When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – Vernon Franklin – Chappelle’s Show

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When “Keeping it Real” Goes Wrong. Vernon Franklin was
an exceptional young man. He was the valedictorian
of his high school class, won several scholarships, and became the first person
in his family to attend college. He got a good job and worked
14-hour days, 6 days a week, quickly becoming
the youngest vice president in the history
of the Via Corp Corporation, ending the cycle of violence
and drug addiction that had plagued
his family for generations. The officers of his company
were wrapping up the usual Thursday meeting
in the South Conference Room when Frank Murphy,
the man who had mentored Vernon, made an awkward comment. Vernon, great job, buddy. You the man.
Give me some skin, huh? Vernon got along with all
of the people he worked with, which in his heart of hearts
made him feel like an Uncle Tom. Though he could have ignored
the simple comment his mentor made,
Vernon decided to keep it real. Get your motherfucking hand
out of my face. You heard me, motherfucker.
Get your hands outta my face. What you think this is, man?
Just shake my hand like a man. “All right, give me some five
on the backhand side with all this crazy jive.” It’s bullshit.
Want a little soft shoe? Should I juggle some
watermelons for you, boss? Fuck all that, nigger. Hey, Vernon, buddy. Get your motherfucking hands
off me, Frank. This ain’t a game. This isn’t the Vernon I know. Allow me to reintroduce myself.
My name is Hov You never heard that before,
have you? Rap music is dangerous.
I used to beat motherfuckers up just like you just for
walking around my way, nigger. Vernon, Vernon, buddy. You better sit the fuck down,
Frank. Excuse me? I said sit down, bitch.
Thug life. You think this
is a game, nigger? Wu-Tang. Today, Vernon works
at Sonny’s Fill ‘Er Up on Route 80 in New Jersey. He makes $6.45 an hour
and stinks of gasoline, even when he’s not
at the station. It’s as real as it can be. Dollar? What I’m gonna
get with a dollar, nigger? I got kids,
and that’s real. Vernon Franklin, once a heart-
warming story of perseverance. Wu-Tang. Today, a sparkling example
of when keeping it real goes wrong.

Reinhold Würth and his 70th working anniversary

At the company assembly, you talked about jumping out of bed every morning. What has been the source of your enthusiasm and single-mindedness over all these years? Actually, I don’t know either. My wife always says I sleep like a bear. So I would say a good night’s sleep makes you jump out of bed in the morning, wouldn’t you? Us younger people would like to know whether you have a secret
recipe that helps you look as young as you do. Is there any day cream that you can recommend? Well, I use cream on my face every morning: Eucerin. I probably should get a commission from Eucerin now. Prof. Würth, we were told that your place is always full of chocolate
when you are invited to a meeting. Is that true? And what is your favorite kind of chocolate? That is true, but my doctors say sugar is not right for me,
which is why I really had to cut down on chocolate. I must say I don’t really have a favorite kind of chocolate, as long as it’s chocolate. Chocolate is just like beer. Beer is beer, it’s good when it’s cold and wine is wine. We would like to give you the book Nelson Mandela as a gift,
so you are well prepared for the upcoming fall holidays. Thank you very much. I can tell you this book won’t remain unread for long Simply because Nelson Mandela is one of the people I admire the most.
I would even call him a role model. Being imprisoned on an island outside Cape Town
and then turning from a prisoner into a president and seeking no payback, no revenge, but forgiving what has been done to oneself in great human elegance,
I consider that an almost superhuman feat. So this book is really a great gift for me. Thank you very much for that!

Getting the best mobile phone deal – MoneySmart Rookie

Looking for the best deal?
First you need to know … what mobile you want … what you use it for … who you call
… and where you use it. Then you have to find the deal that matches
what you need. It’s easy to underestimate your usage and
get stuck with big monthly bills. And it’s easy to get locked into a contract
for way more than you actually use. If you make sure you get the deal that fits
your usage and also fits your budget … … you’ve got the best deal for you!
Take your time now to make the right choice, and save yourself from spending dollars later.

