How to get working experiences?

almost 600,000 foreign students in Canada
and they are seeking for chances to settle in here by a job so it’s tough to
be a candidate in this real situation. Meanwhile, recruiters always ask you
experience while you just well done your graduation so the problem is your
working experience. That’s the reason why I’m here to share with you opportunities
that you can accumulate major credit via volunteering and working abroad program.
well you are going to be a doctor, a teacher, an engineer or an animal
protector, so there’s a lot of places out there need you more than here and it
willing to give you a huge range of experience such as South Africa where
there are thousands of animal in need of reservation, children need education, injured people need rescue and construction needs to be built. students will not only
learn but also practice their knowledge as a daily routine I must say that these
experiences are extremely more valuable than your degrees. If you are curious,
let’s try our upcoming seminar to learn more details. Your glories are dependent
on your paths

My wife is too busy working and fangirling. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.05.20]

We root for you to solve your concerns! Tell us your concerns! (Hello) Let me introduce today’s guest panel. The fashionista you want to be like, Pyeon Jungsu! (Model and actress Pyeon Jungsu) – Comedienne Kim Jimin! / – Kim Jimin! (Comedienne Kim Jimin) – Handsome TV personality Oh Sangjin! / – Sangjin! (TV personality Oh Sangjin) Gyuri and Saerom of fromis_9! (Gyuri and Saerom of fromis_9) (Cheering) How long have you been married? For 25 years. Married for 25 years. Jungsu’s eldest daughter is 21 years old now. – She’s already that old? / – Yes. At what age did you get married? I got married at 21. You two look great. – Which one is the daughter? / – You’re like sisters. That’s why I love going abroad. They all think I’m 21 and that my daughter’s in high school. She looks so womanly now. She grew so much. – She’s a lady. / – She’s so pretty. Sangjin is also going to be – a devoted father. / – To his daughter. Congratulations. (Congrats) What do you dream of doing with your daughter? I want to wear matching jerseys with her. I want to go to Hangang, eat fried chicken, and throw a frisbee with her. Aren’t frisbees for dogs? You want your girl to catch it in her mouth? (This is so chaotic) Anyway, you’ll play catch. That’s so cute. His wife Kim Soyoung is a huge fan of BTS. Shes loves them. She’s in the fan club? Is she an ARMY? She’s an ARMY. – I’m a big fan of BTS too. / – Sure. Is the fetus named Army? (Flustered) That sounds cute. The fetus’s name isn’t Army, but she plays BTS songs for the fetus. – Like “Blood Sweat & Tears”? / – Yes. (That’s right) Kim Jimin is here. Does this make you want to date and get married? I really want to date. I really do. I often drink with Park Narae. Sometimes we meet decent guys at the bar, but we end up getting drunk and try to be funny. – Because of your jobs. / – Right. We keep cracking jokes, and the guys just end up leaving us. – You’ve gotten infected by your jobs. / – Yes. It’s fromis_9’s first time on our show. They’re so pretty. Can we hear your official greeting? Here’s our greeting. 2, 3. ♪ Promise now, cherish it dearly ♪ We’ll grow to be your idols. Hello, we’re fromis_9. ♪ Promise now ♪ That’s their official greeting. I find it hilarious that they’re embarrassed whenever they do it. It’s not so bad with nine, but hard for just two. Saerom, who do people say you look like? (Careful) – The actress, right? / – Han Chaeyoung? You’re right! She does look like Han Chaeyoung. They really look alike. – She does look like Han Chaeyoung. / – Yeah. I even played her younger counterpart. Where? – You played Han Chaeyoung as a child? / – Yes. In the drama “Ad Genius Lee Taebaek.” I see. I love that I look like Han Chaeyoung, but people think I’d be coy and arrogant. You do have that look. I’m different. I look like I’d act cute all the time. Yes, you do. But I’m really bad at acting cute. We’ll be the judges of that. If you’re really bad at it, just end it today. Let’s go. 1, 2, 3. Cute, cute, cute. That was good! That was really good. (She rediscovered her cuteness?) – No, no. / – No? Anyone can tell that she tried really hard. (We applaud your efforts) Once again, we have three concerns today. Please show us the keywords. The first one is “Living in a Dreamworld.” “Dear, I Miss You.” “Let’s Hit the Brakes.” “Dear, I Miss You.” Oh my. Hello. I’m a 67-year-old man who dreams of being happy with my wife. However! Ring, ring. “Dear! Are you coming home today?” “Not today! Bye!” My wife won’t come home. From Monday through Friday, that’s five days a week. (What’s going on?) This is all because of my wife’s diner. Ring, ring. “Dear, let’s go to the beach next week.” “Geez! I’m busy! Bye!” (She keeps ignoring him) My wife is addicted to her job. Even with an injured leg and a cast on… “Dear, you can’t work with that leg.” “It’s fine! I can walk on my heel. I’m going to work. See you in five days.” In five days… Does she love her job or just hate me? I always eat alone and sleep alone. I’m so lonely in my old age. Oh no. “Dear, you’ll die working like that. What if you die before I do? Can’t you take some time off?” “No! You want us to starve to death? I can’t do that.” Our eldest daughter is married, and our younger daughter graduated college. We won’t starve even if she takes some time off. Please get my wife to come home. So a 67-year-old man is concerned about his workaholic wife who only sees him on weekends. Come on out, sir! (Who misses his wife that’s always out working?) (He looks so healthy) He looks healthy. (Bae Changhyeon) He looks healthy. (Welcome) Your wife only comes home once a week? I don’t think it’s even a day. She’s been at this job for 6 years. It’s been a while. She works Monday through Saturday and closes at midnight on Saturday. She opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at midnight. So when I bring her home on Saturday, she has to prep ingredients until 2 a.m. – For the next day. / – That’s become a habit. Who are you talking to, sir? Over there. You’re looking at your wife. He pointed right at her. She’s right in front of me! He’s so happy that he gets to see her. I really am. He’s truly happy to see her. Oh my gosh. She’s my wife, but I rarely get to see her. Right now, you’re just happy you get to see her? Yes, I want to talk to her. She’s so pretty. Are you physically very affectionate with her? No, I don’t do that. Everything in moderation. (I’m a reasonable guy) In moderation? Right. Where does your wife sleep? In the restaurant hallway that leads to the bathroom, there’s a camp bed she sleeps on. Oh my. We moved into an apartment, and I want to spend time with her in our nice home. It makes me so sad that she sleeps at the diner. I bet. You must wonder why she would sleep there. That’s the problem. That’s why I’m here today. Is the diner far from your home? It’s 30 minutes away. From Hanam to Seoul, it’s 30 minutes. Just go home, ma’am. It’s not even that far. Why sleep at the diner? I think she prefers working over me. – She likes working. / – That’s a problem. – She’s addicted to her work. / – She’s addicted. One of our friend’s daughters died young from overworking. She was a workaholic too. That was a wake-up call for me. In case your wife ends up like that. If she’s that addicted to her work, she must have a lot of fun running her business. And it must be successful. So the diner makes a lot of money? There were three diners in that area, because there are many academies nearby. I bet she gets a lot of business. There were three diners, but she won over customers with food. (My wife is the best) So they have good food. (It’s a place with good food) So it’s a successful business? She did really well for the first 2 years. But now, a lot of the academies and customers are gone. She closes late to get one or two more customers. – So it isn’t successful anymore? / – Right. I wouldn’t complain if it was successful. The sales have gone down. If it was successful, I’d be counting the money. (He loved that one) So you want your wife to quit working at the diner? – No, it’s not that. / – So it’s not that. Why not? She has to make money? Work in moderation. She’s old now. And think about me. I want to be with her. I want to talk to her at