Automatic Split End Trimmer… Does it work?!

– Today, I’ll be testing and reviewing the split end trimmer. This bad boy was not cheap. I think it was around $145. So this right here, this
is the Split-Ender Pro 2 and this is the fourth inch trim, so quarter of an inch trim. The Split-Ender Pro is
specifically designed to only trim the very end of the hair strand, which can only enter the blades. It trims from one eighth of
an inch of the ends alone by using the one eighth trim and the one fourth inch by using the one fourth trim setting. So the Split-Ender Pro 2 comes with only the quarter inch trim. It’s already inside,
so it doesn’t come out. And they say don’t try to take it out ’cause you can break it. It does give you instructions
of how to prep the hair and how to use it. This looks very intimidating because it’s literally cutting the hair. And some people were saying
that it cut chunks of hair. So that kind of worries me. But we’re gonna try to
work with hair underneath just in case something goes wrong. I don’t want the top of
the hair to get damaged, you know what I mean, so we can hide bottom
of the hair. (laughs) All right, let’s do this. And I did charge it
overnight and the day before, so it is wireless or cordless,
whatever you wanna call it, So you choose which
way the arrow is going. And then in the back you have a lock, which is this little paddle right here. You have to fully unlock it. And this is where the hair is going to go. And then the blades are right inside. And then this is the chamber
where your split ends collect, right here or just your hair. Because I don’t know
how smart this thing is to only grab the split
ends, you know what I mean? So I think it’s just literally
gonna trim your hair. I don’t know. We’ll see. So I’m just gonna do several sections and I wanna see how much
hair it’s going to trim off because I can see how much hair
comes out into the chamber. So it says you gotta start with really small, thin section of hair and then spread the thin hair. You kind of have to make
sure it’s laying flat and then place it into
this part right here, which is the hair plate. Okay. Make sure it’s nice and flat. And then I’m gonna choose the
arrow, and they say choose the arrow that’s pointing
down towards, not hair, towards the floor. That’s what they say. So we’re gonna choose this arrow. I can’t really see. It’s kinda hard to see. It’s only going to activate
once you bring this handle up. All right, I don’t know. I can’t do this. I think I need your help with this. – [Andrey] Okay, here I
am coming to the rescue. – Is that flat? – [Andrey] Yes. – Well, I don’t wanna like– – [Andrey] Go ahead. – Cut my hair. And then it says gently squeeze the hair plate pressing
handle, this right here, until it activates. And then it says slowly comb
the hair of the splitter and pro all the way to the bottom. Use a slow even motion just like you would with a flat iron or hair brush and repeat three times per section. Okay. Are we ready? – [Andrey] Ready? – Ready? (motor buzzes) – Okay. – [Andrey] That’s just the motor. – I know, it’s scary. I am, okay. – [Andrey] Let’s go for it. – No, I’m scared. (motor buzzes) – [Andrey] Got some hairs. – It looks thinner, you guys. My heart is racing right now. So there’s definitely hair in the chamber and it looks like it cut
pretty evenly, somewhat evenly. And I do see some split ends, yo. I see two split ends right now. (motor buzzes) I don’t know if I wanna go three times. – [Andrey] You don’t have to. – I’m not gonna go three times, you guys. All right, let’s do some more hair. Make sure we move this
section out of the way. Make sure it’s not too thick. And you have to grab thin sections. If it starts to feel like
it’s pulling your hair, this tool right here, then that means either you have too much
hair or you have tangles in your hair. And they do say this works
best on straight or wavy hair. So if you have super curly hair, you might wanna straighten it first as much as you can and
then go in and do this. So let’s make sure arrows going down, yup. (motor buzzes) This noise is scary. It’s so loud and it sounds intimidating. We’re getting a lot more hair in here. (motor buzzes) Cool, cool, cool. (laughs) And I’m just doing two passes per section ’cause I don’t wanna do more. (motor buzzes) It’s definitely hair in there. (motor buzzes) To do this yourself, it’s kind of hard. It’s so bulky. (motor buzzes) I feel like it’s making my hair
shorter in a lot of places. I’m looking at the hairs in here. Some of them are shorter,
some of them are longer, But the hair is also falling. Oh, there’s a little
piece of hair right here. That’s the longest. This is like a good, I would
say, inch that got cut off, but it’s not a lot of
them, it’s just one so far. Andrey – Yeah, let’s see what’s in the chamber Yeah, let’s see what’s
in the chamber, you guys. All right, so I’m pretty much, I don’t wanna do any more hair. (laughs) I don’t wanna cut any more hair And I wanna take out the chamber because there seems like
quite a bit of hair in here, so I wanna take it out. I have this little black envelope that we’re gonna place the hair on since my hair is blonde, that
way we can see something. Let’s do it. – [Milana] All right, so
the Chamber’s quite easy. You just basically pick it up like this. Wow, that’s quite a bit of hair. How many sections did we do? I think we did like
four sections in total. Maybe four or five. A lot of hair’s stuck inside, so I would either like vacuum it out or– They give instructions of how to clean up, but I would probably vacuum it out first before sanitizing it, whatever, et cetera. – [Andrey] Are those are
blades in there, if you can– – [Milana] Yeah, those are– Well, this right here is what makes your hair go through, but the blades are right
there on both sides. You can see the blades. All right, we’re going to
inspect the hair split ends. All right, so I see a split
end right here, right away. You can see her right there. I’m just gonna move it out. Nope, is that a split end? These, no, hold up. That’s not a split end. Hold on, you guys. All right, so I thought
I saw some split ends, but then when I go for
it, it just breaks apart, and it’s two different sections of hair or even three sections of hair. I’m sure there is some split ends in here, but they’re not extremely noticeable. It honestly just went in and cut a quarter of an inch of my hair, the ends of hair. And you can see some