How to make stress your friend | Kelly McGonigal

I have a confession to make. But first, I want you to make
a little confession to me. In the past year,
I want you to just raise your hand if you’ve experienced
relatively little stress. Anyone? How about a moderate amount of stress? Who has experienced a lot of stress? Yeah. Me too. But that is not my confession. My confession is this: I am a health psychologist, and my mission is to help people
be happier and healthier. But I fear that something
I’ve been teaching for the last 10 years
is doing more harm than good, and it has to do with stress. For years I’ve been telling people,
stress makes you sick. It increases the risk of everything
from the common cold to cardiovascular disease. Basically, I’ve turned stress
into the enemy. But I have changed my mind about stress, and today, I want to change yours. Let me start with the study
that made me rethink my whole approach to stress. This study tracked 30,000 adults
in the United States for eight years, and they started by asking people, “How much stress have you
experienced in the last year?” They also asked, “Do you believe that stress
is harmful for your health?” And then they used public death records
to find out who died. (Laughter) Okay. Some bad news first. People who experienced a lot of stress
in the previous year had a 43 percent increased risk of dying. But that was only true for the people who also believed that stress
is harmful for your health. (Laughter) People who experienced a lot of stress but did not view stress as harmful were no more likely to die. In fact, they had the lowest risk of dying of anyone in the study, including people
who had relatively little stress. Now the researchers estimated
that over the eight years they were tracking deaths, 182,000 Americans died prematurely, not from stress, but from the belief
that stress is bad for you. (Laughter) That is over 20,000 deaths a year. Now, if that estimate is correct, that would make
believing stress is bad for you the 15th largest cause of death
in the United States last year, killing more people than skin cancer,
HIV/AIDS and homicide. (Laughter) You can see why this study freaked me out. Here I’ve been spending
so much energy telling people stress is bad for your health. So this study got me wondering: Can changing how you think
about stress make you healthier? And here the science says yes. When you change your mind about stress, you can change
your body’s response to stress. Now to explain how this works, I want you all to pretend
that you are participants in a study designed to stress you out. It’s called the social stress test. You come into the laboratory, and you’re told you have to give a five-minute impromptu speech
on your personal weaknesses to a panel of expert evaluators
sitting right in front of you, and to make sure you feel the pressure, there are bright lights
and a camera in your face, kind of like this. (Laughter) And the evaluators have been trained to give you discouraging,
non-verbal feedback, like this. (Exhales) (Laughter) Now that you’re sufficiently demoralized, time for part two: a math test. And unbeknownst to you, the experimenter has been trained
to harass you during it. Now we’re going to all do this together. It’s going to be fun. For me. Okay. (Laughter) I want you all to count backwards from 996 in increments of seven. You’re going to do this out loud, as fast as you can, starting with 996. Go! (Audience counting) Go faster. Faster please. You’re going too slow. (Audience counting) Stop. Stop, stop, stop. That guy made a mistake. We are going to have to start
all over again. (Laughter) You’re not very good at this, are you? Okay, so you get the idea. If you were actually in this study, you’d probably be a little stressed out. Your heart might be pounding, you might be breathing faster,
maybe breaking out into a sweat. And normally, we interpret
these physical changes as anxiety or signs that we aren’t coping
very well with the pressure. But what if you viewed them instead as signs that your body was energized, was preparing you to meet this challenge? Now that is exactly
what participants were told in a study conducted
at Harvard University. Before they went
through the social stress test, they were taught to rethink
their stress response as helpful. That pounding heart
is preparing you for action. If you’re breathing faster,
it’s no problem. It’s getting more oxygen to your brain. And participants who learned to view
the stress response as helpful for their performance, well, they were less stressed out,
less anxious, more confident, but the most fascinating finding to me was how their physical
stress response changed. Now, in a typical stress response, your heart rate goes up, and your blood vessels
constrict like this. And this is one of the reasons
that chronic stress is sometimes associated
with cardiovascular disease. It’s not really healthy to be
in this state all the time. But in the study, when participants viewed
their stress response as helpful, their blood vessels
stayed relaxed like this. Their heart was still pounding, but this is a much healthier
cardiovascular profile. It actually looks a lot like what happens in moments of joy and courage. Over a lifetime of stressful experiences, this one biological change could be the difference between a stress-induced
heart attack at age 50 and living well into your 90s. And this is really what the new
science of stress reveals, that how you think about stress matters. So my goal as a health
psychologist has changed. I no longer want
to get rid of your stress. I want to make you better at stress. And we just did a little intervention. If you raised your hand and said you’d had a lot of stress
in the last year, we could have saved your life, because hopefully the next time
your heart is pounding from stress, you’re going to remember this talk and you’re going to think to yourself, this is my body helping me
rise to this challenge. And when you view stress in that way, your body believes you, and your stress response
becomes healthier. Now I said I have over a decade
of demonizing stress to redeem myself from, so we are going to do
one more intervention. I want to tell you about one of the most under-appreciated
aspects of the stress response, and the idea is this: Stress makes you social. To understand this side of stress, we need to talk about a hormone, oxytocin, and I know oxytocin has already gotten
as much hype as a hormone can get. It even has its own cute nickname,
the cuddle hormone, because it’s released
when you hug someone. But this is a very small part
of what oxytocin is involved in. Oxytocin is a neuro-hormone. It fine-tunes
your brain’s social instincts. It primes you to do things that strengthen close relationships. Oxytocin makes you crave physical contact
with your friends and family. It enhances your empathy. It even makes you more willing
to help and support the people you care about. Some people have even suggested
we should snort oxytocin… to become more compassionate and caring. But here’s what most people
don’t understand about oxytocin. It’s a stress hormone. Your pituitary gland pumps this stuff out as part of the stress response. It’s as much a part
of your stress response as the adrenaline that makes
your heart pound. And when oxytocin is released
in the stress response, it is motivating you to seek support. Your biological stress response is nudging you to tell
someone how you feel, instead of bottling it up. Your stress response wants
to make sure you notice when someone else
in your life is struggling so that you can support each other. When life is difficult, your stress response wants you
to be surrounded by people who care about you. Okay, so how is knowing this side
of stress going to make you healthier? Well, oxytocin doesn’t only act
on your brain. It also acts on your body, and one of its main roles in your body is to protect your cardiovascular system
from the effects of stress. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. It also helps your blood vessels
stay relaxed during stress. But my favorite effect on the body
is actually on the heart. Your heart has receptors for this hormone, and oxytocin helps heart cells regenerate and heal from any stress-induced damage. This stress hormone
strengthens your heart. And the cool thing
is that all of these physical benefits of oxytocin are enhanced
by social contact and social support. So when you reach out
to others under stress, either to seek support
or to help someone else, you release more of this hormone, your stress response becomes healthier, and you actually recover
faster from stress. I find this amazing, that your stress response
has a built-in mechanism for stress resilience, and that mechanism is human connection. I want to finish by telling you
about one more study. And listen up, because this study
could also save a life. This study tracked about 1,000 adults
in the United States, and they ranged in age from 34 to 93, and they started the study by asking, “How much stress have you
experienced in the last year?” They also asked, “How much time have you spent
helping out friends, neighbors, people in your community?” And then they used public records
for the next five years to find out who died. Okay, so the bad news first: For every major stressful life experience, like financial difficulties
or family crisis, that increased the risk
of dying by 30 percent. But — and I hope you
are expecting a “but” by now — but that wasn’t true for everyone. People who spent time caring for others showed absolutely no stress-related
increase in dying. Zero. Caring created resilience. And so we see once again that the harmful effects
of stress on your health are not inevitable. How you think and how you act can transform your experience of stress. When you choose to view
your stress response as helpful, you create the biology of courage. And when you choose to connect
with others under stress, you can create resilience. Now I wouldn’t necessarily ask
for more stressful experiences in my life, but this science has given me
a whole new appreciation for stress. Stress gives us access to our hearts. The compassionate heart
that finds joy and meaning in connecting with others, and yes, your pounding physical heart, working so hard to give you
strength and energy. And when you choose to view
stress in this way, you’re not just getting better at stress, you’re actually making
a pretty profound statement. You’re saying that you can trust yourself
to handle life’s challenges. And you’re remembering
that you don’t have to face them alone. Thank you. (Applause) Chris Anderson: This is kind
of amazing, what you’re telling us. It seems amazing to me
that a belief about stress can make so much difference
to someone’s life expectancy. How would that extend to advice, like, if someone is making
a lifestyle choice between, say, a stressful job
and a non-stressful job, does it matter which way they go? It’s equally wise to go
for the stressful job so long as you believe
that you can handle it, in some sense? KM: Yeah, and one thing
we know for certain is that chasing meaning
is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort. And so I would say that’s really
the best way to make decisions, is go after what it is
that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle
the stress that follows. CA: Thank you so much, Kelly.
It’s pretty cool. (Applause)

