How to Calculate Net salary in excel 2016

Hello viewer in this tutorial we will learn how to calculate net salary in excel First See the template of excel sheet where we want to perform all these task Open Excel sheet Here you can see the employee name, post and their salary Absent days and net salary First we find out the daily salary then multiply it with absent days this will be the deduction By using formula ->Basic salary / 30 Now find out the absent days amount which is to be subtracted from the basic salary By using formula ->Basic salary / 30 * absent days this amount will be the deduction from basic salary Now subtract the deduction amount from basic salary In excel every formula must start with=symbol If you like my videos Kindly SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL Now find out the absent days By subtracting the net salary from basic salary If you like my videos Kindly SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL Copy both function bellow by dragging it down If you like my videos Kindly SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL

Make Dark Mode Work with All Apps on Android 10 [How-to]

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Dallas with Gadget
Hacks, and today I’m gonna show you how to make dark mode work with all apps on Android
10. Now Android 10’s dark mode is great and all,
and it’s caught on faster than any of us coulda hoped. But there are still a handful of apps that
don’t support it. Even if you have the “Dark mode” toggle enabled
in Settings under Display, you get apps like Yelp and Amazon that just stay blindingly
white. But Google has actually made an option that
will force these apps to go dark. You just have to enable the hidden Developer
Options menu to use it. So for most phones, go to Settings, then down
at the bottom go to About Phone… then scroll down to the very bottom again and tap the
“Build Number” entry 7 times is quick succession. You’ll have to put in your PIN, but once you
do, you’ll have unlocked Developer Options. On Samsung phones, it’s just a little bit
different. Go to Settings, then About Phone at the very
bottom, then go to Software Information. Here, Build Number will be towards the top
of the list, but you still just tap it 7 times quickly to unlock Developer Options. Once you’ve done that, back out to the main
Settings screen and you’ll see Developer Options as the last entry in the list. If you don’t see it right there on the main
Settings screen, go to System, then Advanced and you should find Developer Options there. Once you’re in the Dev Options menu, scroll
down quite a bit until you find the “Hardware Accelerated Rendering” section. Here, you want to turn on the “Override force-dark”
switch. That’s the one that turns most every app dark. But again, if you’re on a Samsung, things
are a tiny bit different. You’ll still find the option in the “Hardware
Accelerated Rendering” section, but Samsung changed the name to “Force Dark mode.” Just make sure that’s enabled and you’re good
to go. Now, your best option is to reboot your phone. Some apps may be stored in memory with their
white UI elements, so instead of clearing all the apps away from the multitasking view,
just do a quick restart. When you get back up, apps that used to be
white will now be dark. The setting does a pretty good job of only
darkening things that should be darkened. For example, it’s not going to invert the
colors on any images in the app, it’s just gonna invert the text color and background
color. That can lead to the rare visual glitch here
and there, but it’s seriously uncommon in my experience. And it’s not completely perfect overall. When an app uses a custom background instead
of just loading the system assets, it can’t really do anything about that. A perfect example of that is how Google Maps
doesn’t change because the background’s not a solid color — it’s a map. But Amazon, Google Play Music, SmartThings
Classic, Walmart Grocery, Yelp, and basically every other app I personally use work with
it. So it really is a true system-wide dark mode. But for more tips and tricks like this, be
sure to check out our website at gadget hacks dot com. And as always, we’d appreciate it if you would
like and comment on this video and subscribe to our channel. So we’ll see you again next time folks, but
until then… Happy gadget hacking!

Configuring a journal rule for selected users of your Office 365 domain

Greetings from Mithi, welcome to a series
of self learning videos on understanding and using Vaultastic, the easiest and the most
secure email archiving solution yet. In this video, we will learn configuring a
journal rule for selected users of your Office 365 domain. Before configuring a journal rule, make sure
you have provisioned all the required users on the corresponding Vaultastic domain. If a user is not present on Vaultastic, email
messages sent from or received to that user will not be archived on Vaultastic. Make sure that you have configured a SMTP
mail route to Office 365 to route mail to Vaultastic. Set a recipient ID to receive non-delivery
reports or NDR’S. To archive mail for selected users, you need
to create a distribution list of Office 365 users for whom journaling needs to be enabled. Then define a journal rule for the distribution
list to start archiving the email messages. First, let’s see the steps to create a distribution
list of users. Log on to the Office 365 portal and from the
home screen click on the admin tile. Click on the group’s drop-down. Click on the groups option, choose distribution
list as the type of group to be created. Fill in the details and add in the relevant
details. Once the group is created, open the group
and add members to the group. Members of this list should be the users of
Office 365 domain for whom journaling needs to be enabled. Close the window as you finish creating the
distribution list. Next, let’s configure the journal rule to
archive mail sent or received by the members of this distribution list. Log on to the Office 365 portal and from the
home screen launch the admin center. From the left pane of the admin center, navigate
to the exchange admin. From the left menu on the exchange admin interface,
select the compliance management option and choose to open the journal rules tab. Click the plus sign to create a journal rule. This opens a new journal rule window. First provide the journal ID of Vaultastic
in the format [email protected] Office 365 will send journal reports to this
ID on Vaultastic. In this case for domain,
ID to receive all journal reports will be [email protected] Give a name to the rule. Apply the rule if the message is sent or received
from a specific user or group. Choose the newly created distributed list
of selected users from whom archiving needs to be enabled. Add the group ID and click OK. Journal all messages, that is, sent to or
received from local users as well as external users. Save the rule. Now as per the rule, all mail messages of
all the users of the Office 365 domain will be archived on their respective accounts on
Vaultastic. Thank you for watching the video, for more
videos stay tuned to the YouTube channel, Vaultastic.

