7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making | Neil Patel

– You’re doing online marketing, but you’re finding that it’s
really hard to get results no matter what you do. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel. And today, I’m going to break down seven online marketing
mistakes that you need to stop. (bright music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, when we release
more videos like this, you’ll get notified. You’re probably wondering,
you’re doing all these things, but why aren’t you seeing results? Well, even if you’re
doing the right things, if you’re also doing the
wrong things at the same time, it’s going to hurt you and
it’s going to avoid you from getting the results that you deserve. So question for you, how many of you are not seeing
the results that you want? If you’re not seeing the results you want, leave a comment below with no. If you’re seeing the
results that you want, leave a comment below with yes. Mistake number one, not collecting emails. It doesn’t matter how good
you are with SEO or marketing, very small percentage of
your visitors are ever going to convert into customers. By collecting emails, not
only can you get people to come back to your site, but you can convince them
to convert over emails. The moment someone gives
you their email address, think of that as a micro-commitment. They’re much more likely
to convert into a customer because they committed. They already gave you something. That’s why you want to collect emails. And you can do this through
sliders or exit pop-ups. You can do this for free
using tools like Hello Bar. The second mistake you’re making is you’re not collecting subscribers through push notifications. Are you using push notifications? Out of curiosity, if you are, leave a comment with yes. If you’re not, leave a
comment below with no. Now, there’s free tools
like Subscribers.com that’ll make it easy. You just add in a JavaScript
or a WordPress plugin and then when people come to your website, they’ll automatically
subscribe through the browser. Anytime you have new content
or products or services that you want to sell,
then you can notify ’em through Subscribers. The reason tip number one,
not collecting emails, and tip numbers on getting more push notification subscribers
are really important is because you need to build a brand. And this gets you into the third mistake. See, Google doesn’t want to
rank sites that aren’t brands. Why is this? There’s a issue out
there called fake news. That’s why they’re pushing
brands over anything else. And it’s not just going
to be Facebook and Google. Eventually, it’s going to
be Twitter and LinkedIn and all the sites out there. So when you get people back
to your site seven times, you’re much more likely to build a brand. It’s called the Rule of 7 in marketing. So with your site, you want to provide
amazing user experience. And when you provide
amazing user experience, create a great product,
create a great service, it’ll help you build a
great brand over time. The fourth mistake you’re
making is not interlinking. You may notice on Google,
I’m ranking for terms like online marketing on page one. You’re probably wondering,
how did I do this? Lot of it comes down to interlinking. In my sidebar, I link to my
most popular pages of content. When I write blog posts
related to online marketing, I link back to the online marketing guide that talks about what online marketing is. By having all these links,
it helps me rank higher. The fifth mistake I have for you is just focusing on text-based content. The future of digital
marketing is moving to video. It doesn’t mean you
should stop doing text, it means you should also be doing video. When you do video, you’re
going to get more traffic ’cause everyone’s lacking it. LinkedIn wants it right now,
YouTube wants more of it, Facebook wants it,
Instagram even wants it. Why is this? They want to crush the
television networks. You look at things like the Oscars or traditional movie theaters, they’re not doing as well. You look at traditional TV, they’re going to get crushed, why? It’s because of Facebook,
it’s because of Google, it’s because of Netflix. So if you’re there creating
that video content, you can be part of it and you’re
going to get extra traffic because they want as much help as possible to crush these big, old school companies. The sixth mistake that you’re making is you’re only sticking to
a few marketing channels. Marketing is competitive now. People raise venture capital, hundreds of millions of dollars,
just so they can compete in marketing and sales. You need to do more than one or two or three marketing channels. The more you do, the better
off you’re going to be. The seventh mistake I have for you is not asking for the sale. Whether it’s a lead or
whether it’s getting people to buy your product, there’s nothing wrong with
asking people to buy from you. If you don’t, you’re not
going to generate any sales. And everyone’s like,
I get all this traffic through my online marketing,
but no one’s converting. Why? Because you’re not asking for a sale. So if you avoid those mistakes,
you follow those tips, you’re going to generate more sales, do better at online marketing,
and you’re going to crush it. And if you need extra help,
check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital. And if you enjoyed watching this video, like it, comment, share, subscribe. I appreciate it, thanks.

