Court Lets Trump Steal Military Funds To Pay For His Border Wall

In a horrible ruling earlier this week, the
US court of appeals in New Orleans voted two to one to allow Donald Trump to steal money
from the US military in order to fund his border wall. This could be as little as $2.1 million, billion
dollars, excuse me, or it could be as much as a little over $6 billion that the two judges
on this panel said, sure, Mr. Trump, you can go steal money from these military projects
and use them to fund you’re completely useless and not needed border wall. So the two judges out of the three judge panel
who voted to say yes, Trump, you can have this, one of them not surprising was a Trump
appointee. The other was a Ronald Reagan appointee and
I want to hit on that point just a little bit here. A Reagan appointee from the 19 friggin 80s
is still sitting and serving on a court in the United States and clearly basing their
rulings on their party affiliation because the law US law is very clear about the was
what the president can and cannot do with military funds, once Congress has voted on
them. If he wants to change the allocation for what
military funds have already been allocated for by Congress, when they vote on it, he
has to get congressional approval and if Congress does not approve, he cannot divert that money. If he declares a state of emergency, which
he has, then he is free to use a little bit of that money, but he must also tell Congress
what it is for and since it’s from the military, the military has to be the one to do the actual
project and none of those things are happening. He’s hiring private contractors. People who’ve donated to his campaign are
getting rich off this, so he’s clearly not following the very clear rules set forth in
US code. And the two Republican judges on this panel,
one of whom has been sitting there since the 1980s just said, sure, go ahead. We don’t care. We’re Republicans and Republicans stick together
and that’s all we base our rulings on. But back to the idiot sitting on that court
since the 1980s let me hit on that for just a moment because that absolutely pisses me
off. This is why we need term limits. There is nobody in this country who was appointed
in the 1980s who should still be serving on a court today. They shouldn’t have been serving on a court
10 years ago, and to be honest, they shouldn’t have even been sitting on a court 10 years
after that. We have got to put judicial term limits in
place, now. The next president of the United States has
to make that a priority because there is no way in hell that somebody who’s been sitting
on a bench since the 1980s still has the same kind of mental clarity that they had when
they were first appointed. There is no way that they have the same acute
legal mind that they had when they were appointed. People’s cognitive abilities, once they hit
a certain age, begin to decline, that’s science. That’s not an attack on whoever this judge
is. I’m not going to name them, but it’s not an
attack on them. That’s basic human biology. This person should not be there, and their
partisanship with this particular ruling just goes to prove that even further. So now, Donald Trump, the administration already
issued a response, a statement to the world declaring a victory here saying, here we go,
folks. Buckle up. We’re about to build this unnecessary and
useless wall because this court with a Trump appointee and a Reagan appointee says that
we can ignore the established laws of the United States and steal money from the military.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Claims Republicans Will Pay a Price For Denying Impeachment Witnesses

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said House Democrats
will determine on Tuesday when to send formal impeachment charges against President Donald
Trump to the Senate and warned that Republicans will pay a political price for denying a trial
with witnesses. Pelosi, speaking on Sunday on ABC’s “This
Week” program, said her caucus at a regular meeting on Tuesday morning would vote on the
timing of sending articles of impeachment to the Senate and naming trial managers in
the House. “I have always said I would send them over. So there shouldn’t be any mystery to that,”
Pelosi said. Pelosi has delayed delivery of the charges
for weeks to compel Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to agree to include new witness
testimony and evidence about Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to probe former Vice President
Joe Biden, a leading Democrat running for the nomination to face Trump in the November
election. Her gambit appeared to fail as McConnell slammed
the door on that idea last week, saying he had enough Republican votes to start the trial
without a commitment to hear from additional witnesses, including former Trump national
security adviser John Bolton. Bolton has said he would be willing to testify
if subpoenaed by the Senate. Pelosi insisted her delay helped make American
voters aware of the need for a “fair trial” with witness testimony and evidence. If McConnell continues to block such proceedings,
Republicans would pay a political price. “I think that he will be accountable to
the American people for that,” Pelosi said. The Senate, where Trump’s Republican party
holds a majority, is widely expected to acquit Trump of the charges, as no Republicans have
voiced support for ousting him, a step that would require a two-thirds majority. Nonetheless, Democrats want a longer trial
that turns up more information about Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr
Zelenskiy to open a Biden probe, including a July 25 phone call between the leaders. As the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign heats
up, they believe this will turn some voters against Trump. The Democratic-controlled House, in a party-line
vote, impeached Trump on Dec. 18 on charges of abusing power and obstructing Congress. Trump says he did nothing wrong and has dismissed
his impeachment as a partisan bid to undo his 2016 election win. Trump sent several tweets on Sunday criticizing
Pelosi and the Democratic-led impeachment effort. “This phony Impeachment Hoax should not
even be allowed to proceed. Did NOTHING wrong. Just a partisan vote. Zero Republicans. Never happened before!” Trump said on Twitter.

