Desk Ergonomics for Office Workers

Hi! My name is Anna Hinman and I am a Physical
Therapist at Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy. I’m also a certified ergonomic specialist. I’m here to talk to you today about how to
properly setup your desk to avoid injury from sitting all day. Here we have your typical desk setup. The first thing to think about is that the
goal is to have 90 degrees angles at your elbows, hips, and knees. Having an adjustable chair is the best way
to make this happen. Most times, you can’t adjust the height of
the desk so start by making your elbows at 90 degrees and your wrists flat. Your feet don’t always have to touch the floor
because we can add a foot wrest. Once you have your chair set up, you can look
at your positioning to the computer monitor and the keyboard and mouse. As I said earlier, you want your wrists to
be as straight as you can get them. The best way to do this is by having a chair
with arm wrests on it. Unless you have nerve issues like carpal tunnel
or cubital tunnel syndrome, armrests are a good thing because they help support the weight
of your arms throughout the day. Without arm rests, your neck and upper trap
muscles have to work hard all day keeping your arms supported. Having your armrest higher than the desk allows
you to keep your forearms and wrists straight while your hands are on the keyboard. If you can’t do this, then having a keyboard
tray to lower the keyboard under the desk may be an option. The third option is to get a wrist rest which
raises the height of the desk just for your wrists. This is my least favorite option because of
the pressure it puts on the wrist. Any of these options work to get you in the
right position. It is then personal preference and what you
feel works best for you. If we set you up with something you don’t
like, you’ll never use it. The computer monitor should be no more than
arm’s length away. Your eyes should be at the top third of the
screen. You can raise the computer by buying risers
but you can also use something as easy as a ream of paper. Be sure that your computer monitor is centered
to your body. if you have dual monitors, you should have
the center of the two monitors directly in front of you so that you can see both screens
without moving your head. If you use your phone regularly, you want
it close enough and within arm’s reach so that you don’t have to turn or torque your
body. Tilting your head to hold the phone to your
shoulder can create significant neck injuries. A headset is very helpful for anyone who is
on the phone regularly throughout the day. You want to set your desk up using the perimeter
system. Keep all things you use regularly within arm’s
reach of your chair. Things you only use once per day or a few
times a week should be placed close to your desk but you may have to wheel your chair
to get them. The things you rarely use should be placed
away from your desk where you have to get up and get them. Now, I can set you up as good as it should
be, but if you sit all day, you’re still going to have problems and have to come see us anyway. We’re just not meant to sit for long periods
of time. Our body adapts to the positions that we’re
in and it is proven that we can only sit for about 20-30 minutes in good posture before
we start to slouch. So set a timer and when that timer goes off
in 30 minutes, stand up, sit down, reset your posture, or do some stretches or exercises. We will have some videos to follow of exercises
that can be done easily at your desk. Until then, we have some examples at our website: Thanks for watching!

BMO Global Pay I BMO Online Banking for Business

When you’re sending money,
it pays to have choices. That’s why we’re offering you another
option for smaller international payments. Now, when you’re sending a payment under
$25,000 dollars to select countries, you can choose to use BMO
Global Pay – and save on fees. Here’s how it works. Let’s say you need to pay
your supplier in Singapore. If your payment qualifies, we’ll
suggest you send it with BMO Global Pay. Just click yes, fill in
the details and continue. You’ll see your final exchange
rate before you hit ‘send’. And your funds can arrive in your
supplier’s account in minutes. BMO Global Pay. It’s one more way Online Banking for
Business helps you move your money simply, reliably and securely –
anywhere you do business.

