TOKYO, Japan travel guide: Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza Six, Uniqlo | vlog 5

Have you ever had sushi
for breakfast? -No.
-Are you willing to try? -Pizza.
-Pizza for breakfast? Yeah. Pizza, very good. Okay, there’s always the first time then.
Let’s go. [music] Ginza day. But first,
have you ever had sushi for breakfast? -No.
-There’s always the first time. If you’ve ever seen
older videos and articles about a famous tuna auction
that happens here in Tokyo, well, that used to happen here. There was a wholesale market
here at Tsukiji Market, but that closed in 2018. The famous auction moved
to a new site east of here called Toyosu. But as a visitor, you don’t get
the same experience anymore being right there
in the middle of the action, seeing everything, unless you book way,
way in advance, and there are very limited spots. If you just arrive,
you most likely are gonna watch it from the second floor
behind glasses, so I’m not sure it’s worth being there
at 5:00 in the morning anymore. Here at Tsukiji, the outer market
hasn’t changed. So, if you want to try
the freshest seafood ever, this is where you need to come. [music] As you’ve seen the market
the way it was before, you have to tell me how was it. Well, it wasn’t just these stalls. It was the big market
where you had all the fish out, laid out in buckets
for sale Have you seen the auction? -Yeah.
-How was it? It was fascinating. [laughs] -You don’t get to see it.
-No. [laughs] We’re getting started here
with something that seems more similar to our western palates, right? Eggs.
Let’s see how different it is. But she asked if I want
a sugar or no sugar. -I said no sugar.
-Chata (boring) -You wanted sugar?
-Go ahead and eat. Very hot. Mmm. It is kind of sweet. Eggs… sweet!
It’s good. It’s like a sweet omelet. I had to buy my own
because Renata didn’t want to give me any. -She doesn’t feed me.
-You’re so bad. That is Yoshizawa beef. It might be fantastic. One dish that she was preparing, ¥4500. Imagine, this at a street market! Although it’s a street market,
you see? Prices are not the cheapest here. You pay for the freshness here. Fish cake, please. Yeah. Look at this fish cake here. It’s super hot.
I think they just fried it. Very tasty, very tasty.
It’s so soft. The very fish fillet here. I just have no idea what fish this is. Mmm. Very good. Hai, konnichiwa!
(Yes, hello!) -Konnichiwa (hello) Sea urchins. [music] Gordon: What is this? Crab from Samundong -Ah, okay.
-Mixed. -There you go.
-That’s good. Yeah. Tofu outside,
vinegar rice inside, and crab on top with fish eggs. Ah. Mmm. Oh, my God.
It’s like a dream come true. So many flavors.
So, so worth it. -Isn’t it delicious?
-Uh-hmm. -Uh-hmm.
-Get your own now. [laughs] I’m serious.
Get your own. [music] The shops here normally open
from 5:00 until around noon. That’s why you need
to be here in the morning. Look at the different cuts of tuna. The neck is where there’s more fat. [music] Three types of tuna here. And she asked if I wanted
with eggs on top. She said it’s traditional,
that I should try it. And I said yes. You don’t even need to bite.
It melts in your mouth. Oh, my God. It’s divine. This tuna is incredible. -Hi.
-Hi. -Strawberry and custard cream, please. -Custard cream. -Arigatou.
-Arigatou gozaimasu. For you and for me. [laughs] This seemed to be
the busiest stand in the entire market for this dessert here. I heard that the one with beans inside
is very traditional here. But when I saw this strawberry,
I can’t resist it. You’re all messy there now. [laughs] It’s like a kid eating Mmm. So different. I can see why you got
all full of powder. It’s the sugar outside. It’s a very interesting texture. Look at here inside. -You haven’t even bitten into it. -Go.
-No? Okay. The texture is like a flan. -Is that strawberry in the middle? -Strawberry in the middle.
It’s great for dessert. Wow, we had the catch of the day here. Fantastic tuna. Actually, everything that we ate
was really, really delicious. And we had it for a fraction
of what it would cost in the restaurants in Ginza. There you could easily pay
¥30,000 per person. Now, here it was not that cheap either. We spent ¥2300 in total. It was about US$23. We could have spent way more, but it was very delicious
and very, very worth it. Also, it was more than breakfast, actually. I feel this was my brunch. [music] How do you know when you’re in Ginza? When a purse costs US$1,300. [laughs] [music] After a 10-minute walk,
we’re in Ginza, Tokyo’s most exclusive neighborhood. And you got to come here
on a weekend in the afternoon because look at this, one of the main streets here
is shut down to traffic. And it becomes a huge
pedestrian-only street. This is Chuo-Dori Avenue. Would say this is like
the Fifth Avenue of Tokyo? -Yeah. That is funny.
It’s so hot outside Everyone seems to be here. And they even say here
that you can take pictures. Japanese are so polite
and they’re so organized. This is one of the newest malls
here in Ginza. Ginza Six. Look at how cool,
the store is totally open. No windows. You’re checking more food? -You’re hungry?
-Always. [laughs] More than 220 restaurants in Tokyo
have been awarded at least one Michelin Star. It’s a world record. This is more than twice compared
to the number two in the list, Paris. When you’re done with shopping or at least window shopping, just come to the top of the mall. There’s a sky garden here with a view. [music] You see a lot of landmarks here. It’s not a clear view
because we are on the 13th floor and there are lots
of skyscrapers ahead of us. Still, a very nice view,
good for a break. This mall was built on the side
of a very traditional department store in Ginza. It was called the Matsuzakaya Ginza. That store was from 1924 and it was built one year
after an earthquake that devastated Tokyo. The store actually helped
in the recovery of the city and it was very revolutionary
for the time. For you to have an idea,
people could come in wearing shoes. This is a very popular
Japanese clothing line, Uniqlo And this is their flagship store, the entire building. Look at that. Probably the most affordable products
we’ll find in Ginza. So, so thin. Perfect for a rainy day
in Southeast Asia, huh? -Uh-hmm. -The most affordable prices in Ginza. They have cashiers in every floor. Best hit collection.
