Why The Rich Pay Lower Taxes

Good morning John, and welcome to this
special edition of Vlogbrothers where we discuss the basics of the United
States Tax Policy and why Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. According to the United States government, there are basically three ways to make money. One: You can inherit it when someone
dies. Two: You can make it by working. This is called ordinary
income. Making money off YouTube ads, getting paid
to do a job, making raw materials like yarn and then converting something worth more
than those raw materials like a cool TFiOS hat. That’s all ordinary income.
And number three capital gains. Now before we talk about
capital gains, let’s first talk about the ordinary income tax. Some people have a
misconception here that when you reach the new tax bracket, all of your income
lumps over into this new place, so you have to stay below a certain tax bracket.
That’s not how it works. It’s actually a significantly better system than that. Here we have the four lowest tax brackets
for a married couple. Now if you make ten thousand dollars a year, you pay a 10
percent tax. You probably pay less than that because
of deductions but that’s your tax rate because the first tax bracket is zero to
seventeen thousand dollars. Now if a married couple makes fifty thousand
dollars they’ve moved into the second tax bracket, but still their first seventeen thousand dollars
is taxed in the first tax bracket and then the rest is taxed in the second.
This works on a scale for a hundred thousand dollars and when I made this
graph, I had to make it extra long to fit on five hundred thousand dollars which
includes all of the tax brackets, but even that person the makes five hundred
thousand dollars still pays into all of the lower tax brackets before
they get to their big high up ones. Just wanted to clear that up. Now, back to capital gains. Capital gains,
is money that you get when you buy something and then you wait
and then you sell it later for more. That’s income, you’ve made money there.
Most capital gains are made in the stock market though you can also do it lots other ways, real
estate being a big one. If you make more than like thirty thousand dollars a year, your
capital gains tax is 15 percent. It’s a flat fifteen
percent for everybody. And basically, capital gains is how really rich people make most of their money. They invest in stuff and then it gets more valuable and then
they sell it. Now, that’s basically explaining how it works. Now I am going to get into how I feel about it. This is
just my opinion, but this has always seemed really weird to me. Money in the stock market isn’t actually doing
anything. Companies don’t have access to, like, do stuff with that. It’s not being used to build cars go to Mars or
make video games or whatever. I know that investment is important for our
economy, but so is income. Income is, to me, it seems like it’s worth more. So why
is it then that we tax people almost invariably more on the money that they earn by
providing actual value like proportionate to the amount of
money they make? The idea is that investment should be really good for the
economy and that you need to encourage people to invest and so you should tax it
less. The problem with that is that there isn’t a lot a good data that actually supports
that claim. What kind of concerns me is that the people who are advising the
government on these tax policy decisions are people who make their money this way.
And maybe they, just like a lot of us do, overvalue their particular impact on
the American endeavor. Or maybe they’re super greedy or maybe on the other hand
they’re right. Maybe they’re right. Maybe lower taxes for them is better for all
of us but I can’t help but feeling deep down that it’s tremendously unfair that a
waitress at Applebee’s pays a higher tax rate than a billionaire. Whether or not that’s good policy, I’m
not sure, but it does seem like bad ethics. But as I say, I am not an expert and
I’m completely willing to be convinced that I’m wrong. Nerfighteria, you are not
wrong, because you kicked John’s goal in the butt right out of the
park. You kicked it in the butt outta the park. That’s a mixed sports metaphor.
A million dollars raised for Kiva before I even got to make my first video
promoting it, but please still keep going because one thing that
is proven economically is that micro finance is a really great way to help the developing world and you can
be a part of that through kiva.org. John, I’ll see you on Tuesday.


– [RCSparks] Okay boys,
it’s a beautiful day out on the mine site. YouTube Gold.
– YouTube Gold, baby. – Gold, baby.
– Yeah. – Really beautiful day. – [RCSparks] Where’s Goldilocks? – Yeah, I haven’t seen him.
– Haven’t seen him. Don’t know where he is. – [SluiceBox Steve] It’s
too windy for his hair. – [RCSparks] Joe. – [SluiceBox Steve] Joe. You can have beer.
– Nothing. Okay, so, it doesn’t
matter, skeleton crew or not here’s what has to happen. That hopper up there, if
we’re gonna be short-handed, we need to finally listen
to the YouTube viewers and get the Volvo to
dump right into it today. – Wow.
– Yeah. – That’s a lot of dirt. – [RCSparks] It is, I don’t
think it’s gonna process it as well as they think, but we have to dig it down at least. It’ll help the loader, everything else. And I also wanna get some
stones getting crushed by the rock crusher today because there are just too
many (horn honks) requests. – All right.
– Yeah, I don’t need any crushed rock, I need gold, right? – We need gold.
– Okay. – We need gold, we could use a little more rock on the road so. (truck chugging)
– Nice. (gravel pattering)
(truck whirring) – [RCSparks] What’s the plan gentlemen. – [SluiceBox Steve] We’re
gonna pull the hopper and the conveyor out of
here with the bulldozer. And then we’ll dig her down and drop that hopper
into the ground a bit, so we can load it with the truck. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that way, at least, whenever we’re loading with the loader it doesn’t have to lift
so high either, right. – True.
– So, get it down a few feet. – [SluiceBox Steve] That
should save you some time. – [RCSparks] Yup, okay,
bring it in, Sluice, swing her around and let’s
get that hook in here. (engine chugging) Okay, forward. (truck whirring) Yeah, perfect. Nice and slow, bro. Perfect, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, back up, go. (engine chugging) There you go, nice and easy. Lay it up, lay it up. (engine chugging) Woo-hoo, good job, good job. Okay, the hopper has to move as well. I’ve rigged it up on the bottom so we can just slide it out before we have to twist it around. We have it on this skid plate. Yeah, good job keep coming. Six inches, four, three, two, good. Curl, curl you’re, yeah and down. There, good, okay, forward. (engine chugging) Okay, stop. Just wanted to clear my fingers, go. Nice job, nice and slow, bro. Careful. – [SluiceBox Steve] Rolling and pulling those rocks.
– Just the pure power of these dozers. – [Rookie] Want me to
get by this control box? – [RCSparks] No, that’s far enough, man. – [Rookie] Guess we just gon’ dig it out. – [RCSparks] Yeah, let’s get digging. (rock crusher rattling) (rocks pattering) The hungry crusher starts with a meal. (rock crusher rattling) Just the way it goes, Steve. Some days you can start
with the plant firing up. Some days you just gotta make it so you can get through a day’s work. – [SluiceBox Steve] Yup,
sometimes you gotta work. Not all fun and games. – [RCSparks] So we’re
just shoring up the wall. We’re gonna have to bring the ramp closer. It’s a lot of work to
get this set up this way, but hopefully it pays off. The only issue is, is now, we’re going to have to
have a pump down here in case it rains or anything like that. It’s just gonna be full
almost immediately. – Oh, yeah, this’ll full right up. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (rock crusher rattling) (engine chugging) All my dozing work, I
gotta get done myself. – [Rookie] None of our professional dozer operators are here. – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s not an easy job. – [Rookie] Almost as hard as camera work. (laughing) Ay, there’s Joe. – Joe?
– Joe. – [RCSparks] Oh, look who finally decided to show up to work today. – [Rookie] Did he have a hair appointment? – [SluiceBox Steve]
I’ve been here all day. What are you talking about? – [RCSparks] Joe’s behind you. – Good morning.