sections are a lot longer, for example, this right here. Oh, some of these are a lot longer than a quarter of an inch, but most of them are a lot shorter. But this right here is a lot, like this right here is a big, long piece. – All right. – I am going to try on hair extensions. I’m not gonna comb them out, and I wanna see if it’s gonna get stuck or if it’s gonna pull. Andrey’s gonna be of assistance. I’m gonna grab a thicker
section, something like this, quite thick. And then let’s choose the arrow
right here, which is down. Put that in the center. – [Andrey] Yeah. (motor buzzes) Yes, see. You literally have to physically pull it but it’s not getting stuck. – [Andrey] Wait – I mean, it’s pulling the hair out ’cause it’s an extension. – [Andrey] Yeah. – Let’s do something even thicker. – [Andrey] Let’s put
It on the wrong arrow. – Oh, arrow. Let’s do that. – [Andrey] People will do that. – All right, we’re gonna
do on a wrong arrow and we’re gonna grab
this section right here. (motor buzzes) Nope, it’s literally– It doesn’t go anywhere. – [Andrey] It’s too thick. – Ah, that’s scary. – [Andrey] No, just go a little lower. (motor buzzes) Is anything getting trimmed? – Yeah, a little bit. It’s still getting trimmed,
but it’s mostly cutting the hair now. Interesting. – [Andrey] How do we make it fail? – Yeah, it’s not failing, you guys. That’s good. I didn’t cut massive chunks out, so that’s really good. So let’s talk about it. Overall, did it work or did it perform? Did it trim my hair? Yes, it definitely trimmed my hair. But did it target the split ends? No, because it’s not that smart. It can’t be that smart. You would need some
kind of crazy technology to target only the split
ends and trim the split ends. So essentially, like I did
say towards, in the video, when I was doing it,
it’s essentially trimming all of your hair a quarter of an inch. So please keep that in mind. Don’t start at the very top if you don’t want your
hair trimmed at the top. Only start like halfway or mid I would say like this
much, the end of your hair. That’s where I would focus it on. And we did try to make it
fail to see what would happen, it would get stuck, if it
would make weird noises. But the only thing it does it just moves a lot slower when it’s
a very thick section, so you have to kind of pull it through. So that’s not the best advice. So the best advice like they did say is use only small, thin sections. And that is gonna take a long time to do, especially if you’re doing
three times per section, which I think is unnecessary, honestly. But it does work. – [Andrey] And also, it doesn’t look like It cuts all the hair It’s still kind of being selective. – Yes, kind of. – [Andrey] But it’s not being
selective towards split ends. – Exactly. It’s not cutting all of
your hair strands because that would be, I think, impossible. – [Andrey] Yeah, there’ll
be a lot of hair. – There’ll be a lot more hair here on this little black envelope
with the hair, right there. So that’s good that it’s
being somewhat selective as good as not cutting all of
the hair because the blades, they’re not that big. So, I mean, they’re not spaced too small, whereas you’re just gonna try to cut as much hair as possible, and that’s good. So the one thing I do wanna say that is very bothersome and can, I just think it’s
bothersome, is the noise. It’s so loud. (motor buzzes) And it sounds very
intimidating, very intimidating. And it is very bulky at the top, especially you have to hold this, so you kind of have to
manipulate your hand around to do it yourself. I’m sure it’s gonna be easier if
somebody else does it for you, but if you’re doing it yourself,
it’s gonna take a long time and it’s a little
inconvenient of the size. But it’s wireless or cordless, however you wanna call it. So it does come with the
charger, it’s right here. And then you just plug
her in towards the bottom. It’s not a USB charger whatsoever. You just need a plug to
plug this in, pretty much. So overall, is this worth $145? No. (laughs) No. For the technology-wise, it’s
not there. It’s far away. I think just getting a little trim if that’s what you’re going for. And trims are not $145. And it just takes way too
long for the entire head. I only did what, I think,
four to six sections, I think, and that was roughly– – [Andrey] 10 minutes. – 10 minutes, just that alone. Just to make sure you
know everything is even, there’s no tangles. It’s not gonna cut your hair. You know what I mean, like
chop it off, but yeah. I do wanna say it seems safe enough. Like I did say, we’ve kind of tried to do really thick sections,
really try to pull on it, try to go in the opposite
direction, and it still worked. I think it might have a really
hard time with curly hair. Like they do say in the instructions, it’s best for straight to wavy hair. If you have curly hair,
just like with a hairbrush, it’s very hard to get through
because this is essentially a hairbrush with the blades inside. So if you do want a trim
and you have curly hair, I would just go get a
professional to trim your hair. I’d rather just go to a professional, get my hair nice and trimmed,
get it really fresh looking. You know what I mean? So this is, I feel like
it’s a little too expensive to do on your own. I’m not a fan. Let me know if you have tried this tool, and if you did your entire head, how many times did you do each section and how long did it take you to do this? Like I said, I think I
would keep it towards the bottom of my hair. I would not start at the very top because I don’t care to
trim my hair at the top. I don’t care to get layers or more layers. I’m trying to grow out my hair to be as even of a length as possible. So, for me, personally, if
I were to keep using this, which I’m not, I would only focus towards the bottom of my hair
where most split ends are. So keeping that in mind,
please let me know. How did you enjoy this product? Did it work out for you? Did you have a good experience? Did you have a negative experience? What kind of hair did you have? Please let us all know your
thoughts and experience. But for now, thank you for watching and spending time with me
and the Split-Ender Pro 2. And I’ll see you in
the next one very soon. Bye. (Blows kiss)

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AUTOMATIC Hair Braiders – Do they work?! 🤔

– Today we’re trying out more automatic and easy hair braiders. Ooh, it’s fascinating. It’s for ages eight and above. (laughs) Let’s try them out. All right, so these are technically
not three-strand braids. So if you’re thinking this
is what it is, it’s not. I thought it was
