Construct 3 Tutorial #2 – CASTLE RUN – Character Sprites & Animations

all right welcome back to the next video in this tutorial series we are going to get things started right away so I'm gonna go ahead and start a new project and I am going to call this castle run I want a 9 by 16 portrait and our viewport size let's just deal with that a little later I just really want this portrait setting right now we'll create that and then as far as our our layout size this is going to be different for each level and we're gonna start with just level one and build from there so I'm gonna go ahead and make this let's take that down our width let's say 1500 and our height is gonna be 2,000 we can zoom out so this little dotted line of course is our viewport we will manipulate that a little later but we have a lot of room to work with so that's good I'm gonna go over here to our project properties and I'm gonna go ahead and set up our viewport I'm gonna go with a 360 comma 640 okay we can play around with that later if we have to I'm going to get our player sprite in and set up the animations so if you haven't downloaded the assets yet there is a link in the description it goes to a Google Drive where you can download the folders and well we'll just navigate those as we go along so I'm going to double click to add an object and that is going to be a sprite and we can just place it wherever and then I'm gonna come down here to the animations panel and I'm going to right click and import frames from strip now if you have downloaded the assets you should have you should have these folders right here 1 2 3 4 5 there is a link in the description you can download those from the Google Drive and once you get those downloaded you should have these 5 folders we want to go to the animations and we want the night sprite because this is set up as a strip so we can hit open and it's going to give us this import sprite strip so this is going to ask us how many horizontal cells we have and how many vertical cells we have so going across I think we had 8 I think it's 8 however many frames that were in that strip and then of article cells it's only one cell high so let's go ahead and import that and we got it right so we start with 0 and it goes to 7 that's eight total sprites and it is evenly cut the strip up to all those frames are right in the center where they need to be zoom in just a little bit here I animated this guy myself I know don't be jealous of my art skills that is a joke ok let's go ahead and set up all these animations so if we come over here to this animations panel we're going to right click where it says animation 1 and we're gonna say duplicate and then we're going to do that again so what you should have a total of 3 so let's go to the first one and let's rename this a and I short for animation underscore run and then let's select the second one a and i underscore and jump and then the third one a and i underscore idle ok select the a and I run and then we can come down here and if we look at these frames this is his run cycle until we get to here that is his jump frame and that's the idle frame we don't want those there so let's highlight either one of those and hit delete and then delete the other one so you should have 0 1 2 3 4 5 and it should be you know we're running animation so with this selected up here it gives us these options and I'm going to set speed to 14 and I'm going to check loop and that is all we need for the run animation next we can highlight the jump animation we only want the one jump frame so we need to delete all the others so let's delete all these frames except for the jump frame so all you should have is this one frame of him with his feet up and his arms down and looks like he's stretching okay let's go to idle and let's do the same thing that's our idle animation so let's delete the rest of these all right and we don't need to do anything to the properties it's not going to use any of that information at all alright let's set up our collision boxes we can move in a little our idle it's not going to matter because we won't be playing the game when the idle animation is being run so let's go to animation run zoom in just a little well I guess I only have those two choices okay I'm gonna go in and move these around I'm gonna move the collision box in and down till it's right about there so that's gonna be looks like 19 and that's going to be looks like 1 so the x and y value for this one and then if we highlight this one that looks like two and one all right come down here do the same thing move it in – we know that X is gonna be – and we'll leave that at 40 – that's his height let's highlight this one and well what do we have it that it was that 19 yeah okay so it should look something like that once we have that set up let's just right-click on any one of these nodes and say apply to whole animation so now all of our frames have the same collision box all right looks good let's go to jump let's move these in to the right let's say one looks good and then he can come in – looks like 18 will move his X into 18 and move this one over to one so that should be good for jump and then the idle doesn't need anything I'm going to now go to the image point and this one's gonna be real easy if you have a number pad on your keyboard it is – that is the bottom middle key on the number pad if we just hit – it'll go to the bottom middle or of course you can come over here to origin right click quick a sign and it be bottom okay now with that set right there I'm going to right click on origin and say apply to all animations so all the animations in this sprite are going to have that same origin point select that and we can see that it is on every single frame of the animation all right our player is set up we can exit out of that and rename it I'm just gonna call this player there we go and we zoom in we can see him there let's drag him over here for right now all right so the idea of this game is that since jump is your only control in most cases the level design is going to be it forced the player to get to higher ground so most of our levels are going to start at the bottom of the layout and you will jump through the level climbing your way to the top which is where the the goal the end goal will be so I'm going to leave him down here at the bottom let's go over here to object types right-click and create a subfolder and I'm gonna call this sprites and we're gonna have a lot of other subfolders in here so I'm gonna go ahead and create another subfolder if you right-click on the sprite subfolder add new subfolder and I'm gonna call this objects that is where our player is going to go drag him into there so while we're here let's go ahead and make a few more sub folders while we're here so right-click add a sub folder I know we're gonna need one for buttons I'm gonna add another one HUD and keep going and add another one and call it our levels and add let's see one more and call it particles all right I think that that is going to do it for the sprites and the sprite sub folders for right now and now we have our character created and we can start adding some collisions so we can set his controls and animations up in the event sheets so we will do that in the next video and see you there oh and by the way don't forget to save your project [Applause]

The Chaos Report – Episode 3: Watchlist | Path of Exile: Legion Economy Guide

hello everyone lunar affair welcome to the third episode of the chaos report the weekly or bi-weekly path effects a series that will focus on the economy of the softcore challenge League in this episode I'll be taking a look at a watch list and we'll be covering different farming and crafting strategies that you can apply to take advantage of the current build matter and league mechanics as always do keep in mind that these are educated guesses or predictions and as such they might not be entirely accurate furthermore it might miss a thing or two that seem obvious to many and for that I apologize it is hard to cover everything after all in conclusion invest at your own risk without disclaimer out of the way let's get started to start off with let's take a quick peek at a unique item watchlist and how those items have shaken out since last week as well as their potential trajectories in the future a watch this currently features seven unique items but during this wheel we'll be adding and removing a few as well first up the combination of jewels transcendent flesh and timber clash our predictions for those two have proven to be pretty much 100 percent accurate the tempered flash has slightly risen to about 20 cows as a very solid very cheap option for every duelist or Marauder to get a nearly free 75 percent crude multiplier I don't foresee a father jump pretty much throughout the entire league but due to the common quality of it we'll keep an eye on it for another week or two just to make sure the upgraded transcendent flash however has continued its stellar eyes and leveled out at about to exhort robes or an equivalent of 240 chaos at this current time the price for this one seems to be rather steady for the past few days and I would expect it to stay roughly around this range for at least a few weeks one quick side note if you are diligently running your temples you might want to pick up a copy of the tempered flash as well as a vial of transcendence for your tea three sacrifice rooms instead of throwing in your belts in hoping for the one-in-a-million chance to get your beloved headhunter you can guarantee yourself a solid 200 chaos profit for each run instead this is due to the price of the vial of transcendence being at a steady 30 to 40 Cal's for multiple days I would definitely recommend investing here it's a superior effort to profit margin as even breech stones are including jailor moving on to the carcass Jack we can there are predictions from last week have mostly come to profession as it has continuous descent into the 20 cows area most players have been deciding to switch over to fossil crafted elder armors instead due to the potential for the 7 lengths set up as most players also do not require the increased area of effect at this point in the game I do not foresee any future jumps in price for this one I still predict that it will level out at some point though I'm gonna lower my predictions to a 10 15 to 30 chaos range potentially from our old 20 to 40 cows range as it still offers especially new bells a solid starting point to get into higher tier mapping and speed clearing due to its increased area of effect stat following that to rest so salud has dropped a rapidly over the past few days I'm not entirely sure why this is the case as we had predicted to stay rather relevant for at least a week due to more and more Slayers reaching the point where it becomes worthwhile to wear this is definitely a case where I knew that the rep was going to happen at some point of course but it happened faster than I anticipated my assumption is that people have moved on from it as a crutch similar to the carcass jack on to more endgame options such as the shaper or elder amulets which simply offer a more versatile and powerful portfolio of effects as such we'll see a big oversupply of this item since many people have started moving on already so each price will continue to drop in the future as well barring any unforeseen events a result the rest of solute will be removed from the watchlist and will not be covered in future videos but I'll still keep an eye on it and keep you updated if anything changes of course similar to last week reverses coil is continuing to prove as one of the best predictions since the pre launch remember this belt didn't even crack 20c during the entirety of the last league including the first days now however we've seen prices upwards of an exalted orb or an equivalent of 120 cows for decent roles as we stated last week the core service is quite simple more and more people are realizing the power of pure physical bills and the impale mechanic and as such this belt provides the highest potential VPS increase in the belt slot also similar to last week a quick recommendation on how to form it one of the only semi guaranteed ways to acquire this belt is by farming the wretched of an Asian card at this point it might be worthwhile to do so if you can manage to find a map that you like to run and that happens to drop this card as a byproduct if you plan to do so Tower is still one of the two lucrative maps to shape your atlas around as it also drops the nurse which is one of the headhunted divination cards though this one has been nerfed in the patch it is still quite valuable to form the other option I would personally consider is primordial blocks as it's the most open of the maps that can drop the ratchet this is obviously a positive for the current league mechanic as the Legion mobs spawn in a more manageable way if the map isn't divided by about a thousand walls randomly existing doors and dead ends I'm looking at you cell to map as a general projectory I would imagine the spell to drop a few doesn't chaos in price but stay steady at around seventy to a hundred chaos for the next little while at the very least especially very rolled ones moving on to everybody's favorite flask the Lions roll this flask has steadily been outperforming every single other flask in the game save for the ever ridiculous Soul Reaper of course since last week it has seen a few bumpy dates and has dropped over the past few rather drastically mostly due to the majority of players already having acquired theirs and the supply not stopping it'll continue to be the stable flask for this league and as such will retain a moderately respectable price a perfectly rolled lion's roar still goes for about 100 to 140 cares for the most part as well the same recommendations for farming this fast still apply you'll be looking for the earth drinker divination card which can primarily be found in dunes and desert maps little update since last week however desert spring map has been confirmed by multiple people and by myself as a wonderful alternative to doing the desert with the heist mounts account in the entire game and one of the most open layouts this could prove to be a real hidden gem for farming purposes specifically for the lion's roar as well one downside you do have to keep in mind though is that this league the data spring map is unfortunately a tier 15 which means you cannot reliably sustain it as an altered map well because it will still drop the adjacent Guardian map regardless of map TN competition the paradoxical prediction has seen a gigantic leap in power over the last few days I'll be guys took my advice too hard and didn't panic sell this one during its short dip into the below 100 chaos range it has since skyrocketed to a ridiculous 270 + chaos price point this is likely due to more and more players realizing how insanely strong this weapon can be with a new Berserker ascendancy and all the free flat physical damage that is added by things such as the skill gem rework and the rage support gem additionally the Slayers 8% base crit node is also a godsend for the paradox again as it suffers in both attack speed as well as base critical strike chance as such two of the most popular tendencies in the game are perfect choices for the weapon and contribute to its stellar price for farming the same rules still apply by as many June related mastery prophecies as possible and interact with the immortal syndicate every chance you get as this is the only way to acquire this item its full potential veiled mobs on it attack speed is still king for the suffixes though impale and other percentage quality increases are also very worthwhile any attack speed option will hugely outweigh any other option by Al and Maya however for the prefix try to get the highest physical damage increase as it still is the flavor of the league and more likely to continue to stay that way as for future prices I would imagine the paradoxical will not stay at its current astronomical course however I will stick with my Gutfeld prediction of last week and say that the paradoxical will likely not fall below the 100 to 150 chaos price range anytime soon either it likely remain a strong contender for the remainder of the league the last item on our old list the haemophilia gloves have seen no notable changes since last week they've remained remaining steady at the 7 to 10 house mark I still stick by the prediction I made last week that if and when GGG decides to fix the cope explosions for the gladiator ascendancy and other abilities this glove could see a resurgence to its early league prices cautious investment is still advised the first new item on our watches is an item that I somehow completely forgot about before the start of this lake the coms heart body armor usually always a solid investment we throw pretty much any league as it offers the highest base HP in the entire game I somehow forgot to include in my raid no predictions its prize has been on a steady rise with a slight uptick in the last day indicating a potential further increase for the future the reason for its popularity should be quite obvious players are back to using two-handed weapons specifically elder crafted two-handed weapons as such they do not require the six link in the chest armor and can stepped opt for the highest amount of life available on any chest this particular item is my new farming target and has been providing me with quite some income in the last few days I have opted to move my personal elder set up to volcano one of only two maps in the game that offers not one but two columns Hart cards both the pride before the fall as well as the king's heart drop in this map rather regularly especially once you've invested properly into your maps and Alice aside from volcano your farming options for this one are the natural t15 caldera which also drops both cards as well as lava lake which stops the pride before the fall and also offers a good amount of return on your cash investment by way of the Roth card definitely a worthwhile investment to start farming this one as the comms heart will likely retain its value barring any unforeseen circumstances throughout the entire league the second and last new item on our watch list will be the Nomad started belt this belt I also completely overlooked during the early days of the league to be entirely honest as it is such a specific belt which requires a lot of stat investment in both dexterity and strength yet giving only specifically bonuses to physical projectiles I simply didn't connect the dots that yes indeed ranged characters can use impale as well it's not a melee only mechanic with the addition of the new spectral throw jewel dividing conquer this item has seen a tremendous amount of use compared to any previously previously have seen this belt at anywhere from 3 to 25 cows at the very end of leading of leagues this time around however it has seen a rather steady rise as more and more people are becoming aware of the power it can provide to these very specific physical based projectiles up to the current highest price of about 60 cows the only way to acquire this item is through the ground leader of the North prophesy as such if you intend to farm this one unfortunately have to disappoint you the only possibility for you to properly acquire it would be to perma spam prophecies until you hear it we will however keep an eye on this and item in the future as it will give a nice representation of the current physical based projectile matter if it proves futile to further analyze this one due to either veining interest of players to pick it up or simply due to players stopping to play with it or need not changing at all will likely drop it off the watch this again as a quick side note regarding prophecies they should always be active on your character and I would recommend buying silver coins when you run out there are nice additional income even though most of them are kind of irrelevant they take barely any time to acquire and can net a tidy sum depending on the prophecy as such always make sure you go to full prophecy wheel you don't want to miss out on potential high-value prophecies and the free extra quantity they provide for your maps now moving on to a second segment the meta analysis as expected we see that the majority of players had opted for the Slayer in trick story sentences at a 42 and 21% respective each this is due to the current two main meta skills cyclone being used by 48 of percent of the entire playerbase and EG contagion being used by 68% of all tricksters this is a fairly large change to last week as many players had still opted into the bizarre kind gladiator a sentences however the gladiator ascendancy has quickly fallen out of favor due to the main selling point of the gladiator his believe explosions not working on the Legion mechanic players are currently scrambling to figure out the absolute best and fastest way to clearly jamala this and as such the gladiator no longer has a place in the current matter g-g-gee has dropped the ball pretty hard with the implementations of on kill and copse explosion effects I have to say once GGG fixes these particular interactions however I'm anticipating a big change in the matter regarding the viability of a lot of these sentences and skills but for the time being we'll continue our focus on cyclone and Iggy contagion when it comes to farming and crafting most of the recommendations from last week still apply and as such I won't be repeating them here feel free to check our last week's episode for that however one quick update on my personal farming strategy from last week the excavation map I would HIGHLY advise against this Talib as I have pointed towards last week as after testing it for about a week the drop rate of the divination cards are absolutely abhorrent additionally keeping a stable elder in shape a ping pong seems to be extremely difficult as we cannot set up a reliable elder square in conclusion stay away from the excavation map for any farming purposes the error though recommendations from last week however so stand if you're looking to farm base types sunken city summit and siege are still the maps of choice for steel rings Basilica and racecourse are still the maps of choice for spiked gloves with that out of the way we're going to be focusing on a new farming strategy that has come to my attention over this past week a lot of players have recently begun hard farming the Legion monoliths in lower level Maps to increase the clear speed maps such as strand dunes as well as alleyways in Glacier have seen big popularity for such purposes personally I wouldn't recommend this particular way of farming as the Legion model its rewards themselves scale with map tier there are many rewards you simply cannot get in lower level maps such as shape of fragments gilded scarabs and other high-value loot and this kind of farming will only reward you with raw currency as such you have no additional income outside of what the low-level map provides in terms of raw currency and potential divination cards in the case of alleyways for example a fellow content created by the name of slippery Jim 8 has recently posted his first findings after running 1,000 glacial map monoliths at average you'll receive full chaos per monolith of these levels he did not provide any higher tier tests yet but that might still happen in the future I'll put a link to the video in question down below in the description as well check it out for yourself so if you want to see the exact breakdown I would absolutely recommend it as his content is simply fantastic with a higher tier setup such as a shaped Atlas Elder map form you will not only receive the highest possible monolith loot but also receive highly sought-after items such as shaped and elder drinks and amulets higher-level armor pieces such as the astral plate but also receive other benefits such as high-level master missions in higher level map drops that you can also use as additional income if you are so inclined in this league especially it has been absolute breeze to sustain any elder t16 without much trouble with the removal of the vodcast Fasano SMAP mods involved maps you can easily perma farm 100% plus quantity maps as you simply get to Vall all of them and to not have to worry that you might not be able to pay for those animals anymore pacifically good Maps for such a t16 setup are outside of the recommendations from last week of course volcano which is also my personal favorite as I mentioned earlier and the one I have switched you from excavation this map drops to comms heart cards quite regularly and as such can really boost the average income additionally elder bone helmets are also among the possible drop table for this map and they are still quite popular furthermore the legion encounters on this map are always at the same spot in a wide-open area with a slight cliff as such leap slamming characters are advised as well as characters that use dash or flame – to make the best use of those encounters City Square is another decent choice due to its location on the Atlas providing cheap sexton's as well as its open layout and the possibility of dropping high-level two-tone boots for crafting purposes caucus is my last lesser-known recommendation due to its amazing potential for div card drops as well as this rather easy layout while you won't make perfect use of the Legion mechanic because of the more indoor layout for some characters such as whirling play-based or movement speed based ones this might be a prime choice as it doesn't have any cliffs or holds to jump over and will cluster the Legion mobs more together for Less a a heavy builds just remember to properly invest in your Maps to the use of sextants chisels and vowels don't come yelling at me and telling me you can't sustain if you're simply alking going your t16 maps if you require a guide on this particular part aka how to invest in Maps properly let me know in the comments down below with what exact topic you would want me to cover I'm always willing to add additional content to the channel if I know it will be useful to others so let me know now for the last little segment I always like to give some quick farming and or crafting tips for some lower econ players first up for me the delve areas is still extremely profitable especially with the gilded sulphide scour prices being the lowest they have ever been it is extremely easy to get to decent depths and form whatever areas who want to form I would recommend the frozen harlow as well as the fungal caverns the first dropping an assortment of serrated and prismatic fossils the second topping perfect and corroded fossils these are some of the most common yet high-value fossils and as such should be fairly easy to acquire for anybody regardless of depth and luck also always keep in mind to save them up for a small while until you have a bulk of at least four plus fossils to sell this will allow you to ask for even higher prices when you offer them for sale as an example are oftentimes sell five stacks of serrated fossils for over 140 chaos despite their current value only being around 20 chaos using helix t3 transportation crafts on higher value basis such as a level 83 plus geode falls can add a decent sum as well people are paying upwards of 40 chaos for these bases to craft on so they do not have to wait for their own hillock to reach t3 in the transportation sin again very easy money similarly to last week abyssal jewels are still quite popular among pliers I'll recommend trying to roll primarily on searching eye jewels and going for a more generalized rolls Mosu than specific flat damage rolls for bows and wands focus on getting a moderately high life roll first and paired with either a movement speed attack speed or critical strike multiplier roll these are very easy to achieve in just a few alterations plus Regals and can let tidy sums for players that are struggling to make ends meet remember to buy some high level 82 plus bases as they have the potential to roll the highest life roll these bases should only cost you about one to two chaos at most and let you anywhere from 10 15 cows up to an egg sold or more depending on the exact rolls with that last segment wrapped up I'll be ending this week's cows report I hope this video was informative and you learned something from it that you can apply to your own game or made you think about it please let me know if I missed anything or you'd have wanted me to talk about anything in specific that I might not have covered also let me know what your personal predictions are going to be for these coming weeks furthermore let me know if you'd like to see me cover a particular topic regarding path of Exile I'm always willing to explore new video types so add extra segments to this series though this video is already pretty long so I don't know about that one lastly give me some feedback on this new series how did you enjoy it was the video too long because I spent some time rambling on this one should I cut specific parts such as condensing the first segment into less time or should I further elaborate on specific topics to give more insight toward specific things and if so which ones are these and of course don't forget to subscribe hit the bell notification thing I could dislike the video and check me out over on slash or wolf you can find a link to my stream down below in the description as well and with that thanks for watching and keep farming those axles

