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Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome to my home-based
story where we always share new videos regarding
work from home. So if you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing. For today’s video, I will share with you a
website or portal where you can get work from home opportunity. This is something I shared with the students
that ask me often “Mimi what’s a good work from home job?” or “what online job can we start with?” where you don’t need any experience and it’s
suitable for beginners. One of them is ESL or Online English Teaching. ESL as English as Second Language Teaching It has already given many people online jobs. Actually, I’ve partnered with one of the top
ESL company in the Philippines which is Acadsoc. Since 2011, Acadsoc has been providing opportunities
for Filipinos like us to teach English to Chinese students. It’s an online platform where Chinese students
and Filipino teachers can all come together in one place. It’s not only open to students, Even if you are already 90, if you can still
teach properly Then go for it! If you still have the energy and the willingness to teach students the English language Then you can go and apply at Acadsoc. I really like their goal that they want to
provide stable job opportunities for English educators not only in the Philippines but worldwide. Actually, in the Philippines alone they already
have 8,000 teachers, so imagine that guys. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you
the benefits working as an Acadsoc Online English Teacher. How to apply for them, the step by step process,
I will share that with you. What are the requirements in applying And how you’ll get paid. And what are the extra benefits – aside from
salary – that you can get if you’re working as Online English Teacher. So stay with me until the very end of this
video to get to know about all this. Since it is work from home let’s start with
the salary. Acadsoc pays you every 1st and 16th of the
month. The average salary of an Acadsoc teacher is ranging from Php 20,000 to Php 40,000 While you are improving your skills, then
your salary can also go up. It’s gonna go higher. And their Payment is either through bank transfer
or Paypal. Like I mentioned, if you are working online. It is important that you have a Paypal account. Apart from your base salary you also get additional
bonuses. Like class completion bonus, referral bonus,
perfect attendance bonus, and enrollment bonus. The average salary of an Acadsoc Online English
Teacher is ranging around ₱40,000 So guys you can do this as a full-time job. And another good thing, another benefit in
working with Acadsoc is that you can be flexible with your time. So only when you’re available–if you’re not
ready to commit full-time, you can start part-time. They have class times, which we’ll be discussing
later. To the viewers that love kids or not even
if you love kids, if you just love teaching and sharing your learning then Online English Teaching is perfect for
you and you can try it with your personal schedule, flexible time you’re working at home so you’re in the comfort
of your own space and you can earn actual money by doing so,
like from interacting with multi-cultural students. And the nice thing is that they provide a
training and they also provide certifications or the TESOL certification which is Teaching
English to Speakers of Other Languages so you’ll be able to use that to broaden your
horizon and also for your career to solidify your
English knowledge. So, that’s a nice certification to have. Okay guys let’s talk about the requirements. Number one, of course, is your excellent English
communication skills. how are you going to teach English if you
don’t know English or if you can’t communicate in that language? That’s very important. Number two, you need to have a bachelor degree
or higher it doesn’t need to be specifically related
to education but you need to at least have a college degree. And then you have to be at least 20 years
old. The reason for this guys is that they want
to solidify their quality services to the Chinese, but it’s also good for us. Because if we can continuously provide quality
education or quality services then there are more chances that these kinds
of jobs will last longer here in the Philippines. Number four, you have to be capable of teaching
kids from kinder to grade 12. You need to have a lot of patience, you need
to be able to talk to kids you know kids get distracted easily, they
have lots of distractions, they don’t just listen. So you have to be able to hold the kids’ attention. Acadsoc has teaching hours. I mentioned that it’s flexible, so you can
choose any of these time slots. But you need to be available during these
teaching times. From Monday to Friday it’s 6pm to 10pm any of those times you need to be available. Also during the weekend, when the students
don’t have school you can choose any hours between 10am-10pm. It’s up to you on what to choose. Just make sure that you’re available during
those times. Number six, English certification exams are
a plus, but they are not required. So it’s okay, as I said before they’re going
to provide a training. Number 7 is important, especially during the
interview, they’re gonna look at the space behind your camera. As you can see here, I have a lot of clutter
like my pc and everything. because this is a distraction, especially
if you’re teaching kids. The space that they look for is clutter free a simple background and it needs to be quiet. So if your location is quite noisy, you have
to find a way to make it quiet. It’s important to them that the surroundings
have to be quiet during the teaching times. And the place where you’d be working needs
to be a well-lit space not like that you’re in a crime scene The student shouldn’t think that they’re talking
to an eye-witness. So the student needs to see your face, your
emotions while you’re teaching. It’s very important. Now let’s talk about the device requirements. Their device requirements is simple. You need to have a pc or laptop, that is running
on windows 7, minimum of core i3 and you need to have at least 4GB of memory. About the internet connection, your speed
needs to be at least 3 mpbs, upload speed of at least 2 mpbs. And it needs to be at least DSL, broadband
or fiber. And of course the last requirement as someone who’ll be teaching online you need
a good quality headset that has a noise cancelling feature so that if for example if you have white noise
in the surroundings, like this motorcycle that has just passed they won’t hear it or rather your students won’t hear it, they won’t get
distracted You need an HD webcam so your students can
see your beautiful and handsome faces, right? So those were the requirements, now let’s
talk about the application process. So if you are ready to apply, all you have
to do is click the link down below, I made it easier for you click on it in the description box and pinned
comment. It’ll take you on their web landing page that
you’ll see in the screen. That’s what you will see. All you have to do is fill in your information
together with your resume. Make sure that the resume you’ll put is updated,
not a resume that hasn’t been updated for 5 years. So make sure that’s updated. Once you submit your resume and information,
they will screen it. They will look into your skills, make sure
that it doesn’t have any grammatical or punctuation errors. So be careful about that. Make sure that it’s well-presented, simple
and direct to the point. They will look into qualifications. As long as you’re 20 years old, have a college
degree and can speak or converse in English excellently. Then the next step is the interview. In the interview, you need to show the best
of yourself. Usually, it’s just a background check on you. Of course, they’re going to look at how you
speak, if you can handle the conversation in English properly After the interview, the further step of the
application process is the training. They’ll train you in the teaching process. They’ll teach you about the tools, the nice
things to do, tips on how to handle a class better. Once you passed that, the next step is the
demo class. The demo class is the moment of truth. Get all the confidence you get muster. Because they’ll be judging you, checking you they’ll check if you absorbed what they taught
you in the training. If you’re ready to be an online teacher. As simple as the term demo class sounds, you’ll
be doing a demo class. How you would handle a session or a class
with your student. Okay. And of course, after that is the TESOL training its purpose is to maintain the quality of
their online teachers and after that, you will be able to open a
class. Once you opened a class your students can book a class with you. And of course, the more bookings you have
the more cash you’ll earn. The good thing here is that there isn’t a
limit on how much you can earn as long as you can work And apart from that as I said before they
have bonuses that you can get. And actually– why it’s good to apply now,
is that they’re having a 1 million referral lottery game. that is open to all their Acadsoc teachers It’s one of their first large scale referral
activity. Every time you have a successful referral,
you get a chance to spin the wheel! If you are interested to join the 1 Million
lottery game, I will put the link in the description box for their full mechanics So if you have friend who also wants to be
an online English teacher Then this is a great time for you and your
friends to start applying in Acadsoc this month. Actually, it’s best to do it now because this
will only run until March 31, 2020. So it’s really the best time for you guys
to apply in Acadsoc. So click the link at the bottom. Share it with your classmates, friends, family
members that want to work from home and want to earn
money without really leaving the house. You won’t get stuck in the traffic, you don’t
need to think about what to wear or have an allowance for the moment. All of that in the comfort of your own home. Click the link below to start the application
process and start earning from home. And that’s it for today. I will see you again on the next video, thanks
for watching! Bye!