– Hey. – [RCSparks] Hey, your perm looks good. – [Krazy Joe] Sorry boys, I slept in. – [Rookie] Slept in, we thought you were getting your hair done.
– Yeah, did you get a perm? – Man. – Sleeping in.
– Some days just. – [RCSparks] Rook, fire up the pump buddy. – [Rookie] Fire up the pump, which one? We got many. – Shaker.
– Shaker. – [RCSparks] I got dual
sluices, Little Red here – [Rookie] Shaker. – [RCSparks] Pumps are on. – [Rookie] Shaker don’t work. – [RCSparks] Shaker don’t work. – [Rookie] Oh, it’s trying. – [RCSparks] Like a curse of the day. – Oh yeah.
– Power. – [Rookie] You can see her spinning there.
– Watch out. Hold on. Oh, that is like, okay, go again. – [Rookie] Other way, give it a push. – [RCSparks] Hold on, watch out. Yeah, that motor is getting old, dude. Oh, it wants to go, there, oh. Yeah. (motor chugging) I’m gonna get some lube. If it ain’t one thing it’s another. (motor chugging) Getting that push in
there just a little bit. That’ll help. – [Rookie] That’ll help. – [RCSparks] That’ll limp us through to the end of the season, Rook. – Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Turning on Little Red. Trommel on. (machines humming) – [Rookie] Oh, you got some
left over form last week. – [RCSparks] Good, there we go. Making sure the auger is
pushed in, good to go. Looking good, oh, we got a
sluice box coming out here. – [Rookie] Oh no. – [RCSparks] We need a wedge. (Rookie speaking away from mic) Good flow today. Down into the tailings ponds. It’s got a filter on it,
comes down to the freshwater. Shaker plant, definitely needs
to be turned up a little bit. (motor chugging) Boys are making their final
adjustments over there. Rookie.
– Sir. – [RCSparks] Get your
excavator over to the new cut. – Okay, cut away. I worked really hard today. (laughing) – [RCSparks] You turned the
crusher on and walked away. Okay, everything’s dialed in here. The only problem we see is we got a little bit of dirt here ’cause it’s a steeper incline. We wanna see if some extra pay in there will actually help it get up and away. Ramp, the pad, everything,
looking perfect now. Into the Volvo getting ’em filled up. This is one of the most unique
pieces I have on the site, one of my favorites, by far. Six wheel drive, very powerful open diffs. I’m surprised at how well this does just with the open diffs itself. but you know, what can
you say, three axles. Always dealing with the elements. Nice, stacked large, he’s on his way. Straight up to the hopper, brother. No tipping it over. (laughing) You can see this dump truck has been taking some beatings, but running a mine site is
not easy on equipment at all. In fact, the amount of maintenance that we’re gonna have to do over the winter time, it’s gonna just basically dominate. Got some boulders in the way, still need to clear these out. Watch out, you got a boulder in front ya. (machines whirring) Must’ve fallen straight
off the top conveyor. Good job, Steve. Line it up with that hopper, man. Beautiful, like that, yeah. First load, Steve, nice and slow, bro. Make sure it can handle it. Nice. Everybody should feel so satisfied watching the show right now. Whoa, nice and slow, brother. Good, minimal loss. A little bit over the edge, not bad. That rock truck, look at that, full extension, brother. Good job, big pile up, ey. That’s okay, it’s ’cause it’s full. – Yeah.
– So it can’t take a full load from the rock truck. – [SluiceBox Steve] Okay, give
her a half load next time. – [RCSparks] Yeah, half load. We’re making money, boys. (whoops) Yeah.
– Bringing it home. (whoops) – [RCSparks] Bringing it home. (machines humming) That material hopper has
that feeding door on it, helping keep a steady pace
while he returns back down. Those boys are actually
separating out pay right now. Meanwhile, this hopper can keep on. Thought I was going to
be short-handed today. Did something to help improve
the mine site overall. I don’t know if I’ll still use the hopper and the Volvo all the time, just because it can’t
handle that much material. (motor chugging) – What’s going on?
– Right here. We forgot to turn on the
conveyor, no problem. – [Rookie] That’s ’cause you’re
(machines drown out speaker) – [RCSparks] That’s okay. – That’s okay.
– That’s okay. Still going. – [Rookie] Our wall is staring to lean and we’re starting to miss. We’re pulling away, we pulled
right out of the nails. – [RCSparks] I see that, we’re gonna have to do a repair on that,
not right now though. Keep going ’til it falls off. – [Rookie] All right. – [RCSparks] YouTube Gold (machines humming) In the cut separating everything out. Making it easier to process deciding on which machine that it actually goes into. The shaker can handle a lot of material but that trommel, Little Red, it just keeps on giving– – Oh, fell off.
– Yeah, yeah. Hey, as long as he’s not pigtailing paint like you did last time, yeah, Rook. – Hey, hey, hey.
(laughing) It was just a scratch, little scratch. – [RCSparks] Yeah and
another $50,000 paint job. – [Rookie] Ha. (machine whirring) – [RCSparks] Such an amazing hydraulic radio-control,
all-metal machine. That’s the difference when
you have an all-metal machine, is it actually holds the weight where you can dig down and actually use a toothed bucket, like you can see right there, to give yourself a nice healthy scoop. The hydraulic fluid of course, down in the tank underneath the ladder, getting pumped out
through a brushless motor. Going through a hydraulic block, going to each cylinder allowing for gold mining
to even take place. (dramatic orchestra music) (machines whirring) Looking good, Joe, keep up the good work. – [Krazy Joe] Making piles, working. (dramatic orchestra music) (low rumbling) – [RCSparks] Little by little. Too much in there will
start to bind it up. (engine chugging) Rookie moved back up to the top here. He’s gonna start processing pay as well. (engines chugging) – Right there?
– Right there is good. – [RCSparks] Beautiful. One more, Sluice. (engines chugging) First pay out of Rookie’s excavator. Straight onto the conveyor. Last episode, we ended up
having a LiPo fire here. Got it switched out, got
the box switched out, now we’re ready to rock. Down to the triple conveyor. Carrying it up, Old Faithful, straight to the shaker plant. In it goes, there we go, it’s beautiful. – [Rookie] That’s money. – [RCSparks] Hey, the sluice
box is unhinged, guys. – [Rookie] Got it, okay, it’s sliding. We’re good. – [RCSparks] That was convenient, I’m glad we didn’t have
to use the excavator. – [Rookie] Oh my God,
would’ve gone terrible. – [RCSparks] Look at
that, just moving pay. I love the attitude today. Look at that big healthy scoop. (engines chugging) What a Goliath. How much you think this weighs, Rook? – [Rookie] It’s a good 60 pounds. – [RCSparks] Yeah, at least 60 pounds. (squeaking) I like how it authentically
squeaks as it drives around. – [Rookie] Oh, it does that. (machines humming) – [Krazy Joe] I can push
it there, don’t bother me. (machines humming) – [RCSparks] There you go,
Rook, run it through the plant. Whatever we get, we get. (engines chugging) Hate getting vegetation in there. If we want to get any of that gold that could be inside that
rock, we gotta run it. Good luck, that is gonna be
one full tailings pond today. (motor humming) Bring me gold, baby. (machines humming) (rocks pattering) Nice and slow, Sluice,
don’t let her build up. – I feel that this may
be far too efficient for the way we work. – [RCSparks] It is moving a lot of pay. – That’s a lot of pay. How’s the bulldozer and Joe gonna keep up? – [RCSparks] Hurry, man, hurry. (chuckling) What, we don’t want any dirt in the gas. (motor humming) There you go. That’s not right, we got a pump issue or a generator issue. (engine chugging) (motor humming) Wonder if the air filter. There’s a spark plug. Let’s shut her down, check the oil. – [SluiceBox Steve] That spark plug’s really bouncing around, ey. – [RCSparks] It was, yeah. – [SluiceBox Steve] The plug’s loose. – [RCSparks] That’s a good call, look how loose that is. Oh. – That’s what’s going on.
