5 rules to smart business card etiquette – Personality Development Video

Hey friends it’s me Niharika and welcome
to Skillopedia. The place to learn skills for the real world. Well, recently I attended
a conference and I met many professionals from different organizations. And guess what?
I was amazed to see the way these people handed out their business cards, so unprofessional.
Well, yes there is something as Business card Etiquette and that’s what we are gonna learn
in today’s session, because one wrong move can jeopardize your professional image, so
why to mess it up. In this session you will learn some tips to give out your business
cards professionally. The very first thing that you need to keep in mind, when it comes to business card etiquette is stop giving excuses. It is so unprofessional when you
end up telling the other person that, Ooops! I forgot the card or you end up saying that,
it’s gone for printing or that was the last one that I had with me, so unprofessional.
Always make sure to carry your cards before leaving your house or your workplace. And
not just few of them plenty of them. Because business card etiquette dictates you to carry
your cards even when there’s little chance of someone asking you for them. So make sure
to carry your cards always. The second important point that you need to keep in mind is keep your card safe. When I say that keep your card safe, it means that you need to protect
your card in all the wear and tear by keeping them in a business card case. Now imagine
if someone gives you a card which is totally crumpled, something like this, okay here is
my card for you, it’s so crumpled. Is that professional? Definitely not, gives such a
bad impression. Would you like to receive a crumpled card? No, so you have to make sure
to protect your cards well. Also you should always know that where are your cards kept,
so someone asks you for your card and imagine yourself searching for it in every pocket.
Well, where is the card? Oh is it here? Let me see is it here? That makes no sense; you
can’t have the other person waiting for you, while you are searching for the card.
You should know where you have kept your cards. And it’s important for you to get a business
card case and keep your cards safely. The next thing that you need to keep in mind,
when it comes to business card etiquette is do not distribute. When I say do not distribute,
it means that do not distribute your business cards like the way you would distribute sweets
on your birthday. Well, your card has some value. You cannot distribute it like some
business flyer; it’s your professional image that shows on your business card. So just
because you are attending a business event, doesn’t mean that you keep giving your cards
to every person that you meet. That is so unprofessional. Always give it when you’re
asked for, especially when you are having a conversation with a senior. Let that senior
person initiate the exchange of cards, so let that senior person ask you for your card
and then you can go ahead and hand it out to him or her. Now if you are the person,
who is interested in contacting the person that you are chatting with, then you can go
ahead and ask for their cards. But please do make sure that do not distribute your cards everywhere. It’s time for the next thing. The way you give your card and the way you
receive someone’s card. So someone asks you for a card at a business event, how would
you give the card? You use your right hand. The hand of discretion. Now someone is asking
for the card, this is the way you will give him or her your card with your right hand,
so this is my card for you. Now there’s another way of giving out the card. You can
use both your hands. In order to show respect or if you are giving out your card to a senior
person then you can use both your hands to give the card. Something like this, here’s
my card for you. I’m using both my hands, so either you can use your right hand or you
can use both your hands in order to show respect, when you are giving your business card. Another
thing that you need to make a note of is when you are giving your card make sure to give
it in such a way that the person who’s receiving it, doesn’t have to turn it around to read
it. And then if you are the one who is receiving someone’s card, compliment have a look at
the logo or maybe the business name if it’s really catchy. You can compliment by saying,
Hey that’s a nice card or what a nice logo you have, so this is the way you will give
and receive a business cards. The last tip that I have for you of business card etiquette is to keep your card simple and updated. Now when I say to keep your card simple, it doesn’t
mean that you have to keep it very simple. It just has to look professional. You cannot
end up having glossy cards or glittery cards, unless you’re representing a disco tech.
Also the font size of your card should be just perfect, very readable. Do not have very
small font, wherein people end up trying to get into the card and read it or do not have
real big font, which doesn’t look professional at all. So have readable font size on your
card and always make sure to keep your card updated. Now when I say it’s important for
you to keep your card updated, it means all the contact information should be just correct.
Say for example, if you have a change in your contact information, there are people that
I have come across, who end up crossing it off and writing the new contact information
on the very same card. That’s so unprofessional. If you have any contact information that is
changed, please go ahead and get new cards printed. Also another thing that you need
to make sure of is need not have fancy email addresses. For example, [email protected],
How does that sound to you? Funny or something like, [email protected] ,Disastress,
so please have decent and professional email ids, because that should look professional.
Your business card is your professional image so people following these business card etiquette
is just another way to polish your business skills. So the next time you are networking
with people make sure you have these tips in mind. And please do subscribe to our channel
Skillopedia. The place to learn skills for the real world