How To Negotiate A Raise, According To Science

– What’s the best way to get a raise? You can take on extra projects. or work weekends, or volunteer to host a video series. Or you could use science. (bouncy music) Everybody wants a raise. But before you find yourself
at the negotiating table, it helps to understand how
people process information. Our brains are wired to work
quickly and efficiently, but sometimes that means
they take shortcuts that can lead to irrational decisions. These shortcuts are
called cognitive biases, and there are literally hundreds of them. But when it comes to
getting ahead at work, three are really important. First, there is the Halo Effect. (heavenly music) When we like someone, we tend to judge everything they do more favorably, even when they screw up. So be friendly, because
there are worst things in the world than having
a boss who sees everything you do in a positive light. (babbling water) Next, there’s the Sunk Cost Fallacy. This is the mistaken idea that if we’ve already put a lot of time or energy into something, we should stick with it,
even if it’s not working. A lot of people are
hesitant to leave bad jobs they’ve had for a long time because they feel they’d
be throwing away years of work for nothing. If you’re willing to walk away from a bad situation, though, you’re negotiating from
a position of strength. And finally, there’s Anchoring Bias. This is our tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of
information provided, regardless of whether it’s
correct, or even relevant. It can be scary to throw
out the first number when it comes to salary. But it can actually
work to your advantage. So go ahead and dramatically slide that folded piece of paper across the desk with your desired salary on it. Even if you don’t get
exactly what you’d asked for, anything they offer you will
subconsciously be compared to your initial request,
giving you a leg-up in the negotiation. Plus, you’ll kind of look
like a bad-ass doing it. (upbeat music)

How To Get A High Salary Marketing Job in 2020 (Guaranteed)

