Learn About Spear Patient Education – Patient Retention for Dental Practice Growth

You have big goals for your practice. You want to be successful, profitable and
leave a lasting impression on your patients. You can care about your patients’ health and
the health of your practice. And you want your patients to be happy and
committed to the high-quality treatment you provide. But there’s one thing bringing you down. You feel like you don’t have enough patients,
and you want more. Likely, it’s primarily because you want higher
streams of revenue and greater overall profitability. Maybe it’s also because you want to increase
your case acceptance and take on different types of cases. You think expanding your patient is going
to bring in a wave of revenue and be the best solution. But this is not your problem. The problem is patient retention. Your existing patient base is decreasing because
they’re leaving out the back. Why is this happening? It’s because they don’t value treatment. So maybe you need to present it differently. Maybe they’re not understanding the full impact
of their potential treatment. But if you don’t have a strategy for more
case acceptance, adding patients won’t solve your problem. You have to get to the root of the issue,
which is patient retention. But how? Spear Online’s Patient Education tools will
help you better communicate their diagnosis and treatment options. It’ll also communicate the importance of seeking
treatment and the potential consequences of not doing so. Our videos will show your patients the basics
of home care, symptom progression, appliance care, post-op care and procedure details. We conducted a couple of studies to test the
efficiency of our Patient Education programs and found that the majority of patients who
watched the waiting room videos better understood the consequences of neglecting treatment,
were compelled to move forward with treatment and wanted their dentist to show the videos
in their practice. Patients who watched our 3-D animated Patient
Education videos had similar sentiments.

Instagram Influencer Marketing: Your Step By Step Guide

When you’re running an online business,
traffic is key. After all, every person who visits your store
is a potential customer. But, how do you draw in people to your store? Simply put, marketing. And Instagram is one of the most effective
platforms that ecommerce entrepreneurs can use when marketing their store. Hey guys! I’m Jessica with Oberlo, and today we’ll
be looking at Instagram influencer marketing. We’ll break down what it is, how it works,
and what you can do to launch your own influencer marketing campaign today! Let’s jump into it! Even if you’re new to ecommerce, you probably
know that there are new marketing tactics popping up all the time. When you’re getting started, it can be tough
to figure out which of those marketing tactics to focus on. Instagram influencer marketing is one of the
most popular marketing tactics around today. before we dive into that, however, let’s
quickly talk about why Instagram is a great platform for ecommerce entrepreneurs. [Why is Instagram Good for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs?] We mentioned earlier that Instagram boasts
a HUGE audience which you can tap into with your marketing campaigns.800 million people
use Instagram per month, and that audience is growing bigger by the day. That great news for entrepreneurs is that
70% of those users seek out brands on Instagram. In other words, Instagram is home to a huge
group of potential customers who actually want to see promotional content. This is such a useful channel for ecommerce
entrepreneurs. You can use the platform to promote your latest
products, acquire new customers, and even communicate directly with your fans. If you’re worried about creating stunning
panoramas and product photos for every post, relax. You can source Instagram content from other
users and share that with your audience. Just remember to ask the original poster for
permission, and credit them in your post.It’s a win–win situation – you post new content,
and they get promoted for free. By now you might be thinking: if Instagram
is so great for marketing on its own, why worry about influencer marketing? [ Why Should You Care About Instagram Influencers?] Building a following on Instagram is tough,
especially if you’re new to operating a business account. It certainly helps if you sell visually-appealing
products, but honestly, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to build a following just
by posting images related to your products or brands. The bottom line is, If you don’t already
have an established audience on the platform, it’s going to be hard to use Instagram to
grow your business. That’s exactly why Instagram influencers
are so useful for ecommerce brands. They’ve already built up their following
on the platform organically. They have thousands of followers, and these
followers are genuinely interested in what the influencer is posting. You can use inluencers and tap into their
audiences of highly-engaged potential buyers, and promote your products directly. Because Instagram influencers are people and
not brands, their followers are much more likely to trust their advice. When they recommend certain products to their
followers,their followers are more likely to engage with that content. So Instagram influencers are great – they
can help grow your brand and sell your products. But how do you get influencers involved with
your marketing campaigns? And how do you know if you’re choosing the
right influencers for your brand? The world of influencer marketing can be intimidating
at first, but don’t worry. We’ve got a strategic approach that’ll
help you nail influencer marketing. First things first, you’ll need to find
the right influencers for your brand. This is totally dependent on what you’re
selling, and the brand image that you’re trying to build. It’s always a good idea to use data-driven
decisions when it comes to building a business. With Instagram, there are plenty of tools
you can use to find the best influencers for your brand. Tools like Ninja Outreach and Snapfluence
can connect you to a wealth of influencers who are ready to get involved with new, exciting
brands, like yours. Simply search for the type of influencers
you’re looking for, using keywords like “womens fashion” for example, and you’ll
be presented with a list of high-potential influencers. You can also search for influencers manually
with tools like Keyhole.io Search for terms related to your niche, and you’ll see which
users have the highest engagement. Later, you can reach out to those influencers
directly. Finding the right influencers might take a
while. You’ll probably need to go through many
different posts and hashtags to find influencers who are a good fit for your brand, but it’s
worth it in the long-run – investing time up-front can help you to avoid failed marketing
campaigns in the future. Once you’ve found the right influencers
for your brand, you’ll need to start making steps towards forming a business partnership
with them. First, send your chosen influencers a brief
introduction to your brand. Give them an idea of the products that you’re
trying to sell, and provide them with some information about what you’re looking for
from their posts. You’ll also need to compensate influencers
them for their services. Typically, Instagram influencers are paid
in one of two ways – by flat monetary compensation (say, $200 for one post promoting your brand)
or by a commision-based payment, like 10% of every sale that they bring. You can measure the sales a particular influencer
generates by providing the influencers with a discount code, like ‘JESSICA10’. You can assume that every buyer who enters
that discount code came from that influencer, and you’ll know how much commission you
need to pay. Decide which payment method fits your business
best, and include your choice in your initial pitch to them. Once you’ve come to an agreement with your
influencers, it’s time for them to get to work by promoting your brand. You’ll likely need to send your influencers
a couple of products that they can use in their campaigns – you want their followers
to notice the influencers wearing or using your products. Don’t worry if you’re dropshipping, there
are no problems there. Just ask for the address of your influencers
and ship the products directly to them. Once they’ve received the products, reiterate
what you’re looking for. Consider giving them a few examples of Instagram
posts you love, so they know what you’re expecting. And here’s a pro tip: Create an account
bit.ly and use it to shorten the links to your product pages. Why? It’ll look more professional when influencers
post the links and bit.ly will give you analytics about the number of people who clicked the
link. That’s great for gauging the success of
your influencer campaigns. Within no time your influencers will be posting
about your brand , and hopefully driving tons of high-potential traffic to your online store. Alright, so that’s all for today. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re posting
new videos every week, so make sure you subscribe to our channel. That way, you’ll get a heads up when something
new hits YouTube. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see
you again soon. In the meantime: Learn often, market better,
sell more.