Bodybuilding Motivation – 2017 – NO EXCUSES – HARD WORK PAYS OFF

What’s the goal? What’s the vision? Something new has to change.. Something new has to be birth inside of you To say I AM A CONQUEROR. Changing who you are.. Must become a PRIORITY. This year belongs to you. The warriors that are in the trenches working to see their dream come true. It’s time now.. To we must.. READJUST Our comfort zone. See now is time to go to a different thought process! The dream is NOW! If we make up our mind for the dream to be now! TRUTH. Truth is if you work hard you can achieve your goal. Let’s see what 9 months of straight hardcore training will do. Having a goal that you think about every single day of your life.. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym It doesn’t matter if you’re at home It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation.. I think about it every day of my life. Since I was 18. You know, you think about something every day of your life.. Then you finally get to the point where you’re like I can win this thing. You know, never give up. Sometimes the harder you work for something the more you appreciate it when you do get it. One idea. Can change your life. One idea.. Can turn your life around. The idea is everything. Because thoughts become things. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. If there’s something that you want And you’re HUNGRY for it You gotta do whatever is necessary until! Anything is possible if you have prayers and believe, and you’re not afraid to do hard work when no one else is watching. When you’re willing to do the work against all odds.. Nothing can touch you. I can promise you that. You just have to think of this. Something you guys ever wanted in life.. More than ANYTHING. The whole journey, the whole process of starting lifting all the way to kinda where I am. It’s been a long road. It’s been a long journey to get to where I am, but.. I would walk it all over again. I have no regrets. So no matter what you say to me No matter what you say I can not do No matter what you say I will not do I MUST DO! I HAVE TO DO! I AM KING I LIVE THIS KINGDOM I WALK THIS KINGDOM This is our new identity… Your new identity is you must be OK with your comfort-zone being disturbed! I didn’t get noticed untill I was about 24 years old.. That’s 10 years of work I put in. People want immediate gain They’re looking for immediate gains on what they’re doing.. So they’re not dedicated. You have to persevere, you have to have the mind frame and dedication. That’s the reason why so many people fail in what they’re trying to do. So I put a decade into my work before I even got noticed. Then I had to put 5 more years into my art before I even got my pro card.. That’s 15 years before you even heard of Flex Wheeler. So you gotta be clear about what you want. And just know that in order to get it sometimes you gonna have to be willing to give everything you got. EVERYTHING. Get serious, get focused. if you want it, let’s get it. The people that become something in this sport are the people that actually have a love for it. If you don’t have a love for it You’re not gonna suffer through your diet, You’re not gonna suffer through the training when you’re in pain You’re not gonna do all the shit it takes.. You might do it for a year, you might do it for two years.. But you’re not gonna last for a decade if you don’t really love what you’re doing. This is something that I love to do. It’s in my heart and my soul.. And I was born to do this. So I’m going a 100% balls to the walls baby. We gotta recconect to what the vision really is.. We gotta reconnect to who we really are! It’s really all about who wants it more. Are you willing to push yourself farther, push the limits harder and push outside your comfort zone.. Are you willing to push harder than the next guy? THERE’S NOTHING I CAN’T ACHIEVE! I’m a new creature that you’re not ready to deal with. 2017.. Might be a f*cking savage the whole year so you guys better be ready.

You Can Be Anything You Work To Be | Epidemic Sound * MKE Misfits

When you’re young, you’re told that you
can be anything you want to be. “So dream big” they say. But as we get older, Suddenly and Indefinitely, dreams become just dreams. Because dreams aren’t realistic. Anything you want to be becomes everything
you’re expected to be. And you’re expected to be ordinary. Compliant. Realistic. You’re not good enough. But who gives a shit. You try. You fail. You learn. Repeat. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says
to you. What anyone says about you. You keep going. You get a little wiser. You get a new perspective. You run your own race. You take a big risk. You tune out the noise. You do you. And eventually you win. And eventually you get good. So, don’t ask yourself “who am I expected
to be?” Ask yourself “who do I want to be?” Because you can be anything you put in the
work to be.

