Building a $25 HOMEMADE CHICKEN COOP for My FARM!!! (DIY)

oh good morning lease gentlemen it is pouring rain here in Nebraska sucks I mean it is absolutely just getting it but you don't voice what are you waiting on jr. we got bad things to do boy we got things to do what do you are you going brick lumberyard this is a video that you guys have requested quite a bit something I'm pretty excited to make it is a homemade chicken coop that's the plan today we're gonna make homemade chicken and actually some raised garden beds and we're gonna plant some garden things some food Boswell's always hungry he's always he's always stealing my food so we got to plant some food look at all the dad cars dude there's so many of them just snag one of them we may have to grab two you ever just walk into Lowe's ago doing dad things today smells like that things but yes first I say let's do let's do the garden first at least get the lumber off to get the dirt and everything later we're gonna have so much stuff to bring in farm it's me a lot of stuff so let's do the raised garden bed first and then we'll drink to second we cut in yeah let's just get four to be safe so that would be the side the sides are done two sides then the ends now why do we want them so we should get four two feet is 2 feet high tall enough or do you want to tell them to feet so let's just get one of these mystery so we need to get some garden bedding thingy and actual dirt and plants hey they're on sale though say five bucks those are nice so that they pulled up that's all right all right all right all right it's not part of the challenge but I need one I need sawhorses these are really expensive but they fold up so I feel like I should get them nice and compact okay let's just do five five by three so I name three wide is good yeah and 50s plenty well we don't need price 50 actually this this is weed barrier we don't really need it I mean we kind of needed we don't really need it well there's no weeds it was just to hold the dirt in if you don't have enough you think we buy enough wood that's the only thing we didn't buy enough wood then we need this we did buy enough but we don't need this okay so let's just get this and let's just get a little extra chicken wire and we'll be good to buy 2:36 now we're on to the chicken coop we have four two by two by 36 spindles are like like these are they're really nice what that hang Spears I think so we need forty four inch and a half all this extra well just buy a hundred sixty-four because I might run out 200 inch 1/2 inch long staples and a staple don't need that and that's 1,200 I only need 200 electric staple nail gun okay well it's a nail gun too sheesh staples done here we go so this is kind of like an optional part you could just make this out of plastic by the way I got this idea from alumna Akers youtuber big fan Lemna and basically copying your entire video so shoutout to you he used plastic like literally a plastic water bottle for this to cut the cost but I'm gonna actually use like real hinges just so I don't end up breaking them so this is kind of like an optional part you guys are following along and whatnots it's not necessary if you really trying to save money you don't need to get this but today we're getting there and I see I made them out of plastic these are expensive yeah again we're not queer not putting this into the factor of the cost because this is totally optional it's just what we're gonna do make it the correct way but it's not the cheapest way we should just get 24 by 24 is wait why is 24 50 feet why is that Scheffer poultry netting got everything that exact same it's cheaper your chickens gonna get through that let's get that what is he just taking a break up there what is over here just like hmm I'm gonna try sit down for this okay so we need 12 let's just get like a couple extra get like 14 all right well you guys are trying to do stuff cheap get dog-eared fence thanks it's a lot cheaper than this but I'm too lazy to go return it so we're just gonna buy it anyway stop that no it's actually a lot more these were 12 yeah these were 10 in those row doc damn I don't know what's going on I feel like I just spent way too much money well 13 should be 12 no this should be 12 with one you want a bag yeah well back on the stock like this oh yeah hey mates at the farm folks finally look our ward made it doesn't make you feel good feel good about it look at that sure yours you ever heard of a heme iron well you gotta get this on and going it's lunchtime already folks we literally just got started with our day and it's already lunchtime let's get this on and going well got the weiners what are they brought got brats on the grill you haven't asked Ito's out here so about this little squirt gun actually Austin bought it you know the thing is battery-powered what do you think the odds this works we're going sniper-style long-range I just cover this area do you think all the mosquitoes will stay away what are the odds Oh I'll let you eat it first okay all right we're done I think it's done yeah ha very good dude this is what do you what do you ever see them tweets I'm always referencing something this struggle meal yeah that's a trouble me all right there side straight up someone