home. So you want her to take some days off? – Right. / – How many times a week? You want her to come home every day? No, no. Not that. (We thought you wanted to talk to her) She has to make money. He’s being so honest. (LOL) This is so funny! How many times a week do you want her? – Just once in the middle of the week. / – Once! – On Wednesdays. / – Right! On Wednesdays. (What is he saying?) – Once every three days. / – On Wednesdays. – You want her home once every three days. / – Yes. She could come home that day. She’s a good cook. She could cook for me. Just for me. Our daughters prefer eating food from the convenience store. But for me… Hey, why don’t you ever gain weight? (He suddenly starts talking to his daughter) Sir, what are you doing? She’s always eating convenience store food. I eat home-cooked meals, but she buys boxes of instant food. It’s like you haven’t spoken to your family in a month. He’s really happy to see his daughter too. He has so much to say, but so little time, so he’s all over the place. He’s asking questions and making comments. He has things to say to his daughter too. – Since he doesn’t see them often. / – Right. Let’s meet the wife first. Dear, come closer so I can see you better. (He’s such an adorable man) We’re having fun today. Hello, ma’am. Hello! – She’s very pretty. / – So lovely. – What a beautiful smile. / – She looks so young. Your husband wants to see you more often, and he’s really sad about that. Are you fine with it though? What’s the point of seeing him often now? No! But he’s really sad. Can’t you come home one day during the week? I’ll have to think about it. (What a cute woman) You know, those diners… They usually use several part-timers. – But she’s alone. / – That’s tough. I do everything by myself. It’s a lot of work for one person to do. What do you do for meals, ma’am? Sometimes I don’t even have time for instant noodles. – Since you’re alone. / – If customers come… There’s nothing but food in my diner. Plenty to eat. I just eat whatever’s available. She doesn’t get to eat proper meals. No, I eat just fine. Thankfully, I’m not a picky eater. I like everything. No, I mean your wife. Sorry! (He told us about his preferences) Why must you work so late without even eating proper meals? I have to make money. My husband gets his pension, which isn’t much. I must make money to make ends meet. Do students come early in the morning? – I prep in the morning. / – You prep. So you do lunch, dinner, and late night. I start prepping at 9 a.m. for the lunch crowd at noon. Right. Even if I close at 11 p.m., I have to clean up. So I sleep at 2 or 3 a.m. You don’t live far. Why sleep at the diner? It’s a 30-minute commute by car and an hour by bus. A bus could take the long way. So that’s a 2-hour round trip. I want to use those 2 hours to rest. I can fiddle around on my cell phone. She suddenly got happy. She got so happy when she mentioned that. “I love not having my husband around to nag at me!” Then what about me? Sir, we’re talking to your wife right now. She makes me so angry. You really must be angry. Are you worried about her being alone at night? Of course I am. Something happened once when she spent the night there. – What? / – What happened? There’s a door outside that you lock and a glass door on the inside. She didn’t lock the glass door. She only locked the outside door and fell asleep. She just fell asleep without knowing. So what happened? A thief was looking at her through the window. Looking at your wife? He was trying to get in through the window. But that’s when my wife woke up. She was so shocked that she screamed. The thief was so surprised that his shoe came off while running away. It’s scary that he stared at her. You talk as if you were there to witness it. This is what you heard from your wife. It’s like he was the thief staring at his wife. Then he ran away when she screamed. – Weren’t you shocked, ma’am? / – That’s dangerous. I just slept at the diner because I got tired. I suddenly felt a gust of cold air. I opened my eyes, and a guy was at the window. It was automatic. I just screamed. I immediately sat up. That would scare the thief. (Like a pterodactyl) That’s scary. So he was shocked. Nobody else in that area sleeps at their diner, right? Nobody. The thief must’ve been really shocked. Can’t you go home for the thieves? Why would you say that? (She just wants to solve this concern) We’re all laughing here, but this is hurtful and dangerous. I don’t want you to sleep there either. It was scary for a few days. I kept thinking about it. (What if something like that happens again?) You want your wife to be with you every day? Yes, I want to be with her. Do you have another story? I mean, couples are like that, but… I was very lonely when I was young. I spent a lot of time on ships. – A sailor. / – I was a sailor. I did it for a few years after getting married too. I spent 26 years on merchant ships. You’re talking about the really big boats, right? They’re huge, right? The deck is as big as four schoolyards. How long did you stay out at sea? I got 3 months off a year. 3 months were allowed, but I never took more than one month off. I returned to sea in less than a month. I had to do that to support my family. You had to work more to make money. We weren’t so well-off. So you’ve always been apart from your wife. That’s why he wants to be with her now. How was your childhood before getting married? I was poor. All of Korea was poor back then. I didn’t even want to… Oh dear… Sir… (Thinking back to those times makes him so sad) Times were tough then. It’s okay, sir. It’s okay. You’ve gotten through all that, which is why you can be happy now. I was sent to an orphanage against my will. An orphanage. I was sent to an orphanage when I was 6. You were at an orphanage since you were 6. Then I was adopted. I have so many painful memories. I bet, sir. You really miss the love of your family. I don’t even know where my birth parents are. That was so hard for me. I bet you really missed your family. We understand after hearing from him. Do you understand why he feels this way? Yes, I do. He went through hardships. So… That’s why I worked harder at life too. You felt bad for your husband. How was your childhood, ma’am? My parents had 7 kids. 7 kids! My older sister was loved for being the eldest. The second is my brother, who was sickly. He was loved for being a son. I’m the third. I was the only one who could work. – You were stuck in the middle. / – Yes. I had to help my younger siblings with schoolwork. I had to send my older brother to school. I worked without sleeping. – You worked ever since you were young. / – Yes. At what age did you start working? I was 16. 16. (She’s worked all her life) (And he’s always been lonely) Ma’am, don’t you want to take it easy now? That’s right. Don’t you want some rest? I don’t need rest. I’m just thankful that I’m healthy enough to work. Working makes me happy. But isn’t it better to be with your family sometimes? Sure, it’s nice sometimes. But I don’t want to hear his nagging. Being at the diner makes me happier. Is he physically affectionate? I have no complaints about that. (She doesn’t deny it) I said I do everything in moderation. That’s your opinion. I wanted to hear hers. (I keep it in moderation) (They’re so funny) Ma’am, all he wants is for you to come home on Wednesdays. I’ll try. You didn’t mean that at all! If she comes home during the week, would you talk to her and take her out? Would you have fun together? That stupid Car, the Garden. That freaking guy… Car, the Garden? The singer? (That would be me) What about him? I just don’t get it. I really don’t. She listens to his songs on repeat all day long. She does it all the time. She’s so up-to-date. You like Car, the Garden? You’re a big fan of Car, the Garden? – Say something, ma’am. / – Yes. I like Car, the Garden. (She’s a fan of Car, the Garden) (She’s like a shy young girl) She’s like a young girl. She meant it for the first time. Her first sincere response. (She was sincere for the first time) (Bitter) I have to keep confirming on my phone. Confirm? I must confirm that I listened to the song. I need to post comments too. – I have to hit the like button. / – She’s so excited! Ma’am, this will be aired nationwide. As a fan, tell us about Car, the Garden. His name is Cha Jeongwon. Born in 1990. Age 30. He went to school in Incheon. She knows everything. And he