How does health insurance work?

Okay, quick question…What’s harder than
figuring out how health insurance works? Maybe lassoing your neighbor’s cat? Or teaching
your grandma how to send a text message #yourphoneisupsidedown? Nope. Maneuvering health insurance is harder,
but let’s see if we can clear it up a bit. You start by choosing a a health insurance
company to protect your family in the event you have medical expenses you couldn’t possibly afford. You pick a health plan and pay your monthly premium. Most insurance covers the same core of medical services, but every plan has a different level of how much you pay
for medical care and how much insurance pays. Here’s some good news when you need care.
If you’re a Blue Cross member, you’ll enjoy discounts at most health care providers in
Kansas. In some cases, our contracts with doctors and hospitals can reduce your medical
bills by up to 50% before you have to pay. After discounts are applied to your bill,
you pay a certain amount before insurance payments kick in. We call that a deductible.
Once you reach your deductible, you pay a certain percentage of your medical expenses
and insurance pays a larger percentage. That’s called coinsurance and it’s another advantage
of having Blue Cross coverage that keeps you from paying most of the bill. So that’s the
skinny on health insurance. It’s definitely easier to figure out than say, breaking Uncle Chet’s mechanical bull record, or flossing for 30 days straight. But, if you have more
questions, or there’s anyway we can help, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is here for you.