All right. So today we are going to talk
about how you can get a high salary marketing job. Guaran-damn-teed! All right, so think
about this for a second. Higher salary to me means over a
healthy six figures, over 100,000 over 200,000 over $300,000 a year,
sometimes even up to $500,000 plus. This is a high
salary marketing job. So there’s a couple of things that
you can do to, to really stand out. When I think about the jobs I’ve
interviewed for in the past where a high salary was offered to me. And I’ll share a
couple of stories here. The stories will really show you
kind of what people value and how it can guarantee how this
can be guaranteed for you. Cause I think if I can do it,
I think anybody can do it. One of the job offers I got. Was a base salary of about $250,000
or so, plus a million in bonuses. I remember interviewing for this
company and you know, they sat me down with the CEO. They sat me down with the chief
operating officer as well. And then basically I had to do the
dog and pony show for about two days. I basically went through
interviews for two days. Literally, I had to go to, at a fly
over to them and, and do all these interviews. And when they’re talking to me,
they’re looking for someone that had the experience
in a specific niche. Right? So in this case, it was
related to education. And I had a background in online
education that gave me a leg up because I had a track
record of success as well. And I’ve managed people. They’re looking at that like
does this person have experience? Is this the person who the
right person for the job? So even though you think experience
might not be that important, when it comes to more senior role, when
it comes to high stakes kind of situation, you are going
to need experience there. The other thing is they want people
that are going to bring forth solutions. They don’t just want someone that
says, I see a lot of stuff that’s wrong with the world. They want someone that’s actually
going to take accountability. Like sure, they see an issue,
they’re gonna bring up a potential solution and they’re
going to own that. They’re going to be
accountable for that. They want people that are also
really good at recruiting too. So you might think. You’re really good a individual
contributor, but when it comes to getting paid a healthy six figures,
I’m talking about making 200, 300 grand plus you are going to have to
be a really good recruiter as well. Bonus points if you’re a thought
leader, that actually helps you a little bit too, because that’s
going to make it a little easier for you when it comes to when it
comes to recruiting, because think about it this way. When you’re making that amount
of money, ultimately what you’re looking for is you just need to be
able to cover your living expenses. If you have a family, you show you
need to cover the kids, you need to cover the wife and everything, but
you really don’t need that much money to survive. When you think about this, it’s
like, Oh, okay, cover all, all you need, and then the
rest is all gravy. So if you’re making that amount
of money, let’s, let’s assume that your spouse is working as well. You’re good. You’re golden, right? When I look at people that we’re
recruiting, I do often look at: do they think about culture? Do they think about recruiting? Are they also good at what they do? But not only that. Are they good at
listening to people too? Are they good at not being
the best person in the room? Are they good at being humble too? Right? Do they fit in with
our core values? Like these things are all important
when it comes to getting a high paying marketing job. Now, I’ll take you
to another story. When I was, I’m going to work at
a online education company called Treehouse. I got grilled. I got grilled by, I got grilled
by the CEO and I was actually in competition with a
bunch of other CMOs. For the job and the CEO wanted
to know that if I understood his company or not, did I really
do research on his company? Did I have good ideas already
for how I would grow the company? And I had to talk about those
ideas, like what am I going to do for the first 90 days,
first 180 days or so. I think the only reason I beat
out the other CMOs who had more experience than me in this scenario
was because I came with a more dynamic package, meaning I
knew how to manage people. I knew how to do SEO because
originally the role was for SEO, but eventually because he saw what
he saw, it became a much bigger role where I was leading marketing. I knew how to do paid media, I
knew how to do email marketing. I knew people in this space, so I
was able to cobble a team together too. And so we’re able
to make that happen. But. It was because I was
a lot more dynamic. And I, I, what I would say here is,
if you want a high paying marketing job, think about how you
can be a Swiss army knife. Sometimes. Like there’s, there’s a time and a
place for specialists, but when you want a high pay marketing job,
you’ve gotta be kind of dynamic, right? So you’ve got to be very, in order
to become dynamic, you have to be very humble. You have to be very hungry and
you have to be very smart, right? Smart. Not just IQ, but also You have to be studying what
the best people are doing. Study them on Facebook,
study them on Twitter. Go to these conferences, talk
to people, network, right? That’s how you get better
and better and better. You have to keep staying hungry. That’s how you stay ahead of the
curve and then you learn and you build on that work because
you’re always out there. You’re learning, you’re
trying to get better. I get out there teaching too. That’s how you become stronger. That’s how you build leverage
around your, your your personal brand so you get any job you want. Any marketing job you want. When I think about Dave Gearhart,
he was the CMO or not CMO, the VP of marketing at drift and
drift’s growing very quickly. He was able to work, work with
drift, help drift, and he was able to build his personal brand
over the years as well. now he’s the COO over at, privy. He’s able to make that happen
because he had a strong brand, had a lot of good ideas. He was a very dynamic marketer. He connected well with people, and
then people liked him for that. Right? Ryan Bonicci. Another good example, he’s at G2. He used to work at HubSpot. Then he transitioned
over to G2, but. It’s because of the depth of
knowledge, his relationships, and because he’s so dynamic, he was
able to get a very healthy job, working at, at G2. Now, I’ll give you a final example. When I was doing work
for a t-shirt company. I was freelancing, I was basically
like Upwork and then this guy, he selected me to work with him and I
was getting paid, you know, I think maybe 30, 40, $50 an hour
or something like that. And I was doing good work and
I kept bringing new ideas. I kept pushing it. You gotta be hungry, right? I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t just
satisfied with doing the work. I was like, Hey, what about this? What about this? What about this? Can we try this? Can we try this? Can we try this? Right? I just kept bringing in all these
new ideas to the point where he’s just like, dude, can you just come
work for me full time and like, let’s just do that because I need
someone to actually implement all this. Like I can’t do it. I’m too busy for it. Even a couple months ago, he hit me
up, actually texted me a couple of weeks ago, about a couple months
ago, he was like, I’m still upset that you didn’t come work for me. I’m in Philadelphia. And I’m just like, yeah, man,
t-shirts just aren’t my thing. But that was a high offer. It was like 5% profit sharing. It was high six figures, but. It was because again, it comes
back to the the the baseline. Am I hungry? Am I going to continue to learn
and then am I going to continue to teach? And then because I’m learning, I’m
building relationships with other people because I’m learning. I’m bringing amazing ideas to the
table because I’m doing all these things. Then I get offered to high salary. It doesn’t work the other way. You don’t just get a high salary. It doesn’t work like that. The fact that you’re
watching this right now. Means that, look,
you’re hungry enough. I’m just challenging you. Just continue to stay hungry
because if you don’t, someone else is going to go somewhere
else hungrier than you. It’s going to come by and they’re
going to take that job that you’ve been looking for and you can make
to 200, 300, 400, $500,000 a year, U S or wherever you live, you’re
going to make a lot of money because they see you
as indispensable. You are the learner. You bring the ideas, not only that
you’re executing on them, you’re recruiting, you’re taking
work off their plate. You’re not just, you know. The regular employee that they’re
going to hire that’s going to take orders. Every single leader out there is
not, ideally, they’re not looking for order takers, especially
when they’re hiring the first few people. They don’t want order takers like
maybe when the company’s a lot bigger order takers are fine,
but order takers eventually. Like if it’s a smaller
organization, they take away energy. They don’t let your a
players do their best work. That’s why you don’t want, you
don’t, ideally, you don’t want to work with them, right? All that to say, this is how you
get a high salary guaranteed, and if you can’t get what I mean,
you can go to our careers page. I mean, we’re always looking
to hire people, single and if you can
prove yourself to be amazing, we’re, we’re always willing to
make something happen, right? I’ll tell you this, the
leaders will make way. Even, even if they have to go get a
loan or something like that, we’re had to borrow money from friends
and family to afford really good people. They will do it because it’s that
important to grow their business. All right, so let me know what
you think in the comments below. What are you going to do to
get that high paying salary for yourself? Guaranteed. And don’t forget to subscribe and
hit the bell button because it helps us grow. And don’t forget to check out the
next video over there and we’ll see you tomorrow.