Work from Home jobs online from Lion Bridge in kannada LionBridge|Tech New spotlight|#Lionbridge

Hello Every my self Madhu know your watching Tech New Spotlight i receiving a comment make one video data entry in mobile this videos for all student in this is video every start work through your own mobile if are you student or house wife why are you waiting lets start work from today before starting videos like this video and if your watching first time subscribe press bell icon , select all. you get notification next videos first welcome back all website link given below Description visit directly you get dashboard like this here i am not robot click this press continue you get next page here wait only 10 seconds you get link here open this this website now open read once all statement here, given this is for students and workers ext university students i am already told if your already working any other company if your salary not satisfied you can start now open this learn more here mention some country open india here so many different work i want share something here you can start work in kannada also if your not understanding english you can start work in kannada in this work not required English here Hindi also More then 100 trusted company providing home based jobs part time or full time job if your salary low start now may be are you thing now what kind for job here visit website see this website content and quality give the feedback give some tip how to in-cress quality of the website ‘don’t warry , they are give some instruction just follow the instruction here start work no need ext effort just follow you get mail how to start work … give the review Now Lets discus Requirements real all mainly Gmail Account and smart phone Android or I phone Internet Connection click continue next step you get one application fill the all details First Name , Last Name, Gmail Id , user name, and Password fill the all details click continue next personal data communication data and work exp and education details fill the all details communication data here fill the mail id, and mobile number if any verification they will call you fill your complete address temporary address are working any other city may its used in that time next click save and continue add your work experience if your working any company in past or present fill the details , if your not working don’t warry skip this step i will fill the all details , company name joining data your working country city and job position designation full time job or part time state save the details next step next education details fill your Qualification any 10th puc, iti, diploma, degree add all attachment files here e submit your CV / Resum u get data overview check once all details corrector not conform once v save continue next and final step here given some Question answer all Question after answering all Questions submit. application they are check you all details and verify the all details its take some time may be 2 days and sends the once conformation mail next you get work manual start work from that time plz check daily once you mail i hope your like this video plz like more videos subscribe us channel and press bell icon thank for watching

Strategic Salary Negotiations

The most successful negotiators come to the table with a plan. This is the process you should think about as you prepare for negotiations. It takes significant prep work to be an effective negotiator. Be strategic in how you build leverage during the hiring process. Find a Z.O.P.A., understand your BA.T.N.A., and negotiate. Don’t be afraid to push 2 to 3 times for a higher salary during the negotiation process. Prep work is absolutely vital when planning your negotiation strategy. According to the book, “3D Negotiations”, successful preparation involves three stages: the set-up, the deal design, and the tactics. For the set-up, it is important to know their projected salary range, the organizational culture, and key stakeholders within the organization. Look online for organizational reviews. Check their website to identify key stakeholders, their mission, core values, and vision. Look at their 10-K or 990s to get a feel for the financial health of the organization, and possibly identify a salary range. Most importantly, request informational interviews with key stakeholders and alumni that work therein. When designing your negotiation plan, think about total compensation, which includes all of your benefits like, tuition reimbursement, relocation expenses, professional development, and mentorship. The longer you last in the interview process, the more leverage you build. Use tactics to get them to reveal their salary range, create a Z.O.P.A., and articulate your value with value statements, and build leverage with your B.A.T.N.A.s. A Z.O.P.A. is the Zone of Possible Agreement. Every negotiation has a budgeted financial range. The trick is to find their range, and align it with your desired range. The overlapping areas are the Z.O.P.A., and will most likely be the area in which you can successfully negotiate a compromise. The person that reveals their range last has the advantage, so deflect their questions as much as possible. Always start your range higher than your minimum. This will allow you to negotiate well above your minimum without risking personal comfort. The minimum is the lowest amount you need to maintain your desired work-life balance. The most important strategy is to develop B.A.T.N.A., or the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. If you have multiple B.A.T.N.A., or options, then you create more leverage in negotiations. Without a B.A.T.N.A., your only option is to take their deal or walk away. You can try to bluff, but your leverage is limited without other options. The key to successful negotiations is to know your market value of your skills and experience. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. Minimize and mitigate risk by creating a plan, and practice accordingly. Practice enough to make it second nature – that will take some of the fear away. Being successful at negotiations is never easy–and even the best negotiators don’t win a hundred percent of the time, but never stop advocating for yourself and your professional value.