was on “The Fan.” – He won that show. / – Yes, he won. I first discovered him on “Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook.” “Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook.” – I discovered him in 2016. / – 2016. When I first heard him… (What is she talking about?) (Let us tell you about Car, the Garden) (His real name Cha Jeongwon means “car garden”) (He sings many genres with his unique voice) (He’s known as a talented singer-songwriter) He was so good at singing. I just became a fan right away. (He chugs some water) I do like a lot of celebrities, but never this much. (So excited that this is her first time) She’s never liked anyone this much. She’s definitely a fan. You crossed the line? (He chugs water again) You look so happy right now, but your husband has been chugging water constantly. Ma’am. I bet you could talk about Car, the Garden all night. Yes. But your husband… Say something nice about your husband. My husband is hardworking, tidy… Yes. – That’s it? / – He’s kind. That’s all she has to say. (These two are so funny) What’s Car, the Garden’s hobby? Do you know? He likes British soccer. He likes to collect jerseys. The soccer jerseys. – Then what’s your husband’s hobby? / – Your husband’s. His hobby? (She just laughs) She’s so honest. (Come on) Can you sing your favorite Car, the Garden song? No. (We want to hear your version) ♪ You’re like a dancing tree ♪ She’s good. I can’t sing anymore. That was great, ma’am. You’re good at singing. (That was great, ma’am) Don’t you get jealous that she’s such a big fan? I get really jealous. And that’s not all. Who was it before that? A guy… Hwanhee. She was obsessed with Hwanhee. (Her ex-boyfriend?) She should think of her age. What’s wrong with that, sir? She should act her age. Being obsessed with boys… I can tell he’s really jealous. In the beginning, he said, “Car, the Garden, that jerk.” Sorry. I didn’t mean to. You got caught? She just goes too far. When she gets obsessed with someone, she takes it too far. I don’t have anyone like that. – All you have is your wife. / – Yeah. You’re obsessed only with your wife. This is so funny. You’re a fan only of your wife. (Star-crossed lovers) The youngest daughter is here too. How much does your mom like Car, the Garden? Well… My mom comes home once a week. As her daughter, I want to tell her about my week. I want to tell her everything, but she’s too busy communicating with other fans. She’s on her phone listening to Car, the Garden. She only pretends to listen to me. And this is when I thought she took it too far. “Car, the Garden released a new song. Guess what it’s called.” This was on his fan site. My mom then commented, “Perhaps ‘Love, Hugging, and Kissing.'” The other fans saw that and wrote back, “Maybe that’s how you feel.” They have no idea that my mom’s going to be 70 soon. (She wants to reveal this secret) (Keep your mouth shut) She takes it too far. Your mom keeps saying, “Don’t talk about my age!” She takes it way too far. And this is what really made me sad. You could vote for Car, the Garden via text message. My mom wrote on our group chat, “Vote for Car, the Garden.” I was out at the time. I was too busy to vote. My mom came home that evening, and she looked angry. She started yelling at me. I thought she was just joking, but she was really angry. She said she wouldn’t cook. She looks angry now. She’s angry now. Just thinking about that time. Can you relate to your dad then? Yes, I can relate to his loneliness. (She agrees that her father is lonely) Your wife seems so positive. I think working makes her happy. That’s not always a good thing. Why? Did something happen? How so? She had a different business. It was chicken wholesale. – Oh, chicken wholesale. / – Right. You lost a lot of money? We lost money. Your wife wanted to do that? Yes. The business was registered under my name. So I had to take responsibility for that. How much did you lose? May I ask? Over $1 million. (They lost $1 million) (She doesn’t seem to agree) Hold on. She muttered that you’re lying about $1 million. – Ma’am, grab the mic. / – How much did you lose? $100,000. – Pardon? / – That’s such a big difference. (They’re saying different things) You exaggerated, sir. It was $100,000 of our money, but with the money from our family, it’s $1 million. I think he’s trying to say that you keep losing money despite your hard work. I bet that’s hard on him. Yes, we lost a lot of money. Then you should come home on Wednesdays. No, that’s why I work harder. We can’t argue with that. I can earn the money we lost. I started working on ships again. After your business failed. I had to return to sea, because times got tough. Right. You look so unhappy, ma’am. What if Car, the Garden watches this show? (Starts smiling) (She started smiling right away) (I can’t believe her) You wrote to us because you went through some hard times together, and you want to be with her now. What do you want to do with her the most? We’re pretty old now. I want us to rest together and travel too. I want us to talk more. I just want to spend time with her. I don’t think your husband is asking for much. I’ll try to make time. She didn’t mean it. You’d rather go to Car, the Garden’s concert – by yourself? / – Yes. How about going to his concert with your husband? My husband hates Car, the Garden. If he starts getting into Car, the Garden, you two would have a lot to talk about. It’s good to have shared interests. All right, ma’am. Since you’re on our show, we prepared this just for you. Car, the Garden! Really? Car, the Garden will come down the slide! (She’s always dreamed of meeting him) (Just for the wife) (Right here) Wouldn’t it be nice if he was here? Come on! Darn it. You scared me. I badmouthed him earlier. (Just then) Hello, I’m Car, the Garden. Ms. Lee Yeongsuk. – She’s so happy. / – She’s stomping her feet. I heard you’re always supporting me, which I’m very thankful for. (But…) (She has tears in her eyes) I heard that you work a lot and that your husband is very lonely. My gosh, she’s crying. – Think about your health. / – Goodness. You should cut down on work. I’d like you to spend more time with your family. I’d like you to promise me that. To encourage you, I’ll sing a song just for you. I’ll sing a bit of “When You Raise Me Up.” (A concert for just one person) (At this moment) (He’s singing just for her) ♪ When you raise me up ♪ ♪ I hold out my hands ♪ ♪ And hold you in my arms ♪ Thank you. Thank you. Ma’am. She’s so moved. She’s crying now. Those are tears of joy. – We can’t believe it. / – All throughout the clip. Yes, I’m very happy. It was a special gift just for me. And there’s more, ma’am. We got an autographed CD. Car, the Garden asked us to give it to you. It’s a limited edition with only 100 copies. It’s hard to get. Before that, did you hear what he asked from you? You should cut down on work. I’d like you to spend more time with your family. Can you do those things for Car, the Garden? Yes. Problem solved. (Problem solved immediately) Why did we spend all that time talking? (Feeling happy yet empty) Sir, you should be thankful for Car, the Garden. He made your wish come true. Thank you so much. You called him “that freaking guy.” (He should apologize for saying that) Mr. Car, the Garden… Hold his CD. “Mr. Car, the Garden.” I’m sorry. My wife is a big fan and she really loves your songs. I think I made a mistake earlier. I’m sorry about that. I apologize. (Now she’s happy) Thank you. That’s very cool of you, sir. (I’m happy this misunderstanding is over) Say some closing words to your wife. You’re so obsessed with working. We never got to do anything together. We won’t starve if you cut down on work. You won’t lose the business. So spend more time with me. I love you. Well done. Ma’am, any words for your husband? Thank you for working so hard. I hope we can be happy together. I love you. Let’s cast our votes. I think it could be a concern. You wonder what marriage will be like when you’re old. I say it’s a concern. I think I’ve learned a lot from you two about what to do in my own married life. I had so much fun listening to you two. I think this concern has been solved, so I won’t vote. If you think this is a concern, please press the button! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Stop! Show us the results. The last digit… Will it get over 100 votes? Will it be over 100? How many? 62 votes. (62 votes)