Vocal Coach Reacts To John Farnham | You’re The Voice | Live | Ken Tamplin

Hey everybody welcome to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I got a ton of requests for this and I’m honored to be able to finally get around
to doing it it’s said none other than Australian legend John Farnham and of
course the song “You’re The Voice”. He’s you know got a bunch of other tunes out.
I’ve seen John a couple times I have not seen this video so I don’t know what to
expect but John has just always been awesome, his vocals are always spot-on. So
with that said just gonna dive right in, let’s check out John Farnham. A full orchestra. That’s nice Wow. That’s cool. Such memorable melodies man. Just a great high-pitched, high resonant
voice not high-pitched but high resonant and high timbrel sounding voice as a tenor.
This opening has always kind of reminded me of that Mr. Mr. song “Kyrie” you know it’s got that same kind of vibe right. Ken shut up play the song here we go. Kinda sounds like Styx there right. I love that. Super catchy chorus. I love all that percussion. It’s great. Look at that audience man. Wow. So catchy. You know I did.. I have an Australian
student his name’s Adam Spizzo and we did do a John Farnham piece. So I’ll put that
in the description tag. I don’t think we did it the justice that John’s doing it
here but again John has a really beautiful tubular sound and if you
notice when he places his vowels, he places them nice and high and tubular and
he’s not dragging a bunch of weight up in the sound. We talk a lot about that at
Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. How not to drag a bunch of girth up and mass up
into the throat and he certainly doesn’t do that, he’s got really great pitch and
really great vowel placement and you can really hear it as he’s singing going along. That’s awesome. That’s great. Bagpipes are a little tricky because
you can only play in certain keys so I’m not sure if that specific bagpipe played
in that serve key walked out at that section of the song to play the only
thing that that bagpipe could have played in that key so and it’s got a
resonant tone so it’s got..it holds a whole tone. So it’s got to have a whole
tone and it plays off of this whole tone like that so he had to actually have the
key of that song be.. fit the bagpipe which is interesting. I don’t know if you guys
know that or not. That’s true for harmonica and other instruments too. I love his tone too when he gets raspy on the sound. Perfect amount of rasp. Hope that mic stand didn’t hit anybody. I remember one time oh man I had I used to
get a lot of different guitar endorsement stuff and I was awful. So anyway I had a
Fernandez and it was a sustainer guitar and I thought the roadie was off the
side of the road crew and I would always take my guitar off at one point and then
just sing this song and so I take my guitar off not thinking twice about it cause
he was always there I took it off and I threw it and there was nobody there and the guitar just went (sound) and that was it and it made a lot of noise because the volume went (sounds). You know whatever so hopefully someone caught his mic stand here we go. I didn’t know they were going to show
that. I want to be that guy. Oh I guess no one caught it he just had on
the ground and he just kind of kicks it up and catches it. That looks like a David Lee
Roth move don’t you think. He sounds a little like Lou Gramm
there going (sounds) you know listen to kind of some Lou Gramm stuff, and he’s got
some Lou Gramm tone in there too I love Lou Gramm by the way. Wow. That was cool. That was awesome. You know I know I’m
gonna get all this hate mail or hate messages in there going gosh Ken now I
can’t get that song out of my head. So don’t. It’s actually really good
lyric to listen to the lyric of the song. He’s a great lyricist as well so. Anyway
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Gabo goes to his first day at work | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

I got him a job but he
didn’t even wake up early. Isn’t he excited at all? Be nice. It’s hard. Good morning, Mister Gabo. It’s Saturday,
your first day of work. You should get ready. Good morning! What is it? So noisy! But I thought you… Sorry. We switched places. Because mine was too long. I mean, my legs. – Whatever!
– I’ll wait for you outside. Goodness, you’re too early. What a show-off. We haven’t even had breakfast. – Sorry.
– See? No one’s here yet. We just wasted our time. Impressive, Billy. Showing our new employee
to come to work earlier. – Actually…
– Yes, ma’am. She woke me up really early And I swear I’ll do my best
not to disappoint you. Wow! You’re early. Here you go, sir. Just like you ordered. What is this?
I said no mayonnaise! Are you dumb? Yes. I put mayonnaise
too much? I told you not to put
mayonnaise on it! Do you understand? I’m very sorry, sir. – My mistake.
– Is there a problem here? – Yes.
– I’m sorry. – I couldn’t understand you.
– Could you please go inside? I’m going to sort this out. I told him no mayonnaise. – What do I do with this?
– Don’t worry. We’ll get you a new one. Gabo? Oh! Sorry. I thought you were pissed off. That damn customer
was really frustrating. It was just one mistake! Don’t worry about it. I actually found it exciting. You’re fine with it? It’s experience. Where’s everybody? Come here. All of you did a good job today. – Thank you.
– Thank you, too. Those are tips. the sum is divided
according to positions. I see. Here you go. – Well done.
– Thank you. Billy. Thank you. And Gabo. And also, since you don’t have
a bank account, this is your pay for the day. You’re rich now. You’re loaded. Let’s go. Can we drop by the market?