4-H Working Safely on Tractors

Tractors play an important role on most farms,
and proper training and use of farm equipment is essential in keeping everyone healthy and safe. Working Safely on Tractors So who can or can’t use a tractor? Well, no one is allowed to drive a tractor unless they’re under strict supervision, or are cleared by a knowledgeable and experienced supervisor. You may have been around tractors your whole life, but that doesn’t mean you’re trained to use them. The first thing you need to do is read and follow the manual. Always use the steps or ladder to climb on. Face the machine while you climb, and keep three points of contact at all times. If the machine doesn’t have a stepper ladder, use the left side — that’s the one with the clutch. Using the right side is dangerous
because you could release the brake. Never jump or try to get on or off a moving tractor. That’s just super dangerous. So now let’s talk about a few driving hazards. The biggest driving hazard can be the terrain, so always look out for things such as stumps, large stones, irrigation pipes, ditches, mud, and large holes. And if you can’t remove a hazard, mark or flag it so you or someone else will see it next time. Hills and uneven surfaces are another huge hazard when it comes to operating tractors. It’s always best to drive straight up or down a slope — never on an angle. And avoid sharp downhill turns. Always slow down before making turns, and begin to apply the brakes before you turn the wheels.
And don’t speed. Another important safety feature of your tractor is the ROPS. She means the rollover protective structure. If the machine you’re using doesn’t have one, ask if you should be using that tractor. ROPS are mandatory in most situations and must be used with a seat belt. The idea is if the tractor were to roll or flip, the ROPS would keep the tractor from rolling on top of you. But you have to wear your seat belt
so you stay in your seat and protected. It’s like a roll bar in a race car. When operating a tractor with a bucket,
always travel with the bucket low. This will keep your centre of gravity low
and the tractor stable. If you’re towing an offset implement,
the implement should always be on the uphill side. Also, avoid sharp downhill turns. Never ride on a tractor if there isn’t a seat — no matter who tells you to — and don’t let anyone else do it either. It’s extremely dangerous. Tractors can also be crazy loud. You have to
remember to wear your hearing protection. If you’re 16 or older, and you have your driver’s licence, then you’re allowed on roads. If not, you can’t go on roads, so don’t. So that’s it. Now you’ve heard about a few of the hazards of operating a tractor. Proper training and use of farming equipment
is absolutely essential in keeping everyone
healthy and safe. Remember all these things and you’ll be well on your way to working safely on and around tractors. Thanks for watching. And if you have any questions, ask your 4-H leader.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Did you know that 58% of your
performance in the workplace, no matter what kind of job you have, is determined
by your emotional intelligence? I’m Brenda Florida, life coach and
lifestyle advisor, and today we’re going to talk about the importance of
emotional intelligence. I often do programs in the workplace
environment for either companies or I’ve done worked with associations for their
members on emotional intelligence because when there’s a single
determining factor that equates to 58% of your performance, that’s worth
talking about. So what is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence
actually has four components. It’s about your self-awareness because,
of course, if you are not self-aware, then your ability to manage yourself or other
situations is very limited. So it all begins with self-awareness– that’s sort
of the foundation of emotional intelligence. Next is your ability to
then monitor or change or modify how you’re behaving because you’ve started
by being self-aware and now you have this awareness and so now you can choose
your response a little easier. The next goes to what you might call social
or other awareness, so your ability to pick up on what other people are
thinking or feeling or your intuition so to speak towards them. And then last but
not least is then putting all of that together and saying, “Okay, now I
understand myself and I think I have a sense of the other person and where
they’re coming from and so now how do I help manage the whole interaction so that it’s more productive?” So those are the four components of
emotional intelligence. There’s a great book I always use what I’m training this:
it’s Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and this is by Travis Bradbury and Jeanne Grieves
and you can find it very easily on Amazon or whatever; I’ll put a link in
the post. But one of the things I like about this book is that, one, it talks
about each of those four components to, you know, more detail than I’ve just gone
to, so you can understand those a little better. And then it also comes with a
code so that you can go on their website and take an emotional intelligence
assessment. And then when you get that assessment, the rest of the book, like,
actually probably two-thirds of this book are ways to improve on whatever the EQ (emotional intelligence) assessment indicated for you
specifically. So it might say, “Oh well, to improve your self-awareness, go to tip
number, you know, 3, 7 and 10 and read what those say and then start to apply that.”
You know, so it’s very practical For those of you who have followed my
work for very long or been with me in one of my programs or worked with me in
the workplace, you know that I am all about being practical. I have that very
pragmatic side of me where I don’t really care if it’s a great idea and it
sounds good– a lot of leadership concepts are that way. People will talk about these
lofty ideas of what great leaders we want to be or great managers– and then
they don’t tell you how to get from point A to point B. So I’m all about how
to get from A to B and so if you check out the program’s page on my website,
you’ll see I have three different programs there right now that I’ve done
several different times. Like I said before, in my case they’ve been to realtor
companies or organizations because I spent, you know, all of my career really,
other than being a life coach, in the real estate industry. Okay there was
few years where I was also an owner of a Domino’s Pizza franchise with my husband,
but I haven’t spun a pizza crust in a long time! So most of my career has been
in real estate and so my programs have been in that arena and, you know, anybody
who’s affiliated or in any kind of sales work, which really who isn’t in sales? But
real estate agents, insurance agents, people who work in banks– anybody who’s
really selling for a living, your emotional intelligence is going to be
worth way more than 58% of your job performance because your ability to
monitor your own behavior, I’ll say, or your own reactions, your ability to know
when you’re getting your buttons pushed and why or to change your response
because of that, to take a few minutes to say, “You know, what I’m going to think
about that and I’m going to get back to you a little bit later today,” or you know
whatever it is. Those are signs of emotional intelligence. Empathy. We’ll do–
I’ll have to do a whole video on empathy. Empathy to me is probably the number
one deal breaker or maker with a leader or anyone in any kind of a direct sales
sort of relationship because if you don’t have empathy for the people that
are on your team and who are with you, then your boat is sunk from the
beginning, whether you know it or not. So I love talking about this, I love working
with organizations and with individuals on it, so if you have any interest in
having me develop a program for you or if you just want some coaching
one-on-one in this area, please reach out to me through my website or through
email: [email protected] On the programs page, there’s plenty of
links where you can email me from there– and let’s talk about how improving your
emotional intelligence can help you perform better in the workplace. And my
little secret here is what helps in the workplace, helps at home– it will help in
all your personal relationships as well. So this is Brenda Florida,
let’s live lavishly together. Thanks for joining me!