How to Install Microsoft Office from the Office 365 Portal [CC]

The purpose of this video is to illustrate
how to install Microsoft Office to your personal computer from
within the Office 365 Portal. The method illustrated will work
regardless if you are faculty, staff, or
student here at MassBay Community College. For faculty and staff,
you must be actively employed. For students,
you must be currently enrolled. From your web browser,
navigate to The following sign in screen appears. Click in the first box and
enter your email address. If you’re a student,
be cautious to use as your suffix, which might be different from
the email address you’re currently using. This is my email address. Anything that might be
different if you’re a student is your username might have an underscore
between the first two characters. For everybody,
make sure it says at the end. Press the Tab key on your keyboard. It should detect that you
have an account already, and bring you to the MassBay login screen. Here, enter your login password and
click Sign In. If you’ve never used the portal
before you’ll most likely be taken to this screen. If you have actively been using
your MassBay Outlook email account, this screen might look familiar to you. To get back to the portal screen, simply click on the Office
365 link at the top left. Notice at the top right, there is
a button that says install Office. In most cases, clicking this button will
get you started on your way to installing Office on your personal computer. It should detect the operating
system you’re running and the type of computer you’re working on,
and take you to the correct version. For example, if you’re on a PC,
it will take you to the PC version. If you’re on a Mac, it should take
you to the Mac version for install. Notice the link beneath that
button that says Other Installs? You can click on that to get
to specific types of installs. For example, if you wanted to install
a 64 bit version of Microsoft Office, which is recommended for
64 bit operating systems, click the Advanced button and
you can choose between 32 bit and 64 bit. Once you begin your
Microsoft Office installation, simply follow the onscreen prompts
to take it through to completion. You will need to be logged
in to your Microsoft account in order to be able to
use the Office products. Please keep in mind that
the Microsoft Office product that you install from this process
will only continue to work as long as you maintain your affiliation
with MassBay Community College. Once your MassBay computer
account is disabled, your Microsoft Office
product will no longer work. Thank you for watching.

Discover why Video Marketing and a [Video Marketing Service] is crucial for your business success.

Hi, Albertus from here.
In this video, I’m going to explain who we are, what we do and why you need our video
services to grow your business. Why local video marketing?
Local video marketing is an extremely powerful way to:
• engage with a local audience, • get your message out in a cost-effective
manner, • generate highly targeted and relevant
leads and most importantly, • get more sales and/or customers.
At we fully understand how difficult it is to make your business stand out above
your competitors in today’s challenging online market.
Not only do you need to stand out above your competitors but your message needs to be delivered
in a memorable and affordable way. The message you bring across must also be
unforgettable so your brand, product or service sticks in the mind of your customer.
This is where comes into play. We are a local business video marketing agency
that offers a wide range of video marketing services to local businesses. not only creates videos but we also optimize them to increase page ranking
and visibility so your business can stand out above your competitors.
That’s the “who we are” and “what we do” part, but why do you actually need
our video services to grow your business? Consumers are constantly looking for solutions
to daily problems. With the high rate of engagement video as
a medium offers, it comes as no surprise video marketing is a real and crucial necessity
for any business. Let’s take a look at some statistics and
how it relates to your business: In their 2019 Video Marketing Survey, Wyzowl
established the following benefits of Video: • 96% of people say they’ve watched an
explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
• 79% of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a piece of software
or app. • 68% of people say they’d most prefer
to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video.
• This makes a video more popular as a learning tool than text-based articles (15%), infographics
(4%) presentations and pitches (4%) eBooks and manuals (3%).
They also asked their panel how Video has helped their Businesses.
• 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product
or service. • 84% of marketers say video has helped
them increase traffic to their website. • 81% of marketers say video has helped
them generate leads. • 80% of marketers say video has increased
dwell time on their website. • 41% of marketers say that video has helped
them reduce support calls. These are pretty powerful numbers proving
the effectiveness of video as a marketing tool. Fun Fact: Did you know you remember 95% of
a message when it’s watched vs. only 10% of what you read? Add this to the above and the importance of
video for local business should be pretty clear by now. Cisco predicts Globally, IP video traffic
will be 82% of all IP traffic (both business and consumer) by 2022.
This is where 82% of your customers will find you, your services and products, via Video!
82% of your customers – how Powerful is that? Still not convinced of the necessity to include
video in your marketing strategy? According to
• 90% of customers say video helps make buying decisions.
• 4X more customers prefer watching a video about a product than those that prefer to
just read about it – would you prefer 100 or 400 customers?
• 64% of clients often buy a product online after watching a video about it.
Simply put, not using video in your marketing strategy right now is leaving a lot of cash
on the table for your competitors to swipe under your nose!
The power of video can no longer be ignored and should be integrated into your local SEO
strategy. Video is here to stay and it’s one of the
best and most economical ways of engaging your prospects and building trust very quickly.
Is it difficult to make a video? To the outsider, it can be quite daunting
at first. You get Brand Videos, Explainer Videos, Event
Videos, Live Videos, Disappearing Videos and Educational Videos.
There’s also How-To Videos, Demo Videos, Expert Interview Videos, Personalized Message
Videos, Customer Testimonial Videos, Case Study Videos and Animated Videos.
A common mistake is not to add a short video to your GMB – Google My Business Profile to
enhance your rating. Then there’s Thumbnails, Intro’s, Outro’s
and end-screens to consider for your videos. Don’t forget to add voice-overs and music
to the mix! The simple answer to the question whether it’s difficult to make a video is
actually – “Not at all”! According to HubSpot Research, consumers actually
prefer lower-quality, “authentic” video over high-quality video that seems inauthentic
and contrived. Simply put, getting your message across to
your customer is far more important than spending a fortune on all the bells and whistles.
This is where the Team at comes into play.
We have the know-how to get your message across in the most cost-effective way possible.
To conclude, now you know who is, what we do and how the power of video
can benefit your business, where to from here? Simply contact us at [email protected] to
discuss a tailor-made solution to fit your individual business needs.
The link will be in the description below. Subscribe to this channel to stay updated
on how different types of video can enhance your business.
Subscribe now and get in touch to find out how the power of local video marketing can
elevate your business to new heights!