– That’s what happened. – Spark plug wire.
– Just the vibration, it was slowly falling apart when we went to refuel it, she done. – Okay.
– Uh oh. – [RCSparks] Okay, well
we ran what we ran. – No.
– Shut her down. – [SluiceBox Steve] Shut her down. – [RCSparks] Shut her down. Generator’s toast. – Well, you’re new set up over there that you dumped that pay
in straight from the truck is way to efficient, man. I can’t keep up at all. – [RCSparks] Oh we got
a con, look at this. – [Krazy Joe] Oh my God. – [SluiceBox Steve] Holy crap. – [Krazy Joe] Hold everything. – [RCSparks] It’s jammed,
it’s okay, we’ll back it up. – Oh crap.
– No. It’s seriously jammed. – [SluiceBox Steve] Yeah,
there too much in there. Hold up.
– There’s too much in there. It couldn’t process it. Watch out. Yeah, it’s totally frigged. – [Rookie] Wow and this is
why we don’t use a dump truck. – Yeah, oh, it’s trying.
– Oh, trying. – [RCSparks] It’s trying. Watch your fingers.
– Yeah, I’m– – [RCSparks] I’m gonna back it up again. Fire it up there, Joe. Watch his fingers. Other one, other one.
– Not that one, the other one. – [RCSparks] Yeah, okay,
now go the other way. It’s just that it’s jammed. – [Rookie] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Okay, let’s start– – Watch your fingers.
– Watch your fingers. – Yeah–
– Yeah back again, back again.
– Be careful. – [Rookie] Come on, Joe. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Rookie] It’s just got
so much material in it. – [RCSparks] Yeah and there’s no way the box is gonna process all that at once. – [Rookie] Okay stop. – [RCSparks] Okay let’s put this– – [Rookie] Buddy. – [RCSparks] Let’s put it back. – [Rookie] Everybody
put it in their pockets. (laughing) – There.
– Here, put in my container. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Let’s put it
back on the conveyor, guys. – [SluiceBox Steve] That reminds of a guy I seen filling up his shopping cart with snow.
– Yeah go ahead, Rook. You go ahead and take a scoopful. There’s just no way, yeah, okay, the other way there, KJ. (motor chugging) Yeah, try it again. – She’s trying.
– Yeah. – One more.
– Finger, watch your finger. – I know, I know.
– Yeah. That’s a strong motor
too, K, it’s starting. Just let it process slow though. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah. – [RCSparks] I’m gonna
knock down this top box, it’ll have build-up. – [Rookie] Wow. – [RCSparks] Different
problems every episode, hey. – Use a dump truck, they say.
– Yeah, Rookie, just brought up a good point. – [RCSparks] Yeah, use
a dump truck, they say. Dump it, on let’s go.
– Come on, let’s go. – [Rookie] Hold on. – Okay, grizzly bars. (crunching) Okay, bust out the other generator. (machines humming) Now this is all processed, can go up to being processed
in the bigger machines. See if we get any gold at all. This cut has been paying so well, but I don’t know we’re on the vein still or if we’ve basically mined it out. But if anything, the last episode showed that we’re still on strong gold and the drill samples definitely show it. Oh, I hear the pump is
starting to run low. I need your controller. We need it for the mega truck. Yeah, the big haul truck. – Oh dang. – [RCSparks] Take a break, thank you. Old generator needing repair, new generator on the way. That gives you an idea of how
large that whole truck is. You’ve got to level it out so we got enough fuel in there. Perfect. (motor rumbling) (machines humming) Nice job. Last few scoops. Look at right there. Right there.
(exclaiming) (laughing) Yeah. – See, all the big ones
come from my excavator. – [RCSparks] It was from your pile. – From the excavator. (laughing) Look at that.
– Right there. Sweet deal, buddy, knock that up. (whoops)
Good job, good job. Bring it home. I love gold mining. The one-man show up there getting the last bit of his pay. Seeing the gold gives you the fever. Scraping every little bit
off the ground, too funny. I’m thinking we’re gonna have to use the loader next time to load, boys, or else we can only do like half buckets with the whole Volvo. If we’re short-handed–
– That’s a lot of pay. – [RCSparks] If we’re short-handed, we can use half buckets, right, that should
– Yeah, yeah. – [RCSparks] Handle it but– – [SluiceBox Steve] That’s
what I was doing actually, just putting half. – [RCSparks] Oh, were you doing only half? – [SluiceBox Steve] Half
truck, half load, yeah. – [RCSparks] So then we got to keep an eye on the auger of Little Red then. That was the problem,
is it got overburdened. – [SluiceBox Steve] When you
overfill that little screener. – Yeah.
– You know, it stops the belt too. – Oh does it?
– Yeah, yeah. – [RCSparks] Oh, too much. – [SluiceBox Steve] So I got
the belt running full speed, just so it doesn’t stop.
– In the hopper. – Yeah.
– Oh, that’s no good. That’s just burning through ’em, huh. – [Krazy Joe] Too fast to feed. – [RCSparks] Too fast to feed, yeah. – Too fast of feed, yeah. – [RCSparks] Too much weight and too fast. – Yeah, too much material. – [Rookie] YouTube Gold. – [RCSparks] You Tube Gold, baby. – [Krazy Joe] YouTube Gold. (laughing) – [SluiceBox Steve] Got ravens. (engine chugging) (sighs with satisfaction) – [RCSparks] Are you done? – I’m done. – [RCSparks] Shut her down, Steve. Shut her down. – Shutting her down. (whooping) – [RCSparks] Genny off. Pump’s off. (grunts) Oh, those are nice and toasty. – [Rookie] It gets so quiet. – [RCSparks] Yeah,
everything comes to a stop. – [Krazy Joe] Shutting her down. – [RCSparks] Oh, nice. Anything, there’s a
piece, there’s a piece. – [SluiceBox Steve] Oh there’s some. – [RCSparks] There’s some. – Oh, yeah, there some.
– We have gold. – [RCSparks] I don’t
really see a lot though. – [Krazy Joe] We have gold. – [RCSparks] There is,
right here, there’s more. – [Rookie] There’s more
in the corner here too. – [RCSparks] There’s
quite a bit that we’re, look how big this is.
– Look how big that is. – Couple big chunks there.
– Why is that over there? – Let’s see.
– Some water down there. – [Rookie] It was in the tailings. – [RCSparks] I don’t see bupkis
in here, I see a little bit. Here, here, here, here,
here, oh no, there’s gold. Here, oh, uh oh. – [Rookie] Oh, that’s down far isn’t it?
– There’s gold here. – [Rookie] I don’t like it down there. – [Krazy Joe] I don’t
like it down there either. – [RCSparks] I don’t see anything on the mat though, thankfully. – [Rookie] Well, it’s
still in the tailings pond, if we have to. – [RCSparks] We’ll be able to– – Hopefully not.
