FREE Cannabis Software Selection Template by Aviva Spectrum

Sonia Luna here over at Aviva Spectrum
I wanted to share a template that we created to help you decide and score
properly the right accounting software for you and your team take a look at step 1 which is making
sure you involve your team not only your internal team but anybody outside of
your team that you get a lot of advice from let me go through the template and
how it works to incorporate all these stakeholders now in the template there’s three Excel
tabs this first tab to fill out is called ERP selection tasks and there’s a
couple of things that need to be done and you can check the status of where
you’re at if you’ve completed them if they’re in progress is something to be
scheduled etc and there were a couple of criteria it takes about 30 minutes to
complete and it does highlight what kind of software package should the team even
evaluate for demonstration which we’ll get into step number two after step one you’re gonna select a few
vendors hopefully three to check out their demos of how their software works
you’re going to evaluate them on nine criteria and you’re going to rate them
from one two three one being the worst three being the best now when you rate them you’re gonna look
at nine very specific critical criteria that I have seen in working so on some
of the largest accounts but also in the mid market accounts meaning the smaller
emerging companies that have a high growth potential these are the same nine
critical criteria I would highly recommend for you to evaluate when
you’re picking your accounting package so what is the scoring when you get to
step two here you’re going to see one of the three or one of the the first three
of the nine criteria which is adherence to what you wanted to ask from the
software vendor getting their company information that’s number two number
three is does the vendor understand the project of what you’re trying to achieve
for your goals for getting an accounting package and you’ll see for the adherence
to the instructions you asked from the software vendors okay you would want to
know what kind of scoring you would give each of them in timeliness completeness
of them giving you information the quality and professionalism in
representing their software company and on the right you’ll see column E is a
basis for your score you can write in text here to describe how did you score
one two three what was the criteria for you or even some notes that
differentiate let’s say between vendor one or three and so forth now we all know that certain businesses
have unique revenue sources or supply chain management issues in the nine that
I mentioned earlier this is item five that you’ll be scoring each of the
software vendors and I’ve highlighted in yellow some of the criteria that you can
either eliminate in the template or augment to your liking based on the
actual services that you provide to your customers now once you’ve finished the first two
tabs of the template you’re going to get to a scorecard it does allow a lot of
flexibility in scoring it also allows the team and you’ll see in the various
areas that their concerns were not only heard but they could actually object
objectively evaluate where their pain points were addressed by each of the
three vendors that you take a look at and I’ll it’ll also highlight some of
the shortcomings that you want to identify and where you’re going to need
to augment your business processes to address those shortcomings that some
software packages may have now this is the scorecard summary tab
that I’ve circled here and this is what the template looks like you see the
number one through nine here when it comes to the criteria and you’ll see
that this weight actually can be adjusted my only request is that you
keep this summary score at a hundred and if you want to change this to fifteen
but you want to make this ten wonderful you’ll see that the unweighted score
this is all linked to the tab that you you conducted for vendor 1 or vendor 2
so the beauty of this template is there’s already links to the summary
total of what you scored for each criteria now the weighted score the
weighted score takes these scores that you had okay
multiplied by this weight this is how important you thought it was this
adherence to instructions etc okay and then you’re going to divide it by three
because that’s the maximum value you had so an inventor’s one one he had a two
divided by 10 divided by three get to three point three the overall weighted
score is 61 points out of a hundred now vendor two got eighty two point
eight points out of a hundred and so most of you can see how vendor two when
you weight what you felt was important and you can
change this up as you wish vendor two outshined vendor one hands
down we’re to download it go to our website
at Aviva spectrum comm and there’s a section called downloads and you can get
access to this excel spreadsheet template as well as our other templates
that we provide to our community now I’m hoping that you would have seen
some of our other videos and connected with me Sonia Luna on LinkedIn but just
to give you a general overview of the firm we have well over thirteen years of
experience we are definitely one of the thought leaders when it comes to know
not only accounting packages but mobile device and its security when it comes to
accounting and patient data client data vendor data we are also the number one
LinkedIn recommended firm I myself have over 50 written
recommendations and our CPAs typically have a CPA a CIA designations and eight
plus years on average experience we have all the insurance requirements that you
would expect from a high-caliber consulting firm I myself am a former
advisor to the Securities Exchange Commission and I am an active California
CPA as well I want you today to email me at [email protected] with a
subject header called “Accounting Software Analysis” it is complimentary to
the community I hold it twice a month and we go over not only this template
but some of your other business concerns to make sure that you find the right
accounting fit for your organization we know you have a lot of choices in
selecting a CPA firm to help you with your accounting and auditing needs we
hope that one of those that you look to is Aviva Spectrum thank you and we look
forward to connecting with you soon! Best Cannabis CPAs

Do You Have An Amazon Business/Import Business? How To Protect Yourself!

Hey everyone Alex Ryan here the
import-export coats welcome back to another video as you can see they’re
watching the unloading and loading off containers I don’t whether you see that
in the background it’s quite unique it’s actually quite an interesting thing to
watch I love watching this stuff it’s like you know I don’t plain spot I was
just sort of stuff you can see now it’s heading to heading to Tokyo but
the time and I see heading there a few days opening to knock the Sun but it’s
amazing these things and a question I get asked a lot is insurance how do you
how do you make sure that your goods are insured what if there’s a storm because
occasionally in a South China Sea there are a lot of storms as tsunamis
riders and armies the storms as gale winds container ships you’re locked in
that and it’s not uncommon to happen a lot happened in New Zealand about four
or five years ago when it containers just fell in the ocean right they lost
their life savings and you know how insurance works on most tips is if your
container is at the bottom of it and the ones at the top to fall in right other
people’s containers your container is safe you still have to contribute to the
loss of the containers above I don’t know whether you know about that that
it’s an old maritime law right at that city so speak to a shipping agent if you
think about the important containers you want to make sure that they are in
protected keep that in mind because you don’t want to lose your life savings or
you don’t want to be up for a lot of a lot of more looking after other people’s
containers so keep that in mind getting good shit be an agent get someone who
can really help who knows their thing like if you look at all these containers
here right there’s thousands of tens and thousands of a Brian I’m visiting a lot
of ports I’m actually here visiting quite a few for toss in a different
country yesterday looking at their port but uh you know these containers they
have to be insured they actually have to be insured and there’s is big money in
it but you know insurance you need insurance if you’re doing anything that
to do with containers you need insurance guys to keep that in mind alright that’s
it for me and I make this a very short video hope you enjoyed today’s video
guys if you want to get more tips visit my website I’ve got a free video program
there showing you how to choose hot products how to import from China how to
start an Amazon business and if you’re looking to standard yeah if you look at
start an Amazon business guys make sure that and you’re looking to do containers
like this make sure that you are choosing a good product for starters and
the shipping rates make sure you’re getting a great ship and rate talk do
shipping agent 40 capsules Berger about that alright so have an awesome day guys
talk to you real soon see you

Amazon expands out of Seattle amid fallout with city over taxes


Why You Should Start An Online Business (Amazon FBA)

[music] What is going on everyone? Welcome back to my channel today. As you can see, in this video, I am going
to be talking to you guys about why you must start an online business in 2019. I am in Punta Cana right now. This is actually my dream resort. It’s called the Chic Resort in Punta Cana. I remember 5 years ago, I checked out this
resort online and I really wanted to go. However, I was working a 9 to 5 job for the
last 10 years of my life. If you guys who have been following me, know
that I got laid off of my 9 to 5 job in 2017, started Amazon FBA and online business, YouTube,
met all you lovely people, and I never looked back. And I am so glad I did that. That’s why I wanted to do this video for you
guys today, to talk about why you should start your online business. Just to kind of motivate you guys, to get
you into the mood. It’s really sunny here right now so excuse
the shades. I actually got a little sunburnt. But check this out. It’s funny because I am finally getting to
use my new camera right here and people are looking at me funny. I think people in other countries, they haven’t
seen, I guess, well, people recording themselves, walking, talking. But anyway, back on topic. So, I remember trying to come to this resort
5 years ago. And I saw it online and I really wanted to
come but I couldn’t get the time off work, okay? Every time, I remember asking my boss to go
somewhere, take time off work, even to go see the doctor or go to a dentist appointment,
whatever it is, I was always scared to ask for approval, right? Because you know when you work a 9 to 5 job,
you work for someone else. You always have to ask for time off, whether
it’s a doctor appointment or just whatever it is. Even if it’s a medical condition, you have
to ask for time off. And I never got the time to ever travel or
see the world or do whatever I want. However, starting my own online business in
2017, I just knew that I had to make it work. There was absolutely no excuse. I told myself it’s either I make this work
or I am going back to 9 to 5. And I remember trying to hand in my form to
request time off from my 9 to 5 job and they always said no. They said “Tamara, we’re really busy this
season. We’re really busy right now and you can’t
have time off. I am sorry.” And I felt like I was trapped for the last
10 years. So, I remember starting Shopify before I found
Amazon FBA. I lost a lot of money. If you guys watched my recently YouTube video,
I talked about how I actually lost $15,000 before I even started making money. And I know a lot of people, when they’re just
starting their own online business, they’re scared of losing money. But the thing is, you guys, if you don’t take
that chance or opportunity to even get started, you’re never going to get what you want in
life. So, for me, it was freedom, right? It’s not even, I mean yes, making a lot of
money is nice because you get a lot of choices, right? Instead of going to McDonald’s, I can go somewhere
else. But it’s not even about that for me. It’s nice to treat myself. However, for me, it was just getting the time
to do what I want, work on my own schedule without having to hand in a form to ask my
boss, “hey, can I get time off?” Because it really frustrates me that I never
had that time in my 20’s. And now I finally do have the time and I want
to share this experience with you guys. There’s a lot happening right now and I hope
you guys don’t get too distracted by the back. So, online business has changed my life. It has absolutely changed my life for the
better and now I can work from anywhere around the world. I don’t need to ask for any time off. I literally pick up my bags, book a flight,
get the hell out of there. And this is actually my first real time off
that I had since I started my online business in 2017. For myself, I just knew that I had to work
really, really hard before I felt even comfortable booking a flight to go somewhere else. I had to make sure that people that I am mentoring
are getting what they need from me, that I am active every single day. And you know, to be honest, even though…
if I wasn’t so sunburnt, I’ll join those guys. Okay, you know, even though I now have the
opportunity to do what I want on my own terms, work for myself and I’ve reached this point
where I feel I’ve gotten a lot of success online, I still think it’s important for me
to work hard, right? And I know a lot of people, when they see
other YouTubers talk about how glamorous it is to do what you want, travel the world,
and just basically working on your own terms, you still have a lot of responsibilities. I want to be honest with that. For myself, even though I am having my time
off, I am actually celebrating my birthday here. I still feel that I am responsible to get
work done so I am doing this video for you guys, right? I am still talking to my students. I am still mentoring and answering questions,
and being involved with all my members inside my FBA Winners Facebook group. And the truth is, when you own a business,
even though you can make unlimited amounts of money, you see money in a different way. And what I mean by that is when I worked 9
to 5, I didn’t care about what I spent my money on. I made just around $50,000 a year and I would
blow my money on all sorts of useless sh*t. I just didn’t care. I didn’t really value the money. So now when I work for myself, and I pay myself
through my corporation, I value money so much more. So a lot of people look at me and they’re
like, “well it seems like you’re making all this money now online, why don’t you buy this? Why don’t you do this with your money or do
this and that and buy all these things?” The truth is, you start seeing money in a
different way. So, for myself, I like to spend my money on
adventures. And just having the freedom to choose what
I want to do because when I was working 9 to 5, I was penny pinching a lot of things,
I couldn’t afford a lot of things and now, with online business, with Amazon FBA has
really taken off for me, I am able to do whatever I want. And a lot of people make it seem easy, right? So a lot of people online say, “hey, you know
what, Amazon FBA is super easy.” And I am here to tell you, it’s not. It’s really not and I think I worked super
hard to get to where I am now. And I always encourage people to work super
hard. Nothing is ever easy. If anyone ever tells you that any business,
any online business is easy, it’s not. However, things do get more simple as time
goes by. So for myself, it’s not like I went to school
to do this. I didn’t have to go to school. I barely, I think I just graduated high school. I didn’t go to college. I think I went to college for a few months
and I didn’t know what to do with my life; therefore, I was stuck at a 9 to 5 cubicle
desk job for 10 years until I found Amazon FBA and YouTube, and affiliate marketing and
everything else. But, I feel now that I am more responsible. Yes, I do work 7 days a week. So even when I am out here, I still work 7
days a week. That doesn’t mean I am in front of a computer,
trapped in a cubicle for 9 hours a day, it just means that, “hey, if someone is messaging
me, I am going to respond. If one of my students needs help, I am still
going to help them.” If I want to do a YouTube video, which I should
because I miss talking to you guys, I have to do it. That’s just part of my online business. But it gives me the freedom to do whatever
the heck I want, right? If I want to have lunch for 2 hours, I can. If I want to have a few drinks at 2 in the
afternoon, which I did yesterday by the way, I can. And to me, that just makes me feel so fulfilled
and so happy. So this is why you should start an online
business, you absolutely get to do whatever the heck you want, on your own terms and you
can make unlimited amounts of money. If you guys enjoy making money, I know I do,
right? Because money buys freedom. Money buys freedom. Then you should start an online business. How I started was through Amazon FBA. For you guys who have been following me, I
started selling physical products on Amazon since 2017 and it hasn’t been… in the beginning,
it was really hard because I didn’t know what I was doing. If you guys watch a few of my previous YouTube
videos, I talk a lot about my experience. And in the beginning, with any business, it’s
hard. And with any business, it costs a lot of money
to start up, depending on what your definition of a lot of money is. But, with online business, I feel that it’s
actually a lot cheaper to start than to start a physical store selling clothing or having
a coffee shop or a restaurant, whatever it is that you want to start. It’s 20,000 times more expensive to open up
a physical location to start your own business. With online business, Amazon FBA, they hold
all your inventory, you don’t touch your inventory. You just have to find out which of your suppliers
are and how to source products in order to make income, right? In order to make money, in order to make sales
online. You actually don’t touch inventory. You absolutely don’t have to do a lot of the
legwork but you do have to keep an eye out on your products and everything else that
goes behind closed doors. I talk a lot about that on my channel as well
for you guys who are new who are watching me. But to start an online business changed my
life for the better and for anyone who tells you that you need to go to school and get
a degree, graduate, spend $20,000, $30,000, 5 figure in order to get a degree, go to school
and get a good job, they’re lying. And I think that’s a scam. I am actually so glad that I never had to
do that. I never went to university. I barely went to college. And I am so glad that I didn’t. Before, I used to think, wow, maybe there’s
something wrong with me, right? Maybe I am just meant to live this miserable
life at my cubicle desk job and get slaved around for the rest of my life. But when I found Amazon and when I found YouTube
and I met all you lovely people, I noticed that I would rather do this for the rest of
my life. So another thing I wanted to bring up was,
I get a lot of comments from people and they say, “Tamara, I am just comfortable at my
9 to 5 job. I am comfortable because I get a steady pay
check every 2 weeks. But with an online business, you never know
how much money you bring home every 2 weeks.” That is true. However, when you reach a certain point, so
for myself, when I started replacing my biweekly pay check through my online business, through
Amazon FBA, I already felt that was a huge accomplishment, right? Because I was doing everything on my own terms,
doing everything that I love and I was getting paid steadily every 2 weeks. Ever since that happened, I started my own
YouTube channel teaching people how to do the same. However, people are under the impression that
if I work for someone else 9 to 5, I get a steady pay check. But if you really think about it, is your
job really stable? I mean for me, I got fired 5 times in the
last 10 years from my 9 to 5 job. And that wasn’t stable, they literally just
cut me off. They cut me off every 1 or 2 years. They cut me off and said, “Tamara, this position
isn’t right for you or you can find a different job.” Whatever it was, throughout the 10 years,
I thought that there was something wrong with me, right? But, there was nothing wrong with me. I think the world was just telling me that
I was meant to do something else because I was very depressed. And I remember the times when I start at my
cubicle desk, I couldn’t eat, they wouldn’t let me eat. I had to wear a silly uniform and I was told
what to do, all the time. I had to run silly errands, grab coffee for
people, clean meeting rooms. It was just garbage, complete garbage. And where was the stability in that, right? There was absolutely no stability. For people who tell you that if you stick
working 9 to 5, you get stability, no that’s not true. Your employer can let you go at any given
time and you won’t even know. I actually have a friend who actually just
got laid off from his job and he’s in his 40’s. And he’s telling me, “Tamara, I think there’s
something wrong with me.” I said, “no, there’s absolutely nothing wrong
with you. It just took you a while to realize that that
job wasn’t for you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.” If you guys want to stay working at your 9
to 5 job that you absolutely hate, you can but you have to think, there’s a much greater,
bigger life out there that you can enjoy. And online business is the best thing that
has ever happened to me. I keep saying that. I am getting a little distracted by everyone. It’s really hot out here. So bottom line you guys, if you guys want
to live the life that you deserve, you want to live your dream life, if you want your
dream car, your dream mansion, maybe it’s not even that, maybe you just want to spend
more time with your family, your kids, your dogs, your pet monkey, whatever it is, only
you can do that. Only you can hold yourself accountable because
no one else can. No one else can do that for you. When you have your own business, the only
one that can make it profitable and make it work and become successful is yourself, right? There’s absolutely nobody that can help you
get what you want unless you work for it. So I am very blessed and grateful and thankful
for being alive today. I wanted to do this YouTube video for you
guys to give you kind of like an update of where I am and where my head is and how I
am feeling about everything in the last 2 years. Next month, we are going to San Francisco. I am actually doing a meetup with Feedbackwhiz. I am going to be a guest speaker there. So I am super excited about visiting San Francisco. And in June, we’re going to Maui in Hawaii. Never gone to Maui before but I heard it was
amazing and great and everything. So I thought, “why not? Let’s go.” And I’ll be doing some photos and videos for
you guys there as well. But, if you guys are still scared about starting
Amazon FBA, online business, whatever it is, YouTube, whatever it is that you want to start
online, just get started. Find someone who has started, who has the
success and teach you, to get there yourself so you can do what you want in your life. Buy the things that you want. Go to the places that you want. No longer have to work for your boss. It’s all possible and for me, this took about,
I think after a year, I started seeing a lot of stability with the money being made and
coming in and sales going up on Amazon. It was really great. So for me, I think it took at least, I think
it was at least 6 months to a year. But it’s crazy how much changed the last year
and a half. Because it wasn’t until, it was exactly a
year and 4 months ago where I started doing Amazon FBA full time, I am so glad that I
did. But it’s crazy how much can change in such
a short amount of time. Anyways you guys, if you guys enjoyed this
video, please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t. And if you have any questions for me about
starting an online business or if you’re still scared or you want to talk to someone about
starting your own whatever it is, leave me a comment below. I respond to everybody. I hope you guys enjoyed this resort. I absolutely just adore this resort. Let me know if you guys want to see more videos
like this. This is just something different for a change. Alright guys, I’ll catch you guys in the next