Therapist Marketing: Psychology Today Profile Fix

Hey guys it’s Katie Read welcome to
Katie coaches so what is the absolute most important thing to do on your
psychology today profile so that you actually get a bang for your buck on
that monthly spending I’m gonna tell you and I’m gonna give you one bonus tip
that nobody ever tells you and that is a really big deal so what is the most
important part of your psyche today profile it is the first two lines
because when somebody searches your local area that is literally all they
see right there scrolling through the list they see just your first two lines
so what do you need to do in those two lines you need to immediately hook
somebody in so that they want to click your profile and read the rest of it and
learn more about you how do you hook them in the best possible thing you can
do is to say I understand your pain so I want you to think of your niche think of
your ideal client and then give an example in those first two lines what is
a thought that you know they’re thinking that they don’t think anybody else knows
they’re thinking does that make sense what is the secret internal monologue
let’s take a person with anxiety what is their secret internal monologue I might
say in those first two lines do you sometimes sit in meetings afraid that
you’re going to die afraid that everybody can see you know the sweat and
the your red skin and your heart racing like what is it that is a secret
internal monologue in their head that you can directly state because I’m
telling you if you can do that if you can directly say I know a secret thought
that you’re having they’re going to click your profile they’re going to read
the rest of it get it in right in the beginning that is all you have to do now
here is you’re one of our little secret bonus tip I want you on that picture on
your psyche today picture hopefully you’ve gotten a good headshot you do not
have to pay a professional if you have a friend with a good camera and some good
lighting lighting is key you don’t have to pay a professional but get a good
picture and then I want you to crop that picture uncomfortably close to your face
well everybody hates this advice but most people search psyche today on
mobile and so when you have a picture like this that’s this big or that’s you
with the tree and the whatever nobody can see your face like
nobody can see it they can’t see your eyes they’re looking in this big on
mobile so clap crop it really close to your face if you go look at those
listings you will see it the people that are cropped close in if you look on your
phone they pop out at you they jump out this is how you are gonna start getting
bang for your buck on your psychology today money this is Katie Reed you can
go visit me Katie Read comm ka TI e r e ad I help you with all your therapist
marketing so you can grow and outgrow your practice I will talk to you later
bye guys hey thanks for watching if you like this and you want more check out my
website at Katie Read calm and remember it’s Read spelled like read a book or
EAD and also check out these other great
therapist marketing videos and hit subscribe so that you never miss a new
little tidbit coming your way every single week to grow your practice bye

