Marketing Monday: How To Get Started With Google For Business

Have you ever wondered why Google is really important for small businesses? Are you not sure how to get started and get your business on Google? Today, we’ll learn why businesses need to be on Google, and what services Google offers to boost your business. Hey Cohlabborators, Logan here with this week’s episode on: How To Get Started With Google For Business. Today, we’ll go over: Why Google is so important for small businesses What services Google offers which help you out and, How to create your Google account from the ground-up. To our first point, why Google is so important for small businesses? You already know that Google is an omnipresent factor in most Americans lives, from searches to maps, YouTube, and ads. But Google offers a number of services to make small businesses lives easier and get noticed by potential clients. First, Google Ads. You may be familiar with Google Ads from search results You’ll see text ads at the top and the bottom. But you’ll also see Google Ads as display ads on certain websites. Now this is great for reaching people who are in a certain region, a certain geographic area, as well as people who are searching for certain keywords. Now within Google Ads is Google Keyword Planner. This allows you to look at keywords people are using in search around your industry. Related keywords to the keywords you’re already using so that you’re better focusing your ads and SEO on your website. Google Analytics is another Google tool that let’s you see where people are coming from to get to your website. Whether they’re coming from Google Search, Google Ads, social media like Facebook, they’re coming from other websites that link to you, or if they are typing in your address directly. Once you see where they’re coming from, you can also see how long they stay on your website, how many pages they’re visiting, which pages they’re spending the most time on so you know which content has the most value and how many people are actually converting through your contact forms or your quote forms. Google My Business is another great tool. This allows you to control a little bit more about how you appear in search results as well as Google Maps. So you can add in your own photos, make sure your address, phone number, website are all correct, you have the correct business name. Respond to reviews, respond to and ask your own business questions to better inform people about what kind of services your provide. That allows you to appear in search results as a big rectangle on the side in Desktop, or directly in search results in mobile. Also, Google Search Console, this we’ve gone over before, but it allows you to make sure your pages are being crawled by Google and if there’s an issue with the page, it’s not being crawled, that you can solve that quickly with GSC. Google Forms is a good way to create a survey to find out what your customers are thinking. Send it out with a single link, build your survey right in Google Forms, get all the responses right there. a very valuable tool. Then YouTube as well. Obviously, we’re on YouTube building our brand right now, providing these videos to you. You can also do the same thing, provide that value with a Google Account through YouTube and you can easily embed those videos on your website as well. But, if you want to use any of these amazing services, you need a Google account. First, head to Towards the bottom, choose “Create Account”, then “For Myself”. You’re now at the “Create your Google Account” screen. Enter your first and last name, then you’ll need to either create a new Gmail or, click “Use my current email address instead” and you can use your current Hotmail or Outlook or MSN emails as your login for everything Google. Then set up a password. Click “Next”. If you’re using a non-Gmail address, you’ll have to verify that address with a test email from Google. Get the code from that email, put it in here, and click “Verify”. Next, you’ll add some personal information, like phone number, birthdate, and gender. Click “Next”, and you have your very own Google account. Use it to login to Ads, Analytics, GMB, Search Console, Forms, YouTube, and so much more. Thanks for watching. Check out our other Marketing Monday videos on the left to help you learn how to develop your website and handle digital marketing for your company.

The Making of NOC $1M Office!

Hello my name is Sylvia and today, I will teach you how to orgasm Actually, no. This is actually the NOC obviously This is part one because we spend six months building this place And there’s a lot a lot of things going on in this office So we’ll have part one where I’ll bring you through the whole process From the day we bought an empty warehouse And part 2 will be the sponge stuff that we fill this place up with so are you ready? Okay, let’s copy the first step to buying our office is to work for five years and save every single Sin you have and this very uh one goal at this empty warehouse in the middle of the Gaston of Singapore Insurance and the second step of course is look for a interior designer so Ryan did a post on his Instagram to ask for recommendations Of IDs and we also have our good friend at Renault pedia to give us some good Vendors on his website and app and by the way if you don’t know or have a watch on a video or a no pedia It is a place where you can find a lot of good design Us and get free coats Okay, so you recommend that net into your especially and we have also picked another one called seven interior So by a bare naked warehouse it means that it has no lights No electric basically nothing we had seven interior come in to do like the skeleton work pulling cables fixing lighting wires basically very under appreciate the tough construction Stuff like do you know applies okay can cost a few hundred dollars? I was actually quite shocked, and I found out that you can actually get cheaper prices elsewhere But since we really pick our supplier there. We just continue using and then after all those is done We started by having the walls painter So we got new Pompeii who come in for a free inspection and could then only we decided that okay? We can use you guys and then they come in stop painting all the walls. I just be very honest here I never saw who came in from the pond pain so every time I come down to check wreck They have already came painter and left quietly, so there was no need for me to supervise anything And I like this kind of service because I don’t like to micromanage And for carpentry and the general design I picked met interior Reason being they’re a group of passionate young men’s crew totally Understands the young people kind of design sense and it really clicked with me on the first meeting so they really got what I? wanted for this place Yeah, we had a very very good relationship working them And I’m very excited to show you what they’re stuck now after the walls are done. We started Do don’t lay out the floor cuz it was just great men and it’s bloody hideous We won the flooring to Really last throughout the years the usual house you see at about 3mm ours is 6m the thick one and use the expensive click system Insects for our office is this system as well because the office had house underneath But then we just overlay with this V now flooring so I would say it’s very convenient Alice transferring, but we didn’t man, okay So for aircon we decided use gain city because their pricing is extremely competitive by that I mean they actually Provide us with the low worst coat compared to like five six other companies so the installation and a piping everything they did it for Us and our sitter is quite difficult especially for unique because of the uneven surfaces and uneven heights But the technicians did it perfectly and there was no problems at all so I particularly like this part of their service and one interesting thing is you can try out your preferred aircon at the ANU megastores Ricardo so various as you went to pick up the icons for us and These are icons so by this time I was thinking okay You know what I’m gonna run our budget to build split Because everything is way more expensive than I expected next is the part that I argue the most with Brian above which is Wallpaper because Ryan wanted a red brick design all over the place because he wonders you know NYC last kind of feel but I wanted it to be bright and long texture So we argued a lot and a lot But I finally gave in to him and we ordered from war half this brick brick wallpaper And we paste almost 70% of the office by the way our if you are like pasting wallpaper on high places the Caesars leave home is $200 a day laughs. I thought this fucking song is free from there. It’s not For lighting this one. I actually got a place that is recommended by my personal friend, okay It’s called blackout studio, and my friend use it for her own house You know Stella was very nice And I actually got Aurelia to come down and choose the lights with me cuz she’s a bimbo and she wanted to choose the lights for the office and We picked a lot of LED light tracks, and the only overhead light that we have is actually in my room And I picked something which I really like is this like Box that you can change the temperature you can change the intensity with a remote control that was my only touch In my own war the rest is right in this aisle Shut up you see the interior came in early early right and then it took all the measurements and by now they have finished fabricating all the structure I other wardrobes and stuff so they started do like bring everything in and fixing them in place to be honest They are one of my favorite supply to work with They built a huge wardrobe to separate the studio and Julian’s working area because initially we wanted more partition But then they say oh no a wall partition is just so useless why don’t you just make a cabinet to be a partition instead because then you will be usable and Then I just last minute decided to build a fortress for myself So this fortress cost me eight thousand five hundred dollars. It has a hidden Opening like a cover letter, so it feels very Narnia Everybody calls it my prison, but I love it and I have to stay inside because it’s just my happy little place It does not remind me of Hell It is a fortress so right before we move in obviously we have to clean up the hopeless And I thought seeking to do it and seeking green cleaner to come to it from Green cleaner so seeking from this place whose owner is a poor guy The boss is really nice, and the workers are pretty good now this cleaners right? I’m not your usual fee No, they were like wear. Gloves wear. Masks everything on and each time We are using them now about three or four people come, but the first time we did a huge big cleaning rack I think it was almost seven pegs who came down and like they call everything inside out that it was like quite ready to move in within a day and Then over the weekend we needed to pack out all of this wool So I start long and hot ok And my budgeting and everything and I decided on this very Specialized group people to come and use my office and pack and that is the NOC tells Thank you, so I first entered all come in on a Saturday, and they came in voluntarily By her office and pack everything into boxes We put our stuff in the lorry Okay, that’s the company knew of the movers. Okay, the mover is Aurelius boyfriend’s friend who told him during their soccer match did they want to help us move so Earlier came back to tell us that her boyfriend friend told the boyfriend during soccer That they want to help us move into the lorry so basically what they did was yell are they moving everything here, so 100% credit goes to two of you guys and zero to myself because that we can I was just lying down at home And then we realize one thing honey, we’re in is sugar in the gap sir We rested so we approached on the way to help us do these CCTV system and also the lock and the lock is very interesting because it is a fingerprint system And you know what if you’re our friend you will have your fingerprint register So if you have a fingerprint know that LLC loves you to death and you do not have a fingerprint that means we are not that close I And a very important thing that we wanted in this office is a toilet that we can like shower and start So we got Bella to search for this very special toilet bowl that cost us $300 and it is a callable with this sink Apparently the water from the scene goes down for the next flash, so I would say quite fun bowels You know quite quite go green in that sense and on top of the toilet is Something that I have I’ll give Ryan a little bit because he bought this stupid got them Smart mirror that is just too big goddamn stupid Bryan just insisted that I say this But the retail price is actually 2005 and he called it $1000 each, so it is a seal. Are you happy now? By now I guess you’d be like calculating your hit really how much the energy spent on this office I think the most expensive part of this office is the kitchen because of The studio Island and even like the countertop, right we went for really high grade Countertop, so it’s the only 6mm countertop in Singapore, and we caught that so our kitchen is super duper Burglar worthy we will show you more details about the kitchen because that’s Ryan’s favorite place in the next video And we started moving in a lot of the old stuff Like the furniture like the plans like we try to fill this place up because it was looking quite empty I wanted this not to be just an office but it was like our dream to really have a Youtube house and appeal where everybody can work at one place Nicely together and also have fun, and also it’s a place to like invite people over for parties and stuff And I think we did achieve that to a great extent so thank you to all the NFC friends and family who have contributed to this beautiful space that we now call our own and Thank you to all the companies who like knowing that we are on a budget gave us discounts we really really appreciate it learn a little bit about the steps you take to peel a fish from scratch and I hope you guys tune in next week to find out the office tour by the way there will be a Quite a bit of giveaways because we’re still working out the deals with everybody with what with to Hopefully provide you guys with a discount code or freebies or whatever, but we’re still working that out, but next week I think you’ll be finalized and tune in because yeah, we are working very hot to give you guys giveaway Thank you for watching and remember to click here for more and click here to subscribe And I will teach you how to arm chasm

TWITCH pierde espectadores frente a MIXER y YOUTUBE | Noticias Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales

Hi curious and inquisitive social networks.
Like every Monday, we make a summary, with the best news of Marketing, Social Media
and Technology across YouTube. And eye, news this week are amazing. For example, we will discuss the EU and UNICEF
have passed TikTok. O Loom, a tool to WhatsApp style but with messages on
video. I also explain that YouTube It will show a huge ad in the Smart
TV. Or that YouTube Music replace Google Play Music. In addition, Facebook has launched ‘Facebook
Viewpoints’, an app that pays you money answer surveys. On the other hand, we will discuss a study that
indicates that the engagement of business in Instagram has fallen. Or that Twitter has been rectified
and will not clean dormant accounts … or at the least for the moment … In addition, LinkedIn has modified Terms
of Use. Pinterest Launches “Shop Pinterest.” And Twitch is losing viewers compared
to the boom Mixer and Youtube … Come on , you see, these and other news that
I will explain, they will not remain indifferent to nobody. So I recommend that ye see
to the end … and if you want to be informed, continuously, feel free to subscribe and give it
to the bell. 3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! INTRO These are the best news of the week.