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How to Start an LLC in Florida – Short Version

How to form an LLC in Florida Florida is a excellent place to form a new
LLC. The Sunshine State has the lowest income taxes
in the country, and is number one in
economic growth prospects. Every state has slightly different requirements
for forming an LLC. Follow along closely to learn the required steps for creating your own Limited Liability Company
in the state of Florida. There are two ways to form an LLC in Florida: You can form one yourself, or you can hire a service to do it for you. Let’s start by looking at the five basic
requirements to form an LLC in Florida on your own: 1. Name your LLC You’ll need to choose a company name that
complies with Florida naming requirements, and do a name search on the State of Florida Sunbiz website to make sure the name isn’t already taken. You should go ahead and register the URL for
your business website and email as well. 2. Choose a registered agent. Florida requires that you nominate a
registered agent for your LLC, who is your business’s point of contact with the state. The registered agent can be an individual
within the company including yourself, or you can hire a professional service authorized
to do business in Florida. 3. File the Articles of Organization. To register your LLC, you will need to file
the Articles of Organization with the State of Florida. This can be done online at the MyFlorida Sunbiz
website or by mail. When filing, you will need to consider the
management structure of your LLC. We recommend learning more about member-managed vs manager-managed LLCs before you file. In Section IV of the Articles of Organization,
you will be asked about your LLC’s management structure. This Section can be left blank; however If
you plan to open a business banking account, the bank may require you to list the name
of at least one Authorized representative. This can be a manager or member in your Articles
of Organization. Since it’s important to open a separate
bank account for your LLC, most people add the name of the person who will open the account. You do not need to list every member. 4. Create an Operating Agreement. You should also create an operating agreement
to establish ownership terms and member roles. This is an internal document for reference,
and does not need to be filed with the state of Florida. This foundational document is the core of
your LLC, and will help you maintain your organization, as well as further establish
your LLC as a separate legal entity. 5. Obtain an EIN. Lastly, then you’ll need to get an Employer
Identification Number, or EIN, from the IRS. Also known as a Federal Tax Identification
Number, your EIN is like a social security number for your LLC and is important for taxes
and banking. EIN’s are free of charge, and can be obtained
from the IRS online or through the mail. And with that, you will have formed a Florida
LLC on your own. Option 2. Hire a Professional Service The second way to create a Florida LLC is
to hire a professional service to create your LLC for you. Hiring a professional service to file your
forms and act as your registered agent for the LLC will cost you an additional 50 to
150 dollars. However, there are several benefits to working
with a pro: A hired registered agent helps with getting
your reports filed on time, helps you stay organized by keeping your business mail separate, and is available at all regular business hours to accept official mail and legal papers on your LLC’s behalf. A final and important additional benefit of
using a service is privacy: a professional service will provide a level of privacy by withholding your personal name and home address from the LLC’s contact information. There are many reasons you might not want
your personal information easily accessible and associated with your business-hiring
a professional LLC formation service is an easy way to accomplish this. Research your options Now that you have seen the different requirements
and ways you can form an LLC in Florida, visit our site and take some time to
research your options and establish a solid foundation for your business activities. Click on the links in the description below
to research the top 5 professional formation services, or get more information on how to
form a Florida LLC on your own. We offer a host of free templates and tools
to help accelerate your small business, from operating agreements to business plans – all
free of charge. Visit us at HowtostartanLLC.com

Mens Styling Tips | Men’s cocktail attire | What to Wear to a Cocktail Event | UBERMEN Stylist

