musique] non ça fait pas bien ça ça fait un peu bizarre là ce qui m'a fait tant pis ok allez on a donc nos lignes de train [Musique] c'est vite voir s'il ya des pas mal de passagers ou pas qui viennent [Musique] pas un petit problème la sueur à ce que c'est une un train moi ça ou c'est non c'est un train de l'extérieur ok encore que oui c'est un train qui fait l'extérieur ça donc on ne peut pas les reprendre [Musique] [Musique] c'est comme ça a commencé a tendance à ralentir ici le trafic un peu [Musique] ok on commence à voir quelques passagers qui commence à prendre nos lignes farouk ça brûle seriez pas de pompiers s'ils sont là [Musique] et cette ligne électrique la ligne publicitaires ok donc ça sonne ici pour l'instant [Musique] mais bon ça ça va peut-être fluidifier le trafic en plus on passe pas loin de deux stations enfin de relier à d'autres transports notamment ici on a le monorail à côté ça pourrait potentiellement attirer du monde ok pour ça alors ici vont s'est pas encore zone et donc on va attendre pour redonner la suite [Musique] jeu sur leur char attention que le trafic ne se bloque pas non plus au niveau des trains [Musique] au niveau de l'aéroport on commence aussi à voir pas mal de passages et qui commence à passer par là au niveau de la circulation là pour l'instant ça roule toujours bien j'ai besoin de commerces supplémentaires donc on va zone est un petit peu en touristique à l'intérieur de cette zone si voilà ça va nous faire de nouveaux commerces à [Musique] et j'ai besoin d'un petit peu d'industries également ça commence à être chargé ici par contre mais vraiment changé je veux dire alors ouais ok on va faire en sorte ici que ça se bloque un petit peu moins en modifiant légèrement toi tu peux les que par là [Musique] [Musique] alors niveau travaux académiques on est à 5 162 élèves et on a un quatrième travail académique très bien et on a amélioré de l'attractivité de notre campus alors le campus justement on va les voir un petit peu ce qu'il faut pour la suite pour le niveau suivant elle va juste falloir atteindre les 800 étudiants pour pouvoir passer sur le niveau supplémentaire ça ok [Musique] un certain de gentiment sur bloqués ici par contre [Musique] à l'hôpital là c'est des petits pas une si bonne idée finalement [Musique] [Musique] okc point ça on est plutôt pas mal on a perdu des habitants quand même pas mal sur cet épisode 1 [Musique] alors ça doit peut-être les gens qui emménage par ici qu'ils font que ça se bloque regardez un peu où est-ce qu'ils vont tous ces gens là [Musique] un appel qui viennent par 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est apparente ça risque de poser des problèmes [Musique] soit bien parc ci par là [Musique] je peux commencer aujourd'hui mais qu'est-ce qu'on n'a pas encore fait comme park vous a pu monter sans l'a fait [Musique] je pense qu enfin un parc d'attractions éventuellement par là ça peut être sympa lui qui à la gare en plus ça va attirer un peu de monde [Musique] oiseaux parce qu'à la faveur desquels quelques voies ferrées quand même [Musique] c'est quasiment dézoner cette partie là ça c'est très bien alors ici est-ce que ça s'est amélioré du coup [Musique] [Musique] ça avance toujours quand même [Musique] ok puis bah écoutez on va s'arrêter là pour aujourd'hui j'espère que cet épisode sur six 10 km vous aura plu la prochaine fois je vais peut-être lancer la construction d'un zoo par ici même si les avions pas trop loin ça peut être intéressant d'avoir ça de ce côté-là d'avoir un autre parc que central park je tendrais fait chier ou est ce que je pouvais le m autrement mais sachant que la voilà on a déjà les les accès qui sont faits on a les transports en commun côté j'aime j'aime bien cet emplacement là pour avoir un assaut voilà bah écoute et j'espère en tout cas que ça vous aura plu on se retrouve dans quelques jours pour la suite de l'aventuré sur 6 types skyline d'ici là je souhaite à tous une bonne fin de journée je vous dis à la prochaine

WRSR – How the Vehicle Manufacturing Works

hello comrades its premier River and I am back at the river stand Motor Speedway it's not a voter Speedway it's a motor producing speed test way how's that sound in any event I have set up a little bit of an experiment here you know I've been playing the game quite a bit have a lot of hours into it and I've never done the automotive so I had set up in my regular series a bit of a test or you know set up a manufacturing and got different comments one was that I didn't that you have to put materials in in specific places so I'm not sure if that's true or not but this is our motor vehicle production and I just sort of stuck things wherever I thought they'd fit with no intention because another comment I got was well you don't have to worry about where you stick things in they'll just go in so we're gonna find that out first I think what I've done let me go through the whole setup here here we first before we go through the whole setup let's go over you have to purchase cars now I'm on easy mode like super unlimited money sandbox mode I think that'll be good enough this isn't about making money this is just about learning how the car manufacturing goes so apparently we can you know we can manufacture any of these vehicles personal car though let's pick a cool-looking one how about this one 38,000 all right so I assume that means we can then start producing that right there we go in vehicle in production how can we do more than one let's pick a red f1 25 right let's just say can we now it sounds like we can only do one at a time which is fine let's do the black one first then one more question answered right so you can gather that you know I don't know all the answers I you know obviously very familiar with how things generally work so I can make a lot of good assumptions but you know where assumptions tend to get you so here's the setup we have this town and I have two trains going back and forth and I should have it there's 400 workers