I Quit My Office Job and Nearly Doubled My Income.

How much were
you making at your office job? I was working for a marketing agency, and I was making $35,000 a year. Growing up, my mom was a flight attendant,
so we got to travel all over the world, and when I got into an office job that only had
10 vacation days a year, I realized that it wasn’t quite for me. I was really passionate about the travel industry,
and I knew there was a ton of income growth there. And were you scared to
quit? Terrified. And how much money are you making now? I
made 60,000 this year in commissions from trips that I sold. How did you
prepare to quit your job? I saved about $17,000 to hold me over while I
built my client base. And what did you do to save money? At
first I lived with my parents, so I was able to save a lot of money that way, but then
I moved in with some friends where my rent was $750 a month, and I had to really cut back on my expenses. I created a budget spreadsheet, and I also used an app to track my spending. I budgeted $120 on groceries, and really cut back on spending money on clothes. My cell phone bill was on a family plan, so
it was just much easier and cheaper for me to pay my parents for that bill. In my first year, I only made 12K, and I was
draining through my savings. As a travel advisor, you also don’t get paid
until 30 to 60 days after your clients return from their trip. The 20th of every month I’m like, “When is
the check gonna come?” So how did you pay your bills? I had
a freelance job that brought in about $800 a month, and then I had some odd jobs like
transcripting, and babysitting that brought in around $100 a month. Now that I work from home, I only spend about
$75 a month on gas, whereas at my office job, I could be spending up to $150. In Atlanta, we just sit in traffic, and we
burn through gas. How did you find clients? I networked. I had a ton of friends who were getting married,
so I asked to plan their honeymoons. I built a website, which cost around $300. Social media really helped me get clients
all across the country by sharing my travel photos, using hashtags. Also, it’s free. (laughs) So do you get to travel
a lot? I get to travel all the time. Tours and hotels will offer us complimentary
or discounted stays so we can become an expert in that destination, and in turn, we bring
them a lot of business. So how do you manage all that new income? I
have an account for income, savings, and business. I save a third of each paycheck for taxes. Taxes don’t get taken out of my paycheck. After all of my bills are paid, I put about
$500 into my account for savings each month. Are you proud of yourself? I’m
beyond proud of myself. I can’t even believe what I’ve accomplished. I was really bad at sales before I jumped
into this, but it was my passion. Send the email. Make the phone call.