Let us begin! 1. The EU and Unicef ​​are passed TikTok This year celebrates the thirtieth anniversary
of the Convention of the United Nations the Rights of the Child, and perhaps, aware
of the need to reach also the most European youth, the European Union (EU) and UNICEF,
decided to join forces globally, launching a joint campaign called #TheRealChallenge. Well, the initiative has used the
social network juvenile Tik-Tok, to be the same children and adolescents who
share their views on their own rights, also using their own language. Issues such as bullying, child labor,
family unity or equality, lead and all month on the table. TikTok encourages
users to recreate the original video in duet with the songs. Young people have already created more than 51,000
pieces of content related to the campaign and the hashtag EU-Unicef. So far, the #TheRealChallenge campaign
has garnered over 299 million views, 19.8 million views and 1.2 million
shares, reaching the audience most 41 countries … Surely if you disbelieved in the social network,
now your opinion has changed you? 2. Loom a WhatsApp messages but with
video Do you know Loom? For it must be attentive …
This is an instant messaging service via video. This application already has over 2 million
user and including 50,000 companies, who already share 15 million minutes of
video a month. Is not no wrong? And it is also useful level
corporate: why not send a companion, video explanation of how to do
a certain process or how to solve an issue? In addition, Loom preserves a repository
of all videos: Why not record brief tutorials that
allow us to explain anything at any time, by sending the recorded video before? In addition, the company has just announced a
new round of financing of 30 million dollars and between the new investors
have entered Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founders. And … they enter into the business, it gives an
idea of what is to come. And is that even videos on Loom, can be shared as
a YouTube video, and they can be add reactions, and even pass the video
faster, to go to the grain. Thinks that Mark Zuckerberg himself has
assured numerous times that in the next 5 years, 90% of the content
that users share on social networks video will become. And Loom, from popular, could be a first
step and a good example. moment Loom, it can only be used from the desktop,
but next month will see the application for iOS and provide creators, for the
first months of 2020, have availability Android. We remain attentive to its evolution. 3. YouTube will show a huge ad
in the Smart TV The YouTube app for TV
smart just out, have some changes in usability, quality of relay
and menus, but above that, first that users will find a huge
banner that will occupy more than 60% of the screen. From the official website of Google Ads, it
has promoted space for all Companies wishing to place their ads on
this banner that will run on mobile phones, computers and / or televisions. This looks like a big change, in contrast to
the current view of the YouTube app on TV. We will see that usability and responses
from users. 4. YouTube Music replace Google Play
Music It seems that Google Play Music, will no longer be
the default music app on Android, because of its unpopularity among users. That is why the company is mulling
replacing it with YouTube Music, Platform they are seeking to promote, clearly,
for months. The truth is that this application has been
gaining prominence fairly recent months, It is increasingly promoted and forming
part of the strategy of the firm. For the it was something that many hoped would
happen, as has finally been the case. It is not known how far that
would take place this transition, Google has not said anything about his plans. 5. Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Viewpoints’ an
app that pays you money for answering surveys After a few days ago launched its own system
of payments, Facebook Pay, the company Mark Zuckerberg, has now announced ‘Facebook Viewpoints’,
a new research application market that rewards people for
participating in surveys and research tasks. Come to the style of Google Opinion Rewards. As explained in a statement, Facebook
believes that the best way to improve products is to obtain information directly from the
people who use them , so use data to the new app, to enhance
products like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal and Oculus. So far, though, only
available in the United States. 6. The engagement of companies in Instagram
has fallen For if curious, according to a study Socialinsider, it
seems that the engagement companies achieved in Instagram, it has fallen steadily
over the past year. The study analyzed how it has evolved
receipt of branded content between 2014 and 2019 data show a graphical
almost perfect rise and the time of wonders before entering the
less glamorous time. Until January 2017, the graph shows a
brutal sprint, middle engagement that They received the contents that are published
on the social network. Each month, the data is going doing better. From there, things
begin to slow in its rise and in the recent months, the engagement has begun
to directly As recalled in MarketingProfs, in November
2018, Instagram announced that it would begin to eliminate false accounts service.
But possibly the explanation is limited. Instagram has grown significantly
in recent years and entering a phase maturity, which usually also
implies a slowdown in things for businesses and some disenchantment and attrition
among users. Thus, if in November 2018 the average was
an engagement of 3% (between comments and I like you) now has remained at 2%. In addition, the most popular accounts, are the
most affected by this desacelerón. In However, accounts of less than 5,000 followers
are, according to data from the study, which some data show higher in engagement. 7. Twitter rectified and will not clean
dormant accounts … for now … Many users of Twitter, received the news
that social network, would make an important cleaning inactive accounts from the
11 December. As he reported, in that date, all accounts that have not recorded
any activity during the last 6 months They would be deleted and the user names
would be released and made available of those who would like to use. This is
what a lot happier than in the Recent years have seen can not use
the name they want on Twitter, because It is being used by another person who also
does not employ its own. But the process posed a question … what
about the Twitter accounts of people Deaths? Since, in contrast to Facebook, where if
there is a protocol to convert accounts of a deceased user in profiles “in
memoriam” Twitter does not have this functionality. This means that cleaning occur,
would be removed from Twitter accounts many people died. In the case along with celebrities,
their usernames could again be released and anyone who knows
what intentions, I might start using. Well, this has done to rectify social network.
In a statement published by of their own support on Twitter,
the company says will not start perform cleaning inactive accounts
on 11 December, but delays it until you have implemented a functionality,
which allows people to retain accounts died in his memory, and that they are
controlled by their “heirs”. We’ll wait for … 8. LinkedIn modify its Terms of Use Professional social network, most commonly used in
worldwide, it has announced the modification of the Terms of Service. This involves
modifying the texts in Privacy Policy, Terms
of Use and Cookies Policy. Changes to the Privacy Policy will come
into force on January 6, 2020. According to the company, changes have been made
in order to simplify the language, include new features and more
than 645 million users who have the network social owned by Microsoft, have greater
knowledge of how their data is used on the platform. In addition, the legislation is modified to include
some services that the company already has activated, such as the new functionality
that facilitates event planning with members of LinkedIn, to facilitate
the desvirtualizarse so offline. Another innovation policies, is
the inclusion of Drawbridge, wallet service. Drawbridge is a company
that was acquired by LinkedIn in exchange for 300 million … and that integrates
a tool that draws on intelligence artificial, to segment the audience
and professional network will help to understand best professional audiences and measure
ROI, Return on Investment, its campaigns, both computers and smartphones. 9. Pinterest launches “Pinterest Shop» Last week, the online commerce sector
completely went crazy with Black Friday. Virtually all businesses,
launched promotions and discounts during that week, and the laggards, still
remain today CyberMonday them. Well … to celebrate these dates
shopping, Pinterest has launched the “Pinterest Shop ‘, a space to highlight products
sold in options and are made by small artisans, or sold by SMEs,
entrepreneurs and small traders, who They have a story to tell behind. The “Pinterest Shop” is nothing more than a
Pinterest account, which, as a pins, social network selects products that
are already published on the platform, but which, being featured here, earn notoriety. The idea is that users of Pinterest, will
find this selection of products “cured” by the company. Options selected at the
moment 70, but will be updated account with more. In fact, companies can choose
to make their products featured filling a form where they will have to tell,
how Pinterest has helped them sell. If you have store on Pinterest and you’re
taking …. 10. Twitch loses viewers against the rise
of Mixer and Youtube Since its launch more than 8 years ago,
Twitch has grown beyond belief. By the way, here I leave a video where
I talk about this platform. And, since 2016, the number of viewers
of a page grew disproportionately. However, since this past August
2019, Twitch seems to be losing visitors at an alarming rate. Thus, after an incredible increase in 2016,
where they went from 16 million to nearly 461 million within two months, the rise
in the number of spectators was practically keep going. However, during this 201.9 began with
more than 900 million viewers and high point was reached in August,
with 982 million viewers. But … from that point and “almost”
reach 1000 million, the platform He has started losing viewers at a rate
worrying. So much so, that in October and had fewer
viewers than October last year. One of the strongest reasons is undoubtedly
the march of his most famous streamer. And it is that Ninja, this year abandoned the platform
for exclusive streams in Mixer, competitive platform owned
by Microsoft, with whom he is said to have signed a substantial exclusive contract. Thus,
in its first stream Mixer, Ninja and 570,000 subscribers got an average
of 80,000 spectators. It is true that the figures handled in Twitch
were much higher (14 million subscribers at the time of leaving), but no doubt,
that gradually attracting more and go more viewers Mixer. But … as well as the progress of Ninja, other
two have left Twitch streamers popular to leave to Mixer: Shroud and Ewok. And part of the ongoing concern of each
and more content creators, many of the current top, are reducing their amount
of content on the platform. Example of this is TFEU, which announced a long hiatus
on stage . And he did it because of the stress. Although everything seems to go wrong for Twitch,
not only they are concerned about the amount content creators who have lost,
if not that to some extent they take to joke. Beyond the jokes, Twitch and
has taken action on the matter and decided assure their own stars to ensure
minimal content. In addition, also is fichando stars on YouTube as Nicolas
“Nick Eh 30” Amyoony or The Greft … But it is that the war has done more than
start from streaming platforms, in Spain, for example, Lolito Fernandez
launched its own way, this time Facebook direction. Which is also
betting heavily on streaming gaming … But bueni recently Twitch broke his
own record of spectators in the final of the World League of Legends with
a staggering 1.75 million viewers. An amazing and hopeful figure, which
allows to believe that Twitch can recover of his slump sooner rather than later. And
is that remember that behind Twitch is Amazon… Well, here ‘s the best news
of the week, next week more and better. How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? What
news has impressed you the most? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
read all … And nothing, apart from him like a video, subscribe
and campanita … Watch this video here is brutal … If not a subscriber, give this
button ya !!! And these two buttons is my other channels, both science Science
and Stories of History. And remember, knowledge is an essential requirement
for survival. Many thanks.