This Email Marketing Campaign Generated a 25.2% Open Rate & 7.2% CTR – Without An Offer

And this obviously gave us pretty good results,
25.2% open rates, 7.2% click rate Step two, you wanna start building a VIP list. A list of priority invites to people who are genuinely interested in your brand and genuinely interested in
what you have to offer in the coming days. You can do it in one of three ways. You can
incentivise them through an opt-in. Tell people, put in your email here again.
I’m gonna send you tons of discounts, tons of offers, or you’re gonna get first in line access to a limited stock, a limited edition product, when our BFCM offer, a promotion begins. Number two. Threshold qualification, this
is pretty interesting. Now if you have a very limited stock or if you have a
limited edition drop of of products in your brand, you may want to limit your
products, and limit your launch to only those that qualify for a certain
threshold of customer value. This is very unique to brands that play on
exclusivity as a core value. Now if your brand is exclusive to a certain
group of people only, threshold qualification is going to be a great way to do that.
This segmentation is also a great tool. The different ways that I’ve showed you,
the three ways that I’ve showed you beforehand, that’s exactly how you
can segment out people that qualify for your VIP or priority list. In a nutshell, the VIP list is a self opt-in or segmented list of highly excited subscribers. They are high-value. They’re also customers who have
purchased recently and/or frequently. These are brand evangelists. People who
are highly excited about what you have to offer, and you want to get them first
in line access because they are gonna queue up. They’re gonna be there when you launch. So this is an example of an email that
I’ve created for the Easter weekend. Save up to 70% off. Click here to opt-in to
our Easter weekend sale. This automatically sends them to a landing page that says welcome, you’re invited to our priority list membership, you will get first in line access. And on the back end, what you can do is segment people who have clicked on this link, into a separate segment in your email service software, and using that as a separate launch.
And this obviously gave us pretty good results, 25.2% open rates, 7.2% click rates, and we even generated some revenue from this surprisingly, I believe it was just slightly
under $2,000 from one email, and it’s insane because you’re not actually
offering anything in this email.

How Binary Options Work – Can You Really Make Money With Binary Options?