Jin Young Choi | Legacy Project

(vibrant piano music) – My name is Choi Jin Young, and I was born in Manchuria in 1937. Manchuria was under Japanese
occupation too, at that time, and I went to school where all
the teachers were Japanese. The memory I have is that every morning we would line up on the school ground, turn to the east, and did deep bowing to the emperor in Japan. That we did, and so I started from kindergarten, first
grade, second grade, and then Japan was defeated in 1945. So I was about eight years old
when I first came to Korea. Of course I spoke Korean,
but I felt like an alien, because I didn’t know the way people acted and behaved in Seoul, Korea. Some of the children were not very nice. What I did was, “Okay,
you guys don’t like me “and you guys sometimes
bother me, but I’ll show you,” and I studied very hard. Within one year, I became the top student, and then they stopped
bullying (Choi laughing). So, that’s how I started. But within a few years
the Korean war broke out, as you know. When the war broke out I was 13. I went out to the street, and I saw people without shoes running down from the north. That was the beginning of the Korean War. I saw them, you know
all adults and children, and I didn’t know what was going on. Being a very conscientious
student I went to school, and there were the North Korean soldiers in the ground of the school. You know the teachers would say, “You all go to a certain
place and stay there,” and I heard later that some
of them were dragged off to join the Red Army, those
who were older than I. I was not old enough. I think during the Korean War,
two words, fear and hunger. I tried to get food for my
younger brothers and sisters. There were six of us. My mother had a baby during the war, and she couldn’t feed the baby so she died, I mean starved to death,
the youngest sister, and my mother took her out. It was the winter time. After the war, my mother said that she didn’t even remember
where she buried her. One day after the Korean War, we ate white rice for the first time in months and months, and that was really great (Choi laughing). And so dark days of fear and hunger, and then somehow inside myself I thought, “This is going to end. “Someday this is going to be over.” I think it’s just youthful
hope and optimism. When the North Korean Army
came down we didn’t even know, so we just stayed in Seoul and suffered. But second time the Chinese soldiers came, everybody left Seoul. We experienced what the communists did, and everybody followed, I mean long, long lines
of people, refugees, so we went down. And then the war ended in
1953, the schools reopened, so everybody all trooped back to Seoul, and of course we had to rebuild our life in Seoul where no buildings were standing, but schools opened. After I graduated from
Seoul National University, I was a reporter for
the English newspaper. It was in the 1950s. I was selected by the
Fulbright Commission, and the Fulbright Commission
restarted its business after the Korean War. During the Korean War it was closed. And I was selected, the
first Korean, a Fulbright, and when you get a Fulbright Scholarship, you go to the States, and I went to the States
as a graduate student to study at University of North Carolina, and it was in 1961 when I came. Because I majored in English, and worked for the English newspaper, I had no problem with the language, hearing, speaking, writing, no problem. So I had really enjoyed
my graduate days, really, but all the foreign students were supposed to have
a physical examination, so we went to the doctor. At that time, on the paper, there was white, black,
other, that was it, and you were supposed to check. And I looked at it. I am neither white or
black so I checked other, and the doctor looked at me, and he said, he erased the
thing and checked white. And I said, “I’m not white.” (Choi laughing) I don’t know why he did that. Later we learned that Japanese and Koreans were considered honorary
whites or something like that. (Choi laughing) But anyway, I still wonder,
why did they do that? I was definitely other. But he erased it and said white. Is it for my sake? I don’t know. After I got my master’s, I was offered a part-time instructor in a small college in
Raleigh, North Carolina, and then I taught at a
college called Catawba which is a very well-known old college. There, I taught about a
year and a half, I think. And then in 1969, my husband decided to do his graduate work at Columbia so we came up to New York in 1969, and he got his master’s, and we decided to move to Michigan where he did his doctoral work. And then as soon as he
got his doctoral degree, Korean universities, as
well as Korean companies wanted him to go back to Korea “to work for the country,” they said. Korea was rebuilding, and
the economy was going up, and they needed somebody like my husband. So we went back with three children, and stayed there nearly 30 years. My husband, he was different
from other Korean men. He was more open and honest. In North Carolina, foreign
students from Africa were not allowed inside even a McDonald’s. They weren’t allowed. There was one from South Africa, very famous journalist from South Africa. He got sick, he was in a hospital, but he wasn’t allowed to go
into any restaurant at all, and my husband went to
McDonald’s, bought the food, brought it to him every
day, for the person. So he was not just a big talker. He wasn’t a big talker, and
very concerned and manly, in a way, very courageous. That’s what I liked. And when I retired, and my
husband became seriously ill, he had diabetes, and affected his kidneys, so I came to New York to be
near Caroline and Sharon, so we all could take care of him together, and he passed away, and ever since then I have lived in New York. So I don’t feel like an immigrant. Do I feel like a Korean
or a Korean American? More like Korean American. But I miss Korea. I do miss Korea, yeah. My mother influenced me the most. Even when we were growing up, she said that girls, women,
can do as much as anyone. So she paid, actually more attention to me than to my brothers. One thing that I remember still, it was right after the
war and we were very poor, as everybody else at that time, and one day we were going to school, and she had nothing to prepare for lunch. School, you know, we
had to take lunch bento she didn’t have any rice to do that. Do you know what my mother said? “You go to school without
lunch just go,” she said. She said, “Your stomach may
be empty and you’ll be hungry, “but you go to school and
learn, your brain will be rich.” That’s what she said. “So go.” So my mother was a firm
believer in education no matter what, and I
still remember those words. “You will be hungry, but your
brain will not be hungry.” That’s what she said, and
my mother was like that and she was my biggest influence. My name is Choi Jin Young, this is my Korean American story. (vibrant piano music)