How to Start a Business: Online Store Checklist

Thanks to the rise of dropshipping and ecommerce
it’s never been easier to run your own side business online. Yet it can still be a daunting process, and
oftentimes knowing exactly how to start an ecommerce business – one that actually makes
money – can be remarkably difficult. If you’re thinking of starting an ecommerce
store, maybe you know the feeling too. But don’t worry, because in my hands is
a clipboard that changes everything. ___ Hi everybody, it’s Jessica from Oberlo,
and today I am going to share our How to Start an Ecommerce Store Checklist. We’ll go over everything you need to know
to setup your online business. We’ll cover ecommerce marketing, we’ll
talk about where to source products, and we’ll share a few other tips and tricks. By the end of this video, you’ll see that
creating an ecommerce business is much more doable than you might have thought. Ready? Let’s get started. Our nine-point ecommerce checklist begins
with finding the right platform. By platform, we mean a virtual space for your
ecommerce business. Just like a brick and mortar store, you’re
going to need a virtual location to showcase your products. We use a basic ecommerce store template made
by Shopify. Their software is intuitive and used by millions
of ecommerce entrepreneurs all around the world. If you want an in-depth tutorial guiding you
through each and every step of building an online store with Shopify, just click the
link in the description below. The next item on our checklist: finding products If you’re a complete newbie to the world
of ecommerce, you might be wondering what exactly you should sell. There are literally millions of products to
choose from, so finding the right product for you may seem a little daunting. In fact, not knowing what to sell is one of
the most common reasons why people don’t follow through with their ecommerce ambitions. Here are two things to think about when it
comes to picking a product to sell: First, is the product trending? And second, is the product easy to find elsewhere
or available on popular ecommerce sites like Amazon? You can check if a product is trending or
forecasted to trend by using Google trends. Google Trends tracks how often a particular
search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the
world, and in various languages. This gives you a sense of how often people
are looking for a particular product. If more and more people are searching for
a product every month, we can safely say that product is trending. At Oberlo we have lots of resources to help
you find great products to sell online, from Oberlo search tools to our product recommendation
videos on YouTube. There is a link to one of those videos in
the description below – so head there to discover some great products on Oberlo. If a product is easy to find elsewhere, it
might be a generic product. Generic products like jewelry or books are
already widely available. New dropshippers trying to sell products like
these will struggle to compete against bigger ecommerce stores. The better strategy is to find a niche product
or set of products that appeal to a particular audience. How do you do that? Start by making a list of product ideas you
want to sell in your ecommerce store. Ask yourself what your friends, family, and
other like-minded people might be interested in buying. Then go online and see how easy it is to find
the products on your list. What can you find on sites like Instagram,
Pinterest, or Etsy? If there are limited options on those sites,
you might be on to a great product idea. Moving on now with our checklist to: product
sourcing Now that you’ve picked your product, it’s
time for you to find a supplier. This is where the dropshipping business model
is worth mentioning. Among entrepreneurs, dropshipping is growing
more popular every year. Why? It requires less investment up front, because
there’s no requirement that merchants stock their own inventory. Here’s how dropshipping works: You find
products on an ecommerce marketplace like Oberlo. Then you import those products into your store. When a customer purchases one of those items,
you then place the order with a third party supplier, and they ship the item directly
to the customer. With dropshipping, you never have to handle
merchandise. You can also swap out products in your store
in minutes, giving you the flexibility to stay on top of current trends . In addition, apps like Oberlo automate a lot
of this process for you. This gives you more time to focus on things
that will help you to scale your business – like coming up with a great ecommerce
marketing strategy. We’ll get to that later. If you’re looking for products to sell on
Oberlo, make sure you also look for the blue Oberlo Verified badge. These are top dropshipping suppliers. Suppliers with the Verified badge have successfully
completed a minimum of 1,000 orders with Oberlo. They deliver on time, meet
expectations, and they provide fast support Oberlo vets all of these suppliers to ensure
they have their paperwork in order, maintain excellent warehouse conditions, and consistently
get positive merchant feedback. Then and only then do they become Verified
suppliers with Oberlo. Next on our checklist: Ecommerce marketing Alright, you’ve set up your store and are
ready to take orders. You have a great product and you’re working
with a great supplier. Now what? It’s time to find some customers for your
store with a sensible ecommerce marketing strategy. We can’t emphasise enough how vital it is
to focus your energy and time on marketing. Before you do anything else with your store,
ensure that you can generate traffic and reach potential customers. The key to ecommerce marketing is to find
the right channel for your products. After that, fine tune your strategy so that
the cost of finding a customer is less than what you earn from the sale. This is quite a meaty subject, with lots to
get your teeth into. In fact, we’ve written an eight-chapter
ebook with all you need to know about marketing channels – click the link in the description
to download your copy for free. The marketing to-dos on our ecommerce store
checklist don’t stop there. The next point on our checklist is Customer
Service. Research suggests that 45% of US customers
will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly. Having customer service is critical to your
online store’s long term success. Luckily, there are several ways to offer great
customer service: First, you can create self-service content
and a detailed FAQ page. This helps your customers answer their own
questions without emailing you, which saves time and energy for both of you. Second, you can offer live chat support if
you have enough time. This might be a good thing to do in the beginning,
when traffic isn’t quite flooding in. And you’ll learn a lot about your market
by addressing customer questions directly. Finally, you can ask your first customers
to give product reviews. These reviews go a
long way towards answering other customers’ questions about how a product fits or functions. Plus, reviews give your store valuable social
proof and create repeat customers, which are five times cheaper to acquire than new ones. Yep, five times ! Our checklist continues with: Conversion Optimization On average, 69% of your website visitors will
leave your site without completing a purchase. How much more profit would you make if that
69% completed a purchase? It’s certainly worth investing some time
to find a way of capturing your abandoned carts at the checkout. We’ve seen several tactics work well for
dropshippers. For example, you can create limited-time offers. Or you can launch a cart abandonment emails
campaign. You can even set up a retargeting ads campaign. Get creative. This is an aspect of entrepreneurship that
requires constant experimentation. If something comes to mind that you think
will make customers more likely to buy your products, try it out. Measure the results. And try again. We’re almost at the end of our checklist
with: Store Optimization Here’s something worth remembering: 44%
of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad experience online. This is why you should always keep the performance
of your website in mind, and seek to optimize it wherever possible. Improve your website speed. Create an intuitive navigation bar. Focus on creating a great product page. Display related items. Optimize your store search. Lastly, check how your store looks on mobile
and tablet devices . This is when those little store tweaks can add up to a big impact on
your bottom line. Let’s tick off the final two items on the
checklist. Starting with: Inventory Best selling products come and go. After all, remember the fidget spinner? That’s why your
inventory is vital. As an entrepreneur, you should always be curious
about new product ideas that could entice visitors to your store. At the same time, you should always be revisiting
your stock of steady-selling product. If something isn’t selling, replace it with
an item that’s flying off the virtual shelf. Get into the habit of testing products every
day. Research new products using Google trends,
and add promising new products to your existing ones to help drive sales. And the last point on our ecommerce checklist:
Learn by doing It’s all part of the fun of being an entrepreneur. It’s fine to make mistakes. In fact, that’s often how we learn best. And anyway, what are you going to do if you
mess up? Fire yourself? Probably
not. Be curious, be bold, and build your store
sooner rather than later. You can see how the creme de la creme of Shopify
store owners set up their stores in our Best Shopify stores YouTube videos. Simply click the link in the description and
get inspired by the most successful stores on the Shopify platform. What do you think of our ecommerce store checklist
– did we miss anything? Do you agree with how much emphasis we put
on marketing? Are there any apps that you would recommend
to first time store owners? Tell us in the comments! I personally read the comments and will get
back to you. For more tips and guides on ecommerce and
dropshipping, click subscribe and turn on that notification bell. Thanks for watching – until next time: learn
often, market better, and sell more.