Former Fox News Reporter Says Trump Asked Her To His Office “For A Kiss”

One of the more interesting things that has
happened ever since Donald Trump announced that he was even going to be running for president
is the fact that every couple of months we get a new woman coming forward saying that
Donald Trump behaved inappropriately. Sometimes with just a verbal suggestion, other
times being accused of full blown rape against these women. But like clockwork, every couple of months
a new story emerges. And what also follows that trend is that the
media doesn’t seem to care. I mean, Donald Trump has been credibly accused
of sexual assault by nearly two dozen women since he announced he was running for president,
two dozen. A Huffington Post report from a year or so
ago actually puts that number closer to 40 women who have come forward with allegations
against the president. And guess what folks? We got another one, a former Fox news reporter
by the name of Courtney Friel has a new book coming out and in this book she describes
an incident that took place. She had made a phone call to the president. Of course, at the time he was not the president. He was not even running for president at the
time. He was just in charge of the miss America
pageant. And her being a Fox news reporter called him
up and said, hey, listen, I’m very interested in being a judge for miss America. You know what, what can I do? What kind of process do I need to go to? This is something I would really like to do. And Trump said, well, you’re the hottest one
at Fox news, but unfortunately you do work for another network. So you cannot go judge this because it’s on
a different network. But I’ll tell you what, Mrs. Friel claims,
Trump then asked her, how about we schedule a meeting, you come up to my office so we
can kiss. So she wanted a job, basically, judging miss
America a temporary job, well, part time gig there. And instead of giving her that, the president
at the time, not the president said, no, I’m not going to do that, but why don’t you come
up to my office and we can make out a little bit. Now, according to this story, Mrs. Friel then
said, um, sir, I believe we’re both married, and then she ended the phone call. Now, to be clear, this is inappropriate, absolutely. I don’t know that it rises to the level of
harassment or anything illegal like that, but it just gives us a little bit more insight
into this man and how he operates. But the question is, do we even need more
insight? Do we need to really figure this out? We know because we heard it in his own words
in that access Hollywood tape, we know how this man behaves. And that’s another reason why these stories
by these women, each time they come out are, are more and more believable because we’ve
heard the president’s words himself. We know how he views women, we know what he
says about them when he thinks the cameras aren’t rolling or the audio recorders aren’t
rolling. We know. And all of this does fall in line with the
president’s own stated way of dealing with women. So the only question that remains is why does
the media continue to ignore these allegations? Why does the media continue to ignore these
stories? Not just from Mrs. Friel here, but the, the
story from, from E. Jean Carroll. That to me is the biggest one out there. But the media doesn’t seem to care. I know we’re supposed to talk policy and that’s
what we should do with the election. But when it comes to the day to day news,
the way this man has treated women, as objects, almost as animals that he goes and shows off,
that to me, warrants a heck of a lot more media coverage than it has gotten over the
last four years.