maximum oh we need engineers hmm well the good news is you know we can we can't really get rid of people – well we should have a few engineers anyway let's see how that goes i didn't even I'm assuming they need to be the educated folks and we should have educated folks throughout the thing here now I do have yeah you know what there's nobody in here you know let's get let's get one house that's they're all set to go there but let's get one of these houses where we let's clear this house out and we'll get one house with just all nothing but educated kind of people in there not this one this one all right just to make sure we have enough of that we should have enough we got eight eight houses total which would be 1600 which even if we have three shifts at 400 that should be enough all right so those guys will leave eventually because they won't get too happy these guys should have everything they need here all but this house I left not specified so that they can go work here all of the buildings should be purchasing what they need so people should stay happy and I also over here just to kind of simulate bringing things in and out just to kind of get some idea of you know is this number of trucks you know how many trucks do you need coming in and out of here to keep up probably more than this but I'm okay with that – right this is not some maximum efficiency test you can obviously make some you know judgment calls now I also did this because I want to see if if they'll flow through here right like if we fill this one up with cars will it come up to this one in this one that makes sense now we can also just go right in there and get cars and then I have this whole other town where I've set it up where they have a few parking lots the different sized parking lots right these people have no way of getting there unless they get cars and then if we look at at least this slot anyway so they can make it over there can they make it over there from like the little lot they might not be able to about this one yes so see I'm curious to see if these people start just going over there right it eventually will get them some cars now another thing is I'm curious to see if we can use the road depot to get cars to here I'm out you know this is the regular car overflow lot or do we just drive the cars and put them in the car dealership right and again it's I like to use these because if you have multiple trucks you don't fill up your waiting spaces so we'll see we'll see so let's start playing time and see what happens well at least get the thing running right now we don't have any people now another thing I want to point out was that it's a little bit deceiving when you go to buy the train sets right so I was wrong earlier believe it or not I know it's hard to believe for the people that follow my series that I might have been wrong but when you buy the train set let's go over to the depot and come over here to purchase right and we'll come to trainset look how it says like it points at this right this is ones we bought it says 105 however when I actually bought the train said and there was two of them there right like so I bought two of them and then stuck them back to back in here like this there we go see like it doesn't look like you can do that but then you can go and like stick them together and they act like one train if you didn't know that but it's actually you know this guy will hold just as many so this is definitely cheaper so I'm sorry about that if I misled anyone this each one of these cars holds 105 which i think is a little deceiving the way they did it but in any event we have a train set there are we getting a few people in here no why are we not getting any workers definitely get in and out load and unload we don't need students right we have people on the platform number of workers waiting let's specify that they should go 200 okay sup sup sup yeah there's always something when you put this together why don't we attach this with an actual fancy Road some of that by the way I crashed a lot of times a lot of times trying to do this especially when I was putting down these tracks so and I know I'd already built this at one point so is it because because they have no place to go specify where citizens think is best well this would be we do that right so we can't even get the basics right well we've got a lot of people over there waiting don't take any students there we go so that was it you need to actually be good it's good that they're smart enough to know that they couldn't get out the other end right now how are we doing on supplies here now we have a supply issue where you go it you have eight tons of that okay well we should have the stuff you know at least marginally attached here right though I don't see it in there which is kind of a thing with this game in these these warehouses so there we go look oh man look at all those people that's a lot of people alright we've got a lot of engineers current production yet we are making a car so let's make sure yeah I don't think we're gonna keep up with our we're operating with that issue but I don't think we're gonna keep up necessarily with our with these few trucks but that's okay that's all part of the test right and we can always double the trucks up while we're sitting here running around looking at it all right so we're with our trucks our cars will come out here right I would assume least I hope they go out to there now if they don't they're gonna come into here now does it say you have finished vehicles there we go we've made a car and it didn't automatically go into here yeah I don't really oh there it is okay there's our car all right well now let's see I want to just see if we come over to our Road Depot and I'm assuming we would need an open halt right so let's go ahead and get an open halt and I want to say go to here and pick up vehicles we don't have a road cargo station attack directly to this but that's okay so then let's to go ahead