How to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work!

have everybody and welcome back to the
last my dark now today’s video is quite an important one if you guys are work
your typical nine-to-five if you do work 9 to 5 and you are worried that your dog
is a little bit bored when you are outside work then this video is a 110
percent definite for you because we’re gonna be talking about how to keep your
dog entertained up whilst you’re at work but before we do begin it definitely do
a good download to the comments and let me know what is your home life like do
you go to work what sort of things do you do for work what does your dog
typically do when they are at home but do let me know down below in the
comments what you usually do when you get out to work or school
now the first easy one that you can do which I’m sure most you guys have profit
or they thought about and that is you just leave toys around if you have like
a toy basket like Milo dolls we usually can sort of pick up the toys and put
them all over the house and that’ll just keep them occupied whenever we are out
Manor is normally given like the kitchen area and a little bit of a room to play
in or to sort of lounging me out of work so we normally dock these toys around
there and he can just sort of pick them up and play with them whenever you
pleases although a lot of the time we come home and they are still in the same
place but we do give them the opportunity and the next one is it to
obviously leave the TV or the radio one that this was just make sure there is
constant noise in the house and making them feel not as alone also you can
plate well that’s my dog and music as well or even play some relax my dog TV
if you have that option in your house because honestly they will save your dog
from so much boredom when they are at home
but normally we leave the TV guard or like I said we’ll leave some well that’s
my dog music or the radio just to make sure that they sort of feel that
someone’s in the house and that they’re not completely on their own
number three is one I actually never really thought about and this isn’t
really an option for us in our house but is to provide your dog with a window to
lock out of all of our windows are a little bit too high up but if you have
one that is like floor to ceiling try make your dog have access to that area
because honestly they will just stare out the window and that the time will go
so much quicker for your dog this is a great way to keep them entertained but
do be aware that if they are quite sort of anxious and they see people about the
postman coming up the door it can actually be quite a stressful situation
for your dog’s doodle number four is to organize a playdate what I mean by this
is if you are going out with your friend and they also have a dog tell them to
bring the dog over and then they can just sort of chill together and have a
bit of fun times in the house where you were out with your friend
honestly this works so so well unless they are quite destructive and it notice
again that maybe it give us I can take about that one
I know come here why you all the way over there when you’re wrong hey the
next one is it’s you hire a dog walker obviously if you don’t have the
capability to walk your dog yourself or you were out of the house and you want
to make sure they have a little bit of a walk whilst you are out this is a
perfect way just hang the dog walker get them to come in and let take your dog
out and then you know that your dog has something to do or something to look
forward to at least and the next one is it to introduce lots of new toys it to
your dog’s toy basket he keeps hearing the word toy don’t ya give him the word
toy if you do introduce new toys to your dog’s toy basket this will just keep
them occupied they have constantly new things to play with and honestly that
I’ll just work amazingly for your dog especially if it’s ones that last a bit
longer or if they are one that you can hide treats inside of just anything to
keep your dog occupied with honestly be the best option for your dog and then
our favorite last one is one that we are very very fortunate to actually have and
that is to invest in a pet cube a pet cube is a perfect way to keep your dog
entertained it washed out of the house when you’re at work you can have a
little app on your phone I have an iPhone that works perfectly on that and
you can literally just log onto the pet cube app and you can connect it to your
webcam at home and you can talk to your dog you can throw treats to your dog you
can do pretty much anything it is absolutely perfect and great a way to
keep your dog entertained while you’re out of the house and that is it for this
week’s video thank you all so so what’s watching don’t forget to let me know
down below what you usually do when you are out of the house at work or at
school I would absolutely love it to hear you guys these thoughts are down
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would like to learn on how to tell if your dock is stressed but yes thank you
all so so much for watching and me and Miley here we’ll see you all next week
for next week’s video right

A Self-Employed Day in the Life || VEDO 19

– I was having trouble coming
up with a topic for today. I’ve talked about the
things that I feel somewhat knowledgeable in, like the
tools I use to run our business, the ways that I share my knowledge, that ways in which I
refuse to work for free. Today is gonna be a busy day. I had therapy in the morning. I have a couple of client
calls this afternoon. I was like oh man, I have like 20 minutes, what am I gonna talk about? Then I realized this is a
pretty tightly scheduled day so why not just take you
through what I’m doing today and give you the day in the
life of a small business owner. Started my day by getting up at eight which is very nice to be able to sleep in since we recorded Join
the Party last night and I didn’t get home until
about 11 because other folks have day jobs and also
the trains are awful. Slept in a little bit
then went to therapy. One of the advantages of working from home is that I get to do
appointments whenever I want so I did therapy from 9:45 to 10:30, grabbed some groceries on the way home, and am back by 11. I’ve also gotten a
couple of Beehive Resumes clients this week. This is a business I
started early in college when I first started interning in HR and recruiting and hiring. A couple of people who I
have to have phone calls with to figure out where they
are at in their careers, what they are looking
for, what kinds of jobs they want to apply to,
that way I can best write their resumes to appeal
to the hiring managers that they want to hire them. That usually looks like 15
to 20 minutes of research for each client like reading
the materials they give me, looking at their LinkedIn, figuring out kind of the lay of the land for their particular industry. Then a 30 to 60 minute phone call where we talk about all the stuff above. After that I’ll spend a
couple hours on each person writing their resume
sometimes from scratch. Other times editing and
kind of reformatting and rewriting a version that they have. Then I send it to them,
they give me their feedback and we go on until we find a
version that they really like. I find it really satisfying to help people find the best way possible
to express their experience and their skills. It’s kind of stupid how
peculiar the resume world is. You have to be a kind
of stickler for rules and also express yourself
in a way that’s not boastful but also not bashful. It’s definitely a fine line. Reading thousands of resumes one summer in my recruiting job I
started to really get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Especially with creative
people, people who freelance, people who have experience
doing stuff like I do, making video blogs, doing podcasts, it can be pretty challenging
to find the right way to put that on a resume. I want to help people make
sure that their experience is not overlooked because
they happen not to know how a corporate recruiter
would want to see it. If you want my help doing that, you can. Then of course, Multitude stuff. Our slack is active all
day long with people’s various questions and articles they share, and stuff that’s happening. Responding to that is
always just kind of a thing throughout the day. Fun mostly, but also requires
some critical thought. I have to write the mid-role
break for during the party. That is where we thank our new patrons, where we do sponsor reads
for our advertisers, and announce whatever new,
exciting stuff is happening for the podcast. It takes about 20 minutes
of research and writing. Excitingly I have a couple
of estimates to prepare for clients, so people
who may be interested in working with us and
want to know exactly what that will cost and
what it would look like. I kind of fill my idea
of what we should do into our contract template,
send it over to them so that they can review it. That include stuff like
exactly what Multitude will be doing for the client,
what they need to do for us. What payment is and when it’s due. It is always a little
bit of detailed work. I have to make sure that I
am really thinking critically and thinking ahead as to what we do and don’t want to promise. Then obviously what price is gonna work. I enjoy doing that because it means potentially a new client. But it also requires my best brain. I usually like to have
a cup of tea and do it in my focused morning section of the day. That probably will fill up my day. Tonight there is some NBA on. Now you’re like Amanda,
what does that acronym mean? It can’t possibly stand for basketball because you’re not a sports person. Well that changed when I
subscribed to the podcast, HORSE, which is a Multitude show
hosted by Eric Silver, my co-host on Join the Party, and Mike Schubert of my channel fame who has a podcast called Potterless. The two of them talk about
everything that happens on and off the court in basketball. Not wins and losses and
statistics and things that I don’t really care that much about, but stuff like internet drama
and player dating rumors, and memes, and all kinds of
bizarre historical things that have actually happened in basketball. It is my favorite podcast
and I’m not on it, so that includes the podcasts that I’m on. I love it so much I look forward
to it every other Monday. It is making me want to watch basketball because I want to see the
people that they talk about on HORSE in action. That is one day in my first
month of self-employment. But vido doesn’t stop
for any man or weekends so I will be seeing you
tomorrow with a new video.