You came to the best. Look at this view! This store is also famous
because you can personalize your clothes and do alterations.
Everything inside the store. [music] Aren’t you loving Tokyo? -Yeah.
-That was exciting. Look at how cool!
In certain parts of the street, they put these chairs here
with umbrellas for you to just sit down and relax. You don’t even need to buy anything. And things get busier here
after 2 or 3 p.m. because the buildings
will cover the sun and the entire street
is on the shade. Gordon, you are now standing
on probably the most expensive piece of land in entire world. Yeah, right here. Ah, because it says “G.” I can’t believe you! [laughing] -I can’t believe you.
-What? ♪ Like a G6,
Like a G6 ♪ [laughs] -Remember that music?
-No. Do you like what you see? -You like what you see?
-Hot, hot. [music]

How I’m Dealing With Bad Dental Work

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host the report of the week and thank you for checking out this video No, I know getting into it. I mean right away. I imagine you would have a lot of questions You know, you might see the title. You might be you know, you might be wondering why yeah, what’s what’s going on? What’s happening is this? Permanent, you know, what did Taco Bell just did you have one too many I mean what’s going on here? I know some of you, you know commented free I mean for years that oh, you know you chew weird you a little odd Maybe you kind of eat on one side of your mouth or it Looks like you’re gonna regurgitate the food out as you’re eating it or you know I’ll get all these comments about how I how I chew and Admittedly, it’s true yes, I I have been chewing very Strangely for the last again I would say several years, but there’s a reason behind it and just in a couple days now hopefully things are gonna get fixed for the better, but it’s just it’s really The whole the whole reason behind it is just it’s it’s nerve-racking, you know Here’s the story. I mean number one If you couldn’t if you couldn’t time getting some very major dental work done in just a couple days I’m not really looking forward to it because I just have really bad dental anxiety, and I just you know It’s gonna need recovery time. That’s that’s what it comes down to but to give you the backstory, so I mean, let’s go back a couple years to around I would say 2015 2016 right? I mean obviously, you know you brush your teeth you try to take care of them admittedly I had a few lapses on my part. I was drinking tons of energy drinks and obviously, you know those sugary drinks you could drink them in moderation, but but take care of your teeth and Obviously, I got a couple cavities. I mean we all get cavities right they happen you go to the dentist they give you a filling and Everything’s a-ok bright, you know cavity It’s it’s not a big deal. Usually, right? I think everyone’s pretty much gone in gotten a filling and yeah, you know, you’ve let it rest for a day Maybe not not even and then everything’s good as long as take care of it. It’s fine, right? usually the problem was that I I’m and I kind of I want to I want to kick myself over this but I just didn’t know at the time That’s the problem here. Sometimes you put You put too much faith in some individuals because they look the part right? They might have a nice office. They can talk the talk They look the part and you think as a result, this is a competent qualified Individual who’s who’s is going to do a good job? And I really hadn’t gone to too many dentists before then. I you know, I just went to this one same dentist I I don’t know I had faith in them. I thought that they would they would just do what they’re supposed to do Anyway, you know twenty sixteen or so I had Some of my molars, you know in the back was especially on this side the lower lower molars there One of them had a cavity in it those definitive you knows It wasn’t the the smallest tab But he wasn’t the largest but it was noticeable and there were a couple other little you know issues, but it was all minor So I go in there for a you know an evaluation to just see all right, maybe they could fix it get it taken care of and Needless to say the work that they did was It was dreadful. It really bothers me and it It gives me anxiety just thinking about it it was it was terrible Were they I mean the first thing that they did was probably complete malpractice, honestly Especially with this tooth first, they drilled and drilled and drilled then they put in a temporary filling And then they sent me on my way Only to call me back in a couple weeks later To you know, and I thought okay. Well, I don’t know why they put the temporary filling in to begin with but you know Maybe it’s it’s no big deal. Maybe they just got to check it out or something. I died again. I didn’t know and then I go in and this is again 2016 go in they take the temporary filling out and They grind and they grind and they grind and they grind and they drill down on this tooth More and more and more now I thought when they put that temporary filling in I Thought they already kind of cleared away the decay it cleared away the cavity So I was thinking why are they they drilling so much on this tooth? And I remember there was a clock on the wall in there, and I remember looking at it I was in the chair for about two hours And they were just messing around with this tooth more and more and more I couldn’t I couldn’t understand what they were doing just for a cavity and they didn’t put that much novocaine in either It it hurt. I mean it hurt bad and finally By the time it was done Again, I I was a little numb by the time this procedure was done You know I was I got up I got out of the chair and I kind of moved my tongue over to where the tooth was just to kind of because I could still feel a bit Did I just see I you know, what? Did they do? What’s what’s going on? And I was mortified because when I went into the dentist’s office again, there was maybe about 95 90 percent of the tooth still there and little piece had broken off before but it wasn’t that bad And by the time I was done with that procedure about 60% of the tooth was left Somewhere along the way I don’t know if they broke something off or what but I mean a huge amount of that tooth was just it was gone and In this giant gaping, you know space that they left they put this giant blob of the metal amalgam filling in there and They sent me on my way. He said, alright, you’re good to go They didn’t even mention that you know, yeah, you’re missing a lot of your tooth now No, doesn’t matter you’re good to go. So Even then I was just really I mean I was bothered by that because it just it didn’t feel right I mean again, I was supposed to go in for a filling and now like almost half the tooth it’s gone It just didn’t I don’t know. It didn’t make sense to me, but I figure it again This is where the issue came. I put the trust in and I thought all right. Maybe it’s just Maybe it’s for the best. I didn’t know what they had to do. So that’s what I went with and They did a few other procedures – that only caused issues say there’s one one of my front Canine teeth. I think it was up there. They put a filling in the back. But then for some reason they put some of the Filling material on the roof of my mouth and was hanging