In todays tutorial I’m going to be taking you through tips on how to dress for a Cocktail Event. Now the great thing about cocktail events is that they allow you to inject personality into the outfit, through accessories. However, all cocktail outfits should start with a well fitted suit. Now a well fitted suit should come to the widest part of your shoulder, without falling over. This ensures that your shoulders look broad without them sloping on the sides. And it also stops you getting a hollow look, on the side here on the shoulder. Now with your blazer, you should see roughly see a 1/4 of an inch of your cuff and also allow for accessories such as watches or bracelets. Here today we have an Eminence watch with a black strap and silver face. And we’ve paired it back another Eminence bracelet and one of our Joel Wade silver rings. Now a black wrist watch with a silver face is must have for every mans wardrobe as it is suitable for work, as well as formal occasions. Now, with the cocktail attire, it’s also important to have a suitable fitting pant. Suitable fitting pants shouldn’t be bunchy, they shouldn’t be over sized, they should fit nicely on the leg. As you see here we have a crease front pant. So with a crease front pant its important that your pant length sits just on the top of your shoe usually roughly in line with your ankle bone. What this is giving is a solid line all the way up his leg, which is giving him added height, visually, but also ensuring he looks long and proportionate. So to add personality into Ryan’s outfit today we’ve gone with a Coopers Brothers tie and pocket square. Now the great thing about these is they have a number of different colours, but we’ve used a tie with a black base to bring that through in the suit. Now we have also taken the colour pink,which you see here in the roses and we’ve added this as a lapel pin. Now you don’t always need to wear a lapel pin, buts similar to a bow tie, a lapel pin is that added bit of fun and flare to an outfit, this isn’t your everyday dressing. So when you’ve added the finishing touches to your outfit in the form of accessories as we’ve just discussed, when considering how to do up your blazer, the easiest rule of thumb is to remember to only to do your top button up. What this does, is it helps to anchor your outfit, it gives you a V-line. So it’s broadening your shoulders but its also drawing attention to the slimmest part of your figure, so it’s showing this waistline here as well. What this will do is it will help ensure that your body looks in proportion from your shoulders through your waist and again, down into the leg. Now remember, this isn’t a black tie event, it’s a cocktail event, so don’t be afraid to have fun with colour and print, like we’ve done with today’s accessories. Now the last thing that you need to bring into the outfit, is confidence; and thats only something you can do. Thank you for watching and we will see you next time on UBERMEN TV.

Orbit Series SVC Installation Video

First, we need to connect your camera to the codec. Connect the cable to the camera, and the other end to the camera input on the codec. Next, plug in the microphone cable. Connect the blue end of MIC cable to the microphone mic out slot and the red end to MIC input slot. Then, attach the network cable to the network port on the codec. Hook the HDMI cable to your monitor and the HDMI output on the codec. Finally, plug in the power cable and press the power button. Now you’re ready to get started! After the AVer Logo and animation show, the “Setup Wizard” will appear. Use the remote control to click on “WizardStart” to proceed to the next step When in“WizardStart, select a language Then enter your site name After entering your site name, choose your network type From here setup your network and SIP configuration

Starting An Amazon Business/Import From China Business? How To Protect It?

Hey guys Alex Ryan here hope you’re
having an awesome day I’m here in South Korea I’ve just met has two supplies
actually and I’m down in a port city the fifth largest port in the world called
Busan and I’ve just taken a bit of time off I’ve got an hour free so there’s a
quick tour off the of Busan and this behind me as you can see is South
Korea’s essentially their take on the Great Wall China so something to protect
them for goalie ins and the Japanese and maybe Kim Jong Leung I don’t know and
the question I want you to ponder today is how do you protect your importing
business or your Amazon business what can you do what can you put in place to
help you protect your business so it could be trademarks which are quite
easily to attain it could be patents on particular products if you knew the
paintings and probably get some advice before getting up hatin because they’re
quite costly it could be connecting with a lawyer in China I’ve done this before
I’ve contacted a lawyer to look at contracts before submitting payment to a
Chinese supplier getting just a look over to contact making sure the
translation is perfect what else can you do to make sure you’re importing or your
Amazon business is protected and there’s a lot of things you can do guys a couple
other things make sure that your competitors are always sort of in check
you to kind of know what they’re selling you know what price points is selling it
out maybe you can you know change your prices here here or there maybe make a
better offer always check on a few suppliers when you have a great supplier
I would say don’t stop there I would say look for two or three more suppliers you
don’t need to contact them just having their in your pocket in case your one
supply ends up falling off the wagon and stop producing that particular product
and you need something else you need a supply quick quick smart so always have
two supplies in check that’s it for me today guys
quite a bit of a walk it’s a big as you can see there massive massive walk
massive war and hope you have a good day and if you have any questions guys if
you’re looking at get started importing from China maybe starting something on
Amazon maybe you’re looking to how did I get saying lifted off this year and
you’re sort of unsure about what product to sell you know what’s what’s in demand
right now or connect with us Alex Ryan visit my website the website link is
below this video and if you know somebody who’s looking to protect their
business maybe stay on a business and make sure that they they protect it and
they’re starting from scratch and they need a bit of help definitely share this
video comment below I’ll be very happy that you did and yeah let’s let’s get
something started this year I hope you have an awesome day guys talk to you all
soon see