three-strand for some reason. Andrey purchased these on Amazon. Not even sure how much they cost. But this is for,
basically, a twisted braid, which consists of two sections total. So I kinda wanna see if
I can create two sides and then kind of connect it in the back and see what that looks like and if it even works, if it holds the hair in place. But basically, we had to put
two double A batteries in here and this is loud. (machine whirring) And fast. (machine whirring)
You guys see that? All right, so I’m just
gonna take some hair here. I’m just makin’ sure it can reach. Oh, yeah, and it’ll
hopefully reach the back. So I’m just gonna divide this into two. Just do the first section. So first step, you have to put the hair
through this little thing here. And then we’re gonna take the
other section right next to it and we’re gonna put it
into this little part here. (machine clicking) All right. Okay…haha I’m just making sure, the hair. I picked it up a little bit
and now I clamped it back down ’cause I don’t wanna rip my hair out. I’m gonna leave a couple of inches out. So first step you do is, you put the sections in, you make sure they’re clamped. And then the second part is you wanna go up to twist or
rotate the sections each. And then what’s going to do, you’re going to rotate both
those sections together. So it’s first gonna rotate
each section on its own, and then we’re gonna put
them together, combine them. All right, let’s do this. Let’s go up. (machine whirring) So you see, it’s twisting the sections. You can go as much as you want, as little as you want. And then this third part, you bring this down to twist these together
now to rotate them. (machine whirring) – [Andrey] That’s cool. – That’s awesome. You guys saw that, right? Wow. Okay, so I’m gonna take the hair out. Just gonna lift both of these up. And then I’m gonna take the
clear elastic, tie it off. And I accidentally went the wrong way. I went towards my face
instead of away from my face. Okay. Let’s do the same thing on this side. That’s awesome. And it actually, you guys, it works! It does a really cool job, right? Alright, I’m gonna keep this in the front now So let’s first put it in this side. Make sure it’s clamped, okay. Now let’s do the other section. Okay, this is a struggle. (laughs) I think I got it in. I have no idea. And we’re gonna bring it down. Make sure they’re both clamped. All right, so first thing, we’re gonna go up to twist
each section individually. (machine whirring) And now I’m gonna go down
to rotate them together. (machine whirring) Nice. I’m gonna pick these up, hold it, and grab my little clear elastic. And see, this one is going
away from my face, so I’m– – [Andrey] Redo that one. – Yeah, I’m gonna redo my left side. Yes, there we go. Let’s redo this. I’m gonna brush it out. This is really cool. I like that it works, you know? I just have to fix this one
all the time because (laughs) it’s cheap, the plastic doesn’t
wanna go all the way down. All right, so the same thing for this. So you have to kinda
like force it in there. Not the hair, but just the
plastic bit to go around. All right, so same thing. We’re gonna go up. (machine whirring) And you can see they’re
twisting away from my face. (machine whirring) All right, and I’m gonna take it down. (machine whirring) Nope, it wants to go towards my face now. (machine whirring) – [Andrey] There’s nothing you can do? – There’s nothing you can do. (machine whirring) The left section is always
gonna be towards the face. Ooh, the hair got stuck in here. There it is. It didn’t get stuck. I didn’t press it up. (laughs) All right, but I mean,
it definitely worked. Look at that. I’m gonna take it apart a little bit. Do I want to, even? No. Yeah, this one, this side looks so much
better than this side. Just because, if I’m
gonna take it backwards towards the back of my head, I’d prefer it to go away from my face. Because it looks better. It’s better transition. You see from this side to this side. it just looks a lot better. But that looks really good, right? That looks amazing. And I like that it’s quite easy. It’s just, it lacks a lot of things that I feel like a lot
of people would like. – [Andrey] Going left and right. – Yeah, going left or right, or having that option of, hey, I’d rather go away from my face. But it’s only going a certain direction, which is this way, which is to the right. – [Andrey] It’s just really dumb. – It rotates your hair to the right side. It doesn’t rotate it left. It rotates to the right. All right, let’s move on to the next one, which is an automatic
and easy hair braider. And Andrey is going to
have to do this one for me. – [Andrey] Because I’m eight and up? – Yes. (laughs) No, because I already did
the other one. (laughs) Since you did buy these and
you picked them out for me, I want you to experience it. – [Andrey] This looks
more complicated. (laughs) – It does. It has this, it has this. Like, look at this. What is this, right here? – [Andrey] I don’t know. (Milana laughs) – [Andrey] Why – Good thing we have instructions. – [Andrey] This one was
supposed to be easier. – Right? – [Andrey] Wait, I can figure this out. – You’re not gonna read the intructions? You’re such a man. See, I like reading the instructions. That way, if it doesn’t work, I can’t blame it on me. I blame it on the intructions. (laughs) – [Andrey] This one only
needs one piece, one battery. – Is it double A? – [Andrey] Yeah. – All right, so they both need batteries. – [Andrey] All right,
let’s see if I’m smarter than an eight-year-old here. – Let’s try it. All right, babe, you got this. It’s your turn now. Let’s see, we’re gonna
compare which ones are better. – [Andrey] Okay. – Mine or yours. (laughs) – [Andrey] What is this, what’s this for? – I don’t know, the little function? It just says it’s a
thread adjustment wheel. – [Andrey] Let’s do this. This looks simple enough. – Okay. – [Andrey] I think a child can do this. – No, no, no, do it a
little bit further away. – [Andrey] No, wait wait wait I wanna see if I can make a, if I can combine them so we
can make like, a nice braid. – (laughs) A nice braid? – [Andrey] A four-strand braid, you know? – All right, so how does this one work? You have to press this lever down to get the little thing out, right? – [Andrey] Yeah, you just. – Okay. – [Andrey] Well, this
is just a push-button. – Yeah, okay. – [Andrey] So you just push it in and. – Okay, make sure you
make it clean, sweetheart. – [Andrey] I’m always clean. – No. – [Andrey] Okay. – So you’re basically doing the same thing that I did, right? – [Andrey] Pretty much.