Attendant Pro for Skype for Business Training: Contact Details Panel (Related Contacts)

In this recording we’re going to take a
look at contact the contact detail panel, which gives you additional
information about any contact that is clicked. It is similar to the Outlook
Skype for Business contact card but with the additional benefit
that it can be used to transfer calls. So if your call you click transfer then
you can click to the voicemail of this contact or the related contacts over
here, which includes the Assistant the Microsoft Exchange Assistant along with
the other organizational people. It allows you to enter a note about this
contact, if you have Exchange Web Services enabled, and it gives you one-click access to a greater number of functionality than most of the
contacts have room for by default. So for example you can send an e-mail or you
can send an email call back reminder or you can open the calendar about this
user and of course see the department title and other information. It also will give you a visual look
quick look at the current and next Outlook appointments which you can
double-click on and open the actual Outlook calendar for this user from here.
Also there is a section of related contacts. We already noted that the
Microsoft Exchange Assistant is available here and if you don’t want to
see one of these organizational people you can always minimize it or collapse
it. Sometimes people want to see the manager of managers you can close that but any of you close
or open. Once again the related contacts can be transferred to just like
a contact up here. So for example if you’re in a call you want to transfer to
the assistant of Japheth Nolt or to his even voicemail a single click right
there will do that. All related contacts can
be used to transfer and act on calls, just like contacts. So for example i can
right click, and do a transfer, open so let’s say I can send an IM
even if the button isn’t on the contact card. I can pop out the contact
details. So for Jessica if I work with her a lot transfer calls to her, I can pop her out
along with as many as I want, can better use my multiple monitors and just place
her on there and if I want to transfer to her assistant or her manager very easy
to do. The contact details for one more you can open and pop them out and use
your extra monitors more efficiently and contact details can also be turned off
just by going either into the options or right up here on the main screen and
turn it off. Most people like it on because it gives
a nice insight into that contact by doing nothing by clicking on the
contacts. All right, Attendant Pro contact details. Thank you.

What is Dropbox Business?

Work shouldn’t take a lot of work to get to. After all there’s no PhD in
retrieving the latest file or feedback from someone on your team and I’m
mastering the art of permissions management this weekend said no one ever. That’s why we created Dropbox Business, your team’s home for everything they
need to collaborate and stay focused. Since they probably already use Dropbox
it’ll be familiar and easy. They might even thank you for it. Everyone can
access what they need in the team space where shared files don’t take up room on
hard drives until you download what you need using Smart Sync. Nice! With file
preview your team can preview nearly any type of shared file so everyone can make
comments or annotations right on the work.
Goodbye printing out, marking up, and losing changes. And it’s always easy to
manage your team’s data. You can control who can see or edit what and share
entire projects with anyone or unshare them with a click so all the work stays
safe and secure. Planners get to plan, doers get to do,
teams get to focus on what matters and the work just flows

Why Business Is A Game of Margins, Not Volume – How To Sell High-Ticket Products & Services Ep. 1

(triumphant music) I don’t know if you can hear, but I’m actually quite sick. That’s why my voice is
not as optimal as usual. But, (audience laughter) I’m not going to let that
affect my performance. Okay, ’cause I’m here to deliver. Okay, so get ready to take notes. How to sell high ticket
products and services? How to sell high ticket
products and services? Questions number one, what would you consider
as high ticket for you? Just yell out the number. (audience speaking) – [Woman] Ten grand.
– Ten grand? – [Man] 100 grand.
– 100 grand! Okay. – [Second Man] 10, 20.
– 10 grand. Okay. – [Third Man] 5, 10.
– 5, 10? – [Fourth Man] 20k.
– 20 K, okay. – [Fifth Man] Ten thousand.
– Ten thousand. Ten thousand. – [Second Woman] Half a million – Half a million, yes. So, we’re talking anything
from, from anything, so depends on your comfort level, some people might say, “Oh, it’s three thousand, or
five thousand, or 10 thousand”. So, what I’m going to share with you today applies from as little
as three thousand dollars to as much as, it can be
half a million dollars, even a million dollar contract. A lot of the strategies and
the tactics that would apply, have sold everything in between as a $2,000 thing, $5,000 thing, $10,000 thing. Last year, my business
partner, we sold a contract to a pharmaceutical
company for $800,000 U.S. One sale. $800,000 U.S. So, it’s the same. What I’m sharing with you, it’s the same. It’s the same psychology,
the same ideas would apply. So don’t feel like, “Oh, Dan what you’re saying
may not exactly apply to me”, it’s the same, okay? So, let me go through the seven reasons why you want to sell high prize
products and services that you might not aware of,
you might not aware of. First reason, reason number one is, more profits and less what? Hassle, less hassle. When you sell a high ticket item, you make more, higher profit margins. Everybody knows that,
but here’s the thing. Within your marketplace,
most of your competitors, my guess is, they’re not comfortable, selling at a high price. Or they don’t know, how
to sell at a high price. So, very few companies, notice, yes, “Dan, there are companies that do well, selling, low margin
products, such as Walmart.” Right? It’s Walmart. But you notice, if you look at history, before
Walmart, there was Kmart. Where’s Kmart? – [Crowd] Gone. – Gone. Before that, there
was Sears? Where’s Sears? – [Crowd] Gone.
– Gone. – [Man] Almost gone. – Almost gone, barely breathing. So, what happens is, when you are selling at a low price, when you’re in the commodity business, when you’re selling to the general public, the problem with low price is this, it’s not a sustainable
advantage, in business. Write this down. Competing on price, is not a sustainable
advantage in business. Because, it’s very, very
easy, for someone incoming, to your space, and say,
“I’ll charge you less. “You charge x, I’ll charge y.” So, your advantage of “Oh, we
guarantee the lowest price,” some morons, could come in and say, “We’ll sell 20% less than you.” Your advantage, it’s gone instantly. Okay, and they could maybe. How the hell do they do that? I mean I’m barely making a profit. Well, a lot of companies, they
go into marketplace knowing, they’re basically using
their capital, and say, “I’m gonna grab market share, “I’m gonna acquire these
customers at a loss. “Just to put you out of business. “Just to put you out of business.” They might know, “Well, you
probably won’t last six months, “we have enough cash to
last one year, you’re gone.” When you’re gone, then they become the
game in the marketplace, and then they jack up their price again. So, and also customer infrastructure, to serve more clients, at a low price, requires, bigger, more infrastructure, i.e. more customer service,
bigger office, more people, more shipping, handling,
everything, it’s more. So, it requires a more
complex infrastructure. Personally, and this is
my personal preference, I like to keep my business
lean, mean and simple. I’m not a big fan, and I know
people make a lot of money doing that, and that’s kudos to them, just my personal preference,
I like to keep my business, lean, and mean, and simple. If I can hit my goal, my financial goal, with 1,000 customers, versus 10,000 customers,
I prefer 1,000 customers. If I can hit my goal with a 100 customers, I prefer 100 customers,
than 1,000 customers. So, more profits, less hassle. But here’s the cool dollar help, business is a game of margins, not volume. In fact, repeat after me. Business. – [Crowd] Business. – Is a game of? – [Crowd] Margins. – Not Volume.
– [Crowd] Volume. – Some entrepreneurs say, “But Dan, I’ll make it up in volume. “And I’m doing half a million,
my margin is like this. “Oh, if I make three million,
then my margin would go up.” Don’t bet on that. Don’t bet on it. Do not bet on it. So, business is a game
of margins, not volume. I was watching, how
many have seen the show the Profit? If you guys have not seen
the show, watch the show. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but
that’s a great show to watch. It’s like a mix of, Kitchens Nightmare, combined
with Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den kinda, type show. So, the Profit, was watching
one of the episodes, so basically, Marcus, who
is the CEO of Camping World, he goes into these business,
and try to fix them, and help the business owner, he would put in the money, but he’ll also put in the time and effort,
and invest his expertise in turning around the company. One of the episodes I was watching, Marcus, went to this meat packing business. The business, the meat
business, has been around for many, many, many years, I
think if I remember correctly, 75 years, or something like that. They’re doing 50 million
dollars a year in sales. 50 million. Is that a little bit of money,
or is that lot of money? – [Crowd] Lot of money. – Right, 50 million sales, 400
grand in losses every year. “You might think, “How the
hell could a company do “50 million dollars a year in business, “and yet, lose 400 grand.” And also, they’re four
million dollars in debt. In debt. In loans, and everything else. And when Marcus looks, he
looks in that guy’s business, he has 30k, 30k, 30 grand, cash in the bank. To say that the business is in trouble, is an understatement, okay. So, if you think, “Wow, 50
million dollars in sales.” So, because business is
game of margins, not volume, it doesn’t mean anything. This business, is so close,
when Marcus looks at number, they’re weeks, weeks away from bankrupt. Weeks away. 75 years of history,
weeks away from bankrupt, so think about that. So guys. (crowd laughs) Do not believe what the ladies tell you, because size matters. Size matters, okay. I’m talking about transaction size, some of you are thinking
about something else. Transaction size matters, it does matter. So, let’s take a million
dollars as an example. So, to make a million bucks, you have a few ways you could do, let’s say, if you sell
a $25 dollar product, you get 40 thousand customers,
you make a million dollars. Yes.
– [Crowd] Yes. – Or you sell $50 product, you sell to 20,000 customers, you make a million dollars, okay. Or $100 products, 10,000
customers, a million dollars. Or, $1,000 product, 1,000
customers, a million dollars, or $10,000 product, only a 100
customers, a million dollars. Now, you might be thinking, “But Dan a $100 “versus $10,000, “does that mean, it takes
a hundred times for effort, “to make a $10,000 sale,
versus a $100 dollar sale.” What do you think? – [Woman] No. – No. No. Because, think of in terms
of to sell that $100 product, do you say you have to do marketing? There’s due cost involved. And to get that $10,000 customers, nowadays, costs money. I don’t care what you
sell. It costs money, to acquire the customers. $10,000 on the other hand. Well, I only get a 100
customers, to get to a million. And what if I don’t get a 100
customers, I get 80 customers, it’s still 800 grand.
Does that make sense? So, look at this numbers,
and look at them, from your business. Look at your business, where you’re at. “Huh, yeah man, I’m selling a $50 thing, “shit, I need 20 customers,
to make a million sales.” Revenue, not profit,
just to hit a million. Or if I wanna sell something, “What if I can increase the price, “if I can sell at a premium price, “how would that affect my business?” So let that thing sink in a little bit. – [Announcer] 10 times your finances. 10 times your business. 10 times your marketing. 10 times you life. Hit the subscribe button now.