Most Expensive Works of Art Destroyed By Tourists

Imagine it was your job to protect objects
of great value that are considered national treasures. Day after day you witness hordes of tourists
getting off the bus and rushing towards the place where you work. Some of those guys are half-baked from afternoon
drinking, and time after time you have to tell people, “Don’t touch”, “That’s
not a toy”, “Get down from there”, “For God’s sake be careful.” Half the time they don’t understand you
because they don’t speak your language. Thankfully, no one on your watch has ever
destroyed anything, but you are well aware that tourists have been walking disasters
in other countries. We’ll look at some of those things to today,
starting the least expensive things damaged and then moving onto the most expensive things. To start, Italy has had lots of problems of
late with tourists doing very silly things, but we think the idiots abroad award goes
to a couple from California. In 2015 it was reported they’d visited Rome’s
Coliseum, but they weren’t happy just looking at things. The couple decided to carve their initials
into a wall of the coliseum and then pose with those initials for a selfie. Ok, so we can’t put a price on this one,
but we can say the act cost the reputation of Americans quite a lot. What’s more, when the two women were asked
if they didn’t think that carving an initial into something over 2000 years old was bad,
they said they didn’t think it was such a big deal. It was, and they were both charged with “aggravated
damage to a building of historical and artistic interest.” For the rest of you out there, when you one
day finally go visit that ancient place, you might also get to see a “J” and an “N”. Possibly the oldest artifact damaged by a
tourist was something inside Luxor Temple that dates back 3,500 years. A 15-year old Chinese kid had seen the ancient
image of a man holding a spear and he decided that he too wanted to go down in history. He scribbled on the image in large letters,
“Ding Jinhao was here.” That’s the English translation. Another Chinese tourist saw this, but was
too late to stop the kid. He later wrote on a Chinese social network,
“The saddest moment in Egypt. I’m so embarrassed that I want to hide myself. I said to the Egyptian tour guide, ‘I’m really
sorry.” The parents of the boy issued a statement,
saying, “We want to apologize to the Egyptian people and to people who have paid attention
to this case across China.” The kid was a national disgrace, and he became
one person in a long line of Chinese people accused of behaving badly when abroad. It seems the damage could be undone, so again,
it was not that costly. This next one was reported by Newsweek in
2019, and while we can’t really put a price on the damage, we can say the act was pretty
much as dumb as you can get. It involved a photo that turned up on Instagram
which showed a couple standing in front of a sandstorm formation in Illinois. The formation is over 400 million years old,
and it was reported that the place was an important meeting site for native Americans
for around 8,000 years. In the photo a couple have scribbled their
initials on the formation, which is next to a love heart. We expect that this vandalism could be cleaned
up for a minimal cost. NBC news wrote this about the next one in
2013, “An American tourist in Italy has generated shock and outrage by snapping the
finger off a 600-year-old statue at a museum in Florence.” The news reports that a 55-year old American
man had seen a statue of the Virgin Mary. This was made by a 15th-century sculptor named
Giovanni d’Ambrogio and it is considered a priceless work of art. The man, from Missouri, had wanted to high
five Mary. The cost of fixing the finger was not published,
but since it was just a finger we doubt the cost was high. Let’s just say it was likely a cheap fix. Before any Italians out there start criticizing
Americans, we will tell you that in 2014 an Italian was visiting a museum in Milan and
he took a selfie with a sculpture known as the, “Drunken Satyr.” The sculpture ended up losing a limb. The good news is that this was only a copy
of a well-known ancient Greek sculpture, but the bad news is that it was an expensive and
remarkable copy that dates back to the 19th century. Christies estimated the value of an object
like this one to be just 7-$10,000. Looking at the damage, we would think it could
have been fixed, although it would have taken some time and expertise. Next we have one way to get rid of a King. In 2016 a man was in Lisbon, Portugal, and
he thought it would be a good idea to climb onto a pedestal to get a photo with the statue
of the former king Dom Sebastiao. He did just that, and the king came crashing
down. It was smashed to pieces. The guy tried to escape but he was apprehended. The media didn’t state what fixing the statue
would cost, but seeing a it was smashed to pieces we can say it will never be the same
again. This next one is another act of senseless
violence and this time committed by a man touring his own country. It happened in a cave in southwest China in
2017 and the act was caught on video. A young guy can be seen taking three kicks
at a stalagmite. On the third kick the thing snaps. He then just walks away, so he wasn’t even
trying to steal it. There might not be a price you can put on
this, but it appalled some people in China. They said these things can take many, many
thousands of years to get to that point, maybe even hundreds of thousands. Then some guy just decides to take his anger
out on one. Some of the Chinese public said he needed
to be arrested and banned from ever entering a national attraction again. From what we can see he was never arrested. In this case the stalagmite was appraised
so that the man could be charged and made to pay some compensation, but the media doesn’t
state what value they put on the object. Then there’s the case of a British man who
was visiting a museum in 2006 and had a bit of a comedy moment, as well as an expensive
one. The Guardian explained that his shoelace was
undone and that tripped him up, but there was nothing for him to grab a hold of. He was actually coming down some stairs. It seems then he just went flying, and he
ended up hitting three Chinese Qing dynasty vases worth around $120,000. He explained to The Guardian, “Although
I knew the vase would break I didn’t imagine it would be loose and crash into the other
two. I’m sure I only hit the first one and that
must have flown across the windowsill and hit the next one, which then hit the other,
like a set of dominos.” He actually got banned from the museum, which
seems a bit harsh considering a rogue shoelace was to blame. The guy admitted that what had taken place
could have been right out of some old British slapstick comedy movie. Not to be outdone by the Brits, this is the
