Senator Lindsey Graham tells SC businesses trade war will ‘cause some pain’

I think this goes to the dispute with
China, China’s economy’s been hurt because Trump’s pushing back
against the way they cheat. And China’s a big economy
to fix everything. I think he’s committed to getting
them to change their behavior. We’ll take a dip in the stock market,
but the economy is sound in this regard. There are more jobs
than there are workers. When I’d come back to South Carolina
this last couple of days, everybody is doing really well,
they just can’t find workers. So this is where a rational immigration
system in the future helps. So this China dispute is
gonna cause us some pain, but if we don’t pay now,
we’re gonna pay later. And I told the president this
morning when I talked to him, you don’t have any choice. If you don’t get China to change
their behavior on your watch, by the end of this century, they’re gonna dominate the world economy
cuz they cheat us out of marketshare. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Sci-Fi Short Film “Good Business” presented by DUST

Well as you can see the high explosive rounds
are tremendously effective against soft shelled targets
as well as armor What you fellas think? WHAT DO YOU FELLAS THINK What’s it gonna be fellas? WE WILL TAKE EVERYTHING So, that’s 25 automatic rifles 1,000 rounds ammunition 10 GP-25s with 30 rounds each AND THE C-4 and the C-4 All right boys Start unloading Let’s go Captain, are you sure about all this? Sure about what? Handing over all these guns to the Skwoids Yep, they give me the creeps too But it’s company policy and good business at that Yeah? Yeah This way not only do we get a
prime piece of real estate But, we set it up so the current residents kill each other off At no extra cost What are you little fuckers up to? I don’t know sir Seems like a hell of a way
to settle a world You don’t get it do you comrade? We are at war with these things already They just don’t know it yet

Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft
Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be
scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. Coby checking into the game. Cody here. What’s up, guys? Ty. Let’s see what loot we can find. Could really use some shoes. There we go. First weapon find
and a backpack. Yeah, I don’t think I
really need a backpack. I’ve got to get off the road. These rocks are killing me. Oh no. That was bad. OK? Grenade. That’s going to come in handy. And a backpack. Got a backpack. Two more backpacks. Oh! That’s an Uzi! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby. There’s my rifle. I think we’ve got a gun range. OK. Four more backpacks. So, for those of
you that don’t know, Chad and Tim set up the course. And whoever was responsible
for the North Swamp, I’m going to kill them. Nice. The game makers are too kind. All right. I got everything I need. I just got to find a
good place to camp. We sit. We hide. We don’t go out into the action. That’s how you get shot. I think we’re going to
get on the golf cart. Bumpy. Oh! Goodness gracious! We got an air drop. We got to go. Oh! Oh yeah! Oh! It’s a sniper! It’s like a podium in a box! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, there’s a crate. Frying pan. Boat. There’s Coby. He doesn’t even see me. I going to get in this
truck and snipe him. It’s going to make
way too much noise. Let’s row. It looks like he’s
using a paddle. I, I am very confused right now. No need to rush this. I cannot miss this shot. Oh! Got to get to cover! We’ve got a runner! He’s running away! You’re going down, Purple Hoser! Oh! I got him! Did he get me? He’s– oh gosh. Dad gum it. I think he got me. I got to bail. All right. It looks like I got two
balloons down on Coby. He just took off in the woods. I did run out of
ammo on my pistol. I’m going to go
back, get my sniper. Start heading to town. Play the other side. Let’s go find some people. All right. My balloons are right here. In a safe, secure location. All I’ve got to do is
wait them out, baby. And I’m going to be sitting
here taking a siesta. There we go. Right there is Corey! Oh! Out of ammo. Did he get one of mine? He got two. What? God, I handled that so wrong. I thought I could hide
behind these barrels, but my balloons stick up. Obviously. Ah, there’s Coby. Oh, God! I’m taking fire! Uzi’s down. Yeah! I got him first! I got him first! 100% Let’s go! All right. Here’s the deal. Coby and I just shot each
other at the same time. Technically, it’s not
actually the same time. Because I shot him a
little before he shot me. A millisecond. But ultimately, it doesn’t
matter cause neither of us have balloons anymore. We’re not happy about
it, but we’re both out. Gotta get up top. Pretty sure I got
two pops on Cory. And I am in desperate
need of a new weapon. I’m going to try and search
around here and try and see if I can find some. I need a gun. Bang! Let’s go. Ah! Dang it! set fire Oh, wow. That’s a lot of bullets. Ah! Incoming fire. Oh, grenade! Grenade! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Yeah. I’m getting out of here. There we go that’s what I need. I think someone’s downstairs. I’ve got him. I got a balloon. I got a balloon. Gosh dang it. Come on, boy! I’m in it to win it, baby! Cody! You camper! Did I hit you? You, uh. You did not Oh, sick! A K! Not worth it. Dang it! Dang it! Line them up, baby! Ah! I got Ty! I got Ty! Wait a minute! I got popped! I’m eliminated. This gun’s amazing. That was so worth it. You got nothing, boy! Come on with it! Here. Pull it! Gosh! Plenty of down fire. Give him some warning
shots with this. Oh, gosh! He’s got a pistol. You know what? We’re taking this on the road. Oh! Taking fire! Taking fire! Got to get– for more? Are you ready for He’s got a new gun! I don’t know what he’s
shooting, but it’s fast. Oh! How did I miss? goal. Oh. Out of ammo. I got to push. I got to push. I’m charging. Got him! Woo! No! Valiant effort, my good man. Dude! That was a blast! Hey, rule number one. Don’t get tired of hiding. It’s what keeps you alive, baby. It was so fun. Oh, man. That is exhausting. That was well done. I think it’s time for a
little trophy presentation. I agree. As always, not my honor,
certainly not my pleasure, Cody Jones. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thank you. That looks fantastic. Very nice. Twins? By the way, good to
have you guys back. Hey. Thanks, man. Can’t wait to hear that story. Oh! If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new video. Special thanks to our
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DP videos, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

How the Korean War Created Samsung

Samsung, one of the leading tech companies
in the world. Unlike some of its American competitors like
Apple or Dell—Samsung wasn’t formed in someone’s garage or a college dorm room. No, Samsung emerged in the wake of the most
destructive war in Korean history and in this video we’ll see how all of that carnage
paved the way for Samsung’s global domination. This video is brought to you by Skillshare,
where you can watch my two classes on how the stock market works. The first half of the twentieth century was
not very kind to Korea, to say it mildly. After a hundred years of political interference,
the Japanese Empire had reduced Korea to merely a puppet state, formally annexing it in 1910. As you can imagine, the Japanese occupation
was brutal, with many Korean farmers and businessmen being driven off of their lands and out of
their factories. As an ambitious colonial power, Japan was
eager to settle Korea with its own people, which is why Japanese ownership of Korean
land, for example, skyrocketed from 8% in 1910 to over 50% just twenty years later. For a time, it seemed as if the Korean nation
was destined for oblivion, for the Japanese not only forced the Koreans to change their
names, they also prohibited schools from even teaching the language. It took the crushing Japanese defeat during
the Second World War for Korea to become independent once again and in 1945, despite the chaos
of American and Soviet military administration, the people of Korea were cautiously optimistic. One such optimist was Lee Byung-Chul, who
was one of the few Koreans lucky enough to have started their own business during the
Japanese occupation. He had created a small transportation company
in 1938 called Samsung, which specialized in exporting groceries. From the very start, Samsung had a very big
competitive advantage: it was located in Masan, a city on the southeastern coast that the
Japanese were using as their biggest exit port from which they transported all the exploited
Korean resources. Now, Lee wasn’t a true collaborationist,
but his usefulness to the regime granted him many favors that weren’t available to most
Koreans, like getting loans from Japanese banks. While Samsung’s Japanese period was decent
for its time, the newly-independent South Korea presented immense opportunities for
Lee. The years immediately after the liberation
were very profitable for pretty much every Korean businessman for a simple reason: while
the Japanese administrators were gone, their assets remained and the Korean government
was handing them out left and right for cents on the dollar in an effort to rebuild the
country. Everything looked great for Samsung, but then
the Korean War broke out. North Korea’s invasion quickly turned into
a proxy war between the Soviet Bloc and the Capitalist West, with modern weapons devastating
major cities and industrial centers in South Korea. Most of Korea’s factories were damaged during
the three long years of war; for example, over 60% of textile and chemical facilities
were outright destroyed, as was half of the country’s rail. At the end of the war— Korea’s infrastructure
was in desperate need of repair, and its companies were too young to sustain its economy, which
was honestly on its last legs. Prices rose dramatically, as the South Korean
government was forced to print more money to finance the country’s vast military expenditures. Hyperinflation was so extreme that in July
1953, Korea’s money in circulation was 24 times greater than just three years earlier. The future of South Korea and Samsung by extension
was looking increasingly uncertain, but luckily for them, Uncle Sam had their back. After the war, the US created essentially
the Korean version of the Marshall Plan, with the United Nations following suit soon after. Throughout the 1950s, three billion dollars
were sent to the Korean government, which then chose medium and large companies worthy
of the investment. Samsung was among the companies to benefit
from this relief aid, no doubt thanks to Lee’s close friendship with the first South Korean
President. In fact, the extent of state help that Samsung
received during his tenure was mind-boggling. While usually imposing very strict limits
on exports, the government essentially gave Samsung a free pass, allowing it to become
the biggest exporter of scrap iron, for example, after the war. Funneling American relief money into Samsung
allowed it to expand beyond simple transport and into actual manufacturing: in 1953 they
started making sugar and flour, and then textiles a year later. Buying ruined factories with American money
and then rebuilding them was such a lucrative business that Samsung grew at an average of
93% annually during the 1950s. However, relief aid was only part of the picture:
the Korean government was also extending generous credit to Samsung at very competitive rates. Lee was one of the biggest beneficiaries of
government lending through government associated banks, and what’s really hilarious is that
once he got the money, he turned around and started buying those very same banks. By the end of the decade, Samsung had taken
over three of the banks associated with his friend’s regime and was also branching out
into insurance and chemicals. Samsung had grown so large that not even a
revolution could bring it down; thus, when the military overthrew his friend’s regime
in 1961, Lee was probably not too worried. Under the new administration, the Korean economy
opened up and focused on massive export growth, for which Samsung was perfectly positioned
after a decade of state-funded preparation. Thus, despite a second regime change in the
span of 15 years, Lee was once again in the good graces of the Korean government. The most popular Samsung division we know
today was, of course, also created with government aid: in 1969 the government passed legislation
reducing taxes by 50% on companies operating in the electronics business, which at the
time was pretty much only Samsung Electronics, which was created the very same year. During the 70s Samsung became a symbol of
Korean modernization as it helped bring televisions and washing machines to the home of every
family, and from then on the jump into semiconductors and more recently smartphones seems only natural. Of course, none of this would’ve been possible
without Lee’s brilliant positioning close to whichever political power held sway during
his time and even today Samsung and the government go hand in hand. Luckily for you, Samsung is a public company,
or at least its biggest division is, so you can readily profit off of the close relationship
Lee forged many decades ago. If you’d like to learn how to capitalize
on this on the stock market, you’ll probably enjoy the two investment courses I have on
Skillshare. If you’re not familiar with Skillshare,
it’s the largest online learning platform on the planet, with thousands of courses on
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topics. You can watch all these classes and my own
for free right now if you register for a free trial of Skillshare using the link in the
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also follow me on Instagram to watch the awesome teasers I post for every upcoming video. We’re gonna hear each again in two weeks,
and until then: stay smart.

Meet The Truck-Driving Mom In A Business With Hardly Any Women | American Jobs (HBO)

— I’m a truck driver for Price Chopper
right now, it’s a local company. I’m gonna have my breakfast coffee,
and then I’m gonna go. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed. I don’t think you’re going to be
going to bed before Mommy leaves. Make sure you help Jeff
clean up and put everything away. I’ll miss you. Bye, honey! Love you. I leave the house at 9, I clock-in at 10. Drivers can work 14 hours on-duty, 11 hours driving. They can send me a really long dispatch,
or I could do a bunch of short ones. I became a truck driver because
I was a 19-year-old single mom. Trucking has provided me with financial stability. It has made me a financial provider for my son. I would say being local is almost harder
on the driver than over-the-road, because when you’re over-the-road, all there is to do is sleep when you’re not working, so it’s real easy to get your rest. When you’re local, your family’s expecting you. But you have an obligation to get your rest
before you drive this massive vehicle. And then there are the people who think, because I’m a female, I have it easy, which is not true. When I was in a sleeper cab for a different company, I was outside the produce market and
the manager of the receiver was saying, “You must get so lonely in that truck,
how about you come out to dinner with me,” “and you can use my house to shower if you want.” I declined, and I had to keep going back there. Because I declined, he wouldn’t unload my trailer. He’d make me sit there and wait,
and make me the last truck. We’re heading to the warehouse. We’re going to drop it in a door so that
the warehouse workers can unload it. They’re going to clean up the trailer, it’s gonna go back in the line to be
filled again for another dispatch. There’s really no one to call at 3 in the morning. All you have is a radio. That’s one bad thing about working nights, but everyone knows that driving
the truck is easier at night. It’s open roads. I don’t know about the future. Drones are never going to be
delivering the palates of food. That’s not happening. It’s not gonna apply in my lifetime. I know our lifestyle, and we’re not going
to be able to advance if I lose this, so… My license is my resume. I treat it seriously, I take the job seriously. It’s a good feeling, having a career. No one’s gonna stop me from
giving my son the life he deserves. I’ll find a way.