– Okay. – [Andrey] So, we go– – So first step, you go up.
– [Andrey[ Up. – To twist each section individually. (machine whirring) Okay, cool. – [Andrey] And then down? (machine whirring) – Keep going. Keep going, make it tighter. – [Andrey] It fell out. – Oh. – [Andrey] I guess it’s not as strong. – Yeah, it doesn’t have
such of a tight grip. But it did a good job. Look at that.
– [Andrey] All right. – See, this one is going
away from the face. – [Andrey] So you need both of these. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Andrey] Well, this one will
be good for the right side. – No, this is my left side. This is good for the right
and that’s good for the left. – [Andrey] Yeah, so, here we go. – We figured it out, you guys. (laughs) – [Andrey] You need to
buy this little kit. And you have yourself a beautiful– – My babe. – [Andrey] Piggy braid, look at that. – You’re so fancy. – [Andrey] Wow. – So pretty. All right, now do the other side. – [Andrey] Oh, I’m not done yet? – Oh, you know what you should do? You wanna thread it? Let’s do that. They come with thread, blue and pink. So, they literally look
like little threads that you put inside like a little machine. Hold on, we gotta open this up. It goes into here. Hold on, we gotta look at instructions. {Andrey laughs) Place spool of thread device to a line. All right, probably should
take some of this out, right? – [Andrey] See, I’m not as
smart as a eight-year-old. – Told you shoulda read
instructions, (laughs) – [Andrey] I’ll just use brute force – Okay, hold on a sec. So then you put it through,
there’s a little thing here to pull the thread through. – [Andrey] Okay.
– See that? – [Andrey] I’m following. – So then we put this attachment
on top of that right there. And then it says, if necessary,
turn the adjustment wheel in a downward motion to wind
loose string back into cover. – [Andrey] I’m so confused
right now what’s goin’ on. – I’ll help you. – [Andrey] Okay. – So then you put the hair through, basically kinda like a needle. Then press the knob down and slowly move the device
over the length of the hair until the entire hair, so you gotta go towards
the top, sweetheart. Yep. And then it says, the
slower you move the device, the tighter the wrap will be. So the tighter, what would you call that? Thread, will be around the hair. All right, so let’s try it. Move slowly. – [Andrey] I don’t see any thread, yo. – It’s not working? – [Andrey] Nothing’s goin’ on. I think we missed something. – Oh, shoot. You gotta pull, you gotta put the thread
through the middle first and then the hair. – [Andrey] Guess you’re not as smart as a eight-year-old either. – He’s tryin’ to call me out, you guys. I am carrying your child. How dare you. Through the center, yep. – [Andrey] This is very complicated. – I mean, it’s not really, if
you just read the directions. Nice.
– [Andrey] Yay! – Perfect.
– [Andrey] It worked, okay. – So now we’ll do the
same thing with the hair. Just like you did, yep. – [Andrey] Okay, here this,
take this section still here. – Nice. The hair is still there,
you guys. (laughs) Okay, all right, do it now. Let’s see what happens. – [Andrey] Okay. Up or down? – Down. This says push– – [Andrey] Lever. – Then press down, knob down, yeah. (machine whirring) Ooh, I hear something. – [Andrey] (laughs) Oh, my God. – What just happened? (gasps) – [Andrey] This is so bad, you know? – What’s going on? – [Andrey] I don’t know. – Did it get stuck? (machine whirring) Babe, you gotta go slower. (machine whirring) – [Andrey] There’s not enough power. – Uh-uh. – [Andrey] See, you have to, like, and then it just pulls that. – Pulls the hair through. Yeah, this, the ribbon part is not great. – [Andrey] So much for that function. – Okay. All right. So, besides the ribbon function, I think it did a pretty good job. So let’s try it on this
side of the hair now. See if it also goes left. Or if it also goes right. – [Andrey] Okay, you go up or down? – So, go up first. (machine whirring) There ya go. And now, okay, now take it down to do both of them. (machine whirring) Yeah, see, it’s going left now. – [Andrey] I’m having PTSD – This is hilarious. Babe, you literally need both
of these to go left or right. (laughs) This one only goes left and the other one only goes right. – [Andrey] So between
the two, that one’s– – This one’s so much better. – [Andrey] Much, much better. It can get, it can get it, it does a much tighter job. – Whoops.