How To Choose A Payment Provider || Shopify Help Center 2019

Choosing the right payment provider for your
business can be a little overwhelming when you’re first starting out. This video walks you through what a payment
provider is, the options available to you, and things to consider when choosing a provider. To access the payment providers in your Shopify
admin, click “Settings”. From here, click “Payment providers” to
see the options available to you. What is a payment provider? A payment provider is a system used to process
customer transactions for your eCommerce business. For example, if a customer buys a t-shirt
from your store and uses a credit card at checkout, your payment provider is what captures
the payment. If you’re eligible for Shopify Payments,
you see the Shopify Payment provider already set by default in your admin. This streamlines the process of setting up
a provider because all you have to do is enter your business and bank account details to
start taking payments. Subscribe now for an upcoming video on how
to set up Shopify Payments. Shopify Payments is a payment provider created
and supported by Shopify. Shopify Payments is beneficial for your business
because everything you need is built directly into your Shopify admin. Having everything accessible in one admin
is ideal because it creates an efficient workflow with a company you already know and trust. Shopify Payments is sought after because of
its quick payout periods, competitive credit card fees, and best of all, no transaction
fees. You see your sales and payout details all
within your store’s admin so you can keep track of your money in real-time. To qualify for Shopify payments you must reside
in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan,
New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States with the exception of
the US territories. Keep an eye out for more eligible countries
for Shopify Payments in the near future. Some types of businesses and services are
not permitted to use Shopify Payments. To see whether you can use Shopify Payments,
check the list of prohibited business types for the country where your business operates
in the description below. If you’re not using Shopify Payments and you
want to accept payments, you can choose from over 100 credit card payment providers for
your Shopify store. Check out the link below to see what payment
providers are available in your area. Shopify supports two different types of credit
card payment providers: direct providers and external providers. If you’re using a direct provider, your customers
stay on Shopify throughout the purchase and checkout process. If you’re using an external provider, your
customers are redirected temporarily to a third party checkout outside of your online
store. When choosing a third party provider, there
are a few key factors you want to consider. Do you want to sell locally or worldwide? Which currency do you want to accept? Do you need an internal or external checkout? And do your products meet the terms of service
for the provider? These are important questions to ask yourself
because each payment provider offers different features and fees. If you’re looking to sell worldwide, you
want a provider that accepts multiple currencies to cater to your different markets. You may also want a provider that has multiple
payment methods available. For example, one provider may accept only
certain credit cards while another will accept both debit and credit. Remember, a payment method one country uses
may not be what another uses. Consider who your target market is and what
their financial needs are. Always be sure to read the provider’s terms
of service to see if they accept your business’ products. For example, if you’re dropshipping some
providers put a hold on funds until the products are delivered. Or, if you’re selling something age restricted
a provider may not allow this on their platform. Finally, you want to consider the provider’s
fees to use their service. Compare different credit card rates, transaction,
refund and exchange rates. It’s important to note that Shopify incurs
credit card and transactions fees, so it’s best to look for a provider with a rate that
still allows for a profit margin. Be sure to check out for
help docs on Shopify Payments and third-party payment providers. For more videos on how to grow your business,
subscribe now! If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team directly.