Teaching a STUDENT How to Start a Business with $100!

– In this video, I’m gonna
teach my friend, Sam here, who is a broke college student how to start an online business
with just $100, stay tuned. What is up, guys? If you’re brand new to the
channel, my name is Odi. I go by ODi Productions. I just broke 36,000 subscribers. I am an entrepreneur and
I make business videos, I do little vlogs and
also tutorials, tips, and just basically
documenting my business, and also helping others and
young aspiring entrepreneurs with starting their businesses. And in this video I am teaching
a broke college student, my friend Sam, how to start
a business with just $100. Yeah, that’s one Benjamin Franklin. But let me give you guys
a little bit about me before we get into the video. Two years ago I dropped out
of UCLA with a three, five GPA in my senior year in order
to pursue entrepreneurship and online business. And just two years later I’m
basically living my dream life. I live here in my apartment
in downtown Chicago, if you guys wanna check it out, it is such a gorgeous,
gorgeous day today in downtown. You can guys can see it’s the
Chicago River right there. But it is a nice day. This is my apartment as
you guys can see here. It’s a really messy so
please don’t mind that. I was able to move in
here about a year ago from San Diego, California. As you guys can see I
got this little art work, that’s a little throwback to my hometown. Basically, I went all
in on entrepreneurship and everything seemed to work out. So my goal in this video
and with my channel is to inspire other young entrepreneurs or people who are just
wanting more from their life and help them get from A to B. So that’s basically what I’m here for. But now what we need to do
is we need to go pick up Sam. We’re gonna go hop in the car,
which is a Porsche 911 Turbo. We’re gonna go pick up Sam right now, and then we’re gonna introduce her and then we’re gonna figure out how to get this business started for just $100. Let’s go. Alright, I’m here in the parking garage, that’s to hop in the whip. There she is. (engine revving) Alright guys, so we are here
in my Porsche 911 Turbo. For anyone who is new to the channel you haven’t seen my car
before, yeah, this is it. It’s a custom 911 Turbo. I did a vehicle wrap, it’s got exhaust, it’s got new HRE wheels on
them, wrapped in some Michelin, pallet super sports. But basically that’s
just car talk for anyone who is into cars. Yeah, picked up this turbo a few months ago in San Francisco. Picked it up off the showroom floor. I actually have a video on my channel if anyone wants to see that. But basically I was able
to modify it, customize it all the way to my liking, and now it is just much perfect,
the way she sits right now. But we are driving over
to go pick up Samantha. Gonna pick her up, gonna get some lunch and then we’re gonna head
back here to my apartment, so that we can start this
business with just $100. Alright guys, stay tuned. Hi Sam.
– Hi. – Alright, you ready to do this? – Yeah. – Alright, let’s go, hop in. Alright, so we are here on the
sky lounge of my apartment. We’re gonna get to know
Sam a little bit better, and I’m gonna explain to her
the different business models and the business model
which we’re going to try to replicate today. Alright, so your name is Sam.
– Yes. You are in college, correct? – Yeah, I’m a junior. – You’re a junior, so you’re
a third year in college. Where do you study? – Loyola University of Chicago. – Okay, cool, and what’s your major? – Right now, I’m business undeclared. – Business, alright, perfect. We’re creating a business today. She studies business, so it all works out. So let the people know,
do you have any experience with online business at all? – No, none. – You’ve never done Amazon FBA
– No. you’ve never done
dropshipping with Shopify, affiliate marketing?
– No. Perfect, alright, so we
are literally talking to a day one beginner who
has no previous experience with online business, no
skills in terms of like you’ve never made a website before? – No. – Okay, perfect. Alright, this is absolutely perfect. So this is just to show you guys that even if you don’t have any
skills you can follow along with this video and we can
really start creating a business for just $100 today. So I’m going to explain
to Sam the business model which we are going to go
after today with the business that we’re gonna start. So this business model is
called affiliate marketing. So Sam, have you ever heard
about affiliate marketing? – No. – Alright, so you know nothing
about affiliate marketing. Well, luckily I’m the affiliate
marketing expert, and mentor so I can teach you what
affiliate marketing is right now. So basically the way that
affiliate marketing works is it’s just referrals. So with a lot of companies such as Amazon, they have their own affiliate program called Amazon Associates,
which is the largest affiliate program on the planet. If you’ve watched any YouTube
videos or tech reviews where they have Amazon
links in the description, usually those are Amazon Associates links. And what happens is every
time you click those links, if you order anything within 24 hours, the person whose link you clicked actually receives a percentage
of the products price as their commission. And the commission varies
based on product categories, which we’ll look into once
we get on the computer. But basically we are going to create an affiliate marketing
business and we are going to refer products on Amazon
in order to get clicks and ultimately get a commission. So the reason why we’re going
with affiliate marketing is because of some really big benefits, especially for beginners
and broke college students who don’t have a lot of
investment to put up front, but instead are looking for
something that’s a little bit more low risk, but the same time has a really high earning potential which I’ll explain to
you later in this video. But one of the biggest
benefits of affiliate marketing is you don’t actually have
your own products or services, you’re only referring
people through links. So it’s all digital and it
doesn’t cost you anything to promote these products,
because you don’t actually have to own or have the products in hand, unlike Amazon FBA or
dropshipping where you actually have to pay for the products. With affiliate marketing
you’re simply referring people to the advertiser, and if
they order those products through the company, then
you get that commission, completely 100% passive income. So really like what you
need to do is create like a content, like a piece of content like a video, or a blog post or a review and you put your affiliate
links in that piece of content. And if anyone clicks and
purchases through that, then you will receive
commission basically for months if not years to come. So that sounds pretty good, right? Passive income, low risk. I mean, what’s not to love
about affiliate marketing? Alright guys, so we’re
about to begin working on our business. Now the first step of creating
any affiliate marketing business is to choose a niche or industry. So right now I’m gonna ask
Sam a series of questions to see if we can figure
out the right niche for her so that we can pursue this business, and that not only will it be profitable, but it’ll also be fun for her. So let’s start with the first question. Sam, what are some of your passions? What are you passionate about in life? (Sam laughs) Sorry I put you on the spot here, but … – Is it weird if I say dogs? – No, wait, that’s really good. First of all, we could do
a whole website on that. I mean who doesn’t love dogs, right? Let’s see, dogs, you got any other ones? – Music. – Music, okay, music is good. Music too as well. Dogs is probably a little
better for affiliate marketing but let’s, you got any more? – Um, nice makeup. – Makeup, so makeup is
actually a really big market and honestly, makeup is pretty favorable because they have high
commission rates on Amazon which I’ll show you when
we get into the computer. Now I’ve looked at makeup before, not for me personally. But like, I’ve look at the industry and it’s a booming industry. I mean there are people who make millions just off of YouTube makeup tutorials. And the thing is, I personally, obviously I can’t get into it ’cause I personally don’t wear makeup. But perfect for you,
you’re passionate about it and this is something
which you can pursue, that this is something that we should definitely capitalize on. So guys choosing a niche
that you’re passionate about is really important. Now there’s two schools
of thought on this. Some people say forget your passion, choose something that makes money. But honestly, when you’re
just getting started, let’s say this is your first business. And you don’t have a
lot of money to invest and also like, you don’t
really have all the skills yet, it’s important to choose
something you’re passionate about to begin with, because
you can gain those skills and stay dedicated and keep working on it instead of getting bored. And then once you have
those skills you can move on to more profitable niches in the future. But lucky for Sam here, makeup is actually a really profitable niche to begin with. So we could hit a home
run on this first try, so yeah, that’s pretty good. Alright, this second part
we are about to actually start creating the business,
creating the brand. So we’re gonna hop back into my apartment and get on the computer
so we can show you guys step-by-step, click by
click, how we get this done. Alright, so we hopped
back in my apartment. We are about to hop on
the computer right there. I am gonna let Sam actually
take the driver’s seat and she’s actually going to do
all this while I direct her. I’m gonna basically be over her shoulder, so just take a seat Sam. There we go, perfect. So as you guys can see
she is on the computer, we’ve got the WebCam going too, so we can get a few different angles. I’m gonna set this camera down right here, and then you guys can see this. Alright Sam, so the first
step that we’re gonna do is we need to come up with a website name. And your website name,
this is called a domain. And what we’re gonna do
with that website name is create a website known
as an authority website. So it’s a niche authority website, I’ve created some of them. My first niche authority
website is actually right here, it is, so maybe if you go to real quick so we can show the people an example of what a niche authority website is and what we’re trying to
do with Sam’s brand here. So as you guys can see, lemme
just take over real quick. This is my first affiliate website. It’s basically a niche authority website in home recording niche. As you guys can see here,
I do reviews of headphones and if you guys have
seen my YouTube channel, I have a lot of headphone reviews. Some of them have 100,000,
200,000, over 300,000 views. So if I just look at
one of them right now, let’s just go with the M50X which is a very popular headphone. As you guys can see here,
you got my video review right here at the top and
then you got the review as well as the YouTube review, including this Amazon link
which I discussed earlier. So basically this is
what we’re trying to do except we’re gonna try
and do the same thing but with makeup. So with your website
we’re gonna create a brand because brands are very powerful, and honestly some of the most
successful affiliate websites are brands/personal blogs. We’re gonna make it official. We’re gonna actually make
it look like a real company despite you just being a broke
college student or whatever. Once we get that brand
name, we get a logo done, create a full legit website, then it can be very powerful. So let’s start by doing that. Let’s start by coming up with
a name, just brainstorming. One important thing that I
like to do when coming up with a brand, is also looking up to see if the website domain is available, because that’s really
important for SEO purposes which is search engine optimization. It’s important to come
up with a good brand name and to get that .com because
it will help you rank up higher and just have more credibility online. So the first step that
we’re gonna do when creating this website and also
coming up with a name is I want you to go to Bluehost is the number one
WordPress recommended web host and on Bluehost basically
you can look up domains. So you can purchase website
names but you can also purchase something called web hosting. Now web hosting is what allows people to have websites online. And web hosting is like
actually really inexpensive. It only starts at around I
think $2.95 to $4.95 per month. And basically through web hosting is where we get to host our website. So at the price of just 4.95 per month, that’s less than five bucks a month. We went to Starbucks today
where we probably spent like almost close to that. So basically you can have a
website for the price of coffee every single month. So anyways, let’s just go
on to Bluehost right here. We’re gonna look at hosting. We’re just gonna go look at shared hosting and when we get on this page, it allows us to choose a plan. So as you guys can see, it starts at 2.95. If you guys wanna follow along,
the website is going to be in the description where you can actually get exclusive discounts to Bluehost. But we’re actually gonna just
start with the basic plan here ’cause you’re
broke, you’re on budget, you only have $100, right? So let’s start with that 2.95 plan, it’s less than three bucks a month. I mean that’s really nothing in terms of investing in a business. So we’re gonna choose a basic plan. And so I’m gonna let you
choose the basic plan, I’ll let you take control. So we’re gonna choose
basic and here’s where we actually get to come
up with the website name which is the domain. So we’re gonna choose a new domain, and we’re just gonna brainstorm right now and we’re gonna think
different names for Sam’s brand and her website, and then
we’ll see if it’s available. If it is we’ll go ahead
and purchase the domain along with the web hosting. Alright, so we did some brainstorming and we came up with the website/brand name of Very simple but it contains
the words makeup review which is actually really
good for SEO purposes because our goal is to get
as many hits as possible, to get as much traffic as possible. So ranking on the first page
of Google is going to be our end goal with any sort of website, any sort of piece of
content that we create. So let’s just add in the domain name, Sam’s Makeup Review. You can just type in to
the new domain right there. It’s perfect, and then just click next. Alright, so the checkout process, you’re just gonna fill out
your account information. But let’s scroll down here
to the package information because this is where you
actually decide what services you want to add on, or what
services you don’t want including the length of the term. Obviously we only have $100 to work with. So far we haven’t spent any of it, but we don’t want to
blow our entire budget on just buying the web hosting,
’cause there’s a couple of other things we want to buy. But with that said, let’s look
at this package information. You can see at the top
here it says account plan, 36 months for 2.95 month. So the way it works is
if you actually hit this, basically the price goes up
the shorter of a term you do. And unfortunately, to get
that low price of 2.95, you actually have to sign
up for at least three years. But we can’t afford that
because we’ll be over budget, so we’re actually gonna do just 12 months. And as you guys can see,
it’s drops down drastically to just $59.40, and that’s including some of these services right here. Well, that’s in the total. So we just want the hosting,
and I also recommend if you’re gonna choose
one of these services to do the domain privacy protection. So if we take off these extra services and we just do the basic
hosting for 12 months, so basically you’re getting
a whole year of your domain, your web hosting. So you’re getting a website for a year. That’s basically what’s happening here. You’re getting a whole website for a year for about $59.40. I recommended that you add