How To Stop Overworking | STOP Working So Hard. This Is What Billionaires Do

What happened to the good old days when we
hunted, farmed, gathered, and fish for our food instead of being overworked? Some of us work like slaves, yet we reap no
joy. While others put in what is required and reap
all the pleasures that life has to offer. It is easy to put in 100 hours a week doing
something that gives you passion and happiness. It is difficult to put in 30 hours a week
doing something that brings pure misery and agony. This video on overworked, overwhelmed, and
overstress shall stress the utmost importance of how
not to fall prey to what 95% of us are doing. The Power Of Not Working
Why do companies give most of its employees 2 weeks paid vacation and 1-2 weeks off during
the end of the year? Bill Gates and other super wealthy moguls
dedicate an entire week a few times a year of just relaxing. No phones, laptops, work, and so forth. Just relax, have fun, eat, and wind down. They do it because it increases productivity,
releases all the stress and tension, and enhances work ethics studies suggest. Life must be a balance. Stocks, investments, temperature, human emotions,
hunger, and so on do just that. Excessive exercising, eating the same healthy
foods daily, drinking too much water, overthinking, and so on. These are healthy and beneficial to the body
but in moderation. When you are not working, you give time to
your body, mind, and self. Extensive labor whether physically or mentality
must be feed with nutrient. That nutrient is nothing. Literally, just relax and turn off the switch
to worldly matters. Don’t think about work when you aren’t
working. Don’t even talk about work. Do all things work related when you are at
your job. When vacation or temporary rest comes, just
relax and enjoy every moment. Stressing overwork only creates more harm. Why overwork and over-stress, that’s double
murder? Dangers Of Overworked
When you over-train, you can hurt a muscle, dislocate a bone, and recover poorly. It goes to say in all aspects of life. Overworking can lead to the one thing which
some fall victims too, suicide. Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese have the highest
work-related suicide rates. Their rapid modernization and advancement
don’t need numbers or statistics as evidence. A man’s wealth is measured by his intensive
labors. I do genuinely believe that. However, no one cares about the pain or suffering
that you’ve experienced to achieved such statue. Progress doesn’t matter, the final result
does. Working too much can lead to and cause severe
miseries. Miseries that worsens your emotions and pains. Here are some dangers associated with being
overworked. * Feel worthless and unappreciated
* Increase blood pressure * Increases stress and tensions
* Uncertainty, not sure what you are working for
* Restless nights * Lack of proper food
* Can lead to death * Long night hours can lead to cancer
* Excessive sitting increases the risk of a stroke
What’s even more frightening is that the above list only contains a few examples. It’s all been scientifically studied and
proven. The 40-hour a week isn’t just a random number. 40 hours a week has been proven to be super
effective for most employees and even higher-ups. 8 hours goes into work, rest, and other personal
matters. A perfect balance. Is it better to labor intensively, so your
bank account grows or is it better to labor adequately, so your body, mind, and spirit
grows? We forget the most important thing (person)
to us. That’s us. Working for someone else’s dreams is bad
enough, but having to break your back and even sacrifice your soul for their cause is
absurd. So tell me, do you work to live, or live to
work? Set The Mood
My job involves the internet, a laptop, and anything else to lighten the mood. Working as a cashier may not be a great example. Listening to some music, munching on cookies
or a piece of fruit, drinking coffee or your favorite beverage, and anything to set the
tune may reduce work stress. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you
should give your absolute and undivided attention to it. We are not machines in the flesh, well, not
yet. Being a minimalist traveler has given me great
freedom. Sipping on freshly, roasted, robust cafe while
listening quietly to peaceful music as I sit in a place filled with warmth and comfort. Watching locals do whatever it is that they
do and gazing in awe at unfamiliar faces. That’s why I love my job. Sitting in a windowless basement while slaving
for your boss is something that I can not register. Food, shelter, and family comes first, but
however about you? You work day and night, to please someone
else. Pictures, colors, material objects, plants,
flowers, and anything to lighten up the atmosphere. Working outside and around plants increases
productivity by up to 40%. Sunlight increases happiness. Just seeing others work can motivate you. Your surroundings is just as crucial as the
job itself. Energy And Movement Going to work on 4 hours of rest isn’t the
wisest move, especially to the person being operated on. Being overweight and stationed to one spot
for 8 hours a day isn’t healthy or jolly. A healthy mind and body is a productive mind
and body. Working at peaked energy and strength only
makes your job easier. Drink coffee, water, tea, juices, or whatever
in the morning to start your day. Working 40 hours a week while frequenting
fast food is an American thing, yet a recent 2018 poll shows that 85% of them aren’t
satisfied where they work. Could it be that food and physical activity
play some kind of role? Yes, times infinity! Burgers, Chinese, Mexican, and potatoes are
not real food. How you look and feel is caused by what you
eat. You know exactly what’s healthy and not,
and you know this to be true, yet you can not accept it because the power of gluttony
and sloth has dominance over you. Exercise increases energy, memory cognition,
creativity, motivation, releases stress and tension, and so much more. Sitting all day is killing you, literally. Some scientist are saying that sitting is
the new smoking. Remember a few million years ago when our
ancestors walked everywhere? Physical activity will make you live longer,
even if you smoke and drink. It’s easy to work 12 hours a day if you’re
moving. It’s unbearable working 8 hours a day when
you’re glued to one spot. Love What You Do Everyone has to work, for the most part. If you’re still working where you are, then
you really don’t hate it. If you do, then you’d be long gone. The truth is you’re comfortable. It feeds the family and provides a roof for
you. That’s all it takes, for the multitude. Traveling, working abroad, and doing anything
my American passport grants me is a dream come true. It didn’t come easy. I’m finally reaping the seeds of my hard
labor. What I’m saying is you can do anything and
work anywhere you please. No one forced you to work at Amazon or Walmart. You believe that you can not own a company
or you’ll always do another man’s job. There you go. You believe it, and you shall have it. You’re not willing to take risk or try new
things. Putting in 12 hours a day for years will eventually
make any man go mad unless he loves what he does. You’re not overworked, you just don’t
like your job. Do what you want and love. If it takes another 4 years of college, then
so be it. If it requires you to sacrifice a few things,
then is that a risk you’re willing to take? You have to do what gives you absolute joy
and meaning. You’ve worked too long to make someone else’s
dreams a reality. Isn’t it time to make yours a reality? That isn’t the final question. The last question is what is it going to take
for you to do just that?