Online Advocacy Software in Salsa Engage

It’s fantastic to be able to work
with advocacy focused organizations because they care so much about their mission. Whether it’s lobbying for change
with the federal government Or even state and local issues These are all really, really important issues so it’s great to have this opportunity to help. Advocacy directors have an extremely difficult job They’re working day in and day out on coalition building, affecting change, working with major stakeholders And, on top of all that, they have to deal with changing technology and the social media space It’s just a constantly moving target that they’re always going after, so giving them the best tools to do the job is really important. Salsa Engage was really pre-built to drive engagement It’s got a fantastic built-in marketing automation engine and it’s really built out to help you segment your lists and target the people that matter most to you. From email marketing to social media scheduling, You have all the tools you need to really connect with your audience and make a difference. Salsa’s advocacy tools allow you to give a voice to your supporters, in a way that you can’t do 1-on-1. It allows your supporters to tell their story and connect with legislators and affect change at the national level, at the state level, even at the local level, through online petitions and targeted actions. Salsa makes it very easy for you to create an action in a matter of minutes. It allows your supporters to come in and have a very seamless, easy user experience, and it allows that message to come directly from your supporter, not from the organization so it has a greater impact on your legislator! Many of our clients do a lot more than just online advocacy, and that’s one of the reasons I love Salsa It allows them to engage whether that’s through our CRM tools, Peer to Peer functionality, or online fundraising Salsa has it all We don’t just build the tools, we help partner with our organizations so that they can achieve their mission!

Engage West! Teaser

Hi, I’m Asia Anderson from Career Services and I would like for you to join me for On Your Mark, Get Set, Goals an interactive workshop for our next Engage West Staff Edition event. Here at West Georgia we pride ourselves in being the best place to work. We have to consistently develop ourselves to grow our staff to grow others. This workshop will discuss how to plan for your future, uncover your values and tap into the resources that you have available to you right now. In addition, you’ll learn how to write your own personalized career goals look at where you are now and discover what tools you need to get to where you want to be. You’ll also learn how to write your own personalized resumes and cover letters with the assistance of Career Services. These tools will help pave the way for a rewarding career here at UWG. Come join me and catch the energy. On your mark, get set, goals. Register today.