Work Outfit Ideas: Business Casual Attire for Women | JCPenney

Hi, guys. I’m Sage, senior styling
director at J.C. Penney, and I’m here to answer some
of your styling questions. Alissa, one of our customers, is
getting back into the workforce, and I’m going to provide some
great business casual options. Let’s go shopping. I’m back from our J.C.
Penney store, and I’ve asked some of our home office associates
to model these outfits for you. I love this business casual look. I’ve taken a classic pencil skirt and
paired it with a plaid, casual top. Instead of tucking it in, think
about making a tie at the waist, then rolling the sleeve to
keep your outfit relaxed. And then finish the look with
a plaid, open toe, block heel and a pair of silver hoops. So getting dressed for work
doesn’t have to be hard. Think about your casual
dresses, like this a.n.a dress you might typically wear on the
weekend, but wear it with a block heel, and add a fun fringe statement earring. You’ll need an office bag, so select
something a little less traditional, like this fun Arizona backpack. We all know the office can be a little
chilly, so grab your jean jacket, and pop it over your shoulders
to complete your fabulous look. Who likes casual Fridays? I love this dark denim skinny
jean paired with this dressy top. You add a blazer for
more of a polished look. And when you’re going from
meeting to meeting, grab this bag, add your cell phone, your lipstick. This outfit is totally business
on the top, casual on the bottom.

Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping!

[Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping!] Alright, so if you’re an ecommerce dropshipper
in the fashion niche, and your suppliers are from China, you may have noticed a little
problem. Asian sizes are VERY different from US Sizes. Hey, what’s up world, Tommy Walker with
Oberlo and today, we’re going to talk about converting Asian fashion sizes to US sizes. If you have any questions, or want to share
your experiences, drop them in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to answer them Like I said before, I’m your host, Tommy
Walker, and if you like what we’re talking about here, consider subscribing, so you can
get new videos every week. Now, as a dropshipper, having sizes that are
too small for your customers could have a disastrous impact on your business. Uh… hi. I ordered the wrong size on your website,
can I get a refund? It’s extremely important that you’re up-front
on your website about how the Asian sizes convert to US sizes or the sizing that’s
local to whatever market you’re selling in in order to minimize size-related returns. So how can you get this information? 1. You can talk to your supplier. Each supplier you work with may have different
size charts. Some products may have a tight fit while others
have a looser fit. If you want to speed up the process, you can
ask them for their Asian to American size chart and add that image to those suppliers’
products on your website if you sell exclusively to the United States. If for some reason a supplier doesn’t respond
or is unable to provide you with a size chart, you’ll need to stick to a standard Asian
to US size chart. Unfortunately, this size chart may not be
completely accurate, but it’s a start. Check out the links in the description to
download the standardized chart for yourself. 2. Use supplier’s measurements to create your
own size chart Here’s the tricky thing about numbers, they’re
hard to visualize. So while some suppliers will give you the
product measurements without a size chart. And Other suppliers will offer a size chart
with their definitions of each size… Unless you’re a tailor or seamstress who
sees what these measurements look like regularly, it can be difficult to translate those measurements
to standard US “Small” “Medium” and “Large” sizes for your own brand. While it does mean a bit more work and investment
for you, it’s a smart idea to order at least one size of each of the products you’re
selling, and style them on an adjustable male or female form that is set to the different
measurements the supplier has provided. That way, you’ll know for certain that your
supplier’s definition of sizes translate to your own, an XL is your Large, for example,
and you’ll have a basic understanding of how the clothing might look on a customer,
which can save you a lot on customer service, returns, and exchanges in the future. Also just because you have these sizes on-hand,
doesn’t mean you can’t sell them. In fact, depending on how far along your fashion
business is, it may be worth using these pieces for your own photoshoots. If you’re a dropshipper that does this,
or something like it, we’d love to hear your experience about how this has worked
for you in the comments section! 3. Make your size charts clear for each audience
you service This is more a pretty general rule of thumb
for any fashion ecommerce website, but make the size information easily accessible on
the page for your visitor. Like I mentioned earlier in the video, a significant
portion of consumers end up returning clothing because it is often the wrong size, and an
even larger portion of ecommerce sites don’t make their size guide incredibly visible. Even on this very large multi-million dollar
brand’s website, the link to the sizing chart doesn’t really stand out. If you’re selling in international markets,
like Europe, you’ll want to make sure you’re converting to that market’s sizing as well,
however, don’t feel the need to go overboard and make conversions for every country in
the world! If you want to make all of this even easier
on your customers, there are size finder apps that you can download from the Shopify App
store that will make size recommendations for your customer based on their height, weight
age and body type. Apps like these have been known to increase
sales, reduce returns, and encourage repeat purchase rates, which is essential for the
long-term health of any new fashion brand. Ok, that’s all we’ve got for this week. Check out the description for more in-depth
resources on size conversions, and starting your own dropshipping store with Oberlo. Also, I’d love to hear your stories about
ordering the wrong size. How did the company handle it? Did they win you back as a customer, or leave
you in a tight place. Looking forward to seeing your discussion
in the comments below. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and hit
the bell to be notified when we release a new video. Thanks a lot for watching and, until next
time, Learn Often, Market Better, Sell More.