down like I was at a stalactite I Couldn’t even close my mouth properly. I literally had to chomp it off like snap it off that that was bad, too And then the filling just popped out There was a second filling they put in that popped out also and then a molar on the back here had a cavity where a piece of it had chipped off They just ground that corner down and didn’t even fill it and they just let it decay like crazy Anyway that all happened from this one dentist in 2016 Over the years. I mean, it just gave me a lot of anxiety was such a bad experience I didn’t want to go back to the dentist anymore. I had this aversion to them I didn’t want to go and I thought maybe this is just the way that it is. Maybe it’ll be okay and I’ll get used to it and it’ll get better Well, it didn’t Over the years. I’ve just been trying to avoid this tooth. Try not to chew on it It’s just again it felt so weird, you know try to avoid chewing on it try to avoid eating on it I was trying to eat on this side, but then as the cavity and this tooth started getting worse I didn’t really know what the dose I tried to rotate from one side to the next and that’s why I’ve been chewing so weird cuz I’ve got really bad issues with my molars on this side and this side and This is no winning So finally around Christmas of 2019 Another big piece of this molar back here broke off and that’s when I said alright I know this is getting really bad I’m just gonna have to I’m gonna go to a different dentist and I’m gonna see what can be done So I went to a good dentist here in Florida. They took some x-rays and it was It was even worse than I thought. I don’t know if I could get the picture up, but if you want I’ll try to get it up here for you. That’s the state of this tooth if I can’t get it up for some reason There’s may be I’d say less than half the tooth remaining They drilled it down to the the nerve of the tooth It’s broken off past the gum line. There was this huge blob of amalgam in there that was loose I mean it could have came out at any given time and They said look you can try to get a root canal we can try to reconstruct the tooth We can try to get a crown on it. We don’t know if this is possible We’re just you I would recommend getting the tooth removed because it’s probably unsalvageable So that’s what I’m gonna do the tooth on this side is also Too far gone. The decay is is too bad that has to get removed to my wisdom teeth might have to get pulled to some mean I’m looking at getting at least probably two teeth removed, maybe four and I mean, I’m gonna try to get some implants or something going forward You know, I don’t even have any insurance. So that’s another issue but I’m gonna try to get something done with this and it’s just such a shame, you know, they even admitted they said you know the last work that you got done in 2016 was it was dreadful it was disastrous it destroyed your teeth and it’s a such a shame because You know, I realize now had I gone to another dentist? they probably just would have filled those teeth got it taken care of and I never would have even had to Worry about this at all But you know, I didn’t know I didn’t know any better that’s the issue and as a result, I’m gonna lose to two good molars and It’s it’s not gonna be any fun. So as a result, I’m gonna be going to the oral surgeon Very soon get a consultation set up and then we’ll get them extracted as a result though Of course, you know I need to give the teeth. I need to give my mouth a break afterwards I need to let it recover let it heal and as a result, I just I can’t go back into just reviewing things right away If I do that it’s gonna really damage what’s healing but it’s gonna lead to dry socket. It’s gonna be Absolute hell on earth misery as well as a result I just have to give it some time to recover once I get the teeth extracted, but in the meantime Again, I’m not going to be able to do the reviews. Like I usually do but the channels not going to die That doesn’t mean that just cuz I got a few teeth pulled. I’m not gonna film anything. Of course, I am and What I hope to do is I’m gonna try to do some different content I know a lot of people like the reviews I’m gonna try to do some random videos, maybe some non-food related content Which I hope you could give a chance. I hope you can check it out I’m gonna still try to do my podcast and otherwise You know in the first couple days I’m really going to be limited but to that I might try to review some smoothies or some drinks or something You know before I really start getting onto the full crunchy fried solid foods, etc So well if you have any recommendations for any like types of smoothies You want to see me review any drinks? You want to see me review any maybe like soft foods? You want to see me try out leave a comment. Let me know I’d love to see your suggestions and I’d really be interested in seeing what you have to say So feel free to leave a comment there. I’ll keep you guys posted though as to how things go again I’m yeah, it’s really nerve-racking I’m just upset at myself that it even got to this point, but I just I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and 2016 is just really Malpractice bad work and and I just have to kind of pick up the pieces and the salvage Whatever I can but I’ll keep you guys posted hopefully fingers crossed everything will go on right and In the meantime. Yeah, we’ll just do some good random random talk random videos, maybe some funny stuff and done Yeah, some drink smoothie reviews. So I hope you can check that out again I’ll keep you guys posted also on me a social media Twitter Instagram at Iamreviewbrah And I just stay tuned there and also just check out the podcast radio show at vorwpodcast on YouTube So I’ll take a good Good luck sip of some blue chalice liquid aka water to conclude the video and don’t like I said many a time I’ll keep you posted Please for God’s sake take care of your teeth brush floss rinse. So just doesn’t get to the point like mine Did then also go to a competent dentist look up the reviews and that just be careful. It’s all that I have Thank you and do take care

Attempting My ‘Ideal’ Workday · Working From Home Day In The Life

Tomorrow is my first full workday back
in the new year and I have an idea- I’ve had an idea for
a while now- of how I’d ideally like to structure my days to get the most out of
them; move more slowly, more intentionally, potentially do less
but still get more done. And I know that when you’re implementing new habits, it’s
best to do them gradually but I thought it’d be a fun experiment to see just how far
I can get, how doable, how effective my ideal work day can be for me. If nothing
else, I would love to use it as a way to kind of pinpoint anywhere that I might
be tripping up, any part of my routine that might need changing,
any parts of the plan that don’t quite add up so I can set myself up for
success going into the future, adjust those goals and habits where
needs be – really set myself up for the best success going into the new year. Now
what I’m looking for ideally is balance, more focus, just working when I’m
supposed to be working, moving around more and being more creative, having more
time for art. So it sounds really simple, it should be. But somehow, it never is.