one slice of Wonder Bread with a little mustard on bratwurst ketchup will be good good here we go folks we starting to build we're do the garden first they were new the chicken coop we did not buy soil and plants today Lowe's didn't have the plants we wanted in we figured hey let's just get it all once nobody separate vlog if you guys enjoy the garden videos oh let me know in the comment section below and if you enjoy the homemade chicken coop style videos we don't have chickens clearly but you have to have a chicken coop before you get chicken so we're thinking about getting chickens just for meat bird sees obviously the chicken coop watch and say obviously the joob you're gonna see later is not for egg-laying chickens it's for meat birds so we're gonna get started here like I said if you guys enjoy these types of us I mean the comment section down below and we'll keep doing it so let's get to work Bob Bob the Builder all right so we're gonna measure this I think this is probably 10 10 10 ish so we need to break that down in fourths what's 10 divided by 4 2 and 1/2 freaking scholars out here so 2 and 1/2 would be right there that's one and you go half and then you go for and you go full and then you go 1/2 1 2 3 I think you did 2 and 1/2 is 10 yeah but but this right here what you do right here half oh I did a foot and a half yeah I'm an idiot I was like I don't think that's where it should be okay we're good yes I thought I was smart yeah he goes freakin scholars on the grammar square carpenter square I wouldn't exactly call it even you think it's gonna matter primate OHS won't care my tomatoes won't care listen I'm not a craftsman yeah that's pretty much all I got to say I am a wannabe everything and I'm really bad at most of it all right step two well we got the post done step two these boards are 10 feet long so we got to cut them in half cuz we're gonna do a 5 by 3 section or that's gonna be our race garden I guess so we're gonna cut these cut two of them in half that'll be our sides and then we got to do the other sides and we start piecing it all together so far not doing too bad you got anarchy whenever no that's all you you put it up there son well we got the sides done you can see right here these are the long sides now we gotta do the short sides we're gonna do now you broke it now we're gonna do three feet so it's gonna be six by three I messed up I said it's five by two and a half these boards are 12 feet we're just stupid so we're doing six by three so we need to cut that thing into four four equal pieces put them all together and then just start start drilling on stuff but so far I mess it up well this guy if he has a visual idea of what we're doing we've got four posts and then we're gonna have to add more site so we add depth to it but essentially we're gonna do this build it all screw it all together then flip it up and then we'll have to fill in the bottom but so far I think it's looking decent it's definitely not straight I don't tell you how much we'll fix that looks good see this side looks way better then you get over here it's like well it's like Angie did this side or something that guy you know that's whatever I knew I messed up and oscillators see Lisa unscrewed I could've just unscrewed it but it'll hold everything dirts that heavy so we're good so we got to another another layer so we can get some deeper so we don't we don't want six inches of dirt we want 12 dang-son kill him it we killed the game well the one thing we realized is we didn't think through the bottom throw Lee we thought about it like for half a second so we don't have enough wood essentially if you wanted to finish this what you would do is you would take that wood that we bought just like this and you would cut the insides 36 outsides 38 so you got an end to end each side so you do 38 and you just do like planks all the way across like this and screaming from the bottom and that would give you your bottom but we didn't buy enough wood for that we were thinking we're gonna do like just a few supports and then some chicken wire and stuff we didn't buy the right chicken wire for that so we don't know what we're thinking essentially this is how you build a raised garden bed we'll finish the bottom of it in a different video probably after we go get more wood but comment down below what should we plant what do you guys want to see you as we see some tomato I like tomatoes cucumbers chilapa nose bell peppers let me know in the comment section down below what should we plant but this review ain't over folks we got to go build chicken coop alright time for the chicken coop step 1 take two of these whips thing called dog ear fence pickets or something cheap wood two of these and then two of your spindles and that's it for right now 30 and 3/8 right there there you go folks step one step is a surprise step three got some wood glue so we've got them spaced out all the way 72 interested he's gonna be one one side so we gotta do this twice so I'm gonna lift this thing up smear a little bit of wood glue on there just for extra safety put that right down yonder you don't want the chickens to escape there yeah yeah we got two of the walls now the guy do is put the crossbeams on everything looks somewhat