The Peace Economy: Jodie Evans of CODEPINK

we started 15 years ago a few weeks ago and we didn't really start an organization we came together in Washington DC to called code pink as Bush was frightening the American people with his cut color-coded terrorist alerts orange red and yellow you know we thought that we would sit outside the White House and be rational and say this war is crazy and unconstitutional and illegal and it's going to open Pandora's box and you don't want to do that it's going to cost way more than you're saying and it's wrong and 15 years later it's worse than we could have ever imagined in Iraq and around the world where now participated in like eight Wars we have more bases than we had and more money's being spent on war out of your tax dollar and we need to really take on the whole war economy and grow local peace economies which has been really a wonderful way to spend the last couple of years and it showed up as we celebrated our 15 years and went to different cities and how much more engaged our community is in their own community and an understanding you know what is it just transition and this war economy which is oppressive and destructive and extractive and I call the peace economy the feminine economy because it is the caring sharing giving relational resilient economy without which none of us would be alive and the war economy is what drives us to death in its extraction and oppression and destruction so you know just kind of look at what you do in the day and what happens when you think when you're operating your day out of separation and out of scarcity that's the war economy because we actually live connected in abundance so we actually have practices as we grow a local peace economy where each week we practice one of the things like time time whoa where the war economy just wants to use your time up what have you broke free of your time and just like oh what if I give my time to the peace economy what does that look like what does it look like to give and to share and after a couple years of this I can promise you you're happier then one thing that everybody is is happier shinier more alive and really the war economy is deafening it's deadening and it you know it takes away your creativity and we watch it all the time it could pink just in our own work how it's the natural thing like I need a result I need to be efficient I need to deliver and instead of like how do I be in relationship with this person how do I step out of clicktivism into relationship with my own community I think when I really came to the realization about the war economy it was global inequality global climate change and one point four trillion dollars worth of weapons sold every year the only result historically has been fascism and I stopped growing local peace economies as a way to address all of it because if you're relational if you've built trust if you're working together you can write out pretty much anything and if you look at the different cities that kind of our local peace economy is even like look at Asheville North Carolina the unemployment stayed the same in 2008 houses were taken away from people you know when you demand relationality and you own your own utilities when you've when you've pulled power back and you've not let everything be privatized you survive these situations that are gonna definitely happen the Congress and the White House are Teflon I can't really go after them right now and the anti-war movement if we're gonna build we have to have something that we can win out some lever we can pull well our schools our churches our cities our state's our pension funds and our Congress are all making a killing on killing so it's a way that everyone can engage there's some piece that you can engage in and engage in locally which is always a problem about war because it's so overwhelming and so complex the people just like I don't want to think about it it's not hit me yet but it's hitting the US every day more and more and in our communities you know veterans veterans families police killings people are starting to recognize oh the war is home it has come home it plays out in so many ways it plays out in policing is now thirty percent of some city budgets that we think that being violent is a way to solve anything he is now part of our culture and it's part of our thinking and so we hope to like show different ways of yeah capitalism is bad it's there I keep telling people when they're growing their local peace economy they don't have to worry it's not going to fall apart too soon you we actually have time a bridge to where we can be growing the alternative it just takes our creativity it's the the sense that war has always been or this is the only way we have to break that that well first of all manufacturing jobs I mean if you stick with the capitalism those jobs are going anyway you know jobs are going how do we recreate the economy so that it works for everyone and that takes everybody being present and the problem is is when you leap that far away the way we're gonna find that out is by starting we don't ever know when we start on a journey towards somewhere what the end results gonna look like it's the first the commitment that I am gonna start out on this path a just transition the you know is about us taking the power back it's not about demanding it from corporations it's not about demanding it from other government they're all failing us they have failed us for a very long time it's a wake up call to find out what needs to happen make it happen make it happen with your neighbors and your relations and make it happen with a diverse group of people because really pretty much today shows us yet again it's all up to us


ladies and gentlemen welcome back to some more minecraft yes oh my goodness I am in my beautiful castle well actually I'm standing right outside of it because I've got a chest in front of me you might be wondering why well I've got a like challenge can you guess what's inside of this chest let me give you some help you have it inside of you did you get it no oh it's a bone yeah it's it's a bone yeah you have bones in your body right if you guessed it leave a like and if not you have to subscribe ladies and gentlemen today I'm gonna spend hours and hours working on my beautiful castle alright we've we've got a prototype of one of the towers this is just a little prototype that we're gonna have to put on every single corner wait what are all these tickets doing here hey stop it get get out of here chickens you're not allowed to be out here I've been working a lot in the castle as you guys can see there's a bunch of cows chickens sheep around here yeah talking about a bunch of chickens there's actually a lot of chickens wait let me just let me just pick up some eggs oh my goodness look at that egg counter go up sixteen alright that's more than twenty oh my goodness what we have four full stacks of eggs now I know why there were so many little baby chickens out there I guess my little friend the doctor has been throwing eggs around yeah I'm actually saving up these chickens because after we're gonna kill them because we need their money third yeah meat and feathers because the feathers are gonna be super useful to create arrows with those arrows ladies and gentlemen we will prepare for a war um so it's been a while since I since I actually showed you guys this but we've been working on this server while not recording it's less streaming it whatever and we've got a lot of goodies that's right we have a lot of redstone dust 35 pieces of diamond had almost 200 iron ingots we have some fool iron sets magma blocks emeralds golden nuggets but I think we've got more oh yeah some stone this is to be really useful to make our castle super pretty and then what else we got this is trash this is also trash we've got another cool chest somewhere just always got to figure out which one this is the line we've got a lot of obsidian like you guys know I want to hide my valuables from Josh and we're gonna do that in an obsidian tower that's right this is the middle of my castle and this is also going to be the obsidian tower it's gonna be quite interesting okay so where do we get started today you might ask well in the daytime we're gonna work on the outside of the map but in nighttime we're gonna have to work inside of the castle all right so let's get started let's grab a bunch of blocks where we got blocks okay stone we're gonna grab a lot of stone and we're gonna grab a lot of cobblestone I kind of want to mix cobblestone with stone together what we can also do let me see how does this work we could also create stone bricks there we go or make some of those things so basically right now we have a pretty ugly castle this is kind of like the outer layer we're gonna replace it with something more beautiful all right I just needed something to protect me in the night yes all right so uh where do we get started I guess we get started on this side currently we have a prototype of a tower I think we're gonna replace this with probably stone brick yeah I think the towers should be stone breaketh I think that's a pretty fair idea also don't worry I've got unbreaking too and efficiency to on my pickaxe which means that it's very very strong all right so um we're gonna have to we're gonna have to break all this down and then we're gonna okay oh my are you absolutely out of your mind there's literally a creeper inside of there okay I'm gonna have to be really careful oh okay careful okay let them come out let them come out this way it's a lot safer my goodness why am i so bad get out of here zombie I just want to get the creeper I just want to get the creeper zombie why does he have to be so annoying come on I need the Gunpowder because we need to create a lot of TNT to also of course defend our castles so all right let's uh let's break all of this down just like these I should probably like instantly replace it because well otherwise I'm not gonna know where I'm gonna have to put these things down all right would you look at that that already looks a lot better that was a that was a really nice burp by the way just just letting you all know that was a really good one all right so like you guys see if you're watching this as a video laughter well that's that's possible but I'm actually live streaming right now so that's why this video is super super long so I can see the Jack hello Jen hello everybody are you guys doing all right um I realized I already messed this up I think am I not supposed to build this right here I think it was right here this one and then that one right that's how it went wait I counted it from four so it's one two three four I'm so confused wait let's do no no no from here it was one two three four okay I have I have no idea what I'm doing I'm gonna be honest with you guys yeah it is Oh so it's two and then in right yeah I think I know I think this is correct all right I'm just gonna break this down it's actually starting to get nighttime already great I I hate that which kind of means we need to start working on the inside as soon as possible as well we just got to replace the bricks of the tower I guess we need to make this look pretty okay get out of your zombie nobody cares about you nobody cares about our little zombie friend should we replace this guy I think we need to yeah okay let's just do it like that cool all right now the inside wall we could open this up by the way let's let's do that oh wait a minute why does why does Ami's spawn inside of the tower there we go that's more like it that's more like it alright so let me just let me just count so I understand how I built this is there one more behind that no it's not ok so we got one two one two think okay so one two so then here shoot the next brick be okay and then over here as well what I am so lost right now I am messing this up I am so bad at building oh my god alright let's let's let's focus jelly use your also mighty brain alright if I break if I break this do I get cobblestone back oh no okay good I was I was worried there for a second because I really do not want to have cobblestone back alright um we got a buildup we got a bill up we got a build up all right cool now this one okay we're just replacing the wall we're just replacing the wall um guys another idea that I had was to create like a lava river or oh my absolutely kidding me some kind of river okay some kind of ever that was my idea all right let's um let's have a look this guy should be over here hello there he is hello my little friend how's it going uh oh my goodness I hate creepers I hate them so much the amount of times that they have killed me guys I am a Minecraft noob I'm gonna be honest with you should probably get some torches over here by the way yeah there's there's gonna be more spawns otherwise alright let's get let's go back up this way oh alright um it is actually dark outside so I shouldn't really be working on this tower right now but I I feel like I have to at this point I feel like I have to I just want to finish this okay um I think this is the one we're gonna replace now all right we build up quickly get out of here out out I said let me build my tower ah this is a good reason to build a nice little Tower as well that's where the mobs can't get in oh my that's a water zombie that's that's a water zombie it's too many of them men it's literally too many of them all right let's just build low and then build up so they can't kill me oh my goodness there's so many of them it's actually good that there's a lot of mobs around here I shouldn't kill them because if Josh decides to look around and tries to find my castle then at least it's protected by mobs because imagine he finds it when I'm offline like that would be really really bad that would be really bad all right so how are we doing here does this look like anything so far so we've got one two three two three two three is that correct I think that's correct ladies and gentlemen all right not too bad not too bad at all see I can do this I'm gonna replace those blocks later I think that looks pretty good the floor is going to be normal Stone the floor of the the castle over here oh no no no no no no no I need to sleep I need to sleep doctor can we sleep no doctor oh my god honey I can't I can't go to bed on my own I need that guy to sleep as well not sure if he's afk or not oh my goodness are you absolutely kidding me right now what did you say wait okay he's sleeping I'm coming I'll cover doctor good point doc no no no no no he left the gates open he left the gates open oh my goodness this is going bad this is going real bad oh my I don't want to die I'm level 25 please Oh guys this is going wrong this is going wrong all right bed bed quick falling you too come on ah come on let's go to bed go to bed go to bed I'm gonna die can we have everybody in the bed please can we have everybody in the bed go to bed fall in hey you go to the bed what is he doing what's he doing why is this guy on my team clearly not listening to me oh my goodness you like that quick wait monsters are nearby there's no monsters nearby what are you talking about quick now yes we did it we did it we did it we did it oh my goodness oh my goodness that was a lot oh all right I'm happy now I'm a happy boy oh all right where were we we were with the floor then we're gonna replace I think that was a nice a cup all right so let's break all this out let's break all this out let's pretend that never happened guys that was absolutely embarrassing so yeah let's never happen shall we okay we're gonna put these back like I said we need to be careful here because we know that there are different mobs out here I'm looking at the comments by the way and some of you guys say that I should find a mob spawner um I'm pretty sure if you break a mob spawner you cannot pick it up I'm not I'm not a hundred percent sure about that but I'm pretty sure so I don't think we're gonna be able to put mob spawn spawn owners around her house please correct me to comments section if I am wrong thank you thank you nice time thank you okay so that's that's something we need to open that up and we need to open this up how this does not make sense I have no idea what I'm doing cool all right so maybe we can't break it I don't know I'm looking at the live comment section did it it it enough nothing will happen okay find a mob spawner no no no no okay I'm not I'm not doing that okay that's a bad idea all right so what else we got we've got hmm we've got a nice Tower now you got to decorate a little more okay we got to decorate it a little more let's start with the edges all right should we go one more floor up yeah we definitely need to okay one more there we go all right looking good hmm okay that's actually a lot better already we should probably try and create like a ladder I think okay let's replace this floor like I said a nice stone floor all right guys I think we're doing all right once we've got four towers going we can start working on some other things that should be pretty cool right we're gonna work on different things in the meantime though I'm not gonna spend hours and hours on just towers that's pretty boring all right so does this make sense so we've got the middle we got one two we got the middle one two I think I think the alignment is good I'm not sure like this yes that's it that's it oh my goodness let's have a look from the outside guys let's have a look from the outside I want to see what this tower looks like currently all right we're walking away that looks good imagine one on that side a little bit taller and some cool things in the middle all right let's saw let's go work on the second one shall we let's get this creeper because we need the gun powder oh my goodness thankfully he exploded in the water so we got nothing to worry about oh no we are professionals not really all right we got a water zombie nothing to worry about all right so another thing I was working on that you might have realized is the gate the gate is going to be right here like we say we're gonna surround our castle with either lava or something else we don't really know what to do yet to be honest with you but this is going to be the entrance it's gonna be safe we're gonna block it off it's gonna be good but we need to work on this as well I'm having a look I don't know exactly what to do with this to be very honest with you I feel like the entrance is difficult but we could we could actually make an entrance out of stone break though let's let's keep that a try let's give let's give that a try shall we all right so we're just putting breaks down there we go there we go thick one there was that it yeah that's it and then we break this one put a new one down what you got what you got for me