Jabra Speak 810 MS Portable Speaker for Music and Calls

Jabra Speak 810 MS Portable Speaker. Transform your conference calls with the Jabra
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1 connectivity at a distance of up to 30 feet. Slim and Compact Design!
The Jabra Speak 810 features a compact and lightweight design along with an integrated
USB cable management system for quick set-up. Plug-and-Play Solution!
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tablet or smartphone. That’s it. You are ready to start talking. Enhanced Sound Quality!
Take advantage of clear calls with natural conversation and no feedback or echo. Keep
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The Jabra Speak 810 features full compatibility with a variety of call control features including
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Virtually eliminate echoes, background noise, and distortions with ZoomTalk microphones.
These advanced microphones are designed to focus on the person talking to pick up only
their voice. Bluetooth Class 1!
Easy Bluetooth connection to tablets and mobile phones. Range of up to 30 meters on Class
1 devices. Connect to Smartphone/Tablet with 3.5 mm Jack!
Plug the attached 3.5 mm jack cable into the headset port on your mobile device. Digital Signal Processing technology and Wideband
Audio and HD Voice! Crystal clear sound without echoes or distortions
– even at max volume. Full compatibility with UC systems and VoIP
clients! Seamless integration and call control with
leading UC systems and PC softphones, such as Microsoft Skype for Business, IBM Sametime,
Cisco, Avaya, and Skype. USB Charge Out Port!
Recharge your smartphone or tablet during your presentation. ZoomTalk Microphones!
Intelligent directional microphones that focus on human voice and not noise.

A Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Business

– Hey, it’s Emma, your
GoDaddy guide for today. I’m gonna help you brand your business with my co-host Justin Nealey. Hey Justin, what’s up? – How are ya? – I’m good, how are you? – Phenomenal. – You know that old saying in marketing. – If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re actually speaking to no one. – No one, right? So you want to really niche down. Follow your niche to get that rich, right? That’s a little, little dad joke there.
– Ooh, catchy. When I think about branding your business, obviously, there’s a lot of questions. Where do I start? Where do I begin? First thing that comes to mind, and I get asked by local heroes a lot is target audience.
– Yes. – How do you know what that is? How do you define that? – That is such a tough question, right? So, when I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and people just starting off, and I ask them who’s you your audience? Who do you wanna serve? And they’re like, “I want to
have everyone as my customer.” (laughs) – Give me all the money. – All of them, everyone,
and that’s such a bad idea because not only is it super expensive to try to acquire everyone, you become just a generalist. You’re not really known for anything. I would start by figuring out who you actually like to serve. Who is your most preferred customer, or your favorite person
to serve in your business. And really, make a story around that. So if you were my target audience, right? I would say Emma, she lives in California. She really loves to surf and skate. She loves coffee. But, she likes to spend a lot
of her time on social media. And really build a story
around that so when– – He really gets me
– Right? Soul mates. But, so when I go and create
my messaging and my content, I create if for you, and
your story, and your pain, and what you really want to solve, right? – Which makes me feel valuable. – Right, and it’s for you.
– I feel heard. Yeah. – And that doesn’t mean that you can’t help out
Jessica, or Sally, or Billy, when they come in and want your services– – Don’t forget John. – And John, and Eddie, right? But, you can still serve them, but your messaging has to be about Emma. – So, that makes a ton of sense to me. But it also, just now
another question’s brewing. So, that seems like a goal, right? So goal one, find your target audience. But, it’s more than that when it comes to branding your business. So, what do you do next
with goals in general? What other goals should
I be keeping in mind at this stage of my business? – Well, you want to define
what’s important to you. What is your goal? You should have something
that your trying to achieve, otherwise, you don’t really
know what success is. And I would really focus on small wins. So first off, get a
website is that first step. And then get your first customer. And then you get your first 10 customers. And then you kinda grow and grow and grow. And that kinda snowball effects. ‘Cause a lot of business we talk to, they get scared of all the
things they have to do. Instead, start small, figure out what that first
small win you can do, and then grow from there. – I do the same thing just when I wake up on a Monday morning. (laughs) If I think about everything I have to do for the whole week– – You’re goin’ back to bed.
– Yeah. – Covers over your head. – I’d be like, “Let’s, this isn’t going to happen today.”
– It’s not actually Monday. – One of my favorite things about speaking to local businesses, it’s like they’re so unique. – Right.
– Right? So I imagine when it comes
to branding your business, that’s something you want
to take advantage of, right? – Yep. – What is it about my coffee
shop or my retail store, that makes me unique? What makes me stand out? Is that part of building your brand? – Oh, absolutely. You have to be unique, right? If you imagine a line, and on this line we have crazy, and the middle is mainstream, and on the right is prolific, or unique. Well you want to be,
basically, right there. So like with your idea that
the business I’m stealing, the Coffee and Kickflips– – There he goes again.
– that’s kind of on (laughs) that unique spectrum, right? There’s a lot of just coffee shops, but there’s probably no coffee
and skate park shop, right? – Well now there will be because
he’s revealed our secret. (laughs) coffeeandkickflips.com But, so you want to kind
of make yourself different from the rest, ’cause everyone in the
mainstream, it’s commodity, right? And that’s why we build a brand. That’s why we try to be unique, is to try set us apart, and really be someone that
someone wants to follow. And then, kind of following up on that, I’m gonna lean on you for a
lot of this, is social media. – Yes.
– Your brand, – I was waiting for this part.
– that platform, is just so phenomenal at growing
your brand and your reach. So, if I’m a small business owner, I’m gonna lean on you, what are some of the
platforms that I should be on if I really want to build that brand? – Yeah, so you want to be on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, also don’t forget your
Yelp and Google listings. – Okay.
– These are the most important for a local business. But to your point about being unique, you know you already are, but you need to voice that
across your platforms. – Super important.
– Your speaking to, yeah, that specific,
ideal customer rather, – Yep.
– to come into your business, and spend money with you. – And when you’re on social media too, you have to make sure
that it’s not about you. Yes, it’s your company. Yes, it’s your brand. But your brand is there
to serve your audience. And if you position them
as the hero, you win. – Absolutely. Let your customers sell you. Let your customers get
your next customer in– – 100%
– because it’s word of mouth, which is social media. – Yep. – All right! So, that’s a wrap. I want to give a huge thanks
to my co-host, Justin. – Thanks for having me. – Yeah, thanks for showing us and teaching us how to
brand your business, a very hot topic.
– ‘Cause brand is everything. – I’m sure you have
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