and test this right so I don't want you to load anything I just want you to load cars then we will keep an eye on this guy yeah there he goes so this I expect this test to take a little while I don't know you know we're already 10 minutes into the video I don't know how long exactly it will take and we have four spots here so I don't know that we need this but I'm curious for like we'll let this guy overflow now how much does each one of these weigh I want you to wait yep good suck them right out of there so the good news is I'm sure we can get him out of here too but yeah so how many I guess he could just keep loading them up right it doesn't look like he could carry any more let's just see what happens with that as we produce more cars right we're still operating with that issue so you know we're doing pretty well with just these few few trucks doing their thing now they might have had a little bit of a head start so I don't want to get too excited at this moment about why don't we just for the sake switch him to go into here just so they don't call the traffic jam in the long run okay here he goes where is he going oh that's right he's got to go this way you know what we could probably use let's I love having all the money in the world it's it's pretty nice yeah let's let's auto-transfuse so you know that's not part of the problem good so we're producing cars now let's see can we actually dropped them off over here very curious to see if this works that way he's headin in there but they do head there for yes good road cargo station works now look their groups a couple people are they buying cars now I'm curious to see if they'll buy cars and then go to work yep there they go I think okay there he goes she's gonna go to park at his parking lot yeah you know I don't know where they live so we're gonna take a little time here okay now this is our truck now I just want to see let's switch where this guy goes that's a I want you to drop off here and just make sure though I'm reasonably certain this this is gonna work all right so go get some more cars and then bring them back and drop them off in here so how many cars we made in the mean time three right yep yeah so this going pretty well kind of as expected at this point you know as far as you mean I don't see where any particular thing would have to go in any particular place right so now another thing that I want to try to do here next will be I know we can attach this directly to there right well but we can't like you can't get this doesn't have any railroad connection this space for vehicles which would be nice if they did and there's no rail connection to here so after we kind of prove that this will fill the dealer up with cars I want to then come over here and send him to go to here to see to see if he'll the train will then start loading up cars right so it's a little bit backwards there unload load but you know he is wait yeah so well then we'll see if he waits for that now we're getting a little behind on cars which is good what are you doing tell me there's no power it seems like the story of my life all right let's uh I got I got all kinds of look it's right over there you know all right let's uh come here that's gonna be a little bit awkwardly close to that other thing let's just come out here they're good it's not not at a bad angle right yep you have power so you should have power so you're gonna fill back up very good and then yours on his way did you actually get fuel yes good yeah we're making cars in a pretty good clip actually like as far as I mean we're 300 people right you're not gonna I mean you could do better but you you're hard pressed to a whole lot better than this little setup would right I mean we're definitely true you know coming close I would hope to maxing out the number of people you could you could produce or get cars to go so why don't we get another open halt since we do have some extra get another open halt close that but that's okay we click here so I want you to you know what can you come from here and then just to see if that loading through there would work right so in other words he's gonna try to pick up from this furthest one and I want to make sure that he actually can you know wait wait for your vehicles now how are we doing as far as like look yeah look they're driving over there up there they are yet they're going over to work in the UH in the factory yep there he goes it's not the most efficient way of moving people around but you know it is a way of moving people around and it's certainly good for things like if you have a concrete plant or something that's just really little right so how are we doing yeah this is what I was afraid of yeah so it won't load through those I'm okay with that I kind of didn't think it would right because in other situations I've had the same problem all right so let's let's add a new you see quite as well come to here you know what now you know I could go to here week that cars right now where you're going back okay that's right he keeps faking me out cuz I'm thinking he's going this way but the road yeah okay these people came back from we just have more people who bought cars I see so did we miss a trip and this is actually working just like I expected it probably would let's let's switch over to some red cars now here's a question do we lose all that progress yes so you might want to finish a car now I don't know if you lose the materials or not but you might want to finish a car out before you before you click that button yeah so we should see these guys come right on into there yep yeah so it just takes it a second but they do get sucked into there now the our people are off driving their cars and there's our shiny new red car nice now the other thing that's pretty interesting about this then I didn't really everybody keeps talking about oh you can get cars cars cars cars I think it's pretty cool that we can get other stuff cuz you know my map some of this other