How to know what’s working and what isn’t

(narrator) So, you’ve got some online
advertising campaigns up and running, and you want to find
out how they’re doing. In this video, we’ll explain how to
do just that, by tracking conversions. We’ll cover what they are, how to
choose the ones you want to measure, and what technology
to use to track them. Let’s hear about the effect
it had on Rachel’s Kitchen. (Rachel) We use conversion tracking
within Adwords and Bing ads particularly. It’s incredibly useful to be able to
adapt and amend campaigns. For example, we had a broad match
campaign recently where the cost per conversion
was incredibly high, so that means were getting
the clicks through, but the cost is quite high,
so we’re using a lot of our budget up without making the crucial sale, which
is obviously the return on investment. What we were able to then
do is pause that campaign, and actually re-distribute that budget across much more efficient
and effective campaigns, which means that you get so many
more sales for your investment. One of the best things about SCM is that you can measure the value
you’re getting from your campaigns. To do this you track conversions, as in the key actions
you want website visitors to take using tools that search engines
like Google or Bing provide. We’ll get to those in just a minute. Let’s start with how you choose
which conversions to track. Say you’re a nature photographer
who sells prints online. What kinds of actions might count
as conversions on your website? Obviously, placing an order
is an important one, but what else might you
want people to do? Well, your website should
have a contact form so potential customers
can ask questions, like what other prints
you have for sale, or, if you’re available
to photograph special events. When someone submits an inquiry through
this form, that’s a conversion, too. What if you don’t sell prints online, instead you are a wedding photographer and the bulk of your site
is a portfolio of your work? You might have references
in downloadable PDF form, so when people download it,
you can track that as a conversion. You could also have a link people
can click to receive rates via email. That’s another way potential customers
can become paying customers, so you should track that
as a conversion as well. In these two examples we’ve mentioned
a handful of different conversions: successful transactions, contact
form submissions, and downloads. And, there are plenty
of other possibilities. Can you think of what conversions you’d
want to track for your own business? So, how can you actually
track these conversions? Well, you can use tools
provided by search engines. These allow you or whoever
is managing your website for you to place a small piece of code
on certain pages of your website. That sounds complicated, especially
if you don’t have technical support, but don’t worry,
we’ll walk you through it. Let’s go back to the nature
photography business. You want to track a completed
order, so you need to figure out the proper place for the
conversion tracking code. You wouldn’t want to put
the code on your home page. If you do that,
you’ll be counting conversions every time someone visits your site. Instead, you would install
the conversion tracking code on the order confirmation page. That’s the page customers see
after they complete an order. That way, you know
a conversion happened. Next you decide to track online inquiries. Just like the previous example, you need to install
the conversion tracking code on a page the visitor sees
onlyafterthey submit an inquiry– for example, on the page that thanks the customer
after they’ve placed an order. Make sense? In order to properly track conversions, you need to attach the code to pages someone will only see after
they’ve taken the action you want. Once you install the code,
you’ll start getting reports that tell you how many
conversions you’ve got. That’s valuable information
in figuring out if your online ad campaigns are working. To sum up, by using online tools
from search engines like Bing or Google, you can measure online conversions,
and set yourself up for success.