Let's actually start building a game! | Construct Team doing Construct Streams!

you if you are too demanding your mind is not rich and self-sufficient when your mind becomes demanding when you long for something be very very careful about this point well I guess that means we better get this thing started hi everyone and welcome to another constructs stream with the construct team we are gonna do it but game dev today isn't that exciting so now as I explained last week the point of these is to do a long-term game dev project a so I can learn and B so hopefully we can get some good content out of that help you guys learn because you know the more people that know how to use ourself by the better alright let's see who we got in the chat afternoon skyman Neffe otezla good to have you guys in I was wondering if for a while it was just gonna be me and Simon having a nice afternoon chat action councils in the chat welcome welcome I appreciate we have some pretty good constructor developers in the chat so this could well be a case of me going over things you already know but hey I'm happy you're here thank you temp or tuk welcome to the stream thank you very much for the follow I assume that was you digging in my ear the little thing doesn't seem to have come up Joe Maya prods welcome welcome got good little turnout here today so to kick off I will reiterate what this long-term project is so you can idea of the sort of game I'm gonna be making over the next century let's say I am a huge Pokemon fan and I thought on something I've always wanted to do is to make my own Pokemon game now obviously whoo I did that live one stream I would probably get into trouble so we're going to making a Pokemon style game that will come up with some original concepts further down the line it'd be great but to begin with we will have a look at mechanics that we'll need in the game starting with nice simple things like making sure my animations run correctly to obviously the really complicated stuff of battle systems inventory systems party maybe even a pokedex sort of thing you know I have an 84 page of things I will probably build at some point so this should be going for a while yeah is it gonna be called Digimon no sorry Tesla yes yes the age-old Digimon versus Pokemon debate well that will save that for another time so yeah the law yesterday I spent a good deal of time messing around with tile maps and figuring out what kind of look I wanted to the game I've gone with a sort of Game Boy Advance pixel art II style thing because I'm rubbish at drawing and I figured pixel up is this is pretty a terrible idea pixel up might be a better place to start for me because I have a smaller canvas to play with and in theory less scope for getting it wrong you know we'll see hi Toto 9001 welcome to the stream good to have you here we're just about to kick off into me showing off some bits I've done in preparation for this game figuring out how bits and pieces work so look at this lovely brightly colored thing isn't it lovely I will say that all these assets are definitely not bone downloaded from the fantastic Kenny who makes loads and loads of game assets to use under Creative Commons I believe yeah you should go check out his website it's brilliant Kenny NL and that's Kenny with an ey so the point of this little project was so I could figure out how the viewport was gonna look how much of my tile map I would fit in the viewport and as I say we're going with a kind of Game Boy Advance size sort of thing which if I remember correctly the that one the viewport should be 240 yet by 160 so I'm working on a 16 by 16 grid so that's about 15 by 10 afternoon the Dark Lord Luke welcome to the stream good to have you here now there is a lot of actual beautiful Pixlr underneath all these squares this is just how I've dealt with collisions for now you know metal Quokka good afternoon welcome to the stream and yes captrick is very urban because this is a really cool little urban tile set I thought it'd be a good one to muck around with so now did I switch this back I did now I realized something you know teeny-tiny because gameboy advance but theory ok now I realized that I made this project very quickly on a whim ignoring everything it was one of those quick I need a new project now press all the buttons I don't care what anything is and then I looked at all of this and thought fairly sure these pixels should be a bit more crisp but nicer you know I mean it all works it's lovely but you know they looked a lot better in the picture yeah skyman knows what I'm talking about so I immediately realized that I had not set this up properly and if anyone is like me is super impatient and then goes wide as well alright look look good then basically you can go into your properties of your project and change things around very quickly make sure I've got the right things set up da-da-da-dah so fullscreen quality low sampling nearest pixel rounding yes please now in theory it looks a lot crisper it looks a lot nicer it looks a lot more like a pixel art and ignore the fact that her fringe moves it's just a quirk of the animations that I've not figured out yet yeah we've got a nice little city here but obviously this is very quickly me throwing some things on a tile map and doing very basic collisions but this is to figure out make sure I could you know have animations that worked but fun fact I think did come out of me doing this little project in that that new condition that came out in the beta release yesterday for the tile movement is purely because I have a very complicated movement thingy and we're hoping that this will make it easier did i double-click pixel running out yeah so I did well there you go now I should look even better thank you squirming yes I have all of these events for just moving and getting my animations working they kind of bled into one another before I put I think it was that bin and so you'd be moving right and the animation for up let's say we'd still be playing for like a microsecond or whatever look a little strange so the lovely nappy Oh threw in another condition for us and tell the movement behavior and I will be giving that to go a little later because I'm gonna start an actual game project for this whole big thing is currently over working in little tiny projects doing little off the offshoot testings but I think we're ready to start which is really exciting for the time excited full screen to integer mode do I have that oh no it's still a matter bucks I forget those two kinds of letterbox yes this is the entire point of why we do testing you know figure out why things work so the other before we kick off into actually creating a thing the other thing I was working out was I was having a look through the demon aura project because yeah it's an RPG there's gonna be things in here I want to steal and that is the entire point of these example projects in construct 3 and as you play it it all looks like it's on one obviously it looks flat Judy but you're walking around and I thought oh I can't walk into these bits I can walk behind these bits of trees how does this all work because you know I'm stupid and this is where my next experiment came in because I thought with the gameboy advance you could as if you look at the ruby and sapphire and firered/leafgreen games you could run behind buildings and the way I have this set up obviously you can't run behind things so this led to lots of experiments with tile maps and being able to run behind things Billy G 83 yes and emerald Billy G 83 welcome to the stream happy to have you there is definitely someone home yes so if we were doing let's say Game Boy Color we just have I haven't got my grits up properly yeah you can't walk through things because they're all solid I can walk across this building but I'm on completely the wrong side elevation so he looks a bit daft was that order not elevation I mean I could walk around on top of roofs if I wanted to but that kind of the tracks from the whole design of things but when you've got your tile map split so I have two one for most of the building and then one for little bits of roof that I can put behind so it'll look nice how I can you know completely hide if I want to so as I say I'm sure this is very easy for some of you in the chat but for me this is quite good in there I've got some things working as I want and that's quite exciting so I will say I drew those buildings I'm quite proud of that they're not the best but I like them we can close demon wah so let us start a new project shall we so this is definitely not Pokemon not the viewport size to be two-foot I forget my number pad isn't on 245 160 landscape and because I'm thinking about it this time I will click the magic button that says optimise fix a lot great yeah we have a thing so we have thing we're gonna need at least two layers and I'm gonna do this before while I'm thinking about it so for ground let's make this one come up terrain on that little day I might have a few more so put the roads and grass and everything on one then the buildings have another one and then everything we can walk behind on another one and maybe even a fourth for collisions I don't know on the one hand I want to keep it you know optimized but at the same time if I can't have lots of different layers for things it might help me out who knows but the whole point is I'm gonna have lots of little layers in the same sort of style as quick one so you go the whole half the first city will be quite large but it's blow across four different maps so I can have more bits on one layout and hopefully it will still run nicely at least that's the idea anyway da-da-dah let's have another layer yeah we want to give that one there and I'm just gonna call that ya player etc because I'm really imaginative with names now pop that down now don't dare to down we don't want to go in there we want to go into the whole folder of stuff I have tile sets it should be yeah haha we have tiles exciting and they look nice to begin with and then they get all scrambled but it's fine it'll be fun oh yeah they will earn more time at bar we need a 60 16 by 16 grid there are no spaces between the tiles so we are good how long does the stream go for with us um generally 2 hours if I can fill 2 hours if you guys or me get bored beforehand that we might stop but I will gonna be nice and chilled you know obviously the gaming ones are gonna be a bit more lively and airy cuz we'll be playing some cool games but for the dev streams it's just a case of I'm building some stuff I'm learning hopefully you're learning and at the very least we're having a chat and having a nice time construct three does look awesome I'm curious to know how simple or difficult is to export created games to run on console ps4 on switch construct doesn't have its own exporter for those consoles but there are services that exist that do that for you if you come along on Thursday we are currently playing iconoclasts which was built in the very first iteration of construct construct classic and then ported to consoles among other things using children which is a well known service amongst the community mat pal of MP 2 games and children has been known to pop in to the stream every now and again yes it's there is support for Xbox but ps4 and switch not currently right alike er that's the other one I keep seeing that on Twitter I can never remember the game the name now change a few more bits in my project property where is my num lock key that's better actually yeah use my number pad now I'll show a migrate to make it easier snap to grid yes please my layout got out of this maths hope I did I make this yes I recently turned to the dark seam it does make me a little sad because I can't have my rainbow tabs which I like very much but yeah when you're staring at screens for hours on end then it does help to kind of dull things down a little bit plus the XML editor looks so pretty I like the colors a lot better you are welcome to importer that is another point of these streams you can come and ask some questions and I will do my best to answer as well as possible I can change the color of the tabs but the rainbow tabs like cycled through and it looks really cool I mean it's completely cosmetic but I like it I'm fairly sure Nephi owes behind that one as well could be wrong anyway what am i doing I am figuring out the size of my layout I know what it is in squares but I need to know what that is in pixels now if I had figured this out beforehand then you would be able to see what I'm planning on drawing because I'd have had the blog set up by now where I will be posting lots and lots of stuff about this whole project because I like blogs and we obviously don't have a webcam in here so I can't suddenly go hey look at this cool drawing I did yeah it also means I can you know organize my thoughts a bit more and in theory but something a bit more coherent together about how this project is going and bits that I figured out that maybe I can't do on stream or wouldn't work on stream if you could put it dark-themed I mean I'd be very happy okay I need to do some maths I need to figure out do dedo give me a calculator because I am lazy did a calculator thank you I'm 36 is 576 lovely so the layout size is five seven six five five seven six are we going to get a webcam well real estate is not that large in this off in this little booth and it's also very warm so I don't know if you really need to see my sweaty face whilst doing all this stuff I guess if it's if I feel it lads something to this dream I could pick up a webcam later but for the time being I don't think it's really necessary and I guess when you're doing something that uses construct it's probably more appropriate to be able to see everything I don't know yeah this is with us all about pilots and figuring out how things work so if we decide to further down the line that something else is gonna work better then we can give her a try to make the operation directly into the property field yeah fair enough thank you a trick I like to be detailed so let's build a map da da da the first thing let's have a little figure out here so what make sure we're on the right layer we are on the terrain layer let's look at the other two just so I can't do anything stupid zoom out a bit so I can see what I'm doing we'll just go with that one to start with now all the way down here also if you guys want me to put pretzel back on that is also a thing I can do we can have a little bit tombs in the background I say this is all figuring things out as we go so happy to take feedback and whatnot let's just throw in the basic things you know what let's just cover the whole thing in grass for now and I'll figure the rest out later we green also green that is a lot greener than I realized oh yeah I realized pretzel still playing anyway but none of us can actually hear it that's Peart no it's only 45 minutes I need to figure that out I don't know but Shield of chill def music keep it quite low okay tell me that's not intrusive yeah I don't want anything blasting out so so I'm trying to keep it no I know it's just green but you know it's all about decorating lady you want to get the bare minimum first and then figure out where the cool stuff goes yeah right roads roads are a thing oh I'm still have a feel tool alright so path goes that road goes that yeah we have one two three four five path road excuse me why are you doing anything you click please that's weird okay that's new here we go it likes now we're grateful oh this is a more annoying truck than I thought yeah something anything I'm patient yeah yeah patience is uh I know it's cliche but patience is definitely about you it certainly would help and make me you know stop doing things too quickly and then having to fix all my problems later roads do I have a plane path did I make a plane path no I didn't because I'm stupid okay path path how many is that one two three four five yeah also if I had a webcam mom right now literally all you'll be able to see is me with a piece of paper in front of my face and that's not particularly exciting that's five yes I do that's five I know this is the completely the wrong tile but for the minute it'll do we're marking stuff out one two three four five six seven eight should be that one there I think the pair of eyes and I'm al strong on it all right yeah I guess it kind of looks like that yeah she there is kind of a face girl on this it's quite funny I've not seen it but now I kind of do yeah I also would defeat the object if I'd rude like all cup mouthpiece and hold see my facebook bro my design so road it goes oh man do I done some miscalculations here maybe you have three oh my map doesn't look quite right roads are always threes oh that's why I miss I forgot to put the path in there big oh yeah let's just mark stuff so I know where things are going I'm really thinking I'm gonna have to tone down this green is like obnoxiously green but hey this is the first time I've ever drawn tiles so I will take it I'm happy with these they've not turned out that bad no I don't want those there but hey you can go there for the minute pom pom pom pom now we have over the side one two three four five one two now alright and then we have three four five six and eight one eight and those should come across there hear that right true but yeah currently this is like glaringly link glaringly Green you almost need sunglasses for it and I left mine at home today you really kind of notice it against the dark background ah I have like the basic outline of road can we fill that yeah lovely that's not actually gonna be grasped but you know yeah in theory they'll be less green because we'll have buildings and bits and pieces but yeah so we need talking of oh don't do that buildings on that one that and one it now how I said that enough proof not quite I used to go there oh yeah that's what I was doing wasn't it broke my own rule to begin with putting buildings on the terrain map yeah this is the thing you get so carried away doing stuff cuz it all looks pretty and then you go oh but that's not supposed to be here no laughs goes on there which is renamed I'm up buildings then have another one it's gonna be objects one cuz another one okay okay so I mean we can mess around with terrain and stuff later I'm paying it up detail now we've got the actual shape and let's lock that one look objects and we'll just keep buildings unlocked that means we need a new tile map and we need to use our oh so lovely tiles doing anything again why and as with everything name stuff as you go along cuz otherwise you end up with about 50 objects named tile map and you have no idea which one is which organisation is your friend f2 to rename things yeah see this is why this is what I like having you here can trick you know all the shortcuts helps my learning now did I put the tile map on the right layer but I didn't I bet that site it's not coming up boo it's on the building's level hmm yes you've been using construct for a lot longer than I have so you know I trust that you've picked up a few things along the way right so I was definitely unlocked let's try and do this again I had this problem yesterday and I couldn't figure out why my tile maps we're not coming up and it was upsetting me granted I was very tired yesterday hey we go alright sixteen by sixteen nope that's a first tab no spacing that's fine lovely now because the player isn't going to be running behind any of these buildings except one I said we could have them run by and then wouldn't really make that much difference that hmm yeah we'll figure that out later we can always move some bits around on the tile laughs if we need to so building building building and that's hot so let's take that how would you need one more layer of Windows that one should do it except not that buildings so the plan is this is gonna be where the player starts the game it's a bit different from your you know traditional Pokemon town thing in that it's supposed to be a big metropolis and whatnot yeah I thought to figure out are my tiles off my race should have thought about this when I make my tile map that's the little one isn't it cuz I need the right one should walk as well three window ones nope maybe don't buildings Oh baby I say they are five one date four five oh that's slightly wrong by the looks of things okay I'll have to fix that that one well no this is the only four one I am doing well note to self build a tile set that actually looks like the thing you want to build will make your life much easier Luke necklace I assume you went and just changed your twitch name so you are now Luke necklace instead of what your other thing was or are you a new person I could be wrong we playing in London oh I guess you could call it London I want I probably won't I will come up with a you know fancy name for it along with everything else I will I don't know maybe I'll have a kind of working document that people can get to where they can post suggestions for stuff that might be fun new London catchy starts in the level 60 Pokemon zone no I'm not that mean it's just a nice big town rather you know little village with an old dude professor the game is based on making a Pokemon like game like they had on Game Boy Advance yes my inspiration is coming from ruby sapphire emerald firered/leafgreen all that kind of stuff because I like the fact that I can work with a few more colors compared to gameboy color but I still like the pixel art style so if you play a lot of Pokemon you may recognize these buildings as being fairly similar to those out of celadon City from firered/leafgreen that's where I took my inspiration I am very much a Pokemon fan there won't be a deck set like in the actual Pokemon game no politics will come later we'll figure out the politics of the region when we actually have a region or but what do they call it country nope can't remember it's not region but haha it is the scarer region because everything is on brand province thank you I knew there was a reason I was telling you my ideas I may change it later but yeah provinces that is the term we have for the time being yes you know got a key things on brand a construct out I'm sure there'll be a contract