So off the top of my head, my ideal day consists of getting up early-ish (for me,
that’s about eight), having a really filling breakfast and then having some
time to read, to sketchbook, to spend some time in my journal, all before I get to
actual work. I’d like to have that time to myself, to be creative and just
express myself a little bit before I dive right in. Because after that, I
really want to stick to a focused day of work; sticking to one to maximum three
main tasks, not going here, there and everywhere as I normally do, just really
having a set goal for the day and doing everything I can to achieve it. And then
the only other thing within that would be having a regularly timed breaks that
would ideally involve some movement. So I’m going to kind of write out a
roughish schedule of what that day might look like, sticking to the
structure that I know works for me focus-wise which is 45-minutes of work
on and then 15-minute break, and then repeating that as many times as I need
to. I’m looking at an 8:00 a.m. start,
I think tomorrow might be a bit more of a challenge just because
Ozzy’s home from work and it’s always really difficult to get out of bed when
someone else is staying in it but I’ll do my best. And I want to spend some time
reading while I have my breakfast. Then about 8:45 I would have a shower and get
ready and I only really anticipate that taking 15 minutes-
aha, being a bit ambitious there but I think what’ll help will be planning my
clothes the night before so I’m actually going to do that now-… Okay so that would
take us to nine o’clock when I would do some journaling maybe for about half an
hour and then after that would be about an hour of sketchbooking. So that would
be my chunk of morning without my phone on, without emails, without any
distractions or anything else. Just time to myself and then I would jump straight
into work at half ten. And, as I said, I want to stick to just a few meaningful
tasks. It’s an admin day- Monday as always an admin day for me- so I know that I
have a video to edit, I have my taxes to pay and I have some orders to package up
and send out. So those will be my three things for tomorrow and I feel
like I could do that. I feel like if I just stick to that and nothing else,
I’ll be good. Also in there wanna look at taking some breaks throughout the day
and really use those breaks to do things like maybe go for a walk, do some
stretching and I have a few other kind of habits and skills I want to build
this year, so maybe squeeze in a bit of practice on one of those during one of
the breaks. And then the only other thing would really be to end my day by tidying
the studio, getting the slate clean for the next day, making sure my plans all
laid out, making sure that I’m just set up to have the same success the next day,
and the next day, and the next day. Should be quite simple. As I said, I am
using this as an opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t, what I can spend
more time on or less time on. But yeah generally I’m feeling hopeful
and hopefully it could be the start of a more balanced way of working and living.
So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning. So far, so good. My morning routine
is solid. It’s calm, it’s creative. The getting ready portion- as expected- took
a bit longer but the journal portion took shorter than expected so it
did balance out. Having my clothes ready was great, that really helped. But one
other thing I think I’ll prepare in the future is just having a few ideas of
what I might do in my sketchbook, just coming up with a few ideas the night
before so that in the morning, if I don’t know what I’m doing, if I’m not feeling
inspired, I at least have a backup idea of what I can do for that hour. Today
I just went through my phone and found a picture I wanted to paint but in the
future it’d be nice to have kind of a backup for what I want to do especially
if there’s something that I want to practice and maybe I’ll make a list of
things to work on in my sketchbook in that nice little creative time in the
morning. But that was really, really nice. Now, I can turn flight mode off. I was
thinking last night that I need a bit more flexibility, the routine is feeling
a bit rigid. I was lying in bed thinking about it. So what I’m gonna do is use
Google Calendar to map in those chunks of work and break and so I’ll be able to
move them around if I need to if unexpected things pop up, but I’ll still
be able to keep track of making sure I’m getting to do that amount of work. It also
means I can set notifications for when the work starts and when the break
starts so I’m not constantly setting timers on my phone which makes a lot
more sense. I’m also extending the work period by
about half an hour. 45 minutes is just the thing that’s always worked for me
but I do think it feels a bit disjointed, it feels like as soon as I get deep into
my work I’m taking a break. And it’s on and off and on and off. So I’m gonna see
if an hour and 15 minutes works for me. It’s all an experiment, we’re
gonna see if I can stay focused for that long. I think I’ll be okay. And
hopefully that’ll be the new rhythm that I can set my day to. So I’m gonna start
by just checking some emails really quickly, if there’s anything urgent I’ll
respond to it and then I can get started on my editing. Editing is something that
I can really get sucked into and I end up spending hours hunched over my desk
not moving, not getting up, so it’d be good to see if I can really commit to
sticking to those times I’ve set myself and really making an effort to get up
and move around. Alright time for my first break. That
first chunk of work went really well but as I said, editing is just one of those
things I can get sucked into. But the hour and 15 minutes worked really well.
I’m going to spend the next 15 minutes just having a walk around, maybe water
the plants, take the bins out… and then probably have a quick stretch before I
get back to the next round of work. It was good actually. I got to give my eyes
a break from the screen, that stretch really helped to wake me up a bit so I
think that’s something that I will keep doing as regularly as I can just to give
myself a bit more energy. Got another hour and a bit of work now and I’m going to
finish this edit, probably move on to the next task while that’s rendering and
after that I think I’d scheduled in 15 minutes for a walk but I don’t think
that’s enough time to really get the most out of it.