IEC Working Holiday Visa 2020 – a guide to Canada from start to finish

What’s up guys? my name is Laura I’m from Italy but I’m talking to you from Canada Where I leave and work since 3 years ago and how did everything start? Thanks to the Working-Holiday Visa So if you want this to become your reality and not your dream anymore Keep watching this video, if I did it you can do it too let’s go Ehy guys, today I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know to apply for the Working-Holiday Visa In 10 easy steps You will learn what to do from the beginning to the end of the application but also what to do once you arrive in Canada and if you’re too afraid to do it alone we can tell you also how we can help you step by step We help thousands of international students Come to Canada every year so I’m positive at the end of this video you will know what to do but if you have any additional question please comment below and we’ll be happy to answer to your questions Now before we start don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button to receive updated information on how to come to Canada that’s it let’s get to it! 1 What is the Working-Holiday Visa? The Working-Holiday Visa is an open work permit you can obtain if you are from one of the eligible countries It’s a bilateral agreement which means that for example if Canada invites a thousands people from Italy to apply each year for an open work permit to work in Canada Italy will do the same with 1000 Canadians Depending on where you are from is a little bit easier or a little bit more complicated to obtain the working-holiday visa Why? cause for example Australians have unlimited invitations per year while for example Italy has just 1000 invitation per year so of course is gonna be easier for Australians to obtain the working-holiday than for Italians if you are lucky enough to obtain the working-holiday though you’re gonna have complete freedom it’s gonna be amazing! because you are gonna be able to work anywhere in Canada all over Canada no restrictions, for any kind of employer besides the sex trades and you will be able to study for less than 6 months if you do want to study for more than 6 months you will need a study permit and that’s a different story and you can watch the video about it here 2 Who can apply? In order for you to be able to apply for the working-holiday visa your Country of Citizenship must have that bilateral agreement we were talking about in point 1 so let’s get to the point how can you check if you’re elegible for the working-holiday visa? I will leave you a link down below that gets you directly to the government website just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select your Country of Citizenship if you’re eligible for one or more IEC categories you will be able to see it on the drop down menu that will pop up next but don’t go away yet because we’re getting to the juice of it so each Country has its own requirements when it comes to documentation and eligibility but most of Countries have these 4 rules at the moment of application you must be a Citizen of the Country you are applying from have a valid passport for the entire duration of your stay in Canada be between the age of 18 to 35 years old 35 years old included and be able to pay your fees online bonus tip depending on your Country of residence you may have some residence restrictions or other restrictions if you have the residence restrictions please check that before applying or you are gonna go through the whole process just to then get refused for example you are from Italy you apply from Australia you will get refused there are people, exceptions that got approved anyways but the rule says you must be a resident of your own country when you apply and if you don’t do that you’re gonna go through the entire process to then get refused so that’s why I wanted to tell you 3 How does it work? ok! Everything is correct you have all the eligibility requirements you’re within the age range your passport is valid now what once the pool for the following year of your country opens you will be able to see how many people get invited from your country that year and you will know that you’re now able to apply to insert yourself into the pool Once the pool opens of course if your Country has limited invitations the sooner you apply, the better it is invitations are completely random that means you will not be ahead of other people just because you have more work experience or your education level is higher the invitations are completely random they are not based on merits to insert yourself into the pool is completely free you’re gonna have to answer a series of basic information like passport information, your name, your date of birth afterwards once you complete the whole form you will see a screen that says congratulations you’re officially in the pool so that will let you know that you are officially in the working-holiday pool Congratulations! now what? Now you wait you don’t know how long is gonna take for the government to invite you and you don’t know if you’re gonna get invited for sure you can get drawn one week after you apply six months after you apply or never but don’t worry you can apply until you are 35 years of age and after that there are other ways to come to Canada but not through the working-holiday anymore 4 What do you need to apply? ok let’s get to the juice of it which documents you’re gonna be asked if you acutally get invited to apply first of all before getting to the documents I want you to know a very important rule you cannot apply for the working-holiday visa unless you get an invitation to apply what does that mean that means that until you receive an email that says you have a new message on your account you get to your account and you have a letter saying congratulations you are invited to apply for the working-holiday visa you cannot apply for it so make sure first of all you get invited if you do get invited you will have 10 days to accept or decline the invitation once you accept the invitation you will have 20 days to provide all of the documentation needed the documentation required is gonna be on your specific profile you’re gonna have a list of all documentation you need to provide again, there are specific documents from Country to Country but these are the documents every Country will be asked for Canadian resume I’m gonna leave in description below a link of a program that I really really like it’s a website that tells you step by step how to create your Canadian resume I personally used it when it was my turn to create a Canadian resume and it was really useful the Canadian resume is a curriculum vitae for some of us for example in Europe but it has different requirements for example for Italy in your resume or curriculum vitae they ask you to show a picture of yourself while in Canada you do not put a picture of yourself on your resume so be careful and make sure is a Canadian resume and not a resume from your own country second they’re gonna ask you a scanned copy of your passport of all pages with a stamp or with your information, personal information third you will be asked a photo of yourself it needs to meet all the requirements that the passport picture needs to meet so you can have that as an example and then they are gonna ask you some basic family information of course there are some other documents that you will be asked depending on your Country but each one has specific documents I want to talk to you more in details about 3 specific documents though police certificate in most cases, you will be asked to provide police certificates for every country you’ve lived for more than 6 months since the age of 18 In this case, you need to know that if your police certificates are not already in English or in French originally you will need a certified translation of these documents in English or French I do not recommend you to apply for those police certificates before you get the invitation. Why? the police certificates cannot be older than 6 months when you apply so before you apply for the police certificates I recommend you to get the invitation another important part is the biometrics you might receive a letter which is called biometric request letter if you do receive this letter you will receive it after you apply and you have paid your fees usually 24 to 48 hours after you apply if you do receive this letter it means you will have to go and give your fingerprints and photo to the closest VAC centre VAC means Visa Application Centre it’s an office where they’re gonna ask you to give your fingerprints and picture you have 30 days to give your fingerprints so you get your letter your passport you go to a VAC Centre you show the letter you show the passport they get your fingerprints and photo and you will be fine for 10 years after you’ve given your biometrics so if you already applied for other visas that require your fingerprints you do not need to do it again for the working-holiday visa but if you never had to give your fingerprints at a VAC centre for Canada before then you will need to do it for the working-holiday and you will not be asked to do it again for the next 10 years medical exams some countries or some specific jobs like working with kids or elderly require the medical exams but do not give medical exams until the government asks you for them if you need medical exams you also will a letter like for the biometrics and it will tell you what to do my recommendation at the end of the day is do not apply for any documents until you get an invitation to apply and you see your personal list of required documents if the government wants more information don’t worry they will ask you 5 important information for your application this is very important you guys there are some information that you will be asked during the application that needs to be 100% clear for example you’re gonna be asked to provide the last 10 years of your work history do not skip any month your work history needs to me smooth even if you were unemployed you need to tell them from when to when month and year if you do not do that and you just apply as is skipping months or not being clear on where were you what were you doing during that specific time they will send your request letter after you apply and you will need to explain that anyways so make sure in your 10 years work history you do not skip anything or any month but it’s also very important not to invent any job do not invent volunteer or any kind of work that you didn’t actually do because they might ask you for more information now or in a future application and if you do not actually have any documentation to prove that you actually did work there it might be a problem I have a question for you is it scary to think about applying on your own? is this a lot of information and you feel like, overwhelmed? well, stay until the end if that’s your case stay until the end even if that’s not your case cause we have a lot to go through we’re gonna talk about how much it costs a lot more information for when you get to Canada and what to do at the border but If it is scary for you stay until the end and you will see that we can help you with that if you don’t want to go through it alone 6 cost now you have all documentation needed and you’re whitin the 20 days and you’re ready to apply, amazing! now what? Now it’s time to pay you will be asked to pay if you’re not going through any immigration consultant or anything if you’re doing it by yourself you will be asked to pay 150 dollar participation fee plus, if applicable 100 dollars open work permit holder fee plus 85 dollars biometric fees you’re officially done with the process but now when are you gonna be able to buy your ticket and go?! well, there are a few steps left so stay with me for number 7 the letter of acceptance the waiting time before you receive an answer may take long but be patient you will receive an answer no matter what but you must be aware that it might take up to 56 days before you receive an answer and also you must be aware that the answer might not be already the approval or refusal it might just be a request of updated information or more information or more documentation after that, the two possible outcomes are 1 your application is refused and you will be explained why in a letter on your account two your application is approved congratulations! and you will see on your account your POE letter POE stands for Port Of Entry and that is the letter you will need to print and bring with you at the border to get your open work permit activated but stay with me we’re gonna talk about the list of required documents in a few minutes Now you are officially ready to buy your ticket how exciting is that! 8 getting ready to go now you have your flight ticket you have your POE letter you have your passport, but what other documentation you need in order to fly to Canada and in order to activate your work permit once you’re at the border First of all, you will need to show to the flight attendant at your departure your passport your POE letter and they might also ask you for your ETA number and you do have that ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization and it’s in fact an authorization for you to travel to Canada and you will be issued that automatically, you don’t need to do anything through your application for the Working-Holiday so you will find your ETA number on the second page of your POE letter so make sure you print it all and you show it to the flight attendant now the documents you need in order for you to get your open work permit at the border are your passport, as we already said it needs to be valid for the whole duration of your stay in Canada POE letter so your Port of Entry letter that we talked about. You need to have it printed and show it to the officer right away proof of funds it’s very important, you need to be able to prove you have 2500 Canadian Dollars or its equivalency in your own currency and your statements must not be older than 1 week that’s because they want you to be able to support yourself for the first three months in Canada even if you’re not working so you need to prove that to them that’s very important another very important document you need to have it’s your private health insurance for the whole duration of your stay if you do not have that you might not be issued your open work permit or you might only be issued the work permit until the validity of your health insurance so be aware of that you also need to show you have a ticket at the end of your working-holiday to go back home or to have its equivalency in money so that you have enough money to go back to your home country after you’re done so if you don’t have your flight ticket to go back already be sure you have more than 2500CAD like, that plus the cost of the ticket and then you need to have with you a printed version of all of the documents you used to apply so that if they have any additional question all of your documentation is there you’re ready, and if they see you are ready at the border and you have no doubts that everything is clear and smooth and you’re saying the truth everything will go amazing and you will have your open work permit right away but we’re not done yet you have to make sure that your open work permit is correct we made a free checklist you can download in the link in description that will tell you all the documents you need to prepare for the border you can print it you can check it on the computer check that you have everything you need for the border so make sure you download it because it’s really useful but now let’s go to point 9 how it works at the border last but not least the most important step of them all so you’re at the border you gave all of the documentation they’re satisfied you meet all of the requirements and they give you your open work permit!! you got it! great job BUT DO NOT leave the airport until you are 100% sure your open work permit is 100% correct why? if you don’t do that and you have some restrictions that do not apply to you you might have big trouble you might not be able to work for who you want to work you might have restrictions that don’t apply to you so make sure everything in your open work permit is correct before you leave the airport I cannot stress this enough if not you’re gonna have to go through literally hell to re-apply, well you don’t really need to reapply but but you will need to modify your work permit and it’s gonna be really difficult really long your work permit might already by expired by the time they answer you it’s gonna be really really messy and you don’t want to go through that so don’t leave the officer until you are 100% sure that your open work permit is 100% correct how do you get to know that? I will teach you so first of all you will need to make sure that on your open work permit your name is spelled correctly first name, last name, every name in between you need them to be spelled exactly the same as in your passport if that’s not the case you’re, for example, not gonna be able to activate your SIN number your SIN number is the number you need to be paid and to work legally in Canada so if your open work permit name does not match your passport name exactly you’re gonna be in great trouble very big trouble make sure your name is spelled correctly second of all, you need to make sure that your open work permit is valid until the date you deserve to work in Canada so where it says “valid until” that box, make sure for example, if you are eligible to work in Canada for one year that from today, so the moment you are at the border you have one year and third and most important is that the permit needs to show that you have an open employer and open location which means that you can work in Canada for any employer in any location you want 10 we finally got to the last step! what about after the border? ok! You’re now out of the border you’re in Canada, you got your perfectly correct open work permit you checked that everything is ok and now what? well, get a couple days to rest get your jet leg out of the system if you come from far away but then the first thing you need to do is to activate your SIN number SIN stands for Social Insurance Number that’s the number you will need to legally work in Canada to get paid you will be able thanks to that to open your bank account as a temporary resident you’re gonna be able to find a home to activate your SIM for your telephone and a bunch of other things that are gonna be way easier if you have your SIN number activated so make sure you do that and then…enjoy Canada! that’s all folks! thank you so much for watching this video until the end if you found it useful make sure hit that like button so I know I should make more and don’t forget to download your ultimate checlist of all documents needed at the border with the working holiday so you make sure you don’t forget any of them also if you found it useful make sure you subscribe for more updates on how to come to Canada and if you really can’t wait for the next video make sure you follow us on social media for daily updates on Facebook and Instagram at UvanU International if you still feel like this is a lot to do by yourself we can help you We have certified immigration consultants that can help you through the whole process and we can have a free consultation with you and explain you everything, how it works with us and what we can do for you so make sure you contact us on social media you comment below or you send us an email and remember, Canada is only one dream away follow that dream