oh thanks ticking tickets tickets again keep the feathers we need arrows wait maybe I maybe I can tell them go a get gravel maybe to find some Flint so we can make arrows cuz yeah we really need arrows actually okay that's actually looking I don't really know what to think about it to be very honest with you it doesn't look that good feathers in the chat keep the feathers I don't know what he means about that feathers in the chat all right let's uh let's see yes we can create this all right let's create one more all right guys give me some ideas in the comment section of what you want me to build today alright let me know please I I am very curious alright I have this idea to like smoothen out these edges I mean that's that's pretty cool whether you like oh come on whether you like it or not I think that's pretty cool we got to break that Oh in the chest cool there's feathers in the chest just make the arrows there you go I built the wrong one now there we go we could actually do this as well that does mean that if they build up they could get up there however we can we can prevent that from happening – that's pretty decent we can do this as well though what does that look like oh that's that's starting to look pretty cool all right we've got we've got our entrance theme going quite happy with that actually we need we didn't acts as well to get rid of these wooden things otherwise it'll take too long we can we can do it on the inside as well of course okay how many bricks do we have well we have a lot still alright just like that hmm and a little bit more oh yeah that's what I like to see a nice thick wall alright and on the inside I guess we're doing a similar thing and now we we should probably have like a double entrance do we have an axe anywhere let's have a look in this chest weapons an armor of wooden axe I mean we can use diamond pickaxe somewhat an accident law doesn't really matter okay this is the entrance looking good alright let's let's get rid of these gates and maybe you guys remember in one of the episodes I built like a hundred plus wooden gates we still have those we still have those yeah it was a little bit awkward it's actually because of Josh Josh told me how to make gates and then I built them that way I mean how to make fences and then I thought I built fences but instead their gates and it's really annoying oh that looks really good actually no that looks that was amazing okay I'm gonna break that I'm gonna replace that with I guess with with the stairs alright let's get some more stairs let's get some more stairs stone bricks feel like I'm getting really good at this guy's once you're in like the building mood it starts getting easier and easier Oh what I like it okay we're gonna do it like that oh wait what I didn't want it like that please sir like that please nice all right all right all right wait what no like that and like that I guess we can do a second as well are we out of brick now dude that looks so good that looks so good and now we just oh we just fill that up with some more of the stone break that actually took a while again we should probably ask one of our one of our teammates to get some more of that all right and there we go that's that's our entrance for now actually really like the way that looks if we have some more wood yeah yeah we have some more wait we can put some more fences down we got to make sure that Josh doesn't use this so if we if we know where he is and if we know he's preparing an attack then I guess we need to like block this off even better okay so we're gonna block this off right over here that's pretty good all right all right maybe we should Onew maybe we should do a double layer by the way need to pick that one up double layer can I put one there that's pretty cool let's do a double layer let's do a double layer Josh ain't getting in today oh hell no slow go man oh that's what I call a date boys mmm good looking good looking and it's exactly in the middle oh yeah and it's getting dark again great let's work on our next Tower all right let's work on our next tower we need more stone brick all right let's put some cobblestone back we don't need as much as I thought we're gonna grab some more stone brick yes a lot more actually we need some more stone for that and then we can create some more stone brick okay maybe maybe I should tell him hey maybe get more stone by smelting cobble stone there you go whoo all right let's create some more stone brick you'd do that by two by two right there you go all right that's pretty good now we've got five stacks of it which should be enough for probably one or two towers I think thank you whoo all right so guys I see a lot of you letting me know in the comment section that josh is working on something now I know he's working on something okay I know he built the castle I mean it's pretty obvious he's also uploading videos his castle looks good it looks thick but it's week eight sweet it's gonna be nothing like mine mine is gonna be 10 times stronger it is it has though ever been like five days since I saw him working on it so I don't exactly know what it looks like now because I actually don't know where it is like it it's somewhere in the water but if you look around me there's a lot of water everywhere I could be pretty far away which is a good thing I guess that means he's not gonna get close to me anytime soon what do we do put this back down why am I going this way we need to work on our Tower how I counted this was used– and I think it was here I think so and then we do one two three four and that's where we put I think it was here and that's where we put her first one down let me let me confirm that well let me just confirm that oh he's got a lot of gravel he's getting some Flint he's getting some Flint okay so we've got this line which is this line as well one two three four okay we did three Oh you kidding me get out of my house okay what about this side then one two three four yeah so it was so was it for no it was it was three three and then he builds out okay all right just checking guys we got to make sure we do this right we got to make sure we do this right let's see one two three so we put it over there Wow Wow I hate these guys all right let's do the same on this side one two three and then we put it over there all right all right I know how I did it why am i saying he how I did it I build it like this and then so it's one two three and then was it three and then two out or 1/2 way let me see let me see let me see let me see I forgot now yup no it was three anything two out all right three and then two out so one two so that's three and then one two okay so I do the same over here so that's three one two and then you close this up again okay there we go there we go so that's the I guess the line of our new tower right I think that's correct I think that's correct it's hard it's hard to know like honestly I wish I could just do poncho C control V copy-paste but unfortunately it doesn't work like that okay let's have a look real quick just to make sure one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five is that what I just did here as well I am a little confused oh I bet Josh is watching this right now I bet he is so that's one two three four five okay it's correct all right it's correct good good to know all right so we got rid of the inner layers huh get out of here get out of my face you stupid spider there we go all right and we replaced the inner layers with stone that's right that's right this is gonna be stone oh we're being shot at great okay one two how I did a billet there two or three we might need to build an even higher later on we're just doing the outer layer right now guys eventually we're gonna work on the internal inner layer I guess that nobody looks pretty cool though from from this side oh wait I built the stone brick too high it had to be one layer lower okay all right I hate it when they shoot at me I hate these skeleton guys I see someone to say in a comment section build a roof now this is gonna be an open castle in these blocks over here we got two blocks and then a farm area in the blocks we're actually gonna have little houses we're gonna have a prison we're gonna have multiple things yes we are gonna build a prison if I catch Josh I'm gonna make sure he's in a prison of obsidian it's gonna be great it's gonna be funny guys all right so we're placing this oh no I just wasted all the stone its cobblestone again now okay we're putting some more stone down this time on the correct layer yes all right that's pretty good okay just over here I gotta watch out I don't fall down here because there's literally creepers outside they are actually creeping up look at them all right that's uh that's pretty cool as well obviously I got a build down but I don't want to go down right now because of all the mobs outside I purposely did not put torches outside for a reason this way mobs will spawn I think that's a good thing you know I think so okay so what are we gonna do I guess we could build the alignment here so that's one two three and then right over here and that's one two three and that's right here all right we build outside again all right two of them do one of these we go inside I got to make sure I do it right okay no that's wrong and put a stone brick down here there you go and then another stone brick and now – I think – did I do it wrong one two three – one two three – I did it wrong one two three this doesn't make sense feel like gotta move this one up a little bit more but one two three two three and then – so we did the same thing here right one two three and then – wait one two three oh my god did I really build it on four I built it on four what am i what am i doing I thought I counted right ah okay so we gotta build it on three boys one two three seriously I'm 22 years old and I cannot even count what is life what is life right now 1 2 3 oh yeah so that's 3 and then we do 2 out yes that's correct and then we go inside again yes that's it that's it boys that's how you build a castle all right looks good see pretty easy actually we can actually ask when building this one one higher no I'm building this correct actually we can actually ask our fellow a fellow server boys to to finish up the towers as well like we don't need to do everything ourselves I can work on the like alignment of it come here and I just show you how many errors I got oh I want to see that all right that's three towers already by the way that's three towers boys we're doing well all right all right what's up dr. Oh oh my god yes wait I've got the greatest idea ever wait nice job you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna get myself a bow and arrow and I'm gonna head chant it all right where's the bow and arrow I need some I need some of these some strings and oh we need sticks okay let's create a bow and arrow I don't exactly know how it was again I think it was like this yes and there we go all right we're gonna enchant this one let's see what we can get valuables we're gonna use some lapis oh wait maybe we can actually create two of them and then we can combine the powers well I'm a legend boys I am a legend Josh is jealous of my legend level all right so Bo lapis power – Howard – again I guess that's just how it works okay power – I'll take it Howard – again how do you get the different levels I'm breaking three level requirement 30 oh that would be good that would be good guys let me know in the comments right now cuz obviously this is a live stream let me know how do I get the dip Hammond's like for example the fire like I really want the fire I know I can find books and like secret loadout places but is there another way is there another way let me know please guys alright it's light outside let's finish off the tower make up city in walls yeah we're working on that we're gonna create an obsidian castle on the inside like I said so that's gonna be like our safe area guys because obviously Josh can build like you can just ahead a dee-nice caster I'm inside now you can do that right now but we've got plenty of ideas to make sure that he cannot even get here all right you cannot even get here don't worry about it boys we got this we got this all under control that's what I'm talking about all right so we're finishing this off look at that oh that looks good alright it is early in the morning I think I have plenty of time to just work on this castle oh yeah okay let's just build up here there we go alright so I should probably give the doctor a task I need to think about something I mean he's obviously working on other stuff right now but I think we need to actually get started on on like a lava river or something like that maybe that's a good idea okay yeah right there also yes guys there is water underneath our castle I was thinking about it let me know if you agree with me in the comments by the way but I was thinking about it this is actually not a bad idea because there's gonna be mobs here because there's obviously no daylight on there Josh can think that he's gonna be able to get in that way but actually it's really hard because he's gonna have to build from the ground up because if you break a block you cannot like you cannot get up you know what I mean so I actually think it's not a bad idea to have a castle on top of water there we go what are you doing what are you doing oh he's building an entrance okay that's uh that's that's a tower that looks pretty good let's actually get rid of these things I'm so obviously we're mainly working on the front right now to make sure that this looks pretty good I actually think it looks really good already oh are you kidding me I'm gonna kill you I'm gonna kill you just keep shooting at me but I'm gonna kill you yep you're teasing me now you've got me good boy talking about mobs we should probably get level 30 because that way I can enchant our doctor back doll that looks pretty good I'm happy with that yeah this is currently the way to get in I guess hey can you finish up the other powers just build stone brick under my template I'll show him what he what I mean with that okay so will we do this oh my god one two three and then right over here we should probably do it one lower okay let's just do one lower so it's one two three and then it's out out and about and then three times three times there you go and then two out two out and then we do the same on this side one two three okay three out this way that's three out and then two over here I think that's correct I'm not sure if it is I'm not sure if it is to be honest with you guys but that doesn't matter all right wait here I'll give him all this I'll give this guy my stone brick I'll give this guy my stone brick okay sir come over here here okay man okay I'll give this guy my stone brick I put more stone brick in there um let's have a look what could we work on next we have a couple windows that we could work on I actually have a good idea I actually have a good idea okay let's take some of these watch what I'm gonna do guys wait what am i doing all right we're gonna do two by two again to create some more stone brick of course and then with that we are making stairs yup you got that right we're making stairs all day all right why are you making stairs jelly well let me show you what I've got cooking yeah it's funny joke it's funny joke okay so this is our wall currently can you please please get out I was thinking it would be cool oh I might need to I'm gonna just stand on something for that I was thinking it would be cool to have what you can't do that there we go that it would be cool to have that let's have a look what does that look like oh my god yeah that looks good oh I like that oh I like it a lot alright so we cover the edges up oh I need to I need to stand on something here okay let's just build this this way so I can build it we need to cover the edges up with stone brick that's right it kind of looks super defensive in a way like hey you need to stay out that's that's kind of what it looks like in my opinion let me know if you agree I think it looks super good so we're gonna do that like that okay we're gonna do some more over here I'm gonna keep that up okay great I keep missing the breaks up they're really hard to work with these stairs okay what do we do over here though that's a weird part that's that's a weird part let's leave that for now okay and then the rest is the same why does it keep messing up like why does it keep doing that okay we need to build another staircase ah why is there water here why did I decide to build on water okay there we go ah it's so annoying it's so annoying oh man this game is crazy all right we're gonna do some more and I put these down before but those were actually replacing with oh I thought that was a creeper they're new one does it work no of course it doesn't there you go good boy jolly good boy see I am a pro building guys I am a pro builder oh yes okay here we go guys by the way I've got an idea can you build chests underwater let me know in the live comment section right now can you build chests underwater that's the question I've got maybe I got an idea with this how about we put some stone brick here oh great we create like a little extra angular viewing post is that cool at all does that look good guys let me know oh I actually think that looks pretty sweet yeah that looks good that looks great wow I'm a boss alright so the live comments section is saying yes you can build chests on her water um the reason I'm asking is because I've got magma blocks now if you don't know what magma blocks do let me quickly give you a little showcase where are they why am I so dumb over here all right so let's just grab one okay we've got a lot of obsidian so we're gonna grab one magma block should probably put it in a safe spot wait where should I put it let's just go out here it's gonna get dark again so I need to be quick but I just want to show you guys what I can do so a magma block if you don't know what it does let's put it down right there it creates oxygen look at that do you see these bubbles look at my look at my water like underwater breath level look at that those bubbles and I'm going in it I'm getting them back you see that okay we probably need to build it a lot deeper way that's actually a really bad idea well you regain it really quickly is there a way guys is there a way for me so look the oxygen gets back but is there a way to get the oxygen back and build some something on top of it so that I cannot touch them the magma block because as you can see it kills me it's an interesting question I've got it's an interesting question of god let me donate live comment section like for example I can put a sign on top of it does that work will I not be able to fall down