Latest Stock Market News | US Iran Conflict – Impact on Indian Stock Market | US Iran News |

US-Iran conflict You would have heard a lot about this in the news And you would be very interested to know what is in this Apart from this, you must also be thinking That we, who usually talk about investment, why are we talking about this conflict? Does this impact our investment? Does this conflict affect retail investors like you and I? And if it does impact us, then how does it impact us? And how can we, retail investors, plan our investments in the coming time to escape this conflict? I, Jagdeep Singh, welcome you to the Groww channel Let us start today’s video In which we are going to talk about the US-Iran conflict And we will talk about how this conflict affects retail investors like us First I will talk about what this conflict is And if you think that this conflict started a few days ago, then you are very wrong Because this conflict is years old When Iran started its nuclear program for the first time Iran is situated in a very strategic location which impacts the oil supply of the entire world a lot Because of which, US told Iran to completely stop their nuclear program But Iran did not stop their program Because of which, US placed economic sanctions on Iran before 2015 If I talk about sanctions, then economic sanctions means That when US says it has placed economic sanctions on a country Then other countries cannot trade with that country After this in 2016, Barack Obama removed all the sanctions on Iran and they both made a deal on mutual understanding Under which Iran said that they would cut down their nuclear programs in the coming time This deal was finalised and Iran started trading well with other countries This continued to work normally until 2018 And in 2018, the new President of the US, Donald Trump came and Completely cancelled this deal because he said He does feel that Iran has cut its nuclear program very well After which, then tension between them started increasing And this tension started affecting the economy of all the countries in the world A few days ago, something happened because of which the entire world economy was affected Apart from that if I talk about the Indian economy then in India the share market went down more than 1% On the day the news came that US killed a designated general of Iran in another country On hearing this, the tensions between US and Iran increased a lot and these tensions Impacts the Indian market directly. How? I will tell you in detail about that now Now you know about the conflict between US and Iran Now you must be thinking about why am I, someone who talks about investment, talking about this conflict? Because, until now, every video I have made on stocks I have spoken on a micro level understanding Like if I talk about some company, consider I am talking about a company A Then mainly two things impact that company One micro level factor and one macro level factor Micro level factors are those that directly impact a company Consider that I am talking about a company A Now in this company A, how is the operational efficiency? Are there any problems in the company A or not? Then that is a company specific problem But there are some problems that are at the macro level That happens at a geo-political level Like this issue that came up Before this as well an issue came up related to Saudi Arabia and the Indian equity market was directly affected So whenever the problem comes in the world which makes an economy scared that there are chances of there being a problem Because that economy is directly or indirectly dependent on that economy Then the stock market is directly affected So when the stock market is directly affected then the companies listed in that are also affected And retail investors like us who invest in that company Then retail investors like us are also directly affected Now I will tell you that this conflict How it affects our country and our economy, through which you will also understand How it impact retail investors You must know that India as a country, as an economy Is very dependent on crude imports If I talk about figures, then 80% of crude is imported in India Apart from this, if I talk about the crude production of Iran Then it produces 4% of crude of the entire world Then you can think and figure out that if there is an issue in Iran Is there are some problems in US and Iran Then our country which is very dependent on Iran for crude They will face a very big hit Now if there is a hit on crude, then it prices goes up Like what happened in this case, when the news came out, the price of crude went up by almost 5% the next day So when the price of crude goes up then India will have to put in more money to import crude Then the currency of India goes down And when the price of crude goes up and the currency goes down Then the inflation of our country increases And you know that when the inflation of a country increases then its currency comes down And we, retail investors get afraid that their money is going to be degraded And when we get scared of the high risk, we demand a higher return Because of which the valuation a company becomes slightly lesser And the price starts to go down Now whenever there is a problem in importing crude or it price goes up then India’s inflation also starts to go up And we retail investors are very afraid of inflation And when the prices of crude goes up then we will have to face inflation Now you have understood that when the crude prices go up then inflation also goes up Now you must have this confusion in mind That if I am an investor, then what are the problems I have to face? So, crude directly or indirectly impacts many companies in a lot of ways Like if I take a set of companies, you must know That in the paint industry, the raw materials that are used are crude And whenever the raw materials of a company are expensive Then there is a direct affect on their margins And whenever the margins of a company go up and down, their shareholders directly start reacting to that So whenever the price of crude goes up, the cost of raw materials of the paint industry also goes up Their margin will come down Their net profit will come down