story of an Australian man named Laszlo Toth who was likely suffering from a mental illness
when in 1972 he went to St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and attacked Michelangelo’s
Pietà statue with a hammer. He hit the thing 15 times while shouting,
“I am Jesus Christ — risen from the dead.” The man was 33 at the time, which is the age
that Jesus is thought to have died. He wasn’t charged with a crime and instead
spent a bit of time talking about resurrection to Italian psychiatrists. One guy wrote that he knew Laszlo and he said
besides the fact he read his bible more than most people read bibles, he seemed totally
fine. The guy wrote, “At the time we were room-mates,
he didn’t strike me as a Jesus Christ impersonator, and he never talked to me of such things. We spent much of our days drinking coffee,
going to parties at night and drinking beer and wine, and Lazlo often played his guitar.” Others wrote that once he returned to Australia
he led a very quiet life. The good news about this act of vandalism
is that when restorers were trying to put the statue back together they discovered a
secret signature written by Michelangelo. We don’t know the cost of fixing the damage,
but it took a lot of people with a lot of skill, a lot of time. The New York Times wrote that the statue was
insured in 1964 for $10 million, which in today’s money is about $81 million. The New York Times wrote in 2017 that perhaps
one woman could claim a place in the selfie hall of infamy after destroying part of an
art installation in Los Angeles. We’ve seen the video online, and this woman
is trying to take a selfie at the side of lots of columns. On each column lies a crown, which is part
of the artwork. She leans back against one column which is
first in a long row of columns. You can guess what happens next. She knocks over that column, but then the
rest of them all fall like dominoes. The British artist was contacted by the Times
and he said it was not staged like some people had said it was. It looks so funny a person might think it
was staged. He said, “Crowns are fragile things. They are symbols of power. Perhaps it’s ironic and meaningful that
they fell.” It’s thought that the woman caused about
$200,000 worth of damage. Then we found this headline from 2015, “Selfie-Taker
Smashes Priceless Historic Italian Statue of Hercules.” Yep, priceless, and destroyed by someone who
was looking for likes on social media. We should note that when people say priceless,
they mean a value shouldn’t be out on the object because it meant so much. You can look at a value put on some similar
objects by the auctioning house, Chtisties, and they might sell for as much as $250,000. We don’t know where the tourist came from,
but we read that the statue was considered one of the jewels of an Italian city called
Cremona. The tourist climbed on top of it and it fell. The entire thing smashed to pieces. That statue had been around since 1700, but
it was no match for a selfie taker. The BBC reported in 2014 that tourists had
tied so many locks to the Pont des Arts in Paris, that part of the bridge had collapsed. If you didn’t know, tourists might do that
in the name of romance. But over a million locks weighs a lot, and
part of the bridge just came down. So this one was a combined effort by people
from all over the world. We are not sure how much it cost to fix the
broken part of the bridge, but we imagine it wasn’t cheap. It cost over $600,000 to add some new additions
to the bridge, so you we might estimate the damage overall to be above one million. Next is the story of another person that tripped
and caused a lot of damage. It involved a boy who’d gone to visit an
exhibition of Italian masterpieces in Taiwan. The 12-year old kid, who was a little on the
heavy side, was not looking where he was going. He was walking along and it seems he was listening
to the group leader, only he didn’t notice a table. When he hit that table he fell forward, and
then he stuck out one hand. The funny thing is, if you watch the video
he kind of gets up and looks around to see if anyone has seen what he’s done. That hand went into a painting. It was called Flowers and was painted by an
Italian master called Paolo Porpora. According to reports, this one was very special
‘cos it was the only one he signed. It was worth over $1.5 million. The painting was insured, but the museum said
the damage was so bad it might not be possible to restore it. That’s one and a half million for not paying
attention. European football hooligans have over the
years marched into cities and made a mess. They have destroyed cafes, bars, stores, and
at the same time left a lot of blood on the streets. You could say these guys are not tourists,
but along with their game of soccer they usually enjoy some beers and foreign food. We say enjoy, but their actions are often
considered hair-brained and dangerous. One of the worst things they have done happened
in 2017 when 7,000 Dutch fans arrived for a game in Rome. They got very drunk and just started smashing
things up. That’s not unusual, but this time they picked
on one of the city’s most famous fountains. This is the “Fontana della Barcaccia”
and it was built in 1627. They even urinated on the thing after they
smashed parts of it. The fountain needed a lot of restoration after
that, and the cost of all this was over three million dollars. 23 Dutch fans were arrested. The game ended 1-1. And finally in 2012, one man did something
which shocked not just the art world but the world in general. He punched a whole right through a painting
considered a masterpiece. The man’s name is Andrew Shannon and the
painting he decided to take a swipe at was Claude Monet’s “Argenteuil Basin with
a Single Sailboat.” This painting had a value of around $10 million. Ok, so the guy might not have considered himself
a tourist since the painting was in an Irish gallery and he was Irish, but then again he
might have been what’s called a domestic tourist. Why did he do it? There seems to be no clear reason. Some reports state that he did it to “get
back at the state”, whatever that means. But other reports state that the guy was not
feeling right in his head when he landed what might be the most expensive punch of all time. He didn’t just make a dent either, he punched
right through the thing. He was sentenced to five years in prison after
that, and so you might consider this flash of anger totally stupid. It turned out that this guy was a bit of a
crook and had handled lots of stolen goods in the past, including paintings and antiques. What would you do if you found you suddenly
put your fist through a priceless work of art? Try to tape it up? Blame it on your little brother? Tell us in the comments. Now go watch “Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?” Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