The German Plan to Destroy French Culture – The Occupation of France – WW2 – 066 – November 30, 1940

November 30, 1940 Their leaders have been so full of confidence
and so sure of victory, but that confidence does not ensure victory, and this week both
the Italians and the Japanese fail. I’m Indy Neidell; this is World War Two. Last week the Greek counteroffensive against
the Italians continued to gain ground, but the Italians suddenly gained more allies as
several nations became Axis Powers. And the Chinese detected a buildup of Japanese
forces in Hubei Province. This week that build up becomes an attack. In the Yicheng and Sha regions of Hubei province
against Chinese Nationalist and guerrilla forces. This is the Central Hubei Operation, codenamed
Han River Operation to the Japanese. The attack is launched the morning of the
25th and the Japanese break through in several places. They do a lot of damage, but the Chinese know
the local mountainous terrain and by the 26th are slowing the Japanese down. A Chinese counterattack the 27th forces the
Japanese back in several places, and the 28th Japanese Commander Waichiro Sonobe orders
his forces back to their starting points. The Japanese lose a lot of men in the retreat,
until air cover can arrive and put a stop to that. The whole operation- a failure for the Japanese-
is finished by the 30th with some 5,000 Japanese soldiers killed and 7-8,000 wounded. I don’t have numbers for the Chinese. There are Japanese sources that claim the
operation was actually a probe to find Tang Enbo’s forces. They do not succeed in this if it is in fact,
the purpose of the operation. One thing that was supposed to happen was
a Japanese victory right when Japan finally recognizes Wang Jingwei’s puppet Nanking
government as the Chinese government on the 30th. That would mess with Chinese morale. Instead, the Japanese get the opposite. But Greek morale is certainly getting a boost,
as their counteroffensive continues gaining ground. I’ve talked a bit about it the past couple
weeks, but I never went over the Greek order of battle, so here it is in general. 8 infantry divisions, 2 infantry brigades,
and a cavalry division take part in the counter offensive. In the west is the 1st Corps, in the center
the 2nd Corps in the mountains, and then the 5th and 3rd Corps to the North in Western
Macedonia. The Greek Army lacks tanks and anti-tank weaponry,
so a standard tactic is to stick to the mountain ridges and avoid descending into valleys whenever
possible. The ultimate goal of the counter offensive
is the port of Valona. Capturing this would leave the Italians with
only one Albanian port from which to reinforce their army. But just as the Italian advance in the first
place was a logistical nightmare, the further the Greeks advance toward and into Albania,
the more it becomes one for them, even as the Italian lines now grow shorter and more
stable. So the plan is for the TSDM- the Western Macedonia
Section- to hold their positions and apply some pressure, and the 1st Corps to try to
advance up the coast. 2nd Corps is to be the pivot and maintain
the link between flanks. So this week, 1st Corps is moving into Albania
along the Drinos River while 2nd Corps is moving towards Fräsher. The 13th division, with the 3rd Corps, takes
Pogradec the 30th with no opposition, as the Greeks keep pushing on. I’ve mentioned that Hitler has been worried
that Greece would give the British bases from which they could bomb the Romanian oil fields-
a big source of German oil- but he has other worries too here. What if Greece should win? And what if Greece and its ally Britain consolidate
that victory in the Balkans? After all, the only sort of enemy Britain
has had in the region is Bulgaria, who’d been an enemy in WW1, but they’re trying
to stay uninvolved. And Greece and Yugoslavia provide nearly half
the aluminum ore used by Germany industry, Yugoslavia 90% of the tin, and nearly half
of the lead. What if all that came under threat from British
bombers, or possibly worse- British diplomacy? Heck, Britain’s support for Slavic independence
in 1918 and 19 is partly responsible for Yugoslavia’s existence. What would that then mean for Hitler’s war
plans? Likely nothing good. So there are wheels within wheels here. It’s also interesting to see Hitler’s
thoughts about enemies he’d already defeated, for example, France. Now, we saw last month that Hitler was interested
in getting Vichy France to maybe actively join the war against Britain, much as he was
trying the same with neutral Spain as well. He’d even met with French leader Philippe
Petain. But Hitler was reluctant to make any actual
concessions and was suspicious of the French, even though there were plenty in the German
army, navy, and diplomatic service that were all for some sort of accommodation. But by now there is more reluctance than ever
on the FRENCH side. See, Vichy leaders, maybe even more so than
German leaders, had been certain Britain would be defeated, and it is now obvious that isn’t
going to happen any time soon. Okay, so…? So… even though American aid to Britain
is more of a stream than a river at this point, it is also pretty obvious that is going to
change, and the High Command in Vichy France, whatever they think of Britain, does not want
to find itself in an open war against the United States. The Germans, of course, only make any sort
of accommodation that much harder by going out of their way to be jerks to the French
rather than making any concessions that might possibly win them over. There was the imposition of huge financial
burdens as reparations, the day to day treatment of the French citizens and especially the
French shopkeepers and food and drink establishments, and Germany still keeps most of the 1.5 million
French POWs as POWs, which leads to the question of who the French would use to fight the British
if they are ever so inclined to do so. And this week on the 28th, the German Ministry
of Propaganda sends a note to Otto Abertz, German Ambassador in Paris, “The result
of our victorious struggle should be to smash French predominance in cultural propaganda,
in Europe, and in the world.” Any support given to French culture is a crime
against the German nation. So you may wonder why Hitler even keeps Vichy
France independent in the first place. Well, since Germany does not have naval superiority,
it is the only practical way to try and keep the French colonies from being used by the
enemy. But I’ll peer a few days into the future
now and say that already in December, Operation Attila- plans to occupy Vichy France- are
being drawn up, just in case. Another operation is happening this week,
though- Operation Collar. Three British merchantmen sail from Gibraltar
with supplies for Malta and Alexandria without a loss. This is the first time it’s merchant ships
and not warships doing the transport on what Mussolini called “the Italian Lake”. Or is that what really happened? See, that is what David Somerville says. Other sources say that the convoy is escorted
by the cruisers Manchester and Southampton and eventually the destroyer Hotspur. Further north, the British do have a strong
force in the waters- Force H, which we’ve seen before. This is under James Somerville, and they do
battle with the Italian navy the 27th at the Battle of Spartivento. The Italians under Admiral Inigo Campioni-
and I cannot hear that name without thinking of the Princess Bride- have two battleships,
6 heavy cruisers, and 14 destroyers. The British match them in destroyers, and
have a battleship, a battle cruiser, a heavy cruiser and five light cruisers, and some
smaller ships. The British do also have an aircraft carrier,
which is an advantage, but the Italians have larger and longer range guns, which is one
to them. Campioni has orders, however, to avoid a decisive
battle unless he has big odds in his favor, so there is only a brief firefight and one
British cruiser and one Italian destroyer are damaged. Also in the Mediterranean this week, on the
26th, aircraft from the carrier Eagle attack Tripoli, and ones from the carrier Illustrious
attack Rhodes. And to the south east there is news from Egypt. This month, the British crypto-analysts working
in Cairo at the Combined Middle East Bureau, which is the Bletchley Park station there,
break the ciphers of the Italian High Command. So Italian plans and maneuvers all over Africa
are now read basically as soon as they are issued. And there are notes from all over Europe this
week. Rioting and Civil disturbances begin in Romania
the 27th. It begins after the Jilava Massacre the night
before when 64 political prisoners at Jilava penitentiary are killed by the Iron Guard. The 27th the Guard arrests and executes prominent
figures including former PM Nicolae Iorga. The army clamps down and quiets things eventually
with some German help, but here’s the thing- the Iron Guard did this independently of Conducator-
national leader- Ion Antonescu, and we are now seeing an escalating power struggle between
him and the Iron Guard under Horia Sima. On the 28th in Germany comes the premiere
of yet another rabidly anti-Semitic film, The Eternal Jew. This film is presented as a documentary, though
it is no such thing. And with a massive Luftwaffe bombing raid
on Liverpool the 29th, and one on Southampton the 30th, the week comes to an end. Along with the Han River Offensive, though
the Greek counter offensive does not end at all. Nor do British convoy and escort actions in
the Mediterranean. Things aren’t looking so good for the Axis
this particular week- being pushed back in both Greece and China. And those invasions and those attacks were
supposed to be so easy, since, you know, the invaders just knew that they were better people,
better armies. It becomes so monotonous since we’ve seen
it time and again in both this world war and the last one that you’d think people would
wise up- hubris never leads where you think it will. If you’d like to see how Romania and other
nations struggled with Fascist movements in the 1930’s, you can check out our 1932 video
on the “Rise of Fascism” right here. Coming soon. Our Patreon of the week is Donn Mershon – it
is thanks to Patreons like Donn that we can cover the war in its entirety even as it expands
to newer and newer places, so be sure to join the TimeGhost Army on or Click the be

Pro-Park campers cleared from Seoul Plaza after 4-month illegal occupation

Die-hard supporters of ousted President Park
Geun-hye were cleared from Seoul Plaza on Tuesday, …after more than four months of
illegal occupation. From around 6 a.m., the Seoul Metropolitan
Government began removing the 41 tents installed without approval. The tents, put there in protest of the Constitutional
Court’s decision to remove Park from power,… have been occupying about a third of Seoul
Plaza in front of City Hall since January 21st, despite the government’s repeated requests
to vacate the space. More than 30 events scheduled at the plaza
were cancelled or delayed as a result. City officials say some 40 protestors inside
the tents left without a fuss …and added that the tents will be stored inside the city
government’s warehouse until requests for return. Seoul City will plant grass back in the area,
which will be ready for citizens to enjoy by the end of June.

You Ask, I Answer: Agency Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode Terran asks, what do you what are your company post on company social media? If you work in an agency, do you share client work and updates back behind the scenes and company culture of the agency to appeal to new hires and mix? Both? It’s a good question. It depends. It depends on the audience, the channel, the overall strategy, things like that. One of the things that is really helpful in terms of marketing your agency on social media is setting clear purpose. What do you get from this channel? What do you get from this channel? What do you get from this channel? So Trust Insights, for example. Twitter, mostly is going to be syndicated industry news. Same with LinkedIn. LinkedIn actually gets a syndicated copy of us to answer videos as well. And that’s because the audiences on those platforms are, are expecting and behave like audiences that want heavy business content. Things like articles we find useful and informative when it comes to data and analytics, which is what we mostly work with. YouTube and Instagram, for us tend to be about events. So posting conference videos, snippets, live interviews and things from events that we’re at, we go to a lot of events. We speak at a lot of events. And so those channels, that’s sort of the intent there. So that that purpose matters most to know what it is that the audience expects. The other thing to think about is what does the audience how do they behave? those channels. When you’re on Instagram, for example, you’re you know, you’ve got the whole, you know, something going into scrolling through your feed is as quick as possible swiping through your stories. And so that’s a place where it is almost completely visual content. No super heavy chunks of text saying with Facebook, although our our analytics on Facebook have been so appalling that you know, it’s at this point, the only reason we post to Facebook because we haven’t removed from Agorapulse yet. deciding that purpose matters the most. Second thing that’s really important is to set really good measurement goals. Right? If you set up a channel and you said this is going to be our behind the scenes channel, and you’re posting and then you look at your analytics and as a flatline, the audience isn’t responding to it. So change your strategy one really important thing to do that not enough people do is ask the audiences on that channel what they want from you on that channel, just, you know, run a poll, run a survey, maybe even put a few ad dollars behind it just to make sure people who are subscribed to you can see it. But ask them like, Hey, you follow us here in our audience, whatever. What do you want to hear? What do you want to see? What would be value to you. And that will help you triangulate on that channels impact as well. Third thing I’d recommend doing is at least for those channels, where you can get the data LinkedIn is not one of them, but certainly YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you can get competitive data. So if there are competing agencies in your space, you can extract that data from the music and a number of different third party tools and get a sense for what really works for those other agencies. So if you say like a public relations agency, put together a list in something like Talkwalker or CrowdTangle. And look at what they post Look what gets them the highest levels of engagement, look at the top 20 or 30 posts or maybe the top 25%. And get a sense of, is it content that is about, you know, behind the scenes, is it client stuff? What is it that that resonates most and that will give you a good sense of what that industry’s general audience is looking for. So those are sort of three steps. Figuring out your purpose, validating that purpose with measurement, and then looking at competitive in order to see our others others Similar audiences like that. The competitive one I think, is when people don’t do enough of and they overlook because it is much more difficult and time intensive to do. But it’s how you’re going to grow. Because if you have a good sense of this is what our competitors are doing and what’s working for them, then you may be able to take some market share with them, at least in terms of Attention, attention that they get on social media. Now. If your competitors, engagement metrics, are all appallingly low, then you have to consider maybe they’re doing it wrong, as a collective group thing within an industry is not uncommon, especially the agency world because people in the agency world, job hop like crazy and so you can get a very homogenous culture. In a region, all the agencies social media starts to behave the same because in some cases, that person that, you know, manager or a director or vice president has been at like seven agencies in the area in like the last four years. And so all those practices tend to be homogenous. So use that as a warning sign too. if everybody’s content looks the same and everybody’s metrics look the same, then you have an opportunity to do something different and perhaps gain some market share that everyone is ignoring. So something to think about lots lots to think about, but that’s would be my recommendation said the purpose measure the purpose and compare the purpose and see how you do if you have any follow up questions please leave them comments box below. Subscribe to the YouTube channel in the newsletter will talk to you soon. want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is Trust today and listen to how we can help you