out somewhere but this is definitely more than a town we're just here building some buildings and organic Davis yes what what would I do without your database of knowledge now we have counties in the UK rather than States it's a sort of different cross bag but yeah how many floors were you having four floors see I've done some very careful maths on my drawings so I can make sure that I have the right number of tiles and everything Wow this is why I want the blog so I can show you all my little doodles on squared paper and stuff and kind of you know it's it's access to the method and shows that there is method in the madness and you know when I figure when you see the way someone does something you can figure out whether it's gonna work for you maybe still some ideas which is also fine because I used a I basically designed all of these things in individual files and then knitted them all together using a merger program but I didn't think about this so all the tiles are named you know so we have blue building underscore one red building on the school-wide whatever and when the tile merger puts everything together it does it all in alphabetical order so I so that's fine so the first ones look all lovely because I thought write their buildings they have whatever tiles by one of the tiles so this is how the thing needs to go then I forgot the all of my paths and trees and stuff in the middle aren't in the same dimensions so everything else is screwed we could have a glitch city that it that is possible aah Oh Mike Doug put the wrong thing in that doesn't go there yeah because my original plan was to I was mucking around with an external editor but I was having problems actually getting the tiles maps in Oh am i needs changed over these tiles because my things that look quite how it does in my diagram John s Reid welcome to the stream how are you doing my friend glad to see you here welcome to me doing some game Debbie bits and pieces I need to move my road my roads in the wrong place wouldn't it be good if actually moving roads was this easy doesn't it rather dammit pretty easily we need to move this lot over oh that's the pressing oh I'll have to do that a bit you all don't need to see me mucking around with parts just yet we all have the corner because it's there huh fill the road back in oh yeah I could leave it there but doesn't look quite right so what's all that later and that can be back to grass for now just so I know that it's not road or path in this case so it's annoying I can't highlight that only highl highlight bits in the term above putting air in your tires is an important job and you know does need doing so I'm glad you're taking your car safety seriously well I can highlight that bun that's in a line we you I like to thank you boop-boop-boop huh such big buildings one of those and see how some of the tiles went in the right place so I can do this yes highlight putting your tiles in the right place to begin with does make doing this a lot easier just go back to the pen tool as for after selecting okay oh my god Thank You Carmen haha that's easier yes it does look like I need to do oh okay this is waiting for me to figure out afterwards but I think I'm gonna need another layer or just go from the top that seems to work oh no doesn't yeah so I might need another layer to make these stack properly but for now I have some stamps of weird buildings radio construct I like it so yeah you know this is why we testing so you can figure out where your tiles look good and why they don't look good go and figure things out through the lines of the wrong tile up yes I did I did I did they're all going so well okay these four fixings here so yeah that actually needs to come across doo-doo-doo-doo except I need to unlock it and I look unlock ah so we'll just take a round of one and go Road note down that that comes down here now we shall stick some of that in there yes you don't need to see me tidying this I'll tidy it up properly off stream and then we'll have this lovely thing afterwards all right nice that's the idea unless you really want to sit here and watch me muck around with stupid tiles which I'm sure you don't sure we all have better things to do with our afternoons no don't want to get let's take that off so I can see why I need to get rid of okay turn that back on see ya clearly I need to edit some tiles or this is the perfect opportunity for the form around section let's try out this side and see if that works any better actually so we stick with the buildings for now we've put some more buildings this side gonna have green ones now which are even more screwed up so this is gonna be even harder now I realize I included an extra bit in there so this is gonna be a bit of guesswork I mean what's new are they for no they are for that's fine there we go no buildings now how swollen my making these three windows hi and then some roof yes this is also why I have you guys here so you can tell me when I'm doing things wrong and doing things stupid otherwise I would just be going merrily along my own way and being like why does nothing like have – oh my god with just let's have that let's see how that works oh no that's very squat we need so we definitely need some depth to the roof otherwise it looks at the lawyer all these people you know live in I don't know a foot wide building a bit strange okay so we have a building and that one's no let's how much proof do we need yeah that one let's keep that roof there now in theory if we take that and put that to rest right on top I'm going to sneeze oh come on nope okay fine like my booth what have I missed keeping game objects in my HUD layer on my game I'm making of them wonder why I have all these weird things flying around yes it's all well and good having these layers so long as you actually remember to use them that and now we do this and we stamp stamp stamp and that one can actually have its own roof I like that okay has a roof now let's lock that layer because we're done with it for the minute now oh no no no no we need that one unluck make sure we're on the right layer and I realized I felt for ground wrong wall she's going to annoy me new tile map weird the same tiles lovely and now once we put in the right parameters sixteen by sixteen now all we should be able to layer a roof on top which will look much better than the red side and more like what I have in my head that's the plan anyway look at that there we go that looks better they said corporal use a little bit of tweaking like maybe change the offset slightly but you talking about the depth for the building you're making that mean D well yeah like the booth yes I mean I'm not a tall person but I couldn't lay down on this floor but hey it serves purpose and it is a very cool little resource we have in this building okay well at least now I figured out what I need to do on this side yeah I guess that's small yes and you actually know how short I am okay so help that needs to be renamed tile map for ground that is now going to be oh god I really hope I've named these the right way around buildings that it's the rest of the office not that big diverse the office is fairly good you know but there are there's the whole team of us in it and the booth was originally designed to just to do short recording sessions nots in here for two hours doing streams but you know while we're here and all that might as well as long as I can breathe and house good sound isolation yes we do need to pull some of the audio foam out of the vents but yes I can breathe and as far as I'm aware the audio sound is pretty good so I'd say it's all good so that's just luck that one go back to the building's layer because we need to move some bits around to get rid of those because they are in the wrong place if only all demolition was this quick okay one of those goes there one goes there a lot goes there now we just need a bit of it we'll take the roof first pop those in and then we can fill in the hole okay and one two three hey there we go guess you'd hear the conversations of everyone else yes it reminds bunnies tell my little recording light on melody makes a new friend so it's called have yes there have been times when I've had the door slightly ajar and I've been recording some bits and pieces and someone's had a conversation you go well yeah this is why you keep the door closed so that's just all that actually can probably get rid of that one as well because we bring the road down another no terrain if we bring the road down another bit so there oh let's hope use the pen and then pop that there obviously well tidy that up later then if we look for ground we can put a roof on that then it sits over the top and looks good which is dandy I'm getting the hang of this there we go and if we I probably don't need to lock them between each time but you know at least if I've got the what I'm using unlocked then I can't pair in theory I have less transport things in the wrong place okay that looks better doesn't it good cozy atmosphere yeah totally yeah to be fair there are a lot of times in the office while we're all saying now with our own headphones on listening to our own stuff and someone could walk in and just be like does anyone ever talk in here it's not frowned upon to talk one to Maureen and then we'll do the clever trick of stamping to make this go quicker and stamp stamp stamp now look unlock all ground nope no we don't know what it that yeah you know we might as well be in London now huh all these how will he make tall buildings I say told told enough there we go right so I guess it's time to put in fourth toilet I feel like I may be going overboard but hey stop it stop it okay so this is going to be oh no no no no where's the F – oh nice tile map underscore objects ah cool what – see that it's okay they're a tweet we can't talk we have very in-depth discussions at times you know just Oh sometimes it's good to be stuck into something and you need you know bling in your ears to help you concentrate oh excuse me while I take a quick water break gotta stay hydrated I realize why you do this so what pub we going to tonight yeah you know all the all the really important key discussions to the betterment of the software right so let's unlock our objects tilemap no I put this in the wrong place done but it was not the right laughs no right objects yes we need to be able to see it oh maybe that's why no dude dude Tom up insert go open starting city lovely rename tile map objects I can't spell but I don't care okay so according to my diagram then we need some flowers because this whole thing in the middle here the pot so let's zoom also I can't you see which is the end of the planter box that one that the top and that's my other end I'm sure there was another one yeah well that was clever partly I didn't do a top box that's mildly irritating Noel so much now then we have box there box there nope you want that on there quite no flowers on the cute so we need one two three four in the middle I missed that before we need another one there and then end box and box yeah one little entrance to the park flowers aren't they so pretty how many did I put in there one two three four five six one two three four so the end one goes there there Chuck some of those in my building a town square I am building a little park so I guess you could kind of call it a town square but no there will be a night there'll be a plaza in the why don't I put it shopping district all right I have a little mark here and all kinds of cool stuff you know so the idea for the town is its design is divided into four districts which will all link together so you'll go this one leads to entertainment top one leads to shopping I think yes they'll be on different layouts I was debating whether to put them all on one big layout but then I was like I've designed them all individually so it might work better if they're individual layouts but that's the thing I can figure out later if I decide that actually it does look better with them all on one then I can change it around it's not a problem I'm looking for some bushes there we go it'll push used to go down there so the player can't get through that way well then I'll just ill stick a solid box over or whatever yeah I think I kind of know how I plan on doing it but they'll be a bit of mucking around with it to try and figure it all out I'll probably do some testing off stream and then once I've got a system that works we'll incorporate it into the game cut my trees he trees so the player can't escape at the bottom of the park look click there one there we'll bring that one over slightly because I miscalculated again yeah it does look like it doesn't look quite giant when it's all split up into bits but that's the problem with the tile muff is like oh it kind of all because nothing's really together apart from the top two buildings you kind of lose the feel of what its gonna look like in the game so I'm cut I'm glad that I'm let's put that on there that one over the top yeah kind of works needs a tweak I yeah I'm glad I get the chance to test it out before it goes in well you got what I mean kind of I think I know what I'm talking about Ashley welcome to the stream coming to check up on me hi I am building a town I'm having lots of fun with tile maps got my little flowers and stuff so pretty now that's why I miscounted because in my drawing the trees are only taking up to each but yeah never mind I can always draw some more trees later one two three four five my tree do these weird little grass things they look a bit odd doudou okay and I realized I didn't actually do anything for my fountain which is gonna go in the middle of Park I also have not yet drawn any benches which I was also gonna do a she's not a mod here because actually only just turned up I should probably fix that would really help if I could see my books I hope that works car if it's /all maybe he didn't post so I assumed that was a mod thing I just did Oh ash might have his own little sword now doo-doo-doo yeah when I play a running around at the top there hey there we go he's a moderator now all sorted now a little yeah it's about red one there look nature it's so pretty oh I suppose I should actually fix the roads really sometimes it helped us to fix the roads we'll take a little break I can get some air and some water and then we'll come back and actually put a player in and we will test this new condition that is in the tile movement behavior and see if it makes things any easier that we want to go back to the terrain one okay so let's zoom in a bit shall we so make a corner tile here which should be not one nope mmm oh that and where's my vertical one it's looking better already oh that doesn't work have to redo that tile never mind this is what happens when you really liner thing up on one side yeah if it's perfectly on the horizontal but on the vertical looks awful tile making is hard I was thinking about using you know open source assets then I thought I'm only gonna get annoyed because they don't look how I want them to so they may as well be my rubbish things and you know we can work on them as we go okay now we need where is it how can I not draw there that's why I'm gonna have to go and change that because we're overlapped hang on see off that one and that one oh don't do that don't move things oh let's just put another bit of Road in there just for completeness and that's the one we want to go there that doesn't really line up both there for completeness we want that one go up here oh I stuck at all where it shouldn't be quelle suprise OOP cross that's fine now I just need to do this side with that one all the way down and you figure out how I'm gonna block off this road because currently anyone can just automate it's the route on my own about so yeah this bottom path here will need to a route I have drawn a map so this is a while on the blog so I can show you guys all this rubbish that I've been you know getting out of my head I think they're right there right there are breathing holes they just have audio foam in them trying to put a vertical flower at the base of the horizontal line of flowers see if it fits better yeah that's true problem is I kind of have misplaced the top of the box which is annoying I'm sure I did a tile for that but it seems to have disappeared which is mildly irritating I got that locked yes I do so let's see I mean a bit like that oh maybe I think oh maybe I got partway through and decided I was gonna do a little corner piece that's what I really need is I need to draw a corner piece child yeah we need a corner we can do that that's fine I will add that to the to-do list and because I didn't draw one let's go to the layer etc and we are gonna put in its right because I didn't draw a fountain and it's gonna be really exciting fountain oh that's why I didn't do that cause we are working on a grid the grid is lined up means all origin points need to move to the top left so that it snaps to the grid properly oh yeah there we go now why can I not just move that there for a minute why can't I select anything this is upsetting me did I put it on the wrong stupid layer again I did No yep that's all Errol laughs always make sure you have the correct layer selected when you put in an object yes it was flood the fountain didn't quite go as planned the mayor has been arrested for purse negligence and emergency drainage has been put in the citizens are all safe it is fine always they've got a little bit less there's always see some tiles more I've put them in the wrong place okay we are on the play a bit so oh wait I know this one yeah we want this on the play of it because it's not a tile map it will be replaced by some tiles at some point there we go can't move things now no bit did I make this 4×4 it lines up with a little entranceways I decided I was the reason like path around the outside I will just Chuck that in using some path tiles shall we just so I know it's there I'll go Road because I don't have any standard path hey we have a thing that is the first region mapped which I'm quite excited about GED sheds welcome welcome see you crutches the channel I didn't notice I've have you here yes the number pound for quick assigning I dunno about that one I just for some reason don't use it I know about it because we had to go and correct a thing in the manual because I was writing something and realized it wasn't the right number written so that's why I know about cosines yes I am building a city it's great oh my goodness so we have been doing this for just over an hour so I think now is a good time to take a little break your five minute break I have some water stand up bit you guys get up stretch your legs grab a drink whatever we will be back in about five minutes and we'll start putting in I'll just you I will haven't made a sprite yet so we'll use the Kenny ones that I always using in the last example so yeah be right back don't go away you well that's enough water and enough pressure let's get back into this shall we ah let's put our map that one I mean somebody got a few seconds left then we'll switch out the players so welcome back to the constructive stream JB sheds I have just caught up with all your chat messages yes I do quite like sky man's description of this the goal is not important it is the journey and blah blah blah basically the point is I've always wanted to build a pokemon style RPG game I can't call it a pokemon game because I'm looking into trouble so I figured hey I've been working at Sierra for you know coming up on three years now I should probably learn how to use concentrate properly and be this is a perfect excuse to make a Pokemon game so here we are this is currently need just messing around with tile maps you've missed a lot of chewing and throwing and me putting things on the wrong layers the turn-based battle system new whoo that's gonna be a long way down the line my skills and constructs are definitely not at that point yet yeah the point is I'm learning as I'm going with the view to hopefully teach people as we go and also write some resources and bits and pieces tutorials to go along with it I'm gonna do a blog so you can see my whole process and hopefully I can learn from you and you guys can learn from me and we're all just here having a nice time yeah oh baby this is still testing at the moment so this is only our third stream it's currently on Twitter and outs on Twitter at the moment I'm gonna put a Facebook message out during this week and then I think once we've got a couple more under our belt I'm gonna send a whole email out to people saying hey come check us out because the last thing I wanted was you know like I know this is exaggerating for hundreds of thousands of people descending and us having no way of trolling chat or anything or it all going horribly wrong it's good to have a few test ones under our belts first yes we will be slowly telling what people about this if you want to tell people go for it yeah as we get more used to things will pick up a bit more so yeah where were we I have some tile maps I have some tiles but you know it's not great if you can't actually do anything with those tiles let's just rename that so I actually know what the random blue spray is fountain Lake holder and at some point I will draw one this is also my first foray into pixel art and all this kind of stuff because I figured if I wanted it to look the way I wanted it then I was gonna have to draw it otherwise I just get annoyed and there is far too much here in italics for my liking so let's just quickly save this house it definitely not Pokemon there you go lovely so don't need the time up bar fan out we are going to work on our player it's set for a bit so let's turn you down a bit more pretzel still quite loud in my ears okay but we need a sprite and we want that number seven top left because everything is in squares right Boop just one mrs. Wembley and this is gonna be our Oh play a base so this is gonna open up a drama anyway these we want scroll – we want tile movement lovely so at least now if I preview yeah we can wander around the town isn't this lovely hurrah you can see where all the terrible bits of tiling are I will fix those off stream you don't need to see