in it hmmm let me know guys let me know it's a it's an interesting question alright so we are working on this let's have a look we created these really cool like brick things now I can actually push this back as well Wow I could push that back a lot okay watch out oh my goodness Oh watch out guys it is nighttime it is nighttime watch out for the creepers please okay I've got an idea here that's gonna look great I think so first we need to get rid of this try put a carpet on it ooh keep carpet on the magma block that's a super good idea see that way I can breathe underwater if I don't get damage and if I then build a chest underwater guys what does this look like if I then build a chest underwater I can hide my stuff in there yes this looks good Oh looks amazing oh yes yes look what I'm doing come here alright so way I'm gonna ask him are you watching the livestream I'll explain there all right so okay he's watching all right Percy listen to me so I'm currently working on the outside layer I'm only doing the front side that's what I'm working on right now but maybe you can help me to do the rest of the sides what you need is stone stairs okay stone brick stairs stone brick stairs sorry and you're gonna put that around the outside maybe it's hard to show you right now but when it's daytime look at it I put them like upside down and and then I'm putting these stone bricks like this the stone stair breaks like this so it looks like a castle from the outside so that's what you can do to help me okay maybe maybe over here we got something else going okay maybe like this like that that's pretty cool all right so Percy that's where you can help me with with creating the the outside layer now please make sure it's aligned correctly for example I got rid of this layer Percy I got rid of all of that and then I place the stone bricks upside down on that block or actually on on this outer layer block oh my god I hate the nighttime it's annoying it's really annoying this just looking really really good so far though I gotta be honest man this looks amazing look at this place isn't this beautiful can I get rid of this oh I can't oh we need more of the stairs here and then I can just walk up yes that's amazing oh I've actually got a couple cool ideas as well with redstone if you guys are interested let me know but we're gonna we're gonna toughen this baby up me all right let's say create some more stairs don't know how many I need 40 should be fine for now okay so the idea with redstone is with dispensers now if you don't know what a dispenser is this alright let me let me give you a quick showdown so we've got a dispenser we've got a lever let's say we put sand in the dispenser and I click this button the sand gets pushed out now I can put for example arrows in our dispenser this way arrows will be shocked out of the dispenser towards I guess that direction now if Josh was standing there I will kill him with that but we can put other things in it – like lava that's right I can click on the button lava will flow out of a dispenser and go absolutely everywhere and that way Josh my die I don't know it could be cool where doc oh okay yeah yeah what's up what's up what's up doc Oh oh my god wait is that rare can you make those that's amazing let's let's give it a quick enchantment see what we can get that's amazing all right all right right no but it's powerful all right well cool anyway quick charge piercing there we go there we go that looks pretty cool let's put that back we can work on an enchantment Slater uh so we got the somme rig let's keep let's keep doing what we're doing oh yeah that's my redstone idea what was that sound oh my god there's so many things spider around here there's a spider don't like the spiders move please sir move please okay there we go there we go that is absolutely perfect looking I really wonder what this looks like from the front right now guys oh that's that's amazing nah we're not leaving the room right now we're not going to it's not I wants to leave my room what we could do we could put torches on like the outside right over here we can't actually okay we'll do something else is Percy working on the wall can we sleep low yes doctor doctor let's sleep all right Percy you working on the walls Percy you working come on on the walls whoo oh my god well thanks Percy where though where I don't see where he's building okay so he did the he did the towers okay I doesn't matter he's probably doing a good job Percy the legend okay that looks good all right something I want to do real quick is yes you're my dog she's crying she wants to go to my girlfriend's room said uh but she's not she's not listening to me Santa doesn't hear me something I want to do right now is actually quickly get rid of some sheep yeah we got it we got it we got a user actually get some wool should we kill them yeah let's not kill them oh my god really really is that is that really a thing right now wait maybe I've got a job for the doctor doc I have got a job for you all right doc are you watching the stream okay I need to ask him that oh my goodness there's so many of these are you watching this stream dog if he tells me yes okay yes is that a creeper okay so listen to stream all right doc listen up what I want you to do is to create like a tunnel around our castle that's right our castle needs to be surrounded by water what I'm thinking is No get rid of this guy so obviously we've got water here already just leave that leave this water just leave this how it is but for the parts where there's no water I need you to let's see three let's let's see have four blocks far like this around the entire castle fill four blocks with water for box with around the castle okay and four and then we'll create a little bridge over here for the for the engines so four blocks one two three four that's what you're gonna dig out and we're gonna fill that with water together all right so around the entire castle four blocks around the the Tower what we can do with the tower is you can just leave the tower sticking out so this far I think that's a good idea all right thanks doc you can start working on that wall doc is working on the the tunnel or the shaft the water shaft around our base what can we do oh yeah we were gonna do the Sheep I keep forgetting what to do there's so many things to do I don't want to spend ten hours building so it's really really useful that we have a couple people helping us today absolutely amazing okay we're gonna put these guys in there let's put some of the cobblestone back where is the cobblestone all right cob stone you're going back in your spot there we go let's pick up these eggs oh my god so many of them we don't need this many eggs can we boil the eggs and eat them guys anything in Minecraft we should probably okay let's uh let's see let's just kill the Sheep let's kill some militia Oh oh wait no this is gonna waste my sword this is gonna waste my sword we can't kill the Sheep no I don't want to waste this thing okay where is scissors scissors scissors my goodness why do I have to make one every single time I swear these things disappear we've got too many chests I keep forgetting we have chests on the back oh we don't I thought we did we did all right oh by the way look at our rainbow sheep yes very cool okay getting all the wool getting all the wool yeah yeah oh yeah that's pretty good give me all of it guys come on don't resist it's just wool you guys are going to be very warm in here I am not so worried about that it's pretty cramped in here it's pretty cramped in here come on it's like no space to walk like I'm holding W right now it's bad this bad it's really bad all right I got a lot good these chickens are so loud I just want to put a block of TNT over it does that mean does that mean to say alright we're gonna grab all the white wool the rest were just putting back for now like gray wool we have a lot with the white wool we're gonna make white carpets cuz we're filling up the floor with carpets there we go 63 pieces I don't think that's enough but I guess that's fine for now fill it up oh my god we need a lot more that was 30 already bloody kid ma I wanna I want to make this look pretty of course we just got it we just got to be quicker with the the whole carpet thing I guess or maybe we just use different colors as well yeah I guess we're gonna have to do that what's this building blocks to okay actually we're like 1/3 of the way in I think we can just keep it up with the white carpets I mean the problem was we had like three sheep in total I think one of them was black and two of them were white yeah kind of mix them together and now we have a lot of great ones it's kind of funny alright so something I want to work on jelly turn on friendly creatures volume two zero calls the cows friend volume hostile creatures yeah weak oh oh yes finally they're quiet good wait we should probably picked it up oh no no no I should not walk in there I'm gonna pick up a million eggs to so many of them which probably kill some guys who should probably kill some just diet with white died oh that's actually a good idea I don't have any right now though all right let's create our prison boys I think I want to focus on my prison right now let's put our sword back magma goes back I don't know where to put all these stuff honestly okay we're just gonna we're just gonna spread it around I guess I'm gonna keep that okay so we're gonna grab the obsidian it's really annoying to work with obsidian because if you place one block wrong it takes so long to fix it look we have a lot though we have a lot all right so we're creating a prison out of obsidian yes it's happening just like that I think we should have the floor of obsidian as well though so right there is obsidian right there right there and the entire floor okay I've got plenty of obsidian blocks my good old friends I think it was Percy in the dock that helped me getting some obsidian and add him as well he's not here we've got two more but they're not here right now okay now these ones okay we must not forget one of these sides is going to be an entrance I guess we can only work on that later all right there we go we've got a tower getting ready oh yes okay this is gonna cost a lot of blocks guys this is gonna cost a lot of blocks but it's an obsidian tower you're not going to be able to leave this place like it's it's pretty much impossible okay that's good we have a lot we have a lot of blocks can build this one pretty high up I actually want this to be the tallest tower as well I just I just accidentally placed it wrong there we go no are you kidding me I gotta be more careful I gotta be more careful there we go okay and to higher so in the Obsidian tower is going to be a prison a like valuable items room and it's also gonna be a watched higher tower at the same time okay this one because as you guys can see this is gonna be the tallest tower of our castle oh yes oh it's gonna be good oh no keep messing this up we need some more though we need a lot more obsidian a lot more obsidian there we go yes oh my god this is high enough this is high enough it's getting dark now let's build a little bit higher we're gonna just use the rest of the obsidian wait I might need some water to fall into oh my god I am so high up right now this is crazy guys can you create some water for me so I don't die on the drop here we go oh my goodness look at our farm that looks absolutely ridiculous so I guess I could fall in there no I can't and there nope hmm well we got to keep up with our uh with our wheat farm by the way I got a better work on that as well there's so many things to do wait he's not gonna work yes legend Thank You Percy thank you great oh wow that's pretty cool guys that is pretty cool I love it I love it that's awesome we can work on we can work on the design of it later we're gonna do some things with it I got a question can you build obsidian stairs no you can't okay doesn't matter let's sleep monsters are close by all right I guess it's underneath the bed come on there we go whoo oh it's going well boys should we work on our houses inside of our castle by the way we could do that is it not working bed please go into bed what what's going on ah can we please sleep please boys please please guys if you have any tips on what I should do please let me know okay Oh creeper my god it's not too bad I guess you're gonna die you're gonna die mate yeah about that good luck out there where do they come from that's creepy all right let's have a look how percy and ran are doing with the outside okay so we're starting on there the sidewalks on the top oh this is what I did guys yeah I forgot my sword my god stop okay there we go so this is what I did so far looks pretty good we got to work on those towers we got to make them taller and then we're gonna put some like traps and stuff in the walls looks good looks awesome I'm happy with it so far okay what did percy do though okay so we have this I'm thinking oh he did it over here you did it over here okay good good good he's got he's working on it he's working on it cool okay so they're working on their things great all right let's pick up these Thanks gotta close this I don't have anything to close that with only obsidian but I'm not gonna put up sitting down I guess we can make this deeper should we make a deeper guys I don't know if we should maybe too deep max a prison trap the lava wall behind your stone walls that's a good idea that's gonna take a long time to do though but that is a potential should we start working on something should we start working on something because currently he can just break right through he makes steel gates is that possible or stone gates can make stone gates for stone let's try some creeps me out let's try something out can we make stone gates guys let me know in the comments right now how do you make stone gates or steel gates that you sometimes see and in like you know mine shafts a cobblestone wall what does that look like inside of this cool work actually I could work very down with that okay so what we can do we can close this up right like that you can make iron bars okay cool should probably do that six iron at the bottom two rows okay I didn't know that thank you let's close this up we're gonna try something out we're gonna try something out guys okay so we're creating like an inner tunnel there we go and this inner inner tunnel is gonna have something very dangerous oh yes there we go whoa okay where's our where's our lava huh okay so we're gonna need a lot of runs to the nether for this but it's possible I'm gonna need like 200 buckets or something I could just make a lot of buckets and fill them all up okay that's this wall okay just checking wasn't sure which wall it was okay so we open it up from the top okay that's it and then we're just gonna put lava down I want to try something real quick what if I do it like this okay so we got that right so we got one there I won there can we do that we can't one there one there it should be it okay so we can actually save about off of the lava oh my god that's crazy guys that's what I call defense dee Frank's so look look trying to get it now Josh good luck trying to get it now okay we put those back and let's have a look if we current great so we got but he cobblestone as well right he said we have that okay so something with two rows what did he say six iron at the top two rows okay oh my god okay let's try this let's try and see what this looks like from the front if we do it like this guys oh yes dude our castle guys it's going to be the most insane castle you can think of no one's coming in tonight alright so maybe above every single one of these that's not possible in between okay in between that looks insane and looks a sane that looks insane all right so how many we're gonna need three six nine so I spent I spent six iron ingots to create 18 but we need one two three four five six six per times three is also 18 yeah so six per wall that's pretty doable actually this way Josh knows you won't get in today boy oh no you're not alright just breaking that all up and we need some more where did I count wrong dude guys let me know what you think cuz that looks insane yeah he will see the love I'm looking at the life comments section Josh will be aware of the windows that is true should we not do this should we not create it looks really good let me let me ask Percy and Percy and Doc do you think we should have this or hide the lava from Josh come to the front it is gonna it looks so good I mean imagine that tower a little bit taller with with the viewing platform I'm debating whether I should do this or not I'm not sure I need to eat as well yeah hide the lava or I was thinking a redstone switch in the lava wall activates good work yet good work hmm okay we're gonna get rid of it again I hope I just didn't waste this looks cool but Josh will know that's my problem it looks good but it's not about the looks here well a little bit like we need to make sure that josh does not know about the lava that way he will fall for the trap he will fall for it so we're gonna we're gonna we're just gonna hide it we're gonna hide the lava I agree with everyone thanks for letting me know guys we're gonna hide it it looks super good unfortunately though we gotta hide the lava I thought it was such a good idea luckily we don't need a million steel bars now oh yeah that's true we can use the iron bars for the prison and the towers that is very true okay so we're hiding it up again cool let's go through here so we need to just close this up as well okay this episode is going absolutely amazing so far if you guys are enjoying it then make sure you leave a like alright make sure you leave a like okay we're gonna have we're gonna have another sleep that they went quick I feel oh my god what are you doing don't waste the arrows what you doing come on let's go to sleep slurred doc bedrock is twice stronger than obsidian that's not true I don't think he can break bedrock what the bar is inside that's a good idea we put the bars inside so it looks good for us I like that idea yeah that's that's possible okay let's see what it would look like if we would put the steel bars over here this is our prison voice this is gonna be our prison and at the same time it's a tower with valuable loot at the top he is okay this takes time although I have a better idea why don't we just do this well prison yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes that's great that's awesome this is the prison boys this is the prison oh this is gonna be good you know the secret room is also gonna be here in the prison don't tell Josh though although we might need multiple secret rooms to be honest with you we might need multiple Redstone underground