Accident at WORK?!

– I’m gonna come here every day. (panting) – [Kendra] come here, I
want you to join me up here! – Today I’m going to work with my dad. – [Jeremy] You gettin’ all ready? So what happened to your hair, buddy? It’s looking a little different up here. – I cutted it. – [Jeremy] Yeah, you did. (energetic guitar) What happened to your hair? Did Mom blow-dry your
hair? (huffs and puffs) (shrieks happily, giggles) – Bye Mom. – Bye buddy, you have a
good day at work. (kisses) You work really hard, okay? – Okay. – I’ll miss you. – Okay. – (Mumbles) dah woo. Byebye, Caleb. – [Jeremy] What are we doin’, cub? – Going up to the elevator. – [Jeremy] Do you like elevators? – Yeah, they’re so cool. – ‘Kay, so we’re here in the
office and Caleb is going to reveal what he brought in his bag. Alright, what’d you bring to work? – [Woman] Extra shoes. – [Jeremy] What are those for? – Um… – [Jeremy] Just in case
we gotta run to court? Yeah. And what else do you
got in there? (chuckles) – [Woman] Pants! (laughs) – [Jeremy] (laughs) if we’re
gonna have an accident at work. Never know. Stress ball. Perfect. – That was from Halloween. – [Jeremy] Is that a magazine? – Yeah. Scriptures. – [Woman] You brought your phone too? – Yeah.
– Gotta have a phone. – [Jeremy] ‘Kay, alright. – [Woman] You’re ready to go. – [Jeremy] Well, let’s get into
the office and do some work. – I’m gonna go up and say hi to George. – [Jeremy] You’re gonna say hi to George? – Yeah. Hi George. – [Jeremy] Is that our tree? – Yeah! – [Jeremy] We’ve had George
for a long time, huh? – And we putted water in him. – [Jeremy] Yeah, are you
gonna help me water him today? – Yeah. (pours water in pot) – [Jeremy] He was thirsty! – Yeah. – [Jeremy] ‘Kay cub, we
gotta head home for lunch. – I’m gonna come here every day. – [Jeremy] You wanna come every day? Why did you like it so much? – Because I really got
my own phone, in here, and I’m gonna do it every day. – [Jeremy] Alright, say bye to April. – Bye. – Bye! Are you going to lunch? – (Singing in unison)
(unclear) tight like this! – Mommy. – (Singing in unison) (unclear)
Bad cheeks and gibbon, what? – Mmmwah, big kiss! We missed you! What is that? – It’s a special phone,
and you talk from this. – Whoa… – [Jeremy] It’s a dictaphone. – That is not for playing in! – [Jeremy] This is the second day. – Second day in a row. So the kids just washed their hands, and the door was left open, and I came around the
corner to look for her, and of course she was standing
right here washing her hands in what was luckily clean toilet water. Look, she washed her whole face in it, she’s all wet. What were you doing? – [Jeremy] Her little
shoulder shrug. (chuckles) – The toilet is not for playing in, okay? – [Jeremy] Let’s clean you off. – Okay, we use clean
water in the sink, okay? – Ookay… – Okay. – Kendra’s come up with
a very motivating system here for Isaac. – Isaac’s excited about it. So he has to do some writing, and he doesn’t exactly love writing, so I gave him, his assignment
is to write five sentences about one of the books he read, and then I’ve got five points here, and he gets a chocolate chip for each one that he does correctly. So he gets a chocolate
chip for good handwriting, a chocolate chip for good attitude, a chocolate chip for capital letters, a chocolate chip for periods
at the end of sentences, and a chocolate chip for good content. So he has a possible five chocolate chips that he can get out of this assignment. – [Jeremy] It better be good! (laughs) – So far the handwriting’s looking good. – Why is America struggling with obesity? That coming up next on the vlog. (laughs) – So we’ve had like two
days of just cloudiness and constant rain, and some
decent-sized thunderstorms, and the sun came out just now, we’re finishing up our
lunch and I looked outside, I’m like, ‘what is that?’ There it is, there’s the sun! It’s just beautiful, actually,
I’m really squinting, but so nice after storms
and after days of rain. Elise in her morning prayer
today said, you know, ‘and we’re grateful for the rain but we pray that we can see the sun soon.’ and so, I’m just happy. It’s still cold out, so
I’m going to go inside, but… yay sun! Alright, so today has been laundry day, I think we’re on our
fourth load of laundry? And Elise has been
entertaining me by folding and speaking Spanish. Lisey, can we speak some?
– (Spanish?) – [Kendra] Is that your Spanish? – Coo-cah tes-ah! – Heheh… ah. – [Woman] Hello! – Hello! We’re looking for a bed. – [Woman] Okay. – [Kendra] So, looks like
we have a couple of them. – We do, we have quite a beds. – We’re looking for a twin bed. – Okay, perfect, for who? – It will be this guy’s,
moving up to a big boy bed. – Jacob, will you climb
up and see what you think of a big, big boy bed? – (Grunts of effort) yeah! – [Woman] He made it! (chuckles) – [Jeremy] He loves it! – Faceplant. Watch out, I’m putting you in the middle. – [Jeremy] Laura was feelin’ left out. (kids giggling) what do you guys think,
should we take that one? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Kendra] (unclear) that one big one. – [Jeremy] Yeah, we’ll just
put you all on that one. – Yeah, it’s for sure
big enough for all of us. – [Woman] For now! (laughs) – [Jeremy] Never mind! (lazy drum beat) So, it turns out that my favorite mattress was the eight thousand
dollar one, I guess $7999. Apparently it has the
thickest and most dense foam. I kinda have a big butt, and so, the butt just sinks in
perfectly into the mattress, it’s really amazing. – Whoa. – [Jeremy] Can we get it? – [Isaac] See, your bum sinks. – That is pretty comfortable! Usually I don’t like
ones that are too cushy, but this one’s like a firm cushy. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – [Kendra] Alright, come here! Come here, I want you to join me up here. – I’m coming up. – (Grunts of effort)
okay, what do you think? – Is bed! – It’s a bed! What do you think of the bed? – [Jeremy] Should we get it? – [Kendra] Good? So many beds, so many different styles. Jeremy and I are different
about what we prefer, he loves the cushy beds and I like things that are a little more firm, so it’s always interesting coming here and seeing which style we like. But my question for you guys
today is how about you guys? Do you like a nice firm
bed, or a nice cushy one? What’s your preference? – They also have all
different styles of pillows, like I’ve always just had
that cheap, skinny pillow, but there’s some good options out there. So do you have a
preference on pillows too? – It feels really cold. – [Kendra] It does feel cold! So apparently this is a gel pillow, but it’s cool, like cool to the touch. – Can I try?