you know in the regular series this stuff is expensive as all get out to buy a new dumper right let's see can we get the license for a KMZ dumper and then what happens with that do we just I guess we could just select it and send it over to a Depot or there you go we're loading up more cars now does the train have some cars on it yet yes there they are it's hard to see we should have done the red cars but if you guys can see but we have black cars on the train and so the trains first thing is going to be let's see which what are you building is without power supply saying story of my life yes we're gonna try to see if we can't unload at a train station right into a car dealership but we need to get some power I think so let's yeah that should cover everybody on this side who's not already covered and where is well it's just it's all free ish those are no that's not you come you know like that come over to here good so we got ahead of that one a little bit all right so now yeah we definitely have plenty of buyers and sellers but we don't have any so I'm also trying to get an idea with all of this like you know the speed with which things happen as far as the loading so how full are we doesn't really tell you a percentage does it so I guess it uh it looks like each one can hold four which is pretty each one of that that one holds three yeah and then in a second here I want to just send them what I make do is just run it for a little while and look at that very nice we can give you a footpath hopefully we don't crash the game right let's give you guys some back door foot pads right so they can get around to their parking spots a little bit easier probably could close one of the eight windows there you got a little faster way to the catch there that's right we got flip pass throughout although they don't really like when they built when you build the fancy roads they don't really need too many extra footpaths that time we got four cards on there okay yep this guy's going over here to pick up the cars still have good workers so you know eight houses here yeah like CA we're getting all the way up almost a four hundred I don't see how we're gonna do too much better than that how are we doing running out of materials yet these guys aren't waiting so you definitely we're producing I like all right so let's take we're quite confident that this is working either every which way right let me that guy's already dope let's come over here and I just want to take all of them to this stop right and that is this yes yeah so now we'll just take all the all the cars over and then that way we'll fill this train up and we can see if that goes now of course if you guys have any other questions let me know but I mean I think we're simulating pretty well how the cars will work and like I said what I may do is just let it play for a while and just you know show you guys when it fills all up with cars and what the people are doing with them and just in case you haven't experimented like myself yeah well we already know this works right yeah because we've already done this and there's no way to I think I meant to I don't know I guess if this didn't work I could do this just to get some cars over here like there's no other way to get cars to these people but they already had the Train so this was sort of a whole secondary thing until I thought about yeah let's just see you know kind of two separate ways of getting you know vehicles to the two different place like here we're supplying them by truck and then here will supply them by train so the only real negative thing is that there's no way to directly get cars from the factory right onto the train you have to truck them over to here see how many do we have I might be able to hold more we're gonna find out right I think this does it tell me now it shows me how many there's we got 15 so far it comes another truck load yeah so this is definitely the way to move them I'm still not full parent cargo value only 30 what did these cars worth doesn't really say what they're worth click on here does it this is not the purchasing price and we could sort of questioning that that price right let's go to cars like in other words doesn't it seem like it should be more than 30 mm well these guys are only worth 1,400 that's what it is and I'm gonna beat this one yeah mm okay that's about right especially considering a lot of them are now the red ones nice people going to work already now I guess we should have the sky yeah you know what wait to unload just in case I'm I will just set them on cars nothing matters wait to load wait to unload moving yet now you hold quite a few cars now there's five on each so for this one these guys are both getting back at the same time you snot set the way head back there a sense of you being empty well you get another car on is that why you're waiting so it looks like now okay he just decided to wait a little extra while I guess so if he did the visuals at all accurate we should load one more car so I guess we should have this guy wait – for what the Train is gone now they just keep getting smaller like keep shoving them on and keep getting smaller which is okay with me I mean I'd rather them rather and get more but see what I mean like this this looks like it's full with five cars but then if we come up here we got six cars on this one yeah it does this thing again to look like I bet you the next one goes to dislike it prefers one over the other for some reason I don't know it didn't that time well maybe it did maybe it didn't yeah these guys sit there for a little while I'm not sure why see I don't think he should like he's not gonna get another car but he's just sitting there and now this guy's getting cars here let's do we can do fast forward I think double you know yeah yeah why is he still sitting there it's almost like there there he goes no idea why he waited that long there he goes big to do because our train let's come back up to this train station