By the time I put my coat on etc. I’ll have lost like half that time so I’m
thinking 45 minutes to walk and have lunch- we’ll see how that works- I’m going
to pop out to the bakery with Ozzy and get something for us to eat. And in the
future I plan on having a walk to the library at least once a week and that’ll
be my regular thing because I need the activity and I need to get outside. This
is actually the part that’s been giving me anxiety. I don’t leave the house
enough because I don’t have to but that needs to change. I’m desperate for a bit
of the outdoors I’m sure I’m hugely deficient in vitamin D and the longer I
spend inside, the more anxiety-inducing the thought of going outside becomes, so
on top of trying to stick to that nice morning routine, my top non-negotiable
for this year is going outside and going for a walk. And I’m aware that this might
sound so over the top for people who go out and walk every day, I used to be that
person, I walked half an hour to and from work every day, but three years of
working from home plus my underlying anxiety like bubbling up that was there
anyway… it’s it’s made it quite a thing now and I want to normalise getting out
and about again. So I’m easing my way back into it. Glad I’ve got Ozzy
with me today. And it’s almost exciting having the library is my regular walking spot
in the future. So I can’t wait to see how that goes. It was nice getting outside! Now I am a
little bit behind schedule. I kind of expected that. Lunch took us a
little bit over, but I do think I’ll be able to catch up because I am kind of
ahead of where I thought I’d be with my tasks. So I’m just here to pack a
couple of orders then head back home and carry on with what I was doing there. Right I’ve done all the things on my
list which is good! It’s great. Other than making some cashew milk, but that wasn’t
on my top three and I can just do that later on in the evening. I finished all
my work which is a big big achievement. I think I still have another break and
work sprint left so I think I’ll spend that one…. I’ll probably make that one
just 45 minutes and spend it working on some stuff I didn’t finish yesterday and
the break I think I will use to do some touch typing practice because that’s a
skill that I want to work on this year and I don’t need a proper break because
I’m gonna finish my day soon anyway. I think that will be an hour, that’ll take
me to like half five. And then that’ll be my workday completely done and I’ll have done
everything I set out to do. So yeah, pat on the back for that. I was hoping to fit
in a workout- I never can find the right time to squeeze one in-…. no, no, I’m gonna
do it! I’ll find like a short video, something on YouTube that I can follow, and
just get it done. And then that’ll be everything that I set
out to do today I will have achieved. But you have to take my word for it because
I think I’m gonna end the video here. I will finish my ideal work day by tidying
the studio, making sure that I’m clear on what I’m getting up to tomorrow,
planning my outfit and an idea of what I want to work on in my sketchbook. This
routine needs work for sure. I thought it would feel like I had more time but
somehow I felt like I had even less than usual. But I’m glad I gave it a go, it
gives me somewhere to work from now on. And the morning routine was spot-on. I’m
really looking forward to carrying that on for the rest of however long it lasts
me. It’s just the rest that needs figuring. But but I suppose I have from
tomorrow onwards to do all of that. For now though, thank you so much for joining
me and I will see you soon. Bye!


hello friends welcome to another studio
vlog so in today’s video the main thing I’m going to do is organize and clean my
little office because over Christmas and with me trying to get back into work
after the new year I’ve made a mess and I’ve not been tidying up after myself so
I’m armed with some antibac wipes and a cloth we’re gonna tidy up I’m out of
breath because I just run upstairs have after picking these up oh my god New Year
should go to the gym more often probably but yeah I thought I would
organize my office show you the process and then I’ve got some kind of packaging
to do and let us take you along for the day as usual so if you aren’t subscribed
and you enjoyed this video and please do press subscribe and yeah let’s get
straight into it first thing is first I am going to tackle this desk it’s not
terrible but it really stresses me out when it’s not tidy so we’re going to get
this sorted I’ve just got dust everywhere can you see all these bits of
my hair beautiful I am disgusting apologies and so yeah I’m gonna find all
this stuff a home I’ve got some of my new cards here I’ve just flipped them upsidedown so you can’t see them but I test printed the cards on just normal paper I
do want to save these but obviously they don’t need to be on my desk so I’ll find
them at home these are postcards that I bought and I’m debating putting them up
here maybe we could do that today and but yeah bit of clutter needs sorting
and also down here is collecting stuff which I promised myself I wouldn’t do
when I got this office but I have all right desk surface is done and a lot
of the time I have my desk planner and notebook kind of up here and then I’ll
bring out my keyboard and stuff when I need it otherwise I keep it free in case
I need to package any products so down here oh I just found stuff that needs to
go away I have like my old laptop stand which is actually an iPad stand we’re
going to keep that out for my iPad and but I don’t want to get rid of it it was
just from Ikea and it used to have my laptop on it so yeah I keep that under
there because it sort of blends in and I can’t see it so out of sight out of mind
and this drawer is sort of like bits and bobs so I have like lens cleaning cloth
things a load of batteries stapler hole punch fluffy pen like just random
office stuff my Vaseline tippex battery no yeah camera batteries and memory
cards this memory card doesn’t work but I’m still in denial so I’m just putting
in the other pocket and then my camera my other camera lives here and then I’ve
got the identical one in my hand because this is the old one and I was waiting
for this one to break and it’s still not broken so now I’m just making the most
of having two which is really handy when filming tutorials I have like my office
phone here this is my old iPhone and it has the SIM card in for like my business
number but I never use it so that’s just kind of there sorry if you ever try and
ring that I won’t answer then down here this is the drawer I’m a bit confused
about I don’t really know what to do with it it’s got notebooks and stuff I
use this one most often at the minute and then this is the one I plan to use