the domain privacy protection because this basically protects
your who is information so that when you sign up for a domain, and someone looks up that domain, they can’t see your actual
name, address, or whatever because that’s actually required by law to include your contact information when you create a domain. So we’re gonna do the
domain privacy protection ’cause we don’t want people
to see that snooping around. But other than that,
that’s the only service that we really need, other
than the web hosting. So as you can see, our
total comes to $71.28 which is an awesome deal. I mean we’re gonna have a
website for a whole year for about 70 bucks. So that’s perfect, we’re
gonna fill out the rest of this checkout information,
and then we are going to sign up with Bluehost,
log in and start creating that website, alright, let’s go. Alright, so after signing
up with our web hosting, we’re gonna create our website. But before we do any of that, one thing that I absolutely
do with every single one of the affiliate marketing
businesses that I start is I always create a professional logo. Having a logo, it does so
much for brand credibility. When you have a logo,
whether it’s on your website, on your YouTube Channel, or
whatever social media you use, it really tells people and shows people sort of this professional
image and you want to have that at all times, because if we’re
gonna be selling stuff online we want to build credibility and trust. These are like two of the most
important qualities to have when you are selling any
sort of products online, is you want people to trust you. Because they won’t buy from
you if they don’t trust you. And that is the cornerstone of any sort of affiliate marketing
business is you have to be trustworthy or else, if people, if they think you’re scamming them, if they don’t think you’re legit, then they’re not gonna purchase from you. So what we’re gonna do is
I’m actually gonna refer Sam to my logo maker who is on Fiverr. If you guys have never heard of Fiverr, why don’t you, mind visiting
Fiverr on the computer, which is Perfect. So this is Fiverr. Fiverr is one of my
favorite websites online, because it’s basically
a freelance marketplace where you can get people
to do graphic design, people to create logos for you, to do stuff like video
editing, audio editing, and all sorts of other
things as you can see on this homepage. And all the services
start at just five bucks, so that’s perfect for us,
broke college students. Not much budget, we’ve already spent $71 on web hosting and a domain for you. A $5 logo sounds pretty
good right about now. So what we’re gonna to
do is we’re going to look for a logo maker. So you can just type
into the search bar logo. There we go, logo design, let’s try that. And then we’ll just see what we got here. Alright, so we looked up logo design and as you guys can see here, if we scroll down, actually
you can see some of these are starting at quite a bit more than $5, but I’m pretty sure
that if we keep looking, we’ll be able to find something a little bit more inexpensive. Okay, 2400, jeez. – There’s a five. – Perfect. Alright, so we actually
found a legit $5 job listing for logo design, so we’re
gonna click this right there. So as you guys can see
here, pretty good reviews. 844 five-star reviews. You can also if you want,
you can actually check out the different logos. So if you wanna click on these. You can actually see some of the logos which they made in the past. And if you guys look at these, I mean they’re pretty legit company logos. So five bucks, I mean
it’s not gonna get much better than this, unless
you are a graphic designer. But neither of us are, so
we’re gonna just hire someone else to do it, we’re gonna
outsource it for five bucks, so that we can create
our logo for our website and our brand. We’re gonna sign up, we’re gonna ask them to create our logo, and
then we’ll get that logo within a day, which we can start putting all of our branded materials
such as our website, whether we create a YouTube
channel or whatever. We’re just gonna place this order. It’s gonna be delivered in three days, little bit longer, but again, five bucks, there is not much to complain about. So after you submit the payment, it’s gonna ask you some
questions about your logo, how do you want it made,
what colors you wanna use. So for me, I prefer to
make badges type logos. Badge type logos are like recording now which I should get right here, just to show you guys one more time. So with this, Sam you can
look at the other side of the headphones while
I show the audience. So this is a badge type logo. So as you guys can see, it has outlines. Basically one of the benefits
of having a badge type logo is you can actually place
this on any sort of website or social media or whatever,
and it doesn’t really, it will always stick out because
it has different contrast between the borders and the outlines. So this a badge right here,
and I personally love it. It also includes some meters right here because it’s recording. They take the freedom
of designing your thing based on your industry. So luckily for us, we
chose beauty and makeup and fashion or whatever. And that will allow to
give it sort of that flair that is (mumbles) the
makeup or beauty brands in the industry. So for you, what kind of
colors are you thinking about to have for your logo and for
your general websites theme that you think would be nice
for you and your audience? – Color red. – Red. – Is that too intense? – It is intense but I mean, let’s do it. Red and white, let’s go
with red and white, yeah. That will be good. Red is lipstick, you know what I mean? – Yeah. So that’s pretty cool,
red and white, perfect. So scroll down. So we will check the box there and we will start order, and voila. Order is started, we will receive that in just three days. So we’ll wait for that and
this is what we’re gonna use for all of our website stuff but yeah. That’s how easy it is to
order a professional logo and it literally costs us a total of $6. So you can’t beat that,
we’re up to a total of about $77 now that we’ve invested. But now we are about to create
a full professional website. We have a professional logo,
we have a custom domain name so we’re really getting
ahead of the game right here. So yeah, let’s move onto the next step which is creating the full website. Alright guys, so we just ordered our logo but we are back on Bluehost. We signed up with Bluehost earlier. So after you guys sign up with Bluehost, you’re gonna be hit with this screen. It’s gonna say welcome to
Bluehost, congratulations. It’s gonna ask you to create
a password so just click that and we’re gonna make a
password for your account so we can start making the website. So just do any password you
want, I’ll let you type that. Alright, so we just signed up for Bluehost and immediately after you
guys complete the sign up and you log in and you create a password, it’s gonna take you to this page which is the Bluehost portal. So one thing that Bluehost started to do that web host did not offer
before is they actually, immediately installed
WordPress onto your web host. So WordPress was actually the platform that we’re gonna use
to create our website. Now before you used to
have to actually manually install it yourself,
doing WordPress install and then having to create some credentials and then plugging those in. But one cool thing is, Bluehost
actually made the process a lot easier, so if you sign up with them, it immediately installs
WordPress like instantly after you sign up. So it’s a lot easier and
one thing that’s really cool is it starts off with you can
actually choose your theme. So let’s scroll through
these and pick a theme that you think would match your brand and makeup, fashion, beauty, whatever. Pick a theme that kind of reflects that or one that you like. You can always change
your theme in the future, so don’t worry about picking
the right theme just yet. Just pick something you like
and you can always customize it and then choose a different
theme if you don’t like it down the line. – That ocean. – Yeah, for sure. Alright, so just click use this theme and as you can see Bluehost is setting WordPress up automatically. We literally signed up minutes ago and we’re already installing
and creating our website. Perfect, alright. So now that Bluehost has
finished setting up WordPress, just click start building and we will hop right into our WordPress dashboard. Alright, awesome, so this is WordPress. This is basically the
platform that we’ll be used to create our website. So one cool thing about
WordPress is that you don’t have to do any coding, and it’s
basically just a bunch of, it’s drag and drop and it’s known as a what you see is what you get editor so you can literally just create websites without having to touch a line of code. One cool thing is
WordPress actually runs 26% of the internet right now. So 26% of the websites
that are being visited are actually run on
the WordPress platform. So these include websites
like (audio distorts), Beyonce’s blog, a bunch of other blogs, the Star War’s blog. I mean like big brands
are using WordPress. And that’s more than you
can say for other simple web editors such as (mumbles)
and none of them boast 26% of the entire internet. So I love WordPress, it’s
got so much functionality for beginners and for advanced
people and businesses alike. But basically we’re in the dashboard so welcome to WordPress. What we’re gonna do is
we’re actually going to, I’m gonna guide you to
this so we don’t have to, you can just click I don’t need help. And so basically, the first
thing that we wanna do is we’ve already chosen our theme but if you do wanna change your theme, you can go to appearance
which is on the left hand side bar right here. You can go to appearance and then themes and yeah, you can click that. And so when you look at themes, you can actually scroll through. Let’s go back up and then
click on themes. So from here, you guys can
see maybe, click popular. So you can see we got over
2000 themes if you want to scroll down and just
start looking at them. We have over 2000 themes
that you can choose from now. Most of these are completely
free to start using. However, many of them
follow a premium model so some of them may cost
anywhere from $40 to $50 to get the full version which
you can customize fully. But as you guys can see,
there’s literally hundreds if not thousands of themes
that you can choose from. I mean it’s very easy to
find something to fit you and your theme, your brand. And the thing is, before, like you say, five, 10 years ago, if
you would have websites that look like this, it
would literally cost you thousands of dollars but
we were able to create our website for just 70
bucks for an entire year. So pretty awesome, if you
want to change your theme. But we’re gonna just stick
with this one for now, and then we’re just gonna
start actually creating content so that we can start promoting products and start getting those
affiliate sales and commission. So the first thing you wanna
do is we are going to create our first post, so you
can just go to posts on left hand side bar and
actually just click add new. So we create a new post,
this is like a blog post. You have your title, you
have the body right here and you can even add an
image if you scroll down a little bit. On the right hand side, you
can add a featured image. But let’s scroll back up. Let’s create a title for this. We are going to create a review for one one of your makeup products, and then after we create the review, we can include the Amazon link, so that we can earn that commission if anyone purchases from your website. Aright, so we hopped out
of the computer real quick so we can just look at
some of the products which we are going to be
promoting on the website. So Sam has actually
brought a lot of her makeup from her dorm, and we are
just looking through it as you guys can see. We got this brand Nyx here, but we’re gonna just look
through these makeup products to see which ones are actually
offered on Amazon Associates. And then we can actually do
reviews and create content around those products and
then earn those commissions. So sound good? Alright, so we’ve chosen
three products right here which Sam really likes to use. What is this? It’s a brush. – Yes, it’s a Kabuki brush. – It’s a Kabuki brush,
it’s like Japanese, right? – I don’t know (laughs) – Okay, and we got,
this is eyeliner, right? – Yes. – Okay, we got eyeliner and we have, what is this right here? – That’s finishing powder. – Okay, so we got this finishing powder. So we got the Kabuki brush, that finishing powder and eyeliner. So what we’re gonna do
right now is we’re gonna go in Amazon Associates to see
if any of these are available and if they are, we can
actually get the links and promote them in our review. Alright, hop in back in the computer and we are going to look
at Amazon Associates. I’ll explain what it is and
also we will look to see if these products are available to promote on Amazon Associates. Alright, perfect, so
now we are going to look at Amazon Associates, which
is Amazon’s affiliate program and it’s actually the largest
affiliate program in the world because Amazon is one of the
largest companies in the world. So I want you to just search
up Amazon Associates on Google. So guys, for anyone who is not familiar, again, this is Amazon Associates. It says earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader. This is the affiliate
program that we’re gonna use to look for these products,
and if they’re available, we are going to get links from here and then you can promote
those on your website which in turn, if anyone
clicks and purchases anything within 24 hours, you will actually receive
commission based on the category. So if you want to know what
kind of commissions you earn, you can actually open
up a new tab right now and then let’s look up
Amazon Associates rates. Right there, perfect. So right here, we have a table. You guys can actually look at this. If you wanna pause this or something, you can see all of the
different product categories for products on Amazon including the fixed standard program fee rates. This just means your commission. So as you guys can see, for me, I review stuff like headphones, I would receive 6% commission. Now we’re doing makeup. And the makeup we’re looking
at is actually going to be categorized under luxury
beauty for the most part. And luckily for Sam here, the commission is actually the highest of
any of the product categories. It’s actually 10%. So that’s awesome, because
as you guys can see, it can be as low as zero to
1%, 2% for TVs and stuff. Those are high ticket
items so it makes sense but luckily we had the highest commission, 10% all across the board. So that’s really helpful for us in terms of maximizing our profit. Anyways, let’s go back to this
tab for Amazon Associates. If you haven’t signed
up, you should sign up with Amazon Associates. It’s completely free to join. However, just know that you may be denied if you do not have an actual
platform such as a website, or a YouTube Channel. Luckily for us, we just created a website. We have a legit website
with a custom domain name, and a logo, all this costed
us less than 80 bucks. So that right there is enough to get into the Amazon Associates program. So sign up for that and
then we’re gonna hop in and we’re gonna look for these products to see if we can promote them. Alright guys, so we have
hopped into Amazon Associates. So after you get into the program, you can immediately start
searching out products. So what we’re gonna try and
do is search up these products by going to product
linking and product links. So right here you can type in any keyword, it could be a brand, it
could be the actual model of the products. So we’re gonna start
searching for these products to see if they’re available. And if they are, we could
start getting those links and promoting them on our website. So what do we got up first? – The Nyx HD Studio finishing powder. – Alright, let’s try typing that in. The brand is called Nyx and