How To Negotiate Your Salary with Yvonne Maxwell | TRiBE’s Toolbox

Hi and welcome to TRiBE’s Toolbox where
you will find tips, tricks and stories for Black women, by Black women. I’m Yvonne Maxwell and I’m an IT consultant and the co-founder of TRiBE. In today’s
episode we’re going to discuss how to negotiate your salary and cover how to
identify your unique selling point Now throughout my professional career I
have spent so much time trying to figure out how to negotiate salaries. How do I
convince employers that I am worth more than what they actually advertise? Now I
have so many tips and tricks to share with you so grab a pen and paper and get
ready to learn. Stage #1: Know your worth. Studies have
shown that women rarely negotiate their salaries in fact most women are
uncomfortable with the concept of it and have never even considered it. Now as a
Black woman I feel like any of those figures just double because we’re
dealing with the fact that we’re women and we’re Black. The truth is anyone can
learn the skills, anyone can learn how to negotiate their salaries. All you need is
the skills, a little training and also a tiny bit of confidence. If you’re
striving to get the pay that you deserve it’s important that you understand what
the going rate is for your position in your geographic area and your actual
industry. So things like doing research about the actual role speaking to men
and women and you have to make sure you speak to both genders because you need
to identify if there is a gender pay gap issue there. Also make sure you
understand the responsibilities requirements and expectations of your
position. For example, try and get a copy of your job description and job
descriptions of other roles that are similar as well that will give you a
good idea of what different organisations expect of somebody in your
position Stage #2: Identifying your unique selling
points or USPs. It’s so important that you understand
what makes you stand out from other candidates and documenting this is so
crucial to your negotiating journey Knowing your USPS will give you a better
understanding of where you fit in the market at the moment, it will also help
you identify areas that you may need perhaps some training or just general
improvement. Pause the video here and write down five key USPs that you think
you possess. Great, let’s have a little look at what you’ve written down. Did you find that difficult? Was it a little challenging finding positive things
to say about yourself? That is completely normal if you did find it hard, please
don’t feel bad at all. When you are thinking about your USPs
don’t necessarily look at skills or positive things that are just general in
terms of life like for example “I’m a good listener”. That’s all well and good
but is an employer gonna find that extremely extremely beneficial and is
that going to give you a leverage over other candidates? So when you think about your USPS think about skills that are specific to the job that is at hand Stage #3: So, how much do you actually ask for? Now there’s a simple equation that can guide you in terms of understanding how
much to actually ask for when negotiating your salary. For a seasoned
professional, your equation will look something like this. Now combining what
you’ve learned in previous roles with the research that you’ve done on
different job salaries within the market, plus the work that you’ve done to
identify your USPs that will give you a desired salary range. Now please make
sure that you actually have a specific number within that range that you have
in your mind when you go into negotiations as opposed to trying to go
in with say £30 to £35K go in with £33.5. For people who are just entering the
market so for example a graduate or maybe someone who’s had a very very long job break the emphasis is going to be placed on the research that you’ve done
across the job market and also your unique selling points as opposed to how
much you’ve earned in previous roles. Now don’t be afraid again to find something
that’s within that range but again probably be a bit more flexible because
after all you haven’t had as much experience as others. Stage #4: Timing is key. Starting discussions about salary prematurely can give off the completely wrong signal to employers now what they see when you do it too early is this
person doesn’t care about actually fitting in to the organisation because
it doesn’t actually care about the role what they want is that money. So for
those negotiating promotions why not do it within your annual or your
six-month review or perhaps you have a performance review scheduled? Doing it in these settings will give you a structured space in order for you to
actually enter negotiations with your employer. Stage #5: let’s talk tone. Any negotiations should be approached in a professional and reasonable manner whether negotiating for a new job or a promotion
the focus should always be on your achievements and your performance. One of the golden rules to salary negotiation is don’t mention any personal justifications or reasons for wanting more money like I know your rent does increase girl and I
know that childcare costs are expensive but just don’t mention it. The likelihood is that a lot of your employers or a lot of your colleagues
are also experiencing the same strifes so don’t mention it at all
find other justifications as to why you deserve more money. Now I’m going to be
real with you salary negotiation is not easy it requires practice and a
confidence in who you are and what you bring to the table. So over the next
couple of days I’d like you to do some role-playing exercises either with a
friend or practice in the mirror by yourself. I personally prefer the mirror
option. And just ask yourself what do you want? What do you bring to the table? Why do you want it? This will build your confidence in actually using the
language on how to negotiate it’ll also build confidence in knowing
who you are as well and what you bring to the professional table. Stage #6: it’s not always about the money. So, is asking for more money the best option for you? Because there are so many other benefits that you can ask for when
negotiating. For example, greater flexibility in terms of your start and
ending time at work or perhaps even more annual leave or even stocks and share
options. These are just a few of the options that you could consider when
negotiating for other benefits at work Pause the video here and write down five
to ten options and benefits that you could ask your employer for that do not
involve money. You’d be surprised what you can think of. Now, we’ve gone through what to negotiate and how to do it but it’s important to know that despite doing everything I’ve
told you your negotiations may not be successful and that’s not necessarily
your fault. It could be that your employers don’t have the means to give
you more or perhaps they don’t want to. Now walking away is never going to be
easy but it’s definitely important to know when to do it. This could be because of financial need market value or simply what you need to do in order to feel
good about the salary you’re bringing home. Ultimately you deserve to earn what you’re worth so please don’t let the fear of failing prevent you from trying. Thanks for joining us for this episode
of TRiBE’s Toolbox. Make sure you like and subscribe. Comment down below and let me know what you’ve learnt and whether you’re going to try a negotiating your
salary and please don’t forget to check out the other videos in TRiBE’s Toolbox