Winter’s Gift – Pay it Forward | Mountain America Credit Union

(gentle music)
(air whooshing) They say that it’s one in eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. Miriam Lepinski’s sister was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer and found out they shared the same genetic mutation. A year ago, we both had double mastectomies two weeks apart from each other. No one told her what recovery was like. It was awful, it was so brutal. As she healed, her sister continued with treatment. As a way to cope with her cancer, with my sister’s cancer that’s, I just started putting kits together. The kits contain items Miriam needed during recovery, like pillows, lotion, even helpful information. We cram everything that we can into this tiny little box. (laughing) She gives out the kits to people for free, they’re called, Winter’s Gift. The first person that I gave one to, that was not a family member or a relative or a friend was a woman named Wynter. Kits are carried in some Utah hospitals but also go around the world. We’ve shipped all over the U.S., seven different countries. Miriam says providing these kits to men and women who need them has kept her out of some dark places since her painful surgery. Helping other people is almost like treading water for me. It’s keeping my head up and keeping me, keeping me going. We wanna help them make more kits. Here’s Tony Rasmussen from Mountain America Credit Union to Pay it Forward. And we have for you $500 as our way of saying thank you so you can keep this great work going. You’re providing comfort and hope to women all over.
Thank you. And we think that’s fantastic. It will go straight to kits. Awesome.
(laughing) That’s awesome.

Editor Sidney M. Katz on working for Herb Brodkin – TelevisionAcademy.com/Interviews

Herbert and I go back to the army
together and we were just friends there and when he was looking for an editor
and didn’t and I was available in New York I’d just set up my own company he
grabbed me right away thank goodness because he he had so much work I think
one point I must have had 10 editors or more working under me doing his work in
fact he got to the point he said said name your own price uncle I don’t want
to hear you to be paying him all cuz I was making a fortune off and he said you
work for me until we’re done and he said I’ll take him put them on my payroll oh good we did we the people coronet blue
the nurses the defenders and I think there one or two others in there Brenner
was alone Brenner oh yeah Brenner I always keep thinking
that because of Arthur Lewis who was a brother he produced it and I forget that
he worked under again he was a friend of broad console’ he had been he was left
pretty much alone to do that show and he was also a friend of mine what was herb
like first lien professionally he was driving well I found him a very honest
reliable man who could be very tough and I liked him that’s all I could say and
we got along great but as I say we added background of coming out of the Army
together and I I never had any experience where I had an argument with
him I mean he would sit there and say look change this or do that you did it I
mean or you could talk to him and if he thought you were right he would say fine
but he was not clear he was a very good producer what do you think he saw in you
as an editor well easy glowing honest and a hell of a worker and probably one
of the best editors in the business at the time that’s about it

Salary Finance Customer Testimonial (Jelena)

My name is Jelena, I am working for
Virgin Active, West London Club. One day, we came with my husband from holidays
where we spent a lot of money and our landlord told us sad news. He sold the house and the buyer wanted to free
the house as soon as possible. But at that moment we didn’t
have any savings… and this situation was very stressful for us. I went to my bank, asked about loans or overdraft, the bank told me that my overdraft does
not exist anymore, for a decision about a loan…
I’d need to wait within five days. I was very stressed at that time.
I went home from the bank, I was still crying… I remebered about a letter that I got from
Salary Finance a long time ago. I went online and completed an application form. Salary Finance answered me…
maybe within 30 minutes. I was so happy that day, I’m still flying from happiness! I went to the cash machine to check because
I didn’t believe that it could be so fast
and easy. Salary Finance was for me… like light in the dark.

Jeff Daniels Family: Wife, Kids, Siblings, Parents

A remarkable actor Jeff Daniels was born in
the winter of 1955 in Georgia, US. As a student he started taking part in different
theatrical performances and in 1979 began performing on Broadway. Just a year later he debuted on a big screen
in one of the episodes of Breaking Away. The actor is most noted for his roles in such
movies as Dumb and Dumber, Steve Jobs, 101 Dalmatians and many others. Apart from acting, Daniels also deals with
music and producing. Finally, he is an owner of a Purple Rose Theatre
Company. And now, it is high time to know more details
about the celebrity’s closest people, who support and inspire him! The father Robert worked as a manager. Later, he was a mayor of Chelsea and ran his
own company. He had been happily married to Marjorie since
1950 and parented three kids with her. He died in 2012, at the age of 83. The mother Marjorie devoted herself to the
upbringing of three kids. When they grew up, she opened a store in 1989
that worked till 2014. Jeff has two siblings. A sister Jodi was welcomed in 1957 and she
lives in Mount Pleasant. Unfortunately, her occupation is not known. John is a younger brother, who is president
of the Chelsea Lumber Company. Speaking of the celebrity’s personal life,
he walked Kathleen Rosemary Treado down the aisle in 1979 and ever since that time they
have been happily living together. They are not only a loving couple but also
caring parents to three kids. The actor’s firstborn is a son Benjamin,
who was delivered in 1984. At first, Ben wanted to pursue acting career
but quickly understood that it wasn’t his cup of tea. Then he got passionate about music and has
created his own band with which he tours around the globe. It would be interesting to know that he is
married to a vocalist of a band Amanda and shares a daughter with her. The second child is a son Lucas who was born
in 1987. He owns a photography studio called 2188 Studio. As for his personal life, he is married to
a woman named Shannon Emmons. In 1990 a daughter Nellie became an amazing
addition to the family. She deals with acting and has already managed
to appear in several movies.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Highest Movie Salaries – Top Earning Films