Confetti Cannon in the Office! | 10 Party Products

what’s going on guys I am Matthias and
guess what dude guess what day it is smell smell you just took my job – no
it’s smile day but we don’t make enough money to get the eat you know it’s smell
day hitting 5 million subscribers is an amazing achievement done only by me ever so as a five million present to me you
know it’s go yeah yes you do did I tweet it out I tweet it out as you can see
right here retweet if you want me to surprise Tanner tomorrow by doing this
when we shoot a video 2100 retweets alright
Tanner should try doing the show once and Mathias in the hot seat like if
agreed I can’t think of a better day this is like is like a 5ml present to
myself yeah it’s like the most selfless way of being selfish but I’m gonna like
here’s what we’re gonna do right I’ve picked out ten things just celebrate
myself but I’m letting you open them up if I the first one you’re the first one
what was that mean I’m the first thing you want to celebrate yourself with
Danner’s product number one all right tanner you want to switch switch let’s
see if tanner here’s the thing we got we got to test this out to see if Tanner
can take over this channel no one has to do it alright someone’s gonna do it dude
I hate this just keep it in keep it in so here’s the thing about Tanner right
he’s a little shy he’s a little nervous right oh that was rude not as attractive
or funny as me that is actually the truth a beard not as great but give him
a chance dude as a five million present to me I almost hit back
uncle I’m still gonna be right here in the hot seat I should have done my hair
or something today look at yourself that’s what I’m all
about that’s why I’m here I want to look at myself all right my little slave I
want to do oh you’re right I’ve never done this
before so as a match right full assistant I’m gonna be letting you guys
know if today’s products are mail-order do
whoosh plush blue birthday cake hat oh my gosh you got this for yourself for
myself you know how good you look with cakes on your head alright for myself
meaning I wouldn’t have given it to the person in hot seat I would have worn it
myself oh so you’re implying that I’m gonna
wear now just like him alright well let’s see it happy birthday to you
this plush blue birthday cake at beaches are colorful happy birthday headline
against a white background with more who cares we’re really happy about 5-mil
today aren’t we most people do like a day in the life weird over here just
like let’s good a hat measure cinches is wide that’s just like something else I
I’m gonna add it to the basket aggressive sir
I could see why you do get a little scared when we do that kind of stuff I
can’t wait to see you push it onto the table and miss every single time who
thought this was a good idea starting off what are these are these candles
it’s more like a melt like a cow it’s like if your milk you want to try out
first you want me to try them I just want to say happy 5 moly yeah thank you
I’m so happy for you they never take it off I’m gonna be honest wait dancing it
bask in it look at that did you agree because of money it doesn’t feel good it
feels like I’m almost the same person after I hit 5 melt it feels like I can’t
treat people however I want it’s kind of like getting a degree I don’t feel like
Donald Trump no cos he’s 5 bill so I have to wear Anil the entire video all
right you know what I do for you kids way too much for you kids all right six
count sparkling six foot just kidding six inches candles birthday outdoor
bottle party go I’m starting to see why you have a hard time
it’s like just like you have to take it one word at a time yeah this is tough
birthday outdoor bottle party gold candles smokeless in stock that’s good
to see the listing six piece of bottle wedding cake candles six inches it’s a
cake that pees itself it’s nice red tip goes on birthday cakes or it can be
attached bottles I’m gonna give you a challenge I want you to tell me what
that means so what it really means is that the red tip goes into the birthday
cake right or you can attach it to the bottle like the top of a bottle I get it
now I know exactly what to do with we decide to add it to cart get to me my
candles a perfect push what else what else it’s a five mill cake for myself so
which one of us is unbox more brother I ripped its neck all right here we go oh
this is the red tip what’d you think was the red tip dude I don’t know yeah so
I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the shape of an M so here’s another problem
these red tips come undone really quickly yeah baby let’s get this place
lit up are you okay dogs look at that wait wait take this that check this out
no don’t turn this sideways oh you get this point pull it up yeah listen to this that can’t be healthy wow
this looks smoky yeah so we’ve encountered another problem
look at the cream on this no take a look if you guys can see there’s actually
just a bunch of like so yeah from all the flames and stuff going up a little
carcinogens yeah all right I’m gonna cut Matt slice dude you’re breaking the
bottom of this is hard I have to really Jimmy this thing out you guys are making
fun of me this is tough the bottom is broken the bottom is
actually broken can I get an actual knife yeah I mean look at this no this
guy actually just gave me a butter knife with like a plastic like a make it work
make magic I can’t get that out with those big knife there’s no way you get
this dude what the heck yeah yeah hold on get in the bottom thank you all right
let’s taste my five mil cake dude thank you oh you need something this is mine
Cheers I’m actually going head on first into it melts in your mouth that’s
actually really good it’s that magic ink so here’s the beauty about being in the
fire see I can keep eating you gotta move on oh you’re right technical
difficulties or something just to get you guys are curious the cake is a mill
the candles also mill but make sure you do it outside yeah a killer pie next
giant Mexico Mexico it’s the second you step up here did can’t do it giant
Mexican Bowl party pinata with rope blindfold and decorated stick you know
what I use those things for something else in my life I hope you know Jesus
when you well so stick color berries stands 46
inches tall that’s 12 24 36 3 almost 4 feet there’s about an app on this
channel oh you’re right this is animal alright Oh miss click Add your cart
alright Matt you want to go into warn base warehouse to check it out we got it
set up out there to have a little fun with it alright well I’m gonna do it
anyways cuz I’m the star of the show alright here we are this is the buter
self did you pick this because it looks like me all right tanner break it show
us some aggression dude I like junk over here was like embarrassed to watch that we’re gonna disappoint Pouncy balls wait it’s a bouncy ball Tanner okay whoa you
could say I’m worried account alright put some right in the face dude dude I
feel like I just went to war right there let’s see those hands
hey girls look at me got my nails dude it’s okay bro throw confetti balloons
you be God you be good what is our it would be good goober good
okay I’ll make it uber gun giant latex balloons 36-inch filled with colorful
confetti jumbo balloons for wedding christmas Babla gallium premium material
I love that premium material you are made out of boyfriend material your to
get material yeah it’s like polyester I like it ah confetti what you wanna say
something our confetti balloons are made of high-quality and sturdy latex which
won’t break down easily at night it’s not a challenge five high quality latex
36 inches balloons with colorful confetti wide application fun for New
Year’s Eve parties kids birthday parties gender-neutral baby shower you know it’s
funny wait what wide applique
have you ever heard of a balloon described as the white application this
is the white application balloon cannot do everything you want but
gender-neutral baby shower so just any balloon that’s what I’m saying it can be
anymore it’s just a neutral balloon so it’s a balloon is what you’re telling me
right now okay they should have just put that you know love it through my sister
that’s all I saw that’s all she gets she’s a very much mr. surprise birthday
party and my I should just do her sister if you control what knowledge you take
in you can form your own perspective you know have the car baby I wasn’t ready
too bad I want another one beautiful fun grey packaging some SS to myself here’s
the real fun happens see this knives so this is some helium and oh whoa it’s got
a little legs it’s like a pig here’s the confetti that comes with it I mean yeah
that’ll put it in yourself Oh baby ugly color yeah you gotta test
it you test it you never tested balloons hi my little slave you I want you to
look this one no the other one this is the One X button I make a promise we’re
going to try I did it oh you’re smart boy actually what if I just do this I’m
just gonna stick it in there the whole bag I’m in this shape what is that sound what wait stop it
works yeah but I’m doing now that the growth
bag in it alright I want that too looks like how to get on a plane soon alright
here we go oh hey I had to get the bag out hey I’m
not a noob it’s the hardest I’ve worked my fingers in a minute I’ll tell you
that much horse fully grasp all right so that’s enough I think the confetti it
sounds like it’s dying you want the air to go in what are you doing it’s gonna blow up
like a whirlwind that’s actually do it do it all right I’m metric Oliver lesson to be
learned nothing happen in my mouth you I can taste it in my mouth how come you’re
having all of my eyes must be happy but I’m in the front seat
Oh what oh thank you so these are what it looks like when you’re not
incompetent like myself no don’t Helena this is what I think this is how I image
Tim in my head this is the voice do you think I normally have brought it up then
last better all right well my review is the balloons they’re pretty cool but
you’re just like in the wild feature the helium no it’s a mil balloon no me Liam
he’ll wait whatever I’m over it all right whoa what
is that picture feels like does likely I’m gonna take a buyout on one of these
for sure Kings store 200 pcs pieces 40 inches
giant latex spiral balloons weddings birthday parties decorated children’s
gifts it’s not getting great reviews from the peeps as you can see there um
it’s just balloon don’t think I want to Reno yeah
giving two stars because these pictures are misleading and different from the
product I was expecting the photos show a wide variety of colors and the ones I
received were red yellow so the ones he received were a variety of colors I’m
mad because I didn’t get what I wanted even though I got what I wanted this is
the packaging cam don’t do it
oh really yeah well it seems a lot of balloons few hundred pieces that said I
think right magic knives once you show them off do a little stroll I’ll do I’ll
show them stolen baby what’s on my head Oh
so they actually changed where you squeeze so if I give it more pressure in
the middle it pushes it towards the other no this is a feature okay hey man
I watched have something with you we have to have a sword fight really quick
first a small my the bagger mats got the stronger sword well those balloons
they’re weak just like my spirit nil next product hey guys you think Matt and
I are cool because we’re part of the power
thank you for watching power animations thank you for being a part of that
notification squad if you guys want to be a part of the notification squad as
well and see more of this crazy humor makes you guys hit that subscribe button
a bell icon we come back to the first 30 minutes and we love you well I do Matt
he’s just mad you know 5-mil changed him you know nostalgia electrics works with
hard candy ooh nostalgia PCM for debreu retro series
hard and sugar-free candy cotton maker cotton candy or candy cotton cotton
candy cotton candy come on man sugar free candy shoot candy ooh that’s my
jazz you know how much I like sugar for you exactly I hate it so I get those
large sodas remember oh yeah these Orbeez we just this that cocaine you put
the drug in there and you make the bigger drug wait what well you put jelly
ring second it can not even melt down why yeah cuz looking makes it into that
I like this very nice right okay you want this one yeah alright hey I’m gonna
do Add to Cart I’m Lourdes Mouse
oh good delivery thank you I’m happy for you happy for you cool alright so this
is what the candy comes in a nice fat pink box just the way daddy likes it
okay we got all these papers what’s that these are so these are but you’re gonna
put on the cotton candy on I’m gonna make you do it cuz I like the way you
work here’s the candy comes in powder form you have to buy these separate so
these didn’t come with the product I had a
friends my little friend amis they bought these set before so instructions
plug it in is a good start I’m gonna assuming can you plug this in my good
sir I’ll do it I think I’m supposed to put the candy in what do you want first
waiver cherry so I’m gonna turn her on wait I’m gonna turn it on Wow sounds
like a plane taking off or on top or that’s stuff in right I assume it’s got
to eat up first yeah I can see a coating inside I don’t
see any Khan can be where is my candy I think it’s just gonna heat up they can’t
you heat map over there you guys can see good like oils are getting here yeah you
can see right there they’re oils are hogging it’s heating up but it’s just
not really ascending like it should yeah I heard chatter maybe a little more
tanner maybe a little more than that I feel like we’ve had this one before Everyone give this video a like for Lis like for Liz come on mister this is Matt
if anyone’s curious he just likes to experiment with stuff I’m sandy that’s a
mob sandy in my destructive product out of this jail Everett
we’re gonna take it over here and we’re gonna let it heat up on its own and
we’re gonna see if we can get some cotton candy makers I really want cotton
candy six and a half hours native all right guys as you can see my
incompetence has reached an all new point I’ve gotten one of my frenemy is
here this is Dave frenemies no I just like I said we were frenemies in the
video we’re actually friends but Dave actually knows how to do this hang down
I’ve never done this before alright maybe he’s just better than me
okay so kind of happening but you have to do that the entire time I don’t know
I don’t know if it’s like a twisting motion motion motion motion yeah the
most of us were all the twists to let me just do like this
is this is faster for sure but I don’t know if it’s doing it God is it you some
hi this looks like a discontent you know maybe too much sugar but it’s really
good I’m gonna say no if you can’t run right for me
you can’t go right for anybody she’ll then DJ phone fancy shots professional
confetti launcher with wireless remote for concerts puck whoa so this is a
remote-controlled confetti launcher was this even I like to buy this is just me
you spent $300 you neanderthal I just watched the shoot confetti I guess with
a high velocity zero doesn’t do what I want to go next level okay okay so far
twice we’ve gotten Connor and Paul know with different varying confetti effects
in their office but this one’s the big leagues dude I think we could do
something crazy what are you thinking I’m thinking we distract them right we
get them to come over here we distract them we set up in their office we go
back to their office boom blow it up and then walk out like boss yes like we’re
walking away from an explosion yeah I’m all I’m all about every single word is
that right pin the tail on the donkey game this is a classic classic pic but
you on this one that’s just my life my go-to game you know when I’m celebrating
got a pin something on something else yeah you know whether it’s like some