– [Andrey] This one just– – Ugh.
– [Andrey] Too many buttons. – Argh. – [Andrey] Too many little gears. Weird steps. – And it only uses one battery. – [Andrey] I think it should
be like 16 and up, honestly. (both laughing) – Are you trying to make
yourself feel better? – [Andrey] Yeah, no. That doesn’t sound any better. – Yeah, no… Yeah, see for some
reason, these ones untwist a lot faster than mine. – [Andrey] Yeah, that one– – It just did such a far better job. – [Andrey] It did. – So, if you’re looking for twists– – [Andrey] I’m out. – You’re out? Thanks, sweetheart, I
appreciate the effort. If you’re looking for something with like an automatic twister that you just wanna play around with, excuse me, definitely try this one out. It’s pretty great. The only downfall is it only
goes in one direction. (laughs) (machine whirring) Only goes right when you go down. (machine whirring) So only goes clockwise, right? Clockwise. And then this one goes counterclockwise when you rotate the two sections together. So this is hilarious that
this is what happened. So is this necessary in your life? No, it’s not. Twists are very easy to do. But this is definitely fun, definitely has directions
you need to follow to make sure it works,
but it’s definitely fun. I think it’s great for like sleepovers, you know, girls doing their hair. Definitely better for longer hair, because then you can create
some really cool updos with it. But keep in mind that
it’s only gonna rotate in one direction. (laughs) All right, so there we have it, you guys. If you wanna try one of these,
I would suggest this one. But if you want one that
goes in both directions, get both of these. (laughs) And if you are gonna create something that does go in both directions
or you have the option, definitely give it a go,
’cause I will try it out. Thank you for watching, spending time with Andrey
and myself, and the baby. And we’ll see the next one very soon. Bye. (Blows kiss)

How does UK Tax work? – What you need to know about HMRC & PAYE

I get asked a lot about tax codes and how
tax works so we’re going to tackle this topic here and explain it with some quick
examples. Tax in the UK can be a bit tricky to understand
and there are lots of confusing headlines and stories out there to bamboozle you. This
is a basic guide to tax in the UK, check out part 2 if you want to know more about how
taxable benefits such as company cars or medical expenses work.
We are going to discuss personal tax from earnings. Let’s start at the top; HMRC.
HMRC – which stands for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs – is the department of the
government responsible for collecting taxes. This is what people mean when they talk about
‘the taxman’. These are some of the types of tax HMRC covers:
VAT Income tax
National Insurance Corporation tax
Capital gains tax Motoring taxes
Inheritance tax Stamp duty
Insurance Premium Tax Air Passenger Duty
PAYE It’s a long list! In this video we are only going to look at
PAYE. PAYE – or Pay as You Earn – is a type
of income tax. It is the amount that is automatically deducted from your salary on your payslip
each month, before you even get a sniff of it.
HMRC gives you a tax code. We’ll discuss tax codes in a minute.
Your tax code determines how you will pay tax and your employer uses your tax code to
deduct the correct amount from your salary each month and give it to HMRC.
PAYE is applied to your normal salary, sick pay, maternity pay, directors’ fees and
pensions. Tax codes. A tax code is usually in the form
of a number followed by a letter and it is a calculation of how much tax you need to
pay in the tax year. You can find your tax code on your payslip or P60 (which we’ll
come back to) and on the letter they write you at the start of each tax year.
Tax codes are calculated as follows: The tax-free allowance for everyone is currently £11,000 This means you can earn £11,000 before you start to pay tax.
This gives you the tax code 1100L which is what most people receive.
Ok, for this example we are going to use this tax code. We will look at how your tax code
can change a bit later. Once you earn over £11,000, you are taxed
at the basic rate. This is currently 20%. So if you earn £20,000 per year, you pay
tax on £9000 at a rate of 20%. This means you pay £1800 tax per year, or £150 per
month. Your employer deducts this automatically from your payslip – hence the term ‘pay
as you earn’. If you earn £30,000 per year, you pay tax
on £19000 at a rate of 20%. This means you pay £3800 tax per year, or £317 per month. Higher rate tax is paid on income above £43,000.
So if you earn £50,000, you will pay: Zero tax on the first £11,000 as above, 20% tax on your income between £11,000 and £43,000, This is £32,000 at 20% which equals
£6400. And you’ll pay 40% tax on your income above £43,000. This is £7,000 in this example which equates to another £2800 in tax. This brings your total tax bill to £9200 or £767 per month. I’ve heard people get this mixed up and think that as soon as you enter the 40% tax
bracket, all your income is taxed at 40%. This is not how it works. The higher rate (40%) tax bracket applies all the way up to £150,000. Above this point
you will pay 45% on your income. Also, if you earn above £100,000, your tax
free allowance diminishes proportionately to zero. If you have any questions about this,
leave them in the comments below but for now, we will assume that most people watching this
channel aren’t worried about this problem. To calculate your tax just remember this; If you earn more than £43,000; the proportion above this amount times 40% and the remaining amount between the two thresholds, – which is £32,000 – times 20% So what if your tax code is not 1100L?
I’m glad you asked. Your tax code may have a different number or a different letter.
We are going to cover this in part 2. Don’t forget to subscribe.
Remember, the figures used in this example are based on the tax year 16-17 and will likely
change from year to year. The basic concept remains the same though. Further information
is available from the HMRC website.

