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Alex Rodriguez Helps American Idol’s Brian Dunkleman Get Back to Work

-I want to talk about
your new show. I love it.
“Back in the Game.” I love this idea.
I love everything about it. Explain to everyone what it is. -Yeah, so, “Back in the Game”
is basically taking athletes, entertainers,
and celebrities that have gone from rags to riches
to rags. Michael Strahan is my partner.
He’s my executive producer. We both produced it. And, you know,
the bottom line is — you have so many great people
that fall on hard times. -Sure.
-And we all need coaching. I remember when I went through
my really difficult time with my suspension in 2014. I had some incredible people to pull their hand out
and help me. Not only help me, but coach me. And one thing about athletes —
they’re great students, and they want help. And you think about
Evander Holyfield, who I end up loving
and grew up watching him. And seeing this guy
being taken advantage of and the way we’ve been able
to put him back and put systems around
him to help him get his life back in order — -But this —
The third episode, I believe, is Brian Dunkleman… -That’s right. -…who I knew from when I did
stand-up in L.A. But he was — if you don’t
remember his name — the first —
He was the co-host of “American Idol”
with Ryan Seacrest. -He was on this trajectory to
become, you know, the next Ryan Seacrest. Now, Ryan became came to be one
of the biggest stars around, and Brian just fell into
tough times, ’cause he made some
tough decisions. -Yeah.
-But then depression came in. And, you know, as an athlete,
they say you die twice — once when you retire
and real death. And I saw that firsthand
with Brian. And we needed to get him
back on his feet, not have the victim
own his mistakes, because that’s the
most important part. But then what you started seeing
is a guy that was talented, a guy that had charisma,
a good-looking guy. He went from “American idol”
co-host to driving Uber. And it’s — it’s —
In many ways, it’s so sad. And I’ve had
so many people call, and they want to be
a part of the show. They want to be a part of this, because it’s the right thing
to do for these guys. And no one wants to see
their legends fall on tough times. -It’s a really cool episode.
I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Alex Rodriguez and former “American idol”
host Brian Dunkleman in next week’s episode of
“Back in the Game.” Take a look. -And how much were
they paying you? -I was making like
18 grand a week. -So you’re making around
$72,000 a month. -Oh, God.
-Right? In 2002. Is there a small part of you
that says like, “This is big money. I need this money for my family,
for my future.” -Oh, my God. There was no thought of a family
or no thought of a future. It just — It didn’t register. -By walking away from a show, does that automatically put you
on a blacklist? -Yes. All of a sudden,
my manager never returned
another call of mine. And then I went three years
without working. Drank too much,
gambled too much, drugs. And I was high.
So my money went. It went like that. -Ooh! That’s amazing. It’s good for you
to help him out and get him on the right track. I love this show.
I’m so happy you’re doing it. Alex Rodriguez, everybody. Check out “Back in the Game” Wednesday nights
at 10:00 p.m. on CNBC.

Hire Story – The leader in employment video production

we’ve been producing recruitment video since 2004 so you’re talking well over a decade of honing in on this niche and really understanding what it is to produce a quality piece how that product has to differ for an HR and a candidate standpoint than traditional marketing videos and that’s really something I don’t think anybody else can say today I love the fact that we don’t just sell video just to sell you video we actually try to solve recruitment challenges that are presented we’ve really tailored our packages to be cost effective for an HR recruitment budget and we’re able to customize a package in a way that they can fit it into their annual recruitment strategy and it’s not going to break the bank because recruitment video is all we do we know what question a potential applicant would ask our job as video professionals is not to provide smoke and mirrors and to create something that’s not going to be what that candidate’s going to work in really what we’re looking at is great storytelling genuine storytelling with the tools that we have we’re able to capture a very dynamic footage where that we’re talking about drone footage or Steadicam or time-lapses we have those tools here and those resources to really tell the story you’ll find a lot of our videos on career websites on social media in job fairs just about any place where you’re looking to engage with the candidate you can use these videos that really puts us in a place where when your partner with us you get the best of both world you’ll get the production expertise and then you get the HR expertise and that’s hard to find

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Office Cubicle

How To Make An Office Cubicle Hello! Today, I’ll show you how to make an office cubicle. You can combine lots of these to make a big cubicle office! :] (Music by Liltommyj) I’ll be making this with a blue clay theme, but you can use the materials you want. (Music by Liltommyj) It’ll of course need a chair.. A desk.. A computer with a mouse.. (Music by Liltommyj) A plant.. A trash bin.. Oops.. (Music by Liltommyj) (Music by Liltommyj) Let’s make a calendar to decorate the desk! (Music by Liltommyj) It’s a design I recently came up with, I find it pretty useful! (Music by Liltommyj) If you have decoration ideas for the cubicle, feel free to add them! (Music by Liltommyj) Line them up and vary them a tiny bit for a boring-looking office! 😀 Leave a like if you want me to do an entire office with lots of cubicles and other awesome details! See you next time! (Subtitled by Decimalize)

Job Roles For Marketing Representative – Sales,Inbound,Outbound,Event organization

Hello all this is Priyanka from welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will be talking about the job role of a Marketing Representative Job questers who love to meet more customers
and have a flair for selling can opt for marketing career. The career has an excellent opportunity
and enhanced amount can be earned in the marketing field. Here are a few aspects about the career
growth and main duties involved in marketing. The primary duties of any marketing executive
are to formulate new strategies for promoting a product. The roles for marketing executive
are many where a few of them are distribution, planning, public relations, advertising, product
development, event organization, research and sponsorship. The fast paced and challenging
nature of the job lure in more candidates to this career. The marketing departments
are available in all organizations and hence there is always a good demand for marketing
executives. Marketing professionals are found both in public as well as private sectors
in a number of departments such as retailing, financial, media industries and more. The
primary duties of the marketing professional vary depending upon the organization they
work for. Some concerns focus mainly on selling the product and others and some work towards
creating awareness of the product. Almost all companies, retailers, manufacturer,
industries, local authorities recruit marketing executives. They make an analysis of demand
in the market, price and the prevailing competition. They write reports and also monitor performance
of the product. There is no specific educational qualification but a graduate from any discipline
who has interest in selling can come forward for marketing jobs. Certain high profile companies
look forward for candidates with post-graduation in marketing, statistics or business. In the
same manner vacation courses and placements are also available when marketing is considered.
Work experience would be an added advantage to get into top multinational companies. The
salary for marketing professionals would be 12k to 15k and ones with master’s degree
and experience can gain 18k to 23k. There are ample companies that recruit marketing
executives, where a few of them are • Doctors time health services
• Aqua kelvin packaged drinking water • Powergen
• JVR Infotech private limited • Prime soft IP solutions
• Spice jet limited • On time solutions
• Xam check • India dye chem
• Bulb Media Pvt ltd • Chipmonk technologies apart from these they are a lot of E-commerce companies that are coming up today who needs marketing professionals in big numbers starting from Flipkart,Nika,jabong,myntra,Snapdeal to name a few of them These companies can be checked with their website to know more details about their location,
salary career growth and lot more queries. The government sector also recruits marketing
professionals for their various organizations scattered across the nation where a few of
them include • Handicrafts and handloom corporation India
Ltd • National buildings construction corporation
limited • Anand agricultural university
• Society for elimination of rural poverty • SPMCIL
• Bank of India • GAIL
• Canara bank These are a few government organizations which
offer good salary and more perks for marketing jobs. There are ample more government companies
too for graduates who decide to get into government field for marketing. A research online would
be helpful in fetching the right marketing company to enhance your career. we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below