– Recirculate it later. I can’t believe the
sun is out today, boys. – It’s so nice. – It’s a beautiful day.
– It’s absolutely. – [SluiceBox Steve] Why do
we always mine in the crap and it’s beautiful after? – [RCSparks] Look at this now. Look at it.
– A little bit of shine. – [Rookie] There’s lots of shine, what do you mean little bit, come on. – [RCSparks] I like that
it’s buried in the rock. I don’t I don’t see as
much as usual though. That’s concerning to me. – [Rookie] We haven’t washed it yet, we never see it start– – [RCSparks] Yeah, I
don’t really see much here either though that is also, there’s a piece here.
– There’s lots here. – [RCSparks] Here, here, is there? – [Rookie] It’s in a dirt but there’s stuff there.
– I think your definition of lots and mine are two different things. – [Rookie] So much, look at all this. – [RCSparks] Let’s see the gold. – [Krazy Joe] Oh, we got some gold there. – Tons?
– Tons. – [SluiceBox Steve] We could retire from tons.
– Grams, not tons. – [RCSparks] Grams,
yeah, I wish we had tons. – [SluiceBox Steve] Settle down, Rook. – [Rookie] Your hose work
is scaring me, Sluice. Quit splashing,
– He’s old, man. – Quit splashing.
– He’s old. (laughing) You’d think at his age he’d
have more experience with that. – [Rookie] Although, we
have to do the back as well ’cause I did see some
flakes on the last one. – [Krazy Joe] Excellent of job jobs. – Hey, slow, slow that pour.
– Nice and slow, nice and slow, yeah. Right over here, we’ll
start shaking it down. We’re gonna need the water
over for the pan too, for the classifier. Right here, sir. (gravel shuffling) – [Krazy Joe] More water. – [Rookie] I can’t give
you any more water. Sluice, water. – [RCSparks] There’s a piece right there. – Oh my God.
– Look at that, look at that. – [RCSparks] Nice. – [Rookie] See that’s my excavator piece. – That’s gold.
– Look at that. That’s beautiful. – Water.
– Where? – In here.
– Wow. – Yeah. So we can just start squishing
it all down through there. (gravel shuffling) That’s good. – [Rookie] We’re still running it. (gravel shuffling) – [RCSparks] I don’t see anything. – [Krazy Joe] We’re running it. – [RCSparks] Yeah if you
wanna put it on the table– (exclaims in shock) We can put it (exclaims). – [Krazy Joe] I don’t see
anything, we’re running it. – [RCSparks] Look at that. – [Krazy Joe] I said we’re running it. (RCSparks exclaims) Okay, then we are running it.
– Let’s throw that away. – We’re running it.
– Yeah, let’s just throw. – [Krazy Joe] Unless you’d like to just throw that away.
– Maybe we should pave some roads with it. – Yeah, we could do that. (water gurgling) – [RCSparks] Back to the table. (laughs squeakily)
Yes. Where I can concentrate
and watch the gold flow. (aggregate clattering) Start loading up. So this table, a lot of people have written in the comment section, they don’t get why this
table is on the show. This actually helps separate all of this aggregate from the gold. All the lighter stuff gets washed away, leaving the gold on here, which allows us to capture
it in a little bin, yeah. Or capture it with Joe as
you can see right there. – [Krazy Joe] Of course,
I’m watching it come down. – On the table.
– Yeah. – [SluiceBox Steve] Wow,
that is a huge piece. – [RCSparks] Yup, wow,
that cut is paying out. – [Krazy Joe] See how far up it goes, ey. – [RCSparks] Yeah it’s segregating, it’s separating itself
from the other stuff. – [Krazy Joe] That’s
why we use this table. – [RCSparks] Yes, that’s exactly it. It helps us get rid of a
lot of the lighter stuff and then we can run the concentrate on the wheel of gold. (water gurgling) Look at that, easy to pick out. All the rest just getting washed away. – [SluiceBox Steve] You missed it. – [Rookie] Did he miss? – He missed it.
– You missed, Joe? – What?
– Oh, it’s right there. – [RCSparks] What about all the rest of the stuff?
– There’s more here. – There’s another one.
– There’s more coming. Pay attention.
– Nice. Good eye. There’s two there or– – No.
– Yeah, no, one. – [Rookie] No, there’s one in the corner. It’s so hard to get out, oh, I just exposed a bunch.
– Right there, yeah, in a little pocket there. – [Rookie] Nice. – [RCSparks] Oh, that is a nice piece. – That one right there.
– Yeah. – [Krazy Joe] I was more telling you– – [Rookie] There’s more here. There’s gold everywhere. – [RCSparks] Good, good, good, good. (low rumbling) (water gurgling) I think it, there we go. – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, it is. Yeah, really heavy like five or six grams. – [SluiceBox Steve] Oh, rolling away. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that one is trying to get away.
– Down on the bottom, we’re gonna get him up here. – [RCSparks] Who’s spooning today, boys? Who’s gonna get us started? – Settle down. – [RCSparks] You didn’t
get here until after lunch, you barely did anything. Why don’t you start doing it? – [Krazy Joe] Well, I was gonna sit here and drink my beer but okay.
– You can have the honor of feeding the gold. – [Krazy Joe] I see a piece
right there, do you see it? – Gold, right on–
– Oh I see it– – [RCSparks] Right there. – [Krazy Joe] In it goes. – [RCSparks] Round and round,
there’s our first piece. It’s like a ball of gold,
rolling up there, yeah. – [Krazy Joe] It’s gone already but– – [SluiceBox Steve] Riffle rider. – Yeah, it’s gone.
– Terrible view there. – Oh, there we go.
– Wow, there we go. – There’s some.
– There’s lots. – [RCSparks] Nice, I love this part, man. – [Rookie] It’s kind of my favorite part. – [RCSparks] Come on,
boys, there’s the gold. Finally.
– About time coming up. – [RCSparks] I was worried
that it wasn’t paying out in that cut anymore. Not seeing the smalls at all though, like I don’t see any tiny stuff. – [Rookie] I’m okay if
we’re getting chunks and not smalls.
– Yeah, that’s a very, that’s a very good point.
– Chunks are better to small. – Still paying.
– That’s a very good point. – Yeah, it’s still paying. – [Rookie] Like see that, that’s as small as I’d like to see ’em– (laughing) Hey, I’m good with that. – That cut’s paying.
– I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, that’s true.
– I like it when they get stuck in the ridge. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s
true, riffle riders. – We got some pay in.
– Were gonna have some, I know there’s some in there.
– Yeah, look at that, look at that.
– Look at that. Whoa, oh, look at it come up. – [RCSparks] That’s a big piece. – Oh, that’s big.
– That’s my gold tooth. – Yeah, I see it.
– That’s a fang. – Nice, there it goes. Hey, you had your chance at the gold tooth last time, I told you to hammer it in, you never did. – Oh, yeah.
– There it goes. – Whoa, there it goes.
– Nice. – There it goes.
– That’s good. Wow.