illegal crimes on like you know a lower employee yes I can set them pin now then
something something embezzling money something something double jeopardy or
some way that I pin some stuff lots of other people got someone their
subscribers all right so this is actually pretty cheap extremely cheap
$1.99 for a bandana and a donkey I paid two dollars for way less than this
alright I’m just gonna buy it place it to my Oh I’ve seen better tosses no
worries though got a little donkey party game oh this is Matt we named him Matt
because he looks just like you it’s the ears this is Mahoney hits ten Bell right
Bostick was fall for him put the blindfold up
when he set it up bowling ball this is one thing I’d put on the wall let’s see
you walk down the block along with the other here you go Matt got you some
scotch anything to thank you all right I’m gonna say I suck in assisting I suck
at assistant I like to be boss not assistant fallin Connor and Here Come
our contestants welcome to the Tanner Channel that’s
what unites me we got some changes coming your way that’s why I’m an champ
a tan man Chad what I’m still that all right let go my hand or else I’m gonna
touchy-feely go okay we’re gonna be playing pin the tail on top you we got
ourselves a blindfold here yes master and who we don’t want to bring you any
more than two donkeys to play pin the tail the document right so I’m gonna
give Connor number two because he’s number two there you go but then I’m
gonna guess number four sticky sticky icky sticky
what was that mr. rap god yeah what number do you want bye okay you can have
five we have five or five mil you are smart oh no this video is I’m thinking
number one yes are five mil vid you’re celebrating have some respect so you’re
gonna go first look at the camera let me turn to it
look at it he looks like a really bad super hero all right Connor hi Connie
you got this no no what what you doing guys that then you got to lead with this
no yeah that’s how you put your other hand out to feel for it
keep going is it there’s a propane tank how do you know are you opening your
eyes I saw it with my eyes earlier don’t feel that you gotta push there you go
all right she’s really well done really well done
yeah mr. big Paul goes to spend yeah why didn’t I get spun because I knew you
would make it anyways I totally did I said call all right you’re doing great
Bob I know I’m doing great mm-hmm perfect all right now going down to
Matthias gross happy fine Mel Matt this is no way hold on I know you can see
right here what and if you’re right here what right here Oh what was that fine
now behind me Wow yeah hey no peeking homeboy look at his
fingers some of the wrong fingers you’re good to go Wow actually really ever it closes that
tree closes love those boys and last but not least it’s your son man
the donkey King okay all right here we go you break the window yeah I was
an ion is those I’m 19 yeah good what you’re so close good job
and I think Matt won yeah thank you for five middle take a long time to make all
those accounts so Paul and Connor we actually have our
next product we need you guys for as well
okay everyone squeeze on the couch all right so next product it’s a dog you
wanted a dog oh it must be gone this gets here to replace it biscuit can go
right into a tree that’s okay guys you know what Amazon’s it has let me down
before you know what I said just go check it out all right where is it oh I
mean it’s it’s not easy with the role reversal Matt where is it
Matt take me away where we go yeah where’s my follow me everyone okay
you’re supposed to grab my hand guys check it out bounce house ready
five no worthy right I’m afraid to go I know bounce house with the boy boys
oh my god this is too depressed I’m free I win what do you say Miller no
I say five milk alright that’s definitely military
that’s a mill because it’s such a bad bounce house it’s a good bounce house
all right guys we are going to red base right now bless you all right guys the
product happens to be in your office you know
are you talking about you guys think great aren’t you glad
about my celebration wait wait no we’re actually not done though Oh actually no all right now we’re done because it
sucks it’s fitting that out see you guys later
All Right see you guys later glad we could help you guys giant inflatable
bowling game set 25 inch ball nice something right with six thirty inch
pins that’s a good set large jumbo indoor outdoor games party toy for kids
children and adults so for people just in case you were wondering you could
where humans yeah for people and humans it’s like okay roof
roof boring ball play with history add to fart oh wow and I have a Carl thanks
yeah it’s so off your Christmas are you talking you’ve never seen that vine I
can tell fines or anything that’s funny huh Matt no longer funny cuz it’s dead
anything dead isn’t funny game on by Meridian point
thank you Meridian point six giant pins it’s so funny what you choose to look at
you find some jokes in it Julius how about the Kip on double P signs right
here chilly I can’t behind chugs they picked the most Awkward child let
me see don’t make fun of a kid why what did I make fun of the kid he’s just like
no you don’t make fun of the kid this is a heck of a bowling know what he’s doing
you don’t make fun of the kids oh the kids beautiful yeah
the P sons but that’s the directors fault it’s not the kids fault much like
mine dead the directors yeah I mean it’s like you
think you think this kid just like threw up true peace signs come on kids don’t
do that I feel like kids do and war is what you like to do either
way the kids a little creepy okay next director trying to push his political
agenda only P only families for all the bowling families that like were just
like I can’t buy this too much beats I’m just checking to see there’s anything
funny something laughing at me are you doing great
I don’t like I’m getting picked on man 630 inch pins as you guys can see
they’re my favorite one it’s a point because if you point with this finger
it’s a little offensive a point the other finger some points like that we’re
gonna go we’re gonna go set this up in the warehouse and we are gonna see who
can win a little game of bowling you ready for that love you know Matt sucks
and most things bowling also included isn’t that right baby no there we go
team service it’s time to do some bowling like Wii Sports Bowl and you
know I just want to point out I wasn’t the one to do all about blowing up with
the pins this one looks like it’s seen some stuff yeah man this is what you
look like yeah last week he had the flu his head’s
all deflated and bodies just shrivel up this is like Amanda no take it carrier
then these are the boys like playing with dolls
I think it was so gonna do a little whopper soup here little 1985 get and I
don’t see how this goes all right no trying to not suck try and Danny I
honestly think there’s like a deflection magnet on do you even get anywhere near
you nearly the only knock two or three things you better Matt oh yeah hey yeah
I’m ready show me what you got you trained butter that works I’m done just touched all the pins I was like hey
baby how you doing and then just walked away right at five mil or nil five
Miller no this one give him five mill I don’t lie put up a three why why what do
you mean why I wouldn’t board my boys my bud I’ve always wanted to hit the lanes
with my friends you know what I’m saying I don’t have a favorite check out this
video it is where we found some mystery skills flavors it’s pretty crazy
also check out this video right here we’re talking with guys check out this
video right here because we had a flan throw in that video and it’s pretty nuts
and this guy’s nuts and make sure you guys subscribe because we have so many
crazy videos coming your way and make sure we end it high five and high five
know guys like this video if you want to see tan to do this again here’s an
actual high five you

Keeping the Conversation Going with Video Marketing and WSI’s Ryan Kelly

Greetings everybody. Welcome to
the Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 episode of free webinar Wednesdays. This is Eric Cook coming to you from
WC digital where we help our clients connect and engage with their customers
online. You can learn more about [email protected] Uh, as you’ve heard, those of you that are frequent flyers
here on the free webinar Wednesdays and yes, that was an awful lot of F’s. Uh, we’re in the process of redoing our
website and we’re going to have by the end of the year a brand spanking new powered
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so you can hop over and catch any of the other stuff that we’ve
talked about. And, uh, today’s show I am super
duper excited about. Um, and those of you that are alive, I encourage you to chime in with
questions or comments in a video, gets a ton of discussion and our world
people are trying to figure out ways to do it the right way. Um, and so I think the right
way is just to do it. And before we officially get started
and I give Ryan his formal introduction, um, I just want to tell a quick little story
cause I’ve been beating on the video drum for a long time and you’re going
to hear in a little bit how Ryan is actually doing it on a regular basis.
I’m just kind of an armchair quarterback. But just to explain or to
demonstrate the power of video. When I celebrated my 49th birthday on
the floor of the Minneapolis airport, on my way back from a conference,
I flew into Fort Wayne, Indiana the next morning, very early. You can see this is a little snippet
from the video that I pushed out to LinkedIn. Um, but when I landed,
I came back from Minneapolis. I slept on the floor, flight,
delayed the crew, timed out, uh, woke up 49th birthday, not
at home with my family, not at home with my dogs
but on a map in the airport. So I arrived in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And one of the things that’s really cool
about when you fly into Fort Wayne is when you leave the check
area security area, they have retired little old
ladies and little old men. I don’t know if that’s politically
correct, but that’s what they are. But they are there with
their little volunteer smocks
on and they greet you with a smile and they give you a cookie
and say, welcome to Fort Wayne. And so Margaret, who was the gal that
greeted me, I of course unloaded on her. That is my, and I had to sleep on the floor in the
airport and she looked at me with all sincerity in her eyes and said, you
poor thing. Have another cookie. And that little cookie, which
probably cost them a nickel, totally made my day. And so for the first time and yet to be
the only time I went out to my Jeep and before I started to leave, I decided I would just do just a quick
little video that told that story about the fact that this little cookie and
a smile completely turned around. What started is a really
crazy birthday. Now, the first video that I did was
not very good, so I deleted it. But then the second one, other
than the fact that I look tired, because of course I was lasted just a
little over two minutes and it was just about what are you doing in your business
day to delight customers and how do you know if they slept on the floor? They just had bad news delivered
at the doctor’s office. Their kid just did something and you might
be the one individual that could turn things around. I watched this video go
up and up and up and up, and I know that some of you
might be LinkedIn rock stars, so maybe 6,400 views isn’t
that impressive. But for me, this was probably the largest viewing
of any post that I ever did on LinkedIn. 59 comments, 110 engagements. I had third tier connections engaging
with me because it had spread from my first tier to the second
tier to the third tier. And it had nothing to do with
what I do as a digital marketer. It had nothing to do with me trying
to sell a product or service. It was sharing an experience,
being vulnerable. Um, yes, there are comments that say, dude, you
need to take a nap. You look terrible. But that’s okay. But it was all about painting the picture
of questioning what you’re doing in your day to make other
people’s days better. And that’s really where video I think is
so darn powerful is this would not have come across nearly as popular
as if I just typed up something. But I was sitting there with the cookies
in my hand telling the story about why Margaret just totally
made my day and flying in. And I’ve had countless number of, of feedback from comments as a result
of this and have not done another one since. Video still is not something
that makes me super comfortable, but our guest today certainly is
not of that variety or if it is, he certainly hides it very well. So with that introduction to set the
stage of just get out there and the only way to do it right is to just
start doing it in my opinion. I’m really excited that my fellow
WSI colleague, Ivy California, Mr. Ryan Kelly is joining
us for today’s show. Coming hot off of his appearance at our
global convention in Vancouver where he was the MC and kept the
event rock and enrolling. Uh, Ryan and I sat next to one another at a
video session at social media marketing world in San Diego earlier this year and
did one of our first videos together. And I will tell you, I am just so proud of this guy and
what he’s been able to do from a video perspective. Um, he’s a coauthor in the new WSI
digital minds book, the third edition. He wrote chapter number eight,
which is right after mine. And he’ll tell you probably a funny story
about how he actually signed a bunch of my chapters in error and maybe
if we’ve got some time, Ryan, you could maybe share with everybody, um, our little canoe excursion and the
SEO and the go video that we did. Uh, luckily we didn’t drop the camera
in the water, but, uh, Mr. Ryan Kelly, welcome my friend to
free webinar Wednesdays. It is awesome to be here. Thank
you so much for having me. Uh, I’ve been a big fan of your show for a
long time, so it’s kind of surreal. Uh, did I actually get to be on it?
So, uh, thanks for having me. Uh, like you said, uh, I wrote chapter
eight, keeping the conversation going, the new role of video marketing. Um,
and it was fun, man. It was kind of the, it’s the first time that I
ever helped write a book. I’m actually not a great writer, but I’m very passionate about
video and video marketing, so I was excited to take that on.
And you’re right, I will tell that, that kind of funny story. So
in Ken Kuhn, uh, that just, uh, what three weeks ago we were all doing a
book signing and you were not there and they sat us kind of in row in a row,
chapter one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. You were chapter
seven. I was chapter eight, but because you were gone, I
was the seventh person in line. So as I was autographing books and writing
nice little love notes to people that I cared about and I still encouraging
those to people I didn’t know. Um, I realized I was signing your chapter
for like the first 15 or 20 books. Um, so anybody out there that has
that rare limited edition, Ryan Kelly autograph chapter
seven, good for them. Well w what I would say is bring me the
book and I’ll sign chapter eight and I’ll make up even more creative
than what he did. So that’s, but I guess that’s one of the cool
parts about being part of the, the WSI world is we get to work
together. We can collaborate. I certainly missed seeing you and
all my other friends and gang Coon, but duty called and I had a bunch of
conferences that are already committed to. Um, but I heard it was
a great event and, uh, the reception for the
book was pretty awesome. So before you jump into the presentation, what I’d like for you to do is just
quickly give folks that maybe don’t know you, which I suspect is probably quite a few
people here on free webinar Wednesdays. And this is your first
time as being a guest, a little bit of background about yourself, the business that you run out there in
California, what your team looks like, um, and maybe kind of what gets
you up out of bed in the morning, what you’re passionate about. And then
we’ll jump in and we’ve got some slides. I know you want to give this, so
a little bit of hands on Cupid, kind of Q and a high level, but who
is Ryan Kelly and what makes you tick? All right. Uh, I always find it
strange talking about myself, but I’ll give it a try.