(Sanjay texting) Doing laundry in Sweden is just as
important as waking up every morning. Though it might be a common excuse for
people to just stay at home, quite often they’re telling the truth. They have to do laundry. Since it’s such a big deal, you need a few items before
you begin your mission the key to access the laundry room
…since we’re washing soap, you’ll need some detergent and the IKEA bag. No laundry day is complete without an IKEA bag. The laundry room or Tvättstuga in
Swedish, is typically located in the basement of your apartment. To get to this ultimate Swedish experience, you’ll need to traverse some dark, cold and sometimes scary corridors. In Sweden the laundry room is shared with the entire
apartment and it’s free. So in order to avoid awkward confrontations or receiving angry notes, book in advance. You can book in front of the laundry
room or online, it’s up to you. In the laundry room you’ll find your average
sink, washers and dryers and the not so average or traditional ‘dryer room thing’ (
it’s kinda cool though) And the machines, they come in English, Portuguese,
French, Italian…. They’re quite multilingual and easy to use, or you can
just throw the detergent in like I did. No measurements needed. It’s very
important though that you take care of the room Don’t leave stuff in the
washers or dryers or leave the washer and dryer dirty. (Sighs) You will receive some
really really, angry, angry notes It’s also really important to not
overstay your time (Neighbour: Hej !) Sanjay: I’m so Sorry ! This room can definitely make or break the friendships
between you and your neighbours. Now, because of the awesome booking system,
there’s no need to sit and wait for your laundry. So you can just wish your
favourite underwear good luck. No one is gonna steal it. Your neighbours will love
you if you clean up your lint. And if you don’t? Well, let’s just say you won’t be
so popular. Because it’s a shared space, the laundry room has many rules, some of which are unspoken. There might be additional ones depending on
where you live. All in all, never underestimate the
seriousness of laundry day and the laundry room in Sweden

How to get working experiences?

almost 600,000 foreign students in Canada
and they are seeking for chances to settle in here by a job so it’s tough to
be a candidate in this real situation. Meanwhile, recruiters always ask you
experience while you just well done your graduation so the problem is your
working experience. That’s the reason why I’m here to share with you opportunities
that you can accumulate major credit via volunteering and working abroad program.
well you are going to be a doctor, a teacher, an engineer or an animal
protector, so there’s a lot of places out there need you more than here and it
willing to give you a huge range of experience such as South Africa where
there are thousands of animal in need of reservation, children need education, injured people need rescue and construction needs to be built. students will not only
learn but also practice their knowledge as a daily routine I must say that these
experiences are extremely more valuable than your degrees. If you are curious,
let’s try our upcoming seminar to learn more details. Your glories are dependent
on your paths

My wife is too busy working and fangirling. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.05.20]