so this is quite a few cars and how many can the car dealership hold so if you're gonna do this oh you can okay nice so there's plenty of cars in storage so you don't have to worry you know one of the things you could do is put like an extra car storage there but I'm not sure if that's necessary you probably better I'm just building it's like some kind of Depot someplace else where you you know where you load up cars from like one of these like you know see there they're putting them in there and it's kind of a buffer right here so I would say I would just make a bigger buffer storage someplace else and then have a train going around yes we have a lot of cars coming in here now look at I'm moving out so I'm like hotcakes there you go so that answers that question yeah we can drop right off from there yeah that's really I think almost all the questions I had I think like I said now at this point if you guys have any more questions or things you think I didn't test I mean I know there's like you know a bunch of possibilities for what we could do here but you know I don't I don't I didn't attach anywhere in particular I just touched or whatever everything seems to be work and this is a waste saying with this don't do that but other than that you know I think everything else is working working just fine so let me uh we just let it play forward a bit you know and we'll just see what it looks like you know in in some fairly short period of time see if I have any other issues when I'm off camera for a minute here there you go that's how you want to set up your set up your car manufacturing it kind of any you know if you're familiar with the game I wouldn't sweat it right everything should kind of work like everything else kind of works there's no gotchas for me anyway right like you know being having built enough different little factory setups I'm quite satisfied with the way this is alright let me pause the video and I'll come back to say goodbye when we're all jammed up with cars how's that saying see you guys in a minute hey guys at that time play forward and then it started to get a little bit jammed up with cars mostly over here and the reason is is because I didn't have these things selected so if you just by default is just university-educated right so there's only so many and then you get this message no no no this is no free parking places but you know you can prefer university education prefer younger only under 30 under Lander 40 any so you can you know mess with how many people have cars which is good idea though the other thing is no free parking places not sure a hundred percent what the issue is with going a little bit higher I imagine it's that if this is 75 percent full I'm wondering if it's not counting like these cars right so in other words you may end up with too many cars in the lot if they half of them are going to work or however many are going to work I would think you should be able to get away with like 2/3 right like for the different shifts now this guy I'm gonna send the police over here we actually don't have police but if we did cuz I think he got drunk and just that might be a girl left her car in the middle of the lot they are for some pretty soon so yeah I mean I'm not gonna even try to say that name but in any event yeah I think she's in trouble we need to go check her out for DUI but other than that going pretty well I did put another truck on the route over to here but yeah I mean it it's it's working pretty well now the only other thing to other things to say one is let's let's switch over to make dumpers and I definitely think I have a lot of overkill on the supply and I'm thinking of even redoing my design because of this like maybe when you get into doing other vehicles but you know we just have a lot of we're way which is four trucks were easily you know supplying everything we need to these this factory the steel is building up I mean it's still going back and forth but it's such a big steel yard right just gonna take him a while two feet up so we really don't need like trains going in-between and my other series like you know you really don't need a ton of supply for one of these but if you had you know trains coming into here offloading your steel and other other parts that's probably a good idea keep it local right but that's just that's up to you you could probably even get away with supplying them from afar with trucks you just you know be a little less fuel efficient so they're not sucking down some massive amount of steel even with a good you know look we're up 375 at 85 we have plenty of people working now I just want to like let that want the dumper go and then we'll just see what happens with them and the only other thing that I wanted to point out was none of these vehicles actually seem to require the electronics so you know for me in my regular map it's not a big deal but just know that at this point you don't actually need the electronics the electrical components you need but but I went through literally and just kind of look not one of them needs electronics that I could see now if I'm wrong please leave a comment but there you go so let's take a step backwards so yeah let's just say I guess we could actually load I'm wondering if it'll load yeah looking he loaded on to this truck okay yeah so that's that's a little bit of an issue so if you're gonna make these you might want to cut your trucks off first right so we could say yeah let's just see go to Depot right yeah so you might want to keep that in mind right there that's one of the reasons kind of little things that you kind of figure out as the game goes on but yeah so now well we unload the car there as well now can we just send the car that's another question I have yeah I'm kind of glad we're doing this here let's fast forward then when it gets there it was a good click yeah so he unloaded the car now can we change depot and tell him okay so we can send them to a parking lot but we can't send them to one of those that was that wasn't the truck that was the the loan car so there we go yeah now we have a dumper that we made ourselves so yeah I'm pretty excited I think you know I may make a few passenger cars but you're gonna see me producing a bunch of different Road vehicles on my regular map I'm pretty excited about that there you go well let me know if you have any comments I'd be happy to come back to this and and test it for you guys even if I don't make another video so all right well thank you for watching let me know if you have any questions or comments please subscribe or leave a like if you enjoyed the video thanks guys take care