Dwayne Johnson’s success as a celebrity is
a tale far different than several other actors, as he had established a very profitable niche
before jumping to the silver screen with his wrestling career. few have the talent and patience to transition
from one profession to the other, and for him to accomplish this so seamlessly deserves
a lot of credit. Johnson’s secret to banking big is something
he equates to hard work and discipline, which is hard to argue against, given how amazing
his gradual climb to the top ranks of paid talent has been. Though he had a few bit parts in roles in
the early 2000’s, his first leading affair was for The Scorpion King, which featured
the character he briefly appeared as in the successful horror franchise The Mummy Returns. For The Scorpion King, he netted 5 and a half
million dollars, which is virtually unheard of for an actor’s initial foray into headlining
a film. His giant price tag was a result of the audience
he had built up for years as the wrestler known as The Rock. The loyalty of his past fans paid off for
Johnson, literally, when he scored 12 million dollars for the 2003 movie The Rundown. This was a significant point in Johnson’s
career, because it was from then on that over 5 million a picture became a benchmark for
future roles. In fact, it has been over a decade since Johnson
has earned less than this amount from a role. Even though The Rundown did not light the
box office on fire, what was an inferno was how much Johnson was raking in on a yearly
basis. For Walking Tall he earned 15 million dollars,
and for Hercules he took home 12 million. This was before he even entered into the Fast
And Furious franchise, which has dominated the movie landscape since 2001. Dwayne Johnson’s first dip into the Fast and
Furious pool was in Fast Five, and with 4 previously successful movies in the series,
it only helped aid him get a larger bonus from the box office returns. As the character Hobbs, he took in millions
of dollars in income, and the upcoming spinoff film Hobbs & Shaw co-starring Jason Statham
is rumored to have given him his biggest paycheck of all time, with whispers that it is around
18 million and change. With a net worth of 280 million dollars, Johnson
has mastered the American dream, and averages almost 3 movies a year. His enormous demand by audiences was said
to have gotten him at least 10 million dollars for Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, which
was a smash hit with fans and critics alike, and the studio having already greenlit a sequel. Johnson’s career has been a tremendous blend
of hard work and good fortune, mixing franchises with sequels, and teaming up with hot talent,
such as Kevin Hart and Vin Diesel. Even when he is on his own, he is banking
millions per role effortlessly.

r/prorevenge | Was 5 minutes worth 30% of your GLOBAL Market?