GLUTES: The ONLY TWO Exercises You Need For Growth! | BUNS OF STEEL

What’s going on Nation? We are back with the only two exercises you need for muscle growth series and this time we’re hitting them buns but first if you’ve missed any of the previous videos in this series Especially the one on chest click the link above to see the entire playlist or just wait until the end of the video now When most people think about legs they don’t really think about their glutes And for most people, the only glute work in their workouts is from heavy back squats But our squats enough to properly train your glutes for muscle growth and explosive power well, the short answer is no you see your glutes are very big and powerful muscles, but they’re only assisting your hamstrings and quads during your squats and the key word here is Assisting sure they’ll help you come out of a deep squat by extending your hips But that’s not really enough when it comes to maximizing strength and size But before we get started With the only two exercises you need for muscle growth guys, the article version of this video has been up since yesterday So if you want to be first to see what’s new on my channel download my app Oh and make sure you subscribe tap that notification bell. So why is glute strength important? Well, believe it or not strong glutes will help you with most if not All of your big lifts such as squats deadlifts overhead Press and bench press and they’ll also help with your posture as well in fact if you haven’t watched my video on addressing anterior pelvic tilt check out that article on my app and you’ll immediately Understand how important glute strength is when it comes to preventing lower back pain and posture imbalances But enough of that talk let’s get into the two exercises Exercise one is the barbell glute bridge. You’re gonna do three sets of five reps resting about 60 to 90 seconds in between your sets. But this exercise is much more than just thrusting your hips into the air So make sure you pay attention to these three key components while performing the movement number one Master the movement first, you need to start with your body weight to get the form down guys this includes push through your ankles while keeping your spine neutral and hyper extending your hips at the top of the movement while simultaneously flexing your glutes as hard as you can I know it’s a lot to do at once and so many people waste their time with this exercise because they don’t know how to Hyperextend and that’s because they didn’t master body weight first in fact It might even be a better idea for you guys to perform a warm-up set of 15 slow Repetitions to activate your glutes. So your focus is where it needs to be when you start repping heavy weight Number two stop if you feel pain guys, if your lower back hurts at any point, you’re doing the movement wrong Which usually means you’re hyper extending at the top by using your spinal erectors Instead of your glutes if that happens you need to reset your form at the starting position You should not be able to fit your hand behind your lower back then from that point Press through your glutes and hold the top position for a second or two And one more thing to keep in mind is your foot position The further away your heels are from your butt the less focus you’re going to have on your glutes So don’t be afraid to readjust your feet every few reps and number three Progress with the movement start adding weight as soon as you feel comfortable With the exercise who cares if it looks weird or that people are staring at you. What the hell are you so self-conscious about? The people staring at you with their stupid droopy butts screw them You need to rethink your goals and why you’re going to the gym. Your training is your time So get in the zone and focus on yourself, and now for exercise number two, which is a hip thrust You’re gonna do three sets of ten to twelve repetitions Resting six into 90 seconds between sets and once again, there are three key components You need to keep in mind to safely execute this exercise but make sure you smash that like button first because everyone else only cares about your arms and chest but here I am showing You guys how to get buns of steel and that’s because I’m dedicated to this community and all the butts in it so tip number one understand the main difference between this exercise and barbell glute bridge and I’ve noticed that because the hip thrust looks very similar to the glute bridge that most people make a choice between them And usually the hip thrust wins because it looks easier to execute. However Believe it or not due to the positioning of the body the two exercises deal with the exact movement pattern but the resistance during the barbell glute bridge is most intense at the top Whereas the most intense part of a hip thrust is at the bottom position where you have to explode out of the hole This is why the two exercises complement each other So well number two protect your groin and this tip also applies to the glute bridge as well if you find that the Barbell is hurting your hips or your groin just grab a towel or barbell pad to cushion the force and Make the movement pain-free, but for me, the pain is an indicator that the barbell is in the wrong position And I’m not putting enough force into pushing the Barbell into my legs because the pain usually comes from the barbell setting too loosely on your thighs So try a few reps with no pad first and really push the Barbell into your legs the entire Time and this goes for the glute bridge as well If you still have a bit of pain though Either push through it as you will get used to it or grab a pad and number three Prioritize your glutes if you’re stuck squatting or dead lifting the same weight for weeks or even months You need to switch it out clearly your plateau has been hit and you need to find a way to increase your explosive power through your hips and that means focusing on your glutes So with that in mind Let’s combine these two exercises with the only two leg exercises you need for growth and we get the following routine Exercise number one is the Barbell glute bridge and you’re gonna perform 3 sets of 5 repetitions Exercise number two is going to be the barbell front squat and you’re gonna do 4 sets of 20 reps followed by four sets of eight reps Exercise number three is gonna be the Romanian deadlift and you’re doing five to seven sets of 10 to 15 repetitions and then the last exercise is going to be the hip thrust and you’re gonna do three sets of 10 to 12 reps each and then you can even finish the workout with 4 to 5 sets of six to eight repetitions Of a deficit deadlift to further increase your mind muscle connection And your ability to really fire your glutes and hamstrings together for the most explosive power I hope you all learned a lot from today and if you’re in need of a new muscle building program I’m offering personal coaching for the first 50 people who download my app and join as a Platinum Member as soon as you join you’re Automatically friends with me and can inbox me directly and guys my app is only eight dollars a month and covers everything full programs custom meal tracker extensive exercising routine database articles full of amazing tips healthy recipes and so much more but if a double-shot vanilla mocha cappuccino Latte frappe with whipped cream on top is more important to you today. Well, then spend your money on that See you later, you know as soon as you download my app You might be a bit overwhelmed as to which of my programs is right for you, but don’t worry. I got you covered just click the link below to go to my program select a tool and it will help guide you to the Perfect plan for your goal and if you’ve missed any of my previous videos and the only two exercises series just click over here