RFID Technology for the Railroad Industry — The Gold Standard

at Transcorp we've been meeting and exceeding the needs of the railroad industry for decades now when the American Association of railroads created their a II I standards they built them around our and tech technology in fact it's touted as the most successful RFID implementation in history so successful that it quickly became the North American standard and has been adopted by countries around the world after all why reinvent the wheel the system works today that same tried-and-true RFID technology is still the gold standard in the industry at the heart of it all is the transponder incredibly durable our transponders last as long as the rail wagons themselves each one holds a wealth of information including the unique rail wagon ID number here's how it works as the train approaches the identification equipment on the side of the track the antenna activates the transponder the data contained within the transponder is then collected by the antenna and captured inside the interrogator from there it's off to your network operation center it's all about capturing accurate reliable and complete information automatically RFID technology is also the key to condition based maintenance which lowers the lifetime cost of your asset it always ensures the safest transport of your product maintenance personnel can quickly identify potential problems and even take and upload photos of issues that need to be addressed which means you can proactively manage your assets to maximize the life of your equipment and minimize your costs keeping track of your assets is critical in the rail yard as well once again our tried and true technology is there for you you'll get a detailed train list report that outlines what assets came into the yard and what left that report tells you anything and everything you need to know about the wagons on that train and what they carry plus it's all the accurate information you need to proceed with a variety of applications we are Transcorp and you'll find our technology hard at work for railroads all over the world perhaps it's time you put us to work for you too

Human Industry – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group Statement Manifesto Video

our modern world is the result of human industry but our world is a place where without people there would be no need for industry this is why everything we make we make for people human industry is complex it requires a delicate assembling of many different parts rising to the challenge of such great complexity this is what gives us purpose and a reason to exist and because of this we value our me above all for when expertise across many different fields comes together in beautiful harmony the world is sure to become a better place move the world forward Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group so yeah thanks so much for fixing the G I really enjoyed it I'm so happy it's my pleasure so what is this your anything now for me no not for you for the grant chair

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic [Part 2] The Rise of Industry!

hi everyone welcome back to part two of this works and resources Soviet republic playthrough last time we did a pretty fair job of saying up our iron mine in there getting some industry going admittedly we're shipping everything out with very vehicles at the moment they're just kind of slow so what we might do is set up a training this time to explore cargo but I also want to explore some other things we might need to do so we need to get this bomb from running for example this is still growing I think it's gonna be growing for a long time we also need to set up the connection with the Soviet border because we're not earning rubles at the moment they're just earning dollars and that's a problem because we pay for a lot of our stuff and rubles so let's see where it actually gets you with that what's our next step what do we need to do population statistics we have 1,300 people of which thousands are workers and we have a hundred unemployed workers so that should be all good my workers and a resources no workers and trucks you need truck sales what seems like if I'd ever have lots and what about and we can double up on this area as well yeah let's do that stop it that make sense to me but we need to carefully place this because I can see it gets a factory connection so we can make good use of that we want one you can carry a lot of your lumber which is that battle that this one is really cheap and see who's probably best for the job so I think we're gonna go one of you yeah well they would want because I don't know need workers to fell trees that's fine you now have workers we can go in so how does this now work you just oh you actually go out to like get trees oh I can actually see the trees like disappearing oh no they grow bigger face Wow it started I mean this is gonna nearly double but even so that isn't that much money we need to drastically increase our industry those born today explore it so that's the next thing we need to worry about which I think in this case that's that's really not that far let's stick with roads to export you will go to here you will fully load and then you will go to here and all the unload there we go and we're actually going