Business English Course – 7. Operations

Welcome to part 7 of our business planning
series – Operations The operations area of your plan summarises
how your business works, including information on how your products are made or services
are provided. It includes details of your premises and lease
terms, equipment, materials, labour, technology and environmental concerns. An operating plan is essential for smooth
day-to-day running of your business. Choosing the right location for your business
is really important – it can be critical to the success of your business, so take time
with your selection. Before you investigate specific properties,
it is crucial that you research locations to find a range of areas or suburbs that are
suitable for your business. Make a list of key features that are important
in your location (for example, being close to a main road, floor space, parking availability,
street frontage). Ask your local council if they have any new
developments or zoning changes planned for the area you are considering. Also, be sure to talk to you solicitor for
advice and guidance on leasing agreements. Moving on to production – understanding
your production processes will help you standardise your operations. Ask yourself, how and where are you products
and services going to be produced? What costs will be involved? How will you document your standard procedures? What quality control measures will you use? The next element of operations is customer
management – think about how you are going to keep customer records. This will also feed into your customer retention
strategies – think loyalty programs, birthday incentives and follow-up sales activities. The next two points, plant and equipment and
stock and inventory, go hand-in-hand. What do you need to operate your business? Are you going to rent, lease or buy your plant
and equipment? What are you stock storage requirements?

Why Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Why does your business need a blog? Blogs are an ideal way to present relevent content that connects users, search
engines, and your website. Content is the cornerstone of any digital marketing program. Without content, a website is simply a blank page. The more and better content you have,
the more likely it is that a user or potential customer clicks
on your website instead of your competitors. There are plenty of opportunities
to attract these users. An average American clicks on 285 pieces of
content per day, and 47% of Americans read blogs daily. Blogging is particularly important because
it offers a way for you to create more focused
content that your site otherwise would not rank for. Importantly, it can also
help your website rank on Google for a wider range of queries. A blog post is any news article or
informational piece on your website that lies outside your normal scope of
location pages, product pages, or the like. Because content is so important to Google,
especially recent and relevant content, it’s important to continually post blogs as
part of a blogging program. A blogging program showcases your expertise, authoritativeness, and trust to both potential customers and search engines. By regularly posting blogs, you’ll have the opportunity to
continually take advantage of searches performed by your customers that are
relevant to your products or services. One of the core reasons to have a
blogging program is to help optimize your site to rank higher in search
engine results pages–or SERPS. Blogs can help you rank for searches you might not otherwise rank for, which gives you an edge on your competitors. The bottom line is that blogs help your overall website. Businesses with a blog received 97 percent more inbound links to their website than those without a blog, and businesses with a blog had over
55 percent more traffic to their website than their competitors without a blog. A good blog isn’t just a collection of
words on a website; it requires time-intensive and in-depth
topic research and keyword research. It also requires knowledge of formatting best practices
and an understanding of your business’ tone and voice. Most of all it should be well-written.
According to Google itself, quality carries the most weight among
all factors for ranking success. At Go Local Interactive, our team of content
writers and digital marketing experts can help craft a blogging program to
help your website succeed. We’re there every step of the process to make your
business as great as it it can be.

6 Ways to Deal with Stress | R – Redesign | Web Series: Ep 4/7 | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

So, next is ‘R’.
‘R’ for Redesign. Redesign is very important. You have to revisit your beliefs,
your concepts, your values, your priorities. If that is your mood, you want to
live as per your whims and fancies. Redesign. That has led me to this mess,
so now this should be my value. You will have any kind of mood.
Value. This is my concept. You do all the wrong things and still, tell,
“Oh God! I love You.” This is the most idiotic
thing on this earth! Where are your values?
Where are your concepts? I am saying that you can
revisit it and redesign it. There is so much inspiration
you are getting. So, redesign your beliefs,
(Values, concepts) priorities. We were fed with this belief that
if you are going out for some work, And if a cat passes by,
it is unlucky. If you get something that is numbered 13,
we want to change it if we can. Because 13 is an unlucky number. Okay, now when you have kids,
feed them with the belief, If a cat passes by, that day is going to
be the most wonderful day of the year. Your kids will start hunting for cats.
I wish I see a cat! Or else, they will make a ‘group cat’
not a group chat – cat! Whenever we leave the house,
this cat must be made to pass by. Why? Because you are
fed with that belief. So you start feeling that way.
And you start responding that way. You start behaving that way. So, all your behaviour
depends on your beliefs. Are you clear?
(Yes) All your behaviour
depends on your beliefs. So if you redesign your beliefs, It’s going to be effortless
wonderful behaviour. There was one court,
with the king, Once he comes in his
court and says, He got 2 pieces of
diamond and he said, “One of these is diamond and
one of these is pure glass.” “Whoever can differentiate between them –
which is glass and which is diamond,” “Will be rewarded.” Everyone was seeing but
they looked so similar. If you say ‘similar’,
that makes sense. If you say ‘same’,
then this is this, and this alone. One blind man,
he takes up this challenge. “Give me these 2
pieces for 5 minutes.” “I want to go out in sunlight.” “And I will tell you which
is diamond, which is glass.” He goes out. After 5 or 10 minutes,
he comes back. He says, “This is diamond and
this is glass.” And it was true. So, the king is astonished
and he is asking, “How did you differentiate?
Those who can see, could not.” “You are blind and you could! How?” Listen to this now.
This is so important. He answered, “I took both the
pieces outside in the sunlight.” “I kept them in the sun for 5 minutes.
The piece that became hot was glass.” “And the one that did not
heat up was diamond.” If you become negative in negative
situations, you are glass. If you are not negative in negative
situations, you are a diamond. So, if any situation happens,
do you want to be soda – reactive? Or water – responding?
Beautiful, right? Tell me one thing, do you want
to prove or you want to improve? (Improve)
Ah! A unanimous answer! Right now you don’t have to do anything so might as well answer! You always want to prove you are smart.
You always want to prove you are beautiful. You always want to prove you are good.
For once, improve. Improve your life not
only your lifestyle. Improve your quality,
not only your quantity. Increase your transformation,
not only information. You got it!