The breadwinner keeps his salary secret. [Hello Counselor / 2017.06.19]

– Exactly. / – You know that you’re doing wrong. – He knows that. / – However, I like drinking, hanging out with friends… – At first, he looked like a nice person, / – He did. but it turns out he’s not so nice. – Is he evil? / – He’s immature. – He’s immature. / – He’s totally immature. – What do you think? / – I don’t want to say this, but just as he said, I think he’s immature. Since we were children, my brother and I don’t talk to our dad often. In fact, my family members don’t even know how much my dad’s income is. – Even your mom? / – She doesn’t know either. He said it’s a secret. He said, “I won’t tell anyone.” He’s so immature. – Then… / – “You’ll never know.” – “I won’t tell you.” / – He spends it all on drinking? – Oh, my. / – Does he not contribute financially? He’s the head of the family, – but he doesn’t take responsibility. / – Goodness. Does he not contribute financially? He paid for my and my brother’s institute fees, and he gives us allowances, but that’s all. My mom pays the bills and everything else. – He must’ve given her some. / – Not as far as I know. – Don’t you pay the bills? / – No. – Really? / – He doesn’t. How can he say that so cheerfully? – He doesn’t give the living cost? / – He’s shameless. What do you pay for? I pay for my kids’ institute fees. My spouse pays for her insurance. – Spouse? Are you talking about your wife? / – Yes. – Do you always call her that? / – What about food? – That’s… / – I thought… – Pardon? / – That’s how you call a spouse. (I understand why his wife is angry.) How much do you spend a day on drinking? – I drink only soju and beer. / – Okay. I spend between several dozen to 200 dollars. You pay most of the time, right? I do. – The first to suggest always pays. / – Exactly. He must spend 3,000 dollars a month. – Do you spend 5,000 dollars? / – 3,000 dollars. – 3,000 dollars. / – 3,000 dollars a month at least. – Right. / – He must spend at least 3,000 dollars. 3,000 dollars. – Today… / – “I won’t tell you the exact amount.” (Dad, please grow up already.) Your wife didn’t come here today because she’s angry, but your daughter and son are here. Let’s meet with his son. Hi. (He bows politely.) – You heard your sister’s concern. / – Yes. Do you understand why she’s worried? He drinks alcohol as if it’s water. – My gosh. / – I’m used to it now. I’m not as worried about it. She said your dad doesn’t care about your future. What do you think about that? I’m disappointed, but I’m used to that, too. I only talk to my mom. I’m in 12th grade. I come home after my classes, and always go to bed after midnight. My dad comes home around that hour. He always wakes me up when I’m about to fall asleep, and nags me to chat with him. He chats with me only when he’s drunk. Then he doesn’t remember the next day. – He can’t remember what he said. / – That’s right. He repeats the same thing. – That’s another problem. / – Yes. Don’t you think you’re too indifferent about your son? My wife took good care of him since he was a child, so I left it to her because she’s good with kids. My mom suffers the most. Is that right? What makes her suffer the most? My dad does nothing to contribute to family life. My mom has hyperventilation syndrome. – What’s that? / – She can’t breathe all of a sudden. Not long ago, we had to call an ambulance for her. My dad went out for a drink two days later. Even when his wife was sick? (Shouldn’t you be worrying about your wife?) – Sir. / – Yes? Did you not drink for the two days because your wife was taken to the hospital? Yes. She came back home. I have meetings arranged almost every day, so I had to attend it. Besides, even if I was with her, I wouldn’t have made any difference. – So I went out for a drink. / – That’s harsh. – He’s unbelievable. / – You could’ve cancelled. Your wife was sick. No one would’ve vilified you. I didn’t tell them about her because I enjoy drinking with them. Why do you think your mom developed – hyperventilation syndrome? / – Hyperventilation. Why did the doctor say she has the disease? The stress from the family is the main cause. – Of course. / – How about you meet friends less often, and drink less? I can’t meet my friends less often. I wish I can meet them more often. Can you drink less instead? I don’t think I can drink less. – How can he be so brazen? / – You can’t do that? (He really makes me angry.) – I can’t… / – You drank on the way here, didn’t you? – I really didn’t drink. / – You didn’t? You’ll drink right after this, right? Yes, I’ll drink on my way back home. He’s driving me crazy. Your daughter looks distressed. She smiles, but she’s worried. Your dad just said he won’t quit drinking. – How do you feel? / – How can he be like that? If we don’t come on this show, my family could – separate. / – Is the situation that bad? If my dad won’t change… I understand why you choked up. If your dad won’t change… I feel like we won’t care if he gets