it is the finishing powder. So you can just do Nyx finishing powder and we’ll see what pops up. Hopefully, it’s available. Alright, scroll down, let’s see. So we got a few, few items here. Actually quite a few results. Do any of these look like that product? – Yeah, the first one. – First one, perfect, that was easy. Alright, cool. So as you guys can see,
this product is 9.99. So it’s not the most
expensive product obviously but a 10% commission rate. So for each of these you
would actually earn close to a dollar. And that may not seem
like a lot to some people. But everything adds up
especially with makeup because you can bundle
other items together to increase that overall cart ordered. And if you’re getting 10% of all of it, then if you add a few things in there then one dollar could turn to two or three or four or five dollars real quick. If you want to get the link that has your tracking code in it, all you need to do is go right here, but instead of clicking get link, click this little arrow that points down. And it’s gonna have your text link but you want to click
shorten URL with and you’re gonna get
a much shortened link. Now these links, they are
a lot more attractive, and it’s a lot more attractive for people who are gonna
be clicking your links to have something short like this that’s not so conspicuous, you know what I mean? So we’re gonna just copy this, so just click that and then
we’re just gonna copy that to our clipboard. Let’s hop back into our
WordPress account back here. So new post. What you can do is for
now you can just paste in that link into the text, perfect. One thing we want to do
is maybe highlight that and then hyperlink it right there by clicking that.
– This? Mm-hmm, boom, and then you can
just click that blue arrow. Nice, so we have just
added our affiliate link to our new post. So this post is gonna be a review. We’re gonna review that product. So for the title, you can
just do the actual name of the product, and then just add review. But make sure that you
include like the full names, so like the brand, the name of
the item, anything specific. Just so anyone who’s searching it up can really find it on Google. There we go, yeah. And then just add at the end, review. Perfect, so our title, very simple. You have the product name, and then you just include review. But that’s what people
are gonna be searching up on Google, so you want to
basically match that keyword or that search term as close as possible. So basically we got the
tile, let’s scroll down. And basically here in
the text body editor, this is where you can
actually include your review. Now my advice when you’re
creating these articles or making these reviews
is you want to include as many characters, as
many words as possible because the longer your content is, the higher it tends to rank on Google. My guess is because
engagement tends to be higher. Because if you’re a, if
there’s a 2000 word article or a review, and you have
to read the whole thing, it’s gonna take you longer
than reading a 200-word review. So we’re gonna get to
work, brainstorm on this, on how we can write this review. Now here’s a little hack
for some of you guys. If you’re lazy, if you
don’t wanna do this, you can actually hop back on Fiverr which we have still open up right here. So let’s go back to
Fiverr and then you can go up to find services and you can actually
get people to just write these articles for you. Actually, we can just go
to writing and translation. And if you guys look right
here, you got everything from creative writing,
articles and blog posts. So basically, you could hire
someone else technically, to write this for you,
if you’re that lazy. And if you wanna spend five bucks, five, 10 bucks or whatever it costs, then we still have the budget for that. But we’re just gonna
write ourselves because we want it to be genuine. So we’re just gonna brainstorm,
we’re just gonna draft it up we’re gonna write it. Let’s go back to WordPress, and we’re just gonna include it in here. So yeah, we’re gonna do that
real quick and then come back. Alright guys, so we
just finished writing up the review article, as
you guys can see here. So I’m just gonna give you guys some tips when you’re writing these reviews or creating this content,
on how you can not only maximize your profits, but
also increase your clicks, increase hopefully your conversions for your affiliate sales. So as you guys can see here
we have quite a few links. We have the Amazon
Associates links which we got and basically we linked
the product at the top. But one thing that we made
sure to do is we linked the product throughout
the article as well. So we have at the top, we
have it here at the bottom as a call to action, and we also have it when we mentioned Amazon,
we actually included the amazon link which
links to that product. So one thing that we
did, which is something that you guys should do
regardless of your industry is basically you wanna try
and bundle products together as much as possible. So with Sam here, she
had this finishing powder but she also had this brush which you use in conjunction with the powder. So this brush, we actually
looked it up on Amazon. It’s an Elf Kabuki brush,
and we found it for 5.99. So she made sure to
mention how she applies the finishing powder
using the Kabuki brush, and we made sure to link that as well, as you guys can see
here, Elf Kabuki brush. But basically, if it’s 10%
commission and one product is 9.99 and then the Elf
Kabuki brush is 5.99, you’re basically increasing your profits if people order both
products versus just one, you’re increasing your profits
by basically 60% almost. So as you guys can see here,
bundling is such a powerful and effective tool, but the thing is, most people buy stuff in
bundles to begin with. So don’t feel guilty or anything like that including a lot of products
that may work well together, because if anything that’s
how customers usually shop. And Amazon knows this. Every time you shop on
Amazon they always have stuff that’s like best when
purchased together or bundles or stuff like that. So basically just copy
what Amazon is recommending or if you think of any products
that would go good together with your product and
just bundle them together to increase those profits. So that’s basically it. When you’re done, all
you have to do is click this blue publish button. Hit that right there and then your article will be published and we
can see what that looks like on the website. So after you publish it,
just click view post. And we can see the first article
as you guys can see here. Boom, made that in just a few minutes. Obviously there’s no pictures. Pictures would really spice things up if you guys want to include that. But basically that’s how
simple it is to start reviewing products, adding in
those Amazon affiliate links and potentially start to earn money once you start getting
traffic to your website and people clicking your links
and purchasing your products. So that’s the basic process right there. It’s very simple, but you can
get a lot more complicated with it, you can get a lot more complex and more advanced and really
kind of flesh things out if you have more time. Alright, so right now we
are just taking pictures of those products which we’re reviewing to make our article look a lot cooler. So we are just using a basic iPhone as you guys can see right here. Just taking some basic
pictures, how does that look? Alright, not bad. (laughs) Alright, just take a few more. I’ll take one of you using the product, how does that sound? So here, take the brush and then like just pretend you’re like using it. And just smile or something. Done, okay, cool. We got, I’ll just show
you guys what I got. Cool, perfect, we’re gonna
throw this on the website, and yeah, let’s go. Alright, so we actually took the liberty to take a couple of
pictures using the iPhone. Real simple, but honestly pictures make such a huge difference
when making these sort of review articles and content. So basically, we’re
just gonna add those in. So let’s start with adding in
our first image at the top, so we can just make a little break maybe before this whole thing. So let’s go right then and just enter. – Here? – Yeah, hit enter, and
then let’s go up top and then let’s add some media. Yeah, basically, yeah,
we got our images in. Yeah, the lasting thing to do
is to add a featured image, which is your thumbnail. So right here on that right-hand side, just click set featured image. And you can choose any of those. Maybe we’ll just do the product image. That might be a simple one to do. Yeah, that should work pretty well. And then let’s set that
as a featured image. Boom, check it out, right there. And then you can scroll
up and then click update. So now let’s see what
our article looks like with all the brand-new images placed in to see if it looks any better
than just with the text. Alright, so check it out guys. Article looks a lot more lively, it looks a lot more professional now that we have the images in. One trick that you guys can do, this will increase your clicks
and hopefully your sales is, let’s just go back real quick. And what I want you to do is I want you to copy this Amazon link. Perfect, click this image
and we’re gonna edit it by clicking the pencil. What we’re gonna do is we’re
actually gonna link this. And we’re gonna link to, custom URL, make that your Amazon link. Just copy and paste that, and then update. So you’re gonna do this
for all of your images. We’re not gonna do right
now, but we’re gonna do for all the images. Make sure you click update,
just save the progress but let’s actually go
back to the view post and if we scroll down to that image and you hover over, you can
see it has the Amazon link. If you click it, so try
clicking that real quick. Boom, takes you right to the product. So that right there is
a nice little ninja tip that you guys can use
to increase your clicks and hopefully get more sales,
because at the end of the day, you’re trying to get
your customers to Amazon. Because once they’re there,
Amazon does all the selling. And you earn commission
on anything they buy. It doesn’t have to be
this product specifically. It could literally be anything else and you would receive the commission. So the goal is to get them on
Amazon by any means necessary, as long as it’s ethical and
it’s relevant to your product. So yeah, let’s back to our website. Well, okay, let’s just go back. But yeah, so as you guys can see here. I mean this pretty much concludes what we’re doing for
today which is we create a custom website, we had
a professional logo made which we will include once we receive it, and we created our first review article, which includes a bunch
of Amazon affiliate links that hopefully in turn
will result in sales. So that pretty much wraps up this video. I mean it was a pretty simple
straightforward process. But we’ve done a lot today guys, we’ve really created a foundation for something that could be a
legit business in the future. So basically, that wraps
up the website portion. Hope you guys enjoyed that. We’re going to conclude
this video by hopping out of the computer and then
just talking on some options that you guys can do after
you set up the website and get things going. Alright guys, we have just
finished with creating the website, creating the
brand, doing the review post and posting the affiliate links. So that basically is a very,
very, very basic foundation for what an affiliate website looks like. But these are the same
websites which do turn into full on affiliate businesses. But we were basically
able to get that done and I mean Sam here is
a complete beginner, and we only spent about $77 today. So we actually didn’t even
use our whole entire budget which is really good. But basically I hope you
guys enjoyed that video. If you guys enjoyed it
and if you guys want me to make this a series, if
you wanna see more videos and watch us expand
this business even more, then make sure to thumbs up
the video and leave a comment below letting me know. And then if we get enough
traction, we get enough people who are liking the videos, commenting, then we for sure will make
a part two, part three and keep the series going. And you guys can maybe watch a
full business bloom from this but anyways, that wraps up this video. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Give a big thumbs up to
Sam for being a trooper throughout all this. I did not pay her a
single penny to do this. Did I pay you anything?
– No. Okay, didn’t pay her anything. She just did this for fun and I’m really thankful that
she wanted to come onboard to do this project. So hope you guys enjoyed it. Catch you guys on the next one, peace. Hey, so one last thing guys. I just got done editing the entire video. It took me a few hours
and I’m really happy with the results, so I really hope that you guys enjoyed that. But one last thing I wanna
show you guys is actually, a couple of days after
we got done filming, we actually received the
finished logo right here which you guys can check out. Look how awesome that turned
out for just $5, guys. $6 with the $1 fee but I
mean Sam’s Makeup Review. We got the little icons right there. I mean this is really awesome, something that you can
throw onto the website, you can throw on any
sort of like social media or anything like that. So really happy with the result of that. I wanna leave you guys
with one last thing. So if you guys are still
watching this video, then it’s pretty obvious
that you’re really interested in business, in entrepreneurship, and possibly in affiliate marketing. So if you guys haven’t
seen any of my other videos I definitely suggest you
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interested in this stuff, then definitely check out
that other, those other videos because some of the numbers,
they are pretty crazy. Now this video, it’s for beginners. It was basically a primer on
how you can start a business with very low investment upfront
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messaging assistance. So you can message me anytime of the day and I will answer any and
all of affiliate marketing questions that you have. But let me just give you
guys a quick run through of some the lessons I go through. So in this video, I explain
what affiliate marketing is. But I actually show a
step-by-step plan on how to start a successful affiliate marketing business. So this is actually my
proven step-by-step plan that I’ve used for every single one of my affiliate marketing businesses that have generated well
over $1000 a day profit for well over a year now. So I give the exact step-by-step for how I do affiliate
marketing and it is really in my opinion a proprietary and
unique and innovative method that isn’t really taught
by any other courses or instructors out there. And that’s based on my
students who have taken other courses, they’ve
told me that directly. So let’s just go back in to lesson plans. I actually share with you
the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing, which
is a complete game changer. So I explained earlier in this video, when Sam was using makeup, how makeup is actually a very profitable niche because it has high commission rates, there is a lot of money in it. Now, choosing your niche
is literally the difference between making $1000 a
month and $10,000 a month, and I’m not exaggerating that guys. Choosing your niche is extremely important and you want to choose a niche
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just scroll down here, you guys will see my
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I’m outranking websites Like Guitar Center,, Now that’s insane, because
my YouTube channel, although it’s pretty decent,
it doesn’t have hundreds of thousands, it doesn’t
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teach you paid traffic guys. So the secret to how to get traffic when you don’t have a
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How To Run A Business Successfully – Robert Kiyosaki [FULL Radio Show]