– Yeah, you try! I left my entire purse
at the mattress firm, I left my wallet, my
phone, my keys, everything. So … anyway, grateful for
honest people when I called, she’s like, ‘yeah, it’s right here!’ and so … – Those cushion mattresses
put you into a daze. – Apparently I’m losing my mind! (symphonic music) Alright guys, for dinner tonight we’ve got some parmesan toast toasting, and I am making lasagna soup, which is one of my
absolute favorite soups. We haven’t had it for a while, so I was really excited. I did make a double batch,
so half’s in the freezer for another day, and anyway, one of my favorite things about this soup is that it has this cheese
tortellini noodles in it, and literally handfuls of fresh spinach. So it’s got carrots and mushrooms, and I don’t even remember
what else is in here, but lots of good stuff, and
then you top it with cheese. It does taste a little bit
like lasagna in a soup form. There’s the lasagna soup. What do you think, Laura? – Soup. – [Kendra] Soup? Is it good? – I love the healthy
portion of cheese that’s uh, maybe healthy is the wrong word. – [Kendra] (laughs) Healthy isn’t wrong. – That would be abundant,
– Hearty. Hearty portion of cheese. So here’s what it looks like all done up. Cubby, are you hungry? Right before dinner
started, he comes around, and he’s like, ‘Mom, pleeease
can I eat something?’ I’m like, ‘Buddy, it’s almost done!’ and he’s like, ‘just give
me a handful of lettuce!’ and I’m like, ‘Whoa. That child is serious.’ (chuckles) Alright, who wants to ‘J House out’ it? – [Kids] Me! – [Kendra] Oop, you! – J House out! – [Kendra] Very nice. – Hello, my name is Anna (Seytrigerton?) I’m from Birmingham,
Alabama, and I’m thankful for being a happy, healthy little girl. And being on J House vlogs. J House out! – Ooh ooh, aah aah! – Ah ah! – That’s pretty good! (laughs) – (Hoots like a monkey) – Ooh ooh ooh. – (Hoots)

A Typical Working Week – Autistic and Self Employed | JUST DO IT [CC]

I always get so many questions about how I manage my time and what I actually do in a week because although I sit here and talk about everything that I do a lot of you guys don’t actually get to see a lot of what goes on outside of these videos so I thought for today’s JUST DO IT I would do something a little bit different which is actually vlogging my entire working week. So you guys get to see what goes on behind the scenes and what I actually get done in a week. Now this isn’t really a tutorial or how-to guide because in many respects, I’m still figuring this out myself but you guys wanted to see it, so I hope you enjoy it anyway. Good morning everybody So today is Monday and Monday is my filming day so I am up I’m just about to get dressed and put a bit of make-up on but yeah, Monday is always my filming day. I always bulk film on a Monday morning so I tend to film two or three videos in the morning and then I move on to some other work in the afternoon but yeah, I’m gonna get out of my awesome PJs as awesome as they are available at and I’m gonna get filming. I am not gonna show you like my full morning routine because I think I want to do a whole other video on that so let me know in the comments section if you want to see like a full-on morning routine because I think I might do a vlog on that one in a separate video. Ok, so I have put some makeup on I have changed my top into my stimming is my cardio top also available at weirdtriangle. This is just becoming a shameless plug. I’m so sorry But yeah, I’m just about to get filming. Do you want to see the professional setup that I do every time I film like honestly the level of professionalism and sophistication right now is probably gonna blow your mind so just be ready for that okay, so this is my setup Yes That is a Tupperware box. Yes. It does currently have fruit loaf cake and some bread rolls in it And yes that is what I use for my tripod because I do have tripods but this is so much easier to set up like quickly in the morning and it’s the perfect height. So why ever not? Told you the level of sophistication right now This is my microphone. I use a Zoom H2N microphone, really really good would recommend it if you want a microphone for YouTube or podcast recording or anything like that. It’s really easy and it’s not too too expensive. It’s kind of like in the middle ground It’s not cheap. It’s not expensive. It’s a good quality microphone I’ve also got my phone by here as well because I’m gonna be filming a Q&A this morning and I want to get all your questions. I just use my phone to grab all of my questions and that is my background and I’m gonna be using this camera that one that I’m filming on right by here because I always use this for all type of filming and that’s pretty much it. So yeah I’m gonna get set up, and I’m gonna get filming. Oh, okay, so I have just filmed my Q&A video like I said, I bulk film on Mondays so I normally film a Q&A video and then I film a sit-down video but in between those I change, oh it’s really echo-y by here. Didn’t know that… things you know So yeah, I’m gonna go and change my t-shirt so it doesn’t look like I’ve just bulk filmed and it looks like I’m filming on different days because you know, that’s the behind-the-scenes youtuber life Yeah, I am just gonna go and change so that it looks like I’m not filming on the same day. Okay, so I have just finished filming the second video of the day. I normally allow myself from like half past nine until like midday to film as many videos as I can and then I stop at midday. It’s about quarter past eleven now I don’t think I can film another video in that time because I haven’t really planned anything else out I’d only planned to film two videos today so anything else would just be like extra and I don’t really think I can fill anything super quickly now So I’m probably just gonna leave it at that. So I filmed my Q&A and I filmed the sit down video. So what I do now is I tend to go onto my phone and I have a to-do list on my phone that I update every single week with everything that I’m doing, I tend to look at it you know loads throughout the day just to make sure that I’m on track. This is how I stay focused on my work. So this is what it looks like. It’s on my note section on my phone So we have like Monday and it’s got film the Q&A and film things that I find hard in the community so I’m just gonna tick those two things off. There we go and then you can see the next few things that I’ve got. I’ve got some emails that I used to sort out because I normally get emails like last thing on a Friday and I don’t tend to work super super late on a Friday I tend to finish work fairly early. So I get emails through and I look at them just to make sure that it’s nothing urgent and then I put it in my to-do list to get back to these people on Monday so I’ve gotta email Llanishen High School because they emailed me and I’ve also gotta email the BBC because I’ve had an email from them. I’ve also got quite a bit of Chewigem work to do today, which I put in a different section on my phone I don’t put it in my to-do list but I don’t want to show you that whole to-do list because there’s confidential stuff on there. But I’ve got some chewy down work that I need to doing and I’ll probably just get on and do that now I’ll sit down stick the radio on and do some Chewigem work So yeah, I’m gonna grab my laptop which is conveniently right by here, and I’m going to sort out some Chewigem stuff. (music) So I finished my Chewigem work for this morning anyway I’ve got a little bit left to do this afternoon but I’m just gonna head out with my mum just to have a quick break in the day. I do try and get out like every day at least even if it’s just for a walk because it’s so easy when you’re self-employed or working from home to like just stay in all day every day and not get out and as an autistic person as well like I can very get like very easily get out of the habit of pushing myself to go out and experience you know other people and the world so I keep doing it to kind of like keep myself in the habit of it to be honest and it just like, you know, it’s it’s healthy for me so I always try and get out to do something. So my mum and I are gonna go do a bit of food shopping just to get some essentials in for the week so what I was just doing then you guys saw me on my laptop that is one of the Chewigem tasks that I do every single week and I feel like you guys don’t know a lot about my Chewigem work I feel like it’s just something that I don’t talk about very much, but that thing that I do every single week I normally do on a Tuesday, but I did it today because I’m gonna be out all day tomorrow it is basically I at the beginning of the