5 Everyday HAIRSTYLES Every Teenager/Office/College Girls MUST Try | #Summers #HairHacks #Anaysa

which hairstyle should I create today?? I want such a ponytail to which there would no need to make it again and again through out the day I want that messy braid type hairstyle Really sad! I am unable to make any braid you tell me something and for me make something like that of stylish puff… wait! you’ll get all sort of hairstyle & they are summer friendly too anyone can easily make them whether if you are a teenage, office or college going girl and must hit 1,00,000 LIKES to this video so lets watch our first hairstyle this cute hairstyle is my favourite for summers first take mid section and take out a cute hair fringe in front take out a strand keeping 3 inch gap in front and divide it into three parts and start making a braid and keep taking sections from front and connect them to braid secure the braid with a rubber band likewise make the braid to other side as well take both the braids backward side & secure it with a rubber band remove both the rubber bands comb a little and done with hairstyle and roll these fringe wanna look well groomed in everyday hairstyle?? tell me if you want take out the mid section & take your hair toward your crown area from both sides comb well and secure it with rubber band give a slight push toward front to make a puff secure with bobby pin try to use partition comb to get straight line like this hold the strand and start twisting and secure it using bobby pins now its so easy just keep watching and learn done with this side likewise make like this on other side as well surely you’ve seen so many ponytails :-))) today I’ll make you learn a ponytail which remains as it is all day long gather your hair at crown area from both the sides twist and secure it with claw clip and try to make a tight ponytail I think need to keep it little high now divide this ponytail into two parts and fix a clutcher close to the rubber band this keeps ponytail high might your ponytail will get loose so there’s a hack for this fix a rubber band in two bobby pins like this untie front hair and comb twist it twice or thrice connect twisted hair to the ponytail and secure here using that bobby pin and slightly pull that second pin and wrap it all around till the rubber band will get tight and insert that second bobby pin just below the ponytail this hack make your ponytail remain as it is all day long hmm.. Uncle you asked for a cute hairstyle for you daughter so this is the hairstyle so first centre partition your hair and slightly pull hair upward from both the sides and secure using bobby pin and done and I’ve made you learn two puffs at a time do you want to make that Khajoori Braid first take out a hair fringe on one side and turn all the hair aside now take section from back and front like this and secure both using a rubber band and twist it once from inside like this and again take strands and secure and then twist and continue doing like this as per you want its length to be secure with rubber band and slightly pull it and done with this Khajoori Choti/Braid so how did you like the hairstyles? yeah I know I’ve shared easy and best hairstyles with you you would surely hit 1,00,000 Likes to this video and also SHARE this video with others and don’t leave from home without making hairstyles Must try all these hairstyles take a selfie and post it on Instagram & must tag it with

