A faster way to remote COMMUNICATE at work using – LOOM!

IT Bro! IT Bro! Really need your help bro! I got one client ah sibeh hard to communicate walao eh I write 1000 word email she cannot understand screen shot 20++ Image she still misundestand wuhh and I better dont whatsapp her she will nonnnstop ask questions … Use Loom la Just 4 steps ~ Click the extension button to start Screen Record and talk about what you want to say After you stop your video will be stored in the cloud immediately Copy link and send to your Client, Done! wait bro…wait bro But what is the difference with skype or other video conferencing app? Big different ~! It is a tool to replace the text email Let the viewer to look at it slowly when he/she is in a good mood file is archived that can look it up again. All operated on cloud video will automatically stored in the cloud after recording and you dont have to worry about the capacity of the video storage No need to install software Just add via Chrome Extension and launch it with just one click Viewer can respond instantly while looking at it It is completely free So you don’t need to go online at the same time with the other party and you don’t have to worry about the network delay You don’t have to worry about the need for instant response like phone / sms / Whatsapp it may be too disturbing to the other party and it is more troublesome to retrieve the content you have talked about before Looks … not bad wo~ Eh bro … can show me how to use step by step arr … Better if I dont tell you… Ok ok, Firstly Search Chrome Store with Google Chrome then search Loom in the Chrome Store Add to Extension, done Of course, if you’re not using Chrome Browser you’re not able to add the Extension Ok, now let’s try it out For example, you have a document For example, you have a document and you need to discuss it with your Client, Supplier, colleagues, or partners Ready your file then press the Loom button in the upper right corner You can choose to have Cam + screen, or record screen only Usually I just straight away start recording Of course, make sure your Microphone has your voice recorded Start recording Hello colleague/ Hello Client/ Hello Supplier the document we discussed last time there is a typo here there is a sentence here that is different from what we discussed last time There is a paragraph here that you may not understand I will explain it here or Hello Designer the color of this Poster should be changed… this is too small… etc…. The viewer can listen to you while looking at the file. . Very clear and Straight forward! The highlights! When you have finished recording click on the Stop button and it will automatically store to the cloud! No need to download or waste your own computer memory just copy Link, send it, and done! ! No brainer! In addition, you can also use it as a Demo explanation For example, if your team does not know how to use a software and you are not in office you can open Loom directly and show it to your team Or it can be used for Presentation, Briefing, etc. Or, sometimes there is some information on the Internet that may not be retrieved when you pass it that may not be retrieved when you pass it you can record it on the spot using Loom~ you can record it on the spot using Loom~ Even, when I once in the lecture my phone was temporarily out of memory I used my Chrome Book to record it on the spot Viewers can also use ‘Like’ to make notes in the clip or respond immediately with the ‘Comment’ function. Anyway, there are many ways to use it, super convenient! In terms of details, pixels are limited for the free version but usually we use it for communication purposes the pixel is still enough. Is there a video archive limit? Yes, the free version can only store 100 videos but in fact, we can download it, and delete the old one then you have your quota again! But if you are ‘rich’, the paid version has more functions~ not bad not bad, bro you damn cool damn handsome! Have you subscribed my channel? Now I immediately go back subscribe… next time treat you Mamak … ciao first Ooi, Remember wor Damn handsome la you! Ciao ciao ciao Must Remember wei, subscribe my channel