me do that cool so let's add now the sprite cuz we need a nap god I'm gonna have to go find this tile now right as it's Kenny's Arthur I probably should have found this a while ago but nevermind it's somewhere down the bottom look at this point any human will do the stationary one preferably you you'll do go person there we go we have a little dude and need to pin him to the base I have seen lots of different ways to do this but so far I've just stuck with pin because that's why I know but basically we just want to make sure that those two things stay stuck together where am I looking do 2 1 start yeah so I think with the blog or the forum if you guys see me doing something in this and you think you have a better method obviously that's gonna be quite hard to convey in twitch chat so the whole point of the forum and the blog will be full of discussions so if you guys know of a way that's better than what I'm doing then by all means please tell me or just you know sit and watch me struggle that's fine too pin pin to base yes fine I'll figure that out later lovely so in theory oh no that's wrong our position only that's still not right why is that different to this one okay well we're off to a good start mm-hmm always crazy about resizing my sprites and spritely later opposed to the layout view otherwise when you pop in the news for it ends up being scaled check the artists yeah I must have force of habit changed it to the top left when I don't need all the top left no one see the helps oh that's your worse right okay so do do so let's see if it was the top left it was on top try bottom left that might work weighing on origin on top it was still on top yeah okay that's now on the base haha okay it so clearly pin to the base is not gonna work both origins are in the top left why did you move there see isn't this nice when you have Ash giving you personal tips right show me the origin top left yes now get on there player base there must have an origin to the top left otherwise it wouldn't be in the grid top left yes yeah new feature suggestion direct chat – all right well you know what I'm just gonna move oh no we want to close that let's just do that yeah there we go that loop at this point yeah we were having a discussion about something earlier and the first thing that came to my head was cliffy yep I will figure this out when I have actual assets but I know it's in there it's on the right place oh oh oh I think I'll just figure something out uh-huh does help if you stick the stupid grid to the right size and as if by magic oh there we go take it out fine fine I'm just being daft I forget that the default size of the greatest 32 by 32 and I'm working in 16 by 16 so uh you know God change it as you go yes there we go now we have a thing right we don't want to see the base where are ya in rizal lovely so let's add some more animations to be much easier if I go and find this and drug in any assets RPG urban pack Giles much tiles I make sure I bring in the right a little character otherwise he's gonna magically change as he walks around I thought we were weird oh there we go we need that one that one yes metal there was we'll just call it magics construct magics was happening idle and then we want another animation which is gonna be either walk walk go uh-huh my taskbar isn't over there it's over here somewhere there's the first set all right so that's the downward one I have not changed anything from the dark theme so when I just enabled it it's everything white is as it is yeah I had noticed that when I was doing some bits and pieces and I selected a giant event and it was just a big block of white I wasn't entirely sure why that was a thing oh that was a ding that's a follow you biked thank you very much for the follow welcome to the stream live debugging session yeah possibly we need to change that to the top left lovely add animation we have walk-up that's just to placate that wall left and laya walk right let's go back to our downline I find the rest of these little tiles shall we that's one well dupa dupa that's the other one that's one and there's another follow Jamie sheds thank you very much for the follow well I missed him I must have done because we're on the construction working out there is o no windows no it's very much easier if these were bigger things right what one do we have we have that leg so we need that one drag you in lovely is this not the construct three dog theme like oh right sorry I miss JB sheds comment above yeah I'm starting to transition into dark themed stuff I drank that no okay cool okay so you know let's get rid of those a minute because that's gonna be easier is if I have the two little Idol of the idol frame in and then I can duplicate that and I don't have to go find the stupid thing again duplicate Tech Box North what kind of game will this be this will be a Pokemon style RPG I'm currently basically using this as an opportunity to learn how to use construct because it's about time I did and making this kind of game is something I've always you know how to hankering to do oh perfect opportunity at the moment we're mucking around with tile maps and trying to make sure the animations work and we've learned that you need to always make sure that your grids match up otherwise strange things happen currently I've got some assets in but these ones are all done by candy so it's just a case if I need to get something in so we can make sure the animation system works but it's very much a case of learning as we go and we have already had this song so let's go back to the dev tracks playlist I feel like we had that too and that one let's have I will go there that's what that seems reasonable okay so we have that one oh no no no a little dude he's walking now okay let's I realize I'm gonna have to go find the liable frames anyway because they're different directions so player walk up so let's go into the files and see you can we get them all on one page feel like we should be able to yes so we need up which is that one that one and that one there we go does f2 working result it does lovely player walk right now we need that one that one and that one drag those in and then we want player walk left go do those ones out which is that yeah pop those in right so walk down is right 32 I'll get rid of that we don't need that you placate that pop that in there change the origin point and change the origin point delete that now if we ha quick assign top left and apply to all animations should be better Billie Jean 83 thank you very much for the follow doing when you make these animations no these the little beat I'll set that we were working with yes I made that myself as is probably fairly evident the little person that I'm using at the moment is from one of the RPG row like roguelike packs from Kenny because I needed something to get in quickly and just get started with I we thank you for the link key a trick I'll be slowly replacing things with my own stuff because artwork takes a long time so duplicate that one pop that in there and we now have a little walking to the rights don't eat that duplicate that in there and we have some animations that's all fine good everything's in the right place lovely do we upload these three watch later yes they are stored on Twitch for 14 days and we will be uploading them to YouTube as soon as I figure out the export options the plan I'm hoping is going to be we street want to choose their e3 one a Thursday and then the following week we will upload to YouTube that's my plan artwork is a very difficult part especially if you're not that good at drawing which I am NOT I have great ideas in my head about getting them onto paper or a screen it's very hot okay so let's see how this works because there's a new thing that I want to try so play a base do to do to do is moving in direction to the right add action that's right set animation to play uh walk right from the beginning done actually let's had a just pop that in we want he's moving but we want to you about that had action sprite animation to idle this probably won't quite work how I want it to yet but it will do for the time being right let's just quickly copy and paste those so we can have left and we need this one to be we just have this one eyes up up and down oh no no no we need to go down there we go okay and then when it's not moving we set it to idle yes the full stream will go I'm not gonna add anything because that takes time the full stream will go straight onto YouTube I mean I made tweak a few bits and pieces if something awful happens but generally it'll be a case of just going to twitch press export and it goes straight to YouTube I just need to sort that out yeah I've not done I've not set up that many commands yeah I need to do that once I figure out what we want to do but yeah we will probably be on stream for another 20 minutes so all told it'll be about an hour and 10 minutes granted 10 minutes so that will be you know music and countdown as we the starting soon screen is up I know Jamie sheds there is no easy part to making a game otherwise we'd all be millionaires no eight hours stream I mean I came to an 8 hour stream I might be a puddle by the end of it but I could do it you know you feel if you all want to sit here and have a chat with me as I pretend to know how to use construct for eight hours and uh fine oh yeah that's what I need to do not set it to that we need to set the frame rather than set the animation cuz I'll always he's gonna have a little spin I will just set the frame to zero because that's the same on all of the animations and it will do for than a minute Phoenix where by the end of eight hours I mean I'm fairly sure I'm still gonna be calling myself a beginner by the end of it while it's home I've actually made this game there we go kind of works always arms are a bit weird up works nicely okay down works better now that's a bit strange to begin with but it's arms hmm it's not quite as smooth oh god don't I nearly killed myself over the weekend doing the 24 hours a love on uh solo covering that on your own is hard yeah it could be a good soft goal we actually need to be an affiliate but to do that but yes that could be a sub girl now I'm gonna guess my left animation is not quite right nope there we go pop up there now we try still a little strange but no worries Bujji thank you so much for dropping in it's been good to have you here and yes these will be up on YouTube as soon as I get my butt in gear the Churchill doesn't say because when I wrote that I hadn't actually figured that out yet we're still very new at this so I'm kind of playing it by ear 1:30 seems to work quite well for me and I'm hoping for you guys but so we might stir how much Nick down 1:30 to 3:30 is the solid schedule the only reason it was a bit late last week on the Thursday but yeah 1:30 seems to be quite good yeah we'll I'll add that in once we've settled on a time and date she only Luke you could just put us on in the background and drift off to sleep cuz wait that makes us sound terrible Dodie that yeah ah skyvan LaVon is a long and complicated thing and I think that as a conversation not for this stream Motorsports is my my thing so I could talk the hind leg off a donkey about it but yes that is definitely not for now sorry about that tech box North but yeah because I'm doing this while I'm at work I know daytime's dreams aren't great for everyone but I probably couldn't do it any earlier because I don't get into the office until quite late anyway and I need to eat lunch though so local time for us right now is quarter past three if we can't interesting to see how what kind of times other people are on actually be good to know cuz obviously it gives us an idea of what time zones we are covering anyway apart from the fact that the animations themselves are a little squishy but I could just be my eyes it looks like this new condition is brilliant thank you neppy oh this works really well there's no animation bleeding it looked great and this makes my life much easier so we have Paris or Sweden a few from the UK or as I'm assuming the UK given that you're all the same time as us Oh baby is 2 hours ahead look quite good little mixer there we go East Coast the us nice nice I do quite like the East Coast ah see yeah but with the whole new condition is a lot more condensed than all of this oh that makes me very happy so if we just need to just need to tidy up the stopping that way is fine kinda here's a very useful condition right let me just have a quick look at my animations they should all start on an idol that one does that one does aha that's what I thought this is completely wrong no wonder it looks weird I obviously duplicated the wrong frame ok let's try that again that's better there we go the blacks down roughly ah oh it's nice that we can get this something you know very simple running up running up up and running so quickly that's all the feeling when you get when you fix a bug and it works smoothly yes yes it's very good because I was walking around with this last week and yeah we were we had this whole this comp this system in place and we were trying to figure out why a you had to have both keyboard conditions in otherwise it went of it squiffy and without the which bit do we take off it was this the tile is without the is not moving but then the animations were bleed between directions and it was all a bit strange so it's quite handy being able to talk over these things with the developers of constructs and they go ah yes I think there's a thing we can do to fix this and lo and behold your condition and it works brilliantly yeah maybe you can renegotiate your hours at work well if it teaches you things that are good for sure for your job then I'm sure you could get it rearranged otherwise you as soon as we've got I see you've got the affiliate stuff set up then these will be yeah once we got affiliates that up will set up some reruns so that if I'm not here other previous students will play anyway and obviously these are all saved as videos for 14 days so I need to start thinking about getting the first ones up onto YouTube what ideas do you have to implement the turn-based battle system I have no idea if I'm quite honest I have a project from the wonderful key a trick to look through and the first thing that came to mind was soon as I open the project was oh my goodness this is a lot of variables so I need to have a proper look through that study and make some notes and try and figure out how to do it myself I've seen some people say that they just do it with they build a battle system and then you kind of have a variable to say whose turn is and you just repeat the events but honestly I have no idea but this is the point we're all here at all learning lovely they say when we've got the whole when we got the forum bits and pieces set up it'll be nice to be able to have a chat about bits and pieces yes I need to update my to-do list with a few bits and pieces to do make some tweaks to this tilemap let's just start up again how does this weird grass look it's not awful just have some really time with anything else all my tree colors are a bit funny hmm oh I know I know we can get rid of luxury and put some bushes in instead that'll be fine yeah this is quite fun actually building with people to kind of sort of chat to finite state machine add-ons okay yes nephew is a very very helpful member of the team builds me things that's good oh my goodness so I guess there's not much more I supposed to get out in the solids because currently he can walk over just everything that's uh questions they're going to be the bottom I believe will pop now anyway do do do now yeah so let's just add in a is great right there I'll have a brownie gray color brown subtly um actually let's bring that up the top so I can actually see what I'm doing because these buildings are all inaccessible we want something similar on this side of the map and for this little building in the corner OOP yeah then you can run behind the building there and it's okay lovely help damn it's raining that to solid building that's not how you spell building but fine solid lovely let's bring that out now it's gonna be fun because we're gonna want so I'm gonna leave it's like I'm run behind these buildings for that the there's nobody needs to see the tiles right doot-doot-doot yes this project would be a lot harder without the tile movement behavior actually I'm going to show you something I thoroughly sure this is still available on the arcade that's gonna have to come out here example files here we go this is a big old file so this is yes was made in situ and I'm sure this is the silicon fetus on the arcade basically a someone was working on a construct – Pokemon engine but if we look at the controller event sheet for grid movement alone there is all of this that there is so many events all done with the eight directional movement and then even more for collisions and bits and pieces whereas in ours we have that and it just does the animations and it's so much easier so yang fatale movement okay that's just oh that was a ding Ross puppy thank you very much for the follow at least now with those in there we go you can't walk into buildings now which is good but you can walk to the door and at some point we'll put a little transition thing there to swap layouts or something I to figure it out you need to look at diamond wire and see how that does it might be nice to see if we can put some animation onto these flowers so I might replace those with the sprites at some point but for now this is I'm happy with it a lot my bushes they look alright just need to do some work on the trees they don't quite mesh together place but not quite yeah I think that's all we are gonna do in this stream there's not much else that I'm gonna get done in like four minutes so what I am going to I can close that because I'm not going to do anything in it but we can save definitely not Pokemon we can save my little test and now everything is nicely in oh not italic fawns therefore I've soaked everything and I won't lose nothing hooray I could delete everything in less than four minutes I don't think that's a good idea I might cry yes currently the name of the game is definitely not Pokemon I am working on some lore and story and bits and pieces and it will eventually have a proper name but for now it is definitely not Pokemon so yeah guys I want to thank everyone for coming along to the stream it's been great having you here we've had some good it's been really nice being able to chat with you guys about bits and pieces and thank you yeah sorry I haven't sup commands and bits and pieces yeah I need to go through and figure out which ones we want to do thank you very much jay-z sheds I can't do it well because I am only in the office two days a week and the occasional Wednesday so and I'm polishing the icons dream from my house because my internet is appalling the yeah so every Tuesday we're gonna be doing dev streams every Thursday's are gonna be games dreams we're currently playing iconoclasts we had our first one of that last week so if you want please head to the video section and catch up on that bear in mind that stream dance was broken last week so it does look a bit weird but mind we got there we got that huh Oh Luke sorry there are some and there is some awesome icy moderation because you know the less I have pee that I don't have I have moderators but you know they currently all work at Sierra and need to do actual work and not just sit and watch me straight well afternoon so at some point I'm sure I will have proper moderators and we can tie dye down in the auto mod and it'll be a lovely place yeah sorry about that Luke yes please do come hang out on Thursday we're going to be playing more iconic class I am very much enjoying that game thank you to character skyman to everyone who's been giving me little tips on how to use construct better that is the entire point of these streams it's all about learning and yes oh baby is right it's all about the carbs look as much as I love the enthusiasm too many cups can be a bit overwhelming iconoclast is a construct game it was May it was started in 2010 made in construct classic Hokkien was working on it for seven or eight years basically he essentially wrote his own engine I believe the phrases in construct classic and then it was imported using the Challenger in technology I believe so I thought it'd be a nice look going to start off with I've got some others in the pipeline that I can't wait to play including clang and Hypnose bass outlaw those should be fun oh yes the old I accidentally hit caps lock button well there you know don't spam caps and then also mod won't have a problem I love hip for no spaces so good I can't wait this dream that one it's brilliant Jamie sheds Thursday same time huh first one I'm trying to keep it regular both days but if it turns out that later works then we'll push it later but from the sounds of things we're kind of a middle middle point with that lunch time in the UK played it in one go ah but did you have to leave hip free space and come back or did you persevere through those whole eight hours gomen I mean it depends how and luetgert wins how many games I've still got on the list the stream but at some point we will need submissions on what to play you persevered I salute you Schoen I I did yeah I did log out and log back in again to do the old speed up trick I love that's a thing yeah so in case you couldn't tell I'm in love with Hypnose bass and I can't wait just for you know it's gonna be brilliant but first we are playing iconoclasts on Thursday it will be a lot of fun I am working on my voices so you know hopefully with a little extra entertainment factor in there and it won't just be me reading a whole little lines me reading a whole lot of lines in funny voices okay now top of three I should pretty go and do some actual work and yes thanks so much for being here it's been great fun I have a funny feeling we have we've broken 50 followers which is fantastic that means we are well on our way to becoming affiliates which is very exciting so yeah thanks everybody and I will see you on Thursday enjoy the rest of your days and thank you very much