Uh, so I’m Ryan Kelly. I live in Northern California,
which is, uh, in Sonoma County. So if you’re kind of a wine snob, you’re probably familiar with
Sonoma and Napa and that, that is the area that I live
in. That’s also where, uh, my business is located in Santa
Rosa, California. And, uh, gosh, it, just trying to give you a
little insight into the business. Uh, I own a digital marketing, uh,
business, a digital marketing agency, and, um, one sec here.
Sorry, I’m moving my phone. Uh, there we go. And, um, it’s
a digital marketing agency. I tell people we help create wealth, uh, to businesses by using online marketing.
So lots of search engine optimization, lots of video marketing, lots
of conversion rate optimization, content marketing, social media
management, that kind of thing. Yeah. Um, I’ve been a part of the WSI
family now for 11 years. Um, I’ve been very fortunate to be
considered top gun now for three years, which means that, uh, we are one of the top grossing agencies
in the world out of 87 countries. Um, and as well, I’m very much
a brand ambassador in that. I really love WSI. I love how we work as a team,
how we work as a family, how we work as a global family.
And um, there you go. My team, there’s currently seven of us, uh, in my executive management team
here in Northern California. We’re adding an eight, uh, tomorrow
actually. Um, and then, uh, gosh, I have, you know, president, director
of production, senior account manager, junior account manager, project director and VP of sales
and marketing strategy and CFO. So that is kind of the chemical
makeup here in my office. And then we have teams virtually
throughout the U S we have a team in Johannesburg, South
Africa, a team in Calcutta, India and a team in Scotland
and a team in Toronto, Canada. So that’s kind of the chemical
makeup of the team. Does that, did that. Oh what, what gets me up in the
morning? Um, that would be my kids. You say what gets you out of
bed? That would be my kids. Uh, and in fact I’ll cheat. I will show you cause they, cause they come running
into your bedroom and jump on your bed. Cause I would say my
golden retrievers do that. But that’s because they’re like actually
praying on my face and giving me all sorts of kisses in the morning. I don’t know if you’re a
little bit too old for that. No, they used to come in and they
kissed me in the morning to wake me up. And that’s how I get up every
morning. So check this out. If I go into Google and I type
in worst family portrait poses a, I’m kind of a, a silly
guy. So I like to, um, not just take really pretty
family portraits. Uh, worst. I wanted to actually take
a family portrait that was
terrible and I fell in love with how terrible this was. So,
uh, just a couple months ago, I had my family re-enact. That
horrible portrait is so bad. There you go. In case the listeners to today’s
show can’t figure it out. Ryan’s a little bit of a card and,
uh, like myself as a sense of humor. And during the pre show he asked, well,
how long does typically the show go? And I said, well, we, we reserve
an hour. And he’s like, Oh, I don’t know if I could be able
to talk an hour. And I said, dude, you and I could talk for like three
hours and just share all sorts of crazy stuff. But the focus of today beyond crazy family
portraits and other sorts of stories is really getting into video. So
I want to first set the stage, what got you into video, why did
you want to write the chapter? And then let’s dive into the information
that you shared and we’ll walk through your slides and then we’ll spend some
time doing a little bit of hands on. So why video? Why did you pick that
out of the 12 chapters that, uh, that we pick topics for? Why
did you want to do this one? You know, [inaudible]
well, that’s funny because, and we’ll go into some hands
on stuff in a little bit, but I had been dreaming about this idea
of answering people’s questions in 90 seconds or less. And, and I
thought to myself, [inaudible], how can I be kind of clever and
get people interested? So I, I had been dreaming of something
that I nicknamed SEO on the go. And the idea would be that I would answer
people’s questions in 90 seconds or less while I’m on the go. I just, while
I’m in the car on a train, on a plane, in a canoe, um, whatever. And I had been dreaming
about it for like two years. I had actually bought the
domain, uh, everything. Like I w I wanted to do it and it
finally came down to I needed help. I wasn’t really sure how to do it. So I started reading articles and watching
videos and I kind of started to learn and I realized I was doing exactly what
I want my users and my viewers to do. I want them to come
watch and learn from me. So I think my true drive is that
I just, I love to teach. And, uh, what ended up happening was kind
of from concept to completion. I lost that channel and it’s
been a great success. Um, so I’ll get into all of that at the end,
but I love the idea. In fact, just, uh, what a month and a half
ago or two months ago, I filmed a whole bunch of videos that
I’m going to be working on today, um, that are going to be
installed on my website. So there’s going to be a welcome and
introduction video on my SEO page of my website. There’s going to be,
uh, an introduction to Hayden, our amazing social media coordinator
on our social media management site, a page. So just the idea of providing kind of
purpose driven content that’s engaging and short. Um, if somebody is very much more likely
to watch a video for 60 or 90 seconds, which you can communicate a lot through
your eyes, your face, your engagement, they’ll learn a lot about our
culture, what our office looks like, meet the person they’re going
to be talking to on the phone, stuff that you just can’t really get
from a static picture or text. Um, so I just went when, when I said I think there has to be
a chapter in the book about video. It’s just too big of a
subject to not approach. Um, it was warmly welcomed.
And then I said, Oh crap, I have to write a chapter in a book. Um, so let’s launch into it and kind of talk
a little bit about it. So, you know, advertising is just come a super
long way. I remember as a kid, you know, not being able to fast forward through
commercials and I would sit there and I’d actually watch commercials. I would actually want to go buy the
things I saw on the commercials. Um, but those days are gone, you know, and they’re the traditional
advertising where it’s, it’s kind of indirect marketing, right? So indirect marketing is things like
TV and billboards and newspapers where you’re, you’re advertising in a way just trying
to reach a really broad audience. Whereas direct marketing, direct advertising is things like search
engine optimization or paid search through Google. And what it is, is trying to position your business in
a way where you’re in the right place at the right time, being seen by people
that don’t know you but need you, right? So these days, Google, Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, all of that stuff is just,
uh, a really viable, um, product two to go to. Not only
is it you or, or user or viewer, but also if you’re a business, right?
So basically what is video marketing? Video marketing is not
just making videos. Yeah. Video marketing is making a video with
a purpose and with a strategy and trying to make sure that people actually
find it, right? So it’s, it’s, it’s video marketing isn’t I’m to make
a video and I’m going to put it on YouTube and I’m going to put it on my
website. Like you need to have a process. You need to ask yourself, why,
why am I making this video? Who am I making this video for?
What do they want out of my video? How am I going to get
people to see my video? And these are questions that if you
just go into video marketing all Willy nilly, uh, it ain’t gonna work. It’s
going to be a super suck of your time, basically. So, um, visual
advertising is everywhere. I mean, you can’t get out of it. It’s,
it’s on the internet, it’s on TV. It’s, it’s everywhere. So why not figure out how you can
get your piece of video marketing. So there’s really a lot of
different kinds of videos, like a demonstrational video.
I don’t know about you, but uh, like when I go on YouTube knowing
that YouTube is number one searches, how to write, like Google’s number one
search is near me. YouTube is number one. Search is how to demonstration
of video. Um Hmm. How to fix my Dyson vacuum cleaner
cause it’s not sucking anymore. Right. Um, question and answer
videos are great. Um, and that is kind of my niche
is doing, you know, I’m, I’m answering people’s questions in an
interesting way over the course of 90 seconds, knowing that that about 15 seconds in
the beginning as welcoming people in 15 seconds at the end is saying,
thanks for watching, subscribe, check out my links, blah blah blah.
Ah, uh, so really it’s 60 seconds. It’s a 62nd watch. And I find that my, my view rate lands right around 45, right around 60 to 75 seconds. People kind of drop off as soon as I
start saying thanks for coming. Um, you know, live videos are, are
awesome. I know that there’s some, there’s some great ones that I watch
and especially on Facebook live, it’s just great. Um, and then, you know,
meeting the team, like I said, it’s, it’s one of those things where
you can’t convey culture, you can’t convey character, uh, in pictures easily and very
difficult with words. So, you know, the, the meeting the team and, and it’s interesting cause when you
look at like plumbers or lawyers or realtors, these people need to be using video on
their website because people want to see what you look like. The person that
I’m going to have come into my house, the person is going to, to be, um, in my private home around
everything that’s important to me. The more credibility that can be built, the more comfortable
I am with that person. So if I go onto a plumber’s website and
it’s an owner and there’s a video that, you know, 40 seconds on the
homepage, you bet your bottom dollar, I’m going to click play. And if it’s,
Hey, I’m Ryan Kelly from Teles plumbing, I want you to know that your home is
important to us and we care about you and we care about our brand. You know,
if you don’t have a great experience, I need to know like when I watched that
video that is going to give me a big hand up or handout compared
to my competition, right? So using video marketing isn’t necessarily
like just marketing the videos and making sure that people find them. It’s
having the strategy and the process of, of making sure that you’re using video
in a way where it’s separating you from your competition. Um, and here’s just
some kind of bullet points I think is, is really good. Why it’s important,
makes your brand more memorable. People remember video and remember sight
and scenery more than they remember words they read on a page. Um, videos also completely
help retain customers. So when we talk about like, there’s three categories in my business, there’s like getting people
to find my clients’ websites. There’s making sure that my
client’s websites are loved
and easy to use and have high conversion for them. And then the third one is making
sure people keep coming back. And video is a huge part of that. How
are you engaging your current clients, your current prospects through video?
And not only that, but if, if I, uh, if I begin to enjoy these little video
snippets I’m getting from my clients or from businesses that,
that I’m their client, the more often I’m seeing their video. And because I like to watch video
more than I like to read words. Um, the more engaged I am with the
brand, which increases your, your customer retention, it also builds
rapport. Kind of like I was saying, how it’s like the
culture of your business. If like in all of my videos
that I do, I am just me. I am not hamming it up on
purpose. I am not scripting it. I literally have never filmed a video
that was scripted or where I had slides in front of me. Everything is just me. And I think that building that rapport
comes from authenticity and authenticity is to just be yourself. Don’t force it.
Don’t try to be funny if you’re not, don’t not try to be funny if
you are just be yourself. Um, and when it happens, you engage people’s emotion and
it’s difficult to get people, um, to react emotionally to text. It’s difficult to get people to react
emotionally to words. Okay, okay. Easy to get people to react
emotionally with video. So you’re able to take the words
on a page and bring them to life, but get more out of them. Right? And then of course the culture and the
values is also a big deal. Okay. Um, get your questions answered. Where can I find good tips on how to
make good videos where the time to add video to my marketing? How does video
actually continue to conversation? How does continuing the video conversation
lead to growth? It’s all in the book. It’s all in, in this case,
chapter eight. But I’ll tell you, that book is, is really, it’s like every chapter has like little
golden nuggets highlighted in yellow. That’s like, Oh, that totally
makes sense. So in the book, um, I also offer a five step super simple
recipe to get started and I thought it would be kind of fun just to
go through that real quick. So I’ll just get right
down to it. Five steps, five steps. Number one, film your
freaking video, right. Film your video. And we’ll talk a little bit about, uh, my concept to completion of having the
idea of versus where I’m at now with my YouTube challenge of a minutes.
Create your YouTube, film the video, create a YouTube channel, make
sure it’s got a catchy title, cause if it sounds boring,
people aren’t going to go right. Make sure on your YouTube channel you
add all of your links like a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you know,
your website link, all of it. Put it all in there. People, if they
like your video, we’ll go watch it. Now in my case, because of
the kind of the type of video, then I’m doing my Q and. A. um, it is not really a
subscription type video. People come in, they watch
the videos and they leave. Uh, vanity would be subscriptions,
subscriptions for Q and a videos. It’s basically a vanity, but you care
about views. For me, I care about views. Um, so then after you filmed your video,
after you create your YouTube channel, after you make your description of your
channel and you install all your links there, then use YouTube to translate
your video, copy it out of YouTube, into a word document, go to your website, create a new page associated with
your video, and then optimize it. And, and it really, it is that easy
in terms of step-by-step process. It’s not as easy when you’re
doing it for the first time, but once you do it a whole bunch of
times, it gets really quite easy. So I’m gonna [inaudible]
one guy. I was going to say, I want to hear some
questions or what you think. Yeah. So keep in mind again, if you’re listening live and you’ve got
a question or you want to, you know, maybe make a comment, feel free to use the chat in your go
to webinar control panel there. Um, so the thing that jumps out at me is
a lot of times when people think of content, they think of it being
just like single source. Okay, I’ve got a video in. That’s it.