Communicating online: Lync VS Online Rooms

Hi I’m Kev Lavery and today I’m going
to talk to you about the communication options available to you as a TAFE Queensland employee, and when and why to choose one over the other. While it’s always good to have choice, it’s
best that that choice is informed so you don’t just default to what are already comfortable with. It’s easy to get held back by
‘that’s what we’ve always done’. So, what choices do you have and how can knowing about these
make things easier for you? You will likely have either
Lync or Skype for Business installed on your computer by default – these are part Microsoft’s
“communications platform”. They are actually the same tool
– just different versions of it. You also have access to Online Rooms
through your network account. Online Rooms is the TAFE Queensland
branded version of Adobe Connect So what’s the difference?
What are the pros and cons of each? The one big similarity is that they both have
a really low skill ceiling on them – meaning it doesn’t take a huge investment
of time or effort to learn all you need to learn for both these systems. They’re pretty simple, quite user
friendly, and reasonably intuitive. Online Rooms is a web conferencing application. With Online Rooms you make an online meeting
space, populate it with resources (like videos, powerpoints, pdfs, polls, etc)
and invite users to that space. The space is located at a URL which means
that anyone with an internet connection is able to attend without needing any extra software. The space can be reused over and over again and shared amongst numerous users if needed. Lync and Skype are part of a “communications
platform” so they’re capable of doing a lot more. As users are continually signed into Lync
it can make locating people, checking availability and off the cuff communication
simpler and easier – either through their messenger function
or through the call functionality. The drawback is that it relies on those you
are communicating with having either Lync or Skype (and sometimes can rely on being
on a compatible network). This means it can sometimes be a problem for
users outside of TAFE Queensland. It is possible to join through a web app And there is also the secondary
fallback option of ‘Join by Phone’ – while this can be a suitable substitute for some
meetings it isn’t a great catchall solution (especially for meetings with a visual component). Join by phone isn’t available in Online
Rooms but users can use the Adobe Connect mobile app to join a meeting on
their smartphone or tablet – it means they still get the visual component
but it does depend on their access to wifi (or them being comfortable
using their own data). When it comes to audio quality Lync is reliably very good with each
user coming in at a consistent level. Because it’s an application it can make
audio adjustments for you without you even needing to ask – this ability to automatically adjust your
microphone levels results in everyone having a pretty close to even audio level. The audio quality in an Online Rooms meeting
can seem a little less reliable – but it’s nothing to do with Online Rooms. It’s because it’s not an application
in the same way that Lync is. Being browser based Online Rooms is a lot
more accessible but, because of this, it doesn’t have free reign over your audio
settings like an application does. It is pretty easy to sort out your
audio in Online Rooms – but it’s a matter of you sorting it out
instead of your computer doing it automatically. This is easy enough to do in Online Rooms using the Audio Setup Wizard to check your
settings and then making any major adjustments in your Recording Devices
and Playback Devices options. It can feel a bit cumbersome at first
but, after one or or two times, it pretty quickly becomes routine. Both systems offer you a chance to share content
they just do it in different ways. Rooms in Online Rooms are made up of
configurable Layouts made up of Pods and each of these Pods offers you
a different way to Share content. You can share your screen, PowerPoints, PDFs,
Polls, Links, and you can have a Chat Pod and a Q&A section for audience communication. You can also do this in Lync through the Presentable
Content area. Lync also offers you the ability to share
applications and even relinquish control of those applications to other users. So Lync certainly offers you a lot more options
in terms of how you can share content but Online Rooms can offer you
a more fluid way to do it. Online Rooms allows you to set your content
up in advance and, because it’s made up of customisable layouts of Pods
you can adjust things to suit – you could have a PowerPoint and a PDF
open next to each other for comparison without having to worry about stopping
sharing one to share the other. But Lync allows you to share a much wider
range of documents and allows for a type of collaboration that Online Rooms doesn’t. It’s also possible to run large scale registerable
events through Online Rooms. Great for information sessions, guest speakers,
and other opportunities. It all boils down to who you need it to reach,
what you need it for and why. Those three factors will go a long way to
inform your choice. If your attendees include people external
to TAFE then Online Rooms is probably the better choice. If your attendees are all TAFE
employees then either will suit. If you are expecting to move back
and forth between documents then Online Rooms is probably a better fit. If you are just talking TAFE staff through
one document (or no documents) then Lync is probably the best fit. If you are looking to share video (or share
a youtube video) Online Rooms will provide you with the functionality you need. For collaborating on documents within your
session Lync will probably be more suitable. For a quick message or a meeting
on the fly Lync is a much better fit. If you tend to reuse the same documents or
polls or whatever else then Online Rooms will allow you to set stuff up and then
just leave it in your room. Both are suitable for recording a meeting
but if you’d like to retain interactivity (like you want your links to still be
clickable and your files downloadable) then Online Rooms recordings
will be more suitable. You can also share an Online Rooms recording
via URL immediately after your meeting without any need for conversion or uploading. Hopefully this presentation has given you
some grounds from which to make an informed choice – but the more you use these platforms, the
easier and more obvious these decisions will become and you can ensure that you are communicating
in the most effective way possible. [music]