Beginner Guide to Investing Forex Trading Currency Trading – MAKE THOUSANDS

so in this video we're going to take a look at one of the biggest markets in the world if not the biggest the foreign exchange market lots of talk around about possible crisis in the eurozone quantitative easing in the US and the UK so lots of focus on currency markets in general so today's video what the currency markets all about what does a typical currency pair as it's called look like and what are the kind of key influences that will affect an exchange rate so if you're looking to trade currencies maybe using something like a spread bet how would you decide whether occurrence is likely to rise or fall okay so key features of the foreign exchange markets also known as Forex not surprisingly lots of jargon around in this market and that puts people off but it shouldn't okay so key features number one this is a 24-hour market currencies are traded all around the world and it is as I say one of the biggest if not the biggest markets in the world the daily volume or turnover many times that of something like the equity market for example so 24-hour currencies are traded around the world big financial centers include New York Tokyo and London it's a very liquid market there's another piece of jargon liquidity is good what that means is that for most of these so-called major currencies and that's a group that includes the US dollar sterling the Euro you can get in and out very quickly other features it's not a place for widows and orphans it's fast what that means is exchange rates can react very quickly to key pieces of data and we'll look at one or two of those in a moment so if you get into the foreign exchange market make sure you think straight away about how you're going to limit the damage if a trade goes wrong using something like a a stoploss if you're considering spread betting for example and finally unlike say trading shares it's known as a zero-sum game what I mean by that is if I go out and buy UK food retailers I could buy Tesco with rather than Sainsbury's but actually both of those could rise together I'll still make some money they could both fall together to in the currency world it's a bit different if I decide to bet on sterling I'm betting on sterling against something else say the US dollar now the point is one of those will rise or one of them will fall so in that sense it's zero-sum in other words the currencies you've always got to decide what you're betting against as well as what you're betting for I don't need to do that shares I just say I'm buying Tesco and hoping Tesco goes up but in the currency markets you're always trading pairs of currencies so as one rises and other Falls and so on now it is possible for all currencies in the world to rise or fall again say a commodity like gold well that's not the same point within the currency world everything's zero-sum so you're always trading a pair you're not just picking off one at a time and that's something to bear in mind when you trade currencies if you're bullish about sterling you are presumably bearish about something else the euro for example okay so let's take a look at how a typical foreign exchange quote works it's a little bit fiddly it's not quite as straightforward as say pesco shares but it's not too bad so first of all what are these currency pairs I'm talking about well there are half a dozen or so major currencies around the world Sterling's one of them the euro the yen the Swiss franc the US dollar the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar these are all major currencies and because currency traders like to keep things quick they're all shortened so when you're spread betting for example you'll often see sterling described as GBP and you'll see US dollars described as USD so all currencies have these little three-letter acronyms euro not surprisingly or you ye you are and so on so make sure that you're aware of what the major currency pairs look like shorten because otherwise you'll look at that and thing with no idea what that means what this means is I'm thinking about betting on sterling against the US dollar then you get a rate now the currency on the left is the one there is one off so what I mean by that is a typical rate will come with two prices just like when you buy your holiday money you walk into the bank and you say I'd like some dollars to go on holiday and they say fine we'll sell you dollars at this rate and then if you try and go back two weeks later and sell some of the dollars you haven't used on holiday you find they apply another rate and not surprisingly it works out in their favor not yours currency markets not surprisingly use the same principle across the board so when you're buying and selling currencies be aware that the rate will be split into two there'll be a bid rate and there'll be an offer rate so what this comes down to is you need to think am i trying to basically buy the currency in question or sell it or am i betting on sterling appreciating or depreciating so let's put a rate in so for example maybe we've got a bid rate of one five five eight six an offer rate of one five five eight nine now on a screen it won't necessarily say that this is a dollar rate it may just appear like that it may even appear like that but everybody knows that this is a currency quote once you know the or dealing with this pair you know that these are dollar amounts and so let's just turn that into the sake of this example something looks a bit more normal so it's dollar rates and what we're saying here is that if you've got one pound and you're looking to turn it into dollars you've got to decide which rate the person's selling you the dollars at is going to give you and vice versa and here's the key imagine this is the bank and you've just gone in on a holiday this works in the foreign currency markets to whose rates are these they're the banks so in other words that's the rate at which the bank sells and this is the rate at which the bank buys or put it another way from your perspective this is the rate that you buy at and this is the rate that you sell at or put it even more simply everybody in the markets is trying to rip you off so if you're trying to dump one pound and turn it into dollars you'll get as few dollars as you ever this is can give you and that means that number of dollars equally if you're looking to buy they'll make it as difficult or as expensive as possible for you and use the opposite rate so watch out for that currencies feature bid office beds and when you buy or sell a currency that is turned sterling into dollars or vice versa you're always going to suffer whatever that spread is the beautiful thing about liquid currencies major currencies is the spread is pretty narrow and here's another bit of jargon the spread here is three something so eighty-six plays 89 that's a very small proportion of one dollar point zero zero zero one you like the dollar so that would be known just a bit of jargon as a three pip spread that's not particularly important it's just a piece of market jargon but it just says we'll look the gap between the buyer rate and the sell rate if you like is three pips and a pip is the smallest movement in a currency recognized by someone trading it and in reality it can go below that actually aren't by betting sites for example but here we're saying the smallest movement recognized for trading purposes is point zero zero zero one for the dollar and the price you pay for buying and selling immediately is three of those okay the less liquid the currency the wider that spread will tend to be right what influence is that rate it's all very well saying well I now know roughly what it means to buy and sell the US dollars using sterling for example but why would I if I was looking to trade what influence is the price of a currency or the exchange rate and the answer is there are many factors so what are the influences on a currency pair so for example that last one what's going to change that rate from say 155 something to either 190 something or 125 what's going to move that around what's going to make sterling strengthen rise or the dollar weakened fall or vice versa now the arts is complicated you can write an economics degree on this stuff but there are some key influences we can break it down number one trade or you could even say trade balances okay countries trade with each other and they build up trade surpluses or deficits to cut to the chase on this one if lots of people want to buy American stuff they need dollars to pay for it so demand for a country's goods and services will tend to drive demand for its currency as well and that tends to suggest that a successful economy will have a strong currency and that's broadly speaking true so that's one influence number two interest rates and you might say link to that inflation data basically the price for currency is dictated heavily by what you can earn if you own it so if you s you

Construct 3 Tutorial #1 – CASTLE RUN – Introduction

hello and welcome to a new tutorial series it is finally here if you follow me on Twitter you heard me talk about it for quite a few weeks now it has taken me some time to get this put together but I wanted to make sure that it got put together the way I wanted it because it is a very involved game this projects going to be several videos long because there are a ton of different things we're going to do and I'm going to talk about that in this video I decided to do this one introductory video to get all of that out of the way and then in the next video we are just going to dive headfirst into it and get started so first things first let's talk about what we are creating this is kind of a mobile themed game not themed but just a mobile style the way you would play it it plays vertically 9 by 16 instead of a 16 by 9 it's also mobile in the sense that it is theoretically controlled with touch controls that is a very important part of understanding this game is that there is one control and that is jump you have a character that runs from well he just runs and we the player do not have control over anything other than his jump first this might sound a little basic but the way that it is presented in the game with some clever design it creates a very challenging gameplay there are ways that we can create puzzles and strategy there's goals to be met that add an extra challenge to the game but there's also ways that you can play it a little more casually nonetheless only being able to control the jump restricts the player adding the challenge but it also creates a lot of the fun in the game by only having to worry about that one control so let's look at a couple of things here this is initial level that I had created for this game and ended up being the final version of my first level we will create this level together in fact we will create everything you see together through these videos I do not leave anything behind we are going to create the entire game all the parts of it and actually the the art assets will be available that link is in the description below and will be in the description of all the videos so you can access that drive and download those assets it is all the art that we use in this game most of it I have created myself let's just talk about this game first so this represents our player for right now this is our spawn point and he runs and that's what he does so we are able to run through this area and then we can jump onto these barrels and these other ledges and we want to avoid spikes because those would hurt we have spring boards and we have these little jump through areas where it is still a Ledge but we can actually jump through it where you can't jump through the larger ledges we have coins to collect and we have spikes that hurt and we have a little bit of decoration going on behind here in the walls and this is all painted on using tile maps and I'm going to show you real quick what the game sees is our collisions and I'm going to turn that on over here in the layers so all these are all color coded I'm going to turn off our tile map and this is what the game sees we have our player collides with the red that those are the ledges that's what the player stands on the yellow our walls every time the player collides with a yellow it changes where whatever direction the player is facing or running when it hits a yellow it goes the other way and then we have our jump through x' those are the green ones and then our purple is our death you don't want to land on purple so this is what the game sees and this breaks it down for us and makes it a lot easier to manage and design our levels because we can start with nothing and paint our levels out or our ideas with objects and bricks and things like that and then we can add the collisions to make the game functional so I just want to give you an idea of what the game how the game works on our end the developers end so let's just go ahead and play it and I'll show you what we have in store for you so I'm gonna preview the whole project and right away you can tell that we have some background music I did not create the background music I did create some of the sound effects but everything I got is available on open game art dot-org I believe I will try to leave some links to these assets and it's a great place to have assets just make sure you read the agreement the license agreement before you use something in your game these are all free to use I am NOT going to publish this game with this music in it just because I eventually I want to create music for this game myself but this is what we have for right now you can replace it with whatever music you want or you can use this music as well I have made it available in the assets folder on the Google Drive so first thing you see is our title page and I'm using the mouse as our control but a click on the mouse would equal the same as a touch or tap on a the screen of a mobile device and if you look down here we have a cog wheel and if we click on it we have options with a little sound effect and one of the options is mute and that just mutes the sound so a pretty cool little feature and then of course we can unmute it and then we have links here we have Facebook Twitter YouTube and we'll go through how to set those up and where to link them to each one of these goes to my my accounts the Facebook page for this channel my Twitter account for this channel and this this YouTube channel so that's pretty cool if I were to press quit it would just take us all the way out of the game and play takes us into the game now this is basically where everything is controlled from and this is our map and our map can scroll and of course we have our options still or we can exit out of it and it takes us back to the title so let's go back into the map and this is setup like you would see a lot of the like match three games like say candy crush for example you have levels that are locked that become unlocked once you pass the level before it and then when you pass a level you earn you can earn up to 3 stars like in candy crush or a game like that we use crowns instead of stars thought that was appropriate but we have a little waving flag marker as well so that shows us which which castle is our next castle to go to play so I'm gonna go ahead and click on it and we have a little entrance sound ready run and we can just start going and our little coins have a little sparkle particle effects on them and we have music sound effects our little guy grunts when he jumps and this is I've played through this level a million times so you kind of just blasting through it right now but you can kind of get an idea of how it creates a puzzle by just the way you lay the level out and we finally get to our goal which is this diamund and then it sends us to this is a whole nother layer and it tells us we got 13 out of 20 possible gold our time count was 251 and then of course we have our options and we can just hit next it takes us back to the map and I only earned two out of the three possible crowns and our little map marker moved on to the next castle so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna quit out of this I'm going to quit out the title screen so I have gone back and quit the entire game so I just I want to show you something here if I preview the project again and we get our title screen I go to play and it has saved our progress so another feature very useful helpful feature inside contra 3 is our ability to save certain parts and certain information that will help us save our project so some other things I want to show you before we get started in the next video is we have tons of layouts and event sheets in fact I will go to tools and view project statistics here we have a total of 13 layouts that will be using 18 event sheets a total of 220 six events 173 conditions 390 actions 75 object types that would be to start the game we create many more inside the game once the game is started I even created a template layout so that we don't have to set up so much stuff each time we want to create a new level and this makes it to where we can just keep adding levels and adding levels and adding levels as long as you're willing to go through the process of designing them and once you complete this entire project everything will be set up you all you will have to do is go through and design new levels and if I haven't mentioned already I I think it's pretty obvious this project will surpass the restrictions of the free version of either construct 2 or 3 I'm pretty sure everything we do can be done in construct 2 I don't see why it wouldn't be able to I'm pretty sure you can but if you are using construct 2 or construct 3 you're going to have to have the paid version of either one of those because we surpassed the 50 event limit very quickly we also use a lot of other features that we really to have in the project in order for this project to work the way that it does and I feel like that there is more than just the technical side that I'm offering in this tutorial series we're not just talking about how to code something had a program at how to how to set it up inside a construct 3 we talked a lot about how the game engine works but we also talked a lot about game design and how it affects people that play our games or what I have always heard or referred to as game design theory where we talk about how to design something and why we design it that way it's kind of a psychological aspect of knowing what your audience wants I think it's pretty valuable information and I hope that you are able to get out of this project as much as I did and one last thing before we get started is I want to point out that if you know anything about construct 3 already and you have your own way of doing things there are several ways to do everything that we do in this project just keep that in mind if you are starting to develop your own style however if you're still pretty new to all of this you might want to stick as close as you can to what I am doing because this is a very long very detailed very involved project I hope that you are able to stick through it all the way you're gonna learn a lot and I am ready to get this started so that is it for this video in the next video we are going to dive right in [Applause]

Construct 3 Tutorial #3 – CASTLE RUN – Collisions

all right welcome back to the next video in this series we are going to get set up with some collisions so they can see our player get into action so I mean I can get right into it I'm gonna double click anywhere on the layout and scroll down select our sprite we can put this anywhere so for our collisions they're not gonna be seen they're gonna be solid color and we are going to create them at a very specific size because we are going to use a lot of snapping with the grid inside of the layout panel so let's set these to 32 by 32 and then with our origin tool selected let's put it at the top left that's number seven on the keypad or you can right click up here and do a quick assign okay and our make sure your your bounding box it covers the whole thing now we're just gonna select some colors and I'm going to select just the basic bright red and I'm gonna use my fill tool I'm gonna fill it in and then we are done I'm gonna exit out of that I'm gonna rename it I'm gonna rename it a collision underscore four alright so with that still selected let's right-click on it and come down here to clone object type place it wherever and then once it's placed let's double click to go into it and let's pick a nice bright yellow looks good to me now everything we did is already set up so I'm gonna fill that with yellow and if you go to your origin point you see it everything is where we set it up on the floor collision because we just cloned it so I'm going to exit out of that I'm gonna come up here and rename this to collision underscore wall ok now with that selected that's right click clone object type place it double click to go into it get our fill tool again and let's pick a nice green color okay I'll just do it that way come up here and rename this collision underscore jump through jump through all right let's go ahead and right-click on this and clone it again and double click to go in it this time I'm going to pick a nice little purple and fill it exit out of that and come up here and call this collision underscore death I'm gonna get these just kind of set up next to each other in fact let's click anywhere on the layout and it'll bring up your layout properties if we go down here to grid size make sure your grid size is 32 by 32 and then click or tick the snap to grid box you can even show the grid if you want and we might use that a little later on but for now I'm going to leave my grid off but make sure your snap grid is on and if we zoom in here these will all snap to 32 by 32 from each other so I'm just gonna set those up like that all nice and even those should be all our collisions in fact let's go over here to our object types folder right click on it add a subfolder and let's call this I'm just gonna call mine meta I need to get out of that habit but I don't know what else to call it so I'm going to highlight all of these collisions I'm gonna drag them into our meta folder so now they have their own folder and I'm gonna leave these over here this is just gonna be my palette actually we're going to have to drag these all the way to the top because we want our viewport to see what's going on and I'm gonna drag my player as well to the top okay we want to be inside this little dotted line because that's where our camera is and we haven't set up our game camera yet so we're just going to use the default one now if you click on the floor the red floor collision and hold control and then click and drag out a copy and I'm going to just drag it down to the bottom I'm gonna cover the bottom with it or we can maybe just move it up a little and then do the same thing with the yellow click and drag out a copy I'm going to put it right there and drag it up and then I'm going to click and drag a copy to the other side and then we can let's click and drag out a copy of the green it's going to be let's see you won't do there anymore I think that's good and then we can do something like that and then maybe something like that okay we might have to come back in here and change this a little bit later but I just wanted to get a little bit of some collision set up all right one thing I did not do yet well that's over here in our object types folder or meta folder let's select the collision floor object and when you do that it highlights all the instances of that object but I want this selected over here in the folders and let's go down to behaviors edit the behavior add a behavior and give it a solid and then let's do the same thing with the collision wall our yellow one highlight it or select it add a behavior give it a solid as well and then one last one are jumped through the green one let's go to edit behaviors and a new behavior and then this first one under attributes is jump through let's select that one and that should be good for right now select our player go over two behaviors add a behavior and let's just give him the platform behavior alright we should have some basic functionality now let's set up some parameters here for our platform let's change our max speed to 200 our acceleration deceleration can stay at 1500 let's put our jump strength at 585 our gravity at 1500 max ball speed 1000 all right I think I'm going to keep that and put our player right there and I'm gonna go ahead and play this so there's our guy he's on a loop animation and if I move left and right with the arrow keys we're on our default controls and then I can jump and he's hitting the roof we'll have to change that and he can hit the walls they're solid they're reacting to him being a having a platform behavior and then here's our jump through and that works works quite well alright so looks like everything's working pretty good so far okay that should get us started with the collisions we will make a lot more sense of this in the next video when we get our players controls set up so I will see you in the next video and don't forget to save [Applause] you