next Becca bought me that one and then I have
this huge one which I use for planning YouTube videos a lot underneath it is my
mouse mat but because recently I bought the trackpad thing from Apple which was
a very expensive investment but I mean it’s been so worth it you can see my
foundation on my hand let’s ignore the foundation but yeah so because I used
that up there I don’t really use the mouse mat and things anymore but I do
still really like the pattern and stuff so I’ve kept them just in case I go back
to it then the next drawer I see I’ve just you might have seen it on the other
clip I was just trying to like rearrange this but I can’t really work out a way
of doing it this good because again I only get my keyboard out when I use it
because I switch between working at my bed and on my desk by bed I mean the
office bed which we will organize soon so previously the keyboard was like sat
in here just kind of like that maybe I’ll keep it there because I do use it a
lot and then obviously my Wacom tablet I use that quite a lot that can stay up
here I guess and then the mice Mouse’s mice Powerbank my GoPro spare little
camera I got this from an event with Canon and it’s so cool I just need to
get some paper for it just like accessories my camera my laptop bag all
that stuff I need to find a home for this it’s the new phone mount that I
bought so I don’t know I feel like will I use it often enough for it to being
one of the top drawers maybe like let’s put it there for that we’ll see the next
drawer is sort of miscellaneous oh my god the cloth from last time I cleaned
still in the drawer I have the paper and stuff that I use for displaying and like
taking photos of my products which to be honest I feel like could go somewhere
else but for now it’s just gonna stay here so I have like my prints I bought
these frames from like that JYSK shop how do you say that and then the
other print is there and then there’s another one somewhere I don’t know
I use like this craft paper to take photos on and I bought a bunch of it
from like Dunelm and kind of keep that here and then this came out of there
it’s my card stock so I got this from a company called eco craft and yeah eco
craft are like where I get my environmentally friendly products from
including the sello bags I’ll show you in a second this actually should be up
here at the back but that’s a bit of a mission to get to at the minute so we’ll
leave that there for now and then this little gray card thing for when I’m
taking the photos if you’re into photography you’ll know what they are
I’m just gonna slot them in there for now and then the bottom drawer is a mess
oh God so this is a load of wires so my
microphone wire is in here I just I’m too lazy I’ve not fastened it but when I
put it away that’s why I look so messy and then I have extra wires for my
monitor my benq monitor plugs and does anyone have hundreds of these
things from when you get a new phone you’ve got loads and then I have a disk
drive – very old hard drives extension lead at the bottom which I always pack
when I go on holiday top tip and then some just normal cartridge printer paper
at the back I store the rest of my printer paper in like the scanner part of my
printer also need to tidy this but under here is like the printer paper that I
use often but I rarely use it so yeah I’m gonna quickly organize the storage
there whilst I’m looking cause it is very annoying all right desk is done drawers are more
organized not completely but they’ll do and then I have these shelves which I have
some artwork which my boyfriend bought me from a lovely girl called Laurel I’ve
met her a few times at parties and stuff she’s like the most amazing artist I’ll
put her Instagram in the description actually definitely recommend checking
her out and then I have many an IKEA cactus I have this mic which I sent off
for repairs about four years ago and then they said they couldn’t repair it
so they sent it back and I I don’t really know what to do with it so I’m
gonna put that like in my wardrobe probably with my old DSLR camera cause I don’t want to throw it away maybe one day I’ll try and see if it
still works but we’ll see and then yeah I have a random little Swan orniment that
I got when I was in Venice I’m gonna put that up here mom’s just put stuff on my
shelves after tidying at Christmas so yeah I’ve just got little
ornaments and stuff it’s not very worki a little Minnie Mouse from Disneyland
Paris when I went with Hannah and Becca my pals a little ornament from
Norway my friend Lene is from Norway and she said when she came to visit she was
gonna bring the ugliest ornament she could find and this is this is the guy
here he is in all his glory so I keep him out because it makes me laugh every
time I look and then obviously this one I’ve got a fake IKEA plant of course a
print I did charity print a print from desenio– I’ve got my little Lego minnie
and Mickey’s it’s a very dusty up there I really should tidy that actually I
might take it all off and tidy it in a second a Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse
ears from Primark my pal bought me then this like terrarium with a fake ivy in
it the ivory I brought back from uni and I feel like one day when I’m a proper
grown-up I should buy some real plants but for now I’m gonna stick to that and
then down here I have a little globe that my boyfriend bought me because we
like go travelling together or we aim to go more travelling
together anyway another one of my prints and then these postcards that I might
put up later and then a little sticker for a future project that I want to save
so I put it over here so I don’t ruin it or lose it right let’s just give
these a quick dust down I feel like they need it is today the day I break my neck
climbing on a swivel chair possibly oh I didn’t even mention this it’s a little
clip mount thing that I use when I’m filming kind of tutorials and stuff on
my desk so it points like straight down right do you not die today Alice my mum’s gonna tell me off for doing this but she’s not here so tis fine ok desk is done Oh
a signs fell off and but yeah desk is done i’ve just done the shelves as you saw
these cacti need watering so I’m gonna put them in a pan of water or something
and they can like inhale the water that’s that now for this I’ve collected
all the bits of paper up that were everywhere I’ve got some boxes and stuff
for donations so I just need to like tape them up and take them then there’s
this I don’t really know what to do with this I’ve got my like mood board up
there which I will blur oh hey but one of the main things on there which I will
show you that is the goal for this year one of anyway a hundred thousand
subscribers can we do it I’m gonna work bloomin hard and I’m gonna try my