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is
The Rich Dad Radio Show The good news and bad news about money. Here’s Robert Kiyosaki. – Hello, hello, hello. This is Robery Kiyosaki,
The Rich Dad Radio Show, the good news and bad news about money. And of course that’s the
oldie by Barbra Streisand. People who need people
because the question is what is the hardest thing
about business and life? People! That’s the hardest thing there is. I can’t imagine anything harder. That’s when I meet people who
are totally self-employed. I got a friend, he has no
employees, it’s just him. He can make money all on his own. He’s a one man tycoon. He’s the luckiest guy I know. He doesn’t need anybody. But the moment you enter business and you start depending upon people, it’s a whole different world. So anyway, this is Robert
Kiyosaki, The Rich Dad Radio Show and welcome to the program. We have a very interesting program. It’s called “Loonshots”, it’s
about a book just released. It’s Safi Bahcall, is that
how you pronounce it, Safi? – [Safi] That is. – Oh, thank you. And it’s how to nurture the crazy ideas that win wars, cure diseases,
and transform industries and as far as I can tell, the book is kind of
about people, isn’t it? – [Safi] It is about people. It’s about what can you do
if you’re inside a team, or a company, or even a nation to encourage those crazy ideas that they’re often overlooked
and they’re neglected, but those are the ones that
can transform your business. – Good, any comments there, Kim? – Well, I just want to introduce Safi ’cause Safi, a lot of times what I say is business would be so easy if it wasn’t for people (laughs). But Safi, you have quite the background. You’re second generation
physicist, a biotech engineer, have tons of experience in what you do, an author and speaker, and your book just came out a few months ago. You also co-founded a
biotechnology company and were the CEO of that for 13 years. So you have quite the background, and now you’re working with
all sorts of organizations imparting your knowledge
and your principles of Loonshots into their business and one of the things I love is you know a lot of
organizations, they start out, and they have these wild, crazy ideas, and then they succeed,
and then all of a sudden everything gets stagnant (laughs). So what is Loonshots? – [Safi] Well, let me start with the word which is, everybody knows
what a moon shot is. Moon shot is a big goal, or a destination, something like curing
cancer, eliminating poverty. But if you look back at
history, the big ideas, the ones that really change the course of science, business, or history, rarely arrive with blaring
trumpets, and red carpets, dazzling everybody with their brilliance. They’re usually neglected or dismissed and their champion’s written off as crazy and since there wasn’t a good language, a good word for that in the English language, I made one up. I called those loonshots. And the reason those are so important, is that if you look,
whether it’s in the military as we were just talking
about before this call, or in businesses, those
ideas that can save a business, can rescue
a struggling business, or can give birth to a new one, are almost always the ones
that are written off as nuts. The people behind them are written off oh, there’s no way this
could ever work, and so on. And that’s why it’s
important to understand, how do we think about these loonshots? How can we design our
teams, our companies, or even our nations to encourage these kinds of crazy ideas even better? – So let me (mumbles) the part I liked about the, as
far as I got into your book, you talk about water
and those three phases, and at one is all ice, and
then second is on the edge, that’s where you have a
combination of water and ice just before it freezes
or it goes all water and are you saying that
the edge is the best where you have some ice and some water? Or a lot of times what I see in organizations, they’re too tight. They’re so bureaucratic, they can’t move which is all ice, and
some are so loosey-goosey, it’s all water and
there’s no productivity. Is that kinda what you’re saying? – [Safi] Yeah, that’s exactly it. As we were just talking about earlier, why is it that teams or
companies suddenly change from embracing wild, new ideas
to rigidly rejecting them? Just like, as you mentioned,
the glass of water will suddenly change
from liquid to solid ice and often you see that in a
glass of water that happens as you lower the
temperature, you have these molecules slashing around happily and then all of a sudden they line up as you cross 32 fahrenheit. – And I call that, you know,
the bureaucracy sets in and there’s multi layers
of middle managers and everybody’s got to have
an opinion and nothing happens so it goes from a very
free-flowing company to a, what would you call it? Just this corporate structure bureaucracy is that kind of what you’re saying? – [Safi] Yeah, it goes to being very rigid and the reason, in science that’s called a phase transition and those are very important to understand because once you understand them,
you can begin to manage them. For example, you can,
and people talk about culture, culture, culture all the time and when I first started out as a CEO 16, 17 years ago, I read
everything I could find. It was all about culture,
culture, culture. But it just seemed very squishy to me. A lot of soft psychology, and I was looking for
some more hard science. And that’s kind of how
I got started on this. – So Safi, you know, you’re a
second generation physicist. So you look at organization
from the science side and you know the big word is
culture which is human side, how do the two, how did that
affect, being a scientist, how did that affect your
looking at organizations with human beings who
are squishy, and morphis and they’re all different? (all laugh) – Squishy and morphis
– No, that’s a great question. – [Safi] You can think of culture as the patterns of behavior that you see. You can think of structure as those small changes in organization that underlie those patterns of behavior. That drive those patterns of behavior. Here’s kind of a crazy analogy. Think about a glass of water. When it’s warm, the
molecules are sloshing around and when it’s cold, when it’s freezing, the molecules are locked rigidly in place. Totally different patterns of behavior. – Same molecules. – [Safi] And it’s exactly
the same molecules. And in fact, as you lower the temperature, why do they suddenly change? It’s the same molecules,
and there’s no CEO molecule with a bullhorn saying
everybody slosh around. It’s 33 Fahrenheit. No wait, everybody line up rigidly. They just do it. – So let me repeat this, because I think what you’re saying, because I haven’t had a chance to read your fabulous
book “Loonshots” here ’cause it’s a problem we all face anytime you deal with people. So it’s in between there when you have part water and part ice,
is that what you’re saying, is the most optimum
productivity for organization? – [Safi] Absolutely. You can think of culture as
those patterns of behavior structured, those things like the small change in temperature that drives the change
between these two phases. Now if you’re a big company,
if you’re a large company, or a military, you need both. You need the embracing, wild new ideas, sort of that liquid, crazy phase, and you need the rigid
discipline and execution of directing millions
of soldiers in battle, or delivering your products
on time, on budget, on spec. – Amen. – [Safi] And the…exactly. And the only way to do both, the only way a system can be in both those
phases at the same time, by the way, I should say the every now and then I talk to some folks and someone will raise
their hand and they’ll say what about a slurpee? (all laugh) Okay, just for the record,
a slurpee is a liquid, kind of a little bit of a
disgusting, sugary liquid in which there are
suspended blocks of ice, but they’re rapidly melting. If you wait five minutes,
– So that’s – [Safi] it will be all liquid. – Right that’s, but I don’t
know if you know this, but 7-Eleven now has, you can, they’ll home deliver slurpees to you. (all laugh) I don’t know how they’re gonna do it. They have to freeze it or
something to get it to you. But that’s
– That’s right. – [Robert] They just
announced that yesterday. (Robert laughs) – [Safi] But if you’re
trying to build a business, or if you’re a military
trying to win a battle and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to do both. You need to come up with
those crazy, wild new products before your competitors do, or in the case of the military
before your enemies do, and you need the rigid
discipline and execution to turn those concepts into real products that you can deliver that skill.
– And I said this – [Robert] Earlier, is that a lot of times when organizations
mature, they turn to ice. They get bureaucratic, they got so many layers of management, and so many layers of
approval, nothing gets done. Would that be the ice phase? – [Safi] That’s exactly right. As you increase size, there’s a tug of war acting on each of
those…in a glass of water, there’s a tug of war one
force one’s molecules to run around and be free,
that’s called entropy, that’s just a fancy word
for run around and be free and the other wants them
to lock rigidly in place. That’s called binding energy.
– Centrally. – [Kim] So what if you’re
in an organization, and you have a wild idea and they say, oh, we’ve already tried
that, no that’ll never work. How do you come up with, when
you’re in an organization, a large organization,
even a small organization, and your ideas are getting shot down? – [Safi] People inside
large organizations, even small organizations
need to understand and start with this concept
that there are these two different ways of working. They’re two different dynamics. In one case, you want to maximize risk. If you’re trying new things, you want, actually, to fail a lot. If you’re not failing a lot,
you’re not being crazy enough. You’re not pushing the envelope enough, and your competitors might be doing a better job at that than you. You want to fail as much as you can, you want to try things on the edge so that you don’t get surprised by your competitors with something new. At the same time, you need the discipline. So if you’re inside a company, and you’re on one group or the other, it starts by understanding
that both sides are important. I call it love your artists
and soldiers equally. – So that’s what I was
waiting for you to say. Who’s your artist and who’s a soldier? – [Safi] Artists are the
creatives, are the designers, are the engineers coming up
with the wild, wacky new ideas. – Steve Jobs. – [Safi] Exactly. And they love their new ideas. It’s like a beautiful baby to them. The soldiers are the
ones that are responsible for delivering those things on time, on budget, on spec, and they hate risk. They want things done on time, on budget. Those are the people who make the money. The artists are the
ones who spend the money and there’s always, there’s
always conflict between the two. – Yes, yes. – [Safi] And you have
to start from the top and understand that you need both, and you have to love both equally. Just like if you’re a parent. Let’s say you grew up in the military and you have one kid that
wants to be a soldier and one kid that wants to be an artist. You have to love both equally. You don’t want to create sibling rivalry. – But that’s just an
important point to understand whether you’re a soldier and an artist and especially if you’re
running the company if you’re the CEO and you’re the soldier and you’re having all these
artists running around and you’re gonna keep
shooting down their ideas is what you’re saying,
you’ve got to really recognize who the players are. – [Safi] Right, and this
goes against a lot of kind of conventional wisdom and stuff you read in business magazines. For example, Steve Jobs. There’s this myth that he was
sort of the ultimate artist and when he led like that, and he did lead like that in his first time starting a
company, it was a disaster. So when he was in his 20s
and his first stint at Apple and he said, oh we’re gonna
all work on a Macintosh now and all the people
working on the Macintosh are doing the wild, new,
artistic, creative thing and all you people doing the Apple 2 franchise, the Apple 3 are bozos. It was incredibly demotivating. It created incredible hostility. The people working on
the franchise product, which brought in 90, 95% of
the revenue of the company got buttons with pictures
of Bozo the Clown and a red sash and a circle
– Oh my gosh. – [Safi] saying, “we’re not bozos.” – Oh my gosh. – [Safi] And the hostility he created between those two groups was so great that the street between
their two buildings was known as the DMZ, the demilitarized Zone.
– Wow. – [Kim] I never knew that. – [Safi] And people started – But he was also pretty,
a tough guy too, wasn’t he? – [Safi] He was, and that…exactly. And that wasn’t good. When the Macintosh
launched, it was a flop. They said you know it’s too hot, it would overheat, it was too slow, and people didn’t buy it. It was great publicity,
but it was the flop, and then the franchise tanked, and then Apple started
heading for bankruptcy. And that’s why Jobs was
asked to leave the company. When he came back 12 years later – After starting Pixar. – [Safi] After starting Pixar, and after starting the
next computer company, he learned a lot of lessons along the way, and when he got back
he appointed Jony Ive, one of the legendary product
designers of all times. And if you have Apple products,
designed by his group. – Right. – [Safi] And then he brought
in another guy named Tim Cook. In his previous job, he was called the till of the hun of inventory. And if there’s a better name for a soldier inside a company, I don’t know it. – So that’s the discipline
there in the soldier side with Tim Cook.
– Exactly. – [Robert] So you gotta have both. – [Safi] And he learned to lead by loving his artists and soldiers equally and when he died, who took over? It was not the ultimate artist, it was Tim Cook, the ultimate soldier. – Correct. Once again we’re talking to Safi Bahcall, his book is called “Loonshots”. He’s a second generation physicist. He’s a biotech engineer, he’s an author and a speaker and he goes to the greatest
schools and all that. He’s a friend of a friend, Amy Edmondson, Dr. Amy Edmondson, Professor
of Business at Harvard. So anyway, it’s really
interesting talking to you, Safi, and then when we come back, we’re gonna go into more my territory is you talk about, you’ve been saying that the military is now
starting to talk to you about how to, let’s say, restructure, maybe re-culture the military. That would be interesting,
’cause I went to Military School and served six years as a marine pilot and so that’s a whole different culture than the civilian culture, so
we’ll be talking about that. – We’ll also be talking about, Safi, I’d love to when we
come back talk about the relationship between
productivity and politics ’cause there’s so much
politics in business these days that sometimes it stifles productivity so I’d love your input on that. – [Safi] Absolutely. – So we’ll be right back, thank you. Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki
The Rich Dad Radio Show, the good news and bad news about money, and you can listen to The
Rich Dad Radio Program anytime, anywhere on iTunes or Android, and all of our programs are archived at We archive them because repetition is one of the best ways to learn. If you listen to this
program one more time, you’ll remember even more. But more importantly,
especially with this program, it’s got friends, family,
and business associates, people, living, breathing people, to listen to this again and discuss your relationships
inside your company. We’re a family. Our guest today is Safi Bahcall. He is second generation physicist, biotech entrepreneur, author and speaker. The book we’re talking
about is “Loonshots”. How do nurture crazy ideas that win wars, cure diseases,
and transform industries. So we’re talking about
the three things I like at the start of his book,
there’s three phases, you know water, you have
ice, you have water, and then I mean you have ice and then you have ice and water, a slushee, and then it turns to water. And many times the organizations, they’re either too tight, they’re iced, or they’re too slushy, they’re too watery, and nothing gets done. So any comments, Kim? – Well as I said at the start of the show, I always say business would be
easy if it wasn’t for people so this is a great book,
“Loonshots” because Safi, one of the things I
love the point you’re making about there’s a balance of productivity, politics, and incentives. And anybody that’s owned a company knows every company has productivity issues, politics, and they deal with incentives. So how do you look at that? – [Safi] Well, it goes
back to this sort of culture versus structure. If you create a structure where you celebrate and reward rank, the culture that you’re
gonna drive is politics. Everybody’s gonna be sort of elbowing their neighbor to get ahead. And that’s terrible for
nurturing and promising new ideas because everybody’s gonna be shooting down their neighbors ideas. So if you celebrate rank, you create a very political culture. – So rank being seniority, how much – [Safi] Exactly, exactly. If you reward people based on their level, you will get a political culture which will be terrible
for nurturing new ideas. If, on the other hand, you
reward people based on results, based on intelligent risk-taking, you will get a very innovative culture. So that’s how structure can drive culture. There’s actually a cliche in business. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. So what I’m saying is structure
eats culture for lunch. (Kim laughs) – What was that again? What was that again?
– I like that, that’s good. – [Safi] Well there’s a cliche that culture eats strategy for business. A lot of Intra-capitalists and other people like to
say that sort of thing, and what I’m saying is structure
eats culture for lunch. – So structure is the key over culture. – [Safi] Exactly, so small changes in how you incentivize people and how you reward people, and how you design your
teams and companies that will drive the patterns of behavior that you see, just like a
small change in temperature can change a glass of water from being totally fluid to totally solid. – And one of the things
you say about incentives which I thought was fascinating, often people are sucking up to their boss, to their manager, they’re sucking up to the person who they think
is going to give them the incentive, the raise, the promotion, and you had this idea
of you bring somebody from the outside in who does incentives, who only comes there for
a short period of time so people can’t, aren’t wasting their time through politics of doing, you know, sucking up to people in
order to get a raise. You have somebody from
the outside come in. I think that’s fascinating. – [Safi] Exactly. It sounds like a crazy idea, but take managers out
of the reward decisions. Out of the promotion decisions. It seems bizarre. It seems crazy. Like oh, I have these couple employees that report to me, of course I’m gonna decide who gets promoted or not. But actually, some of the
best companies in the world, let’s say Google, or even McKinsey, they take the managers
almost entirely out of it. What does that do? Well, how do those associates
who are working for them or their employees, or their reports working for them get along? They don’t spend their time
lobbing their boss for promotion ’cause their boss isn’t
responsible for the promotion. Instead, the boss will be interviewed along with their people on the left and the right of them, their clients, their customers, so they just focus on getting their job done
and collaborating well. So that’s one way to reduce politics is take managers out of the equation. – Good. So you know, I’ve seen so many
companies just turn to ice. The bureaucracy just gets horrifying. And I’m talking to middle manager, after middle manager,
after middle manager. Each with their territory,
each with their own agenda, each with their own, I don’t know, priorities in life, and nothing gets done. That’s what drives me crazy. But anyway, you’re gonna start
work with some the military, the army, navy, and possibly, I mean army, navy, air force, possibly. What is the difference
between a military culture which I came out of, and a corporate culture, civilian culture? – [Safi] Well I think
what’s fascinating to me is how similar they are. And the folks that I’ve
talked to in the military who’ve reached out really just recently after reading this book
have been reaching out with an incredible
curiosity and just general genuine interest to learn. It’s actually really refreshing. In fact, I find the folks
that reach out to me from the military often
have a far better attitude towards learning about
leadership and management than the folks in the corporate world who think they’ve got it all figured out. And they reach out for an extremely important reason, for our security. For national security. And that’s because you don’t want to be putting troops on a battle field, and all of a sudden be surrounded by machine-learning robots