symmetrical so now we scrab a couple of these and take over here put across like this right there and then one at the bottom and one on the other side about halfway done this is actually really fast and we've actually parallel Emma did this for about 15 minutes we're about halfway done well it didn't break where'd that wind come from all right well we got all the sides up four sides now we got to get the chicken wire on the sides and then we're gonna do the roof and the latch and the hatch and the thing er but now we got to get what do we have this is um this is 24-inch 50 foot long large hex galvanized for durability poultry netting so we're gonna basically just wrap around the whole thing and just staple gun around the whole thing so the chickens of escape we got chicken wire on boys that was step 17 and a half we got chicken wire now time for the roof this is where some some of it kind of gets a little complicated yes grab you don't grab a measuring tape on some so remember these little things that you chopped off you gotta save them so these this is what we're gonna have to use them for supports here we're gonna go from this we're gonna go up to 36 inches make a mark now I gotta be there excited the same thing what you're gonna wanna do is you're gonna take these guys you're gonna line up this edge here flush like this and actually this or we can use some glue and some clamps all right so we're gonna do is take some glue spread it on there like that and then just line it up about flush get the clamp on it this clamp will help hold it in place glue me brother next up put some glue on top like that next step cut one of these suckers your full-size piece of wood here cut it in half to 36 inches oh dang son frickin measured it perfectly alright next step we're working on the door so it's important to make to leave a gap right here otherwise your doors gonna get caught so probably do like a like 3/8 of an inch okay so once you leave the gap take your gun alright good old fashioned door hinges we're gonna install these guys while Austin's getting chicken wire situated I think that'll work so you need three extra support close enough hey it works alright we got two more steps I actually I've made an adjustment didn't show you guys put another support here I get the original video that I got this idea from didn't do that he put them in the front I definitely miss measured but it ended up working out to where you know this is supportive so now honestly all that's left we got to put chicken wire here on the door and chicken wire on this back half that's not the door so this is not the door this will stay covered and then this is where you can access it and all the other stuff so all right final test boom this is a trick get in there bombs what you act like a chicken you look like the most like a chicken between us off you look he already got white shirt on he's like a white meat chicken that's what meat chickens are they're white I mean I'm sure they're multiple colors so when he's naughty do this just fast in a little walking mechanism here see if he's just I could not get out may be fine and then it's like here Bonsall here's your food chica chica here's your water cheek and then when it rains you just put a tarp over it or you put you put a tarp over the back half so when it rains they can kind of get back and then this is what you do so so bombs look grazes he's gonna be grazing and eventually you know maybe after a few days it's gonna look browner here so then it's simple you just do this you just move it you move it ten feet and then they grace and then you move it another 10 feet and then they graze it's called a chicken tractor but hey if you guys want to build this we actually totaled up 25 bucks if you're really trying we spent maybe 40 maybe 50 but that's cuz I mean I spending $8 on hinges and I got chicken more chicken wire than necessary and everything else but essentially if you're really ballin on a budget 25 bucks you can do it and you could honestly if you really know what you're doing you could probably build it in probably 30 minutes took us about maybe three or four hours not really it took us like right – this is how you build a chicken coop for under 25 bucks 25 bucks get my give or give or take five bucks hope you guys learned something I will link the video though that I got this idea for him cuz he's way better at filming and way better at teaching and he's loaded I mean I literally copied it won't like line for line except mine does not look nearly as good it says so clear I messed up somewhere but I will link that down the description below if you guys wanna go check out his video if you really are trying to make this you're gonna wanna go check out this video this video is just kind of like a my half-assed college attempt the college try attempt I'm making one and well I guess we got to get some chickens now thank you guys so much for watching peace

Amazing Old Garage to Barn Makeover! Before and After