Luxury car Dealership wants to treat customer
like dirt, ends up washing his car instead This isn’t my story. It happened to my ex
classmates dad but it’s too sweet of a story to not share. His dad is a pretty wealthy guy and owns his
own construction business. My classmate always showed up in fancy clothes and cars. One day,
dad walks into a car dealership. He was interested in buying a Mercedes G Wagon. He went inside
and was ignored for almost an hour while other cuts were treated. Eventually a couple of
salesmen approach dad and ask him what he’s doing here. Sad starts asking about the cars. The Salesmen
were very dismissive and sarcastic in response to him. It’s clear they aren’t taking him
seriously and begin to leave. Dad becomes irritated and asks what their problem was.
They argue for a minute when the manager comes and tells dad to leave. Dad had just come
from work and was wearing slightly dirty jeans, boots and a Tshirt. He’s also a dark skinned
individual. Both of these factors probably made him look lower class in their eyes. Little did they know. A few weeks later Dad
ends up purchasing the car at another dealership. He negotiated free car washes for “life” as
he traded in one of his luxury cars. Apparently he was able to go to other Dealerships in
the area who Authorized the same thing regarding car washes. Dad ends up going to first dealership and
throws the keys on the front counter. He demanded a car wash. The same manager eventually came
by to object but dad showed him all the paperwork. He looked a bit shocked and begrudgingly got
the process started. Dad has been going back almost every day for car washes. He always
cheekily smiles at all the staff members with a crap eating grin as a greeting, especially
the two salesmen. They now just hang their head in shame and walk away whenever they
see him. Don’t become irate over 45 dollars.
I was renting a condo from a guy who at first didn’t seem too bad. I am in the military
and he was flexible on when I could move in and hours he would show me the place. I was
there for about a year and had to break the contract early due to new orders in the military
sending me out of the city I was in(which in the U.S. is mandatory for all landlords/rental
agency). I moved out of the place over a month ago now and as we agreed upon he would deduct
a cleaning service and the last months electric bill, so I get about 135 dollars less from
my security deposit, no problem, end of story. But this morning I get a text message from
him saying he needs 45 more dollars for last months bills. I’m at work so I see and and
quickly respond that we agreed to the 135 dollars and I’m not just going to give him
more. I’m busy at work mind you, and he gets back to me with screen shots of the invoice
for the bills and requests the money on venmo. About 10 minutes of me not responding because
I’m busy he proceeds to send several text messages saying ‘fine be that way’ and ‘I
should of kept the security deposit you GI blah blah blah’ the one text that actually
got under my skin was “I can’t wait until companies look your rental history up, I’m
going to strike you for non-payment of last months rent, that’s going on your credit report.”
All these texts came in under an hour after my first response. Well once I finally checked my phone I surprised
and quickly upset, I’m not a liar and have always paid my debts. So I take my lunch break
to send screenshots to the condominium board/property agency to report him for harassment. And the
women who was working is amazing. She was disgusted with his attitude and we talk about
my stay at the residence. I mentioned the floors were warped and in the kitchen is was
pretty bad in particular. So this is her idea really but she then emails me the city laws
on landlord-tenant relations and building code. So far I have filed two different complaints
with the city, one on him as a landlord (and human being) and being I’m already out of
the area don’t know if it’ll go anywhere. That second report is now going to a city
inspector to survey the condo on keeping up proper flooring, which to be honest I should’ve
reported to someone while I was there but I’m a busy/easy going guy who didn’t want
to take the time to start a formal inquiry and have to possibly move out for repairs.
He in all likelihood will have to replace a good amount of floor space and spend way
more money. If someone owes you 45 bucks, at least give
them a little while to get you the money. It may save you more then just what’s owed. Was five minutes worth 30% of your global
market? So I used to live in Deutschland, and upon
returning to fair Blighty (the UK) I began looking for work. Being a simple man of simple
needs, I quickly found employment in the marketing department for a medium sized industrial manufacturer.
It was a little below my experience level and qualifications but I take what I can get,
because I am a simple man. At the final interview, I mentioned it would
be top banana if I could arrive five minutes early and leave five minutes early on most
days, so I could catch my train. With a smile, my new boss (hereafter referred to as Mentirosa)
said of course – it’s only five minutes and I’d still be working the full eight hours!
Sin problemas, Anpassungburo, and welcome aboard! My first day comes and I ride the choo-choo
all the way to my new workplace, eager to begin. I quickly learn that the lunch room
is pure stank, senior staff put their name instead of mine on any trade article I get
published, and that our job mostly consists of extorting money from our own sales staff,
but that’s life. I am a simple man and so I set about my labours, glad to earn a crust. What really flogged my noggin, however, is
La Mentirosa calling me into her office on my second day and telling me I can’t leave
early again because it is unprofessional. I remind her of the conversation we had in
which she said, with her mouth, the words ‘it will be no problem for you to arrive and
leave five minutes early.’ She smirks and replies ‘maybe I said that, but is that written
in your contract?’ Touché, you big ol’ Mentirosa, touché. I
shrug and get on with life, because that’s life, but of course I start looking for other
work. By making me stay the five minutes, La Mentirosa makes me miss my train and turns
my two hours daily commute into a four hour one. Nyet друг, I do not want this. I
am a simple man and need my downtime. About two weeks later, the company goes on
a firing spree. One of those people fired is me, because I have been quite openly looking
for for other work. I am given two weeks notice and smugly told I am not good enough for this
place, and that I will never work in the area again because of La Mentirosas ‘contacts’.
As she snapchats this news to the rest of the team (I joke not) I reflect that she is
probably right, as I am a simple man. Among the other victims of the purge is the
regional sales manager for Germany. This is more important to the company than my meaningless
departure, since the company also decided to end the contract with their biggest German
distributor and so suddenly a huge part of the company’s core market is not active and
they have no salesman to find them a new distributor! Management panics until La Mentirosa remembers
that her despised marketing bandit is a fluent German speaker, and so the fun begins. She
asks me to step up to the plate. “Be a buddy ol’ pal, I didn’t mean it when I said you’d
never work in this town again!” I am a simple man, so rather than point out
that I am not being paid anywhere near what I could earn as a translator, rather than
remind them that they have just fired me and I am not their friend anymore, rather than
asking “is it written in my contract?” and then smirking like an obnoxious dingwall on
a high horse made of douche, I instead swallow my pride and agree to help out. It is here that the twin revenges, named Inadequacy
and Abandonment, make their entrance. Firstly, Inadequacy. During every conversation
I mention my job title; Advertising Assistant. When the friendly Teutons politely ask why
a lowly assistant is negotiating this kind of deal, I simply explain that the regional
manager was let go and there is no formal replacement. This is entirely true, but is
also a huge red flag for any serious company, especially well-established German manufacturering
firms, and combined with the temporary uncertainty regarding Brexit (which had been announced
only a few days prior) was enough to end any interest they had in becoming our next distributor. Secondly, Abandonment. As I am a simple man
I forgot to tell La Mentirosa that I had already received, and accepted, another job offer.
She was thrilled at the praises she was getting from management for finding a stopgap solution
to the catastrophic damage they had done themselves, and she asked me if I could actually stay
on with the company until they secured a new distributor, since I obviously had nothing
better to do with my time, being fired and all. I assured her there were no hard feelings
over my firing, and that I would stay to help as long as I could. On the day I was originally due to leave,
I held my calls, drew up a summary of where we stood (it was effectively a sad emoji followed
by a poop emoji), handed it to La Mentirosa and explained I was leaving to enjoy a week
of holiday followed by starting a new job in a different field. She sputtered. She couldn’t believe it! She
thought I would stay longer to help clean up the mess! They still had no distributor
and no sales manager for Germany! They were haemorrhaging money! She called me out, reminding
me that I had said I would stay, but I am a simple man and so my only reply was; ‘maybe
I said that, but is that written in my contract?’ Try to take away job? Quit in glory
This is the story of my wife getting pro-revenge. At 7 months pregnant, we knew my wife wasn’t
going to return to work after maternity leave. But, she had planned on working right to the
day her water broke. A few months before her due date, there was
a re-structuring of the organization, she actually got a promotion and a small raise.
But, her new direct manager was at the corporate level, and had never treated my wife with
respect in her previous role. Over the next few months, as my wife started
a very major project, she kept detailed notes of everything, to make sure that there was
a smooth transition when she went out on leave. At this same time, her new boss started being
excessive with micromanaging. It finally got to the point that the director,
we’ll call Patrice (because God dangit Patrice!), started slowly pulling responsibilities away
from my wife. To us, it looked like she was trying to position my wife’s role to be eliminated
when she was on leave. By law, they only had to have a comparable role when she came back,
not the exact same position. It finally reached a head when Patrice called
my wife into HR to formally reprimand her. Allegations included bad attitude, unprofessional
conduct, and out right lying to co-workers. After talking it over, my wife and I decided
to say “freak them”, and she gave her 1-week notice the next day. Crap hit the fan, and
there was a lot of questions, especially from co-workers, and management above Patrice.
My wife just said that with her upcoming leave, she felt it best to exit now. Then there was the transition meeting. She
called in Patrice, her co-workers, her leadership, and the vendor that was involved in the project.
During that meeting, my wife went through all the project plans to date, with a very
specific timeline of the project. This timeline included things like notes from
previous meetings of what was stated, validation emails from Patrice, requests for meetings
to which Patrice declined or simply no-showed. There was the introduction of the new processes
that Patrice put into place which proved to drastically delay many checkpoints. My wife told me that after the showing the
third example of late delivery due to Patrice’s lack of response, or sudden need to include
her friends in the project for “feedback”, it was apparent to everyone in the room that
Patrice was the reason that everything was running behind schedule and over cost. The last slide my wife presented was the last
update: the official complaints Patrice had filed with HR, with refuting evidence. My wife told me that Patrice was equally furious
and embarrassed, and leadership decided to pull the project from her. My wife left her contact info, and let them
know she would be available for consulting at “competitive rates”, finished her 1-week
notice, and left.

How I Negotiated A Post-MBA Salary and Title One Year Out Of College ––and then got FIRED.

Did you ever have a basement dwelling phase or was it always like smooth sailing? No. Hell no. It was never smooth sailing for everyone. So I grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania like suburbs. Definitely was like a rebellious kid. Not getting great grades but like getting good enough grades. And I went to Carnegie Mellon which is a great school, in Pittsburgh. I got fired from my management consulting my first management consulting job. For can I ask for what? So I had been working for two years out of undergrad. I negotiated – I think this is like one of the things that people always talk about like “You gotta negotiate for what you want”. I negotiated for a post MBA title and salary. But you weren’t post MBA. No I was like two years out of undergrad. I was nobody. I negotiated for this amazing role and in no way was I ready for it. Right. I was just like some kid and you know..I sucked at my job pretty much. So I got fired. Yeah.