week I look up all of the stats in terms of the new subscribers so any of the people who have just joined the VIC subscription, which is our paid membership, I get all those numbers, I put them into our database spreadsheet and I just kind of keep up to date with how many people are subscribing, what they’re subscribing to, whether they’re part of the sensory support group and making sure they are receiving all of the right emails and all of the right promotional messages and then after I’ve done all that I will hand write an email to all of the new members just saying hey, welcome to the VIC club if there’s anything that you need any help with let us know so I’ll just send like a hand-written like proper email as opposed to an automated one because they’re a little bit impersonal and we don’t like to do that at Chewigem. So we like to keep things as personal as possible so I will write out a personalised message to each individual person just to say welcome and that takes up a little bit of time because you’re cross referencing a lot of different bits of data and making sure they’re all fitting into one database but it’s you know, it’s really quite a nice job if you like that repetitive nature which I do so I really enjoy doing it and it’s nice to keep on top of like all the numbers so that’s what I was doing this morning and then after that, I did something for the other role that I do at Chewigem which is my affiliate scheme and I call it my affiliate scheme because it is my baby I set it up, I got it running um, you know I’m the person who is in charge of the affiliate scheme in Chewigem. So literally like anyone who you see promoting Chewigem online in a blog on instagram on youtube most of them have come through me. I’ve either got in contact with them or they’ve got in contact with me and I’ve set them all up with a partnership. I do a lot of work in terms of setting people up in partnership with Chewigem. That’s a huge part of my role but we want to evaluate how well that’s going and I’ve been doing that for about since August last year, I want to say… October, November, so yeah, five, six months something like that. So we’re just gonna evaluate how good that’s going and I needed to come up with a – it’s kind of like a presentation, I guess for my line manager and my boss to kind of put forward this is how well the scheme is going this is what I’m doing this is what I want to do moving forward and then they can evaluate it and see how effective it is and if it’s worth putting more money in or whether I should do something else. So yeah, that’s quite a formal thing that I have to do, which I don’t have to do normally every week, but I did have to do that this morning but that’s all done. So yeah, I’m gonna go out and then I’ll see you on the other side. So I’m back home from shopping now. It’s about 20 to 3 in the afternoon because I bloody hope it’s not 20 to 3 in the morning, otherwise my day’s gone seriously wrong. So it’s normally at this stage where I just sit down I check in with my to-do list see where I’m at for the day and what I need to do before I finish for the day, I normally finish around half part four, five-ish, like I tend to work like roughly 9 to 5 and then I kind of shut everything down and I don’t work after 5 if I can help it. I just realised I’ve got really big bags under my eyes. Geez, I need to get some sleep. I’m not, you know doing a brilliant job at advocating working from home at the moment because I just look like I haven’t had any sleep for days So this is what my to-do list is looking like for now so you can see I’ve ticked off my filming I’ve got the VIC membership spreadsheet done. I’ve also done my affiliate plan so I still got to still got to email back Llanishen High School, and I’ve got an email back at the BBC. I’ve also remembered that I’ve got to email all of the cancelled members, which is another task that I have every single week for Chewigem I go through all of the people who have canceled their subscription over the week and I just email them to make sure everything’s ok to see if there was anything that made them cancel that we could potentially improve on yeah, and just just make sure they’re okay. We have a very personal relationship with all of our subscribers so when they cancel, we just want to check in and make sure that you know, there’s nothing that we did to confuse them or upset them or if they’ve cancelled deliberately because some people do cancel accidentally and they don’t realise so we just double check that everything’s okay with them So I need to do that today as well and I’ve just been given another task by Jenny who is my boss at Chewigem she’s given me the task to go through our Chewigem YouTube channel and just grab her some statistics so I’m gonna quickly add that to my to-do list. So I’m just gonna put “grab statistics for Jenny” Sorry, my Monday is like not a really thrilling day. I get a lot done in terms of Monday and work because it’s like my filming day, it’s when I do a lot of like admin and the catch-up but in terms of like entertaining footage I literally just sit and I’m at my laptop most of the day on Monday so cue some nice footage of me on my laptop yet again: (music) Good morning, everyone, it is Tuesday. It is about… it’s half past nine and I’m still in bed The joys of being self-employed eh? So, yeah, normally at this point I would be like up and out A normal Tuesday for me is actually up until recently I’ve had to have a Chewigem meeting at like ten o’clock in the morning. we used to have weekly meetings every single Tuesday, but we’ve stopped doing that now because we just don’t think that they were beneficial really to happen that regularly so I used to every Tuesday get up at about eight o’clock, head into my office, I’d have the meeting in my office and I would just sort of blitz through my editing that I’d filmed on the Monday. But not today that’s not gonna happen today because I’ve got a meeting with Lilbits. I’m going to see Sam and Sam in Barry which is in South Wales if you guys don’t know. So yeah again it’s not really like a typical working week for me because I don’t normally go to meetings on Tuesday Wednesday is normally my meeting day but not this week, so yeah my schedule, my routine changes a lot. There’s no week that’s really the same I try and keep things like as a regular as possible but that never really happens because everything kind of goes a bit higgledy piggledy and you know being self-employed like no two weeks are ever the same in terms of meetings and deadlines and things that
need to get done and just generally how I’m feeling. So yeah, I’m still in bed because I’m probably not going to get over to Barry we’re not gonna start and leave until like half eleven-ish, I think I never really set a time with Sam and Sam I just know roughly when they’re around and then I just head there when I need to and when I want to so I’ve got a bit a free morning, so I thought I’ll just stay in bed I’ve got my laptop I’m gonna start doing a little bit of work I can’t tell you what it is because it’s not really work related, and I don’t really want to talk about it now. I might talk about it at some point, but just not yet but it’s just I’m doing something that I never thought in a million years that I would do and I never thought I’d be sat here doing any of what I’m doing at the moment, but I’m really really excited. I wonder if you guys can guess what that is? (music) And I’m almost there! Just starting to walk up to the actual shop which is a killer. I shouldn’t have gone to zumba yesterday because my legs are killing from all of the squats and I gotta walk up this really awful hill like the worst hill ever. Thanks Sam and Sam for locating your shop at the top of the worst hill ever. Look here we go that’s what I’m working with right now – oh, it doesn’t even look that bad on, on camera. It’s bad. Trust me But yeah I was gonna chat to you guys about the train when I was on the there but but my anxiety was a little bit higher than I thought it would be. I thought I had like the train conquered but no I still have little wobbles and things that you know are difficult so just had a bit of a dissociating kind of time where I just wanted to sit and zone out so that’s what I did. That is where I was. Hopefully you can tell. Bit more to go. (door bell rings) Hello I made it to the shop woohoo! It’s my favourite place on earth literally at the moment I could spend like all day just looking around in here I’m so pleased that Lilbits have got a shop now because it’s just so lovely to see like everything laid out and I want everything like literally everything I really like these the LED