entrance yeah towers need to be higher yeah that's also happening that looks good that looks really good No so stupid just created iron doors I don't need those why did I do that I guess we need a door for the prison anyway so alright get rid of the last two blocks of obsidian there you go and build the last box that's our prison boys looks good I like it Dib city and prison you ain't going anywhere you ain't going anywhere oh no all right um let's see let's build a ladder or something yes that that okay ladder how do we make that again no what was that how do you make a ladder guys do you need sticks what if we only do the top one we jump on it that's an interesting question how do I do this okay I'm like trying to figure out a way to go to the top but what doesn't work okay I need to I need to rethink this I need to rethink this hmm I'm so I'm so distracted with everything to be honest man like you easily get distracted in this game mode now okay what are they doing but making chicken good I got to work on this though I have to maybe maybe we put doors on one side that's what we could do just one side needs to be an entrance and it's gonna be not the visible side like the visible side is the one with the gate okay so here we'll have two doors I could work right okay what do we do now how do I I need levers can I just create out like this why am I so dumb all the way around it really doesn't make any sense actually it does what am I saying I'm stuck alright so here for now we got to have a ladder because I need to go to the top maybe we could have a different way of entering this I have an idea it's quite difficult to build though don't know how I'm gonna built that like for example there's a lever out or lever or however you want to call it like outside that I click and then a stream of water comes down and then I can use the water as an elevator for example could work but the problem with that hmm how do I connect the redstone where's Percy okay he created the outside layer you go the top edge hmm I'm struggling with this guy's see I like the okay maybe we just do it like this you can only go up with a block I mean why not that could just work right that's that that's I mean it's kind of a secret entrance right now because it's not visible I think we can leave it like this for now and we need more obsidian to like expand the top part but we can leave it like this for now I don't think it looks bad at all actually could put some valuables up there I mean nobody's gonna break this tower or get even close to it oh no why can try a prison to elevate you to the ladder jelly I don't understand what he means with that okay he's working on AI which looks good nice it's looking good boys hmm Yes Doctor do a metal door to the prison oh we have that we have an iron door put lava in the prison I'm in your old house did you go in nether portal okay wait I'm gonna talk to him in discord one second whoo oh my god we have what 40,000 people watching on anything I had no idea that's absolutely insane guys thank you so much for being here first of all we're not we're not ending at this is amazing we're having a good time together we're gonna build some more okay wait I need to talk to him okay I just gotta give him the coordinates and I don't want to show that on stream because then Josh knows where I am all right it is getting night time again boys so what are we gonna do we are gonna work some more I think on the towers I think we have enough cobblestone for that I gotta make sure I don't fall in there by the way that would be really really bad that would be really bad okay we have a lot of cobblestone cobblestone yes oh boy we got a lot left all right we actually need to smell some more so let's actually uh we can do we can do a lava bucket as well I think sleep oh my god sleep again man these daytime thinks they go so quick all right so we're gonna more we're gonna work some more on the towers there they need to stand out a little bit more I think we're gonna work for at least another two hours on this build by the way it's gonna be that big arrow launchers yes I was already talking about that in the stream we are gonna have dispensers come on guys come on sleep put the other thing gonna sleep or where's the doc Oh doc doc do you have a bed bed maybe he doesn't have a bed okay he might not have a bed do we have cold we were run out of coal I think we did didn't we oh no we need to send one of our buddies on a mission again to get some more coal we have some here just one Oh here okay okay okay okay wait wait wait I'm gonna sleep there we go guys once we're done with the tower so we're gonna start working on some trolls so make sure you stay here it's gonna be great what did I delete my badge if I die now I'm gone okay that's not very smart all right wait I forgot I keep on forgetting things because I'm so distracted I cannot believe that we have so many people watching the live stream if you are watching the live stream as well okay if you're here live right now cuz it's just gonna turn into a video after please leave a like ah great great guys that's amazing okay we need to drop these out okay there we go okay work with that for now all right look at that splitting it up by eights splitting up by eight yep okay because we do we're doing this because it's actually turning the cobblestone of the stone like you just saw there and we really really need the stone the stone is pretty it's pretty stone I gotta be honest jelly look over here okay where are you oh oh good idea now we can hide the lever hide of the lever all right so what he just created is a secret way to get up the ladder oh yeah so if we hide the lever now we like where do you want the jelly we put it somewhere secret just leave it there now and continue working on stair walls there you go I think that's the safes bed okay and I have to let's see make some more stone bricks of course do we have enough yes we do oh just enough though okay there we go all right so like I said we got to go back to tower business we're gonna turn these into actual viewing stations oh I just all tabbed correct by accident okay we're back I thought my game closed that was scary so what we're gonna do is build up right over here one two so this one was the lowest so I need to remember what height we're doing okay so now this one is one higher than the rest I think that when I was as well so that's three high this is for high right now well let's do I don't know maybe five so two higher than the others we gotta know what it looks like so let's have a look is that does that look impressive enough I think so I think that's a good start because we are gonna build like a little layer on top as well where we can stand okay maybe we do one higher maybe we do one higher wait come back doc welcome back who cannot sprint oh there we go we need to eat we need to eat also guys later today a GTA 5 video is coming online where I am playing the new DLC so if you guys want to see that make sure you gonna watch that later today it's gonna be great okay so we're gonna build this one one higher I said all right just like that oh that was an accident there we go that's pretty good so that's I think three higher than the rest does double the height perfect now we need a floor for the floor I'm not sure what we can do we can do cobblestone or normal stone but we kind of need the normal stone so let's just go with the cobblestone I feel like I like we have a stone generator over there we took the law out oh no it's still there we have a stone generator a cobblestone generator but there needs to be somebody mining it at all times and it just takes a lot of time you know it just takes a lot of time to prepare that and just it just ain't very much fun okay that looks pretty good there we go there you go I think that's it yes that is indeed it oh that looks good that looks super good okay let's have a look if we built this down now so have a look what that looks like from the inside I mean from the inside of our castle like we're we're finishing it up you see what I mean okay oh my that's amazing isn't it that's that's amazing that looks professional oh yes oh yes a professional builder that's what I am okay let's see we need more ladders I need to build ladders up iron bars on your towers yeah that could work actually okay I think we need a lot more than I currently can build how do I build this again I keep forgetting how to build things why am I so dumb oh here we go here we go oh letters we got three okay there we go that's somewhere all right 60 ladders actually be plenty for a couple of towers all right so we are gonna build an entrance from the bottom that makes a lot of sense now obviously Josh can currently break through so we got it we got to do something to make sure that he he cannot do that okay wait so this is the block and then I think this it's going to be the build block I mean the ladder block on the inside out okay just like this oh it's dark in here it's very very dark in here I'm a bit scared let's just build up this way and then and then we build a ladder beautiful and we break it yes more ladder and we're at the top look at that look at that perfect all right so obviously we're gonna have to protect this we're gonna build one more block layer might be too much and here we can do multiple things we can do another one of these stair things like right over here or we put iron bars down also this is like on the towers is where I want to have like levers to click and then for example lava falls down that's what I want that's what I want that looks good okay this is a pretty cool Tower can I do anything for the top already I don't think so all right let's go back down there's plenty of light in here no mobs are gonna spawn I think can we have a little window maybe oh we can actually open this up like so we can walk through now we have multiple floors that looks awesome maybe we leave let me leave one yes yes boys or – whoa now it's looking serious isn't it no it's looking Oh misplaced Oh misplaced again I keep on doing that oh now it's looking good yes oh yeah I need to put torches inside mobs might spawn there in the night but so we put one door over here as well my god it's guys I'm I'm gonna be honest I am impressed with myself alright let's do it on the other side as well so how high is it so we've got three four five six seven eight okay so we got eight high so three four we've got four right now five six seven eight all right so we got eight high and then obviously one of them is like an outer layer block so the floor goes one lower so one two again one two okay I'm gonna run out it's gonna get nighttime again dude the daylight switches so quickly like it's so annoying okay so now we're just gonna build cobblestone because the cobblestone like even though it's probably the easiest thing to get in this game we need so much of it it's just very annoying okay so here we have two two and then we have three on the inside if I'm correct yeah like this perfect okay I don't exactly remember where we build the stairs okay actually I do okay it's gonna take some fall damage oh that's looking good oh my boy my boy good one get torches there you go I can't spell torches guys I can't spell it okay think the like area the walk path is right over here and then wherever the I don't actually remember where the ladder is guys give me some tips in the comment sections please I really want some help later on maybe I can get some more people and currently there's only two but if you guys want to help me build please make sure to let me know okay that's really good that's really good guys this is this is looking insane this is looking absolutely insane let's close this up by the way I'm gonna die here soon jelly come to the chickens okay what you got for me put pressure plates yeah that's a good idea pressure place for the I endorse oh no wasted that one that's four cobblestone blocks and one coal that I just wasted there that's how expensive they are okay I'm coming come in what you got no this is this is too much what is this a tornado of chickens Oh what this is bad kill them all Oh oh my god no way oh my oh this is pure sad wait ok leave some huh this is crazy we're literally killing all of the chickens guys that's that's too much it's too much let's meet we cannot get all the chickens ok wait I tapped out sorry we're back alright that's better that's better we were having too many chickens here guys we can't have too many chickens they're scary and dangerous guys if you're enjoying the video so far make sure you Lea like by the way and also make sure you're subscribed to the channel very important I know a lot of you are not subscribed but watch all my videos all the time so make sure you're subscribed it really really helps me out thanks guys alright that's a that's a good amount of chickens that's dead wait can I see how much chicken meat you got now I want to see it like put it in a chest or something wait it's right over here sir oh my yeah I gotta empty my mom I gotta empty my thing then Oh watch out Oh God how much chicken you got too many eggs to me eggs ah okay we have like oh we killed over a hundred chickens just there guys over a hundred chickens died rest in little chicken pieces I don't actually eat chicken in real life so I will not do this in real life promise promise guys it's just Minecraft can we all can we can we all just agree that's just minecraft wait help oh my god the doc is stuck don't sprint I think you'll be able to walk if you don't sprint Wow hurt me we just kill a lot of cows okay yeah I don't want to watch this ha ha ha this is going a bit far from me uh yeah we have so many eggs we have too many eggs hey we need to throw them away what are we gonna do with them later boys oh look at the walls by the way nice job guys nice job on the wall maybe now watch the stream I show you all right so my my little buddies over here completed the outside staircase wall what you guys can do now is get lava and fill up this alright so there's a lot of buckets you can create more if you want go to the nether or or to a cave and just fill it all in it might take some time it might take some time and also once you're in the nether let one of you break the nether portal in the nether and then the second person goes in because then we get the actual correct nether portal location okay so yeah we gotta make sure it mobs this one here they're gonna spawn in here there you go so you guys can do that fill it all up with law but the whole way around the entire castle we're gonna build separate ways to get up so we're just gonna get rid of these we're gonna fill that up so one of the ways to get up will be over here wait that wouldn't work either though no stupid okay no that's not that's not gonna work either we can we can fill the towers up with lava swell eventually but I guess we could just go up over here why not we can just do that infinite lava sources are not a thing guys I think infinite lava sources are not a thing oh look at that we've we've started on on the on the river around our castle look so we've got water everywhere I guess he filled it up with water most of the part we need to fix up some other pieces but we're starting to surround or castle with water as well this is all water so water really slows a character down which is very very useful for when we're getting attacked so this is water Oh My yes exactly what I wanted exactly what I wanted absolutely perfect okay so while they're doing that so we got that one finish I want to wait for daytime what time is it in the night oh it's gonna get daytime any moment now okay so needs to be eight one two three wait one two three four so it needs to be eight I think and then five six seven eight that looks about right okay ah two more do we have enough stone brick yes we do two more all right look at this castle boys good let's soak it all right obviously we just fill it up again we know how the drill works we got to ask some more torches later on okay so now I'm gonna make sure to do it correctly there we go I think that's how it works so we got two and then – and then two over here so one over here yes perfect that's exactly what I wanted oh it's daytime great Wow and the pool we go that's how we escape our own castle boys all right we've been spending hours and hours on this castle so far but it's looking so magnificent leave a like if you agree by the way leave a like if you agree very important all right so let's have a look what it looks like from the front right now oh my god it looks so good look at the Obsidian tower in the middle by the way yes for some of you only just tuned in let me just show you what I've got inside of these walls yes dude no one's getting in no one's getting in we're preparing for war yeah we are it's it's happening boys it's happening one thing I wanted to do this is going to be a little bridge entrance can we move this okay I think glitching I'm catching give it a stupid boat okay alright so I think I actually want to get rid of all this sand and just have water here and then we'll have like little a little bridge entrance right here maybe with Pistons we can actually turn it on and off could be an idea for the future let's go through here because this one doesn't have lava again haha yeah this one does not have lava yet okay we go out again yeah we break it okay perfect what's that sound oh that was the nether thing broke it what now okay so now Percy should be creating a new nether portal I hope that works I hope that works okay so they're working on getting some more lava did it work boys it should be the trick to you fix the nether portal because currently they were going somewhere else oh yes what so now we're gonna get a lot of love and we're gonna fill up all of these ones all of these with lava so they're gonna close this up like this like the whole way around the entire castle which will make the inside a little bit more cramped but that doesn't matter I guess well they're working on that I can actually work on the inside so the inside is gonna be like a home right we've been working like pretty much two hours in the outside right now but it's time to work on the inside the inside is going to look like a home we're gonna not only make sure it's very strong with traps and defensive things but the inside is gonna just kind of feel nice I think we can get started on that oh my god now the fortress steal everything maybe I should go down a little bit oh did you just die GG all right let's have a look okay let's see we need wood we need okay we don't have logs okay any more logs logs not logs logs log log log look look look let's have a look okay we need to get some more logs all right so we need to find like a proper exit for our for our fortress by