hurt or drinks a lot and stays out overnight. I think we’ll become indifferent to him. I’m scared we might become like that. When I see my brother not having conversation with Dad, it reminds me of myself when I was in school. It breaks my heart. Of course. Sir, among all of the people who made their families come on this show and all the people I know personally, you have the most serious drinking problem. – He has a problem. / – However, most alcoholics – try to fix the problem / – They feel sorry. when their families and friends ask them to change. You have no intention of quitting drinking. It feels like you’re not even in this family. You know that you drink more than normal, right? Please be honest with us. – I don’t think I drank much. / – He didn’t know. That’s why he acted like that. – I don’t think I drank much. / – He didn’t know. That’s why he acted like that. – Your friends… / – It became my daily routine. Above all, you said the correct answer before. You said your wife, daughter and son shouldn’t drink. That means you think it’s bad. You know that. But despite knowing that, you say you won’t quit. That’s ridiculous. (Doesn’t it mean that you’re ignoring your family?) While you hang out with your friends, you might lose something more precious, which is your family. Haven’t you thought about that? No, I haven’t thought about that. – How would you feel? / – How do you feel now? – Think about it now. / – Right. Imagine your family turning their backs on you. That has never happened to me in my life. (My goodness. He makes me angry.) So you won’t quit drinking for your family? That’s right. (His children are disappointed in him.) – He… Go ahead. / – He said… (She became emotional.) – He said his family… / – She’s disappointed. – I thought she would be. / – She’s disappointed. – She must be. / – He keeps saying he’s important, – but not his family. / – How sad – would that make her? / – She must be sad. Stop crying. Your dad isn’t himself right now. He drank too much to think clearly. – I’d be upset if my dad was like that. / – He’s drunk. – How could he say such a thing brazenly? / – Right. (He hurt his children who trusted him.) Let’s say your daughter comes home at 3 a.m. – Would you worry about her? / – Yes, I would. Why would you be worried? I’d be worried something bad might happen to her. You often get hurt when you go out for a drink. Do you think your wife and children aren’t worried – when you’re out? / – They must be worried. – Then… / – Why do you keep making them worry, then? (Why do you make them worry when you know that?) – You should take responsibility. / – Right. Do you want your family stop caring about you? No. They can’t do that. – Then drink less. / – You should make an effort. If you can’t quit drinking, you can go home early. You should show that you’re trying to change. If you keep saying that you won’t change anything, your daughter must be disappointed in you. It could become hard to continue the meetings. However, when you go through a hard time, your family will be around you giving you emotional support. I hope you realize that. Regardless of the show, you should go to a clinic and consult a doctor about your problem. You have to make an effort on your own. You have a serious problem. – I feel sorry for you. / – You need help. Your children grew up so well despite their upbringing. You never express your love for them. You don’t sacrifice anything as a dad. Their mom is amazing. I understand why your mom got sick. If you have anything to say to your dad, say it now. I want him to drink only twice or three times a week. I also hope he pays more attention to my brother. And as for my mom… I hope he’ll become a good husband to my mom. (Please be a good dad and husband.) Honggi, you go first. It’s definitely a worry. I think it’s a worry, too. If you would try to build a bond with your daughter and son, your family will be very happy. – Junghwa. / – Any daughter dreams of having a good time with her dad, watching movies and having a meal together. I hope you’ll be a dad like that. You didn’t do it for her until now. I’m not telling you to quit drinking. I just think you should drink less. If you think it’s a worry, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Time’s up. / – Stop. Sir, I saw you lower your head. I’m regretting. My daughter, Siyi. I’ll listen to you and try drinking only three or four times a week. I’ll discuss it with your mom. I’ll also try to talk more with you from now on. I will make efforts. Say something to your son, too. He’s in 12th grade. Son, I’m sorry. (Son, I’m sorry.) – I will try hard. / – Great. Tell him you love him. I love you, my son. Please show us how many votes she got. “My Bleeding Dad”. “My Goodness” is the current winner with 160 votes. If it is 170 or over 160 votes, she can be the winner. The number is going up. (She got 152 votes.) The title is “Please Help My Friend”.

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