that wipe them out. The nature of war is
changing enormously fast. And in prior military,
you know, in the maybe 20-30 year, at the start of
World War II for example, we were far behind our
enemies in technology. The Nazi Germany had these
things called U Boats, these submarines which
we had no answer for, and we’re strangling the Atlantic shooting down ships faster than we could build them every single month. Their planes were better
than anything that we had in our, in the allied air forces and these two German
scientists had discovered this thing called nuclear
fission, splitting the atom, which put Hitler within reach of the most dangerous weapon ever created by mankind. So we started behind
in the last world war, but fortunately we came up with a system for mobilizing the nation’s
scientists in time of war for innovating astonishingly fast and we caught up and
then exceeded our enemies and that allowed, that
was incredibly important in turning the course of that last war. But that was 70 years ago. The pace of technology has changed. Now we may not be so lucky. Now if war breaks out
and we’re surrounded by machine-learning robots annihilating our soldiers, it’s too late. And so for extremely good reason, the army has had their
biggest reorganization in 30 years, 40 years that created
this army future command now centralized in Austin, Texas to try to figure out how can the army increase the pace and
scale at which it innovates to stay ahead of the curve? To stay ahead of our enemies? And it’s an incredibly important time and they specifically want to understand how do we nurture those
ideas that seem crazy, but turn out to be incredibly important? – And what suggestions to you have? – Yeah, that’s a huge
task, oh my goodness. – [Safi] Well, I’ll give you an example which I actually start
the book with and in fact, it really started this whole book was when I was asked to work
with President Obama’s council of science advisors
on national research, and the guy stood up the first day and said, “your job is to write “the next generation of
the Vannevar Bush report.” You know, at the time
I was a business man, I was running a publicly traded company, I didn’t do a lot of history
reading or science policies and I had no idea who Vannevar Bush was, or what his report was. So I went back and he was the guy who created a new system in the military. He was a Dean of Engineering at MIT, he came in, he had a meeting
with President Roosevelt, with FDR and said, “look,
we’re gonna lose this war.” It was a 10 minute meeting. He said, “we’re gonna lose this war. “Our technology is too far behind “and the military will
never catch up in time.” It’s like you mentioned, they’re frozen. They’re stuck. It’s all the middle managers
who quash new ideas. So he created a new system. He separated. He created a new group
within the federal government which was full of wild
scientists and crazy scientists, and they just kept coming up
with these crazy new ideas, many of which failed, but some of which were incredibly important. And that’s the kind of
thing, I think we’ve lost our way a little bit
in the last 50 or so years inside some of our national organizations, and that’s the kind of thing
we want to try to bring back. How do we create that sense of urgency? How do we create the separate groups, understanding that we
absolutely need both? We need that tight discipline to direct millions of soldiers in battles, just like companies need
the tight discipline to deliver products on
time, on budget, on spec. But we also need those crazy ideas and a completely different
system and environment for nurturing those ideas that
might become very important. – Amen. Anyway, you know the thing that I realize, I went to military school academy, and then flew for the Marine Corp, we had extreme discipline, but we also had extreme flexibility. You know as pilots, we flew
in formation we went in, but once the shooting started, we were allowed to do what we
had to do to get the job done and then when I come
in the civilian world, I don’t even find that. I don’t find any comradery, I don’t find any discipline, and it’s just people just
CYAing their position, hoping not to get fired so
they can get the next promotion and I call it the
bureaucracy of organization. How does somebody not let
that set into the company? Because it’s just a horrible feeling to have all these little
people telling you what to do, but they don’t get anything done. – [Safi] Exactly right. And that’s exactly what I
mean by changing culture. If you reward people based
on rank and promotions, that’s what they’re gonna
talk about in the hallways. And you have to change the structure. For example, small companies,
why do they not have that? Because rank doesn’t matter. Imagine you’re a five-person company and you’re developing look in my case it was a new cancer drug. Imagine you’re a five person company. Yeah, maybe there’s, of course, there’s team members and team captains, but it doesn’t matter
who’s the captain or not. If that drug works, everyone’s
a hero and a millionaire. If it fails, everyone’s unemployed. So everybody rolls up their
sleeve to get the job done. And so what you need to
do inside a large company is change the incentives. Stop rewarding rank. Stop rewarding, you can, I’ll
just give an extreme example. Suppose you paid everybody
the same base salary regardless of their rank, but you only rewarded them
on their ideas and results. Why would you care about promotion? Of course you wouldn’t
care about promotion. You would just
– I like that idea. – [Safi] You would just, nobody would, you see you can diagnose a disease by what do people talk
about in the hallway. When you’re a small team
or company or group, what do they talk about in the hallway? Their idea. You know, your small film production shop, how do we save, rescue this film? How do we get the best director? How do we get the best actor? How do we fix the script? If you’re a biotech or a small IT company, how do we create the best product? How do we win more customers? No one talks about am I the
team member or the team captain. Who cares? Who cares what sign’s on your door? Now you fast forward. If you’re a much large company, people are just getting rewarded
based on their base salary of course that’s what they’ll
talk about in the hallways. Well what’s your title? What’s your title? What’s your title? What’s his title? And so on. – A lot of gossip. There’s a lot of gossip.
– How much is your bonus? – [Robert] How much is your bonus? How much is your bonus? Geez, drives me nuts. (Kim laughs) Anyway, you know one of the reasons, Safi, that I like sales was that I got paid, if I sold, I ate and if I
didn’t sell, I didn’t eat and I like to eat. But when I went into admin, they were not motivated by
the same incentives, you know. So whether I got my order in or not, they didn’t really care ’cause
they didn’t get paid anymore whereas if I got my orders in, I got paid. Is that kind of what you’re talking about? – [Safi] Exactly. Those are the underlying,
subtle elements of structure. How do you reward people? How you reward people,
the structures you design, the incentives you put in place will drive do you encourage politics, or do you encourage innovation? – Love that. And you say, as you said before, the two dynamics that have
to be within any organization is there’s got to be that dynamic where you fail a lot, where
you make a lot of mistakes, where you’re always on
the edge taking risks and the other part is that
you need the discipline. So if we’re out there
and we’re failing a lot and we get this question a lot, if we’re failing a lot and
we’re taking all these risks and making all these mistakes,
how do you personally, what’s your philosophy
on persisting through these failures that are
happening every day? – [Safi] I would say I have two acronyms that I keep in mind. I have them posted on my wall. One is LSC. LSC to me is Listen to
the Suck with Curiosity. And by that I mean when
something doesn’t work and someone, you have this beautiful baby, you’re excited, it’s your product, and you show it to somebody and they say no, I’m not interested,
and blah, blah, blah, rather than just getting angry, or dismissing them or telling
your friends it’s stupid, or calling your mother and
having her support you, you ask, you put aside your
urge to defend and dismiss, and ask them
politely…because it’s a gift. Getting real feedback is a gift. There’s no upside in it for them. Ask them to help you understand what is it that doesn’t resonate? ‘Cause only by pulling on those threads might you discover that
little gold nugget. They may know something about
what a competitor is doing that you had no idea. They may see something in
your product or your idea that you were totally blind to. That little nugget can save you. So you listen to, you
don’t just repeat back like all that active listening
stuff you hear in trainings, that’s sort of boring and a waste of time. – Thank you for saying that. – [Safi] What you want to
do is set aside the urge to punch ’em in the face ’cause they’re not buying your stuff or they’ve dismissed you, and put on your Sherlock Holmes hat or if you’re a little
older, your Columbo hat and say, “really, could you help me “understand why you’re not interested?” And it’s totally okay. So the one thing to persist is LSC. ‘Cause the really great
entrepreneurs and innovators I would see that over and
over working with them. They just kept probing,
help me understand. And that’s how they teach them. – What I love about that too is because often times
people are so passionate like you said they love the baby, they’re so passionate about their product that they don’t want to
hear any negative feedback. They don’t want anybody to tell them, so they ignore it, and the next thing you know their product fails. So sometimes people become over passionate and they miss that LSC
and getting that feedback. So I think that’s a
really important point. – [Safi] Exactly right. I sometimes tell people it’s hard to hear nobody likes your baby. But it’s even harder to keep asking why. – Yes. – Safi, you know in my
book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Every publisher in New York turned it down saying I didn’t know
what I was talking about and now it’s been on the best seller list for 20 something years. – [Safi] Yeah, it’s an
incredible inspiration to a lot of us who are just starting out, so thanks for that, and
thanks for that story, actually, I didn’t even know that but that’s, you listen to your LSC and the second one is another acronym ’cause I don’t have a very good memory unless I have an acronym, is SRT. And that’s spirit, relationship, and time. And those, for me, are the three things I have to keep my eye on. Those three balls you need to juggle and make sure they never drop. And that is, for me, spirit
is your higher purpose and that higher purpose, it
can depend on the person. For many people it’s faith. For some people in the medical world, it’s helping patients
who have severe diseases. Seeing people, for me this was
an enormous motivating force to get up every morning, especially after I lost my dad to cancer is the purpose, the reason for getting up in the morning is that if something
I do could give people more time on earth with their loved ones, that’s incredibly motivating for me. So that’s S, keep coming back
even as you’re struggling or people are saying, you know. Spirit, S, your higher purpose, the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. R is relationships. The kind of support you need, the kind of power you need to recharge your batteries never comes from stuff. It doesn’t come from things,
it comes from people. It comes from people that you’re close to. So you want, when you
are deep in a project and trying to get your way out of it, and things are very difficult, often relationships are
the first thing to go. But those are exactly the
things that you need the most. It doesn’t have to be 500 people going to a cocktail
party three times a night every night five nights a week. It means a handful of
people, five to seven people, that really nurture you, that
really recharge your battery. And don’t cut them out. You need them, especially
when things are tough. So S, spirit, R, relationships, and T is time. When you’re in the middle
of fighting a deep battle, and things are really
tough and you’re waiting for like some big results, its easy to fill your calendar with stuff
that doesn’t matter very much. Little tasks that you should get done, and you get them done because it gives you a feeling of moving along. But then you’re just wasting your time. So it’s important to keep your eye on what’s really important,
what really is gonna move the ball forward,
what’s really urgent, what really matters to you? So for me it’s like a thermometer. I try to keep SRT in mind at all times. And if I’m getting low,
if there’s a yellow light, or a red light on any one of those things, then I know it’s time to reset. – That’s great, that’s great.
– And I love – [Robert] The other
one you have called PP. Productivity verses politics. And man I tell you, there’s so many politics going
on, nothing gets done. So that’s what drives me nuts. I just want to jump in and get stuff done. But anyway, Safi, thank you for the fabulous book “Loonshots”. I’m gonna recommend everybody get it simply because dealing with
people is the hardest thing. There’s, you know, I
was gonna play this song called You Talk Too Much,
and I tell you what, as organization grows, I hear so much talk, and less production. Talk, and no production. But anyway, that’s life, but
you still have to have people. Or like one of my great friends, he’s totally on his own, he
can make money on his own, he might be the happiest guy I know. Any comments, Kim? – No, I just thank you. Thank you, Safi, for your
great book “Loonshots”. How to nurture the crazy
ideas that win wars, cure diseases, and transform industries. I think it’s a fantastic book. I can’t wait to dig into it. – And you have Daniel Kahneman as one of your headline
guys who endorse your book so congratulations on that ’cause Kahneman and those guys are way, Kahneman and Tversky, right? – Yes, absolutely. They transformed. They started off as a crazy idea that everybody dismissed and transformed finance and economics. – Right, right, right. So congratulations, keep up the good work and the chance
– Thank you for the gift. – [Kim] Thank you for your gift that you’re giving the world. – Please say hello to Dr. Amy Edmondson and keep up the good work. – Thanks for having me on your show. – Thank you, Safi. – And we come back we’ll be going to the most favorite part of our program, it’s Ask Robert. We’ll be right back thank you. Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki
The Rich Dad Radio Show the good news and bad news about money and you know sometimes
when you’re in business the less you need people,
the happier you are. You can listen to The
Rich Dad Radio Program anytime, anywhere, on Android or iTunes and all of our programs are archived at We archive them so you can
listen to this program again. Again, or guest was Safi Bahcall, B A H C A L L His website is He’s the author of “Loonshots” how to nurture crazy ideas that win wars, cure diseases, and transform industries. So it’s been a fabulous program, and then please listen to
this podcast one more time, especially if you have friends and family and business associates because today everybody needs new ideas, but unfortunately as most of us know in any kind of organization of business, politics trumps productivity. Lot of talk and not much productivity. So it’s a great book, it’s called “Loonshots” by Safi Bahcall. Any comments, Kim? – Well a couple great takeaways. And Safi’s a pretty smart guy. Went to Harvard, PhD from Stanford, created a biotechnology company for developing new drugs for
cancer and took it public, and was the CEO so he knows
a little bit about business but my favorite takeaway that he says to really be successful
and stay innovative that a company needs two dynamics. One is the dynamic of
making a lot of mistakes and failing a lot and we
talk all about that a lot. We’re always on the edge,
you’re taking risks, but then you also need the discipline to put these crazy new ideas into practice so he says in companies you have artists, like the ones who are the creative and the innovatives, and
then there’s the soldiers, who actually take the product
and get it out to market. So I like those distinctions
because sometimes we don’t know if we’re
the soldier or the artist and they definitely will clash, so you’ve got to identify those. Great book, great book.
– And that’s why he uses – [Robert] The metaphor water. You know you have ice, which is solid, and that’s a bureaucracy, then you have the slushy
which you have water and ice, then you have pure water. And a lot of times, for Kim and I, we’ve dealt with a lot of entrepreneurs who are just pure water. (laughs) They flow everywhere. Anyway, that’s why the song
is People by Barbra Streisand. You can submit your
questions to Ask Robert at so Melissa, what’s the first question? – [Melissa] Our question today, Robert, comes from Leslie in Boston. Favorite book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert and Kim, my husband and I are in year two of our new business. We’ve learned the hard way to
overcome certain obstacles. How do you deal with the curveballs and the loneliness that comes with your friends and family not understanding the life of a small business owner? – Well I think that’s the benefit of being a small business owner, is because there’s no such
thing as a job that’s 24/7. And the more you can
withstand the loneliness, the challenges, the curveballs, in theory, you get stronger. Now the problem is you
can also get stressed out which makes you weaker, so that’s why what you’re going for I
commend you immensely for, but it never really ends. The hard part is talking,
in fact I shamelessly promote by book called
“The Cash Flow Quadrant”. It’s about employees, small business which you probably are now, big
businesses, and investor. They’re all four different people. So to grow, part of it is being aware of who we are talking to. When I’m talking to an employee, I cannot use my point of view too often because it’s not the same point of view. You know, I really don’t understand them. They don’t understand me. So “The Cash Flow Quadrant”
is a very important book. Any comments, Kim? – Yeah, well I can just tell a story because one of the things that
I think are really helpful is to find other entrepreneurs and kind of surround your
self with other entrepreneurs and there’s organizations
out there that do that but when I was starting out
and I first met you, Robert, on one of our first dates and you said, “what do you want to do with your life?” I said, “I want my own business.” But I wasn’t around anybody
who was entrepreneurial. I didn’t grow up with that. And your comment to me
was, “well I started “several businesses and “all of my friends are entrepreneurs.” And I’m like that’s a great place to start because I’m gonna learn
from them, firsthand, what it takes to run a business. So I would say if you
can surround yourself with more and more entrepreneurs,
that’d be really helpful. – And when people say what was just my rich dad my poor dad? My poor dad was a school teacher. He was an employee. And my rich dad was an entrepreneur and it’s like what they
call chalk and cheese. They’re different people entirely. And to ask them to understand each other is almost ludicrous. So that’s why Safi’s book “Loonshots” a good book for people,
all organizations to read, to understand that you need more than one type of person in the business. And all too often like I say when I run into a company that’s dying, it becomes a bureaucracy. Everybody’s got their little turf, they got their little titles, and everybody’s afraid of making mistakes and they want to make sure
their feelings are not hurt. That’s when the company’s dead. ‘Cause it’s already died
and gone to hell anyway. Any comments, Kim? – Well and you gotta have a strong spirit because as Safi says,
often times people will say I don’t like your product, or it’s never gonna work or you’re crazy. I mean we were told that
about the cash flow game. You’re crazy, what do you
think you’re gonna build and people will just come? – If you build it, will they come? – But what he says is you’ve gotta have that passion for your product, but then you’ve got to listen to feedback with people are saying well no, maybe that’s not the product we want, or we’re not interested in that product. You’ve got to get that
feedback that’s negative and learn from it and
make the product better. So there’s a lot of
great stuff in this book and we’re just scratching the surface. – So once again the title of the book is called “Loonshots” by Safi Bahcall. S A F I B A C, no, B A H C A L L. This is the part I like. How to nurture the crazy ideas that win wars, cure disease,
and transform industries ’cause that’s what entrepreneurs do. So once again, submit your questions to [email protected] and I think Safi for his generous contribution to our society. Thank you for listening
to The Rich Dad Show