We root for you to solve your concerns! Tell us your concerns! (Hello) Let me introduce today’s guest panel. The fashionista you want to be like, Pyeon Jungsu! (Model and actress Pyeon Jungsu) – Comedienne Kim Jimin! / – Kim Jimin! (Comedienne Kim Jimin) – Handsome TV personality Oh Sangjin! / – Sangjin! (TV personality Oh Sangjin) Gyuri and Saerom of fromis_9! (Gyuri and Saerom of fromis_9) (Cheering) How long have you been married? For 25 years. Married for 25 years. Jungsu’s eldest daughter is 21 years old now. – She’s already that old? / – Yes. At what age did you get married? I got married at 21. You two look great. – Which one is the daughter? / – You’re like sisters. That’s why I love going abroad. They all think I’m 21 and that my daughter’s in high school. She looks so womanly now. She grew so much. – She’s a lady. / – She’s so pretty. Sangjin is also going to be – a devoted father. / – To his daughter. Congratulations. (Congrats) What do you dream of doing with your daughter? I want to wear matching jerseys with her. I want to go to Hangang, eat fried chicken, and throw a frisbee with her. Aren’t frisbees for dogs? You want your girl to catch it in her mouth? (This is so chaotic) Anyway, you’ll play catch. That’s so cute. His wife Kim Soyoung is a huge fan of BTS. Shes loves them. She’s in the fan club? Is she an ARMY? She’s an ARMY. – I’m a big fan of BTS too. / – Sure. Is the fetus named Army? (Flustered) That sounds cute. The fetus’s name isn’t Army, but she plays BTS songs for the fetus. – Like “Blood Sweat & Tears”? / – Yes. (That’s right) Kim Jimin is here. Does this make you want to date and get married? I really want to date. I really do. I often drink with Park Narae. Sometimes we meet decent guys at the bar, but we end up getting drunk and try to be funny. – Because of your jobs. / – Right. We keep cracking jokes, and the guys just end up leaving us. – You’ve gotten infected by your jobs. / – Yes. It’s fromis_9’s first time on our show. They’re so pretty. Can we hear your official greeting? Here’s our greeting. 2, 3. ♪ Promise now, cherish it dearly ♪ We’ll grow to be your idols. Hello, we’re fromis_9. ♪ Promise now ♪ That’s their official greeting. I find it hilarious that they’re embarrassed whenever they do it. It’s not so bad with nine, but hard for just two. Saerom, who do people say you look like? (Careful) – The actress, right? / – Han Chaeyoung? You’re right! She does look like Han Chaeyoung. They really look alike. – She does look like Han Chaeyoung. / – Yeah. I even played her younger counterpart. Where? – You played Han Chaeyoung as a child? / – Yes. In the drama “Ad Genius Lee Taebaek.” I see. I love that I look like Han Chaeyoung, but people think I’d be coy and arrogant. You do have that look. I’m different. I look like I’d act cute all the time. Yes, you do. But I’m really bad at acting cute. We’ll be the judges of that. If you’re really bad at it, just end it today. Let’s go. 1, 2, 3. Cute, cute, cute. That was good! That was really good. (She rediscovered her cuteness?) – No, no. / – No? Anyone can tell that she tried really hard. (We applaud your efforts) Once again, we have three concerns today. Please show us the keywords. The first one is “Living in a Dreamworld.” “Dear, I Miss You.” “Let’s Hit the Brakes.” “Dear, I Miss You.” Oh my. Hello. I’m a 67-year-old man who dreams of being happy with my wife. However! Ring, ring. “Dear! Are you coming home today?” “Not today! Bye!” My wife won’t come home. From Monday through Friday, that’s five days a week. (What’s going on?) This is all because of my wife’s diner. Ring, ring. “Dear, let’s go to the beach next week.” “Geez! I’m busy! Bye!” (She keeps ignoring him) My wife is addicted to her job. Even with an injured leg and a cast on… “Dear, you can’t work with that leg.” “It’s fine! I can walk on my heel. I’m going to work. See you in five days.” In five days… Does she love her job or just hate me? I always eat alone and sleep alone. I’m so lonely in my old age. Oh no. “Dear, you’ll die working like that. What if you die before I do? Can’t you take some time off?” “No! You want us to starve to death? I can’t do that.” Our eldest daughter is married, and our younger daughter graduated college. We won’t starve even if she takes some time off. Please get my wife to come home. So a 67-year-old man is concerned about his workaholic wife who only sees him on weekends. Come on out, sir! (Who misses his wife that’s always out working?) (He looks so healthy) He looks healthy. (Bae Changhyeon) He looks healthy. (Welcome) Your wife only comes home once a week? I don’t think it’s even a day. She’s been at this job for 6 years. It’s been a while. She works Monday through Saturday and closes at midnight on Saturday. She opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at midnight. So when I bring her home on Saturday, she has to prep ingredients until 2 a.m. – For the next day. / – That’s become a habit. Who are you talking to, sir? Over there. You’re looking at your wife. He pointed right at her. She’s right in front of me! He’s so happy that he gets to see her. I really am. He’s truly happy to see her. Oh my gosh. She’s my wife, but I rarely get to see her. Right now, you’re just happy you get to see her? Yes, I want to talk to her. She’s so pretty. Are you physically very affectionate with her? No, I don’t do that. Everything in moderation. (I’m a reasonable guy) In moderation? Right. Where does your wife sleep? In the restaurant hallway that leads to the bathroom, there’s a camp bed she sleeps on. Oh my. We moved into an apartment, and I want to spend time with her in our nice home. It makes me so sad that she sleeps at the diner. I bet. You must wonder why she would sleep there. That’s the problem. That’s why I’m here today. Is the diner far from your home? It’s 30 minutes away. From Hanam to Seoul, it’s 30 minutes. Just go home, ma’am. It’s not even that far. Why sleep at the diner? I think she prefers working over me. – She likes working. / – That’s a problem. – She’s addicted to her work. / – She’s addicted. One of our friend’s daughters died young from overworking. She was a workaholic too. That was a wake-up call for me. In case your wife ends up like that. If she’s that addicted to her work, she must have a lot of fun running her business. And it must be successful. So the diner makes a lot of money? There were three diners in that area, because there are many academies nearby. I bet she gets a lot of business. There were three diners, but she won over customers with food. (My wife is the best) So they have good food. (It’s a place with good food) So it’s a successful business? She did really well for the first 2 years. But now, a lot of the academies and customers are gone. She closes late to get one or two more customers. – So it isn’t successful anymore? / – Right. I wouldn’t complain if it was successful. The sales have gone down. If it was successful, I’d be counting the money. (He loved that one) So you want your wife to quit working at the diner? – No, it’s not that. / – So it’s not that. Why not? She has to make money? Work in moderation. She’s old now. And think about me. I want to be with her. I want to talk to her at home. So you want her to take some days off? – Right. / – How many times a week? You want her to come home every day? No, no. Not that. (We thought you wanted to talk to her) She has to make money. He’s being so honest. (LOL) This is so funny! How many times a week do you want her? – Just once in the middle of the week. / – Once! – On Wednesdays. / – Right! On Wednesdays. (What is he saying?) – Once every three days. / – On Wednesdays. – You want her home once every three days. / – Yes. She could come home that day. She’s a good cook. She could cook for me. Just for me. Our daughters prefer eating food from the convenience store. But for me… Hey, why don’t you ever gain weight? (He suddenly starts talking to his daughter) Sir, what are you doing? She’s always eating convenience store food. I eat home-cooked