– Look at that gold. – [RCSparks] There it is, a rider. – [SluiceBox Steve] It’s the riffle rider. – [RCSparks] Nice job. – [Rookie] That took forever
to come out of that stuff. – [RCSparks] Dude, it’s
stuck, again, how many (exclaims delightedly) (whooping)
– Nice job. – [SluiceBox Steve] Felt the
whole table go like this. (laughing) – [Rookie] The big stuff does get stuck in the bottom, it’s so weird. – [RCSparks] Yeah. So that is it, hey. There it is, look at it, look at it, look at it,
look at it, look at it. – [Rookie] Yeah, look. – [RCSparks] There it goes. – [Rookie] Oh, there’s a
bunch up of ’em coming up. – [RCSparks] Beauty, beauty. – [SluiceBox Steve] Yeah, let it run out. – [RCSparks] Dump some
out, swirl it around, let’s see we got, ’cause
that was exciting. – [Krazy Joe] Okay, let’s get
rid of some of this water. – [RCSparks] Yeah, in three, two, one. (gold clatters) Oh.
– Floor. – Concern, did you just
dump some on the floor? – [SluiceBox Steve] I thought
something flew this way. – [Krazy Joe] No, that was
just a splash of water. – [RCSparks] Oh my gosh, look at that. Still.
– We had a couple of fresh splashes there. – [Krazy Joe] It’s as much water, I swear.
– Man, that is a huge one actually. – [Rookie] That is a giant chunk. – Yeah.
– We gotta weigh that. – [RCSparks] Can’t focus in that, yeah. – It’s more than 2.4 grams.
– Oh my gosh. – [RCSparks] Wow. – Look at that.
– I see– – Look at this one too.
– Yeah. – [Rookie] A lot of black sand today too. – [RCSparks] There is actually, there is. – That’s huge.
– Let’s try to get the magnets. (whooping) – [RCSparks] Yeah, good job you guys. (whooping) Good job, yeah, good job. – Yeah, where’s the magnets? No, I’m saying that is– – [SluiceBox Steve] 3.4. (exclaims thoughtfully) – [Rookie] 3.1. Gonna say 3.1.
– That big? That looks nice. – [Rookie] It’s curled over though. – It is, yeah, I see that.
– Its got big air gaps, so. It’s only one way to find out. – [RCSparks] Scale. – [SluiceBox Steve] I’m gonna give it 3.4. [Krazy Joe] Scale. (swishing) – [RCSparks] That doesn’t
look as much, does it? – [Rookie] No, not now that it’s dry. – [RCSparks] Nope. – [Krazy Joe] We still got the big chunks. – [RCSparks] I wonder if the water was making it look bigger. That’s still pretty dang good though. Those two chunks are huge. – [Rookie] They’re giant. – Okay.
– I wanna know. – See, grams.
– I gotta know. – Okay.
– I said three, one. – Hold on.
– I said three, four. – I say–
– Okay, put it on. – [Krazy Joe] Two, eight. (gold clatters) (RCSparks humming) – One, eight.
(Rookie exclaims in shock) – What?
– That’s kinda disappointing. – [RCSparks] One eight. – [SluiceBox Steve] That is disappointing. – [Rookie] Wow. – [RCSparks] Well,
considering what we pulled at the beginning of the season, that’s actually pretty good. I’m stoked.
– Yeah, it is. – That’s awesome, yes.
– That’s still huge. – [SluiceBox Steve] It just
looks heavier than it is. – [RCSparks] 3.3 grams just in those two. 3.2.
– Wow. – [Rookie] See, that’s okay. – [RCSparks] Nice. Yeah, here it comes. (gold clattering) Nice, I love the way
this is going already. – [Krazy Joe] Awesome. – [SluiceBox Steve] Six. – [Rookie] We got lots more. – [RCSparks] Except we’re going, oh good. – [Krazy Joe] We’re gonna be at 10 grams. – [RCSparks] Dude, there is lots. – [Krazy Joe] Eight, nine,
nine, nine something. – [RCSparks] Hey, you can’t
guess after, nine something. – We’re nearly there.
– Yeah, let’s go, we’re gonna see 10.
– We’re gonna be 10. We’re gonna see 10 here. – [SluiceBox Steve] We’re gonna make 10. – [Rookie] Any time we hit 10, I’m happy. – [RCSparks] Come on, get in there. (gold clattering)
(bowl thudding) 10, six.
– Yeah, 10, six. 10, seven.
– Yeah. 10, 10.
– Nice. – [RCSparks] That’s almost as much as last season total, in one thing. – In one thing. – We had 11 grams.
– And we were almost disappointed in it. – [RCSparks] 10 seven. I know, it’s ’cause I’m getting
YouTube Gold crazy I think. I think I’m getting greedy.
– The more you get, the more you want. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s exactly it. – I’m just really surprised
that nugget is only 1.9. – Yup.
– Remember the one we got two weeks ago?
– Yup. – [Rookie] See, this one was curled over and it had a–
– It was 2.4. – Lot of air in it–
– Sluice, why don’t you do the total pour in there? We can see what our total season gold, or what our season total is. – That’s a lot of gold.
– Yeah, it’s cool ,hey. – That’s a lot.
– Pour slow. – [RCSparks] Come on, buddy,
let’s see it, 12, 30, boom. – 40.
– 40, keep going, man. 40, 48. 50.
– 50. – Two tri ounces.
– Where were we at, 69 last week?
– 69. – My favorite number.
– 69. – Nice. – [Rookie] 79. – [RCSparks] Almost 80 Gs. – Just shy of 80.
– 79.7. – Isn’t that crazy? (whistles in shock)
(gold shuffling) – [RCSparks] Wow. – [Krazy Joe] .3 grams short of 80 grams. – [RCSparks] Right here, mode. There, 2.56 ounces.
– 2.56 ounces. – Oh.
– Wow. My, God.
– Okay, so our season gold is 3/4 of an ounce. I didn’t expect this. – We have absolutely–
– Killed it. – Destroyed that.
– Crushed it. – [RCSparks] Smashed it, smashed it. – [Krazy Joe] Oh my God. – [RCSparks] Starting to feel a little bit like Tony Beets here. Season 10 of Gold Rush is coming up. – That’s right. – In October.
– That’s right. – [RCSparks] That’s the whole
reason we even do this, yeah. – [Sluice And Rookie] Yeah. – We’re gonna have to–
– Now, we’re gonna have to catch up.
– Are we gonna compete with them, huh? – [Rookie] Well, we’re definitely
gonna steal their ideas. (laughing)
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] Hats in, boys, on three. One, two, three. – [All] YouTube Gold. (laughing)
(whoops) – [RCSparks] Another awesome one. – [Rookie] Goddamn.