bestest and I even edited my own name into this photo of a subscriber plaque
but you can’t see it ah there we go look there we are one day hopefully soon all
the hard work let’s do it so yeah for now I’m just
going to move that out of the way so I dont have to keep bluring it because that’s
effort so this corner has changed recently because I got the screen that
is now on my desk I had to find a place for the things that were on the desk
this is a pile of rubbish and I need a bin this is what I need
I’ve been saying this but I keep forgetting to buy a bin I’ve got an
invitation to a little tea party thing and then all this is really messy a
backing pin for my pins I don’t know I wanna arrange a bit differently I really
love this still it’s got like a few of my favorite polaroid cameras photos on it
I still love that idea I DIY’d this sprayed it gold or copper and it
actually has a little battery pack with it which I highly doubt works so it
lights up let’s see oh I feel like this is not gonna work is it there’s not
expecting that so I’m gonna take everything off of this
and then we’re gonna re-evaluate and try and rearrange there we go there is my
little corner I’ve obviously flipped the noticeboard thing round and then I put
flo around I had my Christmas tree here up at
Christmas so it kind of all got a bit dusty and glittery so now it looks a
little bit better very happy about that I’ve got my echo dot here I nearly
said the name then but I know everyone hates it when that happens
cool the other day I organized my office drawers which is all sorted and then I
just need to sort this floor situation out so down here I have shown you this
section before but I thought I’d recap so I have these little cork things that
I’m gonna be printing not printing like stabbing my pins through if that makes
zero sense go and watch the previous studio vlog I explain it a little bit
more but basically this is all packing drawer and then this is my product
drawer I have all the pins which I will be putting and packaging up soon and
just waiting for the backing cards to arrive so that’s organized I did that
over Christmas I need to put these away I’ve got some like spare envelopes that
I’ve had for years but one day they’ll come in handy right I’ve got to save
things I’m such a hoarder I definitely take after my dad alright last thing is
the bed I have an order that I packaged up earlier that needs to go and I’m just
going to rearrange the cushions quickly so because my office is in my parents
house where I live and there’s also the spare room there’s a bed I’m very happy
about this because I do like to work sat on a bed and more often than I probably
should but it gets me lazy sometimes too so it has its pros and cons one final
thing I’m going to quickly sort out it’s like the wiring situation so when I had
the Christmas tree up on here I had to rearrange all the wires and kind of like
my charge in point for the things and it’s been very inconvenient let’s say so
I want to make my life as easy as possible I’m in here a lot I don’t want
it to be annoying so I have these extension leads down in this little
corner and I’m gonna just rejig so down here is my printer I’ve taken off that
clutter from the top and I also have my label printer I’ll leave the label
printer in the description it’s the brother QL 700 printer and this is the
canon pixma something mg3250 apparently but this is also about five
years old so I feel like this one is discontinued but yeah I leave it on all
the time because it’s controlled via the Wi-Fi so if I’m downstairs and I need to
print something it does that straight away but for now I’ll just turn it off
because it was in the way behind this box and actually in this box is a box of
sweets because I am a child Oh things that shouldn’t be behind here so
I have confetti and Tesco vouchers it seems I bought this new extension lead
recently and this is my toothbrush charger so you
definitely do not need to be behind here anymore so if I show you here on the
back of these drawers I have command stripped an array of different plugs so
these are the things that I use all the time and that I can’t get to so I just
stuck it to the back so I don’t have to mess around after sorting out those
wires I kind of forgot to tell you but now I’m here at my desk doing work
packaging up some of my prints so here’s another time lapse a lot of time has passed I am still
packaging these little prints I’ve ordered some more bags from eco craft so
I can have all my prints packaged and ready and then I’m sticking the little
soul and fire stickers on which I printed on my brother printer which I
showed you earlier but yeah I’m gonna end this vlog here because it’s getting
dark and if you can tell I’m now lit by my awful lamp and I’m pretty much gonna
spend the evening doing this I’m gonna put a series on and just chill to be
honest actually I’m a little final question what podcasts do you recommend
I’ve just finished catching up with sha**ed married annoyed loved that
podcast and I’ve also listened to my dad wrote a porno and yeah I kind of like
chill chatty doesn’t take too much brain power kind of podcast so yeah let
me know because I do like listening to podcasts while I work
thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did please do
subscribe we can try and get that 100,000 subscriber plaque yeah thank you
again and I’ll see you soon for another video

LONDON VLOG 런던 브이로그| 👩‍💼 Daily Salary-woman 월급 여자, Ramyeon 라면, Japanese Cafe Vlog 일본 카페/카페, Tea 차

London Vlog I can finally use my new calendar! I have so many online meetings… I swear I am in meetings most of the time at work… I seem to always go to the shops during my lunch breaks at work… How to Argue with a cat I’m looking for a new book, I want some light and magical…a fantasy book. Margaret Atwood I picked the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Hmmm…retail therapy, maybe? I bought the yellow jumper, I thought the colour would cheer me up. There’s still so much work to do… This is so super cuuuuuuuuuuute!!! The longest 3 minutes of my day… Where do all the geese on the Thames go at night? Ramyeon is the best comfort food. Cheese…of course… The spring onions make me feel healthier. I think I ate the ramyeon a bit too quickly… Friday – day off! Switching bags is a lot of effort… Or maybe I’m just very lazy. I’m craving my favourite Poke bowl from one of my favourite Japanese cafes in South Kensington. So I decided to go out for it. South Kensington Tombo London x Sanrio collaboration Tofu Chilli Crunch Poke Bowl Dessert, of course There were so many people out, it was kinda stressful… I decided to go back home already. Poems on the underground I’m trying a new tea I bought the other day. I always have a pot of tea (or hot drink) when I study…force of habit. Thank you for watching!