But you’ve actually in step three, you’re leveraging YouTube technology to
take what you’ve said and pull it out into a word document with text, which then can be used as a blog
post to further help promote. And I’m curious, once you take the video, what other stuff are you doing with it? Are you slicing it up into little mini
tweaks and other sorts of little micro posts that just then drip out
into LinkedIn and Facebook? Because I think there’s real value in
making sure our audience understands that the video can be the very first thing
that you do that gets the big picture captured. But once you’ve
got all that content, there’s so much more
that you can do with it. Yeah, absolutely. So this, I think that’s a great kind of transition
into the concept to completion of, of my SEO on the go video channel. But what I thought would be kind of
fun is if I go ahead and play that episode seven, can you hear it okay? A little bit. Okay, hold on. I’m
going to turn it way up. Hey, and welcome back to SEL on the
go. I’m Ryan Kelly, your host. Wait, don’t go. Eric Cook who own the sister
WSI franchise in Michigan. Why do I have a guest on the show?
Here’s why I was recently asked, is it still important to write blogs
because it’s still important to January podcast? Essentially,
what is content marketing? So let’s say that Eric has a heating and
air conditioning company, and so do I. Let’s say that we both have a 10
page website every two weeks or so, Eric’s writing a press release,
a blog, a piece of content, a new page about a product or
service. Well, at the end of the year, his 10 page site just turns to 34
pages and mine is still 10 pages deep. Google looks at Eric’s
site and says, well, he has like three times a
contact as Ryan’s HPAC company. Tons of points because of the
amount of content. Now beyond that, he’s updating his website every two weeks. That means that my website content is a
year old and his is never more than two weeks. So he gets a ton of
relevant points from Google. So essentially that’s a really
easy, quick breakdown. So that’s, that’s basically there
it is like in real life, the idea of taking a 92nd
video and answering somebody’s
question and let’s now that it’s really kind of clear
what, what the idea was, you know, so there’s me and a
car, me and a golf cart, me at an airport on a canoe,
uh, at a kid’s camp, you know, on a train. So now that
that’s kind of clear, I had this idea and now I’ve got to
figure out how to actually do it, right? So I went out and I bought a
GoPro and I bought a microphone. I think I spent maybe 300 bucks. And then I just filmed the very
first episode in my car right here. And you can see that this episode has
been up for a year and it has about 8,000 views. And this one has
2,500, 2000, 4,500 4,300. Um, you know, here’s another one of
me on the train that has 7,000 views. How long does SEO take to work?
People actually care about this stuff. So I started filming videos
and then I said, okay, now what? And I have a, an amazing account
manager, Cynthia that works with me. She’s part of my team. Uh,
I would consider her one of
my team leaders for sure. And she said, okay, now we’ve
got to make a YouTube channel. We made the YouTube channel and I didn’t
want to launch a YouTube channel with a single video. So we made sure
that when we launched our channel, we had three videos. So that if somebody
was like, it gave me three options, skip somebody to care
about the content, right? Because what if I posted one video
and they didn’t care about it? They’re never going to come back. So by posting three different
videos that what is SEO on the go, what is SEO anyway and how to do keyword
research. I gave people from day one, three options hoping that one of them
would get them interested to click view and watch the video. So we, we did that. And what happened is in here, I’m
actually going to click on this, but I don’t want it to play. So you can see that I have
a good description of what
this is and what the video is. You can see that I have all of
my links in there and you know, it’s, it’s my business, Facebook, my business,
Instagram, my business, Twitter, my personal profile, LinkedIn, my
business, LinkedIn and our blog. So that’s kind of exactly what
it really does look like. Um, so now what, what happens after
you film your first three videos? You create your YouTube channel,
you add your three videos, you make a nice description of
it, you add all your links. Well, the next natural thing for me was to go
onto our website and create an SEO on the go block. So I still have my normal blog where we
write in and provide regular content. But I also created this
SEO on the go inside blog. And what happens is we go
into this blog, we, you know, put in a still frame
image and we make, uh, episode 16 when does it make sense for
my business to start spending money on promoting reviews. So I can click on this
and I’ve gotten here, uh, the video, it’s just there we go and I’ve gotten to
hear the video and I chose to do it not natively inside the site. I chose to bring in YouTube because
the trust factor that people have with YouTube, uh, I felt like I wanted to pull some of
that trust factor into the website. And then we have the actual transcription, which Google is really
good at. Um, you know, being able to read words and numbers,
it’s not that great yet at video. So if I want people to find my website,
not just YouTube and find my videos, I need to have actual words on the page.
So what I did was we translate this. Now, there is a little editing that
goes involved because when I talk, uh, I, I say ums and does and just kind of
semantic normal ways that we all talk as human beings doesn’t translate
perfectly to transcription. So there is a little bit of, you know, somebody on my team will go in and pull
out all the dumb semantic stuff that doesn’t need to be in there
and make it right. So once a, I’ve filmed the video and
it goes up on YouTube, it then goes onto my website and then
I go in and I optimize this page, right? So I create the metadata and then we go
out and recreate virtual popularity by getting [inaudible] other, uh, other
high domain authority websites, other, other big, um, trusted websites by Google
to start pointing back and
going back to my different pages that essentially they all
have very different content, but it’s very similar. And,
and optimizing in this case, this is 14 more pages of my website
that I’ve optimized beyond my blog and beyond all my other
other pages. Right? So, so that’s great. Right? That’s actual
video marketing. That’s, that’s seeing, uh, that in this case,
this had 8,000 views. I know people are watching it on YouTube. I know by my analytics that people are
also coming through onto my website. And a big, a big kind
of interesting thing is, is when, and I’ll give you two
examples. Uh, I wanted to hire, uh, a nice new team member, team member. And the one that got the job was also
the one that when they sat down at my conference room table said, Hey,
before we get started, dude, I watched your SEO on the
go videos. They’re awesome. So even knowing that people that want
to work with me are going and they’re seeing the culture and
it’s driving them in. I’m getting good people in here because
I’m super transparent about the culture of who we are and people know exactly
who I am and what they’re going to get. Um, second example, when we had one
of our clients call and say, Hey Ryan, uh, gosh, I saw your SEO on the
go on your website. We love it. How can we get that set up?
We want to do the same thing. So it’s interesting that
it works not only in, in hiring great people, but it also
really helps businesses with credibility. So having this in a website,
not just on YouTube, is kind of creating a whole
second layer, uh, of, of value, if you will. So then it goes a little bit further where
now knowing that I want to be social, when, when when I film a new video, there’s an entire social media
campaign and push that goes behind it. It goes onto our WSI Facebook page. Uh, it tags me personally in it, uh, which pulls my friends and family and
some colleagues over onto our WSI Facebook page. We promote it on the, um, WSI dot Facebook within our
network of WSI agencies. We promote it on my LinkedIn
personal, on our LinkedIn business. We promote it on Instagram. We promote
it essentially everywhere that we can. I’m not a big Twitter fancy, you won’t
hear me talk a lot about Twitter. Um, but it gives you, when you use video
like, Oh, I’m going to promo video. Cool. I’m going to film a video. I’m
going to put it on my website, I’m going to transcribe it, I’m going
to give it SEO so people can find it. And then I’m going to go do a social
media management campaign based around it, and I’m going to boost that post.
I’m going to market that post. I want people outside of my network to
see it and I want them to click on it and I want them to watch it. Now. We
don’t do it natively in Facebook. We do it in YouTube so that
people can watch it in YouTube, not natively in Facebook.
And then of course, we’re trying to bring people back from
these social media channels into our website to learn more about who we are
and what we do. Does that make sense? Absolutely, it does to me. And I’ll just kind of pause to see if
anybody’s got questions or comments, but there’s two folks that might be
thinking about just getting started, and I know you’ve been on this
journey now for probably, you know, sounds like you had this
idea a couple of years ago. Yeah, I’ve only been
doing it for one year. Okay. So you’re a year into it. Um, for someone that’s maybe saw
the promo and they’re like, I’m going to see what this Eric and and
Ryan dude are going to talk about on video stuff, but they’ve
not posted a video yet. Maybe they’re similar to me where they
haven’t even up until June 5th haven’t even done a video on LinkedIn per se. Um, what’s the first thing in your mind for
someone to do just to get comfortable with the concept of video? I know I
need to do it. I understand the power. It’s a great way for me to share, but what can I do to get off of
first base and start moving forward? Cool. Um, you know that old
saying, how do you eat an elephant? Okay, one bite at a time. How
do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time and it’s,
it’s the same thing. Step one, go buy a camera. You know, go buy
a camera step to film the video. Film the freaking video like this. Actually, let me, let
me ask you that. I mean, I know you went out and you bought a
GoPro and you’ve got a microphone and I often times will get people that’ll
ask me and say, well, you know, I don’t have all this equipment and
all that sort of stuff. In my opinion, and I’ve got a pixel three, I know
the iPhones have got awesome cameras, but some of the newer phones, as long as you’ve got audio quality so
that it can pick you up and hear what you’re saying. Is it okay just to grab your phone and
just have to get started before you even just jump in and spend a couple
hundred bucks on a GoPro? Yeah, it totally is for
me because of road noise, my phone wouldn’t work, so I needed to use something where I
could plug a microphone in and I bought a hero for like 220 bucks or something
and then I bought a $25 microphone and I was off to the races. A
phone would totally work. If you’re in in a quiet place where your
voice is easily picked up a phone with totally be an easy way to start. Yeah, well even you can get a microphone to
be able to connect. Even if they’ve, uh, you’re one of those phones where they’ve
done away with the headphone Jack, you can still get Bluetooth microphones
that will be able to help you with some noise filtering. Absolutely. Absolutely.
And, and I’ll tell you, I kind of hadn’t thought of this
though right now I would kind of equate starting my SEO on the go
channel, like going to the gym, like going to the gym for the first
couple of times. It was really hard, but I’m, I was determined that it wasn’t really
fun and I really sure what to do and I was kind of walking around figuring out
what machines I was going to work out on. But after a certain amount of
time, you kind of get addicted to it. You start to see the results of it and
you start to get excited to keep going to the gym. You’re starting to see
your weight loss happening. Right. It’s the same thing with,
with video marketing. It, you just got to go to the gym and you
just got to keep going to the gym and then suddenly you’re going to one day
realize, Oh my gosh, this is working. This is awesome. People are seeing
it. People are commenting on it. It’s giving me material to post on
social media. It’s giving me credibility. It’s helping me hire people. It’s
helping close businesses and sales. Like it’s just a, it’s a whole thing. Yup. I think the other thing is, and this is not meant to sound bad, uh, but I think you’ll know what I
mean when I finish the statement, your videos are not professionally done.
They are very much an in the moment. I mean, they couldn’t be done
on an iPhone or an Android. You would know that it’s a GoPro. Yeah. But they don’t involve a lot of post
editing. You don’t have, you know, bottom thirds, um, fancy
graphics coming in and out. They’re very genuine and
nonprofessional in the moment. And I think a lot of times that’s also
the feeling that people say, well, you know, I don’t know
how to edit a video. I don’t want to put something out like
it looks like I just did it on my iPhone because maybe that doesn’t
look professional enough. But I think that there’s some
genuineness in that, Hey, I’m in a canoe hanging onto a
GoPro. The sun’s in my eyes. The stewards in the
background heckling me. Um, I think there’s an option and I would be
willing to suspect that the videos that you’re going to be implementing on your
website where your introducing SEO or destiny is introducing maybe social media, those might be a little bit more
professionally done because that’s the environment in which they’re
going to be displayed. Would that be a correct assumption? Yeah, they’re definitely Crick assumption.