When You Should Pay to Promote your Videos

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer, and I’m
a lifeguard, apparently, today. This Thursday, I thought I’d do
some YouTube Q&A for you guys or take a question
that one of you asks, do my best to answer it. This week’s question
comes from KIDS 312, who wrote and asked this. “Tim, should we use
advertising on YouTube to gain subscribers on
first days of a new channel? Because I’m doing optimizing
videos, everything as you recommended, but
it’s going very slow. Do you recommend advertising
videos on YouTube to gain more subscribers?” That’s a good question. If you are just getting
started on YouTube, no, I do not recommend
that you go and put paid promotion
behind your videos and your channel in general. And the reason for that is
because when you’re first getting started, like,
everyone who’s starting thinks that their
content is awesome, and that the only problem that
they have is lack of exposure. And if they just got exposure,
that their channel would blow up, and they
would be doing great. The only problem
with that, though, is that I have actually
never seen that be the case. Now, if you’ve been doing
videos for like a year or two, maybe even six months,
go back and look at some of your very first videos. Do you think that
they’re as awesome now as you thought they were then? Like, I sure don’t. I’ll put a link
in the description below this video to my
very first YouTube video ever, from March of 2006. And although at the time,
I thought it was, you know, a half-decent video,
now I look at it, I’m like, oh, man,
that’s so painful. So every creator
that’s starting out has a lot to learn about
themselves, about their voice, about their
personality on camera. How do they talk
to their audience? Who their audience
actually becomes and is. You just need a lot of time to
learn a lot of those lessons. And you actually have, like,
this gift when you your channel is smaller, in that
you can experiment with a lot of different things. You can try a lot of
different new ideas. You can see what really
works well, and what sticks and what doesn’t stick. As opposed to like, when you’re
just getting started out, and all of a sudden, let’s say
you got a million subscribers in your first week, OK? Let’s just say that happens. And now you’re kind of stuck,
because they all subscribed for this one style
or this thing. But maybe three or
four months from now– you’re still kind of new
at this– you realize, I don’t really want
to do that anymore. Well, now you’re going
to alienate and lose a lot of people. So take advantage of the time
while your channel is small. Now, if you do want to put paid
promotion behind your channel, I recommend only doing that
behind videos and content that have already proven that
they will convert well for you. Putting money to promote videos
that already aren’t working won’t suddenly make them
start working, you know? But if you have videos
that are working, that are taking
non-subscribed viewers and successfully converting
them into subscribers, and you see that they
become commenters, and they start becoming an
active part of your channel, then at that point, yeah,
some of those videos might be worth promoting. Otherwise you’re really
just wasting your money. Now, I have an ebook that might
be helpful for a lot of you guys who do want to optimize
your channel to successfully convert non-subscribed
viewers into subscribers, and then how to convert
those subscribers into an active and engaged
part of your community. That book is called “30 Days
To a Better YouTube Channel.” So if you want to
take a shortcut and save yourself a lot
of time from figuring out a lot of the lessons
and the things you’ve got to work through in
the beginning, like I said, this book will take you–
take a straight cut– bleh, can’t talk. A shortcut straight there. So that book is
down there below. Also, you’ll find
another link down there that’ll go to our sponsor here
at Video Creators, FameBit.com. And you can find
other YouTube creators to collaborate with there. If you want to start
growing your exposure and start mixing audiences
with other people, and having them promote
you, and you promote them, and just kind of
cross-pollinating that way, that can be an
awesome way to start building your
exposure on YouTube and start getting an audience,
that won’t cost you anything. And while you’re
on FameBit’s site, you can also find
brand deals there of companies who want to pay
you to talk about their products and their services
inside your videos. You do need a minimum of
1,000 subscribers to sign up. So if that’s you, check out
the link in the description below and start
landing brand deals to earn more money
through your channel, and also start
growing your channel’s audience through collaboration. I have two questions
for you guys. One, how would you answer
this question for this person? I have paid to
promote my YouTube, my family’s vlogging
YouTube channel before. And what I learned
through that experience, just to condense it all down
for you guys into a nutshell, is that only 1% of
the views I paid for converted into a subscriber that
actually ended up watching more of our videos down the road. Like, you get more subscribers,
but it’s really hard to turn those paid viewers
into, like– in my example, anyway, it’s hard to
take those paid viewers and convert them into active
and engaged subscribers that actually became part of your
community going forward. So I’ve done paid campaigns
on other YouTube channels to build exposure for something. But if there’s a budget
for growing an audience and building subscribers, I
think that it’s better invested spent in, like, flying
to someone’s house and doing a collaboration, you
know, or some other– meeting up with– like, put
that money into travel and actually
collaborate with someone that could really work
well for your channel and for their channel. So number one, I
really want to hear how you would answer this question. But two, if you have
done paid promotion that builds subscribers
on your channel, what’s worked best for you? Give us some tips and
ideas down there below. I’m really looking forward
to learning from you guys. I know you all have a
lot of great advice. So share all that
stuff down there. And if this is your first
time here at Video Creators, I would love to
have you subscribe. Every Thursday, I do
some YouTube Q&A just like this, help you guys
out with some questions about your channels. On Tuesdays, we take a look at
some of the online video news and updates happening here in
YouTube and the online video industry as a whole. On Wednesdays, I give you guys
some YouTube tips, advice, ideas, things like that. And I do all this
because I really believe that a lot of
you guys have messages that need to spread, that the
world really does need to hear, and I want to do
everything I can to help you guys grow
your YouTube channels and your audiences so the people
who need to hear what you have to say can simply find you
and hear what you have to say. So thank you for letting
me be a part of that. Subscribe here. And I’ll see you
guys again next week. Bye.

Are You Using Android Pay Yet?

Have you ever wanted to pay with your Android phone? Now is the day to pay with Android. Tap your phone – it’s all you need to do. Buy those things you know they’re good for you. * maybe I do better next time* *Sponsored by Google* Alright so Android Pay. You know I made a few videos about it. You watch them. They were exciting, they were fun, I went down in New York City, I got into all kinds of mischief. *Want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts.* I was purchasing Doritos, I had a couple of meals and survive 24 hours using nothing but Android Pay. But in that video I might not have given you the whole picture on Android Pay paying for things with your phone in general. Lot of people nervous, lot of people walk up to the cash to start shaking a little bit to get all jittery they’re like Can I please.. with my phone? I… aarrgh! That’s not the looking wanna do. You wanna confidence – that step one. You can see that I have a credit card attached. Now the simplest way to add a credit cards your Android Pay is by using the picture function. So right here you can see, you can add a credit card, debit card, store gift card or even a loyalty program. It was simply place the car down, Jack can’t probably see that right there see that check? Line it up with in there and then it will be added. Alternatively here’s the add manually button this will allow you to put any card number in. One of the benefits here is security. Believe it or not, your entire credit card number is not fully transferred to the store that you’re buying something from in the same way that it would be if you were just swiping the card so there’s an added layer of security there. This phone features NFC and that’s the technology the Android Pay is going to take advantage of it. When you’re out there in the world, you’re gonna run into a variance in the pay terminals that exist out there. Some of them will be marked as Android Pay, others maybe not. You might see a terminal like this with a tap portion which could have the logo on it. It will often be supported something that looks like this, where you can just tap on the screen. So there’s something at play here when it comes to the security is referred to as tokenization. When you tap it on one of these devices, it’s actually sending a token in order to verify that that’s legit, instead of transferring your complete number over to that store and then having on file *and will you bring up. That, that’s a magnet! When it’s strong so, you can’t really tell it’s a magnet.* Another misconception that people have is that: they need to go into their phone, unlock their phone and then launch the app and select something. But in reality especially on a phone like this, with the fingerprint scanner right on the back, you pull this out of your pocket, unlock the device and even though you’re not in the app or anything you would then just hold this up to the pay terminal, it would launch Android Pay and then complete the transaction. So it’s really one tap. *Two terabytes, I gotta have two terabytes. I got a lot of stuff to carry around, men!* So you’re obviously going to need an Android device in order to use Android Pay. You’re gonna have to have KitKat or newer from an operating system perspective. And the Android Pay app installed which is readily available in many cases like the Pixel is pre-installed. So as you saw in my previous videos, the number of places, retailers, and so on that are starting to accept Android Pay – those are expanding. In the 24 hours in New York videos I was at FootlLocker, GameStop, McDonald’s. We even did the Lift ride, oh and of course B&H! We did the entire video B&H. B&H also accepts Android Pay. Get the app. Add a card. Check it out! Try to a few your favorite retailers and see where you ‘re at. Actually not that complicated, he doesn’t need to be that intimidating! I push the tech forward that’s what we do here. Unbox Therapy style. Tap your phone!