And when their quarterly result comes out Then retail investors like you and I will be very shocked to hear that the company has not performed well In the same way, if I talk about another industry, consumer good industry In this industry it is very important to see what their logistics are If I explain logistics in simple terms That if it’s manufactured in one place, how can it be taken to different parts in India And whenever the price of crude goes up Then diesel and petrol is derived from crude And whenever the price of diesel and petrol goes up their cost of logistics also goes up And as the cost of logistics goes up, the expenses of the company as a whole increases And here also when their expenses increases, their margins will be directly affected If their margins are affected then their profits are also affected So this was the example only of two industries Apart from this also there are a lot of industries Like aviation industry There are a lot of industries that are directly or indirectly dependent on crude And are dependent on the price of crude And whenever the price of crude goes up or down And their margins are directly affected because of which, we investors Are directly or indirectly affected a lot Apart from these there is another industry which is affected a lot by these macro level things that I haven’t spoken about Like the IT industry Now you know that the Indian IT industry exports things outside It exports services Because of which their earning is in US dollar And whenever the price of crude goes up Then the Indian Rupee starts to come down And whenever the Indian Rupee comes down, the US dollar goes up Because of which the income of the IT companies start to increase Because their maximum revenue is in US dollar Now I will come back to a very important question Now you must be thinking what should I, as an investor, do? I want to invest in a company Or I want to get a position in some company So how do all these thing impact me? Like on listening to this news I get very confused that two days ago When the news comes out the market starts to go down by more than 1.5% The day after that the market goes up more than 0.5% If I talk about a day ago then the market opens very low but during the course of recovery, it closes Then there are a lot of fluctuations in the market when we get to hear this kind of news Because whenever this news comes up then the market becomes sentiment driven If I talk about sentiments Then retail investors like you and I take positions without thinking Like, if we feel that there is some recovery happening Then we instantly start buying But when we get the news that something wrong is going to happen That there is a war somewhere or some conflict has happened Then without thinking or understanding we start to sell our position So whenever retail investors start moving in a herd behaviour then sentiments start deriving the market And whenever sentiments derive the market Then for retail investors like you and I the most important suggestion is that That you should not take your position by sentiments But you should choose a good company And invest for a longer horizon And while investing you should not pay attention to these fluctuations And whenever you go into this volatility and try to make money Then you undertake loss, you cannot earn any money So my suggestion to you is that That you should think about what will happen in the coming time, because we can only predict this We don’t know for sure what is going to happen But if we know that a company is good Or it will perform well in the coming 5 years Then we can think that and make an investment And to invest in that company there are no good or bad days So you should only see how the company you’re investing in is How the stock is and what are the factors that impact that company What micro level and what macro level factors impact it And if the macro level factors impact it a lot Then in that case you should wait until you invest in that company And you should see that the macro level factors that impact that company That reduces a little But if in a company, macro level factors doesn’t impact it a lot It doesn’t impact its profits It doesn’t impact its business It doesn’t impact its raw materials Without stressing about it a lot, you can go ahead and invest in that company And you can make a lot of money in the long run So I brought about this video to bring a little change in your perspective Because all the videos I have made until now, I made it in a micro level category So I got this video which will explain to you How macro level factors can impact your investment So I will end this video with a question for you Comment down below and let me know That if any conflict comes up in the coming time which is related to crude Which industry will be the most impacted And which industry will be the least impacted If you liked this video, press that like button Comment and answer our question If you haven’t yet subscribed to our channel then please subscribe Because we bring 2-3 videos every week on financial knowledge Which can help a lot for you to become a good and intelligent investor Happy investing!

Gavin Newsom – California’s Emissions Battle with Trump & Paying NCAA Players | The Daily Show

-Welcome to The Daily Show.
-Good to be here. What a day to join us on. -Let’s jump straight into
the news of the day. -Yes, sir. Nancy Pelosi
announcing officially… officially the inquiry
into articles of impeachment. -Are you…? -Ah, God’s delays
are not God’s denials. -Yes. -Are-are you in the camp
of “finally”? -Is that what you’re thinking?
-Yeah, finally, but I’m also in the camp of Ronny. I think
he expressed it perfectly. I mean, all of us have…
We kind of… We were… walk out to the edge,
said, “This is it.” -Right.
-This is it, and then, only to be dashed
and disappointed. But, look, I feel
there’s no doubt he will be impeached.
The question is… (applause and cheering) The question… But-but here’s
the stubborn question. The question is,
will he be removed from office? And that’s a separate question
that Mitch McConnell can answer. And that fundamentally
is the question that goes to the expression
of frustration -that Ronny just advanced.