welcome to the channel my name is Doug I'm Ashley and we live out in the country in case you're just joining us we have been renovating an old barn on our property getting it ready for livestock this barn is a metal structure that we're in right now and it was in pretty bad shape when we bought this property but we were determined to bring it back to life we're finally ready to reveal the progress on our barn renovations so we have it all painted and it looks awesome but there's still a lot of work to do so it's not 100% finished now we learned that this barn was actually a body shop down in Fort Wayne Indiana originally and it was moved here sometime in the 1970s we're guessing and since then it's just been neglected it was used for a couple years but mostly just for storage I believe most of the time and it's finally seeing life again and it's gonna be used now for animals that are our small farms so it's gonna be really cool that it went from a body shop in the city to a barn in the country so that's really a big change yeah for the barn as well and we're really happy with how it's coming out so I guess we will show the progress from the beginning and I hope that you guys enjoy the transformation just as much as we do if you look over here we got this epic old metal bar Kable polar to it we're gonna see if we can give this footing to move this is successful okay Wow look at this mess this is what we've been doing it's all opened up we're getting it prepared for the metal we're gonna be buying wood the frame up inside here so we could attach our new metal to it and took down all this metal come down because it was all rusted and falling apart do I want to cut it or not you know once you cut it you can't go back well that's finally done I was nervous to make the cut how we did it we're back now and ready to work so we're gonna get right into it mixing the concrete and stuffing it in the holes that hope it works we are done with the footings so I decided to try this product it's rust cutter and basically the k'rud Kutter rust X and it's basically going to convert the rust into a paintable surface go stare up high squeeze it out we're ready to start priming it's a beautiful day we already have a late start in the morning so we're gonna get right into it like that this one is yours and that's what you think this is day number three first we did the rest converter then the primer I also used up whatever frame where I had left in an inside here you can see I just trying to anything that was really rusty and corroded that needed to be protected a little better and as you can see I did ruin my clothes and now it's painting day so we got the primer done we got the the paint all done we got some touch-up work to do Smita rained and we didn't expect that at all so we woke up and we had a mess because some of the paint ran and it got on the the colors mixed and there was some spots that were showing we had no it was just a disaster we're gonna get right back to work on this barn so we can get it done and show you guys [Applause] here's the moment you've all been waiting for from rusty garage to country barn here it is look at that there's the the new barn all fresh with new paint new metal let's check it out we are so happy with how this turned out and it looks awesome you can see we put a window in up above to let some natural light into the barn and these two pen these two sections are all new metal but the rest is just a regular old metal we painted it up yeah we still have to put the Grouch door on we have to replace some windows we have to fix the door on the side but it's coming together and it's so cool yeah it looks so good we know the roof is in rough shape and eventually we're gonna do something with that but for now that's okay so what do you think of the colors guys nobody guessed red or brown yeah we got a green aunt and everybody else the aggressive guessing all kinds of good guesses but nobody gets this and we think it's awesome we decided to go our original idea was red and white we wanted to go farm we were gonna say this is a farm loud and clear but then the red and white is kind of overdone and we want the white gets dirty we wanted to do something a little bit different so we got looking around and this is something that Ashley came up with red and brown and it looks rich it looks good and it looks regal yeah it's really epic it's awesome some of you with an observant eye might notice that this section is a little bit crooked and that's because it's an old uneven barn the the posts are at different heights because the ground we just had to go with it so the metal is a little bit skewed but it's just yeah we wanted to do it that way so that the window would be the same size without any stair casing yeah the window actually goes out it's all at an angle so we just had to work with it you got to work with these old structures you can't you can't fight it so that's our first major project I think since being up this property came out so epic and that's coming out good the next thing we're gonna do is like I said probably get the garage door up and get it closed in and the neighbor came over and he thought it was just so cool then yeah he came out of the way I was when I was painting he came over and said wow this is looking good so that was awesome yeah so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please hit that like button and until next time take care bye you

Hopsin – Bout the Business

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