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My Beard Is Patchy! How To Deal With Patchy Beard Growth

– Hey, it’s Anil from Twisted Moustache, and today we’re gonna be talking about patchy beards. Pa-at-chy (whistles) beards. (relaxing music) Now, Beardrins, I’m with you, it’s frustrating as hell when your beard is patchy and you just don’t
know what to do about it. I was there, I was there right with you, when I first started growing
my beard it was patchy, I mean, oh, my days. Now, my beard, I’m
quite happy with it now. I still get a bit patchy,
but when I was starting out, it was patchy as hell. I mean, I was always able
to grow a good moustache, and on my chin, no problems, but the side, here, was
always a little bit thin, and always patchy on my cheeks. But, I powered through. There’s always the
temptation to shave it off. If you’re just starting
out growing your beard, you’re getting some hairs
here, your moustache, but you’re getting a
bit light around here, or a little bit, hairs are not coming out, then you might be tempted to shave it, and I’m telling you, don’t. Don’t do it, put the razor down. If you give up and you
shave, then you a pussy. I said it, you’re a pussy. If you pick up that razor, if
you reach for that Gillette, pick it up, shave off your
beard, you’re a pussy. I’ll tell you why you’re a pussy, because you gotta be patient,
you gotta let it grow, trust me, if you’re in the early stages of growing your beard
and you shave it off, you are going to regret it. You’ve got to push through those phases and just let it grow. ♪ Let it grow ♪ ♪ Let it grow ♪ You just gotta let it grow
because, most of the time, for a lot of people, the
patchy areas do fill out. But it’s also about genetics, okay? So if your genetics doesn’t
allow you to grow a beard, that’s it, you can’t grow it. But, you can still grow the
best beard that you can grow. If you don’t grow it,
you’re never gonna know, you’re never gonna know
if it’s your genetics or you just weren’t patient enough. So give it two, three, four
months, six months if you can, let it grow, it’ll get patchy, people might start taking
the mick out of ya, you’ve got to be patient, let it grow. I know, people are gonna take the mick, people were taking the mick out of me, but you’ve just got to tell
them that you have a plan. That’s right, like The A-Team, you have a plan, and it’s coming together. You’re gonna let it grow,
it’s gonna look a bit messy, it might get patchy,
but it’s gonna fill out, that’s what you gotta think to yourself, you’ve got to think, “I’m growing a beard, “I’ve never grown it before, “I dunno how my hair’s gonna react”, you’ve just gotta grow
it, give it six months, eight months, maybe, as long as you can, let it grow and see what happens. So, as I’ve mentioned, the
two most common reasons why your beard is patchy is A, you’re just not patient enough,
you’re not letting it grow, you’re not seeing if your
beard’s gonna fill out. The second reason why you
might be getting a patchy beard is purely down to DNA and your genetics. Your genetics might be saying to you, “You know what, I’m not gonna
grow any hair on your cheek, “I’m not gonna grow
any hair on your chin”, which are the most common places where, if you’re gonna get any patchiness, it’s gonna be either
around this area here, or this area here. So those are the two most common reasons why you have a patchy beard. Now, I know you’re asking yourself, “What can I do about it?”. Well, I’m gonna give you some tips, some information about how you can deal with your patchy beard. Now, the first one, I
mentioned it earlier, you’ve got to have patience
because you could be just not seeing what your beard can do. You don’t know about your DNA, you don’t know about your genetics yet, you gotta grow it any see. Give it six, eight, ten, a year. (laughing) I keep going up, look,
give it three, four, three- (tutting) Give it three to six months, okay, three to six months, right, and
just see how your hair goes, and just be patient, have a goal, be clear with your goal to everybody, just ignore all the negativity
that’s coming towards you because there will be people that say, “Ah, man, it looks dirty,
what you doing, shave it off.” And you’ve just gotta
say, “Yo, I’ve got a goal. “I wanna see where it goes.” And set realistic expectations, okay? So the next thing you can do, if you’re starting to grow
it out, two, three months, you want to get a really
good beard routine going. Get some good quality products,
Twisted Moustache products, and get a routine going. Use your beard oil, but most
important, use your brush. I can’t stress this enough that when you’re in the early stages
of growing your beard, you wanna get a really good
high quality boar bristle brush, you want to train your
hair to grow downwards, it’s gonna help with the patchy look, because if you don’t brush it, your hair could be going outwards and that’s gonna leave gaps, so if you’ve got some
hair that’s going down, some hair going out, it’s
gonna leave gaps in your beard, it’s gonna make it look even more patchy. So get your brush, and
start brushing, daily. If you’re reaching six months
and you’re still thinking, “You know what, it’s patchy,
it’s not improving.”, you’ve tried to do your brushing, you’ve been patient with
it, maybe it’s your DNA, maybe you’re genetics saying,
“You know what, I can’t grow”, then my advice is to really look at making the most of what you can grow. Maybe you can’t go for the full beard, there’s nothing wrong with that, there are hundreds of
different styles out there. If you’re patchy here,
and you’re not feeling it, maybe you could shave this part off. Maybe you could go for a
goatee, any other style. Maybe you could just rock a
twisted moustache on its own. A lot of people can pull that off. So choose the right style, I know there’s a lot of
celebrities out there that put a lot of pressure on you, they’ve got some awesome beards, people like Roy Keane, or Billy Gibbons, but don’t watch that, okay, there are plenty of celebrities out there rocking beards that are patchy. I mean, you take a look at Keanu Reeves, now that guy’s got some patchy beard, but he pulls it off, and you
know why he pulls it off, because he’s confident with it. He makes the most of what he has. The way he dresses, and
the way he styles his hair, his clothes, compliments his style, compliments his beard and what he’s got, that’s what you need to do. If you’ve got a patchy beard,
and it’s not filling out, make the most of it, look at your style, have a look at what you wanna do, what can you do, what can
you change, maybe go shorter. Like I said, maybe you got for a goatee, or something different, find your style. Now, you’re probably
researching on the internet, and you start coming
across posts of people with the quick-fix pill, my advice, stay away from those pills, man. You can blow a whole wad of cash on pills and they might not even
do anything for you. I’m not saying that it
doesn’t help a little, different people, I’ve heard, they’ve taking some of those pills, and it’s worked for them,
but I wouldn’t do it. My advice, don’t do it, keep it natural, just work with what you’ve got. Now I’ve heard things
about the Derma Roller, I’ve known a few people that have said that it has helped them, so that may be something
you could look at, if you wanna get one of those rollers and start rolling on your chin, or your cheeks, or something like that, you gonna try that out. I’ve not personally tried
it, maybe I’ll try it, but I’ve not personally tried that. (dramatic inhale) Who knows, could work for it. Finally, if you’re gonna power
through your patchy beard, you’re gonna need the
support from your friends, from your family, you’ve got
to get them to buy in, man. Get them to buy in, get
them to see your vision, that’s what I said earlier,
be clear with your beard goal. What you’re trying to do. And be clear with people, if your girlfriend comes
up to you, or your wife, and says, “What’s going on there, mate? “Oh, nah, that ain’t working.” You’ve just gotta say, “Hold on. “Just give it six months,
I’ve got a plan.”, and that’s it, try and
get people on board, because that peer pressure, you know, it’s a one way ticket
to Gillette, I’m afraid. You wanna get people on your side. Let me talk to you about my beard, and my experience with patchiness. When I was starting out, I was patchy, my cheeks in particular
is very bad, very patchy, and I persisted through it, I grew my beard for about eight months, and what I found was, after good grooming, it was filling out a little bit, if you get patchy around here, a big moustache can help fill it out. You see, it covers up a
lot of the patchiness, and you can kind of spread it. You’ll come up with little tricks, you’ll will see different parts of your hair start spreading
and filling it out, even if it’s thin hair there, other parts of your beard
will start filling it out. That’s why I said to you,
you’ve got to be patient, you’ve got to be patient. All right, you see here, look how patchy that is, can you see? Now, I get a bit of patchy here, but, you know this, this
hair here, see this hair, fills it out a little bit. And the moustache, if I lift it up, this bit of patchy, moustache comes in, fills it up nicely and,
here as well, bit of patchy. But, excuse me, excuse me, I’m looking at the monitor, so, yeah. Yeah, and, yeah, looks good. So, Beardrins, patchy beard,
those are my tips for you, stick around, watch the next video, and I’ll see you later.