-Wow. Impeachment would require,
though, two thirds, and so, that would require
Mitch McConnell to step in. Do you think
America’s at the point -where partisanship is
so intense that they… -Yeah. …you know,
that they can’t see past that? Where the Republicans go,
“No, this is our guy regardless of what he’s done”? The only polling
that matters right now as it relates to impeachment is where
the Republican Party is, -because that’s all about
primary and incumbent. -Right. And these guys
are scared to death. They’re only incentivized
for bad behavior currently. They will not be incentivized
for good behavior unless that polling changes. And right now,
it’s overwhelmingly in favor of Trump as it relates
to that base, and that’s all he cares about
is the damn base. He is not President
of the United States. He’s president of his base, and
that base is getting stronger, but it is small, and I argue,
with this impeachment inquiry, it will begin
to decline and thaw. -(applause and cheering)
-Strong words. Let’s talk about, uh,
the reason you’re in town. -Um, you are here for the U.N.
Climate Action Summit. -Yup. Climate change
is having its moment right now. You know, it-it feels like
it was a boring topic for a little bit,
and then it got exciting, and then now, Greta has
really kicked it into overdrive. -She’s amazing.
-California has been engaged in a legal battle
with, uh, President Trump -over emissions and vehicles.
-Yup. Right? Now, your argument is,
you want California to be able to dictate its
own emission standards for vehicle manufacturers, -which they’ve agreed on,
by the way, right? -Yeah. But the Trump administration
says, “No.” Why-why are you disagreeing with their deregulation
of emissions? Well, there’s a couple points. One is Greta’s point
that she made, which was pretty profound,
and you made that point earlier by re… referencing it. She talks about this notion
of the fairy tale of money and economic development. Well, come to California. Our economy is booming. We have record surpluses,
record low unemployment, record GDP growth. Uh, we are proving the paradigm of the genius of “and”
versus the tyranny of “or.” What I mean by that is, it used to be economic growth
or the environment. Now it’s economic growth
and the environment. And California is proving
the paradigm at a scale -no other state in America has
proven it. -(applause, cheering) So… here’s-here’s-here’s
the point on the emissions. (chuckles) The game changer,
as it relates to climate change, is addressing the issue
of transportation. 40% of our emissions
in California come from
the transportation sector. You can’t get serious
about climate change until you clean up
your vehicle fleet. -Right. -The vehicle
manufacturers themselves get where the world is going and
get where customers are going, and that’s towards
the electric vehicle. California is the game changer,
and Trump can’t stand it. We are winning. We trumped Trump. -(laughter)
-We got four… -(applause, whooping)
-We have. Four… four
automobile companies basically gave him
the middle finger and walked away from his desire to roll back
vehicle emissions standards and said,
“You know what? Thanks a lot. “We’re with California.
We’re with the higher standards. We’re with
the Obama-era standards.” He is beyond frustrated,
so now he’s threatening to take away our waiver,
which goes back to Ronald Reagan when he was governor
of California. This guy’s petulant,
but he’s also losing. California is too big, and we
are not a small, isolated state that he can ignore. We’re in 60 lawsuits against
the Trump administration, -Wow. -and we’re winning
the overwhelming majority. (cheering, applause) You… you have made a lot
of improvements, uh, but of the cities ranked
as having the worst pollution, seven of the top ten
are still in California. Do you think vehicles are enough
to get those emissions down -and the pollution down?
-Substantially, we will never advance
our efforts. And the reason why
is topography. It’s the nature of California. Look at Los Angeles. Uh, you’ve got three mountain
ranges surrounding Los Angeles, and you’re basically
in this bowl, and you’ve got the ocean breezes
that come in, and it keeps
that ozone layer down. As a consequence,
the smog problems back in the ’40s,
’50s and ’60s led to the environmental movement
as we know it today. And we cleaned up that smog. But the reality is, we still,
as you rightfully note, have seven of the top ten
dirtiest cities as relates to clean air. We’ll never achieve
our clean air goals without addressing
the issue of emissions. It’s the cars
that are substantially and stubbornly the issue. We already have
627,000 electric vehicles. We want to get to five million
in the next few years. Over half of the vehicles,
electric vehicles in the country are in California. But we need this waiver
to continue that progress. Let’s talk more
about California as a whole. One thing I’ve always enjoyed
about looking at the state is that it feels
like a microcosm -for everything in America.
-Yeah. Every issue America has,
you can find in California. You know how to deal with it,
how not to deal with it. One of the big issues
in California right now is that of homelessness. You know, uh, Los Angeles being
one of the prime examples. The president was there,
now with insane solutions, but, you know,
still noticing the problem. -Yes, thanks for… yeah.