Plus they’re being shot in, you know, a beautiful professional office suite
and you can see the desks and the computers and people moving around. So
yeah, it’s a totally different feel. My, my kind of public figure, Ryan Kelly is very different than
my kind of WSI in the office. Rang Kelly. Yup, exactly. Still the same person. It’s just instead of talking at a camera
on answering a question and just being myself, I, if I’m introducing Cynthia or destiny
or Judy for the website production page, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s
more formal. Yeah. Yup. Cool. Now you’ve already said that you’re
really not a huge fan of Twitter and obviously Twitter’s live
streaming platform is Periscope
and Facebook has live and YouTube has live. A lot of what you’re doing
here is recorded and then
published after the fact. Are you exploring or have you done any
live where you’re actually pulling people in, interacting with people in the moment? Or is it still very much a record? Try to keep it close to 90 seconds and
then publish, distribute, optimize. Um, so I’ve, I, it’s funny, I have
toyed with this a little bit, um, in, in doing a Facebook live event weekly
that I would name something like, um, website marketing Wednesdays
or something like that. Um, where it would just be like
a 30 minute live, you know, broadcast where people, anybody could just come on and ask me
anything they want about online marketing and just kind of have a conversation.
Uh, but I, I, alas, you know, I there no time for that in
my schedule these days. Um, one of the cool things that is,
were, were, and this was not my idea, this was destiny and Cynthia’s idea was
to kind of look at replicating my SEO on the go and having destiny Hayden,
who’s our social media manager, um, Mmm launch a YouTube channel and start
filming videos called I think, and I don’t know if they’ve
settled on the name of it, but getting digital
with destiny. And it’s, it’s the idea that she’s going to do
what I’m doing about online marketing and SEO and she’s going to really put
her voice in for social media. Um, and again, it’s adding, that’s
adding the asset into my business. Like having somebody else in the
business that’s willing to do that. And we’re scaling, you know, our video marketing by having that
kind of personality in person, that businesses is a big deal. Cool. We’ve piqued the interest
of one of our live viewers. So Ken’s asking, um, Ryan indicates
he doesn’t like Twitter. I wonder why. What’s a, what’s the, what’s
the, is it just bandwidth? I don’t have enough time to manage
another social network or I just don’t appreciate Twitter trolls cause Twitter trolls rock. No dude, they suck. I would say yeah, hashtag Twitter sucks. I don’t want to toil cause I feel like the only way to make
Twitter work is by being on it all the time. And I’m talking about as
a business trying to be found, trying to create predictive
lead generation, trying
to find clients and users. If you’re not on that thing, reposting,
posting, re-tweeting, you know, 18, 20 times a day, you have
no chance in hell to be found. So for me it is very conversational back and
forth in the moment. Absolutely. So you’ve gotta be able to be
comfortable with that. Yeah. But you look at [inaudible],
you look at Wendy’s, Twitter and how they’re always
just burning everybody. Like that’s what it takes. You’ve got to have that
level of creativity that
many people wanting to watch and pay attention. Because if I
post on there four times today, there is not a single person that
is going to even notice my post. I would because I have you followed.
Anytime you say anything, my phone rings. So yeah, that’s why I’m not a
big fan of Twitter. There you go. I feel like if you’re a big business and
you have the time and the capacity and the staff and the strategy to use it, I
think it’s totally viable. But for me, no way. Yeah, I would say, and I know this video, this webinar discussion is
really focused around video. Um, one of the things that I’ve found to
be really beneficial on Twitter is the utilization of lists. And those
can be either public or private, but you may find if you get into Twitter
and there’s a ton of people that are following you and you’re
following them. So as that grows, but if you can take the list functionality
in Twitter and whittle it down so you may only have a dozen or so clients
that are using Twitter and those are the ones that really you should be paying
attention to because you want to know what they’re talking about. You can create a private list and that
will give you the ability to filter out all the unnecessary stuff that confuses
people and pay attention to know what’s going on to the people that really, that
matter the most to you. So don’t feel, you know, the elephant analogy is one
that I oftentimes given a
lot of my presentations as well as is you go into Twitter and it’s
like the other one is the fire hose goes in your mouth, they turn it on and water’s coming out
of your nose and your ears and whatnot. Um, lists help you filter that down. So you’re only paying attention to
those tweets that really have a genuine meaning to you as opposed to trying to
catch everything else that’s going on. Cause we all know that there is a ton
of nonsensical stuff that happens in Twitter that doesn’t need to
be part of our day. Right? Yes. See that’s an
added value right there. We totally dropped a Twitter bomb
right in the middle of the video show. How did that happen?
How did that happen? So, um, what if, and I guess as we start
thinking about live, you know, I work a lot in the banking
and the financial services
industry and I oftentimes joke with the marketers that we work
with that if you want to watch your compliance officer breakout in hives, just start talking about doing
live video from the office. You’ll see all sorts of concern. But one of the concerns I think a lot
of people have about live video is the uncontrollable nature. Whether you’re in a compliance regulated
environment like banking or you’re just fearful that somebody is gonna walk behind
you and drop an F bomb and you know, do something or something’s going
to happen at a certain level, you kind of have to assume that you
can’t control everything around you. But you know, I don’t know if you share any of those
concerns as it relates to live being outside of your area of control. I don’t know how many of these takes, you
know, the, what is SEO on the go that, did you have to do that two or three
times or did you nail it a first take? Um, you don’t get a second take when you
do do live video. Just like these, these webinars, if I get tongue
tied or say something that I, uh, I regret it’s part of history because
these are alive and that’s just the way that it is. So that uncontrollable
nature of live video, is that anything that’s concerning
you, how do you deal with that? How do you set yourself
up to minimize the risk? Maybe talk a little bit about that. Yeah. So you’re going to hate me. I usually film my SEO video SEO
on the go videos in one take. It’s almost almost always first
take cause you’re the man. No. Sometimes, sometimes it takes two, a just because maybe it was like I got
wordy and it was two minutes long and I’m really trying to keep the
videos short. Um, the, the unpredictable nature of live video
is actually super intriguing to me. It doesn’t scare me. Um, I would absolutely be fearful of not
being able to control the environment environment in which I’m placed
at. Meaning like I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t want to put myself at a, at a baseball stadium with people
behind me drinking in and, you know, smoking pot and cussing. Um, I would
control my side of the situation. But you know, in terms of the
live video, uh, I would love it. I would love the idea of, of the uncontrollable nature of what
people are going to ask me. Cause if, I don’t know, I’m just going to say I
have no idea. If you’d figure it out, let me know. Um, and I, I think that’s usually one of the
things that does scare people in, in professional, um, situations where they’re doing live
video is they’re scared of being asked something they don’t know and
being made to look stupid. Um, in which of course it’s not
what you want, but for me, I, I don’t care if I look
stupid. Not everyone knows
everything. If, I don’t know, I’ll just say, I don’t know if they say what I’m saying
isn’t right or my tactic is wrong or I miscategorize or misspoke on something, they should have the voice to be able
to say that and either agree with me or disagree with me. That’s fine. Yup. Um, there’s a question from Peter and I’d
asked for a little clarification cause I don’t know if it just got jumbled
up when typed, but the question is, and maybe you’ll interpret what is the
profile views on LinkedIn and other platforms such as Facebook
when you release a new video? Uh, because, uh, because it’s video, we get the most views on YouTube, we
get the most engagement on Facebook. Okay. Yeah. And when you define engagement, is that actually people making comments
or is it just clicking the like or do you yeah, yeah, it’s more than that. It’s people
watching it and seeing the views on, on Facebook are still high, but they’re
not nearly as high as YouTube. Um, but yeah, people clicking the
light, people making comments, people clicking through to our website. The engagement is coming
from Facebook primarily, but the views in bulk are
happening on, on YouTube. Okay. And would you say that there’s a typical
lifespan to a video where you’ll see it grow for the first 30 days
and then it tailors off? Or is that hard to generalize because
it’s really dependent on the topic? Um, you know, talk a little
bit about the lifespan. Sure. Um, the oldest video that’s
been up is, is about a year old. It’s got 8,000 views. The video that I’ve just put up a
month ago has 23 and then if you say, okay, well the longer it’s been alive, then the more views it’s
going to get is true. But it is dependent on the
content and the title. Right. So like this one’s been up
almost as long as the first one. It’s only got 2000 views. Right. And this one is only been up, this, uh, episode four has only been up maybe two
weeks or a month longer than episode three, but it’s got twice the views. How did she use key phrases for
your online marketing? So it is, it’s definitely topic specific, but of course even less popular topics
over time. The views still continue to, to grow. Yup. Cool. Well I have asked all the questions that
I can think of asking at least those that pertain to the topic of video. There’s all sorts of other stuff that
I’d love to catch up with you on because we didn’t get time and Kane, Kuhn and anybody that was around
me when that event was going on. Darn well knew that all of my WSI
friends were in Kinko’s and I wasn’t. And they were all pretty much
sick of hearing me say that. But I have enjoyed stealing the last 50
some minutes with you and catching up and having you tell your
story. Certainly. It’s awesome. And if anybody was going to
sign my chapter on my behalf, I would certainly want it to be you. So don’t feel that there’s any hard
feelings there, but, uh, so in closing, anything else to, to add? Obviously go out and look for
SEO on the go on YouTube. Uh, don’t look for him on Twitter, but you’re on LinkedIn and Facebook
on all those other fun places. Um, so I’ll let you kind of say some closing
thoughts and then we’ll wrap it up now, some future shows and
then we’ll call it a day. Sounds good. Yeah, I would say, you know,
it’s an elephant one bite at a time. If you want to do it, it’s
totally, it’s not hard to do. Um, I would say, you know, I
the digital minds book, um, in, in that chapter eight, again, I,
I walked down through those, um, step by step directions and there’s
actually a lack in here like, um, that I didn’t cover things like, uh,
you know, seriously, where do we start? Okay. Do you know what kind
of video marketing exists? And then I actually described, okay, each of the different kinds of videos
that I put on a slide for your earlier [inaudible], it just gives you
an easy starting point. Right? So I would suggest buying the book
if you don’t have it already. Um, but if you want to do
it, just do it. You know, this is one of those things where
you’re not on a time constraint. You don’t have to do it. You
don’t have to do it right away. You don’t have to do
everything right away. Um, yes, from a video and go figure out
how to launch a YouTube channel. Well you go to YouTube and say how to
launch a YouTube channel and watch a video. Right. Watch a
video on how to do video. It is so, you know, I
guess I’ll close with, I really feel honored and appreciate
you having me on the show. Uh, it, you were [inaudible]
you were missing Cancun, but I certainly hope to see you soon. Yup. Well, and he did a live stream
video with Ellie from our office. And uh, even though the audio was hard to hear
cause there was music and all sorts of other festivities going on in the
background, it was good to see everybody. And of course we did it through
video. So it’s a, it’s a big, big, big deal. So that one didn’t get saved
and pushed out to the internet though. That was just private for us.
Good. That’s a good, well, uh, so again, thank you so much Ryan for being on
the show today and chatting about your chapter in our digital minds book. I’m certainly excited to dig through it. I’ve skimmed the book in the going back
and rereading all the chapters as well. Tons of really, really good info. Um, for those of you that are interested in
sticking around for future shows down the road, um, we tried to go live every Wednesday
at 1:00 PM Eastern time next week, which is the pre Thanksgiving
show. I’m going to do, uh, the re the, the return of my holiday gift guide when
Jeff Simpkins was the cohost here at free webinar Wednesdays. We would typically try to do a show going
into the holidays and just chat about some of the things that have made
our dear Santa list gadgets, gizmos, all sorts of other cool little technology
and some that technology related things. So if you’re looking for some things to
stick on your Santa’s list because I’m sure you’ve all been nice and not naughty, join us next week and we’ll share those. We’ve got one other show
in December due to travel. I don’t have a show every week, but we’ve got one other show in December
where Francois Scott from WSI out of South Africa is going to join us and
I believe he authored chapter one, which is all about doing competitive
research and understanding your customer’s product and service and
market and competitors. So that was going to be
a great show as well. And then I’ve got a number
of other digital mine’s
authors lined up to kick off 2020 to chat about their chapters. And all the different elements
that constitute the 12
key elements of a digital marketing strategy. So if you
thought today’s show was great, it’s just going to keep
getting better and better, and we’re going to share all the awesome
information from the digital minds book. So we’ll look forward to hopefully seeing
you next week for the holiday show, gift guides, gadgets and gizmos. Bring your checkbook and your Amazon
login because I’m sure I’ll be giving you some things that you can definitely
spend your money on. Um, but until then, I wish everybody an awesome
week. Thanks for joining us live. Thanks for listening to the recording. If that’s how you chose
to consume today’s show, and we’ll see you on free webinar take care everybody. Okay? Okay.