IIT Students – One Crore Salary Myths and Facts

Tech Gaint Facebook recruits IITian for 1.42 crore salary This is a newspaper headline. They also telecasted a 30minutes newstory on this very topic These programs are extremely tempting But is it entirely true? The official salary announced by companies is 1Crore 42 Lakh Rupees 62lakhs is paid in the form of stocks. Meaning, the employee will get this paid in the form of shares And it will leave the employee with 85 Lakh Rupees In that 80lakhs, 15.45 lakhs is a one time bonus the employee receives. The balnce Balance left is 65 Lakh INR You will be paying 30-35% as tax to government. It means 22lakhs and 75 thousand rupees is paid in the form of taxes to the government. You will be left with 42,25,000 INR Now lets step back a bit and look at the announced salary and actual take home salary The announced salary is 1,42,00,000 and the take home salary is 42,25,000 INR To give you a better idea, lets compare the cost of living of US and India In Hyderabad one dozen eggs will cost you, Fifty rupees. And in San Francisco, they will cost you 68 rupees a coke will cost you 30 bucks in india and 137 in san francisco A cigarette packet will cost you 140INR here in india, and 433 in sanfrancisco A dozen eggs will cost you 60 bucks here and 250 bucks in San Francisco A meals in normal restaurant will cost you 150 rupees heere and 950 INR in San Francisco If you are paying an electricity bill of rupees 1300 here, the same will cost you 7300 INR in San Francisco A broad band internet will cost you 1200 in India and 3500 in SanFrancisco A Gym membership will cost you 1500 in India, and In San Francisco it will cost you 4500 A multiplex movie ticket is 300 rupees in India, the same is 900 in San Francisco Average house rent in India is 15000 INR, and average house rent in sanfranciso is 200,000 After seeing this cost of living, do you still think 42lakhs is a lucrative salary package ? I dont mean to insult or demean these salary packages or efforts of these IITians These are decent salaries. But they are not luxurious salaries as they are potrayed by colleges and media. Several Local engineering colleges tries to tempt you to opt for engineering by showing these hefty salary packages. They dont have proper training or infrastructure But they still charge lakhs of fees Theese graduates have zero skills On top of it, what these colleges are teaching is Outdated information Victims of these colleges are students and Parents The situation is so pathetic, a survey concluded 80% of engineering graduates are unemployable After seeing the junk thats coming from engineering colleges, some tech companies started offering a diploma course and a job They are offering these courses to intermediate students. Basically these guys are teaching what four years of engineering education couldnt teach They are recruiting these students for a 18,000 salary Based on this, its clear how good the quality of engineering education These colleges charge tons of fees, to turn students into zeroes. If you have what it takes, i will give you a simple plan to become a kickass engineer If you follow this simple plan you can become a kickass programmer Get a high speed internet connection It will cost you 12000 per year A personal computer will cost you 50-75K An Amazon Kindle membership will cost you 1800 You can read unlimited books Get a membership from any of these sites. Lynda.com, Teamtreehouse.com, pluralsight.com these will cost you 48,000 per year Monthly 4000INR Beside these try to register in sites like Udacity, Coursera and EDX Try to pick a course of your choice, and study with full dedicaiton The content and courses in these websites is created by genius professors from Harvard, Cambridge and MIT Beside video lectures, they will conduct frequent webinars, and facebook lives.with experts from facebook, twitter, air bnb, electronic arts These offer industry standard education and up to date info unlike our colleges They conduct facebook lives and webinars frequently Because of this, you will get to know whats happening in the industry right now No college will provide you such industry insights There is one more huge benefit in doing these online courses By the time you complete this course You will have 10-15 mobile apps or games in your portfolio. It means, you dont have to buy btech projects from ameerpet from now on. You can save some money on that too 😉 You will get professional experience If you are wondering, how can home schooled students get jobs? Earlier it was mandatory that everyone should have a college degree to apply for a job Times are changing. Companies are being open minded these days Because they are seeing how amazingly skilled these engineering grads are Which is why irrelevant of a college degree If you can code well, companies will recruit you Slowly all companies are adapting this process For this to happen full pledgedly, it will take another 4 years If you are just starting out this is the perfect time to start planning your home schooling Beside this, you can start attending tech events and coding competitions Tons of recruiters come to these events and recruit talented folk You dont have to win the first prize you just have to be among the top 100% Its very easy, dont you think ? I am the living breathing proof that, attending these competitions will land you jobs, paid projects/gigs In 2014 I attended Google’s startup Weekend Our team got first prize in the competition After a few days, i got a few paid projects and job offers Once learned how to code well try attending online and offline coding competiitons like these Google’s Code jab | Facebook hacker cup. Top Coder If you win google code jam you will get USD15,000 as prize money If you win facebook hacker cup, you will get 10,000 dollars These happen once every year Beside these competitions, they have Bug bounty programs If you can find and report any security flaws in google facebook’s site code. You will get paid the reward ranges from 7,000 to 25,00,000 INR there are a gazillion more methods to get jobs and paid projects. You can go to playstore and appstore and launch a few apps Insert your contact details in the app’s flash screen Mention that you are available for any paid gigs and job offers Interested people will definitely get in touch with you Out of every 1000 people who downloaded the app, there will be atleast 2 or 3 people who want to create their very own app They will definitely contact you if they are impressed by your work there are many more ways to get jobs like this I will make an elaborate video on this topic Until then, think about what i just said If you want to ask any questions, please join my group Signing off… Avinaash For business enquiries, shoot me an email

Job Roles For Office Boy –Secretaries,Administrative assistant,Entry level position

Hello all,this is Apoorva from Freshersworld.com
welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today I will be talking to
you about a job role of an office boy.Office boys are another category of jobs which are
always in demand almost all the offices private as well as government offices
require office boys for the basic work Do you know the basic responsibility and
education biographer an office boy well let’s find out Let’s hover over the topic and get to
know the complete details of an office boy.Office boys fall towards the secretaries and administrative assistant category. The duties of the office boys varies
according to the environment of the organization it is an entry level
position usually filled with graduates the basic duty of office boy is that
they help and performing administrative duties serving beverages to staffs and visitors, handling various papers and electronic files, and greeting visitors too. They are the ones who open and close the office every day, they are the ones who organize and maintain records, maintenance and repair of any equipment in the office is their responsibility they also sometimes answer incoming calls and divert them to the respective professionals, collect and deliver messages to the person, delivering or picking up mails, messages or packages related to the office, they also take up the complete responsibility of outside works, such as going to banks or some other chores. The main eligibility criterion for any office boy job is that the candidate should have completed high school with 10th or 12th. Certain organizations require office boys with skills such as driving along with a valid driving license, good communication skills to speak with the
client’s and the knowledge of banking couriers, postal etc. There are few organizations which also require the require the office boys to know more of plumbing and electrical knowledge too.
The salary for office boys varies according to the company certain companies’ pay an amount of Rs 4000 and certain companies start with a salary of Rs 8000 per month. In the same manner certain bigger companies offer more salary. The office timings would be the timing they work which is usually from morning 10 to 7 and companies that that work for a night shift request the office boys to work accordingly. There are many companies which offer hikes for office boys and other benefits.