-What-what… -The obvious. -can be done and
what do you think should be done with regards to homelessness? Because a lot of people make it
seem like it’s a… an issue of, like, “Oh, someone is homeless
because they’re lazy,” but there’s been a spike,
especially in L.A., -like, a giant spike…
-Yeah. Last ten years, -Exactly. -we’ve seen this,
it’s been a trend line, -now it’s a headline.
-Right. Trump, to your point, was not
wrong to identify a problem, but he was
completely incompetent in recognizing
or recommending any solutions. And with respect
to the question, the answer to the question
is not complicated. Shelters solve sleep. Housing in support of services
solve homelessness. If we’re gonna get serious
about this issue, you’ve got to focus on housing
and supportive services. And, look, I’m not making
any excuses; we own this. I’ve been here nine months and we are quadrupling,
not doubling down. I mean, quite literally doing
an unprecedented amount to get serious
about this issue. But at the end of the day,
we need partners. We don’t need sparring partners. We need partners
in this effort to get folks off the street
and get housed. And the Trump administration
comes in and they have the audacity
to do this– and it connects
some dots, Trevor– They come in and they say
we’re gonna remove your emissions waiver because we don’t believe
it’s good for the environment. They had the audacity
to say that. And they said on the way out,
Trump said on the way out when he walked up
to Air Force One, he said, we’re gonna have
the EPA sue California because the homeless are polluting the water
in the state of California. He actually said that. That’s this damn administration. That’s the president
of the United States of America in 2019. You can’t make this stuff up. So, look, we’re hopeful in,
you know, a year and a half we’re gonna have a very
different conversation in this country
about the new president and an inaugural that will begin a new kind of spirit
and freedom. -We’re alive in our senses.
-(cheering and applause) -Well…
-We’ll be all right. Well, speaking of the new then, let’s talk about the
NCAA Fair Pay to Play Act because that’s a new idea
that is shaking up, -not just sports, but America
as a whole. -Yeah. College sports has always
been seen as the bastion of, you know, talent without
the burdens of money. California has stepped in
and said no. -There is money in the sport,
-Thank you. and players should be able
to receive some sort of compensation
if they want to -from their likeness.
-Yeah. -(applause) -Interesting reaction.
-Some… -No, a lot of people like this,
but, but, -Yeah. but some have argued that, like,
the whole amateurness of the game
is what makes it beautiful -is that you know that
it’s not tainted. -Yeah. Like, how do you argue
for and against this? -Do you understand why
some people say -Yeah. you don’t want to remove the
amateur nature of the game? Yeah. I mean, you know,
coaches make millions and millions of dollars. Advertisers make millions
and millions of dollars on the likeness
of these athletes that give up, in some cases,
their bodies and their health
for their sports. I guess that’s one version
of a romanticized system. That’s the current system. And, you know, with respect,
there’s a racial component. Close to 90% of these coaches
are white, and the majority of Division 1
basketball players are black. The plurality of Division 1
football players are black. And with all due respect, this notion of
“student athlete,” give me a break. These guys are full-time, expected full-time to sacrifice themselves
for athletics. But when they’re done,
the next crew comes in, and it’s just this cycle. And at the end of the day,
it perpetuates a cycle of inequality
and a lack of equity. And I think as it relates
to the issues of sports, it’s time to rebalance things. So I’m taking a good look
at this legislation. I have the next few days
to make a decision. But I recognize the consequence
of this decision because we could
substantially change the NCAA as we know it. But I think this question
needs to be called. (cheers and applause) I know you’ve got a lot of
things to get to at the UN. Thank you for making time
for The Daily Show. Thanks for having me.
Appreciate it. Governor Gavin Newsom,

🍒 “AMERICA WILL PAY FOR THIS!” Iran General Soleimani Killed in US Air Strike, Iran Vows Vengeance!