the way cuz currently I need to keep digging out and that's not gonna work anymore in the future because we're gonna have lava everywhere so we need to have like a proper X exit and entrance all right this is our cave by the way yeah it's pretty crazy in there okay no coordinates in this chat please okay there we go are our wooden farm we're gonna get some logs and then we can create some houses a TT cannon that's something we could work on as well guys but I don't think I have enough gunpowder right now I need to tell my guys to kill a lot of creepers for that so well we'll work on that later we'll look at that later dispensers to make lava flow true that is a thing we might do that but the problem with the dispenser lava flow oh that was some lag the problem with the dispenser lava flow is that it's a one time thing once I click them on I can turn it off but then it actually doesn't work anymore so I think it might be better to have a piston lava flow might be a little bit more expensive to create but it might might work more efficiently we're gonna do that in the towers by the way the towers are gonna have etc so okay it looks good the saplings are gonna fall any moment so I should probably pick those up because the saplings are important we got it we got to make sure a tree farm keeps going tree farms are like the first thing I usually make in Minecraft if you guys are watching my Skyblock series you'll probably know that I've been working on a lot of tree farms I love tree farms so just so nice like wood is kind of infinite in that way cobblestone farming gets boring you know like all the lava and all the water and it goes wrong and all of sudden you have a city you know you need to restart your entire minecraft Arbor yeah it's not great it's not great automatic stone generator I have died man I have that an iron golem we can we can do that later we can we can do that we can make an iron golem definitely to protect my castle we need that okay let's pick up all these saplings yeah there we go we're still working on our defenses guys look it's starting to come together quite nicely now yeah we got a lot now okay I don't really remember where I put these guys over here I have enough I have enough jelly I need your help Lowell what's up what does he need break the spawner in the fortress oh my god a place runner spawner dude don't break it wait why can we not build it in so that we can farm them later that's that's a better idea in my opinion let's see what you asked to say to that but I need to help to fight the blaze ah okay I'll help okay let's do it guys we're going to the nether okay just put in the put in the artwork in for the for the house a little bit so there's gonna be doors you have to surround the spawner with torches yeah okay we can do that this is costing me a lot of wood but it's gonna look good we're gonna have some houses in here because currently we don't one under and then like this mm-hmm because it's costing me so much wood but I'm rich I'm rich in Minecraft boys do you believe it a billionaire there we go just chop these down pretend like they never were here let's go jelly I have the torches okay I'll get it ready all right so we're going to the nether let's just put all this in there I need to organize these chests as well I'll do that later I'm not gonna lifestream me organizing chests that seems kind of boring to me all right um Golden Apple can we make golden apples Gold isn't this how you make them yes okay we've got two golden apples okay I'm stuck without a pickaxe I'm coming okay where'd I leave my sword there like it was where's my sword where's my sword man oh here diamond sword okay we got I'm breaking dinosaur charm is one I'm gonna bring that what else do we need a shield I got to make a shield real quick do we have one we have one okay so we have shield okay let's go I think I'm good I think I'm good I got full health I got to I got I got enough let's go guys we're go dude another yeah yeah should we bring building blocks as well though to defend or maybe a little bit might be useful all right Percy you coming bring torches found the place okay wait wait wait doctor is there as well now great three people three people so apparently there's a blaze spawner in there it's gonna be pretty crazy I'm just waiting for him put these down quick I'm very efficient with my time boys always doing something minecraft yes yes I am alright here we go whoa let's go to the place runner spawner I got torches I mean the other person has but come on come on more bar I don't have torches I thought he was gonna put them all down did we really just have a nether portal literally right next to right next to a spawner that's that's really annoying but great at the same time wait I can't put it there oh I'm scared stop it okay let's kill them all dying um I'm oh my god that was so close to death ridiculous I need to kill them did we get them all did we get them all yes okay spawner secure spawner secure good spawner is good kidding me alright let's find some cool things here whoo all right well now I'm here anyway I guess we can have a look around real quick oh yeah wait they keep spawning still I place the torches is it another one what's doc doing here I'm so confused what's happening my god so I think I can hit them back right the fire I can hit the fire back break the spawn or put it in your castle guys I don't think he can pick up a spawner probably trolling me right now oh I should get I should get a crossbow off Hart the torches are not working there's another spawner coaches are not working guys destroy the spawner I'm not sure whether I should though we might when it might need to farm these guys like we can make cool potions with that stuff right I kept going back going back be kidding me three spawners there's three of them three place voters pick the Spartan with the pickaxe which have good and chance you can bring it okay okay alright thanks for the tips guys thanks for the tips but the people who are watching this side of it as a video I am live-streaming this as well so I have live feedback of what I have to do to break these spawners but I know though is that I'm gonna get my enchanted oh yeah I'm actually I'd rather have my crossbow where's that thing though yeah I'll have this one then okay oh my goodness we have a zombie in a prison wait wait we need to name him we need to name the zombie okay I guess we'll do that later guys what do I do so they ran out of food we need to I don't think I can pick up the spawner can't I dude I don't know what to do with that that seems hard that seems hard let's go back real quickly I think I might die though you silk touch to keep the spawners silk touch okay thank you thank you my friend thank you I don't have that though do I there you go that works Oh God seriously bro already oh no I hit a zombie I hit a zombie it was an accident it was an accident it was an accident you gotta understand bro it was an accident oh my god I don't want to kill you think you're cool stupid zombies okay I guess we can go back in now are they still coming after me if I killed their brothers let's have a look yeah I need to find the enchantment thing for a silk touch I don't know I'll see if I can get it out of my enchantment table but I might need to go and look for some books all right let's find an entrance somewhere here really I mind this stuff before why is it giving me the achievement really it's still coming for me it's still coming for me that's annoying Oh Oh bro what's that sound it's one of these flying ghost isn't it okay there's a really big drop there Oh in here too way to dance oh come on oh oh I'm dying what is that I've never seen that before I have actually never seen that nice still guys the nether scary man especially this part for some reason this part is really really crazy ok I'm just digging my way up to see cuz there could be a cool chest down here with some crazy crazy things that we might need I would like to find that sundial ah my dog is scratching the door hmm alright can't really see anything down here – true – to harvest to harvest right now I killing those nine arrows already okay bring these he's gonna be it's gonna be cool slow go man is not online right now guys the wither skeleton oh cool yeah the gas does the sound right I don't know where it is though I don't know where it is Josh could indeed be watching the stream I'm a little bit frightened about that to be honest with ya okay I don't see more blaze runners and I don't see a chest either why do i oh I'm using iron armor thought I had it on I actually thought I had my diamond armor on believe that or not was it drop coal stupid oh wait somebody actually built this like this I think all right let's take some of these back then I need something useful at least hello it's so dark in here oh oh there's more keeps going okay build a little staircase oh it's a maze okay guys let me know in the comments what should I do right now because clearly oh there's the second spawner okay so they broke this one because it was just too much which is fine we still have a second one we can pick it up with silk touch which is a which is an enchantment that we currently don't have but I'm trying to find a chest however I don't think there is any does it keep going or please keep going please no it ends there's nothing more hey buddy I was going you have it a good day yeah hmm okay we have one of her great friends again these stupid Blaise thinks they're pretty cool though guys we're gonna make with this by the way with the blaze rods potions right that's what I thought anyway all right umm I think we're done in the nether there is nothing good in here there's nothing good in here we need to explore some more if we want to if we want to find some more okay the nether is safe now are you gonna get lava and finish the inside walls there you go put them on a job if you got a towel tower for a chest I feel like you can find them in the hallways as well though okay let's uh let's see make a golem we'll make a golem guys let's create some of these guys I think they're pretty cool they are pretty cool okay we're gonna put these over here let's work some more on that like I said I don't really do the organizing all right now hope you do with nether bricks well we need sand as well an axe okay thanks thank you silky I mean Percy not silky what am I saying all right 30 levels next time let me kill the animals animals for XP I think you got XP if you kill like chickens and cows and stuff so I guess that's a good way to to level up like pretty quickly wait no okay so this could be our chests room I think that looks pretty good it could also be a house though I don't know I feel like we should just have one house with all the beds although I don't really feel like moving all the bet although chest right now so I mean that looks really nice I think I made some sand put that in the oven there you go let's have a look whoa man I would live for a long time two and a half hours already it's going well guys we're doing making progress we're doing well until they come to the chickens why oh we all kill some sorry guys yay getting all the levels getting all the levels this is a quick way to go to level 30 so I can enchant all right I think that's plenty I think I could actually make level 30 right now four levels in total so let's kill some of these guys kill some sheep a lot slower I guess they die less quick I don't know okay what about so chickens it's obviously a lot easier because yep you have like a million eggs about cows okay let's leave it there actually we can kill some more come on let's hit level 28 sorry guys just gotta level up cows daily slaughter sorry cows there we go good leveled up leveled up two more levels Thurber levers is all we need it's good it's good okay so how wide was this one 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then 1 2 3 4 5 ok so that's too small so maybe we create a really big one or actually we leave this we create a pathway around the prison so like it's 1 2 3 ok so we're going to have my house is border like this oh it looks good yes dude three four okay alright going up here two three okay you can delete that two three last but not least there you go great the wall okay we need more wood so we can fill this up later like a bead or Windows Windows yeah more windows and I guess another big door over here actually we can't because of the way it's been done and more windows ok I'll take that I'll take that it's starting to look like something I'm gonna turn these into nice little glass like sheets or something like that right oh yeah that's a lot can fill it up boys we are we are doing so well we are making the craziest and craziest minecraft castle in the world this castle has a farm in it it's got trolls in it it's got houses in it oh we're ready for a battle mm-hmm it's got a prison in it almost forgot I don't want you to connect oh ok so I need more wood clearly but you can actually put two in here as well there you go whoo looks good man looks good so far we need more wood though do we have some more we have more on top I think that's all we need it perfect whoo it's nighttime again ok let's create a door I need a couple do you guys hear that by the way those mobs those moms are under the floor they're defending our castle it's true look at that we need to uh we need to work on a roof there hey Bolin how's it going all right we need to work on a roof though like a nicer roof because currently it's it's only gonna be man it's just flat as you can see all good no worries can you get more wood in the tree farm all right good boy so we need to fill the roof something we can do is put carpets on the floor I don't see why not let's get some carpets going light gray we have a lot of light gray so we just do it like that no wait that's stupid that's stone just created 24 pressure plates ah oh I'm stuck in here I'm so dumb sometimes sometimes I'm so dumb guys oh it's this one so I did pick up like gravel I thought it said like rule I just picked the wrong block they look so similar look at that oh my god alright we have a lot of like we carpet now we created so many pressure plates we're never gonna use them luckily they're just stone ones though actually no not luckily because stone is going to make you need 64 cobblestone and then you need to you need to smelt it thinking about it this looks just like stone so why don't we just not use stone I guess this walks nicer all right there we go I think we're gonna make it just fine with the amount of corporates that we have I put some glowstone in the floor as like decoration I think it looks quite good I'm happy with it we need to move all this trash inside it's gonna be hard okay let's actually have a little pathway here if we put dirt here let it grow put some like flowers on it we have flowers flowers what are you flowers well watch out jellies Armour is gone oh it's here inner armor this is my armor wait let's actually get the level 30 let's put our trash somewhere I've got an idea first we need to grow we need to wait for their chickens to grow but we have so many eggs like we have a ridiculous amount of eggs okay apparently not we threw them already I guess I can just pick somewhere up here alright so we have and we still have a lot alright let's throw these eggs get some more chickens you can burn carpet what just happened oh my god I did not see that I did not see a creeper at all no our farm our farm I need to put the fences back we need to put the fences back kill these kill these cows no wait I need the XP oh that's so sad and other chickens and the cows are mixed oh man wait many more fences we need more fences where our fences when you need them this one no our farm is ruin okay three is that enough oh my god I blame Chuck why it's not fair okay wait one more there we go there we go all right we have a lot of cows mixed in we'll have to fix that later give more stuff get out get out that was crazy what just happened I didn't see that creeper oh my goodness everybody in the comment section was warning me about that creeper guys I'm so sorry I didn't see it I I'm not even kidding right now I did not see that creeper man that is something else that is something else and okay well now now we can throw the eggs and now we need the eggs because we don't have much anymore oh man Oh feel so dumb right now I feel so stupid can we please get some Wow another one just exploded are you kidding me what is going on these creepers are everywhere all of a sudden is it Josh with a creeper curse is that a thing is that a thing in Minecraft okay we see we have a couple couple people saying that they didn't see it either okay I'm happy to hear about that because that was that was something else man that was so scary I thought I was dead thanks oh oh good old word is harvested oh yeah he missed theme is something I a missed something okay we're gonna need these again I don't really bother about the the melon or the pumpkins right now we're gonna need some more wheat because we're gonna need some make it to make some more chickens I mean cows yeah we just killed them all hmm and chickens we can do with seeds of course I guess it's good we've got a farm over here and we've got a lot of meat now so we're not gonna die anytime soon the chickens will they're all dead oh man oh that was something I was crazy let's let's see can we feed no no come on are you kidding me we have so little chickens now I spent hours and hours and hours expanding my chicken farm and one sweeper blows it all up and ruins it for everybody I'm angry I'm angry that's so dumb oh we have two more cows we have to start again with the whole incest family it's embarrassing it's embarrassing I've got this huge castle that's like almost done all right so this guy know why the others aren't doing it huh I'm upset I'm so upset make a roof guys we're not making a roofing castle alright we're not making a roof right we're not we're not making a move that's just silly idea that's super silly that's so silly all right anyways anyways we got we got to pretend that didn't happen right told the chicken thing the slaughterhouse we got to pretend that didn't happen that was brutal yeah where can I put these down you think yeah that works no creepers in here boys no creepers in here oh we still got to put a roof on that I don't know where he put the wood ah just wasted dad put banners dude I need I need to get banners I need to I need to find like a little village and get them talking about villages I know where one is no again who was that we make the farm smaller okay oh my god so this is what's happening down here it's a whole mob party look at this oh my god I didn't know this was happening I only have raw meat what I did not know