oh hello I didn't see you there I'm just hanging out with my two kittens Maui and pearl and I've been contemplating thinking there's been a lot of building minigames over the years there's build swap and build battle and build my thing and you know what there's not actually that many so I thought I'd put together a little video of me playing every single one just once it turns out there's only three major minigames but let's kick off with a good old round of build battle I've nicknamed myself this round might be wheat you know cuz I was calling myself grain and everyone was kind of getting on to me they kind of knew it was me they knew the trick so I thought grain wheat might be grain might be wheat might be green so I thought that worked no one's caught on to me as of yet but every time I use this trick someone's gonna find out so I've got to keep it fresh every time right let's see what we've got on the themes basketball fishermen MIDI evil House arcade machine thug let's go to do the medieval house right okay machine okay now I'm not gonna make the same mistake that I make every time when I do these ones which is making it way too big I need to keep it as simple as possible which is often easier said than done to be honest with you right so what do we want what do we want what do we want let's go one two three four five that will do that's about as big as it needs to be so arcane machinist is about as big as it needs to be I could even do another one if I have time but every time I've attempted this I've never made it even close to finishing because I keep going way way way too big so I think I can make a little platform here now help I hear me out hear me out hear me out I'm gonna make a little platform here this is where the like controls are going to go which is why I got this cobblestone wall so I could put joystick and then in fact I may even want to go and get custom skull color blue and yellow that'll do and replace these ones there we go boom and then I can go ahead and make the actual screen for the game see this is way better this is smarter build it smaller so that you have a chance to actually finish right and then I want to just finish off the back of the screen and I may even have a chance and it would be a big gamble to do so but I might go and try and do a crane machine cuz that's that's an arcade game that it technically is an arcade game anything that is a machine inside an arcade is an arcade machine so it's not just these retro video games right let's finish this off as quickly as possible hopefully anyone that sort of spawns behind it will see that it is finished for once and they'll go around the front and what game should I have them playing Minecraft on an arcade machine can you imagine an a Minecraft arcade machine now I don't know how many of you go to arcades they're a little bit out of fashion but I've been through a fair few and usually they have unique games that you can't find anywhere else well of course most of the time they do anyway although I actually did see flappy bird once in an arcade and I'm like why why would you have that there why not just you know play it on your phone whatever and we actually gonna set that one block back and fill that in with my wall there we go so let's do that quickly get some leaves very quickly haven't got much time actually if we do that did want to put some water there well how about just lapis that'll do that'll have to do in place of water and then we can have a Sun up there there we go that'll have to do because I've only got one minute I definitely don't have time for the crane machine but I do have another little trick up my sleeve if I have time these panes of glass panes are such a pain to use it's cause like because you have to get that just right I probably should use a different color right if I take this light blue and the white wool then I can break in the back of this and create a sky because it's a bit awkward that it's all black because obviously minecraft will have it has that blue sky up there and then the Sun etc etc etc you get the idea but it also has clouds so can also put in some square clouds like so and probably one here as well maybe like that and then I can just seal up the back with some fresh black wool like so I could have maybe spent a bit more time and put a person in front of it but I think that's come out just right Oh probably want to seal this up 30 seconds remaining yeah I got time to fix this up there we go that's come out quite well so in fact if we do a little I could do a little plug purr-haps there we go that's worked out quite well so it's actually plugged in I can't think of anything else that I can add in four seconds so I guess we'll just wait it out see that's that's how I need to do it but the problem is it's not see this is what I'm talking about he tried to make it too big that's exactly the problem that I do every time I try this one the problem is now that it's so small it doesn't look nearly as impressive and this one's okay I can actually tell what it is it's got the joystick it's blue which is odd it could be confused for him oh wow it looks like a gameboy and a arcade machine I like that I'm gonna go good I mean there's nothing behind it but I think it is really good again I think oh wow what's this oh it's cool okay there I'm gonna go good for the fact that they've put a lot more detail into the back there so this one's got oh that's cute I think this is like I'm gonna go good again cuz I think actually like the color scheme is different I think I went a bit too stereotypical on this one I think I built exactly what everyone's expecting and that's not I know that's not what build battles about in my mind it's about doing something different creative funny I'm going to have to poop you because people that have finished have been getting okay so I have to try and be fair mmm they did finish but I'm not overly impressed with it but it is alright it's just we've seen some pretty impressive arcade machines this one's okay again it's okay I'm not sure about this block choice I think stone is an odd choice for an arcade machine what I'm struggling to see I can see the screen there and then I can see the box there could plea plea oh my oh my good I can't justify ability hey guys build a might be wheat and then there's me that's mine look we're playing Minecraft in the arcade machine looks pretty cool right I think it's on par with everyone else's to be honest like it's very similar to this one and all the other ones I probably should give that good it's a bit better and I came second day that's pretty good considering that all of them were pretty similar I'm okay with that I think that has that's a pretty good result and this one looks pretty cool I can't even remember all of them there's so many arcade machines anyway let's get on with the next building minigame well here we go all themes a random we're playing build swap not the original it's the one on my server meaning that lots of people can play at once who am i up against natter xmc he's got like a high pix okay that's cool right get ready get in his own ginzu build okay a fridge okay a fridge that's fairly easy we've gotta go we're gonna get the block of iron okay I think I've got a fairly decent idea what I want I'm gonna keep it fairly simple well I say that but it's always gonna be massive isn't it so this is the bit that goes underneath nothing too fancy there then we got the light gray which is gonna go over the top all the way around and unfortunately it is basically just going to go all the way around that's only two minutes that's two minutes well I'm too used to build batter where you got like five minutes oh my goodness I might not even finish I wasn't I wasn't prepared and I'm wasting time oh my god what a dull way to start oh no all right all right all right all right how far how big can I make this how big can I make this before it's too late so there's this minute and a half I can't believe this I for some reason I thought that was I thought that was more time I sound like I'm like on my deathbed eyes are like ears like I thought there was more time to do the things that I wanted to in this lifetime I could have built a fridge I could have built a fridge but I didn't go halfway can you imagine there must be some you know multiverse theory there's gotta be one reality where there's agreein who literally was on his deathbed wanting to build a French I've actually got my own bucket list I've got quite a lot of things that I want to do and one of those things I'm actually going to fulfill hopefully this winter because I'm going to Iceland of all places for New Year's and you know New Year's celebration and stuff and my bucket list one of my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights which is beautiful and so I'm very very hopeful that I will see it when I go and I'll take plenty of pictures for everybody but yeah if I could see it it's a bit elusive so there's not a guarantee but that would be awesome because that would be the first thing that I ever completed on my bucket list apart from this fridge of course which is definitely now top of my list and I've only got 20 seconds left which isn't a good sign so I'm gonna have to top this off quickly I probably won't have time 10 seconds right so let's just put a ring around it put a ring on it and then let's make a little handle unfortunately didn't finish that was not good I think oh no his person okay it's got to be this person I love this we got the counters this person definitely did what I was gonna – pearl isn't it that's miss pearl yep that's pearl that's gotta be I feel it I sense it in my bones yep it's pearl she managed to do exactly what I was planning to do but she did it smaller didn't even finish okay this is the problem with my server right it obviously attracts builders they're people that can build very quickly and I well I can build I cannot build quickly so this one is so funny I love it look at that teeth eyes it's gotta be that one oh no this poor person yeah here we did neither of us finished I can vote for myself even though I didn't finish the top you kind of get the idea where it was going did it is it oh my goodness it's off I I went for too big everywhere yeah you got the idea anyway I won that where round unfortunately didn't finish the top only three minutes okay so what we got here you know what I thought fridge would be kind of dull but it's turned out to be pretty cool because some we got some good designs this one I think I'll go for this one cat girl three nine one one all right well we got here oh no oh no it's Kay I'm sorry this person's definitely being here oh my goodness that's good well I like the fridge let me more it's always impressive to see the builds that people make on my server oh and I got perf at this this one I mean this one's cool and all you know it looks like a fridge or even maybe Evol but this one has got stuff in the fridge it's got a flower pot man I'm so slow at building right I think we must be back on to round 2 by now possibly yeah there we go right so this was mine unfortunately didn't finish I've got a he also didn't finish so I don't feel too bad you've got to swap there buddy all right second theme playing on a games console okay all right so to make this work I'm going to finish off his build very quickly because if doesn't feel right hopefully he's gonna finish mine oh he is oh what a legend we both are we're both finishing off the build I love it okay so what game it's gotta be a Game Boy maybe what else would you play Nintendo GameCube perhaps let's give him some human arms because that's how I roll and build swap so let's give him some human arms and bring the bring the arms round there we go right in front there we go we're gonna need two of these unless you can you can't play one-handed but it's always a bit of a struggle now I remember when I had a Game Boy and like on long car journeys and I'm talking about like the original Gameboy which didn't have a light so I remember trying to play on like long car journeys where you had to wait for street lamps to be able to see what you were doing it was so infuriating because I was just desperate of a Pokemon all right let's give this a whirl so that's what I'm gonna go for let's put black stained glass there maybe that'll have to do can't can't get much better than that I'm afraid on this small area there we go right skulls where's just color color color color we're just color are there its color I want that's gonna have to be that's good if they have to be it I think unless I actually there we go that looks a lot better now I got 10 seconds to do here we go I'll have to do I put some eyes on there quickly right what's going on here playing a games console ps4 now that's a pitiful attempt pearl has obviously won again there we go I said game Cuvier gamecube definitly yeah pearl has the same problem as me that we struggled to build quickly but I think she definitely won that one right what we playing here okay so we got a controller I got eyeballs I like it and the start of a screen and then we got oh okay I kind of like this one because they're playing the switch I'm gonna vote for the switch myself oh it's a close call anyone just buy a single one all right let's have a look I didn't even check what my opponent did so I may have to vote for myself and but everyone of course knows that it's me I don't know what this is you know what I would have lost if I went up against pearl she was a gameboy here we go I don't know what that is console was maybe we okay let's see and is that a selfie stick I know I think it's like a controller okay this person's playing a switch as well maybe it's just because it's a switch that he's winning but it's very simple but I also like this one oh that might have been his only his home token let's see what we got here playing a games console otΓ‘rio okay just on his head and then this one we've got a proper I'm gonna have to vote for this one because it's got more details got a full screen a cable and then being there be you got three points not too bad right is this the last one I think was maybe the last one we got a Gamecube again and what's this one oh that's tough I like both of them where's the I'm gonna have to go random I don't know who to vote for this one it's got a better TV oh one one by a single point right voting finished you gotta swap again so we're working I'm back on this fridge I think this is oh I think he meant to turn this into a TV and then this is the controller I get it sitting in class yeah everyone's like how I don't know how do we do this I'm actually lost for words too like how do I do this I'm just gonna build the chair on top of the – hello the solution I'm just gonna build the chair on top of it and hope that that's caused me some points maybe don't know how I'm gonna get this maybe maybe I'll get dumb points for having a stupid build amigo so I was just gonna do like proper old-school wooden chair maybe like so let's just fill in this and then what am I gonna do is I'm gonna make it seem like he just doesn't know how to use a chair maybe so maybe I can give him a dumb face said oh you know what I need – I wish I could lower that quickly but I don't have time so what I'm gonna do is grab some human legs again human human a snake here we go and one then it's in the way it's in the way a little bit so let's destroy that destroy that sorry and then one two three and then we can give them some black shoes so he's actually sitting in class and then I can just do some hold on if I can do some eyes properly that might give me some bonus points so I need to have maybe white eyes dumb rail eyebrows probably need to move this over one block Harry hey yes yes I like it yes I think that's a winner I really do is that a pencil oh that's a pencil I'm like oh my god this is so clever all I go to put pearl pearlescent moon I think God I'm not against you in this game that's so cute that is the cutest thing oh my goodness alright well we go ahead I don't know who to vote for here okay this person's added a chair I can physically see that alright yeah okay he won anyway whatever so here's there's mine and oh he changed it to a book instead of a gameboy how to be smart I think that worked out really really what we got here so they put a chair around theirs as well they've also put a chair there sitting on it I'm gonna go for this one they've got a short board I got a chair this one yeah it's very close I think this one's gonna have to win the point for me I don't know how like we ended up with what we did on this round but it's been pretty fun what they doing here and they're reading a book and I see they've just put a chair around him see everyone at the start was like how do we do this but everyone's come up with ingenious ways to make it happen and that's what I love about this minigame by the way this is on my server by the way so if you want to play yourself it's MC gree oh now this person's just somehow very quickly built an entire person sitting at a desk with an awesome pencil that's clever technique and this person has I think they just put a book on their head just a book game ended well let's move on to our final game then shall we right so there there she is or he I'm not sure Gwen the Guardian that's who we got to keep happy and here are here our competitors right so let's take a good look at this it starts at the back there we got all right I think I got it see as soon as it disappears it all leaves your mind terrifying I think it had two books on them back Oh No right so it must have gone like this easily I know I didn't really want to fall down well there must have been eyes there was eyes and there was also forms I was in four seconds left something's not something's not right no please tell me that I wasn't the worst one I don't think they did okay I scored 88% okay I was just uh I was a few blocks off I just needed to get the horns on and I actually needed to put some under there and I would have done just fine doesn't matter though because it's just a round by round basis you just have to make it through the worst Dickie fingers are the worst so I was an icicle ice lollies or choc ice okay got a Roomba that's where that was and then there was I think a pattern that looked like that oh I'm not sure what then there was three here I remember this and then the rest is just chocolate or brown terracotta depends what your favorite flavor is perfect match boom oh they did a double jump in from the last time I was here I remember you had to be really careful because you couldn't jump up at all so let's see that's probably the hardest bit getting that past and right people yeah this guy doesn't know where it goes oh no it's got to be him let's see everyone else sort of has something done that is that is the melted ice cream of a man that has given up so that you see Gwen here will instantly yeah that melted ice cream is a melted gone cream right we got next round torch so it's meant to be a Minecraft torch let's see what we got I can't actually see up there so it looks like an orange block at the top all right I think we can do this I think that doesn't need to be there 1 2 3 so if we use logic we're a dangerous thing I know there should be at some point 4 blocks left 5 okay so I'm guessing it goes like this then and then red must go on top like so and then another cross and then the perfect match I knew it let's see how everyone else is doing oh no this poor guy oh no he's gone too big he must have realized his mistake Oh No this poor fella no this is just a mess look at this II don't know why is even pretending he's gonna go zap yep there it is right nightlight what we got I can't see what's on the top this is pretty simple except for a count I think that's just a pyramid oh dear whoops Oh No where did it start it was directly in the middle something like this maybe and then it went straight up one of those one of those now it's the what did you do next oh I can't reach that far did it go round like that oh yeah did it did it did it did go round now I got to get up there oh and then if I if my calculations are correct perfect match that was actually that made me panic there for a second cuz I was I was confused how I got this bit down alright this guy has messed up but that guy who's also messed up I personally think this guy might be going oh no it was the other guy well wait what that was weird I just sort of teleported everywhere right here we go be nectar so we got a flower we got a bee right some flower starts here I sure I probably want to go up here as well right look at stem and then pretty sure it was blue blue and blue how did it go I'm guessing that the gray was the one there oh no oh okay I was like I couldn't remember how the B looked see that's the thing you might think that it's easy to remember but as soon as it disappears you're like I forgot everything that I've just learnt much like school as as soon as I left school it's like hmm all of fractions and algebra has all disappeared out of my mind this person no dear take off all this is a tricky one right so we've got six at the back oh dear must have been like that so I remember if you say to yourself you might actually might sink in so six of the back and they had one here see got pit now it's what was at the front is that is the next question so there's ten blocks I'm guessing it went like that I'm guessing that went there does that mean let's just huh what did I do wrong I know I was ninety percent okay but I think this guy has definitely messed up more than me yep there goes so what I did wrong was I put extra block here when it should be fun I didn't pay enough attention to the front that's basically it this one's easy it's only me wait this is the showdown okay pay attention grin you got this oh this should be mega easy wait how is he okay yeah there we go the guardian him how why would it give us like that on no it gave us the easiest one oh this is so tough oh my goodness oh my goodness oh okay never mind yeah actually gave us some help here so poor Klee was there then there was three three on this one three on this one two on this one two three three on this one and then oops okay I was messed up somewhere hmm I remember jumping around well he's not going right either oh how wrong were we this could be down to a log block between us 95% I was one block off come on yes that means the one I mean to be honest with you I wasn't paying that much attention to the different ones I was guessing Hey look there's me it's even got my cape I look good in that cape uh he's asking how many I was I'm 95 there we go so that's it we won I think I was well a rather fitting end to this building medley now of course there are some other building minigames out there but I haven't played them or maybe I don't even know about them if there are some more building minigames out there that I haven't played ever just whack it down in the comments below and let me know so that I can play it in the future anyway thank you very much for watching everyone I hope you enjoyed this video and of course leave your comment suggestions down below leave a like all that nonsense thanks very much for watching and good bye ba-ba-ba-ba