the u.s. act of international terrorism
targeting and assassinating general Soleimani the most effective force
fighting Isis is extremely dangerous and a foolish escalation the u.s. bears
responsibility for all consequences of its a rogue adventurism this is Salim
Ani an Iranian major-general head of the elite and very powerful and he was just
killed by a u.s. airstrike the US Department of Defense has
confirmed calling the death decisive defensive action the entire world is in
an uproar right now and we’re about to find out why the death of the powerful
general marks what many experts are calling a potential turning point in the
Middle East that is likely to generate retaliation from Iran against the United
States this was president Trump’s response speaking of President Trump if you have
not yet claimed your free president Trump coin I have a link pin in the
comments below where you can do so at the direction of the president the US
military has taken decisive defensive action to protect u.s. personnel abroad
by killing Soleimani the head of the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps a u.s.
designated foreign terrorist organization the Department of Defense
statement read general Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack
American diplomats and servicemembers in Iraq and throughout the region and here
we have a video of Iraqis dancing and celebrating that Salamone has been
killed the statement said that Salamone and his force were responsible for the
deaths of hundreds of Americans and coalition service members and the
wounding of thousands more he had orchestrated attacks on coalition bases
in Iraq over the last several months including the attack on December 27th
culminating in the death and wounding of additional American and Iraqi personnel
the statement concluded that the United States air strike was aimed at deterring
future Iranian attack plans the United States will continue to take all
necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are
around the world however Congressional response broke
down quickly along partisan lines with some Republicans generally applauding
the assassination and Democrats while indicating that they were no fans of
Salamone questioning what the president’s plan is of further
escalation results and reply to other comments that’s the whole point of
YouTube how powerful was Salamone and a 2013 profile story The New Yorker called
Salamone the shadow commander who was reshaping the Middle East and directing
Assad’s war in Syria at that time the magazine described the Iranian general
as a small man of 56 with silver hair a close cropped beard and a look of
intense self containment the Washington Post dubbed Salamone Iran’s most revered
military leader according to Haaretz Soleimani
was considered one of the people closest to Iran’s supreme leader it was 61
a father of five a former construction worker and not a religious scholar a
20-18 article by Ali Soufan for the combating terrorism Center at West Point
called him one of Iran’s most popular living people his influence was felt
throughout the Middle East as he orchestrated Iran’s strategies in Syria
Iraq and other countries sufen wrote The New Yorker article says
that Salamone has the blood of American soldiers on his hands he was known for
assassinating rivals arming allies and for most of a decade directing a network
of militant groups that killed hundreds of Americans in Iraq the US department
of the treasury sanctioned Soleimani tensions were already escalating with
the iran-backed militia attacks on the US Embassy in Iraq those attacks
followed US air raids to avenge the death of a u.s. contractor in missile
attacks in northern Iraq according to Jerusalem Post in contrast the Obama
administration had signed a nuclear deal with Iran
in 2008 soleimani texted been US military commander David Petraeus that
he controlled Iran’s policy in Iraq and was out foxing the Americans here’s what
you need to know solemn Annie’s convoy was hit at Baghdad’s Airport and his
death was confirmed by Iranian state television there are unconfirmed reports
that Soleimani commander of Iran’s external security agency has been killed
in drone strikes if true this will be a major moment in us-iran relations and
supreme leader will undoubtedly see this as a major provocation act of
according to Reuters ahmed al assad a spokesman for iran backed militias says
the american and his really enemy is responsible for killing iran has also
confirmed the death to via state TV the iraqi militia spokesman told Reuters
that soleimani was killed late on January 2nd 2020 when the air strike hit
his convoy in Baghdad in Airport killed along with him was a Rakhi militia
commander Abu Mahdi al Mohandas according to the news service experts
say the death could dramatically increase tensions with Iran with
President Donald Trump upping the ante The Associated Press declared that the
death of the general and others are a potential turning point in the Middle
East likely to spark severe retaliation from Iran against Israel and America
earlier in the day US defense secretary mark Esper released a detailed statement
chronicling the American perspective on Iran last Friday the Iranian backed
militia launched yet another attack against American forces in Iraq
resulting in the death of one American civilian and injuries to four American
servicemembers as well as two of our partners in the Iraqi security forces
he wrote this continues a string of attacks against bases with US forces and
Iraqi security forces k-h has a strong linkage to the Iranian Revolutionary
Guards force and received lethal aid support and direction from Iran
Esper added u.s. leaders have repeatedly warned the Iranians and their Shia