Would You Pay $185 For This Cannoli? | Basic to Bougie: Season 4 | MTV

(bright horn music) – Waffles! – Eat the (beep) cannoli. – I got big ass balls,
it’s crazy actually. – Are they talking about Tim’s balls? – Welcome to Basic to Bougie. I’m ya girl, Justina Valentine. And these are my co-hosts. – And this is her last episode, how y’all doing guys? I’m Darren “Big Baby” Brand. – Damn, I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – It’s not, we love you. – Oh thank you. – You kissed each other! – Nah we didn’t, what is the show Tim? – The show is Basic to Bougie and you know what we do on this show sometimes Darren? – What do we do Tim? – We try three different
types of two different foods and we try to determine
which is the basic-est and which is the bougie-est. – Because? – Because sometimes the
basic food can be bougie. – And the bougie food can be basic. – Oh, I thought you hit her
with the chankla right now. – [Justina] Let’s do it. – [Darren] Basic it is, let’s do it. – Basic! – Who? – It’s the the Italian. – Damn, she came up with names too? – Yeah she is bro, like
she’s doing a intro, she’s comin’ up with
names, she’s touching us. – I love you, a bushel and a peck, a
bushel and peck and a hug around your neck. – A what? Oh! Waffles! Waffles! Waffles, waffles! You know what, waffles
was so good they added chicken to it. – That’s the best. – And that’s a forsureyourighton. – That is a forsureyourighton. – And I bet we gon’ have
chicken and waffles. – I think you’re right. (upbeat hip hop music) – Here’s my thing, here’s my thing right. You like waffles? – Yeah. – Waffles?
– I love waffles. – We’re waffle people. The– – There’s some smoked salmon on here. – But why? – Salmon and sour cream. – Why, why? – [Tim] Oh, the salmon good. – By itself? Where’s the syrup at though? – No, you’re not gonna put syrup on this. – But don’t waffles come with? – Syrupiously? – Oh you tried it. – I tried it, it didn’t work. I guess we’re starting here. – Yeah, let’s do it. (funky hip hop music) – I made you a sandwich. – Aight, I’mma try.
– My hands are clean, here. – Bye. – Questionable. – You doin’ it?
– Cheers. – Cheers. Hold on we
gotta wait for Darren. – Did you bring any mustard? – Nice one. – I relish in these moments. – Oh! – I’m hot dog! Woo! – I shoulda used a condom-ent. – Gah, you shoulda! – Boy she’s mustard. Musty, musty, what’s the word? – Cheers. That was good. – I mean, you know. – I liked it. – That’s the stuff that go on sushi. Ooo. – I didn’t hate it. – There’s pieces of salmon. Can I tell you what
I’m excited for though? – [Justina] Yes. – The chicken cone. (funky music) – Now see look at that, look at that spice on that chicken, huh? With a nice hard waffle pals? (sniffing) – Oh it’s like ice cream, but with chicken. Lil’ buffalo sauce. – It’s good. I could use a soda pop. (upbeat techno music) – You know what, you
know what, you know what? Let’s do it. But it’s not a forsureyourighton. – Okay I was about to say. I was like this is a forsureyourighton? – No, no, no, it’s good but
it’s not a forsureyourighton. – How you feelin’ after
you ate this one with the salmon on it? Do you feel waffle?? (laughs) – Yours suck. – Hey, I do what I cone. (upbeat rock music) – That was good, that was good. – Oh my god. – Now this looks good. What kinda waffle is this guys, you thinkin’ some kinda wheat waffle? – [Justina] I see some berries in there. – But why is it dark? (horn alarms) – Because it was cooked brother. – This is the usual color of your waffles? – It’s the color of your friend. – And I love it. – It’s pretty good. – It tastes healthy. – It is good, it does taste healthy. Is this like a vegan waffle or something? – Gluten free or vegan
or something stupid. Let’s rate this man. (burps) – Excuse me. I’m going going like that. – Tim, what you thinking? – You know how sometimes
the healthy (beep)– – Most expensive is what I’m thinking. – Multi-grain and all types of– – That’s what I’m thinking. – You know what I’m saying. – [Darren] So, the
chicken is the cheapest? – [Tim] Yeah. – [Justina] Just cause
that’s the healthy option and that’s got the salmon. – Say salmon. – Salmon. – Yeah, let’s do this. – Salmon?
– No, no, no, stop look at me. – Salmon?
– Say salmon. – Salmon. (all laugh) Oh you switched it on me
while I wasn’t looking? – Oh you, oh you, oh you. – Put the salmon. – You ain’t got no balls, Tim. – No I got big ass balls,
it’s crazy actually. – Do you hear this bro? – Ratio wise, it’s like oh
I got some big ass balls. – Are they talking about Tim’s balls? It’s crazy. All right here we go, cheapest. Waffle cone! – [Justina] We did that! – [Darren] Here with
buffalo-fried chicken. – Okay, okay, okay.
– All right, here we go. – Let’s hold hands. – That’s what it all boils down too. – All right, all right, all
right. Oh no wait nevermind. – Let’s hold elbows. – Okay. – [Darren] Waffles with smoked salmon. (exhales) $12 served with cream– – Oh creme fraiche. – Fraiche. – Fraiche. – And tomato salad. – Damn, so what’s this? – [Darren] Cinnamon roll chaffles. – [Justina] Chaffles. – [Darren] Waffle, cheese
and egg made with mozzarella cheese eggs and almond flour.