VLOG 💄 36 HOURS (+ hangover haul)

Hoho! It’s the day after Christmas Day and I’m… so hungover 🙁 Erm… I feel like I deserve to feel But, but, but… I bought new makeup today together with other stuff for the new year. I always buy new makeup during Christmas so today I did that! It became quite a lot of products in the end. And it ended up being so expensive 🙁 Why is it always like that? When you buy makeup it’s always so expensive. I bought a new mascara. Clinique’s. My beloved, beloved beloved Mac Prep + Fix or whatever it’s called. The spray. Here it is! The magical, magical one which always runs out so quickly, which is a bit sad. Nail file! I’ve decided to start taking care of my sad nails. And I therefore also bought two new… nail polishes. I also bought a new sponge! Because the one I have now is well-worn. I didn’t think the colour was so pretty, but it was the only one they had 🙁 But I do like purple… Woah, it looked so much better in this lighting. It looks better on camera than in reality. I bought brow shaping gel. Because… I have very long… hairs. But with this I’ll be able to hold them in place! Oh, right! I bought… for the nails An… Well, an oil so that the nails will feel better. Because I have very dry hands and very fragile nails so during 2020 I’ll try to get strong, beautiful and lovely nails. I bought my beloved, beloved… concealer from Mac. Good shit Crazy expensive, but still good. I bought another mascara. I have- I use this (Clinique) to get fuller eyelashes and this (Maybelline) for everyday when I just want the lashes to look a bit longer. I don’t even know why I do it like that. I also bought a… new foundation. I already have one of these here at home but in an absolutely too dark colour. I must have thought to highly of my tan… when buying it. I chose the most pale of them all today because I’m (lol) am pale. Lastly, I bought something super expensive… This is… brown- brow- brow powder! Everything else was sold out, and my brow powder at home is out so I had to buy the most expensive one. And it’s this one; Anastasia Brow- *Trying to get it to focus* *Gives up* Anastasia Braow BRAOW?! Anastasia Brow Powder Oh god, can you please come out already?! Yup. That was all. I’m pleased. I’m excited to start using this. Oh, shit! It says that… this nail-thingy is enriched with 5 natural oils which will hydrate, protect and strengthen nails and cuticles. Sound amazing! I think I’ll paint my nails in this colour today. Let’s do that! Good morning x3 We just bought groceries over at City Gross. We woke up to snow today! Does snow even exist? in Sweden anymore? Apparently, it does now. That was fun, that was fun! And now we’re going to eat breakfast! It’s 12pm and we haven’t eaten yet. Brunch it is! So for brunch we’ll have American pancakes, bacon and eggs. Damn, how nice! I NEED TO TAKE MY DAILY GINGER SHOT No ginger shot, this one is old 🙁 We’ve bought groceries today! I’ve recently started to eat ramen noodles and I often add scallions, kimchi and mushrooms. The laziness right now… We’re skipping pancakes because it’s too time consuming. We are too hungry! So we’ll go with eggs, bacon and oatmeal instead! “OAETS” (EP mocking my pronunciation) “OAETS” I’ll fry the eggs in the pan, but you’ll have to fix the oatmeal. In the bacon grease? (Referring to the eggs) Yep! Don’t they taste better that way? Today we’re going to a family gathering. But you call it a family gathering? Isn’t it a family gathering? Yes, or a family gathering where there’s no one having their birthday. A “family reunion” is maybe a better word for it? YES I want a runny yolk! Who doesn’t want that? I’m going to taste test the bacon! You’re not supposed to salt the bacon, right? Woah! I’m good at this. They’re so delicious! They taste so much salt. Yes, it’s supposed to be salty. 10 out of 10! It was ages ago that I ate bacon at home. It’s another taste to bacon at hotels! I have oatmeal in my face Mm Fresh! Now I’m going to watch an episode of… What’s its name? The space series with… EP: Apollo? JOEL! What’s his name? Kinnaman or Kinnaman (pronunciation)? For all mankind – that’s its name! No episode has been released 🙁 I think at least. This sucks (shit)… What am I supposed to do now? Thank you x3 EP… is going to Prague to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his friends. And I’m going to celebrate at home in my old home- How do you call it? At home- How do I say it? In my hometown where I grew up! Dammit! The battery is running out. Good morning! We’ve slept in the couch for 2 hours Peter Pan is playing on the TV right now which I want to see! This movie was actually my favourite when I was little. I need to get up and do my makeup. Let’s do my makeup! We have… Ice Age on in the background. I’m using this CC-cream. It’s so good, I think. It’s from ACO I use this since I have a super dry skin. It doesn’t do much more than even out the colours in the face I want to use this one today! This is HM’s illuminating drops which I put on places where I want it to be highlighted. My concealer- It’s not completely empty yet I bought a new one yesterday as well but- *Random sound starts playing* EP! The sound is playing out here. EEPPEE *lol* EP! We’ll go with- This is so dirty, I’m sorry but this is a fantastic kit! I’ll use this colour to bronze my face. And then we’ll use my beloved, beloved blush! Now I want to add my highlighter and I use this funny, little palette which I bought ages ago. Now I’m searching for my brow pen… found it! It’s time for eye shadow and I want to use this one for that! Now it’s only bending the eyelashes and mascara left! Oh right! I wanted to use lipstick today. I forgot that. Now it’s time to change clothes. Bye! Now we have to choose clothes… and that’s the hardest part. I don’t know what to wear- Or wait! I’ll be… light blue and fresh today! Oh, it looks so wrinkly. I’m finally done! I’m wearing this blue off shoulder- Are they called that? together with these black pants. Very simple, but comfy. LET’S GO! Music quiz!!! It’s currently 01:15am in the night and we just arrived here at home. It’s time to sleep! Thank you for watching this video