Binary options are one of the most controversial trading instruments. For a reason, see, on the one hand, they’re super easy to trade and therefore perfect for beginners. And they are perfect for traders with small accounts because you can open a binary options account with as little as $250. But then on the other hand, there are some binary options brokers out there that are simply a scam. Most of them are overseas and when you wire money to them, you’ll never see it again. So let’s take a closer look at binary options and see if they are legit, and if you can’t really make money with binary options. So in this video, you’ll learn how binary options work. We’ll talk about can you really make money with binary options? We’ll talk about what are the best binary options brokers that are not a scam? Are binary options legit? Is it safe to trade binary options? And what is the best strategy for binary options? So let’s get started. So how do binary options work? Well, binary options are super easy to understand because you just need to make a decision if a certain market is above or below a certain price by a certain time. Now, let me give you an example. Let’s say you believe that gold will close above $1,700 by the end of the day. So you can place a binary option straight. The price of a binary option will be between zero and $100. And that’s the amount that you need to put on the table to place this bet. So let’s say the price of the binary option to bet on gold being above $1,700 by the end of the day is $40. Now, if by the end of the day gold closes above $1,700, you get $100 back. So you put $40 in and you get $100 back so your profit is $60. Now if gold closes below $1,700 then you get nothing back. And since the broker took $40 out of your account and you get zero dollars back, your loss is $40. Now is this making sense? Because if it does hit like so that I know that we are going at the right pace. So here’s the cool thing. Binary options are available for a wide variety of underlying markets. So they’re available for major indices like the Dow Jones, The S&P 500, NASDAQ. They are available for major commodities like crude oil, gold, silver, and they’re available for major currencies like the EUR versus USD. The USD versus the JPY, the GBP versus the USD. And they expire daily or even hourly. So if you don’t want to wait until the end of the day, you can trade a binary option that expires in the next hour. All you need to do is decide whether a certain market is closing above or below a certain price within the next hour. As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless. So the next question is, can you really make money with binary options? If you trade with a reputable broker – yes. So we’ll talk about the best binary option brokers that are not a scam in a few moments. But let’s talk about how to make money with binary options first. So here are the three things you need to know. Number one, is the market more likely to go up or down? Number two, will the market closed above or below a certain level? And number three, what is the maximum price you’re willing to bet? Now, I will show you a simple trading strategy for binary options in the next video. But before I show you this strategy, let’s first talk about what are the best binary option brokers. You see there are a lot of fraudulent binary option brokers and scammers out there, and you need to be careful. You see, the only broker that I would ever trust is the North American Derivatives Exchange, also called Nadex. Nadex is 100% legitimate and is designated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, also called CFTC as a Designated Contract Market and Derivatives Clearing Organization. And you see the CFTC is a US government agency whose mission is “to foster open, transparent, competitive and financially sound markets,” “to avoid systematic risk,” and “to protect market users like us and their funds from fraud, manipulation and abusive practices.” Now, I know that’s a mouthful for saying Nadex is a 100% legitimate and regulated exchange. And the best! They allow customers like us to open an account directly with them so you’re cutting out the middleman, which means lower commissions for you. Now, talking about commissions, I really like Nadex’s commission structure because it’s only one dollar to open a trade and they only charge you another dollar to close the trade if you’re making money. If you lose money, they don’t charge you a commission to close the trade. How awesome is that? Long story short, if you want to trade binary options, trade them at Nadex. Now, before we continue, let me ask you, is this helpful thus far? Because if it is, click on like because this way I know which videos you like the best and I’ll make more of them. So if you’re enjoying the video, click on like now. OK. So the next question, are binary options legit? Now, as stated earlier, there are many unregulated brokers who just take the customer’s money and never return it. Most of those brokers are operating offshore in countries that have very few or no regulations at all. In the United States, brokers and exchanges are very regulated, and as of the moment, Nadex is one of the few license companies in the United States that is allowed to offer binary options trading. Binary options are legal and available to trade in the United States, but only on a CFTC, a regulated United States exchange, which again is Nadex. In a nutshell, as long as you trade binary options on Nadex, it’s legit and legal. Now this leads us to the next question, is binary options trading safe? Now, we already talked about the regulations, so we don’t need to cover this again. As a trading vehicle binary options are very safe since they are not leverage. This means that you cannot lose more money than you have in your account. Here’s an example, if you have $500 in your account and you want to put on a trade in which you risk $50, Nadex will automatically reserve $50 from your funds. Now when the order is filled, these $50 will automatically be deducted from your account. So your balance is now $450. Now, if you are right, Nadex will give you $100 back as soon as the options expire. In this case, your account balance will jump from $500 to $550. So you made $50. Because of this mechanism, it’s impossible for you to lose more money than you have in your account. So as you can see, trading binary options is safe. So next question, what is the best strategy for binary options? The best strategy for binary options is a strategy that makes it easy for you to pick a direction of the market. After all, in order to make money with binary options, you need to know, number one, is the market more likely to go up or down? Number two, will the market close above or below a certain level? And number three, what’s the maximum price you’re willing to bet? Actually, since this video right now is getting pretty long, I’ll stop right here and I’ll do another video on a trading strategy for binary options. So make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell because this way you’ll get notified whenever I release a new video. So I’ll see you in the next video.