A few private organizations that recruit office boys are many in number almost all top BPO’s, multinational companies, banks, offices, and lot more recruit office boys, where a few of them are mentioned.
• Triaxis Colonnades, Bangalore
• Vov international, Mumbai
• Bright star and company Mumbai
• Accenture
• Temple tree leisure resorts
• Bright group of companies, Mumbai
• Triumphant institute of management education private limited
• Galaxy resource private limited, Luck now
These are a few private jobs where office boys are required. Office boys are also recruited by foreign countries like UAE, Dubai and many other countries, where the candidates are sent through consultancies.
Almost all government offices also require office boys for cleaning, serving tea or coffee and other helping work in the office environment. They do not require a very strong educational background and almost receive the same
salary as other office boys the shift is fixed for the office boys in
government jobs which is dayshift always. for further details and
information please log onto www.freshersworld.com a no.1 job site for
freshers in India.We will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us and do not
forget to hit the subscribe button below.

$300 Fan Shopping Challenge With Android Pay

So a couple of weeks ago I was out in New York Shooting a series of videos for Android Pay. In the last episode I did a challenge This time around I decided I wanted to take a fan shopping. I know, it’s crazy! We went to B&H photo using nothing but Android Pay And we had a great time check it out “You made it!” “I made it” Guys I put out a tweet: “Anybody available
midtown NYC? Big challenge”, and all of a sudden Jack shows up. Maybe not “the Jack”, but “a Jack”. We are doing an Android Pay shopping challenge here at B&H in New York. We’re each going to have 300 bucks to put
together the best the ultimate travel tech package. Maybe there’s headphones in there, maybe there’s a battery app. It’s up to you. That’s the beauty of it, you do yours I do mine. 300 bucks, 30 minutes. At the end of it fans, they get to pick together the
better package. Are you ready for this? I’m ready! – Let’s do it. So listen, I’m upstairs. We’ve never been to this place before.
It’s insane in here. Millions and millions of dollars of gadgets in here… I’m wasting time talking to you. I need a bag to put all these gadgets in. I
only have three hundred bucks though, so do i really want to spend one third of
it on the bag? Laptop area. Let’s go this way for a sec, follow me. Can I put VR in my kit like I’m gonna have a GoPro? I mean everybody wants to have a
GoPro but… what I need, I need a Playstation controller? Why do I need a
Playstation? I don’t. This is useful to have in your travel
bag, broadcast on any display you bump into. I got that hot new camera, 1939-1966. I
should get some headphones. We’re traveling, we’re gonna need headphones, no doubt about it. I need to find like 80 bucks. As much as it’s a contest about
the best stuff, it’s a contest about the most stuff, because if this is your
travel bag, you’re kind of limited with what you take, so maybe I should leave the room, leave the space, by going with the 60 dollar pair of
headphones, instead of hundred or more. Monstrosity. I don’t know, I’m thinking these are kinda
like the loaded M50X’s. The water speakers! This one is 66 bucks. I could save a
bunch of money and go to $32 with the nice, soft… Oh, that’s hard to say no to. Let’s think though, if I do a hundred on
this, 60 on headphones, Chromecast gets me to 200, I still got a hundred bucks
for a few other things. We only have a 300 dollar budget and this is why I can’t put too much on the bag.
– I’m gonna need a battery! Portable chargers, somewhere there. Where are the bigger boys?
Just over ten bucks it’s not a big battery, it’s only 5,000 but it has the prongs built-in, this means i don’t need to bring a separate charger. What the hell else
do I need? We can do a terabyte over here, for 50 bucks. How
much money do you have left? Maybe I can get two terabytes. Two terabytes, I gotta have two terabytes. I got a lot of stuff to carry around, man. “Unbox Therapy”
– Something… action cam, “GoProey.”
Actually, this seems pretty good. Doesn’t totally blow our budget up. Figure I’ll grab this one. It’s US to Europe. Figure I’m going to Europe. I feel pretty good, I’m pretty confident with what we got. I think we’ll win. What? Is it?
– Time’s up. Okay you know what, listen, if I went over,
I went over. Do I lose immediately if I went over? Woah, that was scary quick. It’s the moment of truth, and you’re
gonna vote in the comments section below and determine who’s the winner of this
challenge. The three-hundred-dollar B&H shopping challenge.
The ATH M40X I got the 30X
Well, look at this team, we’re already one the same page here. Guys, we didn’t know, going into it. You wanna document, what you got. GoPro’s were a
little out of the budget, but uh we found this, it has slow mo, it’s got Wi-Fi, 1080p, small.
Looks like you can take a beating. So you went with an action cam?
– You’re gonna need storage on top of that. So we even got storage. Ok, 64 gigs
– From incase, it’s a laptop
bag. I like the color of it, I like the brand. I like the multiple compartments
here. Look how soft that is! But the problem is I spent $99 on this, so, it affected my other choices. Well, you saved the 30 bucks on the headphones, I saved the 30 bucks on the backpack. It’s fuzzy. but also fuzzy it’s not also as fuzzy, but it’s fuzzy It’s not a huge battery, it’s only five
thousand mAh, but what’s cool about it It’s got the power prongs built right in,
so it actually becomes your charger as well. So you can leave your charger at home. Then your battery backup it’s always charged up and ready to go. On that same note, it’s got two USB ports six
thousand mAh, a little more. Pay for prongs!
The prongs don’t do you any good if you’re outside the country. So we grabbed a power adapter. – Oh, I was gonna get one of those! Here’s a weird one. Let me explain this. Listen,
I don’t want to watch what’s on TV. I want to watch what’s on my mobile device. I want to watch the kind of stuff I’m into Chromecast can do it, and this is only 35
bucks. Fits into a bag, you hardly notice. In case you’re not traveling alone, taking
the train somewhere, taking a bus somewhere, and you want to split your audio with your friends, this
is only like eight bucks.
– A splitter! Five-way!
– I got an external drive, a 2TB. A lot of times I am traveling for work too, so an external drive is with me
most of time. So I got a two terabyte. Then when I’m over there looking at hard
drives, I get this mega demonstration of this
thing called “Grip It”. It sticks onto any device, and allows that device to not
move around, to not float around. I mean I don’t know how travel-worthy this is.
This is genius. It’s going in the kit. But the dude sold
it to me. – It’s also nice- It works on any fabric, glass, wood, plastic, anything.
– Perfect! So there you go, out here in New York
City with a table full of tech. I mean you guys gotta let us know now, down in
the comments. Who’s kit would you rather have? $302.67.
– $300 bucks and 10 cents.
Let us know who did the best. Let us know who’s tech you want, for your 300.

Digital Marketing For Schools – Carol Hines the Head Teacher from The Bluecoats Primary

Hello, My name’s Carol Hines I’m the Headteacher
at the Bluecoats School in Stamford. We’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working
with Richard Mawer and his colleagues from Digital Media Edge for about three months
now. I’d like to thank Richard and his team for their hard work and support in enabling
us to create an exciting new school website and for facilitating and enabling us to move
into the use of social media platforms to promote and develop the work that we do here
in our successful school. I’d just like to recommend that anybody who’s
considering changing their approach to using social media or website, communications with
their school communities, gives Richard the opportunity to showcase his strategy and ideas
for how you might do that successful in the future.