meals, but she buys boxes of instant food. It’s like you haven’t spoken to your family in a month. He’s really happy to see his daughter too. He has so much to say, but so little time, so he’s all over the place. He’s asking questions and making comments. He has things to say to his daughter too. – Since he doesn’t see them often. / – Right. Let’s meet the wife first. Dear, come closer so I can see you better. (He’s such an adorable man) We’re having fun today. Hello, ma’am. Hello! – She’s very pretty. / – So lovely. – What a beautiful smile. / – She looks so young. Your husband wants to see you more often, and he’s really sad about that. Are you fine with it though? What’s the point of seeing him often now? No! But he’s really sad. Can’t you come home one day during the week? I’ll have to think about it. (What a cute woman) You know, those diners… They usually use several part-timers. – But she’s alone. / – That’s tough. I do everything by myself. It’s a lot of work for one person to do. What do you do for meals, ma’am? Sometimes I don’t even have time for instant noodles. – Since you’re alone. / – If customers come… There’s nothing but food in my diner. Plenty to eat. I just eat whatever’s available. She doesn’t get to eat proper meals. No, I eat just fine. Thankfully, I’m not a picky eater. I like everything. No, I mean your wife. Sorry! (He told us about his preferences) Why must you work so late without even eating proper meals? I have to make money. My husband gets his pension, which isn’t much. I must make money to make ends meet. Do students come early in the morning? – I prep in the morning. / – You prep. So you do lunch, dinner, and late night. I start prepping at 9 a.m. for the lunch crowd at noon. Right. Even if I close at 11 p.m., I have to clean up. So I sleep at 2 or 3 a.m. You don’t live far. Why sleep at the diner? It’s a 30-minute commute by car and an hour by bus. A bus could take the long way. So that’s a 2-hour round trip. I want to use those 2 hours to rest. I can fiddle around on my cell phone. She suddenly got happy. She got so happy when she mentioned that. “I love not having my husband around to nag at me!” Then what about me? Sir, we’re talking to your wife right now. She makes me so angry. You really must be angry. Are you worried about her being alone at night? Of course I am. Something happened once when she spent the night there. – What? / – What happened? There’s a door outside that you lock and a glass door on the inside. She didn’t lock the glass door. She only locked the outside door and fell asleep. She just fell asleep without knowing. So what happened? A thief was looking at her through the window. Looking at your wife? He was trying to get in through the window. But that’s when my wife woke up. She was so shocked that she screamed. The thief was so surprised that his shoe came off while running away. It’s scary that he stared at her. You talk as if you were there to witness it. This is what you heard from your wife. It’s like he was the thief staring at his wife. Then he ran away when she screamed. – Weren’t you shocked, ma’am? / – That’s dangerous. I just slept at the diner because I got tired. I suddenly felt a gust of cold air. I opened my eyes, and a guy was at the window. It was automatic. I just screamed. I immediately sat up. That would scare the thief. (Like a pterodactyl) That’s scary. So he was shocked. Nobody else in that area sleeps at their diner, right? Nobody. The thief must’ve been really shocked. Can’t you go home for the thieves? Why would you say that? (She just wants to solve this concern) We’re all laughing here, but this is hurtful and dangerous. I don’t want you to sleep there either. It was scary for a few days. I kept thinking about it. (What if something like that happens again?) You want your wife to be with you every day? Yes, I want to be with her. Do you have another story? I mean, couples are like that, but… I was very lonely when I was young. I spent a lot of time on ships. – A sailor. / – I was a sailor. I did it for a few years after getting married too. I spent 26 years on merchant ships. You’re talking about the really big boats, right? They’re huge, right? The deck is as big as four schoolyards. How long did you stay out at sea? I got 3 months off a year. 3 months were allowed, but I never took more than one month off. I returned to sea in less than a month. I had to do that to support my family. You had to work more to make money. We weren’t so well-off. So you’ve always been apart from your wife. That’s why he wants to be with her now. How was your childhood before getting married? I was poor. All of Korea was poor back then. I didn’t even want to… Oh dear… Sir… (Thinking back to those times makes him so sad) Times were tough then. It’s okay, sir. It’s okay. You’ve gotten through all that, which is why you can be happy now. I was sent to an orphanage against my will. An orphanage. I was sent to an orphanage when I was 6. You were at an orphanage since you were 6. Then I was adopted. I have so many painful memories. I bet, sir. You really miss the love of your family. I don’t even know where my birth parents are. That was so hard for me. I bet you really missed your family. We understand after hearing from him. Do you understand why he feels this way? Yes, I do. He went through hardships. So… That’s why I worked harder at life too. You felt bad for your husband. How was your childhood, ma’am? My parents had 7 kids. 7 kids! My older sister was loved for being the eldest. The second is my brother, who was sickly. He was loved for being a son. I’m the third. I was the only one who could work. – You were stuck in the middle. / – Yes. I had to help my younger siblings with schoolwork. I had to send my older brother to school. I worked without sleeping. – You worked ever since you were young. / – Yes. At what age did you start working? I was 16. 16. (She’s worked all her life) (And he’s always been lonely) Ma’am, don’t you want to take it easy now? That’s right. Don’t you want some rest? I don’t need rest. I’m just thankful that I’m healthy enough to work. Working makes me happy. But isn’t it better to be with your family sometimes? Sure, it’s nice sometimes. But I don’t want to hear his nagging. Being at the diner makes me happier. Is he physically affectionate? I have no complaints about that. (She doesn’t deny it) I said I do everything in moderation. That’s your opinion. I wanted to hear hers. (I keep it in moderation) (They’re so funny) Ma’am, all he wants is for you to come home on Wednesdays. I’ll try. You didn’t mean that at all! If she comes home during the week, would you talk to her and take her out? Would you have fun together? That stupid Car, the Garden. That freaking guy… Car, the Garden? The singer? (That would be me) What about him? I just don’t get it. I really don’t. She listens to his songs on repeat all day long. She does it all the time. She’s so up-to-date. You like Car, the Garden? You’re a big fan of Car, the Garden? – Say something, ma’am. / – Yes. I like Car, the Garden. (She’s a fan of Car, the Garden) (She’s like a shy young girl) She’s like a young girl. She meant it for the first time. Her first sincere response. (She was sincere for the first time) (Bitter) I have to keep confirming on my phone. Confirm? I must confirm that I listened to the song. I need to post comments too. – I have to hit the like button. / – She’s so excited! Ma’am, this will be aired nationwide. As a fan, tell us about Car, the Garden. His name is Cha Jeongwon. Born in 1990. Age 30. He went to school in Incheon. She knows everything. And he was on “The Fan.” – He won that show. / – Yes, he won. I first discovered him on “Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook.” “Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook.” – I discovered him in 2016. / – 2016. When I first heard him… (What is she talking about?) (Let us tell you about Car, the Garden) (His real name Cha Jeongwon means “car garden”) (He sings many genres with