4 USELESS Marketing Tools You’re Still Using (STOP Wasting Your Money)

– While six to eight years
ago some of the tools that I’m going to mention
were really useful. Today, they’re just
going to waste your time. So, when you read about
them on the blackout forums or SEOs talking about how they
can skyrocket your rankings, you should avoid them at all costs cause they’re going to risk your rankings. Hi everyone. I’m Neil Patel and today
I want to teach you four useless marketing tools
that you’re still using and you should stop wasting
your time and money on. (gentle music) Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube click the alert notification. The first tool is automated
link building tools. A few years ago, you could
use tools like Scrape Box or SEnuke to build a ton of backlinks, which would end up helping
your website rank better. But, those days are gone. Since the penguin
update, Google has become more and more sophisticated
with algorithms created to detect artificial
backlink patterns. When you’re using an
automated link building tool you’re likely going to
build irrelevant backlinks from pages that aren’t really
related to your content. This can hurt your rankings. The biggest problem is you’ll
leave footprints behind you. Google will be able to
identify these patterns with your backlinks and they’ll know that you’re artificially inflating them and this is going to either
keep your rankings flat or it can actually hurt
them at the same time. Google even has clear policies that forbid you from doing things like creating malicious backlinks. They go as far as even
saying that creating links that weren’t editorial
placed or vouched for by the site owners on the page, otherwise known as unnatural links, could be considered a
violation of their guidelines. They will often either
ignore these links or, worse case, they could penalize
you for these bad practices. And that’s rare. Most people don’t get penalized but still, why risk it? Why waste time on something that’s not going to help
you rank any better. So, I want you to stop using
automated link to link tools. Instead, you need to create value. Put the user first, whether it’s content, whether it’s tools like Ubersuggest. You know, if you look at Ubersuggest I’ve generated over 10,000 backlinks. How’d I do this? Purely by giving away something for free. That’s helped tremendously
for me over the years. And you don’t have to
create a tool like that or go as far as I have. You can use sites like CodeCanyon, buy tools that have already existed, buy them for 10, 20 dollars,
pop them on your site and generate natural
backlinks as well from that. The next tool you need to stop using, it’s any text or content spinners. Spinning content in an automated way in rewriting articles
has been done for ages. Back in 2011, people could just spin up, rotate up, content on
already popular articles from other sites, repurpose them, and put them on your
site and people are like, “Wow, look at all these pages
of content I’m creating”. But now, with the panda algorithm update, Google now looks at
this kind of being like, “Whoa, it provides very
little value to a user”. And if that’s the case and
your user metrics are terrible, your rankings are going to plummet. Not just for that page,
but your whole site. If you have a lot of pages
that are just spun up, that are not a great user experience, it can affect your whole
site, not just those pages. So, what you need to realize is creating content doesn’t
guarantee your rankings. Creating amazing content that people love is going to give you a much better chance of ranking fairly well. Google has a pretty smart AI and they can easily
identify variations of text that you have on your website that other people have and the
places that you took it from. So, instead of using these tools, what I want you to do is do research, people love research, they’re more likely to link to articles that have research, look for reputable sources
and tie in that data into your article and site your sources and make sure that you’re writing high quality, original content. The next tool that you’re
wasting your time on is LinkedIn lead generation bots. A lot of people say great things about using automated tools that generate you leads on LinkedIn. These tools can help you
add dozens of contacts on a daily basis, hundreds
on a weekly basis, do cold outreach and
semi-personal messages selling your products, your services. So let’s say you’re a sales
rep for a software company and you need to get in touch with as many potential
clients as possible. The best thing to do on Earth would be use an automated tool, right? Wrong. The main problem with this is that A, LinkedIn doesn’t want
you to use automation and it goes against their rules. And two, people know that you’re sending them spammy messages. They’re not going to convert. You’re going to be a
sales rep at a company or marketing person promoting some content and it’s not going to get you any love. On top of this, LinkedIn has sited that they’re going to
battle up and fight people who are creating these chrome
extensions automated tools and put them down for good. So, instead what you want to
do it create valuable content on LinkedIn that people want to read, especially if it’s video based,
cause LinkedIn loves videos. You’ll also can go live on LinkedIn, which does tremendously well as well. And by doing those things you’re
going to get more followers from there as well, you can
sell your content and services. Just think of it this way,
if I create a live video on LinkedIn and I’m providing value, people are going to be like,
“Oh Neil, this is great”. And within that video not
only getting more followers, more shares, more
comments, more engagements, I can talk about my ad
agency, Neil Patel Digital, and some people will go
from my LinkedIn video to Neil Patel Digital and
then become a customer. Last but not least, comment bot. Much like automated
content creation tools, a lot of people have been using bots to automate commenting
on other sites for years. This is what plugins
like Akismet by WordPress are so popular. No one wants all these
spammy blog comments. I literally get thousands and thousands of blog comments per day. Now, I even conducted an
experiment to determine or not whether comment links
have affect on rankings. And believe it or not, they do. But, when using automated tools, you’re leaving a lot of
footprints behind you plus, you’re providing no value to people. Those comments are just
going to get deleted or get caught in comment spam traps. So, instead, if you
want to leave comments, write up something that’s thoughtful that helps people. Not just the person that wrote the article but other people reading
it and then leave it. When you leave relevant comments A, people are going to know about you and start following you. B, if they like what you have to say they may check out your business. And C, they may end up
converting into a customer. Now, Google is looking
for spammy comments, you don’t want to associate your
website with spammy comments cause all it’s going to
do is hurt your rankings. My recommendation is for
you to think long-term. Don’t take those quick hits being like, “Yeah, I just do this and my
rankings are going to increase”. Anyone that tells you something
that’s too good to be true, chances are it is and it’s
just going to hurt you in the long run. If you need help with your rankings, your digital marketing, check
out my ad agency, NP digital. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to the channel, leave a comment, tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.