How to Sound Smarter at Work [Business English Vocabulary Lesson]

Hello naturals, welcome back to go natural English, it’s me Gabby your favorite American English teacher today I match my plants and today I’m gonna help you to speak more professional powerful English in the workplace you might feel Frustrated with being limited to really basic English vocabulary, but you don’t know where to start You don’t know where to begin to improve your vocabulary So we are gonna work on that today with 12 words that you should know To make your English more professional and more powerful This will help you if you’re in a job interview at the workplace in a meeting or in academic Situations like at your University now I don’t know if you knew this But I have been an English professor at universities in the United States and in Japan and I’ve also been a business English trainer at multinational corporations both Abroad and in the US so I am here to help you with your professional English Now we’re gonna take a look at twelve words Now the number one thing that you want at work or in any of these situations is to sound professional so using these words at least some of them will help gain you the respect that you Want and deserve. This is an easy way to sound more impressive in English and these small changes will make a big impact when you speak stay tuned until the end because the last word is a Replacement for the most unprofessional sounding word that you definitely want to avoid number one certainly, you can use this instead of saying yes, or Okay, which are fine, but very basic boring words. So to sound more professional Say certainly, for example, if your boss asks, you could you come to the meeting today? You can say certainly instead of okay, or sure Would you mind making some extra? Photocopies for everyone certainly certainly I can do that. Certainly. That’s no problem. Certainly certainly We can also use the word certainly to mean definitely for example This is certainly a wonderful English lesson Next many people are afraid of change And they really don’t like when they already did some work and then they have to change it so instead of using the word change, let’s use a more powerful more professional vocabulary word modify to modify Now we’re going to have to modify this Project timeline because we’re a bit delayed after some unforeseen circumstances Unforeseen circumstances is a bonus phrase That sounds very smart which basically means some things happen that you didn’t expect unforeseen circumstances we need to modify the schedule because the last speaker ran late so modify is usually used for schedules or Timelines you can also modify a report or an email to in our professional lives We all should have goals. But instead of using this very common basic word goals Let’s use a more professional version objectives objectives Another option would be aspiration aspiration but the difference is objective can be used really for anything a project your career or anything that you would like to achieve an Aspiration is really more about your personal dreams. So for example if you’re in an interview Your interviewer might ask you. Well, what are your goals for your Professional life and you could say my aspiration is to someday become department manager. For example But you can also say objective my objective is to become department manager you could say the objective of the project is to reach 1,000 people instead of saying guess which in and of its self can sound a bit weak. We should say imagine if you feel like you’re not sure about something or you want to share a guess say I Imagine that’s correct. I Imagine this would have good results. I Imagine that our boss would agree with this I imagine this project will take about one week where guests might make you sound a bit unsure Imagine makes you sound like a visionary Instead of the basic word think let’s use consider Consider let’s consider the possibilities. Will you consider? Modifying the format now if you’re meeting with someone and they’re being a bit confusing instead of saying what do you mean? Which can sound quite direct and not very professional. Ask the person to Elaborate to explain more to tell you more information or give you examples. Could you? Elaborate on that last point should I elaborate or is this clear now? Don’t say happen say arise Arise we’ve had some unforeseen complications arise Surprisingly no problems have arisen Should any questions arise please don’t hesitate to ask Instead of saying result which is already a good professional English vocabulary word Let’s step it up a level and sake Ramification now ramification is more specific than a result a ramification is a result or a consequence but ramification usually has a Negative connotation. So be aware of that. For example, if we modify the timeline the ramifications could be severe if you just want to say some positive results you could say consequence or Results result is just fine – but if you want to sound really smart and there’s something negative That would be the result use ramification. Don’t ask for opinions ask for perspectives or Prerogatives. What’s your perspective on this issue? What’s your prerogative? On this point, I love these words. Let’s practice saying them because they’re a bit tricky to pronounce Perspective pay attention to that stress perspective and Prerogative Prerogative when I hear this word I do Always remember the Bobby Brown song or also a Britney Spears songs So you could listen to those to practice your pronunciation Now perspective or prerogative are for asking an individual’s opinion But if you want to ask a group of people you’ll sound really smart if you ask what is the consensus now consensus means what do we generally agree on so you’re not asking for each individual person’s opinion You’re actually asking what is the general agreement here everyone? It seems the consensus is okay Let’s see if we can reach a general consensus. Don’t say easy. Say straight forward straightforward means simple uncomplicated or easy but it sounds a lot better when you say Straightforward than easy. It sounds more professional More powerful and more academic and smarter. So this project should be pretty straightforward I don’t foresee any complications now many people consider the overuse of the word like to be very Unprofessional so especially if you are in an interview or a professional situation avoid using the word like Especially more than twice in one sentence Of course we can use the word like it can mean many things but if you’re using as a filler like to like say Like when you don’t know like what else to say? It’s like really unprofessional So avoid using it as a filler and another meaning of like is to say for example If you’d like to learn all the ways that native English speakers use The word like you can click up there to watch a really great video where I explain every way we use it and how you should and shouldn’t use it now in a professional situation if you want to say for Example avoid using like because it’s so basic and so overused and instead say for instance For example or such at we should modify this designs colors For instance more green and blue. I would like this campaign to have more diversity For instance. The model should be different ages next week. We are going to be talking about how to ace any interview how to answer the most difficult interview questions using professional English, of course so make sure that you subscribe and turn the Notification bell on because these days it’s not enough to subscribe you won’t get notified You have to actually turn the notifications on so that you don’t miss out last week We talked about phrases that you can use and your business email writing and that video is right over here So I’ll see you there. Thanks so much I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you there and then I’ll see you in next week for our Interview video lesson. Bye for now