Kevin O’Leary: How To Negotiate, From Salary To Cable Bill

I never worked for anybody. So the only
person I ever asked to get a raise from was me and I was very accommodating. Here’s what I suggest when it comes to
negotiating your salary. First of all, it’s very good if you’ve got a bit of a
track record. It’s very hard to ask for huge salary if it’s your first job and
you haven’t proven yourself. But if you spent the last year doing a great job
and your boss knows it, now’s your chance. You have to do some
research first. Go online and look what everybody else makes at your pay grade.
In your career. In your sector. Understand what the highest salary is and what the
lowest one is so that you understand what you’re negotiating for. It’s hard to
get more than the highest salary but at the same time you want to be in the top
quartile. That’s the top 25% of the salaries. If you’re good at what you do,
you want to push your boss to give you that salary in the top quartile because
you deserve it. If you’re delivered now if you’re doing a poor job, you’re not
gonna get a raise in the first place. You might even get fire. But if you’re doing
a good job, you want to start asking for more. They expect you to ask for more. You
can negotiate all kinds of costs savings from all kinds of providers. Think about
your cable bill. There’s a whole bunch of channels on there you’re not watching.
Maybe you should call up the provider and say tell me about your other
packages because if you don’t give me a better deal, I’m leaving.
Now in every case where there’s a subscription service, there’s somebody
called a retention officer. So what you do, and I’ve done this my whole life,
call up and say I need to speak to the retention officer because I’m thinking
of shutting off my service. Whatever it is believe me they will hop
to. They want to know what it’s going to take to keep you as a customer. And you
want a reduction in fees. You’re going to find a happy medium pretty quickly. You’d
be surprised. Ask for the retention officer. That’s
their job is to retain you. Your job is to squeeze a cost cut and the savings
out of them. You can do it it works. If you’re borrowing money from a bank in a
business or you’re borrowing money when you’re setting up a mortgage, very often
there are fees associated with closing the deal.
In other words, banks are pretty good at this they sell right all along
$10,000 for your new business or whatever but I’m gonna charge a 1% fee
on closing. That’s an extra profit they make for
just providing the debt in the first place. You’re still gonna have to pay the
interest. You can push back hard on that. They want to loan you the money because
the core profit is the interest they charge you but they want to get that fee
right up front. Start by saying “I don’t want to pay the fee at all” and they say
“well we charge fees” and you say well ‘I have some flexibility but I’m not paying
what you want,” whatever that is offer half. You’d be amazed. Very often, they’ll
accommodate. If you don’t ask you won’t get. So learn to ask learn to ask for
your money back. Learn to ask to reduce fees. Squeeze
heads every time you can. Yeah it sounds like work but it’s worth it.

Massage Therapy : Massage Therapist Salaries

Hello I’m Rebbecca Herrick, a Massage Therapist
in Wilmington North Carolina. I’m here to talk about what is the salary of a Massage
Therapist, and this is not an easy question to answer. It really is very variable depending
on where you’re working, what part of the country you’re working, if you’re working
in a Spa, or if you’re working for yourself in your own business. If I had to make a general
average statement about a salary, I would say that an ambitious Massage Therapist working
full time, could earn anywhere from forty thousand dollars a year up to a hundred thousand
dollars a year. One of the benefits of being a Massage Therapist is really you create your
own limits. How much you want to work is how much you’re going to earn. Typically sixty
five dollars per hour, and four hours a day, five days a week could be your typical salary
earning, if you work for yourself. Taking into consideration, overhead, marketing, and
many other things like that. So basically, in order to come up with a salary of a Massage
Therapist, you have to consider where you want to work, how much you want to work, and
where you’re working, and that would be how you come up with a salary of a Massage Therapist.

Entrepreneur Fahad Khan grows his business by investing in people

If you’re just doing what everybody else
is only doing, you’re gonna be just, settling for average. You might have to
go extra mile and do something more to achieve more success. Now, the driving
force would be, is people who you work around with, adding a value to them. The impact I hope to have is being seen as a good mentor or a teacher, because in my life there’ve been many individuals who supported me. It’s not about always knowing it all, it’s about learning it all.