Snapchat Marketing

Hey guys, it’s Jessica with Oberlo, and
in this video, I’m going to show you how to leverage Snapchat to build your brand,
market your store, and grow your business. Let’s jump straight in. First, Snapchat marketing is different. So many businesses shy away from it, because
they don’t understand it. Snapchat is not a full-blown social network,
but it’s far more than just a messaging app. What makes Snapchat different is that the
content that you share is lost forever as soon as it’s consumed. And you don’t have a public-facing profile,
like on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For these reasons, Snapchat marketing might
seem like a bad idea. But, don’t be fooled. Snapchat’s apparent shortcomings are actually
its greatest strengths. The fact that content disappears after it’s
been viewed, means that there’s an urgency to Snapchat that other social media platforms
don’t have. And Snapchat does a great job of capitalizing
on this urgency. As a result, the average user opens Snapchat
over 25 times a day, and spends over 30 minutes a day on it. Bottom-line? Users pay attention to Snapchat content. So, why else is Snapchat marketing a good
idea? For a start, there are 187 million daily active
Snapchat users around the world. Of these, 71% are under 34 years old. So, if your target market is millennials,
there’s probably no better place to reach them than Snapchat. Another great benefit of Snapchat? It’s free. And let’s be real, in 2018 many marketing
tools aren’t… Now, while there’s a lot of opportunity
on Snapchat, it’s vital to understand that Snapchat marketing isn’t like Facebook advertising. It’s not about money in, money out. Instead… Snapchat marketing is all about branding and
authenticity. Branding is a strategy, not a tactic. Let me explain. A strategy is a long-term, overarching plan
to achieve a goal or fix a problem. Tactics are the practical activities you do
within your planned strategy. Here’s an example: Your strategy might be to boost conversions
on Facebook, so that every dollar you spend on Facebook ads will convert more customers. Now, to boost conversions, you need to use
tactics. In this example, your tactics might include
optimizing your ad creative, or adding social proof to your website. With me so far? Now, Snapchat marketing is more of a long-term
strategy than a tactic. That’s because it’s primarily about branding. You can’t run ads, or build a huge follower
count on Snapchat, but you CAN build deep, long-term relationships with people in your
target market. Snapchat’s power lies in its ability to
engage a small community of your most avid customers on an intimate, personal level. That’s why Snapchat is a strategic, long-term
investment. It’s about deepening and strengthening your
brand. As Gary Vaynerchuk, a huge advocate of Snapchat
marketing, explains: “It’s not how many followers you have, it’s
how many care. It’s not width, it’s depth. It’s not how many impressions you get, it’s
how much attention you get.” Snapchat offers depth and attention. That’s why Snapchat marketing can be so
powerful. The nature of the platform means you’ll
only attract your most engaged followers on Snapchat. But you can create authentic relationships
with these followers on Snapchat that you simply can’t replicate anywhere else. And best part? These highly active and loyal customers are
extremely valuable to your business. These people are likely to become advocates
of your brand, which will help you grow your business way beyond Snapchat. So, what do your customers want to see on
Snapchat? First, Snapchat isn’t the platform for polished,
professional-looking content. That’s not the aim of the game. Instead, Snapchat users want authentic, transparent,
and personal content. Yes, social networking in general is about
connecting with others. But Snapchat takes this to a whole new level. Snapchat connections take place in real-time–no
photo editing allowed! While it might sound scary, embracing that
kind of transparency can be great for your brand. In fact, a whopping 94% of consumers say they’re
likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. Let’s look at an example of transparency
done right. DJ Khaled proved the power of Snapchat marketing
way back in 2015. This hip-hop icon and entrepreneur used Snapchat
to build a rapport with his closest fans. His snaps were entertaining and provided a
behind-the-scenes look into his lifestyle. Google Trends shows the correlation between
the introduction of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat presence and his rise in popularity. Once Snapchat elevated his brand, DJ Khaled
used his popularity to promote products from his fashion line. For his fans, having authentic, everyday access
to DJ Khaled gave his products a special appeal. Alright, by now you know why Snapchat marketing
is important for your brand. Ready to grow your following? Great
There are 2 key tactics to growing your following on Snapchat. First, let’s address the biggest challenge
with using Snapchat: There’s no way for people to find you within the app. The only way to promote your Snapchat channel,
is outside of the app. With that in mind, let’s discuss… Tactic Number 1: Share your Snapcode or handle
on other channels. This is the best way to get started. Promote your Snapchat handle on Twitter, Instagram,
Facebook, and any other social channels you use. You can also use your Snapcode as your profile
picture on other social media channels to draw attention to your Snapchat presence. Share it regularly, but not so much that you
annoy followers who don’t use Snapchat. Another great idea is to feature your unique
Snapcode in the emails that you send out to new customers. Why? Well, purchase receipt emails get an average
open rate of 71%. Most other emails, by contrast, have an average
email open rate of 22%. In other words, receipt emails get the highest
engagement scores out of all the emails you send. So purchase receipt emails represent an awesome
opportunity to promote your Snapchat handle. Next up? Tactic Number 2. Download and share your Snaps on other channels. For this tactic, simply download your snaps
and create a compilation of your top performers. Then, upload your compilation to other channels
like YouTube and Facebook video. This is a great way to draw attention to your
presence on Snapchat, and it gives followers a taste of what to expect if they follow you. You get to re-use content you’ve already
created. And, your best snaps will be hosted somewhere
permanently. Now that you’ve got some Snapchat followers,
you need to share content and promote your store. A word of warning though: Be careful you don’t
overdo the self-promotional tactics. Research has shown that a massive 45% of consumers
will unfollow a brand if their activity is dominated by self-promotion. It’s also important to note that you can’t
create outbound links on Snapchat. Instead, you’ll need to create short links
using a service like Bitly then paste these links as text onto your snaps. We provide links to both of these URL shorteners
in the description below. With these tips in mind, let’s run through
6 ways you can create content, and promote your store on Snapchat! Number 1. ‘Day-in-the-life’ content. Share selfies, funny photos, and any entertaining
moments that occur throughout your day. These posts should give followers an insight
into your business culture. Sound easy enough? It is! Even better, these posts should make up the
majority of the content you share on Snapchat. Number 2: Product teasers. Oberlo allows you to offer new products to
your customers in seconds. However, it’s good marketing practice to
build anticipation prior to pushing a new product on your store. Use your Snaps to build excitement by dropping
hints about new products. That will make followers feel like they’re
getting an exclusive peek at what’s to come. Number 3: Product placements. Take a few Snaps of your products being used
out the in real world! Share Snaps that give customers a better idea
of your product’s size, color, or other details. Number 4: Exclusive promo codes. Incentivize followers to buy from your store
by sharing special discount codes just for Snapchat followers. Number 5: Reach out to Snapchat influencers. Like all social networks, Snapchat is home
to influencers who already have a huge following. These are often YouTube vloggers, or other
celebrities who have adopted Snapchat as a way to connect with their audiences on a deeper
level. Find relevant influencers in your niche and
reach out to them. Offer to send a discount code influencers
can share with their audience, or give them free products and ask for them to feature
your products in their Snapchat Story. Number 6: Do a Snapchat ‘takeover.’ This is when you let another Snapchat user
take over your account for the day, so they can post their content on your account. It can work brilliantly if done right. Invite an influencer in your niche to take
over your account for the day. The idea here is to cross-pollinate your audiences. To do that, it’s important for both you
and the influencer to promote the Snapchat takeover on other channels ahead of time. Similarly, if you have a business or team
members, you could take turns running the account to keep things interesting! Lastly… How can you measure your Snapchat marketing
success? Well, Snapchat only provides three main metrics
for each snap. These are views, the number of screenshots
taken, and how many replays it received. You’ll want to watch these closely. And remember how you need to create short
links, and paste them over your snaps? Well, services like Bitly allow you to track
how many times these links are visited. Also, another way to track your results is
to create promo codes specifically for Snapchat, and then measure how many of the promo codes
are used. Okay, that brings us to the end of our video
on Snapchat marketing! It’s true that Snapchat can’t deliver
the instantaneous return on investment that tools like Facebook Ads can. But, if used right, Snapchat marketing can
be incredibly powerful over the long term. Do you have any questions about Snapchat marketing? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll
reply with my thoughts! Thanks for watching, and if you liked this
video, be sure to hit the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell for more. Until next time, learn often, market better
and sell more.