– Why would you listen to me? – You gotta stand on your big balls, bruh. You can’t say how big ya balls
is and not stand on them. – Well she’s our guest. – See the average size ball
is about this big and then you take Tim’s and it’s about– – All right guys, y’all
ready for the bougie round? Bougie round. (light music) – Butler! – Jeffery! – Jeffery Daumer! (all laugh) We won’t know what we’re eating. – It’s all good. – Ooo, ooo, boop! – Get yo, get off him. – Oh, what’s this? – What is it? – Uh, it’s crispy on the outside. – It’s a cannoli! – Is it a cannoli? – It’s a cannoli! Sometimes I gotta have a cannoli. If I’m having a get
together and Sunday dinner, after the salad and the pasta rigatoni, I like to have a nice cannoli for each my of my pizanos. – God. (fancy orchestra music) – Over here, over here, and over here. This is a real Italian’s dream over here. – That’s crazy. – [Darren] Spell cannoli, go. – [Tim] C-A-N-noli. – C-A-N-O-L-I. Cannoli.
– Yeah, that’s what I said. – Woo, since you’re
Italian what is a cannoli? – So a cannoli is a cream– Oh!
– Oh, why would you do that? – That was irreverant. A cannoli is a cream-filled
pastry that can also double as a Chinese– – Finger trap, oh! – And it’s got little
chocolate specks inside of it. – Damn. Okay so we doing this one first? All right let’s get in. – So good. (traditional Italian music) Don’t (beep) disrespect my Uncle Vinny. – You a sha– – Eat the (beep) cannoli. Tasty, huh? – All because I watch
those movies and I know when you don’t listen
something bad happens. – Swimming with the
fishes, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Justina] So good. – You too? – I wasn’t gonna do the Godfather (beep). – I feel like if we gonna go in, like you gotta at least
try it for real like. – We should just smash your head in it. Here we go. – Yeah, that’s all right. (sad jazz music) – Here, like a baby bird. – No! – A baby bird. – No! – You know what, now that
I’m thinking about it. When you eat off the big part, it tastes a whole lot
better than the little ones. – For real? – You got it? Hold it yo’ self you grown man. – Oh thank you. – That’s banging right? – So this obviously the cheapest. – Obviously. – Cheapest? – Yes. Let’s do these ’cause
these are very empty. (fancy orchestra music) – Oh you gotta dip it. – You gotta dip it. It’s like a pastry chip. – Can I get some? – Here Tim, I got your back.
– [Darren] Oh sorry. – It’s basically the
same outside and you’re just like seeing how much
dip do you really want? Like this, what’s there is there. Here you’re like I just
might want a little dip. – What are you eating this after, dinner? – Yeah. It’s a after dinner treat – It’s aight, it’s a
little too sweet for me. – Ooo, that’s sugar. That’s diabetes happening right now. – This is cheaper than this,
I’mma tell you that right now. – All right can we get to
the salty one because that’s a little too much sugar for me. – Eat the (beep) food over here. Last time I invite you for (beep) dinner! (tires screech) – Did you put my shit on the table? – I was trying to– – Give me another one. Give me the other one. No, you don’t touch nothing! – Oh my hands are clean as could be. – Ooo, yeah that smells like pizza. – Ooo. – You gotta heat the gravy up, what are ya nuts? – Some more marinara, mhmm. – [Justina] Dip the food in the sauce. – It’s just cheese. – Darren it’s that time of the month, will ya have a little licky lick. – Uh, man that’s too much going on. Can we rate this? – I think I should be able to rate this. – Oh! – Being I’m Italian. – Go. – Yeah, you’ve been
talking the whole episode. – I’m going with these
little dipper flippers as the cheapest. The cheese cannolis as the middlest. And then the cannoli bonnet
from off the back of the truck, we’re gonna put that
as the most expensive. ‘Cause if we don’t do that you
know where we might end up. – With the fishes. – With the marinara. – Antonio! Bring my card! – Antonio? – Yeah. Let’s see if we won. – Oh, damn. Damn. – Oh (beep). The cheapest was the lasagna cannoli! – [Darren] $25. – Filled with ground beef? – Ain’t no ground beef. Oh we didn’t get to the ground beef! – Ground beef, cheese, marinara sauce– – He still hates it.
– From an Italian food hall. – Second place, was the cannoli chips, party size served with sweet ricotta cream from a gourmet supermarket. Last but not least. – Giant! – Giant cannoli, $185. Well to be honest I’m a disgrace. – You are, in real life because
you shoulda got this right. – So you know what we gotta tell her dog? – What we gotta tell her? – (beep) outta here! – Forget about it! – (beep) outta here (in foreign language). All right guys, well
thanks for watching another episode or Basic to Bougie.