militia proxies against further provocative actions he detailed how the
Americans believe the militia attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad were backed by
Iran writing on Tuesday December 31st at the instigation of Shia militias violent
rallies of members of these militias outside the American Embassy in Baghdad
resulted in damage to exterior entry facilities and buildings at the embassy
compound we know it was iranian-backed Shia militias because key leaders were
spotted in the crowd and some militia members showed up
wearing their uniforms and carried the flags of their militia including KH
graphic photo circulated on social media with one showing a man’s hand with a
ring al Jazeera reported that six other people were also killed in the attack
journalist dia Shar Ali wrote on Twitter there are unconfirmed reports that
Kassim soleimani commander of Iran’s external security agency has been killed
in drone strikes if true this will be a major moment in us-iran relations and
supreme leader will undoubtedly see this as a major provocation act of war
however Mike Glen a military reporter for the conservative Washington Times
and former Army officer wrote I’m a reporter but I was a soldier for several
years and led a platoon of Calvary troops into combat in Iraq Kasim
Salamone was directly responsible for the deaths of scores of American
military personnel in Iraq I’m not sad that he got greased not a damn bit
Salamone was once called the most powerful operative in the Middle East
The New Yorker profile in 2013 quotes a former CIA officer is calling soleimani
most powerful operative in the Middle East today the article describes how
solemn ani ran the force described as powerful and elite and a branch of the
Revolutionary Guard according to The New Yorker the force was the sharp
instrument of Iranian foreign policy roughly analogous to a combined CIA and
Special Forces and was named after the Persian word for Jerusalem which it
wants to liberate it works across the Middle East deploying Iran’s influence
and trying to grow it according to Al Jazeera the Rockets destroyed two
vehicles carrying high-profile guests they had arrived at the airport under
escort it appeared to be a targeted strike reported al Jazeera which called
the deaths a major turning point in Iraq and the
entire Middle East salamati was the son of a farmer who once worked for a
Municipal Water Authority Chris Murphy stays on Twitter
salamati was an enemy of the United States that’s not a question the
question is this as reports suggest did America just assassinate without any
congressional authorization the second most powerful person in Iran knowingly
setting off a potential massive regional war before we continue would you be in
support of this war if this breaks out yes or no let me know in the comments
please Sal domani’s early biography was pretty provincial according to the sufen
article which says he was born in a mountain village in South East Iran near
the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan it’s an area dominated by tribal
politicians and his father a farmer once owed the government a lot of money after
a botched planned reform of the Shah according to sue fond Salamone had to
work in construction and abandon school as a teenager to help his family survive
as a result and later became a technician with a Municipal Water
Authority the Islamic Revolution in 1978 appears to have sparked his interest in
political affairs sofun reported he found his calling wrote su Phan
starting out as a recruit instructor Soleimani was once touted as a
presidential candidate and crafted Iran’s strategy to extend its power
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N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un kicks off 2020 by paying respect to regime’s former leaders

after North Korea announced 10 years day
they will boost its economic and military power to stand up against
international sanctions the regime has reported on how its leader Kim jong-un
kicked off the new year meanwhile US president Donald Trump says despite
recent threats from the north he still trusts Kim to keep his promise he has
more the North Korean leaders first public activity in 2020 paying tribute
to the former leaders of the regime Pyongyang see run Korean Central News
Agency reported Thursday that Kim jong-un visited the Kumsusan Palace of
the Sun and paid his respects to his grandfather and the regime’s founder Kim
Seong as well as his late father Kim jong-un on the occasion of starting a
new year top North Korean officials accompanied him including Trudeau hey
the first vice chairman of the North State Affairs Commission and Kim de Leon
the premier the visit comes after North Korea released an outline of what its
new path will be through the results of its ruling party central committees
plenary session airing a one-hour video about the session instead of Kim
jong-un’s usual New Year’s address the North said it’ll confront international
sanctions through self-reliance and achieve self-support and economic
development it added it will continue developing strategic weapons which are
believed to be nuclear weapons and ICBMs Kim jong-un’s remark at the meeting that
there’s no reason for North Korea to be shackled to its promise of halting
nuclear and ICBM tests any more because the US has responded with military
drills and brought new weaponry into South Korea to most of the attention
while this prompted many to speculate the North will break its moratorium of
weapons tests u.s. President Donald Trump is still showing trust in Kim
insisting he’s a man of his word he stressed that he and Kim signed an
agreement about denuclearization at their first summit in Singapore and he
believes the North’s leader will stick to his words Oh jung-hee Arirang news