this was going on why are they everywhere I mean I guess it's good if Josh wants to come and kill me then ash yeah he said he's just not gonna manage he's just not gonna manage look how cool this looks right now so we need to finish this tower finish that one make the top of it we have a lot more work to do but we're like getting there I think we've got the basics pretty much done now we're getting close to finally an end of the castle feel it's almost ready oh well once the castle build is done we got to work on the trolls I guess okay where's food Oh make a petition remove the creepers from Minecraft yes dude I'm not winning that petition anytime soon man I'm just saying yeah he's not happening unfortunately creepers are iconic for Minecraft even though they're really annoying but they're only annoying when you're a noob like me it's true it's true it's true boys all right let's break this down what do we doing here oh no it's getting night time again look at them go look at them go oh yeah I forgot to put all the things back you got to be honest this is not very smart of me all the Sheep start without coats oh no wrong one okay looks pretty good did we do this one wrong I'm not sure okay so it's one two three four so we need to build a little bit higher because it needs to be eight high so one two three all right there we go then we put the cobblestone floor in because normal stone is really explained I think that was seven wasn't it four seven we need to put one hot one higher thank goodness up with water down scary very scary hey what's up bro you want to have a good time a good time of death ha ha it's ok man break whatever you need to break we don't need that big of a forum anymore anyway it's just for the beginning when you when you need food I think we have like 100 pieces of chicken in the refrigerator that doesn't exist in Minecraft nice we had to make it one higher and then I fell down let's not do that right now I messed this one up too three out Hey aha okay that's wrong do we have cactus no well we need green dye yeah yeah you can go try to find it whoa all right it right all right we got to break this one down guys this castle is incorrect needs to be over here I think is it correct whatever let's just build it I'm so confused it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect all right Alexis build it guys an iron golem will be built in the next episode okay I see a lot of people asking about that and the next episode we're getting one of those today we're just focusing on building our castle and making it look beautiful and sick yeah okay that's cool all right that's the top of that oh my god we have mobs there are creepers on the walls and that's because when somebody built all of this they they started spawning huh okay we're good we're good there we go he dumped skeleton sit down all right looks like our wall is nearly done look at those sheep they're so ugly all right so eventually guys we're gonna obviously fill all of this up with lava josh is not allowed to know about that so please do not tell him and what is that is that a fart zombie fart what was that anyways um we are gonna build some more houses over there where the beds are gonna be we're gonna store all the chests in there but I think I'm done I think I'm done for today we got an ender pearl we're gonna have we're gonna save that nice job we're done for today thank you guys so much for watching this video this has been absolutely amazing we got so much done guys we got so much done the Sun is about to get up I want to show you guys everything I built let's just go outside real quick whoo looks like a scary mob spawn all right let's go to the front Oh way way way that's a bad idea that's a that's a bad idea can we clear the front I want to see the castle but lot of mobs cuz someone took torches maybe I need arrows maybe I need arrows okay oh wait no no Josh I don't think he's watching right now he's probably still sleeping so don't worry he's doesn't realize that's why I stream a little bit early creepers I know where the arrows it's 12 in here 3 there you go on the tower oh I'll go get them I'll go get them oh my god Enderman well you can't bow him apparently oh sorry dude look at this place okay hit him all right I want to check out the front I want to check out the front but this is impossible look how many creepers there are Oh what we should probably leave these for when Josh comes though but I want to see the front right now a creeper see this is why castle is useful boys oh it's so useful okay here we go die already die already Roma's done good good good all right let's pick up all the experience points level 29 great okay we have some more over here level we need to hit level 30 to build and chant level 3 okay almost all right boys this is the current look of our Castille that looks absolutely amazing we've got the obsidian tower in the middle the secure person where I will be I don't know maybe putting Josh in if I catch him I got to take his a pickaxe from it and then then he's stuck in there forever he's not gonna be able to get out and yeah we got it we got to do a little bit more on top of those towers we got to like finish it up make it pretty the inside walls will have a bunch of trolls in them but ladies and gentlemen thank you for watching make sure you leave a like on the video let me know in the comments of any cool tips and warned me about Josh let me know what he's doing thanks for watching and I'll catch you in the next one

Rising trade war risk weighing on global economy: IMF

the International Monetary Fund has
warned that global trade tensions are really weighing now on the world economy
in its annual external sector report Wednesday the IMF said all countries
should avoid policies that distort trade and call for greater urgency in tackling
persistent excess imbalances saying countries should refrain from using
tariffs to target bilateral trade balances it added recent trade actions
have had a minimal impact on global imbalances but higher tariffs have been
hurting the world economy the report also called for reviving liberalisation
efforts and modernizing the multilateral rules-based trading system as well as
more enforceable WTO commitments

War Thunder – Changelog Thoughts – Economy Changes and Ghost Shells Part 2

it's just dupe there we go bb2 3/8 is right here and yep it's going down by 1110 which is a nice little bonus for it that's always been a really good credit grinder now if you didn't like the p-47 the b2 3/8 was the one to go for so I'm sure it'll be easier for more people now the ahe series was kind of interesting this machine here which I don't see is a good machine and then I realized it's the premium one we're not the premium on the gift one now if you look at the standard tech tree one it's nearly half the price now of the a1 so seeing that go up in repair I mean people are probably doing quite well with it and only the most elite players in the game have access to it so you know that kind of makes sense and then the a to aim which is a stone vocal that's going down by 2,000 still crazy expensive but then again it's it's an a1 a with only 2 30s at 6 7 so it's an incredibly good machine I don't I haven't flown it out in a long time but I'll probably fly it out at some points you know just have a bit of fun with it because this is one of those jets which gets into a lot of problems and is very good against props the next one is moving on to the leopards so the leopards which you can see here are going down so they're actually going down in repair costs which is lovely the to a fours standard stock repair cost is quite similar to a lot of other top tier vehicles to a 5s is quite large but then again it is one of the best vehicles a top tier seeing it drop by 2000 is only a positive change for people who want to play those vehicles so it's nice to see that that has happened also with the ammunition reductions we're not going to go into the ammunition reductions in this but it's mainly affecting naval and it's mainly very positive incredibly positive when it comes to the reduction of the cost of them that's basically it for the chair crowd you know there isn't really anything else to write home about you know stuff like the Karelian is going up but it's going up from 760 to 1,900 you know the Florrick it seems like all of the top tier the surface-to-air missile launches are all going up so you know keep an eye on that and then also everything else there's no real massive changes for Germany which is good some of their ships the type 141 is going down that just got recently updated I believe in same with the PR 206 hopefully they do okay at their own BR even though they're now facing destroyers I believe so a lot of the top tier Soviets a lot of the planes for the top two Soviets got produced by quite a lot if you have a look at the mix if you have a look at the MIG 19's all of these are reduced there aren't many which are in the positive you know going up same with stuff such as the the top tier jets apart from the LA 15 that's slightly going up so that's still quite expensive but everything is decreasing for the Soviet side or at least some majority of things aisle 28 is a big change as well which is good the main one though after all of these getting reduced you know it's coming we saw the b-29 go up what else is gonna go up Oh baby it's the tu for the TV falls back to 37,000 stock I still haven't flown it I refused to fly that a machine in the game I think when it was introduced into the game I thought it was a terrible idea especially after having the b-29 show why it was about it it's having the game you can see here I researched it I have never touched it and I will never touch it because I just fundamentally think it breaks the game so the tu-4 being at a higher repair cost not a surprise to me at all basically means that it's is being at least used to less of effect a NATO and also all serving more on effect today though and also when it's whether it's repair costs going up but also a lot of vehicles getting moved to 87 it's going to have a bad day I don't think the to you for will be as useful as before so yeah the one massive change and I think this is the biggest repair cost difference that we have all been repair cost reduction that we have coming in this updates is this term so this term s which was released in all day 1.89 is going down by nine thousand and sixty silver lines so started at ten thousand five hundred and twenty and it's now down to one thousand four hundred and sixty so that's a change of around ninety percent or maybe eighty to ninety percent of its repair cost showing that someone massively overvalued this vehicle now I've been saying from the start of this vehicle when it was released on the dev server it's gonna be not very good the main reason is is well first of all it only has two crew it can get 50 Cal to death and in realistic you know you need two crew to survive yes they added a bunch of different eighty gems to it but it doesn't really matter in the long run because at nine three you're facing a lot of ten OHS you know and they're gonna be able to shoot faster than you shoot your eighty gems if even though you have a low profile there aren't many matte maps out there where you can hide the ATGM on the top so overall it wasn't looking good for the stone and it's and it turns out giving it a ten thousand repair cost probably not the best idea so my guess is that we'll probably see a reduce a reduction in its PR as well at some points something that has the points out lots is the racks and yaagh pans are two hots how that's kind of stuck at nine point three as well I think both of them could go down to nine oh reasonably now especially with the quantitative matchmaking because the stem it doesn't have a lot whoo it doesn't have a lot going for it and also the issue with hits at the end of the day is that it's incredibly lightly armored so anything close to it is gonna kill it it is very much a it is very much a machine which is going to get annihilated if it gets attacked but should annihilate when it hits the ultimate chaos which is not what you want in Watson they're talking about the complete opposite play style the is-7 is also being a repair costed and the is-7 is sad to see it go up again but if people are doing well in it then you know what can you say you can see here it's going up by 1700 it's now at 11,000 stock now since this is repair you know it is a gift vehicle then generally not a ton of people have it I've still been doing really well Ennis you can see I've been trying to spread it out alongside the t-62 mines it's fourteen thousand two hundred and seventy seven right now and it's nearly fully done there's only 200 graces ago so I would say the max repair cost is probably around fifteen thousand maybe a bit less than that but it's still a fun and great vehicle I was able to get an ace in it yesterday by just sitting behind a rock and way for people to push me obviously the biggest issue with it's at a three is at a seven you have a lot of premiums with a lot of AP fear apfsds and a lot of stabilizers and they just eat you alive so you have to play incredibly defensive you can't be as dum-dum-dum to them like you were before but it's still you know it's still good it's still a nice vehicle to use very very powerful round the MBK series of boats for the Soviets is also changing a decent amounts if we can have a look here was it the MP case those on about might not have been the MP case yeah it was it was these two sorry so the PR 186 and the pier and the M became 161 by the way if you guys haven't been using your squadron points and make sure to use them as you can see I'm already a a hundred thousand into the project 35 were very happy with that but there 186 and the 161 these two the gunboats with a lot of guns on them they are going up in repair costs they must be doing pretty well we'll have to see in the future by the way sorry they're going down they're not going up so we'll have to see how that affects them in the future I'm wondering if it's because of the issues of not being able to gather guns on the targets that easy I'm not I'll have to ask a few people about that so I'm not in sure about us the next stuff is the Hornet so we're on to Britain the Hornet mark 3 most of these changes not really a surprise you know the Spitfires some of them going up some of them going down mainly going hope though with the heights here once Spitfires are always good you know the Royals fun to fly always nice to see so yeah it's it's not really surprised if they go we'll put down that much the Hornet mark 3 so the Hornets is going down by 2640 I cannot believe that the Hornet was 21000 up 21,000 SL to repair even now at 18,000 it's crazy to me the British have pretty much nothing to counter stuff I the HT 177 and the one thing that they have is a full he cost it up 23,000 repair cost now the Hornet is good you know it's good especially now it has a secondary armaments and ground realistic it's amazing and air realistic because of its high climb rates and because of its Hispanic guns like you can see here I'm 49 or 43 init's but that's because I've been using it in ground battles as well you know to be able to kill ground targets so take away this and take away about 26 deaths because that's basically what it is and I'm at a two-to-one I get it's a very fun plane you basically climb you head a bomber and then you try and hit somebody who is also climbing on the other side of things very easy to use very nice very nice to do and it also has some lovely camouflages alongside of it as well if you're interested in that's unfortunately you can't unfortunately you can't you know grind them out but at least they're there so to see this go down in repair cost is great but still 18,000 repair cost crazy high for the only machine that the British gets at this tier that can deal with those heavy bombers that a lot of people see as issues you know such as the HD 177 or even the the Arado so yeah what nice if it was reduced more it is a very fun plane to fly I highly recommend it to anyone but it's just a surprise to me that it is so high so now slaps in the face time the will no slaps in the face but not as much slappy that have been less slappy so if somebody is somebody absolutely twatted you last week this week they're giving you a little bit less of a force and a little bit more of a love tap so the Lancaster the first one goes up so it's now 10,000 repair cost a Lancaster mark 3 is at 12 it's going down by twelve hundred and eighty so it's now fourteen thousand to repair stock the Lincoln which still doesn't have his proper bomb loads Matt is now twenty four thousand to repair so I was playing I played with Tazi last week and we it might have been last week on the week before we were playing the Lancaster's and it was mainly just to see could we get two bases you know was it actually available for us to be useful in these machines and the answer is no and it's because of one simple fact first of all you spawn lower than the venue German counterparts which makes absolutely no sense second of all the dough three three five exists which gets an incredible good air spawn for what it is and also has a really nice rate of climb so you can climb straight into you the third of all the mg 151 exists in both 20 and 15 millimeter form fourth of all you are slow fifth of all your defensive armaments aren't good enough and sixth of all the the way that the maps are constructed right now you have to go to the bases which are over where your enemies are climbing so all of these factors made the Lancaster's and Lincoln's horrible to use so to see this thing have a 24,000 repair cost I would just refuse to fly this thing there is no point it would just it would just mean that I lose money you know I I think I've tried it maybe once or twice I've unlocked you know the main bombs on this think about this this is a six-o bomber it's stop bomb load is 14 to 50s and it stopped bomb load is still only 14 1000 the still has a worse set of bomb loads than the lancaster a come on it's crazy but yeah i it's nice to see that they've reduced them it's still insane that they're so high and that this once again would be another bit where a human has to come in and instead of just doing it by a calculator and an AI and just go wait a second like is this is this how you know this is this how this should be because i i want to find the pilots who are using the Lincoln's and like doing really well in them the only thing I can think about what they do in hell about it is they are the only thing I can think that they're doing is they are turning around as they spawn climbing to an absurd amount and then going to drop their bombs and even