How to Record Skype Calls?

Skype is a popular application for online
chats and making video calls it’s great for keeping in touch with friends and family,
no matter where they are. But it lacks one very useful function – the
ability to record a video call. Movavi can fix that! Our Screen Capture Studio program is an easy-to-use
Skype recorder. In this video, you’ll learn how to capture
and save your Skype video calls. Step 1.Open Skype and launch Movavi Screen Capture
Studio Open Skype and then open the Movavi Screen
Capture Studio. If the software is not already installed on
your computer, click here and follow the on-screen download and set-up instructions. Step 2.Set the recording parameters The yellow frame next to the Screen Capture Studio window is the area you’ll use to
determine what’s captured during the video call. Adjust the size of it so that it fits in the
Skype window. If you’re using full screen mode when making
your video call, you can just open the Select Capture Area list and choose the full screen
preset. Don’t forget to move the program window
out of the capture area; if you don’t, it will appear on your recorded video. Next, make sure the speaker and microphone
icons have green check marks on them. This means that the program will record both
your voice and the voice of the other party in the conversation. To choose an audio input device, open the
list under the microphone icon and click on the appropriate device Step 3. Record your Skype call Click the REC button to start capturing the conversation. Switch to Skype and start your video call
now. You can control the recording process by clicking
on the Pause or Stop buttons in the program interface. If you’re using full-screen mode, press
F9 on your PC to pause and resume the recording and F10 to start and stop recording. Step 4.Edit and Save the Video Call to Your Hard
Drive Once you click the Stop button, the capturing
process stops and the edit and save menu opens. Here, you can specify the specific part of
the recording you want to save. Use the triangular markers in the preview
window to isolate each segment of your video. To save the video, open the Save as list and
choose from the available media formats, then click the Save button. Capturing Skype calls has never been so easy! Now you can always save your video chats,
online conferences, and interviews on your computer or mobile device for future reference. Download Screen Capture Studio today and take
your Skype conversations to the next level!

How to Setup Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam


Video Conferencing | Slack Features

– [Narrator] Sometimes saying
things out loud is faster and easier than typing. With voice and video calls in Slack, your team can collaborate
online as easily as in person no matter where everyone is located. Calls can launch from any
conversation in Slack. Go from typing text to a one-on-one or group call with a click, and when you’re on a call,
you can explain your ideas by sharing your screen and
even let your coworkers annotate and control your apps. Slack lets you invite the
right people to any call. You don’t have to send out
invites or share meeting IDs. Just start a call in a
channel and everyone can join. Slack’s also flexible enough to also work with other
video conferencing tools. Get all the benefits of
communicating over video in Slack with the tools your team’s already using. Slack, where work happens.

Skype for Business – Hoe werkt Skype for business voor INTO?