to copy your schedule to you between you start that's Dart that should do us for now because wheat how much exported yeah that's fine it's not outputting enough for it to be a concern so this is good we've got to get that application with the Soviet border that's over this way yes you only take both connections so you out you take road and rail so that's probably where we gonna have to go cool back that works is insane so this is probably the trickiest and most concerning day just got to make this little bridge here so if we want a bridge just like that and what make this as short as possible actually so like that this really is costing us a fortune but you need those roubles it's just it's so specific how it likes you to build really nice gold knows how much that has cost us oh man look at those a triple-strength we should have done that whole thing in dollars again I've made a silly mistake by not doing it in dollars that was a lot what one that's kind of fast and isn't all about the same so the vendors whereas people need to worry about power that's absurdly power that's absurd ly expensive of the power actually that's like a lot more powerful or barely anymore that's also really good some of these just they don't make sense to buy this is by far like one of the better ones so you can get that and then we're exporting iron so we need a hopper car and we're gonna get a few of the thing and this should be a way for us to earn really good at our money I love trains they are like my favorite thing there's just something about them that are so satisfied it just says this works I didn't know they could do that you just tried to overtake that's pretty cute what are you doing you are not fully loaded Shirley oh my god you are why are you confused why can't you get where you want to go you area where there can be an issue Wow how did I manage that I was just having multiple places that the tracks just not done light older today hopefully that this time will be neat look at it go the rise of Industry and that's carrying $9,000 old 7600 Knievel's work it's just pretty good fools having done that's like what we need right now so I feel like maybe we do need things yeah that's filled up so that's I understand that train cost I think the real concern I have yeah let's do another one one two three four five six there is a slight trick to what they're doing here that I need to be very careful of because I don't know how the game will handle it which is we need to set up some signals because signals will allow us to control the flow of trains and in some games if you don't have signals they'll just quite happily plow ahead and crash into each other and I really really can't afford that to happen so what we need to do is build some side rails bit like this and there's there's a couple of ways of doing this but this is the way we're going to do it where we have basically train lay-bys and this will allow them to overtake each other as necessary you must be a pre signal and then you need to be a regular double signal okay so now the train will come to doesn't say well have I got a clear path that I can't go up this one because this is one way it's pointing towards me but I can go up this way I hit this signal and then that one which at the single ahead and say can I go ahead if not I will wait here and the same happens in the other direction so now you just need to repeat that for each of these labels here we go here we go okay so we've got two trains coming heads ahead and here is a bracket so he's taken back path because that his his one-way path and he should now come to a stop that was incredibly fast stopping for a train the other train will come through and he is going to take the other path beautiful and as soon as that's clear you have right way you have right of way back okay so the reason for this is it's saying there is a train on this path which is also connected to this path so even though it's perfectly fine he's saying I definitely can't go ahead so we need oh that's really annoying actually how do we just have to have semaphore so just kind of hope that they don't cross wires cuz that's really dumb this is like a genuine problem because that means the train can stop here or it can also stop here and that was particularly bad and the only way because you've got a train that would be stuck trying to come out you can potentially gridlock with that's what I'm going up the only way to fix that is have another signal in the middle which again it doesn't stop again gridlock so just gives you more capacity or you need to have a pre signal going in and a semaphore here coming out with pre signal here so they'll wait here to go this way and that wait here to go this way we're starting to make good money he says that's all bad we're sporting quite a lot to the Soviet block of iron of course and some boards to the west a little buying alcohol food clothes electronics meat ah that's where our money's going as soon as the next month clocks in we'll start being able to say are we actually making money a lot because we don't have that much left but now we have income and hopefully it's enough like these numbers do not count because we have spent a good amount of money on vehicles and buildings so I'm keen to see what happens when we hear April I think we can call the quits again for this episode so again thank you for watching I hope you're enjoying this I am really getting into this game now especially now that we're actually making money even though I can clearly see our money's still just continuously going down oh my gosh Canada yeah I think next time we're going to try figuring out how we can better use our workers because currently they are not being fully utilized and maybe we'll be able to get the food farm of an actually productive it looks like it's producing food yes so you can progress so let's see what we can utilize that for next time but for now thanks for watching we'll see you at the next episode