Top 10 BEST and WORST blocks in Minecraft for Building Houses

all right so we know that some of the blocks in Minecraft just suck the building some of them have bad color schemes some are texture nightmares but there are also some blocks that are great for building that I use consistently and I wanted to highlight 10 of each category but before you get your fingers in a twist writing a comment like but sponge is the both debreu and it's my favorite book this is my opinion of course and I'm sure a lot of people will agree I let's do this ok so here are my 10 least favorite blocks for building houses with and I'm pretty sure it will become very clear why the first one is a bit of a weird one because yes wool is a very very useful block but I really don't like it when it's used in houses I don't think it's appropriate because I see will as a very cloth like texture exactly like its intended I really don't see it fitting as a house because you wouldn't make a house out of fabric unless it was a tent and if it was a tent I would completely say it use wool or on top of a market stall use wool because it's more appropriate but when wool is used in this way and I do see this quite frequently I just don't think it works very well next up is emerald there are tons of people out there that think I'm rich I'm going to make my house out of emerald a diamond iron and gold the textures really don't work for building a house I actually like iron for sort of space-age stuff but gold and diamond and emerald really only work as sort of piles of diamond emerald and gold next up is netherrack netherrack is one of my least favorite blocks because it just looks kind of gross it used to be called bloodstone and it is literally cobblestone but bleeding in a nether situation it kind of works because everything's covered in this rather nasty looking block in a horror situation I would say yeah it works and all of these blocks that I'm going through have a use outside of it I'm just in the context of a house they don't really work and next up is one of the ones it probably triggers me quite a lot it's the use of glowstone in a house like this it should be used to light stuff up however there is a better alternative which we'll come to later next up is the one that everyone was expecting sponge I really don't have much to say unless you're making cheese sponge isn't a very good choice for a house polish DRI is a little bit of a controversial one I've seen lots of people use this and it can be used correctly however in the everyday house it looks like static on a TV and the texture that it makes with that grid pattern is not something that looks good with a wall however it does have a pretty good use as a floor block the one we've got now is the magma block now this one is also a little controversial I'm definitely using it out of context on this build but I just wanted to make the point that it does look like a honeycomb it doesn't really have a suitable use outside of a lava area and that's fine but I like to analyze every single block in every use possible next up is the purple house I like purpo as a block it's got some nice textures however because of the color of it it doesn't synergize very well in a house environment and of course there are gonna be tons of blocks which are not suitable for it but if you were to use this in a bathroom or a kitchen I'm sure it would fit in really nicely and of course in the end would do as well it's not only the texture that puts me off but mainly the color that just has a not a lot of synergy with other blocks when you were going to make a building out of it prismarine bricks now this is actually one of my least favorite blocks because it doesn't even synergize with itself the pattern that it creates is really bizarre I love dark prismarine but the prisoner in blocks it just it looks really weird whenever you have these diagonal textures that much like the emerald block they just don't seem to fit together very well lots of people have said in the past that it looks great as an underwater house and I would say that that's probably because the water is obscuring it a bit but as a house like that it's not very attractive lapis lazuli definitely one of the worst blocks for building in the color is great and that frustrates me because I'd love to use it but the grid pattern that you get really limits you when you're using it for a wall block but this is much like D alright where you could use it on the floor so all of these blocks have a use I'm not saying that they are completely useless for building altogether just in these house examples and using them for making walls and stuff I just wanted to point out that many people do this and then they may even think I really regret that but I can't be bothered to fix it and I just seen lots of houses where they use blocks for walls which I just totally disagree with so I thought I wanted to highlight that these have better alternatives when you're making a house and let's get into those now the first one is stained clay this block is brilliant it covers all of the colors that wool has although there's slightly more painful to acquire you can't farm them like you can with wool but it really does look a lot better the texture is smoother it doesn't remind me of fabric so when you look for some sort of colored build you want something solid like that and you could use it for terrain and all sorts you wouldn't exactly make a terrain out of wool unless perhaps you're making like candy or stuff it's all very situational next up is stone brick stone brick is a very very versatile block not only is it part of what I like to call the gray category of the cobble stone family and any other block that's gray it has two variations which are pretty unique the mossy stone brick and the crapped stone brick now these open a whole plethora of opportunities for dungeons for castles any like that the textures are amazing next up is spruce wood planks for anyone that's been watching my channel you will know that this is my go-to block for building houses and structures and that kind of thing there's a couple of reasons for this number one is it's my favorite color in real life Brown and the second reason is it's accessible and it synergizes so well with other blocks such as log you will see me use this blog time and time again you probably when I don't even have to I love the color and the texture that this has even though it's just a plank block the sea lantern is my alternative to closed stone now you wouldn't make the wall of a house out of either of these blocks the point I want to make on this particular one is that they both give off light and the sea lantern is the best option to use if you took this for example and made the light glow stone it would look so unsightly whenever I use glowstone a house I try and hide it whenever I have sea lanterns I try and proudly presented when I use glass in my builds I tend to favor the colored stained glass panes over any other glass block and the examples can be seen throughout the video but the reason is that the original glass texture just sort of stands out a lot more and it doesn't seem to synergize as well that's not to say that the normal glass pane goes into the worst block category but I just wanted to say that the stained glasses are definitely one of my favorites and one of my top building blocks now this one's probably gonna cause a little bit of controversy snow I always used to use snow because as a veteran player of Minecraft there was not really a good white block this is before quartz even existed however the texture of snow still to this day remains the best white block in my opinion the quartz block creates that grid pattern which is mainly suitable for floors so as a wall block I think snow works really well because of the color and the texture next up is log now you slob all the time it's that go-to block for framing and I have to include it because it's just used so much it's a very very versatile block next up is nether brick now some people will say I'm not using this correctly but the reason it's in my top best blocks is because of the color there are very few dark colors of this shade of red and it's just unique in that sense so any block that has the staircase and the slab available is going to be very very useful and that brings me onto cobblestone and why this one is in my top list as well not only is it everywhere and I mean everywhere it has a unique block the cobblestone wall this has its own shape it's slightly thicker than your average fence and it just allows you to do so much more detailing now you probably wouldn't expect leaves to be in my top blocks for building houses but honestly the contrasts of leaves or in fact grass blocks anything green gives a really nice contrast and I do try to put that forward in my tutorials but for example here where we have a run-down house we can make it so much better by making it overgrown with these leaves as vines but you can also use them in a multitude of different situations lastly is an odd one it's the bone block this is much like a log block but the color is very very different and Bop box actually said to me this should be in your top block list and I was like why and he's like I will make a killer example and he definitely delivered so thank you for that bot box I have to eat my words I'm not too sure about the texture on the top but the sides definitely make for an excellent framing block especially if you're going to be using sandstone and birch like bot box did here it's a perfect alternative apart from snow to the quartz block because it's that little bit more darker and dirty than the quartz it's not quite as pristine and it doesn't have that tile texture okay so that was my top 10 best and worst blocks for building in Minecraft but I do need to say the way that we use blocks when we build is pretty much everything the way we make pallets the way we put them together and structure our builds it's a very complex process and I don't want to tell you how to build because of course there's no right or wrong way but there are builds that look better or worse than others I'm just trying to help push you in the direction of looking better and making sure you use the right blocks in the right situation is paramount the worst blocks for building in the housing section is going to vary of course because some of those blocks work in other situations like I said many of the blocks I said would be bad for walls would work perfectly well as a floor block but I find that the top blocks for building have many more uses than the ones that I highlighted in the worst section so I just wanted to make that disclaimer I actually ended up reloading this video because I didn't get the message I wanted across and that means everything to me if I give out bad information I can't sit there and take it I have to be proud of every video I put out so hopefully the message has changed and anyone that managed to watch both videos even though it was only up for a few hours let me know if this was a bit better anyway thank you so much for watching everyone I really really appreciate it the support on my channel has been absolutely mind-boggling I have a few announcements to make in the coming weeks and I will probably do that in the form of a vlog again thank you very much watching goodbye

Minecraft Tutorial: Modern House Building Tips

hey what's up guys in this video I'm going to be sharing with you some tips that you can use to improve and build your very own modern houses I always get asked on the channel TSMC what is your favorite kind of built make and honestly that's quite easy I absolutely love building modern houses I rarely do is my favorite kind of house to design and make for a multitude of reasons so I'm really hoping that this video can be at least a little bit educational for you hopefully you'll be able to get at least one tip or one little design quirk that you can add to your modern belts and if you even just get one of them I'll be happy and if you do enjoy these kind of videos I've really not made anything like this before perhaps you'd like to see another one of these but with like three houses or maybe you'd like to see one with like suburban houses or something like that please do leave a little suggestion down below if you'd like to see something like this again and of course give the video a light to show me that you enjoy it because I really don't know what you guys are even in life this one I've not made anything like this before but without any further ado let's get started the first thing that we're going to chat about ladies and gentlemen is materials and first of all the more preferred materials when it comes to modern building so every modern house or just about every single modern house 99% starts off with quartz you have the trifecta you've got quartz block quartz tears and quartz slab you can't be done without them because they are usually the backbone of a house they're why they're modern looking they're futuristic they go with any other core of block because they're white and they can be used to shape a molder house because you have access to all three kinds of blocks you'll be using these mostly in the structure and to cover up various parts of your modern house to shape it in some sort of way but you can't just get by with your quartz you need a secondary or sometimes even a tertiary material so we need something like gray concrete or black concrete those are two real good contrast colors because you can't get too much further away than white by using either black or gray not only those but of course you can pair these with woods as well so oak wood works really well some birch some acacia as a matter of fact you can really make a formidable looking house using some say quartz black and some birch planks they all go together very well when it comes to glass you really aren't limited you can use any variety of glass but blue in particular I really like with modern built and you're gonna see why later on when it comes to doors you don't have to be too picky I really like all of these selection but you could use literally any door my favorite two are probably the oak and dark oak so these are the sort of preferred materials so if you're making just a standard modern house you don't want to get too experimental any combination of these will probably do you quite well but we can literally use any variety of concrete that we like you can use any one of these out of that color spectrum and you'll be seeing that as we move along the same goes for glass you can use pretty much any kind of glass that you like whether that be block or pane and there's going to be certain situations where you can want to use black and certain situations where you use pane and sometimes when you use glass pane instead of glass block you'll find that the resort could be quite painful this this video is going to be bad so moving beyond at the glass and a horrible horrible puns here are a list of materials that you might just want to try in making a modern build so as I kind of hint that over there quartz gray concrete oak planks blue glass specifically dark blue glass makes a great combination the same goes for quartz black but and the black glass makes a really cool combination additionally quartz like gray acacia and light blue glass really cool classic combinations all of them but modern belts aren't just about the concrete in the quartz and the glass you can literally use all of these blocks as well to your advantage so you can't want to include a bit of nature you're going to need water in most modern builds nature-themed you're going to want to have leaves I do have my favorites a lot of these look very very similar but jungle is one of my particular favorites we have some vines as well you can apply this to certain types of builds you can substitute your concrete support erick otters as well you don't just have to use concrete's you can use terra cotta as if you like however they are kind of like the dual counterparts of the concrete and I probably wouldn't prefer those over the concrete myself you'll find that if you want to keep things that nice and bright and colorful you can use that the glazed terra cotta as an accent so you can use these in the bottom of your pools you can use these super plant parts you can use these to fill in particular panels of your walls and floors they really are the more vibrant cousin of the regular stained terra cotta and honestly I'd rather invite the glazed terracotta to my party Wow I sure am glad that we didn't glaze over those terra cotta huh that probably just about covers and materials and how you can put them together in different color combinations and some weirdest sorts of materials that you can use so the next part of this video is going to be about shapes entrances walls and all of that sort of business you'll kind of get the gist of this as we go along so talking about doorways first this is a pretty simple blocky modern door now this doesn't look so bad depending on the way you're using this but you're probably going to want to get a little bit more flavorful with your modern builds so for instance with this door is the same sort of idea except we've added another core into it and we've added a lot better depth using some gray concrete but we can do better and it doesn't take much effort if we move along to this door you'll notice that we have the same sort of deal we've used a lot better slabs as a little bit taller so that we can add more D and we even have glass involved in the door this is a very common sort of modern door that you don't see throughout the build as we move down you can see another example of this you can make it a little bit lower and you can take advantage of these slams to conceal a little bit of the glass and add a little bit of mystery so mysterious as we move down again you can see the equinox and this door shape so now we're using all of these techniques we've made the doorway a little bit wider a lot better glass involved different change of materials but we have this really cool accent as well at the top of the door you really want to use all of your assets all together in one to create an interesting looking door but you don't have to keep things like square and rectangular you can expand on things a little bit you can use circles in modern builds I know parish the four everything's got to be like squares and rectangles hasn't it but no you can use circles so this is a very very basic sort of like rounded top door but you don't have to be basic you can move it along a lot but this is a little bit of a double door you could use upside down stairs instead of the court slabs that's a perfectly viable door looking shape and it does look quite good with the right house as we move down you don't just have to have kind of like an archway you can have like a full-on circle this can look incredibly cool a modern as well given the right house and you're going to want to maintain the techniques that we talked about over there so it's gonna be depth and glass you could even place that door like backwards so that you create a little bit of extra debt and the same can be applied down and down and down so again this is a similar sort of deal here except it's a little bit bigger it might be possible to rearrange things a lot bit put a little bit of glass above the door and kind of complete the circle with some gray concrete but this might be a door shape that you rarely do like and you can see now how it kind of goes together with the log bed of the side of the house like it does fit in quite well you're going to have to what make of the house Halla if you are going to go for a wide entrance you're gonna want to make a huge house around it so that it doesn't look a little bit goofy as a matter of fact I don't know if anybody else can see this but I'm kind of seeing like a duck's head this is kind of like a duck head house right you've got like the head on the actual left side and then you've got got like the bill the beak on the right side is am I crazy probably so as we move down a little bit I mean you can get a lot of bit fancier with the shapes of doors as well I've used a lot of these varieties of doors when it comes to like tree houses and quite often when folks are a little bit more uniformed a little bit more square II I just want to show you that you really can use slabs to your advantage you can use depth to your advantage is is like you can make a really cool interesting looking door the same goes for here like not every door has to be on the floor how it didn't know it and you can use a little bit of glass in the use of the door you don't have to just stick to block you can use pane where appropriate I think that we should probably close the door on door talk because now it's time to raise the roof you'll find when it comes to modern building most modern roofs are flat it's just kind of the nature of modern building it really is it's a lot of solid shapes a lot of squares a lot of rectangles it can't really be held but just because you've got a flat roof doesn't mean it has to be boring this is the most basic of roofs it's just a filled-in shape there's an easy way to fix that so just one notch up on the creativity scale you can add glass to a roof you can even split it into to create what kind of looks like an affair your white butterfly but not only can you add a glass to a roof to make it look a little bit more interesting you can add some glass to a roof and you can also add some quartz slabs around the top of your roof so that's around the top layer of the concrete it looks a little bit more interesting this way so very common technique is placing quartz slabs around the top of roof area but beyond that cool thing to do is add glass to the wall of your build so in just having a regular concrete wall that's fine and everything you'll see a lot of those you can add glass to the top and then that allows you to use a little bit of quartz slab this isn't my favorite kind of roof by the way you can add a bit of quartz up around the glass to create an interesting level of depth and just to create something that's a little bit more pleasing to the eye so this is pretty much the inverse of what we have there we have the same roof except that the quartz is around the top of the glass it looks a lot better than the previous but you can go one step further so we have the glass built into the wall we have the quartz slab around the top of it you can go this this is probably the ideal sort of modern roof if you're going to use this technique this is pretty much what I would do you have glass at the top you have quartz slabs around the bottom of your glass block and then you have quartz slabs and you can see it creates such an interesting depth you can see that the quartz lamps are all the way around the top as well half a row higher than the glass of the roof that is probably my favorite design when it comes to modern roofs is you know it's very elegant it has layers of death it's very interesting it likes to read Einstein and listen to Mozart the weekends and last but not least if you want to stick with just a flat roof you don't want to make it too fancy I'd almost always recommend adding in a skylight not only does it create again it's kind of white levels and death and a change of material but you can also place glass inside of it and it keeps the inside of a building light and bright and again it's just a little bit more interesting this despite the fact that it's not too far off is more interesting than that over there and that's all I really have to say about Rose we should probably put a lid on this situation so carry on this dance I think it's going to throw some shapes at you this is one of the most common at shapes in the modern building wherever it's facing this way or this way I refer to this l-shape basically because it looks like a sideways L it also kind of reminds me of like a gun that I drew when I was like free years old that's it that's kind of how I drew them a little bit but you're going to see this a lot probably in different forms like you'll see them a little bit longer than we have here but as a general representation you'll see this a lot as we move down you'll be able to see that you can use this shape to structure a build this is how you could create an entrance if you make an L shape like this extend it backwards you can slot in using depth and a different color an entrance way and you can use this as walls anyway it doesn't just have to be an entrance you can take a little bit further though so now we have the L shape but we have a bit more of an interesting entrance we're using depth still but we have glass involved as well again a very common techniques if we move down a little bit more we can extrapolate and we can make even more fancy we can have a door we can have glass above it we can have separation in the wall we can have different varieties of windows and then if you could imagine that the build would go backwards and continue in a very very similar manner to this as we move down you don't just have to use this shape here as a structure to abode you can see all of these houses like the quartz is the backbone but on this one we have what I call the a shape to a build and you might be able to see why you'll see this a lot during modern building as well by the way a lot drawing entrances as well I call it the a because it's wow it looks like a capital letter a and we don't have to just use the L shape as the actual structure of the build it doesn't have to go around anything it can be used as kind of like a wall builder it's very versatile as we move down a little bit I call this particular part of a modern house and you're not going to see it in this form exactly I'll explain as we go now I call this the squiggle for obvious read okay it kind of just looks like a squiggle right so you might see it like this you might see it facing the novel way you can involve a little bit of quartz slab it might be longer this is a very versatile shape as well it's just pretty much the next level of the L so if we move down you can see that you can use this to create levels this is why it's such a versatile shape so you can create a bottom floor using the middle part of the squiggle and you can create a top floor you can create levels using the upper part as we come down you can see this is kind of this reminds me moreso of the handle bar so let's refer to as that if you look if you take a look like this and you're like sideways a little bit to the left it kind of reminds me of is however rabbit ears or handlebars my neck hurts ow so you can use this to create any variety levels of basically you can just use it to create a any sort of varieties of amounts of flaws that you like it's a great way to do it you can use it to create terraces or balconies you can use it to create gardens just easy ways to separate your modern house it's a very common shape you won't exactly see it in this formula because this is a bit small but you might see it like this now this isn't as far-fetched is it and a great way to use this technique as well is to split the house as I mentioned but you don't just have to split in terms of floors but you can include a different material in the split as well it's a great way to kind of just like put a put a cap on the lower part the house and include a different color or per book and if you just imagine these going backwards you can of course just have like a nice big normal-looking modern houses way you don't just have to stick to two floors you can absolutely have three of them if you like it's just the same thing over and over again if you want to use the rapid ears if you go even further I don't know what to call it I call it like I guess it'd be kind of like snake on like the old Nokia's where you're kind of just like bending into like and just like an unrealistically contourable shape that just doesn't look like anything but as we move down you're going to see again at the a shape and the L shape work together so the a shape is very very important and we saw it a little bit down there but this is a little bit more of a simplified version this just something that looks so clean and nice about that right like that's a good cool starter modern house as we come down a little bit you're not just limited to small versions but we can have big versions as well the owl doesn't just have to sit on the left side of the building can move through and join to the opposite side of the build as well like if you just keep the shape going is you can make really pleasing looking combination if I was to change anything I just expand out the a shape a little bit and then we'd really have some of them as we come down you're going to see this again so this is the squiggle pretty much so this is probably like the next level from there we have depth we have some interesting walls we have the squiggle being used we have glass we have birch we have a variety of shape like that's a cool modern house we never even indented the doors as well which is something that I like to do I live in this that that's a cool modern house that's a that's a perfectly great starter house you just have to make the side walls so just moving on a little bit ladies and gentlemen I don't want you to think that modern houses are all squares and rectangles absolutely not you can make them a lot more interesting if you do so choose sir these next few examples are going to show you how you can break the mold a little bit again you don't have to be all squares and rectangles you can add things like cylinders and circles to your build you've just got to do it correctly so for instance we have a pretty interesting looking addition to what would be kind of like a normal-looking modern house like if you just look at the lower bar that looks cool and all but you cannot really make it look a lot more interesting by adding a few abstract shapes I'd probably add a little bit of glass to the sides just to make it look a little bit more interesting both if you follow the same sort of rules in terms of death in terms of material variety you can improve a house by making it a little bit more interesting to look at and that's a shape that kind of works in a variety of colors as well so this is basically the same shape that I just added onto that house but we actually just have two of them and I can't lie this is kind of like a cool house if we were to add another one of these like in a cluster in the back like I think that that like be a really cool interesting-looking modern house quite honestly so these shapes are really kind of like diverse you can use them when it comes to your square houses as well you don't just have to kind of like have them in circles or by themselves but feel free to do add those to your bills if you want a bit more variety and not only that you don't have to keep the shape strictly like a big flat a so this looks a little bit horrible honestly but the idea is here you can around the edges of the tops of your modern bills they don't just have to be flat this is probably a little bit of a better example so like with the doorway you can see that now we've added a little bit of curvature it's a lot a bit stronger looking than that one because we've added a couple of different materials but it's a little bit longer as well and the best example of this that I can give you the one that looks by far the best this is probably what you're going to want to strive for is this sort of shape and why do you go the more acceptable more better looking and the kind of like the curved look so again you don't have to just have a big flat surface you can round it and you can add other material so you can add glass you can add concrete you can have planks it's just a Ritz just a little bit of a different idea like thinking outside of the outside of the box so to speak as a matter of fact I think it's time for us to go a little bit deeper ladies and gentlemen I want to talk about something that's got a little bit more depth to it ah too much pure nice to dig myself out of that hole so depth this is a standard looking modern walk as far as basic as you can get actually a little bit less basic because we actually have a bit of gray concrete in there how diverse you can make this wall as boring as it is way more interesting by doing one very simple thing depth I want this little section to convey to you how important it is to include depth in your modern build so obviously we also have a little bit of glass on that right one but which one looks bad I think there is pretty obvious as we move down a little bit you're going to see this again now this has more variety of depth we have our a shaped entrance we have kind of like the L shape or I guess it's more so a backward see but you guys get the idea and behind that we have some birch and we also used pain instead of block like there's a lot going on there like this is perfect this is kind of what you're going to want to strive for we are keeping things interesting looking by adding death it's such an important part of your house I'll show you how important is so this is a modern house right on the right we have a flat house it's flat like you'll be like if we just look at it from here it's all flat maybe maybe what we can do like if you if you cover your left eye maybe you could kind of see the fiber I'm talking about but on the right it's plant on the left side we have the exact same house pretty much but we have changed a lot better materials and we have included debt so you can see how important it really is when it comes to modern building things don't have to be flat and boring you can certainly make them way more interesting and the same thing goes as well for the squiggle we talked about this earlier how the squiggles a great way to separate ground floor second floor third fourth fifth seventh whatever this is a great way to do it as well so we have our ground floor here it's set backwards from the court so we've got a lot bit deaf we're using pain which is a good thing the second level is set a little bit backwards not far enough for me I like a lot of a bit better than that but it's at further backwards it looks better so not only do I want to talk about depth in terms of like forwards and backwards but I want to talk about depth in terms of up and down as well because it's very important so this house is a perfect example we have depth when it comes to front and back because the entrance to the house is set forwards in relation to the main body of the house even the sides of the house are different depths different levels in relation to the quartz frame the same goes here as well just off to the side and we have created levels we've created different depths up and down at by digging downwards into the ground and additionally not only is this lower part the house set backwards but it's also at a different level than the main body of the house as well we've done a great job here of also incorporating a little bit of nature in the form of grass or fake grass and flowers and leaves but we've also incorporated a little bit of curvature as well to the build it really does just make a build look a little bit more interesting if it has a bit of variety so I love this as well because of course it's got an underground sort of entrance I love this sort of thing but it also has a bit more to it as well like if you come around the back the backs of you builds don't have to be boring somebody's completely forgot about filling in this window but that's besides the point you can have stairs that come up and reach around and you can walk around and explore the balconies make your modern houses interesting you want to give them different ways to get in and around that's one of the most important things when I think it comes to modern houses all of my favorite modern bill to have an exploratory element to them and that doesn't just change with this house if we move down a little bit we have this one this has all of the same sort of elements that that one does so number one we've created death between the main entrance the sides all of this we have at different levels everything's different highs we have a different set of materials we have block where appropriate we have pain where appropriate we have a staircase leading you to the side of the build mysterious you want to explore where this staircase goes we have the main entrance to the house here we have a different color which kind of stands out we kind of have like a gray oak white red like I said you can make houses out of so many different colors it doesn't have to be the same ones all the time we even have a bit of nature we have a bit of curve to the house we have some flat to the house the panels are interesting around the back I probably would have included some more glass around it but you guys get the idea you want to keep things fresh and interesting you don't just have to stick to a particular theme this house is a great example of how you could really pull all of the different building techniques all into one and I think that this next one is a good example of that as well so this one is actually my favorite out of all of these probably all of the houses that you've seen and are going to see this is probably my favorite and I'm not quite sure why but it includes all of the previous techniques that we spoke about it has the squiggle it has l-shaped it has depth it has different levels it has intrigue just to get into the house you've got to kind of cross this oak trapdoor drawbridge we have water around the house as well a little bit of a mode you saw that we have an additional entrance all the way up to them the lower floor is separated from the upper floor which means you can only access certain things by actually getting up and going up to the second story of the house I love that it has a little bit of curvature to it it's probably like in a couple of windows on the back but it rarely is just an example of everything I love in a modern build I really like this this is like kind of like a really cool intermediate slash like high starter house I love that so much not only that you don't have to get that fancy with these houses so this is pretty much the squiggle shape that I referred to earlier but extrapolated so if you just kind of like take a look at this house this is kind of what you start with but if you use depth and if you use different levels then you can really make something that's quite a decent looking house it goes quite far back it's got a large interior it's not complicated to making the slightest a lot a bit of garden a little bit of pool you can see some glaze Terrica didn't want to glaze over that some glaze terracotta in the bottom of the pool like you can really just take simple shapes and really make them into decent looking houses but this next one this one's off the wall a little bit this is kind of like a nature modern house it's kind of like a mix between kind of like a little hobbit hole and just like a full-on modern jungle sort of vibe house this is something that you'd build like into a cliffside we have built up flowers and grass we have kind of like this stream running down from the top of the house plenty of nature plenty of vines grass we have flowers everywhere we even have a little farm down here and again we're using the same techniques though we have an underground element to the house the main entrance of course is at the front and we're using actual and actual circular entrance and curves if the house is actually exposed on the sides this would actually be built in a kin to a cliff in an ideal world you could add windows and stuff to the outside of varying different styles this one is a great example of modern houses don't always have to be clean they can be big and messy and strange looking and I actually think that that looks quite cool like you could easily build this into a cliff house or a cliff side into the side of a cliff somewhere in a survival world and it'd look pretty good I do think so so this is really a good example of modern houses not having to be the environment but modern houses being able to be built into an empire they don't have to completely overtake a space they can indeed be molded into one and you can just they look nice and natural depending on how you do it mosey on down to our final build ladies and gentlemen this is probably the most advanced of the houses that I've made in terms of size so it uses all of the techniques that we have used before we have the a that's the entrance we have the L that is the what I would call kind of called the poolside house we have the squiggle which makes up the main body of the house we have an elevated pool that you can see and look into as you come around the house the sides of the house are a little bit boring but the back of the house is a little bit more interesting we have a raised Terrace we have a bit of an outdoor area you could include a garden or a farm back here it really does use and cultivate all of the techniques that we have used all the way up into this point and it's really quite a cool-looking house I could probably make a tutorial on this and be quite happy with it and it does include a bit of a different color scheme in using the purple as well purple I think there's really well with the gray and the white and well now ladies and gentlemen I'm I'm sad to say that this is this is the end I think or at least I hope that I've managed to gloss over all of these simple techniques that you can use to make a modern house or to at least get you started and hopefully I've showed you how to cultivate those techniques and combine them all together so that you can make some really cool modern builds and hopefully you might now think a little bit more outside the box or maybe I've taught you more so how to think inside of my box I don't know but hopefully this has been at least some sort of used to you as I said this whole thing here all of this this is brand new to me I've not made a video like this before at all so I'm really I'm not sure how you guys are gonna take it I do hope that you did enjoy it though if you did please do remember to hit like button as it really helped me out and let me know that you did enjoy it if you leave a comment and let me know if you'd like to see another one of these and perhaps what that might be if you want to see like a suburban version of this or a treehouse version of this I'm not saying that all of them will be as big and exactly like this video but I could certainly give it a go and subscribe to the channel if you know around here click the little bar next to the subscription button and if you want to make any modern houses pre-built one's mansions all sorts of that check out the card system the description below and I'll leave a link maybe at the top of the comment section too maybe for my modern mansion playlist because I love making modern mansions I love making one the houses my favorite thing to build ever that's it thank you so much everybody for watching I'll see you in the next one good bye