Moon Light but look! I so want some of these and I am really drawn to this cactus light as well like I don’t know why I have a bit of an obsession with cacti at the moment. Don’t know why. But yeah I love… oh that’s Rubabu… Comment down below do you love or hate Rubabu? Because some people love it and some people hate it. I’ve just been playing with these – every time I come here at like I’m about three years old and that’s why I love it I’ve just been playing with these. Did any of you guys use these in primary school for like maths and counting and stuff? So I have just got back now, I’m back home in my bedroom as you can tell Yeah for you that probably looked like absolutely nothing in terms of my time in Barry, but I was actually there for about six-ish… or I was out for about six hours. I don’t think I was actually in Barry for that long because that includes travel time But yeah I didn’t vlog anything on the way back because it was I was sort of travelling at just at the beginning of peak time so it was just getting busy and you know, I don’t enjoy taking the train on a normal basis but certainly like I don’t like doing it at peak times and I certainly don’t like doing it at peak times whilst I vlog. So that was a no-go. So yeah I’m back now. Yeah, so it’s like ten to five I’m not gonna be doing any more work because that was my whole working day kind of done. It did probably look like we didn’t actually do anything because I didn’t film a lot really when I was in Lilbits but we spent most of that time having a meeting chatting through things, catching up. We did actually do some work. It didn’t look like it but it’s work that I cannot share or anything like that so not a lot of point in talking about it. Um, I just get a nice little stress ball that’s why I love going into Lilbits because I always come away with a nice little gift. I got this little guy today. He’s so cool I will link him in the description box if you guys want to check him out, but love it, love it so much. So yeah, that’s pretty much my working day done. That is my Tuesday. I will see you tomorrow! Good morning, everybody. Happy Wednesday. Yes. I’m in the same clothes as yesterday Sorry, you can hear the dishwasher a great start. It has just gone half past eight and that is an early start for me. Normally I’m still in bed at this point. But I’ve got a meeting this morning at nine o’clock with one of my Chewigem bosses so I needed to get up and out sorted which was not a good morning for me because I did not think very well last night and I’m absolutely shattered, so I came out here this morning. I sometimes work in my kitchen. I don’t I don’t always work in my kitchen But sometimes it helps me to like wake up to actually sit at a table and not be at the sofa or anything like that or in my bed, so yeah, I’m gonna sit out here for a bit. I’ve got some water, banana, and a nice little stress toy to keep me awake. So I’ve got about twenty minutes until my meeting so I’m just gonna catch up on everything that I missed yesterday when I was out in Barry I’ve already got some emails I need to get back to and you know anything I’ve missed from Chewigem. So I’m just gonna do that now. So change of plan this morning, looks like my meeting isn’t gonna go ahead. So I’ve just done a little bit of editing and just catching up on anything that I missed yesterday, but I’m not gonna waste the morning I’m gonna film a sit-down video. I think I’m actually gonna re film the one that I did on Monday because the footage just didn’t really turn out brilliant and it kind of got messed up and then I deleted a section of it by accident so it was just like a complete disaster I’m about a week ahead with videos, but I like to just keep on top of that and not let that you know fall down to less than a week. So I’m just gonna sort myself out now and I’m gonna get filming. Yay! That went so much better than the first time. I often feel like this with videos and that was a really like tough video to film where I’m talking about like honest thoughts and not really having like any notes or anything like planned out and I sometimes do this with videos I film the first time around and they’re okay but then I film them a second time and because my thoughts are a little bit more kind of put together and a little bit more like coherent the second time I film is a lot better so I feel like despite the fact that I was really really annoyed that the footage got deleted and messed up and I couldn’t use the footage that I got from the first filming session I’m kind of glad that I did it the second time around because I do feel like it went better this time. So now I’ve got loads of editing to do I’ve got the Q&A which I did on Monday and now I’ve got to edit the video that I’ve just filmed plus I’ve got to edit this vlog as well, which I feel like is gonna be like so long I’m so sorry if you’re already like 25 minutes in to this and it’s only Wednesday grab a snack! So yeah, I don’t know how much I’m gonna be able to do today because I’m going out in about a half an hour I’m meeting up with a family friend for a bit and then I’ve got Rory this afternoon, I’m dog-sitting Rory and I can do some work when Rory’s here but I just tend to like enjoy his company and not want to work when I have him and I’ve been working kind of full out for the last few days plus really I wasn’t expecting to film a video this morning so I kind just want a bit of a break but at the same time I know that I’ve got a bit of editing that I need to do which hopefully I can do maybe tomorrow or try and get some done today, I don’t know. So I am back in the kitchen as if nothing has really happened, and I haven’t done anything, but I have it is about twenty past two now I went to go and see my family friend. I have had some lunch. I’ve picked up Rory who is asleep just by there you could see if you would like proof, that he’s right by there. There he is. He’s asleep I wish I was asleep. So that’s what we’re working with for now. I need to tick a few things off because my mum has reordered my tablets and I’ve picked up Rory obviously, so I will probably start editing my Q&A and I think I’m probably gonna ring up and get my blood test results now as much as I like don’t like doing it. It’s got to be done (music) So I have finished editing my Q&A it’s about half-past three now I do have “Film Pasta Demo” on my to-do list for today but not sure if I’m gonna do that because I am planning on doing it, but it’s just a little bit I feel like I’ve done a lot this week, and I’m not sure if I want to to do that this evening that’s for a JUST DO IT which I’m hoping to have up but I don’t need to do that because I’m ahead with my JUST DO IT series. I might just chill out this evening instead. I feel like I’m really really dark… Let’s turn this up slightly, there we go. So I’m just going on to YouTube now and uploading that Q&A. Hello, baby boy. With all of like the links and the titles and the tags and all that kind of stuff and now I feel like I’m really bright… Geez what’s going today? But yeah I’m just uploading it sorting out the thumbnail, making sure everything’s organised and then I’ll schedule that and I can forget about it because I do have another to-do list on my phone. Have I showed you this? I don’t think I’ve showed you this. Coming at me from another angle is not gonna make any difference mate. I have another to-do list in my phone that’s all of my videos. So I’ve got my like actual to-do list of tasks and stuff and then I’ve got my to-do list in terms of videos. Which is – it looks like this. So I’ve got the date that I’m uploading and then the video that I want to upload and then I’ve got like a colour code system so if anything is green, it means that it’s ready to go and it’s like on YouTube scheduled ready to go live and then the black ticks next to them mean they have gone live. My whole life is just a whole bunch of lists. And you know, I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that I’m gonna go sort Rory out, but I think I was pretty much me done for the day so I’ll check in if I’m doing anything else but not expecting to to be honest – I want a break! Good morning, everybody. So today is Thursday and it is about nine o’clock in the morning, I am up and dressed and sorted and I’m just about to start working for the day I haven’t really got much in my to-do list for like my my stuff but I do have a bit of stuff in my to do list Chewigem so I think I’m just gonna do some Chewigem work this morning. Then I’ve got a meeting which was the meeting that I didn’t have yesterday today at just gone ten so I think I’m just gonna do some work until that meeting I’m gonna