The Definitive Guide to Ubersuggest for SEO and Content Marketing

– A lot of people tell me hey, Neil, I can see Ubersuggest has
some tons of really cool data, and interesting features to
grow my website and traffic, but how do I use it? How do I get the most out of
it so I can get more traffic, create more content, and
rank higher on Google? Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel,
and today I’m going to give you The Definitive Guide to Ubersuggest for SEO and Content Marketing. (upbeat music) Now, before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, as we produce
more content like this, you’ll get notified. And if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. So, let’s start off top to bottom. The first feature within
Ubersuggest that I want to go over is the Keyword Overview section. So the Keyword Overview
section gives you data on any keyword that you’re
looking for information on. The reason I love this, is
you can put in a keyword, it’ll tell you the volume,
the CPC, SEO difficulty, the paid difficulty, it even shows you how many links you need to
roughly rank in the top 10. Here’s the cool part. What’s unique about
Ubersuggest is it shows you how many people are
searching for the keyword on a mobile device versus desktop device. It even tells you how many people click on the SEO results
versus paid results, versus not clicking at all. It even tells you the age
demographic information on what’s the age range of the people that are searching for this query. That’s why I love the keyword overview. Now, if you dive into
the Keyword Ideas Report, this will give you a
laundry list of suggestions related to all the terms
that you’re researching. So, if you type in marketing, it’ll give you all the other
terms related to marketing. It’ll do it based off of related
keywords Google suggests, comparisons, prepositions,
the list goes on and on. Even tells you all the questions
that people are searching related to that keyword that you enter. It tells you how difficult
those keywords are to rank for, who’s ranking for them on the right side, how many links they have, how
many social shares they have, it tells you everything you know to see if you could rank for that keyword, or it’s going to be hard or easy. Now, the next report that I love, and this one’s not used enough by people, but I would recommend you
start spending more time here. If you start typing in specific keywords, the Content Ideas Report will tell you all the popular blog
posts that are popular based on that topic. And it doesn’t just break
it down on social shares. It breaks down by social
shares, backlinks, and estimated traffic. And when you go down and
click on the backlinks, or the estimated traffic, it shows you all the keywords that
that blog post ranks for, the position, the term, and
even from the backlinks, when you click down on to View All, it’ll show you every single
site and the anchor tags that’s linking to that article. This will help you create
content that’s similar to them, and you want to create better content using Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique. Like, you know, if someone
has a 10-story building, someone in Dubai may be like, we’re going to create
a 100-story building, and someone in China may be like, we’re going to create
a 200-story building. It’s never ending, that’s
the Skyscraper Technique, you’re outdoing other people. But the Content Ideas Report
will show you what’s popular, and just outdo them, create
something that’s 10 times better. Now, the next section of Ubersuggest is the Traffic Analyzer. You can put in any domain
name like, and it’ll show you the traffic
that that site’s getting from Google over time. Now, what’s interesting
about this report is, not only does it show you
the traffic over time, it shows you how many keywords that site ranks for over time as well. Just because a site ranks
for a lot of keywords, doesn’t mean it gets a lot of traffic. Some keywords don’t get much traffic. Other keywords get tons of traffic, and that’s what you can see in this Traffic Analyzer Overview Report. Now, if you scroll down,
you can click to Top Pages. Top Pages will show you
any of the top pages on any given domain name. You can click to see the
keywords that someone ranks for for each of those pages, right? because it gives you estimated visits, and when you click to View All,
you’ll see all the keywords. Same goes for the backlinks,
you can see all the backlinks, and the keywords that
any given page ranks for, and you can keep going to
next page to next page, and see all the pages on
any given domain name. There’s also the Keywords
Report in the Traffic Analyzer. If you put in a domain
name, it’ll show you all the keywords that a URL ranks for. And this is just a full list of keywords sorted by popularity. And this is useful because now you know what a site is targeting. Now, the next area of Ubersuggest,
is the Site Audit Report. You can put in a URL, and it’ll tell you all the SEO issues of the site. Now, here’s my favorite part
about the Site Audit Report. It breaks down, in the
recommendations area, based on errors and recommendations, what you should focus on. It puts the stuff at
the top that will have the highest impact, and is
the easiest to implement. And the stuff at the bottom, typically is harder to implement,
and has a lower impact. So, you want to do all the
stuff at the top first. Now, the last section of
Ubersuggest is the Backlink Report. Put in the domain name, it’ll show you the
backlink growth over time. Is the site growing in
backlinks, or is it decreasing? It even shows you the new and
lost links on a daily basis. Heck, it’ll even tell
you each of the links for that page, or that whole domain. Now, the very, very last
section of Ubersuggest that not a lot of people
talk about is the dashboard. The dashboard allows you to add a project. This allows you to
track your SEO progress. Is your traffic going
on, is it going down? It even tracks your
rankings on a daily basis and tells you are your
rankings going up or down, and it sends you a report. It even crawls your website for SEO errors on a weekly basis and tells
you what you need to fix. And it even looks at your competition and tells you if you’re
doing better than them, or worse than them. So that’s it to Ubersuggest. If you use all those features,
you’re going to be better off, you’re going to get more search traffic, because it’ll guide you
throughout your journey and tell you what you need to fix, and what you’re doing fine on. If you need help with your SEO, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed the video,
make sure you like it, comment below, share it,
subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching.

Average Salaries & Working in Germany – How much Money are People making?

A question I get a lot is how much do
people earn and Germany? Is it a lot? Are they all rich? oh yeah who knows maybe. Fact is that Germans don’t like to talk about money. Hey bro how’s your new job going?
How much you making now? Enough. But that’s why I am here. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about salaries in Germany. Many people decide to move to Germany because the average salary here is of much higher than in their own country, and if you compared to any African Asian or even Eastern
European country, that’s certainly true. According to the Federal Statistical
Office of Germany the average gross salary was 3880 euro per month. That’s the all-over average of the country but that doesn’t say too much because this figure varies greatly depending on the
industry you’re working in, your age, work experience and even geographic location. it’s important to mention that the people living in the south and west of
the country earn up to thirty percent more than their counterparts in the Northeast. so if you had a job in Frankfurt that paid three thousand euro
a month that very same job might only make you two thousand euro in Berlin. Let’s start at the lower end of the work chain. If you have less than 1000
euro a month to live off you are considered poor, that is the official
poverty line here in the country. We have also a minimum wage which is nine euro
and 36 cents. There are a few exceptions to that but most of the time paying less
than that is very much illegal. So with most unskilled labor jobs you will earn that amount. That’s everything from working in a bar, cleaning staff, being a cashier at a store and so on. Of course you could earn more doing those jobs, but that really depends on the company. if you would work full-time on minimum wage which is 40 hours per week, you would have an income of about 1,500 euro a month. One and a half K doesn’t sound that bad. but that’s not the amount you
get because the government will still take off their tax cut and social
insurance fees even before it ever gets to your bank account. There’s online calculators where you can see exactly how much will be taken off
of your salary and I’ll get into more details about that a little bit later in
the video. Okay now let’s say you just graduated from university with your
master’s degree and you’re looking for a job. What’s the amount you can expect in
that first few years? in 2018 the average income in the very first year right
after university was 3700€ a month that amount of course also varies depending on the industry you’re working in, with the highest paying ones being in business development, chemistry,
engineering and medicine and some of the lowest paying ones being in architecture
graphic design logistics and translating. What’s also important to say is that in
Germany having a bachelor’s degree doesn’t really count like a full degree,
if you want to have a proper position you have to get a master. Ain’t nobody got time for that what about all those other jobs? okay
let’s do a quick shot how much is earning a banker? five thousand seven hundred euro a month construction worker 1800 euro your local doctor seven thousand euro the Chancellor 28.000 euro a month. a lawyer 5000 euro bus bus driver 2500€ The boss of Volkswagen. 800.000€ a month. kindergarten teacher two thousand seven hundred euro normal teacher four point five K not working at all one thousand euro Hartz 4 and the day is yours! Accountant 3300€ Office clerk 2200 euro your
local Döner man he will never tell you! Some of those numbers seem pretty high
but let’s see how much there will be left after insurance fees and taxes. So let’s put in here our minimum wage gross salary then we can see here how
much is left at the end everybody who’s employed has to pay those social charges,
you have to pay pension insurance even if you don’t want to and it’s the same
with unemployment insurance health insurance and care insurance
you can’t option out of them. They don’t have a certain amount you have to pay, they are fixed percentages of the gross salary you’re earning and then there’sof course the taxes. How much salary-tax your paying really depends on how
much you earn. the more you earn the higher the percentage will get that you
have to pay. So when you get minimum wage you almost pay no tax. If we put in here
5000€ we see that this amount has gotten much higher in
relation to the gross salary. The income tax will max out at 45%. the only thing you can option out is the church tax, you only have to pay it if
you are member of a church. So if you’re earning five K a month your net salary
would be 2900€ great there’s only two things certain in life death and taxes and you better not try
to cheat the system cause the punishment for evading taxes is much greater than
for rape and murder that’s ridiculous okay now that we got
that out of the way what you also need to know is that in Germany you have the
right to take paid vacation days. The minimum amount per year you get is
20 days, although many big companies even give more than that, usually up to thirty. I hope no Japanese are watching this. they only get ten days a year. Many companies give also a Christmas
bonus which can be as much as a full month’s salary so don’t forget to ask
about that on your next interview. If you consider work in Germany there’s only one thing left to do to smash that like button and also to apply for that
working holiday visa, just to try it out. see you next time