Hydro Home 🌊 🐬 | The Sims 4 Island Living GIVEAWAY | Speed Build | CC Free + Download Links

hello there everybody it is me feasor bunny and welcome back to another video so today we're back with another speed build and I'm also going to be doing a very special Island living giveaway so stay tuned for that I'm gonna be talking about that in just a little bit but first let's talk about the build itself so today we're building the hydro home this is a very special house the name itself translates to water house and that is mainly because this build is built entirely in the water so this is basically just a modern glass-bottom houseboat it's got one bedroom one bathroom and I imagine this place would be perfect for a couple that's really adventurous and that's really into water sports so once again we are back building in the beautiful tropical world of Salani this time we're building in the neighborhood of Lani st. oz which is kind of like the beautiful vacationy holiday area of Salani at the moment we are building this on the beach lot which I believe is called the sand Somalian beach it is a 40 by 30 lot I feel like this lot was too big for this build so later on in the video we will be actually moving to another smaller lot in this neighborhood we will be moving into a 30 by 20 lon so yes now that all of that's out of the way I think it's time for the giveaway so I'm very excited to be giving away one copy of a living for you guys thanks to the EA game changers all the rules you need to join the giveaway will be in the description but all you need to do basically is to just be subscribed share this video leave a comment on this video including your Twitter and your Instagram handle and that is pretty much it the giveaway is open worldwide the winners will be chosen randomly and you guys have about a week to join the giveaway ends on July 1st philippine time which is plus a gmt by the way in case we I said no you guys can do the math yourself so make sure you enter before the deadline because the winners will be chosen on July 1st um so yeah good luck to all of you I'm really really excited to be giving away one copy of Island living because it is such a great pack and I'm pretty sure whoever gets it will have a blast so yeah I mean now that that's all said and done let's finally talk about this build itself so um if you guys follow me on Twitter I have been sharing some inspirations for this build now this build is mainly based off of the floating seahorse villa which believe it or not is actually a real-life structure in Dubai now as somebody who works in architecture Dubai is kind of well known as a place for really ambitious and over-the-top architecture I think Dubai is kind of like preparing for the time when it no longer has its natural resources specifically oil that's why it's investing so much on tourism and part of that investment is like spending a lot of money on just crazy over-the-top architecture and I think this is one of them so that's kind of like the main inspiration for this build the floating seahorse villas so yeah I think the end result of this build ended up being a little bit more exaggerated I would say because if you guys look at the reference material it's more like like the shape is more basic I guess which is something that I tried to do at the very beginning if you guys just rewind this video but it just was not looking interesting it just looked like a box so I used some roofing techniques to make it look a little bit more elaborate making it look more interesting so here we go this is what we have and I gotta say I actually really really like how this will turn out it's not the most detailed build it's not the most um you know biggest build by a longshot but I think it's definitely one of the more memorable ones because when you see it it really kind of like makes an impression so this is the color scheme that I ended up going with obviously it's not the exact same as the one in real life because obviously that's not really possible to replicate something in the sims completely as it looks in real life so I had to kind of like give myself some artistic license as I was recreating this for the steps um I gotta say that working with roofs is a lot of fun I think that's definitely one of my favorite aspects of building in the Sims 4 by the way this lot as you can see it is completely floating on the water it isn't really noticeable at the moment but it's actually kind of like hovering like on the surface of the water so I will do something about that later on I'm gonna be talking about that when we actually get there so I think for now the exterior is pretty much done um and now we are moving on to the interior by the way a dis build as much as I tried this build is not a limited pack only build I kind of just use whatever items I felt match the aesthetic that I was going for the thing is because this build was very minimalist and kind of like you know like basic I guess it was really hard to make it kind of worth it if you guys got what I mean like I wanted it to be functional and at the same time I wanted there to be a lot of gameplay into it as well so I used a lot of packs for the suppose I think spa day perfect patio city living seasons what else get famous and all of that stuff obviously all that will be listed in the gallery when you guys download this build also I mentioned earlier that this was a glass-bottom houseboat I finally incorporated those like glass pieces of flooring that we got with Island living I kind of forgot about it at first here but eventually later on in the build I will actually put them here in the interior and I think they really make it more interesting I kind of wish that there was an area where we can build it there's actually like some world reefs underneath like the ocean II area if that makes any sense because if you have like glass bottoms there's really no point in having them if there's nothing interesting to see underneath right so I that's kind of like the only thing that kind of bothered me a little bit as I was building this house on the spot I noticed that it had a very special launch rate I forget what it's called it's like a special luxury but that's that you can't remove it's like the marine life something luxury I don't know it lots of marine life basically so I don't know if the fish will like spawn here or like I don't know but as I was testing this I didn't really see any fish spawning so I'm not sure how rod Vaughn tree works necessarily so also I've used a lot of like decorative items here that aren't really functional like that bar right there it's not actually functional like the sims they can sit on the chairs I believe but you they can't really use that as like a breakfast bar or something but you know it looks nice so you guys can always switch that out and still looking forward to like the actual bar counters that we would get for island living I think they will patch that in eventually but yeah um the main living area of this house by the way is kind of like a studio design so basically the bedroom living room dining room and kitchen they're all in one unit basically so it's kind of like designed as you know a studio basically Here I am incorporating these glass bottom floor pieces which look really awesome even though there's really nothing underneath them so yeah also for the bathroom I just kept it really simple and basic lots of black and white color schemes I wanted everything to look really modern and futuristic also I wanted everything to look built in as well obviously since this build was intended as a houseboat you wouldn't want to make all of your furniture secure or when you're transporting you this house built from one place to another really funny thing though that I've seen online as I was looking up um reference images of the floating seahorse I've seen like some pictures of it sinking like it kind of made me giggle a little bit even though that's kind of wrong because it's kind of like really tragic but I don't know I that's really interesting how there's still some buoyancy issues I guess that makes sense but now we're working on like the top deck area this is mainly like an opens there's a bar that is an actual functioning bar so if you guys really need to have a dining area this is kind of like it and then I made like this daybed here I thought I would never do this again but I was like you know what I really want to have like some sort of day bed for like afternoon chilling out or whatever so I just made that there it's not really a functioning daybed but it kind of looks like it which looks really nice and here I just put in a massage table it came with Spa Day I just wanted to make this area more functional so I thought that that fit so I put that there and I'm just putting in towels here I don't know if these are actually functional but I thought they looked really good as well and by the way these ladders by the way they're all functional even the one here in the center hole of this like front deck area on the water level that is actually really functional and you guys will see in the house too or because I've already filmed it the sim will actually be able to jump from that ladder onto the ocean below which is super awesome so you guys would notice that a lot of the furniture and this build comes in pairs except for those I'm a trio of lounge chairs those are actually based game lounge chairs and they look so awesome I'm so happy they gave it to us for the base game I would use those literally in every single one of my belts and here I just put like a drinks tray for like some refreshment you'll also see me do some lighting here and there just to kind of show you guys how the lighting looks like these are from spotty and I thought that they looked really good they gave off some really good light now this technique I got this from sim Lisi I saw her do this in one of her recent builds I forget the name of the bill but she did like a houseboat a couple I would say maybe about a week ago I I saw her use this shelf she sized it up and she put it on the bottom of the houseboat so I'm gonna be using a couple of these just to make the houseboat look like they're properly supported underneath and look like they're hovering on top of the water because that would have been just way too futuristic trust me took me time to actually get this to look right but I think it's worth it especially for those of you guys who have a keen eye for the detail like that and now we are moving on to the final lot that I will be putting this build in but yeah I put a staircase there because the Sims can't access it without a staircase I would suggest you guys if you want to place this somewhere else to plop it in deeper water so that all of the ladders and things are functional but yeah let's see well something gonna say mmm and also you guys can just delete the landscaping so you can place this houseboat anywhere you want but that is pretty much it for this goes actually so hopefully you guys enjoyed it don't forget to join the giveaway if you want a copy of island living for yourself but yeah that's pretty much all I have to say for now I just wanted to thank you guys so so much for watching once again if you want to support the channel please don't forget to like share the video leave a comment subscribe if you haven't yet anyway I think I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up right here thank you guys so so much for watching you all have an awesome awesome awesome day enjoy the rest of the video and I will see you guys next time bye bye