The 2020 Recession: How To Prepare For The Next Market Crash

It seems like every day you hear people
talking about the upcoming recession well it is uncertain when exactly the
next recession will happen there is no doubt that one is coming therefore in
this video I will share with you exactly how you should invest to protect
yourself from a recession and if you’re new to the channel then hit the
subscribe button below for more life-changing content before we get into
the exact investment strategy that will have you in a better financial position
than 99% of others when the recession finally happens let’s first go over some
things you can do outside of investing to ensure you are prepared for hard
times in the economy similar to stock investing where you are maximizing your
gains limiting your risk the best thing you can do to prepare for an economic
downturn is to reduce the financial risks that are present in your life so
how do we do that in my opinion there are three tenets of financial risk
mitigation that must be in place before you can face the recession with the
first being a reduction in your debt in the United States debt is a serious
issue credit card debt alone totals more than one trillion dollars and when you
add in student and mortgage debt to that number
it only multiplies in fact the average credit card debt per US household as of
June 2019 was eight thousand three hundred and ninety eight dollars which
means that getting debt under control is something most Americans should be doing
now the reasons why you will want to have reduced debt during times of
economic turmoil are plentiful first if you have dead and lose your draw because
of the recession then paying debt or interest payments will be that much
harder and will only further increase your debt load moreover having debt
hanging over your head will add to the financial stress you will bear as you
start to see your investments decline that is unless you use the investment
strategy I will share later on in this video the second way you can protect
yourself heading into a recession is to make sure you are covered with the right
insurance things like your house car and your life should definitely be insured
heading into a recession as during these hard times you may find yourself without
the funds to replace them if an accident were to happen some recommended coverage
levels include the full replacement cost of your house and 75% of the content
within it $500,000 worth of car insurance for liability and bodily
injury and ten times your annual salary in
life insurance hovering proper coverage will give you the peace of mind that if
something happens you won’t be on the hook for the replacement cost of these
assets or that your family will be taken care of finally before heading into a
recession you must have an emergency fund set up well this type of financial
backup should be in place whether or not a recession is looming it’s imperative
that you have ample funds put away when times are tough sadly most Americans
have failed in the emergency funds department in fact roughly 40% of
Americans couldn’t come up with $400 cash that they needed to respond to an
unexpected emergency in their life now you’re probably asking yourself how much
money should I be putting away in this emergency fund general advice is to have
three six months of living expenses put aside but in my experience having a
year’s worth of money ready to access neaby will give you the confidence that
you could ride out just about any financial challenge you face don’t
forget that this emergency fund must include all living expenses like rent
and car payments groceries and utilities now that you’ve set up a solid financial
base we can now move into how to invest during a recession when preparing your
recession-proof investment strategy there are certain considerations to take
into account the first is your investment horizon or how long you
expect to keep your money in the market if you’re young then more likely than
not your portfolio will be able to recover from any losses that may
experience during the lowest points to the recession for these types of
investors there really isn’t any need to change your current investment strategy
unless you have your money in companies that may be put out of business if the
economy crashes unfortunately not everyone can be this lotsa days achill
in the recession investment strategy in fact the majority of investors need to
change their approach when tough times are ahead for instance there are many
people that just cannot handle the emotions of seeing their investments
drop by 30 or 40 percent other investors may be retiring in the next few years
and are relying on their current portfolio value to sustain them through
their later years in short each investor has different needs but surviving an
economic recession can be achieved by anyone by investing in the right types
of funds so what funds should you be investing in the following five types of
investments will be sure to help fight the market decline best during times of
recession fun number one health care stocks
whether the economy is booming or busting people’s health will always be a
top priority which is why holding stocks incredible health care funds is
recommended as part of your recession investment plan think about it like this
someone who needs to take blood pressure medication isn’t going to stop taking a
pill that keeps them alive just because their stock dipped 20% which means that
putting your money in companies that offer these products is a safe bet to
add to this fact many people have medical coverage through their work
meaning that buying these medical products and supplies isn’t even coming
out of their pockets so spending on drugs and supplies is unlikely to be
discontinued a good example of just how solid health care companies can be in
times of economic turmoil is Johnson & Johnson during the 2008 recession
companies were seeing all-time lows in their valuations with many of them
dropping more than 50 percent in value but this medical device company due to
its positioning in the healthcare field experienced only a 7% drop in share