get that meeting done and I think I’m probably gonna have the rest of the day off because I am feeling fairly burnt out and just kind of ready for a bit of a break. I haven’t had a break this week really at all. (music) So it’s about ten past twelve now and I haven’t moved from this seat at all so I feel like I need to get up and do a little bit of a jig because I’ve just been sat in the same place doing work so I had that meeting and that went on for a little bit of time probably went on for about forty-five minutes or so and now I’ve just been sort of finishing off bits and bobs for Chewigem and a couple of tasks that I have to do which are just sort of like admin based bits and bobs which I actually really enjoy doing because I can just stick the radio on and just blitz it and then you do feel like a good sense of achievement afterwards because you’ve like conquered a task so yeah, I’ve just finished one of the bigger tasks that I needed to do, which was in regards to some of the blogs on our website so organised all of those which is great. I’m just gonna have a look on my to do list because I feel a little bit like after meetings of any kind I come away and my brain is just so frazzled with loads of information it’s just like information overload but I’ve just, I really struggle to focus after them and it’s just a big problem that I have to kind of deal with so I haven’t actually got anything else on my to-do list for today so I think like I said what did I say this yesterday or did I say this this morning I don’t even know I’m so out of it… I think I’m gonna have the rest of the day off I think. I think I’m gonna have a bit of a break… Yes, I doubt there’s gonna be much more filming for today because I’ve got a feeling that’s what I’m gonna do. Good morning, everybody, Happy Friday! End of the week, my favourite day of the week. I love a Friday. So I’m up I’m dressed. I am pretty much ready to go. It’s about quarter past 10 and I’m in a meeting this morning. I’m heading off into Cardiff for a meeting Which is really nice. It’s a brunch meeting. Love some, love some food in a meeting. It always makes things so much more fancy makes me feel like a proper boss lady. Yeah, I’m feeling myself this morning – nice boss lady outfit going on. Nice sort of oversized batwing shirt, jeans, because I don’t want to go too formal and then some little brogue-y-type things. Yeah! (singing) I’m feelin’ myself. I’m feelin’ myself Enough of that. Let’s get back into business mode. So yeah I’ve been up for about an hour and a half-ish I did a bit of work this morning, but I didn’t vlog it because it was work relating to that thing that isn’t work, but I don’t want to talk about it yet. So I don’t I didn’t want to vlog it So yeah, I’m up. I’m ready to go, I’m gonna have some food I think just before I go because I always think it’s really good to have food before you have food. It’s just one of those things that I live by it’s like don’t go somewhere hungry, even if it’s a restaurant. Have some food. It’s always good for the anxiety and it’s just good generally to live by so I’m gonna have a little bit of a light breakfast I think and I’ll head off. I’m not sure how much I’m gonna vlog. I don’t think I’m gonna vlog the meeting it’s a bit awkward to vlog a business meeting and these are people who I have spent time with but not enough to be like hey, hey, hey, I’ve got my camera, woohoo! So I probably will just go to the meeting and chat about it maybe if I want to when we get back but all you guys need to know is that I am looking fly and I’m heading to Cardiff for a meeting this morning. Catch up with you later! Just on the train, finished my meeting. It went really well. It was so lovely to just get out and chat to people, you know so many times in my job I’m talking people online or I’m skyping or I’m you know, not even talking to anybody because I work from home so it’s so nice to have like human interaction sometimes. So Donna, Emma, Hayley, thank you so much for meeting with me and having breakfast with me this morning. So yeah, just on my way back it is such a lovely day! I’m gonna go on them pick up a dog to walk later on today and then I’ve got zumba so feeling good, feeling good. So there we have it that is really a typical working a week for me and typical is like the level of work that I achieved that is pretty average in terms of the level of work and the level of busyness, but typical… it’s very difficult for me to describe that working week as typical in terms of what went on and how I did things because my routine is always changing in terms of what work needs done where I do that work and how I do that work so there’s always things that are cropping up and come in last minute and things I have to adapt to but that is the beauty of being self-employed. I can do anything on my terms in my own time and if I’m having a day of burnout I can just have the day off but it’s also a really big curse of being self-employed never feeling like you’re in a routine and not really sure if what you’re planning for the week is actually going to be achievable or actually get done because you don’t know what’s gonna happen midweek, it’s it’s a beauty and a curse self-employment and as much as I love it, I also find it very difficult as well but I really hope you guys enjoyed seeing a little bit more about what I do. I really enjoyed vlogging this week I know it was such a long video and it was such a ramble but I really enjoyed it and I hope you guys did too. Let me know by giving a big thumbs up. Comment down below what is like a typical working week for you. Are you employed? Self-employed? Are you unemployed? Like what is a typical week for you guys? Let me know it the comment section and let me know if you would be interested in me doing this all over again because my week like I said it changes so much so would you guys be interested in seeing a whole other vlog about a whole other working week and seeing how different my weeks can be, let me know in the comment section if you would want to see that I hope you’ve had a really really good day, and I will see you soon. Bye guys! You

🍿VLOG EP21 | PRODUCTIVE DAYS, working and reading at the café (thai cc)

[Music] I got evil in July before my [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel today I am starting off my video my vlog with these exercising outfit actually I’m not going to be exercising at home today I’m going to be like walking outside actually it’s my first time doing this so I am not sure if I was gonna be like since I wanted to like I was craving for sticky rice with a fried you know pork kind of thing here so I am going to be getting them and since I’m going outside I’m going to be exercising a little bit and I just have a really long walk and yeah let’s go out now well we get the Sun guys it has been so gloomy lately but then today it’s very bright and sunny so I’m pretty sure today is gonna be so hot else so yeah let’s go [Music] hey guys I am currently planning my stuff for this month September because I want to improve everything that I could and I have been writing down all the to-do lists that I am planning to do this month I have like 1 through 9 lists like my things that I want to complete this month and I think I am going to add one more so it’s going to be 10 like I am planning what to post on YouTube every week but then the plan changes all the time since I might be doing something else that I think ok this video might be better to post on this week and stuff it just like depends on how everything goes [Music] some of you guys might be wondering where I got this but to be honest I have no idea where I got it because my mom gave it to me so I’m just using it I feel like he probably got it from somewhere [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good evening guys today I am going to be planning this week so it’s going to be weekly plan I am going to be using my favorite weekly to-do list from an area today okay I’m selling stuff again yeah so I am going to start writing something because I have I actually want to start off this month good like I want everything to be well organized and I want to achieve everything and I want to try something new this month and but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do that yeah so today is Tuesday actually but I am going to be writing from yesterday so it’s going to be starting from Monday till Sunday and after that I am going to I might give you some feedback month September yesterday what is that me yes really I think I am done with this I am just going to put some stickers on it so that it looks kind of you know a bit more lively on my planet I just