INTO laat het werken Skype for business Richard Grefhorst is ICT consultant bij INTO en Specialist in Microsoft oplossingen waaronder
Skype for business. Hij heeft zo een vergadering met zijn project
groep. Om zo effectief mogelijk te vergaderen maken
ze gebruik van Skype for business. “Hey Maaike, goedemorgen.” “Ik ben de tweede die binnenkomt?” “Ja, ja… Joey heeft al gebeld. Die is onderweg maar staat in de file.” “Oke, dan bellen we hem bij met Skype for
business. Dan kan hij alvast deelnemen aan de meeting.” “En Hans is ziek.” “Dat is goed dat we dat weten. Dan nemen we de vergadering op en dan kan
hij dat in sharepoint en dan kan Hans hem altijd terug kijken en is hij ook op de hoogte
van deze meeting.” Natuurlijk kan je Skype for business gebruiken
voor video bellen, chatten en documenten delen om zo op afstand te kunnen samenwerken. Maar juist ook tijdens fysieke meetings kan
je Skype for business goed gebruiken. “Goedemorgen, Richard.” “Goedemorgen, ik heb begrepen dat jij in de
file staat?” “Dat klopt, het staat hier helemaal vast.” “Dat is niet zo prettig, maar ik schakel je
nu wel even bij voor deze meeting en dan kan je zo bij ons aanschuiven. Hans die is ziek, die kan er niet bij aanwezig
zijn. Ik neem de vergadering op en die zet ik op
sharepoint zodat hij dat later terug kan kijken.” “Prima, goed idee.” Het handige van Skype for business is dat
je gelijk documenten kan aanpassen in bijvoorbeeld Word online en dat iedereen dat realtime kan
zien. Ook collega’s die op afstand meekijken. “Goedemorgen.” “Hey, goedemorgen Joey. Fijn dat je er bent.” Je kan dus makkelijk contact leggen met een
collega via chat en video om direct een vraag beantwoordt te krijgen. Effectief maar vooral snel en makkelijk. “Maarten, bedankt voor het delen van de document. Ik heb hem even doorgelezen en ik zie dat
er een stuk over instaat over het ontzorgen over levering en service. Ik vind dat daar eigenlijk het stuk installatie
van INTO daarin vermeld kan worden. Kan jij dit voor mij verzorgen?” “Ja, dat is geen probleem. Ik zal het ter plekke bewerken zodat de klant
ook kan zien dat wij de installatie verzorgen.” Met Skype for business is afstand geen probleem
meer. Maar zoals je ziet bewijst Skype for business
ook haar toegevoegde waarden tijdens fysieke meetings. Je kan altijd werken, vergaderen en effectief
samenwerken waar je ook bent en welk mobiele apparaat je ook gebruikt. Wil je meer weten over Skype for business? Ga naar onze website: https://www.into.nu

Yealink T58V (android) the first look

2 gigabit ports on Back panel internet and pc and headphone port Usb port, for connecting usb disk Removable usb camera Camera power off button Solid but minimalistic performance.. simple menu Camera function take a picture gallery photo editor Possibility of sharing via email or bluetooth voice recording Web browser Possibility of web configuration from phone Simple connection to video conferencing

3 Easy Ways For Teams to Video Conference with Logitech


SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync

introducing the smart room system the best meeting room solution for Microsoft Lync and Skype for business it’s sleek design and broad range of sizes accentuate any rule while comprehensive end-to-end services and support options remove maintenance headaches and barriers to adoption Microsoft Lync and Skype have made it infinitely easier for your team’s to communicate now it’s time to revolutionize the way the collaborate engineered to make meetings more productive the smart room system isn’t just a powerful communication tool it’s a meticulously designed collaboration system with it meetings start immediately there’s no time wasted fiddling with cables or searching for remotes within seconds work begins remote participants join like any other link or Skype meeting only now they’re more than passive listeners they’re active participants interacting with content is natural and it’s not just with Microsoft Office your teams can work in any industry application and save the file in its original format that means rather than just looking at content users are collaborating on getting alignment and moving on to the next task these aren’t meetings where work is discussed these are meetings where work gets done and getting work done has never been more interactive than the unbound workspace which lets team members pan and zoom to any level of detail the interactive experience is unrivaled giving your team’s the ability to identify any discrepancies immediately within the meeting wherever teams are located whatever application they’re working in the smart room system is the only room system that empowers your teams to actually collaborate the outcome less time wasted more engaged remote teams instant alignment make meetings a time when work gets done with the smart room system you you