his unique voice) (He’s known as a talented singer-songwriter) He was so good at singing. I just became a fan right away. (He chugs some water) I do like a lot of celebrities, but never this much. (So excited that this is her first time) She’s never liked anyone this much. She’s definitely a fan. You crossed the line? (He chugs water again) You look so happy right now, but your husband has been chugging water constantly. Ma’am. I bet you could talk about Car, the Garden all night. Yes. But your husband… Say something nice about your husband. My husband is hardworking, tidy… Yes. – That’s it? / – He’s kind. That’s all she has to say. (These two are so funny) What’s Car, the Garden’s hobby? Do you know? He likes British soccer. He likes to collect jerseys. The soccer jerseys. – Then what’s your husband’s hobby? / – Your husband’s. His hobby? (She just laughs) She’s so honest. (Come on) Can you sing your favorite Car, the Garden song? No. (We want to hear your version) ♪ You’re like a dancing tree ♪ She’s good. I can’t sing anymore. That was great, ma’am. You’re good at singing. (That was great, ma’am) Don’t you get jealous that she’s such a big fan? I get really jealous. And that’s not all. Who was it before that? A guy… Hwanhee. She was obsessed with Hwanhee. (Her ex-boyfriend?) She should think of her age. What’s wrong with that, sir? She should act her age. Being obsessed with boys… I can tell he’s really jealous. In the beginning, he said, “Car, the Garden, that jerk.” Sorry. I didn’t mean to. You got caught? She just goes too far. When she gets obsessed with someone, she takes it too far. I don’t have anyone like that. – All you have is your wife. / – Yeah. You’re obsessed only with your wife. This is so funny. You’re a fan only of your wife. (Star-crossed lovers) The youngest daughter is here too. How much does your mom like Car, the Garden? Well… My mom comes home once a week. As her daughter, I want to tell her about my week. I want to tell her everything, but she’s too busy communicating with other fans. She’s on her phone listening to Car, the Garden. She only pretends to listen to me. And this is when I thought she took it too far. “Car, the Garden released a new song. Guess what it’s called.” This was on his fan site. My mom then commented, “Perhaps ‘Love, Hugging, and Kissing.'” The other fans saw that and wrote back, “Maybe that’s how you feel.” They have no idea that my mom’s going to be 70 soon. (She wants to reveal this secret) (Keep your mouth shut) She takes it too far. Your mom keeps saying, “Don’t talk about my age!” She takes it way too far. And this is what really made me sad. You could vote for Car, the Garden via text message. My mom wrote on our group chat, “Vote for Car, the Garden.” I was out at the time. I was too busy to vote. My mom came home that evening, and she looked angry. She started yelling at me. I thought she was just joking, but she was really angry. She said she wouldn’t cook. She looks angry now. She’s angry now. Just thinking about that time. Can you relate to your dad then? Yes, I can relate to his loneliness. (She agrees that her father is lonely) Your wife seems so positive. I think working makes her happy. That’s not always a good thing. Why? Did something happen? How so? She had a different business. It was chicken wholesale. – Oh, chicken wholesale. / – Right. You lost a lot of money? We lost money. Your wife wanted to do that? Yes. The business was registered under my name. So I had to take responsibility for that. How much did you lose? May I ask? Over $1 million. (They lost $1 million) (She doesn’t seem to agree) Hold on. She muttered that you’re lying about $1 million. – Ma’am, grab the mic. / – How much did you lose? $100,000. – Pardon? / – That’s such a big difference. (They’re saying different things) You exaggerated, sir. It was $100,000 of our money, but with the money from our family, it’s $1 million. I think he’s trying to say that you keep losing money despite your hard work. I bet that’s hard on him. Yes, we lost a lot of money. Then you should come home on Wednesdays. No, that’s why I work harder. We can’t argue with that. I can earn the money we lost. I started working on ships again. After your business failed. I had to return to sea, because times got tough. Right. You look so unhappy, ma’am. What if Car, the Garden watches this show? (Starts smiling) (She started smiling right away) (I can’t believe her) You wrote to us because you went through some hard times together, and you want to be with her now. What do you want to do with her the most? We’re pretty old now. I want us to rest together and travel too. I want us to talk more. I just want to spend time with her. I don’t think your husband is asking for much. I’ll try to make time. She didn’t mean it. You’d rather go to Car, the Garden’s concert – by yourself? / – Yes. How about going to his concert with your husband? My husband hates Car, the Garden. If he starts getting into Car, the Garden, you two would have a lot to talk about. It’s good to have shared interests. All right, ma’am. Since you’re on our show, we prepared this just for you. Car, the Garden! Really? Car, the Garden will come down the slide! (She’s always dreamed of meeting him) (Just for the wife) (Right here) Wouldn’t it be nice if he was here? Come on! Darn it. You scared me. I badmouthed him earlier. (Just then) Hello, I’m Car, the Garden. Ms. Lee Yeongsuk. – She’s so happy. / – She’s stomping her feet. I heard you’re always supporting me, which I’m very thankful for. (But…) (She has tears in her eyes) I heard that you work a lot and that your husband is very lonely. My gosh, she’s crying. – Think about your health. / – Goodness. You should cut down on work. I’d like you to spend more time with your family. I’d like you to promise me that. To encourage you, I’ll sing a song just for you. I’ll sing a bit of “When You Raise Me Up.” (A concert for just one person) (At this moment) (He’s singing just for her) ♪ When you raise me up ♪ ♪ I hold out my hands ♪ ♪ And hold you in my arms ♪ Thank you. Thank you. Ma’am. She’s so moved. She’s crying now. Those are tears of joy. – We can’t believe it. / – All throughout the clip. Yes, I’m very happy. It was a special gift just for me. And there’s more, ma’am. We got an autographed CD. Car, the Garden asked us to give it to you. It’s a limited edition with only 100 copies. It’s hard to get. Before that, did you hear what he asked from you? You should cut down on work. I’d like you to spend more time with your family. Can you do those things for Car, the Garden? Yes. Problem solved. (Problem solved immediately) Why did we spend all that time talking? (Feeling happy yet empty) Sir, you should be thankful for Car, the Garden. He made your wish come true. Thank you so much. You called him “that freaking guy.” (He should apologize for saying that) Mr. Car, the Garden… Hold his CD. “Mr. Car, the Garden.” I’m sorry. My wife is a big fan and she really loves your songs. I think I made a mistake earlier. I’m sorry about that. I apologize. (Now she’s happy) Thank you. That’s very cool of you, sir. (I’m happy this misunderstanding is over) Say some closing words to your wife. You’re so obsessed with working. We never got to do anything together. We won’t starve if you cut down on work. You won’t lose the business. So spend more time with me. I love you. Well done. Ma’am, any words for your husband? Thank you for working so hard. I hope we can be happy together. I love you. Let’s cast our votes. I think it could be a concern. You wonder what marriage will be like when you’re old. I say it’s a concern. I think I’ve learned a lot from you two about what to do in my own married life. I had so much fun listening to you two. I think this concern has been solved, so I won’t vote. If you think this is a concern, please press the button! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Stop! Show us the results. The last digit… Will it get over 100 votes? Will it be over 100? How many? 62 votes. (62 votes)