price and kept paying out dividends even in these hard financial times
therefore healthcare stocks should be part of your recession proofing strategy
fund number 2 utility stocks similar to health care products whether the economy
is doing well or not people need to keep the lights on in their homes
this means that companies supplying this core service will continue to earn
steady income and experience less of a hit from the market decline in fact when
asked to choose between losing their electricity and missing a medical bill
payment most people felt that giving up their power was a much dire consequence
making utility stocks probably a safer investment than health care funds
another reason to hold utility stocks during a recession is that many of the
best utility stocks pay dividends for instance Duke Energy Corp is an annual
dividend of 4 percent and its dividend yields continues to grow year-over-year
dividend yielding stocks are important to have during a recession because the
income they can provide will offset any declines in price that they experience
and can supplement your cash position if money becomes tight fund number 3 high
dividend stocks let’s face it not every stock is going to experience significant
price increases over time and they certainly won’t during a recession which
is why a lot of the value of a stock clients and its
dividend yield if you’re unfamiliar with what a dividend is it is commonly
defined as a sum of money paid regularly by a company to a chair holders out of
its profits in short it’s a company rewarding you for being a shareholder
and receiving dividends is important during a recession it can be easy to get
discouraged with your investment portfolio when your fund values decline
but seeing a consistent dividend coming in on a quarterly or annual basis helps
ease the pain again as I previously mentioned utility stocks as well as real
estate investment trusts are great options when looking to recession-proof
your investment strategy just be careful when looking into high dividend yielding
companies oftentimes companies will try and lure in investments because they
offer a larger than normal dividend yields but their financial position is
less than stellar making them a prime target for financial turmoil especially
when the markets begin to decline fund number four investment properties moving
away from the stock market rental properties make for excellent
investments during a recession now as we saw in 2008 and other recessionary
periods house values are not amenable to price drops but with that being said a
lot of aspects of this type of investment make it almost totally
recession proof first people will always need a place to live so whether the
markets are soaring or bottoming out if you’re a landlord then chances are high
that you will still have a tenant willing to pay you rent
every single month even during the recession and these rent payments are
another fantastic element of owning rental property for instance if your
salary plateaus or you lose your job you will still have a secondary stream of
income to help pay the bills while you try and get back on your feet finally
owning rental properties is beneficial beyond just recessionary periods based
on historical studies worldwide Houston returns from the year 1870 to 2015 were
six point nine percent after inflation meaning that this form of investment
will continue to make you money year after year fun number five government
bonds another strong investment option for tough economic times are government
bonds while the market may struggle the government is never going to collapse
nor will it default on its debt meeting that your investment is in a very safe
position US Treasury bonds are the most popular form of government bond and this
is due to a few reasons first the United States economy is very
durable meaning that it will always bounce back from the financial
challenges it faces moreover historically in times recession
global capital tends to find its way into companies and government related
investment vehicles making the US dollar rise in value and in turn local
investments another benefit is stocking up on bonds in preparation for a
recession is how interest rates react to times of low financial performance
typically in a recession interest rates decline as the government tries to spark
the economy by allowing people to borrow at cheaper rates as interest rates drop
so do bond yields and this causes the value your bonds to go up so while
everyone is watching their portfolios crush you’ll be sitting pretty with your
wise investment in government bonds now the previous five types of funds are
great ways to recession-proof your investments and investing in them we’ll
have you ahead of 99% of the population when the recession takes place but there
was one other option to consider which is to get out of the market completely
when a recession is looming many people feel most comfortable by selling off
their investments in holding a portfolio value in cash for the uneducated
investor this would seem like a way to avoid any form a portfolio to climb but
the seasoned investor knows that this isn’t the case you see holding your
money in a savings account or other low yielding accounts means that you are
making no money but beyond making no money you were absolutely losing money
due to inflation as of June 2019 inflation in the United States was 1.7
percent this means that if you had $100,000 sitting in your bank after a
year your buying power with this money would now be 98 thousand three hundred
dollars well it sucks to be losing money this way how investors should see it is
that they are controlling their loss rather than risking losing tens of
percentage points instead when the market slides into a depressed state
therefore by reducing the financial risks in your life assessing your risk
tolerance for a recession investing and putting your money into the funds I have
previously mentioned you will be ready to face any economic challenges that are
coming your way thanks for watching if you want to go from the life you have to
the life you deserve then hit the subscribe button below