How to Access Microsoft Office 365 for FREE – Tutorials for Point Park Community

Did you know that as a student and
member of the Point Park University community you can have access to
Microsoft Office 365 for free? Microsoft Office 365 is an online tool where you
can create and edit documents and collaborate on projects with your
classmates online. You will have access to Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel
among other Microsoft applications. You also have the option to download these
programs on up to five devices including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. Getting
started is easy just follow these four simple steps. Step 1: log in to your Point
Park email on a desktop computer. Step 2: click the Office 365 link located in the
upper left-hand corner of your window. Step 3:
click the install office button located at the upper right hand corner of your
window. Step 4: install the software as you normally would on your computer. Your
username and password for Office 365 is the same as your Point Park email login.
Please note that your account is good for up to one year after graduation. If
you run into any problems accessing Office 365 please contact our IT help
desk at 412 – 392 – 3494 or by email at help
desk at If you would like to learn more
about Office 365 check out the resources at The point park community
has free access to Lynda. Here you can find thousands of educational videos on
hundreds of topics. You can even earn an official Microsoft Office certification.
Thank you for your time. Enjoy your free subscription!

Outlook 2007 – How To Setup An Automatic Out of Office Reply

Today were going to go through the steps of
setting up an automatic out of the office reply or vacation reply for
microsoft outlook two thousand seven. Now if your using an exchange server you don’t have to do this method, microsoft gives you a nice out of office
assistant but for pop, imap, and hotmail you’re gonna have to do this. You
can also find step-by-step instructions in the video description. Okay first thing you want to do is create a new mail message and you just type in the message body –
what you want your reply to be, this is your template. So this is the message that
anyone’s going to receive if they send you a message. Once you got your message all set up the
way you want it, you want to click the office button, select save as and then you want to select
outlook template, and put the file wherever you want to put it on
your hard drive and name it appropriately. After that, you can exit out of the
message, you don’t have to save it. Next you want to go to tools, rules and alerts, click on new rule and then check messages when they arrive, click next. Here you get a list of different options
you can pick and choose whichever ones you want, Put the check by where my name
is in the to or cc box, click next. Alright at this screen Outlooks wanting to know – what do you want me to do with the message when i get it? so you want to reply using a specific
template, that’s the one we just created. so you just click right there and find it wherever you saved it at. Click ok. there is Click next, and here’s some exceptions you can add to it if you want to, otherwise just click next. Then you can and specify name for
this rule – I’m using out of office reply. You can run the rule for the messages
already in the inbox or leave the checkbox for “Turn on this rule”. When you’re
ready to turn it off you just come right back into rules and simply uncheck the
box. Now you’re done you want to click on
finish, apply and okay. Couple of obvious things i want
mention, in order for this to work: one, you have the computer of course and two,
you need to have microsoft outlook running just minimize it to your taskbar. Well
that’s going to be it for this video hope you enjoyed it and hope it helps you
thanks for watching!

Fiverr Gig Marketing is So Important – How To Get More Sales On Fiverr (Fast!)

Fiverr Gig Marketing is So Important How To Get More Sales On Fiverr (Fast!) In This Video I am Going to talk about is important marketing your fiverr gig ouside of fiverr. i in facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram etc social platform. Its depend on you gig (product) quality. You have to put your quality more than marketing. Quality & marketing ratio is 80% – 20%
your gig quality mostly fact getting order on fiverr. Fiverr is one of the top marketplace in online, where 100000+ sellers selling their services. Over 3M Gig Services available there.

How To Pay Using Boku Mobile

Boku is the world’s largest direct carrier
billing service. Direct carrier billing allows you to charge payments to your mobile phone
bill. With Boku, you can make payments of up to £10 using your phone bill, with a daily
limit of £30 in total. All you need is a UK phone number and that’s it, you’re
good to go. You can use Boku at a ton of digital goods
outlets, such as Sony, Facebook, Spotify and many more. You can also use Boku at mobile casinos and
that’s what we’re looking at today. Depositing at a mobile casino with Boku is simple. Boku
is its own platform, so your number is always recognized by any Boku using casino, leading
to even faster and easier payments. When depositing, select “pay by phone bill”
as your depositing method. You’ll be redirected to Boku’s payment
panel. This screen will ask you to confirm the amount on-screen and input your phone
number. If you’ve deposited before, Boku will already have your mobile number saved,
so all you need to do is confirm the amount. You will then receive a text message asking
you to authenticate the payment. This is for security purposes, preventing just anyone
who has your phone number, from being able to deposit.
Reply Y by text message, at no extra cost Start playing!
The payment will appear on your casino credit immediately. The cost will be added to your
next phone bill or deducted from your Pay As You Go credit. Because you’re only confirming
a payment with your phone by SMS, it’ll work with any phone from your new Samsung
Galaxy, all the way to a Nokia 3310. And there you have it. That’s all you need
to know about Boku depositing. Feel free to check out our long guide to Boku, which goes
into more detail on how it works and how to make payments. The link is in the description.
Thanks for watching and we hope we’ve made your gambling experience all the easier.