– And what did we learn today? You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick– – Fam will– – Your friend’s nose. – I don’t think that’s
how that goes at all. – At all, no it definitely does. – Cannolis! – Your fingers smelled like cheese. (funky rap music)

How to Use 365 Command to Take Control of Office 365

Three sixty five command is a hosted service
for organizations who want to take command of their office three sixty five
subscription three sixty five command replaces the command-line
interface of power shell with a rich html five web interface when your organization subscribes to three
sixty five command your helpdesk staff will no longer have to
run powershell scripts for common tasks system administrators can now perform tasks
with these generate reports with the click of a button and provide their I t managers with this data
represented in charts and graphs let’s look at a few common examples of how
three sixty five command can help you get the most of your office three sixty
five subscription when you open the three sixty five command
dashboard you are greeted with a simple and intuitive
interface the dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of
your overall office three sixty five environment information such as users devices total mailbox count in size is readily available
in a graphical and easy to understand layout without having to employ
complex powershell skills from the dashboard you can easily navigate
to other features features like maps gives you a more in-depth
picture of where your mailboxes in your cloud environment are physically located in addition to location three sixty five commands
easy to view map will show you the number of mailboxes in a specific location
and their total size to see the details of each mailbox navigate
to list mailbox detainees here the mailbox address their last login and the mailbox size is listed if you click on account you can see a more
in-depth picture of that users details including the graph of how their mailboxes
grown over time if you want to forward a mailbox three sixty five command will allow you to
do so with a few clicks open up mailbox forwarding where you will
see the option to add a order to a mailbox simply choose which mailbox the messages will
be forwarded from and type in the email address that would be
the receiver and set your forward a common task that three sixty five command
allows you to handle with these is creating a shared mailbox to do this simply type in the mailbox name
and s m t p address and you have created a shared mailbox to edit this and all other mailboxes permissions Click edit mailbox permissions here you can granted remove access to mailboxes
as well as other common mailbox permission needs another popular three sixty five command feature is the ability to easily change password your consent passwords for users require them to change their password when
they login and you can set passwords to never expire reports are in additional task that is handled
with ease detailed reports can be viewed online or downloaded
to your desktop as an excel or a c_ s_p_ file each of the reports contains detailed information
including harder to access data such as devices by mailbox these reports are helpful in tracking and
understanding your data and with three sixty five command can be gained
a few simple plates these are just a few of the many features
of three sixty five command start taking command today have your office
three sixty five environment visit three sixty five commands dot com or call eight seven seven seven eight eight
one six one seven for a free Trial.

Cryptobuyer Pay: acepta pagos en Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin y recibe USD.

Your business can now accept payments using Bitcoin! Cryptobuyer Pay is the new solution to integrate your business to the world of digital currencies, versatile fast and safe, with Cryptobuyer Pay can offer an additional alternative to your traditional payment methods with the advantage of paying 0% commission, no maintenance fees and without any affiliation cost the merchant should only choose the currency of payment place the amount payable and display the QR code to the client, the system will detect the transaction and Done! and now you wonder if the Bitcoin price goes up or down? there is no problem! Cryptobuyer Pay blocks the dollar amount of the payment in the moment of receiving the transaction ensuring transaction receive trade 100% of the operation. And whether trade wants to receive digital currency bitcoin or another? solved! must only decide whether to receive such payment or you can even choose a combination of 50 and 50% in dollars and crypto what are you waiting for? visit and contact us! , Cryptobuyer! your gateway to digital assets.

Twitter Marketing Tutorial – Part 1

Hello, and Welcome to Episode 1 of the
Virtual Assistant Technologies FREE Twitter Marketing Video Course. Over the course of this video series,
we’re going to be looking at a few of the elements that make Twitter such
a powerful social media marketing tool. “What is Twitter, exactly?” Twitter is a micro-blogging service
that started several years ago as a simple means of instant communication
amongst like-minded individuals, this enabled them to share ideas,comments,etc. no matter where they were miles away, or
right down the street all instantaneously. This quickly became one of the modern
standards for communication amongst peers and has grown to mammoth proportions. So, how can a successful Twitter
campaign work for your business? While Twitter started off primarily
being used for personal communications like text messages it has since been
adopted by forward-thinking businesses, small business owners & entrepreneurs. Utilizing a social media vehicle such
as Twitter, companies have been able to successfully get the word out about
their services, keep their clients updated with the latest company news and events,
tradeshows, special offers and promotions, and gather new clientele through
digital word-of-mouth, etc. Since Twitter is so easily accessible
from convenient internet browser plugins to smartphone applications, to SMS
texting services it’s easier than ever to keep in constant communication
with your peers and clients. Many of us now act upon impulse,
and are less patient when it comes to keeping “in the know” that’s why
we do so many things on the go.. read the news, check the weather report,
send email from our smartphones while riding in a cab, sitting at lunch,
or even standing in line. Now that I’ve painted that picture;
think about your prospects, your new leads, even your existing client base how
much of an advantage can you gain, how much leverage do you now have
over your competition when you can keep in constant contact with your clients?
That being said.. Who’s to say that your competition hasn’t
already implemented this strategy? This is one of the things that makes Twitter
such an extremely powerful tool to have an once business strategies.
So what you waiting for.. Go out and get yourself a Twitter account
today if you don’t already have one. If you do already have one, perhaps it’s
time to utilize it to its fullest potential. Here are some examples taken from of a couple
of case studies we’re currently promoting: One is a cutting-edge medical device
design and manufacturing company. And the other is, the Owner of
Virtualssistant Inc. “Craig Donnelly” We’ve just started to promote both Twitter
accounts over the past couple of weeks, using various unique Twitter marketing
strategies that are specifically designed to increase the list of people we’re
following, the people who are following us, and ultimately driving more
traffic to our targeted websites in the shortest amount of time as possible. Throughout the course of our campaigns,
we have been rigorously testing optimizing, and re-optimizing the dynamics
of each of these accounts so we can maximize the results
and as well as productivity. In today’s online marketplace, it’s important
to stay up-to-date with current trends and as the rules change regarding viral
marketing tactics, search engine optimization, promotional give-aways, etc.,
it becomes even more critical that you stay ahead of the game,
and ahead of your competitors. Join us for the next episode.. where we’ll be discussing how to
define your target audience. Until then, I encourage you to go ahead
and sign up for your free Twitter account if you don’t already have one,
and follow us: