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Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome to my home-based
story where we always share new videos regarding
work from home. So if you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing. For today’s video, I will share with you a
website or portal where you can get work from home opportunity. This is something I shared with the students
that ask me often “Mimi what’s a good work from home job?” or “what online job can we start with?” where you don’t need any experience and it’s
suitable for beginners. One of them is ESL or Online English Teaching. ESL as English as Second Language Teaching It has already given many people online jobs. Actually, I’ve partnered with one of the top
ESL company in the Philippines which is Acadsoc. Since 2011, Acadsoc has been providing opportunities
for Filipinos like us to teach English to Chinese students. It’s an online platform where Chinese students
and Filipino teachers can all come together in one place. It’s not only open to students, Even if you are already 90, if you can still
teach properly Then go for it! If you still have the energy and the willingness to teach students the English language Then you can go and apply at Acadsoc. I really like their goal that they want to
provide stable job opportunities for English educators not only in the Philippines but worldwide. Actually, in the Philippines alone they already
have 8,000 teachers, so imagine that guys. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you
the benefits working as an Acadsoc Online English Teacher. How to apply for them, the step by step process,
I will share that with you. What are the requirements in applying And how you’ll get paid. And what are the extra benefits – aside from
salary – that you can get if you’re working as Online English Teacher. So stay with me until the very end of this
video to get to know about all this. Since it is work from home let’s start with
the salary. Acadsoc pays you every 1st and 16th of the
month. The average salary of an Acadsoc teacher is ranging from Php 20,000 to Php 40,000 While you are improving your skills, then
your salary can also go up. It’s gonna go higher. And their Payment is either through bank transfer
or Paypal. Like I mentioned, if you are working online. It is important that you have a Paypal account. Apart from your base salary you also get additional
bonuses. Like class completion bonus, referral bonus,
perfect attendance bonus, and enrollment bonus. The average salary of an Acadsoc Online English
Teacher is ranging around ₱40,000 So guys you can do this as a full-time job. And another good thing, another benefit in
working with Acadsoc is that you can be flexible with your time. So only when you’re available–if you’re not
ready to commit full-time, you can start part-time. They have class times, which we’ll be discussing
later. To the viewers that love kids or not even
if you love kids, if you just love teaching and sharing your learning then Online English Teaching is perfect for
you and you can try it with your personal schedule, flexible time you’re working at home so you’re in the comfort
of your own space and you can earn actual money by doing so,
like from interacting with multi-cultural students. And the nice thing is that they provide a
training and they also provide certifications or the TESOL certification which is Teaching
English to Speakers of Other Languages so you’ll be able to use that to broaden your
horizon and also for your career to solidify your
English knowledge. So, that’s a nice certification to have. Okay guys let’s talk about the requirements. Number one, of course, is your excellent English
communication skills. how are you going to teach English if you
don’t know English or if you can’t communicate in that language? That’s very important. Number two, you need to have a bachelor degree
or higher it doesn’t need to be specifically related
to education but you need to at least have a college degree. And then you have to be at least 20 years
old. The reason for this guys is that they want
to solidify their quality services to the Chinese, but it’s also good for us. Because if we can continuously provide quality
education or quality services then there are more chances that these kinds
of jobs will last longer here in the Philippines. Number four, you have to be capable of teaching
kids from kinder to grade 12. You need to have a lot of patience, you need
to be able to talk to kids you know kids get distracted easily, they
have lots of distractions, they don’t just listen. So you have to be able to hold the kids’ attention. Acadsoc has teaching hours. I mentioned that it’s flexible, so you can
choose any of these time slots. But you need to be available during these
teaching times. From Monday to Friday it’s 6pm to 10pm any of those times you need to be available. Also during the weekend, when the students
don’t have school you can choose any hours between 10am-10pm. It’s up to you on what to choose. Just make sure that you’re available during
those times. Number six, English certification exams are
a plus, but they are not required. So it’s okay, as I said before they’re going
to provide a training. Number 7 is important, especially during the
interview, they’re gonna look at the space behind your camera. As you can see here, I have a lot of clutter
like my pc and everything. because this is a distraction, especially
if you’re teaching kids. The space that they look for is clutter free a simple background and it needs to be quiet. So if your location is quite noisy, you have
to find a way to make it quiet. It’s important to them that the surroundings
have to be quiet during the teaching times. And the place where you’d be working needs
to be a well-lit space not like that you’re in a crime scene The student shouldn’t think that they’re talking
to an eye-witness. So the student needs to see your face, your
emotions while you’re teaching. It’s very important. Now let’s talk about the device requirements. Their device requirements is simple. You need to have a pc or laptop, that is running
on windows 7, minimum of core i3 and you need to have at least 4GB of memory. About the internet connection, your speed
needs to be at least 3 mpbs, upload speed of at least 2 mpbs. And it needs to be at least DSL, broadband
or fiber. And of course the last requirement as someone who’ll be teaching online you need
a good quality headset that has a noise cancelling feature so that if for example if you have white noise
in the surroundings, like this motorcycle that has just passed they won’t hear it or rather your students won’t hear it, they won’t get
distracted You need an HD webcam so your students can
see your beautiful and handsome faces, right? So those were the requirements, now let’s
talk about the application process. So if you are ready to apply, all you have
to do is click the link down below, I made it easier for you click on it in the description box and pinned
comment. It’ll take you on their web landing page that
you’ll see in the screen. That’s what you will see. All you have to do is fill in your information
together with your resume. Make sure that the resume you’ll put is updated,
not a resume that hasn’t been updated for 5 years. So make sure that’s updated. Once you submit your resume and information,
they will screen it. They will look into your skills, make sure
that it doesn’t have any grammatical or punctuation errors. So be careful about that. Make sure that it’s well-presented, simple
and direct to the point. They will look into qualifications. As long as you’re 20 years old, have a college
degree and can speak or converse in English excellently. Then the next step is the interview. In the interview, you need to show the best
of yourself. Usually, it’s just a background check on you. Of course, they’re going to look at how you
speak, if you can handle the conversation in English properly After the interview, the further step of the
application process is the training. They’ll train you in the teaching process. They’ll teach you about the tools, the nice
things to do, tips on how to handle a class better. Once you passed that, the next step is the
demo class. The demo class is the moment of truth. Get all the confidence you get muster. Because they’ll be judging you, checking you they’ll check if you absorbed what they taught
you in the training. If you’re ready to be an online teacher. As simple as the term demo class sounds, you’ll
be doing a demo class. How you would handle a session or a class
with your student. Okay. And of course, after that is the TESOL training its purpose is to maintain the quality of
their online teachers and after that, you will be able to open a
class. Once you opened a class your students can book a class with you. And of course, the more bookings you have
the more cash you’ll earn. The good thing here is that there isn’t a
limit on how much you can earn as long as you can work And apart from that as I said before they
have bonuses that you can get. And actually– why it’s good to apply now,
is that they’re having a 1 million referral lottery game. that is open to all their Acadsoc teachers It’s one of their first large scale referral
activity. Every time you have a successful referral,
you get a chance to spin the wheel! If you are interested to join the 1 Million
lottery game, I will put the link in the description box for their full mechanics So if you have friend who also wants to be
an online English teacher Then this is a great time for you and your
friends to start applying in Acadsoc this month. Actually, it’s best to do it now because this
will only run until March 31, 2020. So it’s really the best time for you guys
to apply in Acadsoc. So click the link at the bottom. Share it with your classmates, friends, family
members that want to work from home and want to earn
money without really leaving the house. You won’t get stuck in the traffic, you don’t
need to think about what to wear or have an allowance for the moment. All of that in the comfort of your own home. Click the link below to start the application
process and start earning from home. And that’s it for today. I will see you again on the next video, thanks
for watching! Bye!

How to Work from Home (and stay sane)

so I just crossed the one-year mark for
freelancing and working from home full-time and although I absolutely love
it it does definitely come with its own set of challenges
so today I’m gonna be sharing with you my top 5 tips for how to work from home
and still stay sane if you have any regular tasks that you complete on a
daily or weekly basis you’ll plan specific times for those another thing
that really helps for me is trying to set regular schedule to office hours I’m
not normally the best at this but I think it is really important and makes a
big difference for you being able to turn your work off kind of close up your
office and enjoy your home time so you’re not thinking about work 24/7 and
you’re also not slacking off when you should be working I think it’s also
really beneficial to schedule break times and meal times throughout
your day you know part of my daily workload involves a lot of what I call
admin work you know answering the emails doing accounting posting on social media
so I kind of tailor some of my meals and my breaks around the completion of those
tasks that I do every day it’s also a good idea to communicate to any
roommates or your significant other or family members that you’re working
during these times and to kindly request that they not disturb you if you’re
lucky enough to have an office space with a door I found just shutting that
door and kind of closing yourself off from the rest your home can be very
beneficial in staying in that productive zone especially those of us that are
working from home running our own businesses you kind of have to be a
jack-of-all-trades handling a ton of different types of tasks staying
organized is crucially important to stay on top of things and not let those
menial day-to-day tasks kind of slip and fall on the wayside
I’ve made videos about how I stay organized with my tasks in the past I
actually have a post-it note board on my wall here that helps kind of organize
some longer-term tasks and then I also use a web app called Trello that helps
me stay organized and I haven’t personally used mine as
much lately but using things like a bullet journal can also help stay on top
of those daily tasks especially outside of organizing your actual tasks I’ve
found that organizing and keeping a clean workspace is also very very
important something that’s fallen into my own routine is at the end of my work
day I like to clean up my office so the next morning when I get to work I’m just
coming into a nice clean calm space I found this really helps me start my day
off with the right mindset as some of you may know actually lost a hundred and
forty five pounds a few years back and have been successfully maintaining it as
I get into my freelance career from home taking care of your health is one of the
most underutilized tools for productivity it’s so important to make
sure that you’re getting regular exercise and a quality night’s sleep but
on top of that you want to make sure that your eating is up to that high
standard as well you are lucky in the sense that you work next to your own
home full kitchen the amount of people that have to go out to their jobs every
day would be so jealous of the opportunity that you have to eat healthy
and have the time to cook I still utilize meal prepping and cooking in
large batches to save time but just make sure that you’re taking advantage of
that kitchen it is arguably my favorite part of working from home I have to assume that most people that
choose to work from home are also going to be quite introverted like I am it’s
important to make sure that you’re not letting yourself slip into never leaving
the house and becoming a full-blown hermit this is something that’s tough
for me sometimes I love being at home especially when I’m busy working all day
usually when I’m done with work I like to relax on the couch or read a book or
play a video game or watch a TV show so it’s easy to let that slip into you know
maybe a day or two here turns into a week turns into a few weeks you’ll want
to make sure that you’re getting out of the house something that I try and do
that has been a big help for me you know whether it’s going to get groceries or
just going on a walk or going out a hike I you know I try and figure out
something to get myself out of the house every day even if it’s a 10 or 15 minute
walk I think just the mental aspect of getting out for a few minutes seeing the
outside world it helps put things into perspective and avoid that kind of
hermit mentality luckily for me I have a lot of the scheduled and it might work
because I’m often going out for client work doing photo shoots or video shoots
but for those of you that might not have that kind of business just try and
figure out something to get yourself out of the house everyday it’s going to play
a big part in your mental health long term I’ve always been somewhat of a
completionist when it comes to my work or my tasks or to dues I like to sit
down finish everything that needs to get done and then rest once everything is
completed that’s a very contradictory mindset to have when you’re running a
business from home because that list is never complete you’re always going to
wake up and have new things to do in new tasks and it’s just an ongoing thing
it’s been tough for me over the past year to adjust to this but I’ve been
making some personal strides and I wanted to make sure and share this for
everyone else it’s okay if you don’t get every single task completed in that
single day you need to allow yourself to relax at the end of the day and restart
fresh the next often times when you load yourself up with just too much to do you
know the weight of all of those tasks can really crush your mindset and put
you in a dark or negative place sometimes doing less on a specific day
is going to yield you more work and more productivity over the course of a week
or a month or a year just pick those most important you know one to three
things and make sure those get completed and just ignore the rest if you need to
it’s a marathon not a sprint so just take your time and don’t let yourself
get overwhelmed with your to-do list as I said in the beginning I’m only one
year into my career freelancing and working from home full-time so I
definitely still have a lot to learn but these were a few things I’ve learned
over the past year I really hope they help you and I would love to hear
anything that has been really beneficial for you down below in the comments and
if you don’t have any good tips to share maybe share some struggles that you’ve
had let’s get a good discussion going for everyone but thank you all so much
for watching be sure to LIKE the video if you enjoyed this helps me out a ton
but I will talk to you all next week

How to get Freelancing Projects in Digital Marketing (My Secrets)

Hello Friends, I am Sahil Khanna and today I will talk about how to get freelancing digital marketing projects I will talk about 2 things the first one is how to target the domestic market and the second one is how to target the international market If I talk about myself so I was lucky enough. You can also check out my video on being lucky but I was already lucky from my college days regarding projects and then projects keep coming from referrals Then I started my YouTube channel and things went good. According to me, I didn’t work hard to acquire clients But yuo are not lucky so you have to work hard to acquire clients There is one strategy that I used to follow and many of my students also follow this and that is “Power of free” People will ask you for your portfolio whenever you will approach them regarding digital marketing services But you don’t have a portfolio so how you will get projects and that person logic is also genuine because why would somebody give you money unless they know your level or he would offer you less money for your service one of my students used to offer websites for free and this was his strategy to get clients so he makes a website for free but the condition is you will have to buy a domain and hosting by his affiliate link and through an affiliate link, he used to earn 3-4k per client he got 3-4k per website and client cost was zero so in this way you get one client and if he likes your work so he will also buy other services from you you can also pitch your client regarding SEO or local SEO and after offering for free consciously or uncosciously he will though of giving you something and it will not a big deal for him to give 5k for a local SEO after making a website for free and from there, his business will start growing up so he will give you more projects and referral and ultimately your business will grow and the second way is to find potential clients who’re doping things in the wrong way Whenever we see the problem in someone’s website, SEO so we will give him ree strategies and all to improve it and if he doesn’t know about it so he will hire you and if he is already working with some company or person so he will replace that person with you because they are doing the wrong work this thing works well for international clients because their ticket size is high and maybe In India people will only use for free advice If I talk about myself so we offer free SEO audit you can also market your free SEO audit service and then you got some clients and for that, you do SEO audit from my website and make some changes and send them and conversion rate let’s assume 2-3% only and last and the important thing is calling You will not able to get clients until you approach them. Because sales are a big factor in getting the client It doesn’t matter how good you are in something but if you don’t know about sales pitch so you will able to do nothing I have already made a series on sales pitch so start watching those videos and start applying In starting you have to do 100 calls and that’s it. And you can get data from just dials or Indiamart those people who are spending 3-5k on these websites are ready to pay money for his business so they will also be ready to give you 5k for website get a database from just dial and India mart and make a list then start calling calling is free so start calling. And I know 50% o people will cut your call before even listen and that is okay and out of 50 left people, 40 will listen to you until the end and out o 40 let’s assume you got 5 meetings and one client on a daily basis so isn’t enough? you will get 30 clients in a month and you can also offer them recurring services SEO work is monthly so you will get 5k each month on a regular basis and then it will grow exponentially now talk about the international market because In India people don’t have enough money to spend on marketing because Indian clients consider marketing as an expense and international clients considered this as investment so the strategies I told you above mo0st of them will work with them too we can do E-mail. we will see different types of businesses in New York (For example) and we will see what they are doing and then we will make our strategic plan and will send them through email so let’s suppose you grab an industry of mobile phones so same strategy will work for everyone but you can make Lil bit changes on a behalf of locations so you make a strategic plan and sent them after making required changes now after reading the strategy if they think you have potential but you also have to see a projection you can show you will earn this amount of the money by investing this and all the second thing is to educate them. You can write blogs or make videos or add someone’s else videos you can refer blog or website regarding a particular service According to me, you will get 15-16% conversion rate if you sent good email to a targeted audience And don’t send email through mail chimp. Try to send through Gmail or through your company email because it should look like professional not spamming We have to tell them what problem we have seen and how they can improve it with some refer blogs or videos and at the end say than you and contact us if you need any help. Insert your website link and website should be good because if it is not then nothing will happen so you take them to your website then he will get to know about you and you will also able to re-market then now there’s a problem and that is English because nobody from international will talk in Hindi or will talk us through chat in starting email is okay but then you have to talk one to one. But you don’t need to go to the USA for metting unless the client is very big So you will have to talk through skype or any other video platform to interact with them But if you aren’t able to make them understand in proper English. At this moment you know everything but in Hindi but if you aren’t able to make them understand in English then everything will go in vain So today’s video sponsor is Cambly. I am giving the link to that video in eye button Cambly is an application on which you can talk to native English speakers you can easily talk to them in video form so you can practice with them in their accent. You can also practice your sales pitch during that conversation The more you practice your sales pitch the more you will able to pitch effectively You can ask them about their business and then you can tell their sales pitch and ultimately your sales pitch will be ready and then you can approach to international clients the benefit of cambly is, it is 24/7 accessible and all the speakers are from English countries so we will easily able to understand their tone or accent From family, we got a 10 minutes trial coupon which is paid so I will give in the description box so after taking, a 10-minute trial you will get to know is this application for you or not So you can pitch your sales pitch to them. Even I did it so let me show How I did it SO that’s it I hope you like this video. Do like and share and tell us in the comment box how you grab freelancing project or yourself Bye good night and good morning whenever you are watching this video

3 Apps That Pay You to Watch Videos

what’s going on guys so how to make
money watching videos on your smartphone in this video I’m gonna share with you
guys three different apps that you can use that pay out real money just for
watching little trailers video clips and videos straight from your smartphone now
if you guys are brand new to my channel real quick my name is John and I come
out with daily videos showing you how to start earning some extra money online so
I want to take a second to invite you to subscribe down below to my channel as
you can see I post up daily videos showing you how to earn some extra money
on your computer on your smartphone on your tablet so you’re not gonna want to
miss any of them now if you do want to start building a full time income online
start building passive income make money while you sleep make money while you’re
on vacation with your family that’s exactly what I’m doing guys then just
click that first link inside my description and I’m gonna send over to
you my number one recommended online income stream you’ll see exactly what
I’m doing to start building some passive income straight from home so just click
that first link in my description and I’ll send you all the info now let’s
jump straight into this video of the first app we’re gonna look at is called
ab trailers so all you have to do is go over to your Google Play Store or your
App Store and look up app traders and it will pop right up for you so what ad
trailers is is an app that pays you real rewards just for watching video clips
just for watching video ad clips so for example they’re gonna show you a video
clip of our app that’s coming out turn the different apps that are coming out
all you have to do is sit there watch the video clip you’ll start earning some
points if you do like the app if you like the how the app works and all you
can you have the option to download the app but you don’t have to download it
all you have to do is check out the video clip that shows you exactly how
the app works and as you can see down here you’re gonna watch app trailers
after that you’re gonna get reward points for all the app trailers that you
see then later on you can redeem for real points and gift cards so for
example iTunes gift cards to Google Play gift cards Amazon star box a ton
different type of reward points that you can start earning again just for
watching app clips so just head over to your Google Play Store your App Store
you can download app trailers and again all you’re doing is watching little
video clips on that are gonna be releasing in case you
like some of them if you do like some of the apps that you see you have the
option to download them now the second app that we’re gonna look at is called
Vigo so it’s very similar guys all you’re doing is watching live TV now
this isn’t gonna be watching app videos the other one was about app video this
is more about watching live TV videos so you’re gonna be watching live streams on
shows videos and things that are coming out not only live streams but they also
have just regular videos that you can check out that you can start earning
points as you can see right here some of the videos are gonna be worth double
triple even six times the points that you can earn so it’s a cool way to start
earning up a ton of points really quick again just for watching video clips and
again once you’re done watching these videos you’re gonna be racking up points
that later you could redeem for real gift card options give cards to over 800
different options you’re also gonna have the option to redeem your points to a
prepaid debit card called a perk plastic so you could basically get your own
prepaid debit card with them that you can exchange your reward points for some
real cash guys so who else is honestly doing this so again all you’re watching
is basically live streaming watching videos you’re gonna be earning racking
up points some that are worth double triple the amount and later exchanging
them for real rewards again for gift cards or if you do want to take the
debit card option that’s completely up to you and again you can download this
app on the Google Play Store or the App Store whichever phone you have or
whichever type of device you’re using now the third app we’re gonna be looking
at is called Perry TV so again are you doing this looking up these apps on your
Play Store on your App Store or just you know you could honestly google them and
again all you’re doing is watching videos watching these live streams to
start earning points so if I click on one of these as you can see right here
this is one of the videos right here all you do is click on Play watch the video
once you’re done watching what the video is about it’s about a minute long you’re
gonna earn some real reward points and as you can see right here you know these
are the real people that are already using this system right here so the last
one is called again perk TV so once you’re done you know you racked up the
points that you want it all you have to do is click on rewards and again you can
exchange all your points for real rewards including PayPal money so you
know if you want a PayPal card to get some real actual cash some real money if
you want a Sony gift card an Amazon gift card
you can see right here they’ve already paid out over fifty million dollars in
reward points so those are three apps that you guys can start using to start
making some free money just for watching videos again they are pretty V Vigo and
AB traders are free to use you can download them straight on your
smartphone now again guys it’s a cool little way to start earning some extra
free money if you guys do want to start building some real passive income some
real fulltime income from home again click that first link inside my
description and I’ll send over to you all the info on how you can start
building your own passive income straight from home and that’s it for
this video guys if you guys did enjoy it don’t forget to click the subscribe
button down below don’t forget to hit the like button check out some more of
my cool videos right here on the side hit the subscribe button up here and
I’ll see you guys on the next video

Freelance Graphic Designer DAY IN THE LIFE ✍️Client Work, Procreate, Illustration

good morning so the first thing that I
do in the morning is make sure that I have filled up my water bottle I try to
drink three of these a day and then I get straight on to my emails I try to
get this done because I hate doing emails so much once I’ve done that I’ll
get ready I’ll put a little bit of makeup on it just makes me feel a little bit more
prepared and then today I needed to take a couple of photos for a thumbnail so I
did that and then edited it into a studio vlog thumbnail and let me know if
you watch the studio vlog actually alright I am now dressed and ready for
the day I’m not gonna lie some days I don’t get actually ready ready I’ll sit
in my joggers and like that cozy hoodie and stay like that but today I am
actually going out I’m gonna take my grandma we’re gonna go for food shopping
and for some lunch which I think is quite good actually it breaks up my day
a little bit and I can take my lunch break at the same time so yeah I’m all
dressed I’m gonna get in the car and whilst i’m out i’m also gonna take some
things to the post office because I’ve had some orders and they need to be sent
so yeah I’ll take you out with us many hours have passed as you saw I was
shopping with grandma and then we decided or I asked it whether she wanted to
go for lunch so we went for lunch and then we decided to go to look at some
show homes on an estate like a new estate thing most definitely can’t
afford them but I get a girl can dream maybe in like five years time so we went
and look looked at them and I just got home I’ve been out of the office for
three hours which I wasn’t planning I was hoping for like an hour and a half
max so I’ll just have to make that time up later tonight which is fine so don’t
have any like evening plans and I think that’s the beauty of working freelance
because I can kind of drop everything and go and do things when other people
are free which is nice I just have to be quite strict with myself on making
sure I can catch up with myself for the rest of the day I’ve already
ticked off two things on my little to do list actually let me show you this so
this is my weekly planner I sold these on my
online store and I’m currently in the process of creating some new weekly
planners so keep an eye out on my Instagram for those if you’re into
organization station with kind of things I will leave the link in the description
and on-screen but yeah I’ve ticked off let me show you this actually so today’s Monday I’ve ticked off two
things on there so far three actually I’ve ordered my new cello
bags too I’m gonna go back and sort out my video so I’ve got a video going up
tonight and then I’ve also got a video that I’ve pre-filmed ready for next week
so I need to do the annotations for that so the subtitles and the tags and
then I’ve got actual graphic design work so I’m gonna do some drawings on my iPad
before I start doing the subtitles I thought I’d quickly show you what I do
when I’m replying to like Commission emails a portion of my work involves me
creating logos for people creating little drawings for people stuff that
involves like one single client they pay me a fee and I give them a drawing or
whatever my services so I replied to a couple of emails this morning about
Commission’s I thought I would kind of go into that a little bit more so if
you’re wondering how I go about it you can kind of get an idea so let me just
record my screen if you’re wondering by the way I use an app called screen
recorder I think screen replay yeah it’s called screen replay on my Mac I get
asked quite a lot how I record my screen and it’s just that I got it off the App
Store I have an Apple Macbook and I use an app called screen replay it was free at
the time I’ve had it for years so I’m not sure if it’s still free but I really
like it so I mean it’d be wonderful if the internet would like to work yesterday let
me tell you the internet was driving me insane the one day I had like three
videos to upload the internet just wasn’t playing ball at all considering
the Internet is my job it’s pretty pretty frustrating alright for some
reason Gmail isn’t loading my emails properly but I’ll just show you my
little template thing so here in my Notes app so this is just the app that
comes with apple devices I guess I have this note here that
I wrote ages ago and in it are some kind of blanket style emails I guess so
I don’t send blank emails per se I hate blanket emails but this is like the basic
thing I will reply with when someone asks me for a commission so I don’t know
if you can see but I have one for Commission so if you want to pause it
and like use this for yourself go ahead just adapt it to suit you and it says
like thank you for getting in touch for a portrait like the one I have attached
because I always attach something because generally people email me like
hi can you do a drawing of me and my boyfriend and they don’t specify what
kind of drawing so I want to make sure they’re clear on the style and kind of
what it is they’re going to get and what I’m charging for and just so everyone is
clear you know so yeah it says I charge this much and then I always change that
to suit and this includes the full resolution digital copy so you can print
it as you wish three opportunities to make changes to the drawing and also an
A4 physical print I ask for the full payment amount beforehand via
PayPal or bank transfer let me know if you’re interested and basically that is
the same principle for all the way through so when I did a bunch of
different kind of cartoon style portraits I made one for just cartoons I
rarely use this one anymore I could probably get rid of it and then I have
one so like YouTube banners because I went through a phase of doing them a lot
and then the one I use the most at the moment is the logo one so I have like
thanks for your email the final price depends but it starts from and then I’ll
put a fee here tell them how they receive it and then I also have this
Google Forms link which I can go through in another video if you’d like me to so
just let me know in the comments if you would but basically this form this takes
you to a little survey online for the thing I’ve created asking you a bunch of
different questions what you want your logo for where it’s going to be used any
inspiration photos you’ve found all that that’s in that form and then if someone
fills it out it emails me and I have it all in one place rather than doing like
loads of back-and-forth email so yeah I find it really really helpful
to have these notes here because I pretty much need to say the same thing
every time so I’ll copy and paste it into my email account like into the
reply and edit the name if there’s anything specific they’ve asked for I’ll add
that into my reply and I’ll send that and then either people will completely
ignore that because they don’t like the price or they’ll reply and be like yeah
that’s amazing let’s go for it I never really get a no and you forget ignore or
let’s go for it so yeah that is how I go about that so I am now quickly gonna try
quickly anyway I’m going to quickly do the subtitles for my latest studio vlog
and so I try and make sure I’ve got subtitles on like 99% of my videos
because I want them to be accessible to a wider audience and it does take extra
time sometimes it takes a lot of extra time but I think it I don’t know I just
really value having subtitles and I got into the swing of things
and I don’t want to not do it anymore so I’m doing that maybe one day I’ll end up
having to like hire someone to do it but for now I quite enjoy it and I like
having control I’m very much a control freak so I go into my creator studio app
and on the app dashboard whatever it is and I’m gonna do the annotations and
luckily YouTube generates some annotations itself and they are usually
like 80% accurate so I just need to like scroll through and change the words that
it hasn’t picked up right so that’s what on the agenda right now and I might
listen to a podcast maybe watch a video actually what’s your favorite design
youtuber like graphic design Etsy person who else did you watch online because I
need some new people to watch can you hear how loud my laptop is yeah
it’s very loud it’s currently exporting a video because that video I was just
captioning has a clip in there that I was supposed to edit out and I didn’t so
I was just trying to save it again like re-export and re-upload it because it’s
due up soon and my memory on my laptop is full this happens a lot I have to
empty my laptop’s memory so often I have a really big hard drive in my drawers
down here I did like a full little office tour video I did it recently so if you
want to go and watch that you’ll be able to see where I store everything but yeah
I have the big hard drive for like a big clear out but then I also have these
little tiny ones so I now have two I think they’re like 50 pounds like
they’re not much at all and it’s one terabyte my new one could be 2 terabytes
I can’t really remember but this one’s just a one and it’s just usb
doesn’t require any power so I can take this around with me so what I’m gonna do
before I can do anything else I can’t even do any design work really because
it’s that full I need to move some of my videos off my laptop and onto this I
think storage is a very important part of my job because obviously I have like
6 years worth of videos and I save all of them and then I have design work from
previous clients I don’t need to keep at hand immediately on my laptop but if a
client wants something changing or wants another backup of it or whatever I need
to have that on hand too so all my old client work is on these my own uni work
all that kind of stuff so definitely definitely recommend these I’ve never
had a problem with them Touch wood that’s not wood is this wood so I’ll link it in
the description for you if you want to get one I got it from like Curry’s I
think but I’m pretty sure like Amazon or whatever I’ll sell them I’ll have a look
around and they’ll be linked in the description
for you whilst I’m waiting waiting for my video to export I think I’m gonna do
a little icon drawings so I’ll put a couple of them on screen these are some of
the drawings I’ve been doing I offered them a special offer price just before
Christmas and I’m trying to get through them so I’m gonna do a couple of those I
think I’ve got four or five left and I had twelve and it takes me a long time
to do each one so it’s been a bit of a mission I kind of I think I took on too
many but I enjoy it so I’m just going with it so I’m gonna do them I’ll give
you a quick little time-lapse talk through those once I got it done
recently I actually uploaded a video completely talking you through how I
create these icon portraits so I’ll leave that linked in the clickable I
button but in short I outline all the important features of the face and the
hair then as you can see I’m colouring it in so I pick up a shade of skin tone do
the eyes fill in everything and for this I’m using procreate as always I used the
smudge tool I use the pen tool I use a whole different range of tools but like
I said if you want a more detailed version and head over to that video but
I really like how these turned out I think they’re quite cute and simple and add a
little bit of personality to people’s profiles alright
I’ve been sat drawing it is now half past seven in the evening I think I’ve
made up for the loss of time working earlier but I’m not finished yet I want
to finish my to-do list I’m determined I’ve got one more icon portrait I’m
gonna do today and then I’ve got a couple of little doodles and kind of
drawings I want to do so I don’t know if you’ve noticed but if you go over on my
Instagram I’ve been posting some little quotes like in between my regular photos
have been doing quotes so I want to do a couple more of those because I’ve run
out now I’ve done like a big bunch of them and I’ve run out so I’m gonna do
some more of those but I’m gonna go and go and do that downstairs so I will
leave you with a time-lapse I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for
following me along for the day I’ll leave all my online social
on screen in the description if you want to follow me elsewhere subscribe if
you’ve enjoyed this video I’m trying my hardest to get to 100,000 this year and
but yeah here is one more final drawing time-lapse
who doesn’t love a drawing time-lapse

5 Ways to Be More Productive Working from Home

Hey everyone, Megan
here from and today I’m gonna share with you, 5 ways to be more productive
while working from home. (upbeat music) I started working from home in 2015 and I know first hand how big
of an adjustment it can be. It can be hard to stay focused, there are so many
distractions around the house. Your home may not be set up
to work from home properly and overall it can just
be a bigger adjustment than you might expect, if you’re transitioning from
working in a corporate office, to working from home. But whether or not you’ve
been working from home forever and you just need to find a few ways to make things feel better, or if you’re about to transition into a working from home job, these five tips are
going to be very helpful, because like I said, I’ve been doing this since
2015 and I have learned a lot. And I’m excited to share my
tips and tricks with you. Tip number one is to
improve your ergonomics. I have found that most
tables and desks and chairs that you already have in your
home are not actually suited for working and sitting in
for long periods of time. And if you’re just
sitting in your old desk, in a very standard desk chair, chances are that after working
from home for a few days, you’re already gonna start
to feel some aches and pains and discomfort while you’re working. So what is ergonomics? Well Merriam-Webster defines ergonomics as an applied science concerned with designing and
arranging things people use, so that the people and things
interact most efficiently and safely. Basically to me, ergonomics
is your body is unique and so your working
setup needs to be unique. Your desk height, your keyboard placement, your desktop, like your monitor height, all of that needs to be customized to fit you and your body. And if you neglect ergonomics, then chances are you’re gonna feel really physically uncomfortable over time. So like I said earlier,
you might get backaches, you might get neck strain, your elbow might just start hurt, you might get carpal tunnel. There are a lot of physical
ailments that can come up when you aren’t taking
ergonomics into consideration. So here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your workspace at home, to make sure that it’s
ergonomically friendly and suited to you. First of all, is your chair, you need to make sure that
your chair is comfortable, so you should look for
something with cushioning. You wanna make sure that it gives you plenty of back support. I wouldn’t recommend working, you know, on a bar stool for long periods of time. So make sure you get good back support, and make sure it allows your legs to be at the proper angles. So, if you have shorter legs, you might need to lower the chair or get an adjustable chair or potentially even have a foot stool. Lots of different options, but ultimately just
make sure you have chair that you can adjust to fit
your specific leg length and body structure. Next thing is your keyboard. Your keyboard should placed in a way, so that your arms, like,
it’s hard to show you where I’m at right now, my desk. But your arms and your elbows
should be at a 90 degree angle and your lower arm here,
including your wrist should be completely
flat while you’re typing. So if you’re ever typing
and your arms are kinda down or up, or your wrists are at an angle, all of that can lead to
some damage over time and injury. So you really wanna make sure your arms are at a 90 degree angle and your wrists and your entire
arms are straight and flat. Definitely don’t use those wrist cushions, I used to use them in a corporate office. I thought you were like supposed to, I thought it made things better. But it actually put your
hand at the wrong angle and can cause issues over the long run. You also wanna make sure
your computer screen is at the right height for your eyes. They say when you’re
looking at your monitor, whether it’s a laptop or a screen, you should be looking at
the top third of the screen, so if you’re looking any lower or higher, the monitor is not at
the right height for you. So you need to make sure you adjust it, either by getting an adjustable monitor or maybe putting it on a riser, which is really common,
especially in laptops. You’re definitely gonna
need it to be on a riser, otherwise you’re gonna be looking down and getting a lot of neck strain. Now ergonomics is a big topic and I’m actually gonna link to a few different resources
beneath this video, that can go into much more detail on how you can find
out what exact distance you should be from your
monitor, the height for you. There’s some great tools out there that can really tell you more about how to customize your desk to
suit you and your ergonomics. So, I’m gonna link to
those below this video. Tip number two is to remove distractions. I found that working from home makes it really hard
to avoid distractions, between seeing the dishes
pile up in the corner, household chores, errands you wanna run, pets and family members
possibly interrupting you or even the mailman interrupting you. There are just distractions all around and it’s really hard when
you’re working from home to avoid those. So there a few things you need to do intentionally and proactively to help avoid getting distracted
while working from home. First let’s talk about how to
avoid digital distractions. Notifications are your enemy when it comes to staying focused. So definitely when you’re sitting down to do some focused work, make sure all notifications are off. You don’t see any red dots on any apps, whether it’s on your phone, your computer. No popups come up. You need to go completely non-notification while you’re working. So if you need to take
this to the extreme, you might wanna even consider going into do not disturb
mode or airplane mode. So that you really have that focused time without interruptions. Now when it comes to
environmental distractions, I have found that wearing
noise canceling headphones, especially the big over the ear ones, those are the best if you can. It really helps block
out, not only just noises, but metal distractions. I find that when I sit down and actually put on my big headphones that are noise canceling, not only does it kind of
make the noises go away, it kind of makes all of the mental distractions
go away as well. I just mentally, I’m more
zoned in on what I’m doing and less likely to get distracted if I’m wearing my noise
canceling headphones. Sometimes I’ll even put them
on and not play anything, just for the fact of
the focus it gives me. Now if you would like
to listen to something while you have your headphones on, even if you can’t do
over the ear headphones, I really recommend that you listen to music that’s gonna
help you stay focused. Now I love listening to the top 40 hits or whatever I like, but I notice that if music has words it, for me, if I’m trying to
focus and create and write, I’m more likely to get distracted. Now to each is own here, so
if you can do that, go for it. But for me, I like to listen to either one of the Spotify focus playlists. They actually have a genre called focus and it’s full of all types of music. So, it can be chill beats I think is one, another ones classical, acoustic,
jazz, all types of stuff. So, any of those playlists,
I would give those a try. Or, my favorite app is actually Brain FM. I have the iPhone app, I listen
to it on my desktop as well and it’s similarly music
designed for focusing, for sleeping or for
resting and meditation. So when I’m working, I’m literally listening
to Brain FM all the time, it’s on in the background and I actually listen
to it when I sleep too. But whatever you choose,
whether it’s Spotify, Brain FM, or another app, I would encourage you to put on some music that’s meant to help you focus. Tip number three for being more productive while working from home, is to have a plan for your day. When you work from
home, you naturally have a little bit more flexibility in how you manage your
time throughout the day. And that means it’s even
more important to have a plan of action when you wake up and sit down to start working. And the best way to do
this in my experience is to actually make the
plan the night before. So at the end of your work day or your evening if you wanna do it later, be sure to carve out five to 15 minutes where you can sit down and plan tomorrow. So here is how I like to plan tomorrow, it’s quick, easy, but super effective. So I like to first look
at tomorrow’s appointments and events, actual meetings
that I can’t move around, appointments I’ve committed
to, anything like that, I start there and I put
that on my daily planner. I actually have a free
daily planner printable that I will be sharing with you later, so stay tuned for more
information on that. But however you manage your
calender and your time, go ahead and make sure you look at all of the appointments and events you have for the next day. Then, start looking at the tasks you have, you probably have an ongoing task list, either for tomorrow or for
the week or for the month and take a few minutes to look at all the tasks
you wanna get done, specifically tomorrow so
that you can stay on track. Now I like to actually
list all of those out so I can see them and then
go in and prioritize them. So pick your top three of all the tasks you might wanna get done tomorrow. We all have the habit
of listing way too many. What are the top three? If you only got those three things done you would feel great, you
would have made huge process and you would have met all of your needs. So go ahead and prioritize those three and make sure you either put
them in a different place on your piece of paper or
wherever you’re planning this, or circle them or do something so you know what those three are. Now it’s time to take your
tasks and your top three and look at your calendar. So what I like to do is actually pull up, I use Google calendar, I’ll pull that up, I’ll look at my top three tasks, I’ll estimate how long I
think they’re gonna take and I will actually drop
those on my calendar like they are meetings. And then I’ll see how much time is left and start filling in the other tasks and then you’ve got to readjust. So once you’re actually
doing this on the calendar, you’ll start to see how much
time you really have available and how much you can really get done. And this allows you, the day before, remember, we’re doing this the day before, to make adjustments, to realize, wow, I really can’t get everything done if I have that meeting. Can I reschedule that meeting? Or wow, I might need
to work late, or, wow, I’m actually gonna get this
all done and feel great. So, however you need to adjust, it’s going to give you an opportunity to proactively make
adjustments in your plan. And then you’re done, so that is how I plan
the day the night before. It allows you to wake up, sit down to work and automatically know,
not only your top tasks, not only what you need to get done, but have an actual game plan
for your hours in the day and how you’re gonna spend them to make progress on your tasks. Now I know I kinda breezed
through that really quickly, I do actually have an entire video where I walk you through exactly how I plan my day the night before. So if you wanna check that out, you can click the link below this video and watch that video,
after you finish this one. Now, like I mentioned a second ago, I actually have a free printable for you that is my daily planner. So it incorporates writing out your tasks, your events, your top three,
giveS you some journals prompts and I love it, it’s exactly
what I use throughout the day. So if you are interested in
trying out this daily planner, again, it’s free, you can just click the link below this video, enter in your information and you’ll get it right to your inbox, so you can start using it today. Okay, tip number four
of being more productive while working from home, take breaks! That might sound slightly
counterintuitive, we’re talking about being productive, how would taking breaks
make you more productive? Trust me, it does. In order to really stay productive for a long period of time, you need to be able to, not only give your body a physical break, but your mind a break as well. So recommending that you
get up and move around, you know, one to two
times an hour at least. I use the pomodoro method,
like mentioned a minute ago and that actually has built in breaks, where every 25 minutes, you
move around for five minutes. So, I like to do that but
you can come up with a system that works for you,
but at least every hour get up, move around, get some
water, hug a pet, do anything. But it’s important that you
take just a few minutes, a couple times at least
an hour throughout the day to give yourself a break. One little disclaimer here is make sure you don’t spend
your break on your computer doing social media or
doing something else. You really wanna do a full break, so I’m talking stand up, leave your desk, leave your room if you can, maybe go outside, smell some fresh air, if you want, go on a walk if you have time for a longer break. But just really go do something that’s gonna feel like
a complete disconnection so that when you come back
to work and sit at your desk you’re feeling refreshed. It’s really easy to just, like, go to another room and
start browsing Instagram and maybe you can do
that every now and then, but really it doesn’t meet the purpose. The whole purpose is to
disconnect, to refresh yourself, to give your mind a few minutes of not trying to work so hard and allow yourself to come back to work feeling a little bit more rejuvenated. My fifth and final tip
for staying productive while working from home,
is to change location. So even thought you’re working from home and that’s what we’re talking about, that doesn’t mean you
can only sit and work from this one place. I like to do this whenever I’m
feeling stuck in particular, you know when you’re sitting there and you just can’t get into a flow, you just can’t get your work done, you’re just feeling a lot of resistance. The best thing you can do in those moments is to change locations. So, maybe that means going
and changing rooms if you can, or sitting on your couch
or your dining table, or anywhere besides your desk. Or what it often means for me
is actually leaving the house. So even though we’re working from home, really you’re a remote worker,
you can work from wherever. So when I’m having days where
I feel particularly stuck, or I need as much focus time as possible, I will intentionally leave the house and go to a coffee shop, a lunch spot, if I had a co-working
place I liked around here, I would go there. So, maybe that is what you need to do. And a little tip for you too, is, you might wanna anticipate this when you’re looking at your week or planning your day tomorrow. I like to really think about this when I’m planning my day tomorrow. If I have a day where I
have a lot of deliverables that need to happen, my outcomes are big and I don’t have that many meetings, I will know in advance that I need to go work
somewhere else tomorrow. And again, since we’re
planning in advance, you know that the night before, so maybe you can do some
prep if you need to. Like pack your backpack
or set our your clothes or whatever you need to do. But if you can know in
advance, even better. But it’s also something
you can do reactively. So when you’re sitting here
in the middle of the day and you’re just stuck, go ahead and leave. I do it all the time, but for me Tuesday’s and
Thursday’s in particular are really important days
for me to get things done. I have a lot of meetings on
Monday’s and Wednesday’s, so Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are pretty important days for me. So those are often days where, at least once a week,
on one of those days, I am usually working outside of the home because that way I can just be as productive as possible
in a shorter amount of time. So, those are the five ways
that you can be more productive while working from home. And I actually have a
challenge for you today, I want you to do one thing, doesn’t even have to be all of those. But I want you to do one thing today to help improve your working situation, if you work from home. So maybe it’s just finding a new playlist, maybe it’s rearranging your desk. Maybe it’s picking a coffee
shop to go to tomorrow. Whatever it is, maybe it’s even
planning your day tomorrow, I want you to do at least one thing today so that you can take this
video and actually have a better more productive day tomorrow. So, now you know how to be more productive while working from home.
But if you really wanna take this productivity to the next level, you need to have a plan for your day, just like I was talking about earlier. So I just wanna remind you again, that you can click the
link below this video to download the free
daily planner printable that I have for you. I love this resource, there’s an example of how to use it and some more instructions
in that download as well. So, I hope you enjoy it.
Now I love to hear from you, what tips do you have
for working from home and being more productive? I’m sure I left some stuff
out here, we’re all different, so I would love to hear from you in the comments below this video. Let me know what you do
to be more productive while working form home. And if you thought this video was helpful, please hit the like button, subscribe and share it with your friends so I know to make more videos like this. I’ll see you in the next one. (light music)
See my lovely acne. Look at that highlight. Woo-hoo! 25 minutes, getting faster.