at that point if the enemy team has a single doe 335 you're screwed so yeah it's just it I just I cannot believe the repair costs are so high for these machines the next one is the top tier for ground forces for Britain they've actually reduced them quite a lot so that's really positive and daying general they're actually really low they're nearly Soviet levels are low they might even be Soviet levels of low so if you were wondering about getting into top tier Britain this would be the time because the as I said the repair costs are incredibly low for them and therefore there's a lots of nice vehicles to try the Falcon though the Falcon has gone up if I remember correctly let's try to see if I can find it whoop there it is the Falcon the Falcon goes up by eleven hundred so even though like it's going up by about forty percent thirty to forty percent understand that it's it's only still three thousand three hundred so it's not like a bank break here but it is something you need to think about and also the marksman is slightly going on but once again very slightly stormer is going down but once again very marginally every other one of those missile vehicles is going up moving on to Japan there's always a lot to talk about with Japan the Otsu so the a6m5 the one which i made that video on showing that you still can make money in it even though it has a crazy repair cost is going down by 3500 so this is a positive change I'm sure for a lot of people I'm sure more people will still not use it because it's still crazy high but as I proved in that video you can make money in its you know it is one of those planes that you can do this in so to see it go down I hope it attracts more people and they can also understand why it's so good the j7 has always puzzled me and I think it's just a failure for me to get it spaded so the j7 is now set of fifteen thousand four hundred up by about ten percent and the issue I've always had with the j7 is I've tried it many times and it feels exactly like a brick and I think the reason is is because I just haven't got the upgrades honest because I've tried so many times to fly it and I just get outdone by superior performing machines so the j7 at five seven I will definitely give it another go but I feel like in a stock sense it is just not good it feels like a brick it doesn't climb very well the guns are okay and they spark a little bit but the fine overall the main thing for me with this machine is it just it doesn't feel good but maybe with all the upgrades it does so this would be a case of what I talked about before where this should have a lower stock repair cost but should have ramped up higher when it gets to the Spade and repair cost to that crazy high level that's how I would definitely see that machine the next one is the t2 so the Mitsubishi t2 that you can see here is going down by 3500 so it's now 18,000 stock to repair it this is obviously a positive change it's probably the best vehicle in the game right now and a lot of people say it's overrated that really doesn't mean anything it just means that they believe it's overrated that's fine it's still the best vehicle it's like when the canadair sabre was the top vehicle there's a lot of people who would say oh well you can fight it you can combat it yeah you're right but it's still the best vehicle like it's it's just it's a very weird thing to say that people say that it's like it's underrated okay well is it underrated in the sense that it's not the best vehicle in the game or is it underrated also is it is it overrated the sense that it is the best vehicle still but people think it's the best thing since sliced bread and Psyche well if it's the second argument it doesn't really matter if it's the first segment that what's the best vehicle and then we could start discussing stuff you know throwing a counter-argument but at least it's reduced more people can experience it at their leisure it's still incredibly expensive but as I said it is the best chatting game not a surprise it was such as it was so it's such a surprise to me that the Canada Sabre stayed so low for so long when we had machines either t2 running around now which have such a high repair costs the j5 n 1 so the j5 n 1 is a weird one for me it's going up to 10,000 and so is the key 83 so the two the two heavy fighters which you saw here at five three and six so so this now in our in our kids let's change that to realistic the j5 n1 is a 12,000 max full the key 83 is a 10,000 sixty thoughtful you know not stop but not spaded the j5 I so this this is one of those weird vehicles because my experiences in it were quite negative speeding it felt really hard spading it did not feel fun did not feel enjoyable but once it was done once it was faded it felt great but as you can see my stats tell a different story two to two-and-a-half KD 2 point 3 to point 2 KT so that's very good for a heavy fighter only 16 battles but this is from stock to Spade it right so this is from going from no upgrades to all the upgrades so maybe my experiences are just jaded by something I don't know but I never felt like I was in control with this thing in battles whereas the the stats tell a different story so that that would be a situation which is you know kind of odd seeing it go up not really a surprise after looking at the stats but after thinking about my personal experiences kind of surprised same with their key 83 these same ideas the are to Isis the are two by twos two of them got to be odd 273 they also got the airfield spawn so the airfield spawn is the real killer for those machines and they'll still be good but there just won't be as good as they were before or broken some may hug you the v2 and the v3 are going up by 3000 and 1900's but respectively to bring them up to 22,000 so these are going to be machines where it's going to be hard to turn over the repair cost because you can't bomb a base anymore with them generally what I'll do in the arts of y2 is I would actually first bomber base because for some reason they get a bomb reticle I have no idea why they get a bomb reticle because if you have a look at this machine look at this what are you seeing through like how do you have a camera down there like what gives you a bomb reticle in this thing it's very odd but yeah all of these or at least the ones I've flown have bomb reticles and that meant that dropping the the 800 on a base was very easy to do so you gots kind of guaranteed among the silver lines before you went into the battle and that was nice you know but now you can't really do that because of the airfield spawn so we'll see how the OP BR and also the up repair cost affects these things I still think they'll be very useful in ground realistic I still think a lot of people use them they're still fun aircraft to fly the very easy aircraft to fly so I if you still need to Spade them it's not like the end of the world for them you know it's not gonna kill them the g8 now the g8 is always perplexing to me and I'm pretty sure the only reason is its repair cost is because of its bomb load and this bomb load isn't even that impressive it's only impressive on really specific Maps because what you can do is you have 300 kilos so that in its effect can kill three carriers if you're incredibly lucky so the g8 has just an insane repair costed it's up to 33,000 the majority of maps that you get on in the g8 if you're ever on the Pacific Maps you have nothing to bomb you have nothing to bomb so you just become a gunship and yes it has a lot of 20s around this and yes it's hard to approach you from anywhere without getting shots but still is it as good like as a to you for is that at its PR you know this is the same P as the b-29 would you take this or the b-29 I take the b-29 every day over this machine so it is at least odd to me that this is in the position that it's in so I maybe I just need somebody to explain it to me maybe maybe this is a kind of blind spot to me but the maps that it gets on just don't have good targets they don't have good targets to hit with the g8 so like I don't know how it's doing so well I just I don't know it's just it's one of those weird ones the next ones are some of the vehicles for the ground our reproduction is the only one which is really noted the whole reproduction got nerfed quite hard when it lost its repair speed but it's still incredibly good which is why it has a 15,000 repair cost right now one thing that I really like about it is it's really hard to 1-shot sorry even if you hit either of the weak spots so the – I mean weak spots is weak spots is an interesting word but basically the two places you shoot it are here and then here know where the gunner is so you can hit here and you can hit the gunner and the loader and sometimes you can hit the ammo and set it off but then if you hit here you hit the transmission and the driver and the engine neither of these shots kill the whole REE you know they it does have a lot of one-hit survivability on its meaning that at least to me that's why it's good you can only trade incredibly well in its 18,500 720 fully done up not sure I agree with that I think it should be lower in Br yes it's a good vehicle I think it's one of the best non turreted vehicles in the game but 18,000 is a tall task you know is this is it as good as that at seven oh and if that is the case why not just a br dab it it does have the ammunition to be able to up BRS and I I just don't get why this machine is is being put up I mean yeah I have a three to one in us but that's not still not making me the money back that I would need to pay the 18,000 repair cost on it very odd anyway moving on the next one is the type 11 which is a ship here this the type of Levin is going up by what is this it's going up by 4170 before it was 680 which is very odd but now it just seems to have been given a repair cost which is more like the machines around us it also has the crazy RP cost so hopefully you got this when it's repack when it's research cost was a little bit lower but now it's a 75 K it's got its got its increased repair cost this to me just kind of looks like somebody forgot a row you know when it's a god added so now they're just changing it to fix fix up that's the because now it brings in line with everything else the italians as to the g56 again g56 a lot of people are not happy with this repair cost I have no idea why g56 is one of the best fighters at its PR it's going on by 4000 again so it's a 29,000 the g56 has been going up and down around the 30,000 mark for a long time now and the reason is is because of these are the Japanese is because of stuff like this it's got a two to one for me and the 60% win right so the the problem with machines like this is incredibly good in the game and there's no real way around this it's got an incredibly powerful engine it's got really nice guns scope great balance it works really well at five seven but if you put it up to six oh six three it gets mauled by jets and also more by super props it's kind of in the tar situation again where if you put it up it gets mold but it's bi it's incredibly good so the only real way that you have to balance it is either by rewards or it's by repair cost and that's using to do it by repair cost right now I talked about the GE 56 many times I'm really not surprised it's this high in repair cost it's incredibly good a very very good vehicle the g91 my ass just after got up teared is also getting or prepared to twenty thousand which is crazy high I know a lot of people sing the praises of the g91 wires but now that is more expensive than the Mitsubishi t2 is that a good move maybe maybe knots we'll have to see how it goes I personally think that it would be nice if it was a little bit lower than that so people could make some money but I understand the economy of top-tier the SM 91 and 92 they're both going up not a surprise hopefully the SM 92 at some point gets its gets its bug fixed if you don't know what the bug is you can shoot the prop ups on the SM 92 with any gun like even the 792 and they'll immediately break which knocks out your engines so the moment that you get shown the SM 92 your engines die and it's really annoying even though you know my stats in it a good they're they're good in both of them these are great planes so seeing them go up not really a surprise they're still easily profitable with the margins that'd give them the p1 awaits they follow the general trend of all the other heavy bombers which is sad to see that they're massively going up as well so now eleven thousand and thirteen thousand respectively these these machines can't defend themselves very well they get a nice altitude spawn on sets of maps they do really well the fact that they get three torpedoes is really cool even though the torpedoes on the best but that's a really nice touch the seven 500s is good I wish they carried a little bit more we're gonna I'm gonna have to see how you know how different these repair costs fit with them because the main issue with bombers like this is can they get to the bases before dying and if they can get to the bases normally they make their money back if they don't then they don't you know so we'll have to see the re s AP so when the Arrieta was added I was very interested to see what they do with the area AP because obviously now there's why would you want to take the area ap over the area a what's the reason well now the repair cost is the reason whereas before there wasn't really one apart from you'd have the ar ASAP as a backup so seeing again reduced is nice meaning that it will have a place moving on to some French aircraft we had the d520 the d520 which is going up by thirteen hundred and sixty and I don't write the d520 at all I really don't like flying it's in the French tech tree or in the British tech tree I think it loses way too much speed and cuts out too easily and it's guns a 2.7 they're just not good enough now that we have stuff which runs around with armor that's here so seeing it go up in repair cost is kind of a surprise I will definitely just Spade it out to make sure that's all you know it it gets everything else faded I do need to actually spend some of this French aircraft like the D 500 I just haven't touched them just never have really and just blew past them so yeah oh I'll spread it out I'll see how it is Ike I just I don't race it at all and it does it doesn't have enough speed and it's turn is great and tell you and out of energy which is after the second turn so then they eat you alive if they play properly p63 c5 incredibly good aircraft for the French it's very good in ground forces with the 75 jumbo lineup it's very good in air forces because it's a king cobra so seeing its go up by two thousands not really a surprise to six thousand five hundred and ten it's as I said it's a multi-role vehicle very good as a fighter very good as an attacker very good as a tank killer so overall seeing it go up not a surprise the next one is the whole of rank four when it comes to the when it comes to the French is going down I believe here you can see here like the f8 f1 be the F the F for you seven the ad for the barrage on the a34 or the rank fours and fives a lot of them are going down by decent amounts Eddy Falls going up but it's still in congruence with all the rest of them you know the majority are getting around that eight to ten thousand silver line bracket which is completely fine for these machines they easily have enough rewards to make that back so that's overall a good change for them then we have two vehicles for the ground forces we have the Lorraine the Lorraine is going up again by two thousand so it's up to 18,000 now it's gonna hit that twenty came at some point they can't just keep up being us because eventually it's gonna run into a lot of apfsds and since the Lorraine is about well armoured it's just gonna go straight through it so we'll even a lot of people be like oh my god it's even worse we have the Lorraine for duty I think we'll hit the 20k mark it's a really good vehicle it's really fast Scott's a great autoloader best one of the best penetrating guns at its tier it's got a lot going for it's in the form of you know playability in the game and it's also got a really good lineup around it you know in in ground forces if you have a look at it you can add in the AMX 30 1970 to the 50 you could even drag it obtain oh if you wanted the Fache you know if you want the cheap alternative so yeah there's still a lot of stuff which makes it's you know really good so seeing it go up again really not a surprise it is one of those special vehicles in the game which in the hands of people who good is incredibly good the last one is the AMX 30 1972 that's going down by 1300 a lot of people were sad when the AMX 30 went up to 77 I see it as very comparable to the leopard one so for me it's not really a surprise that it went up you know there are some things it is slightly better than the leopard and then there are other things the leopard is better than its but overall you know they're both very good vehicles and they're both comparable vehicles so see this go down to 8,000 600 is great I hope more people play the 1972 mine's at 11,000 right now and it's got two and a half upgrades to go and then my leopard let's see leopard is at four thousand six hundred and ten I have no idea why this machine's repair still say solo it just I don't know it boggles my mind especially when we look at some of the other ones look the a1 a1 is to repair cost is six thousand eight hundred and twenty five by the way the a1 a1 was one of the easiest grinds for me I actually ground it from stock to spaded and 58th battles 86 kills 43 deaths two plane kills which were basically helicopters so to see that thing have like six thousand eight hundred and 25 repair costs fully spaded and to see like the AMX 30 have an 11,000 and not fully Spader that's a bit of a kick in the teeth I'll definitely say that so the leopards may need a bit of readjusting but that's basically it for all of the repair cost changes as I said if you have a specific vehicle that you want to look at if you have a specific vehicle to check out make sure to check out the lists for yourself there's a lot of really cool and interesting changes here and hopefully they won't be people won't be too annoyed with some of these changes because remember it's all based on algorithms it's all based on calculations some of them definitely need oversight though as I talked about in this video I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see you next time I just like to thank be young Blackie Daniel Stanton John Raymond Leonard Rudnick Martinez math City Moxie Nick Graham a low blow super cacti eel of goats and seductive trashcan for supporting the channel