like doing this kind of thing I don’t know why but I mean I’m going to be using this rainy season because it’s been raining so much a lot lately that it gets calling me all the time and I just hate the fact that it’s law is always wet it looks like this and I just want to give a shout out to my one of my subscriber actually a lot of Christina you know I have weekly letter from my subscriber but I haven’t actually shown you guys in my vlog since I’ve been so busy with my stuff that I sometimes just we get about something so I have two hard drives to click Subscribe so the first subscriber she came to see me on the one of the event called the speaker he actually made her own stickers like a breath because it’s totally my style if I love you so much and also she gave me some card it’s very cute I have waited already and I just love it so much so thank you so much and another subscribers who has visited me and gave me so many stickers look at these she gave me so many stickers and like a lot she gave me like a set of each of her design she’s also doing a stick-up business so we are in the same industry so please support her he has an Instagram called me Mommy it’s her brand she is doing so many like stickers stuff and there are so many colors and designs also he has this one as well and she also wrote me card here so thank you so much I really appreciate all your support on both my youtube channel and my brand I really really appreciate that I’m sorry that my face doesn’t show in this video because I just look extra sick because I have a lot of people on my face so I am not really confident in coming out now without makeup I’m so sorry thank you so much again and I’m so sorry for being late on shouting out you know to all these little gifts from you guys it’s actually not literally it means a lot to me so thank you so much I am gonna be using them for sure I actually used one of these and also I have used some of these sticker as well so I love them so much so thank you so much yeah I am going to be doing something else from now so yeah I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you guys tomorrow I am going to be drinking the matcha green tea it’s from Kalani I got this one from macro it is hundred percent matcha green tea powder I here not the milk so that the matcha powder will melt easily finished [Music] these are the books that I got today this one is from Brian Tracy I have finished reading one of his book already and I just fell in love with his book so I just got another one hoping that it would be another good book so yeah kiss that frog another one is from the stock exchange of Thailand it’s about a stock like looking for the first talk by this person it’s like I am kind of interested in the stock investment these days so I just want to study about this stuff a bit to get to know about more so yeah I’m so hot I’m sweating so much because it’s so hot outside even though it was raining today it’s still hot as usual I’m going to be cleaning my makeup now and I’ll be heading to have my dinner and then I would be going to do my work a bit like editing some videos and yeah stuff like that hope you guys enjoy [Music]

ENG subs! Let’s get back to business | Upcoming Videos | Quick Updates | Convention Schedule

Hey guys! I’m back from my trip to Thailand and I’m back home in Berlin As you might already know I shopped a lot of markers and other art supplies So that means there will be soon a little… “little” art haul with all supplies I’ve bought and some other stuff so I’ll get creative again on my channel I’m really happy about it because it’s been some time since I was really creative I’ve just doodled some stuff in my sketchbook look! These are the pages I’ve filled during my vacation and these are the pages that are left Trust me, it’s not the other way around! Really! Besides the art haul there will be also a sketchbook tour Theres not that much to show you I guess Most of the time I had no time to draw anything or to post as much as I wanted You know how it can be with the family on a trip… there’s always something to do I hope you didn’t hold that against me My full sketchbook can be seen and download on my Patreon page first! Patron exclusive! so that you can enjoy more exclusivity afterwards it can be seen public in a video or as normal art postings on Instagram and Youtube So stay tuned! In case you like to support me on Patreon… because as you know Youtube pays just not enough and the all loved algorithm
is pretty much an asshole to me That’s why I’m happy about every Patron and everyone who supports me! And now as I’m back I can
finally be active and creative again Of course I’ve also something to announce wait… three announcements! On September 7 I’ll be at IFA in Berlin again It’s just for one day (on Saturday) where the Cosplay competition takes place that is organized by MCC (Mega Manga Convention) now it’s MEX which is also a convention that will take place in October I guess Of course you can find me there too! That means you can either meet me at IFA or MEX orrrr like every year… at the Comic Con in Berlin All dates should be somewhere here or in the description box down below There will be soon also a video with my newest convention products to buy but this is something for the future first there will be the art haul then the sketchbook tour and some other speedpaints! we’ll see! I hope you’re looking forward to it and that’s it for now! Take care! Goodbye!

How I Do My Self Employed Taxes | Self Assessment HMRC 2019

let’s just ignore the fact that I
accidentally put a lot of makeup on today as you can tell from the title of
today’s video its not the most fun it’s the dreaded time of year I need to
submit my tax return and I decided this year to film the process and talk you
guys through it because I get a lot of questions about it hopefully teach you a
few things and how you can do your own and yeah let’s go so this year for me is
actually the first year I will pay tax in previous years I’ve not earned enough
money to be taxed so this year it was a little bit different for me and it was
very very daunting so I actually went over to a skillshare on Skillshare
alongside different courses in like Photoshop graphic design all the stuff
I’ve spoken about before they also have like business-related stuff so they have
things on entrepreneurship finance accounting and obviously right now
accounting is what I’m doing and I actually use a software called
QuickBooks as well and they have courses about QuickBooks and how to use that
successfully to record your tax so the lovely people over a skillshare have
actually given me a treat for you guys so the link down below will give you a
two month free premium membership to Skillshare so with that membership you
get access to all the classes all the workshops and you get to trial
Skillshare completely for free so whether like me you are trying to do
your accounts or you’re just starting up and you want to learn some new skills
then you can head over to Skillshare and find the perfect class and creative
community for you the first 500 of you guys to click the link in my description
and claim the two months free premium subscription will get a free premium
subscription that was a very long-winded way of me saying that wasn’t it
basically be quick because it’s only gonna be for 500 of you guys I am going
to now talk through how I managed to do my accounts yesterday thanks to the help
from Skillshare and we’re gonna we’re gonna get it done hopefully I can help
you guys out and make this less daunting as I mentioned I use QuickBooks to do my
account and QuickBooks is basically an online
service that helps you keep track of money that comes in from your business
and money that goes out for your business I highly highly recommend
QuickBooks I think it’s like seven pound a month for the self-employed one that I
have and it’s so so worth it it’s just made this whole process so much easier
in previous years I had a spreadsheet and I would record I’d try to do it every
month but I always got really far behind and I’d record my incoming so what I’d
earn in my business and then I’d record anything that I spent to aid my business
so like printer ink paper a new camera battery a tripod stuff like that those
are things that I can claim as an expense and if you want a little bit
more of a breakdown on how to do your accounts I do have another video on it
which I will leave kind of on screen and in my description when I was filing my
tax returns I went into QuickBooks and because QuickBooks constantly
records and monitors my bank accounts basically I already knew that it was
pretty much sorted and ready to go for when I needed to file my tax return so I