Should you make the first offer in negotiations? Salary Negotiation Techniques with examples

– Has this ever happened to you? That you finally nailed an offer. It’s time to talk about the salary, and the recruiter ask you “how much you’re getting paid right now?”, in your head you’re like
“no, I don’t wanna tell her” but the next question is: should I tell her the final
number that I’m looking for or should I wait until
she makes the offer? Your heart is pumping
really hard figure out what’s the best strategy. I been to this experience two days ago. I was offered a director of
product manager (position) at another fortune 500 companies. So, the head of product, made me an offer. Before I head out, he ask
this, the same question: “how much you getting paid right now?”, my first reaction was “you know what?” “it is illegal to ask a
salary in Massachusetts” and I told him so, of
course made a joke about it to not make it very awkward. Most importantly, should
I make the first offer, or should I wait until
he give me an offer? Do you know that research
show that 80% of people didn’t want to make the first offer? Because they believe that
first movers are the losers, because in these scenarios, the one who makes the first
offer will lose information and the one receiving the
offer to have more information so that you can negotiate and strategize and negotiate harder. Is it the truth? Research also shows that
there is another thing called ‘anchor effect’, lots
of people didn’t think about, what is anchor effect? Which means whoever makes a first offer are making the anchor effect. Let me give you give you an example, for this specific offer I just got, I ask for 50% higher
than my current salary, an offer he made was only 15%, so we eventually
negotiating and I got 40%, so how did work was that
I made the first offer, so I had the anchor effect about 50%, so no matter how much you negotiate, he need to negotiate around
the original number I had. On the other hand, if
I let him to go first, he go as a low ball offer at 15%. Do you think I have confidence that already go for 50%? I will probably negotiate
around where he is, he eventually change from 15% to 25%. You know the big difference
between 40% and 25%? That’s what called ‘anchoring effect’. I with you, I understand, as
a woman we always have lots of fear and the stress. Early in my career I had the same feeling. What if I ask the offers too high? They might take away the offer or what if they think
I’m there for the money if I ask for too much money? Or if they think I’m too aggressive? They wouldn’t have a
good relationship with me when I joined the team. I felt the same way earlier
when I started the career. What I also learned is that
the way to remove this fear is to do exceptional well research, for example: I did research to understand what’s the market rate of a
director of product management in a fortune 500 company, how much my current
manager in my old company is getting paid right now, so I have a very specific
number in my head. This is a fear number, but
to have the fair number, which is in this case, 40%
higher than my current salary, then I ask for another 10% higher to leave a margin in, so
that we can negotiate, eventually meet this final
number I’m looking for. Usually in this negotiation process, the way you achieve this confidence came from lots of daily practice and also gradually build
your confidence to get there. My name is Nancy Li, I had mission which to
help women to get more of what they want in life and in work. I’m going to teach a course in this case, a workshop in how women
to learn how to negotiate, specifically focus on the fear. How to address the fear behind it, so that you can achieve
your full potential in terms of negotiation in life and work. So if you are interested in
the new content I’m promoting, please describe below any
interest in my course, sign up down below so you
can get more information about the course and also more free tips. Thank you, have a good day. (upbeat music)

2020 Consultant Salary Guide- Coming Soon!

If you ever wondered how much you’re
going to make as a consultant, or let’s say you just have a roommate as a consultant. You want to know how much they’re bringing home because they’re not paying
their part of the utility bill. This salary guide that’s coming out for 2020
is going to be your secret to figuring out exactly what you need to know. We
break down over 20 firms, multiple data points, such as salary, relo, bonuses, 401k, and more. And overall it’s gonna be a really comprehensive report- the best
ever that we’ve produced. We would love to have your input if you’ve gotten an
offer letter. Everything is totally free and totally confidential. And in addition,
if you’re interested in checking it out, make sure that you’re subscribed to our
mailing list on our website by email, or that you’re subscribed to this channel,
so that you’ll know when it pops. We’re excited to share with you the most
comprehensive report to date, our 2020 salary guide for consulting.