What’s your MPAN, MPRN, and meter serial number? – British Gas Business

Hi, my name’s Caroline and I work in Customer Care at British Gas Business. I’m here to explain what your MPAN, MPRN and Meter Serial Numbers are. These numbers are unique to your meter supply. The MPAN or MPRN can be found on your customer bill. You won’t be able to find them on your physical meter. MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number. It’s 13 digits long and represents your electricity supply. On your customer bill the MPAN appears on page 2 underneath details of charges. An example of an MPAN is shown in the picture. What makes it stand out on your bill is the preceding big ‘S’. We need the 13 digits from the bottom row. MPRN stand for Meter Point Reference Number and is to do with your gas supply. It can be up to 11 digits long. For the MPRN for your gas supply it normally is made up of numbers and doesn’t contain any letters. It appears on the same place on your customer bill as your MPAN number on page 2 underneath ‘details of charges’. A Meter Serial Number is also known as the Meter ID, or MSN. A Meter Serial Number is a unique number that applies to your electricity or gas meter. Your Meter Serial Number is found normally on your bill, next to the MPAN or MPRN. You can also find it on the meter, near the bar code and is a mixture of both letters and numbers. This is an example of an electricity meter, and this is your Meter Serial Number underneath the bar code. There are many reasons why we may need to ask you for your meter details when you contact us. So always keep them to hand. This could be if you are moving business premises, or if you have a query with your account. If you’re having problems finding your MPAN or MPRN, you can speak to your property manager or landlord, as well as your electricity distributor or gas distributor. Remember, you can register for an online account where things like ‘submitting your monthly meter readings’ are quicker and easier as we save all of your details. Go to ‘britishgas.co.uk/b2b’ to register for an online account.

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