just went through my existing expenses checked that they were all going into
the right system and if I show you now you can categorize things as business or
personal so as this bit of an example so I have my iTunes Spotify subscription
which I’ve categorized as personal and then underneath I went to Morrison’s and
bought an Easter Egg and I will categorize that as personal because
obviously I can’t claim an Easter Egg as a business expense and then I’m just
transferring money between myself and then I got an Etsy payment so I have an
Etsy store and this classes as part of my business income so because it’s in
green that’s income and I’m going to click business and then it categorizes
itself into your business income so yeah it’s really really easy I check it like
maybe once a week and after a while it kind of learns your habits and it’ll
recognise which websites are business and what websites
aren’t but you do need to go through and check them but honestly it’s the
quickest thing ever and I’ve never known anything so simple and you can also
record your mileage so if you drive for your business you can put your mileage
into it and it will work out because you get like a forty five pence per mile
deduction off your tax I believe so definitely look into that I didn’t know
that was a thing and I’ve been self-employed since I was 16 which is
like six years now oh my god that’s weird but yeah once you’ve done that the
basic kind of frame work of your taxes QuickBooks will put it all into a
document so I’m gonna blur out the figures because obviously it’s personal
to me but it gives me a self-assessment summary for the whole year so this is my
tax year that has just ended and at the top it says what my turnover is so this
is the complete amount of money that I have taken in as a business this year so
underneath are my business expenses so in my expenses are things such as
printer ink paper tripods I don’t know a desk for my office stuff like that you
can categorize as an expense any time that goes in and out of my bank account
I will put it down as a business expense so in here it categorizes like various
petrol costs under Bella which is my cars name yes my car has a name and
then phone bills advertising I do a few different advertising things on like
Facebook and Etsy so that goes through there and then different subscriptions
so I obviously pay for my website every year that’s a business expense and
basically it adds up a total sum of what your business expenses are so for
example purposes if I took in 20 thousand pounds worth of income from my
business and I spent five thousand pounds of that money on business-related
things business expenses then I deduct that and then I’ve got fifteen thousand
pounds left so that fifteen thousand pounds is what the taxman is looking at
that’s what you’re going to get taxed on and you do have a personal allowance so
I think you can earn up to like eleven thousand or 12,000 pounds before you get
taxed so because I’ve only got 15,000 pounds in my little pot after I spent my
money I’m only gonna get taxed on like that 3000 pounds so the tax man
will take 20% of that 3000 pounds I really hope that makes sense because it
confuses me so now because QuickBooks has
worked that’s out you can obviously do that yourself like I said for the past
few years I’ve done it myself I did it in a spreadsheet and I just literally
went down my bank account checked my Ingoings incoming against my outgoings
and then worked out that figure I’ll go on to the HMRC website which pains me
I’m not gonna lie it pains me so what I did I went over into self-assessment and
because I have already registered as a freelancer self-employed person I
already have an account if you haven’t got an account you can sign up and I
think it does take a couple of weeks for it to all register so don’t leave it too
late because I think they have to send you passwords and stuff through the post
so once I’ve signed in it says at the top that I have to submit my taxes for
the year 2018 to 2019 and I actually have until January of 2020 so to submit
it so I am incredibly eager submitting them literally two days after the tax
year ends but I just wanted to pay my bill and get it over and done with and
hopefully because I’m uploading this video now you guys will know way in
advance the HMRC website will ask you a bunch of different questions and
obviously these will differ depending on your situation and your circumstances so
it’ll ask if you’re single if you take any child benefits if you’re a carer
stuff like that it’ll ask you questions and it’s all tick boxed and what I
actually really find so helpful is that there is a little kind of circle next to
all the questions we have a question mark can we not there’s a little circle
with a question mark on it and if you click that it will define what it means
it will break down that question because there are so many terms in accounting
that no one at school ever taught me and then you go down and it creates an
online forum with the various sections that you need based on the answers you
gave to the to the previous questions I didn’t actually realize how hard this
is to explain out loud so once I’ve got my little form I go through it I’ll fill
it in with my name my name my National Insurance number my address all that
kind of stuff and you basically categorise all the different earnings
and then there’s one section which is the most important bit which is the
figures on your income and your net profit so that’s what the taxman works
it out from so I filled all that in and I literally just looked at my QuickBooks
document that I saved on my laptop and I copied the numbers over and because
QuickBooks had worked it all out for me I don’t need to do anything else and it
was great and then obviously I have my tax bill let’s pretend it’s 1,000 pounds
actually no let’s pretend it was 2,000 pounds the taxman wants me to pay 2,000
pounds you don’t have to pay that money instantly you’ve got a certain amount of
time to pay it I will leave some more information down below about the dates
and stuff but you don’t have to pay it instantly you’ve got quite a while to
pay that so don’t worry I just wanted to pay and get it over and done with so
again I go back into my online profile waved a very sad farewell to my
hard-earned money and gave it to the government
yay I have now paid my tax bill for the year 2018 to 19 however something I
wasn’t aware of is that because I am self-employed and if you are also
self-employed in the UK this will apply to you and because this is the first
year I will actually have to pay tax in very simple terms you kind of pay ahead
a year so they want you to be ahead of your tax bill so this year my tax bill
is 2,000 pounds but in reality I’m gonna have to pay 3 because they like me as a
self-employed person to be 1,000 pounds ahead of myself I did not know this fact
until yesterday when I submitted it and it told me that and again I’d have to
pay that figure instantly I have I think I have two dates throughout the year
that that bill is due so it’s due in five hundred-pound chunks throughout the
year and next year but that’s another thousand
pounds that no one told me about so hopefully if you are in the similar
situation to me and you’ve not yet been taxed as this freelancer and you weren’t
aware of that hopefully now you are so just bear that in mind the first time
you pay your tax as a self-employed person it’s a little bit of a kick in
the teeth it’s a bit of a double whammy tax bill because you have the initial
figure plus a thousand pounds to keep you ahead which angered me a lot I feel
like I’ve rambled a lot but if there are any questions that I have missed and
first do go and watch my previous video about kind of submitting your tax return
because I went into it in different stages in that video so I might cover
something that I’ve missed today and if not comment down below and I will try my
best to answer have I got anything else to tell you ooh the final thing I also
do a thing called cash basis accounting and Google it I didn’t know what it was
until recently once again why don’t we get taught this at school so yeah that’s
it if you have any questions like I said
please do ask me I will try my best to answer again never been an expert don’t
think I ever will be but I’m just gonna document my journey of my freelance life
and hopefully we can learn some things together along the way I hope you’ve
enjoyed this video I hope you’ve learned a lot and I’ll see you soon hopefully
for a more interesting video next time I don’t have to do my taxes for a whole other year woo


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