13 Types of Students in Group Projects

[footsteps approaching] [school bell ringing]>>Good morning, students. Welcome back from your holidays. The time has come
for your group assessment. So get into your groups.>>Ren Yi Xiang,
I like your new hair.>>Kevin, do you want to be my group?
>>Really? Of course. Yes!>>Hey Vicki, do you think Ben will want
to be in a same group as me?>>Okay, Class T1T5. As you all know,
aside from excelling as an individual, it’s important for
the school to see how well you work with others. And so your group project
will be 30% of your final grade. So, you better take it seriously. Your task is to build
a paper airplane that can fly the furthest.
Now get into your groups. I’ve done everyone
a huge favour by deciding your groups for you. Get back to your seats! In Group A, we have Abby,
Hamzah, Ben and Debbie. Group B: Juhi, Pei Shi,
Ren Yi Xiang, and Kevin.>>Yes! In Group C: Cherylene, Melissa,
Vincent, Denise and JianHao. Uh, Sorry, not JianHao,
>>Huh? It’s Vicky.
>>Hmm? And in Group D: We have Trev,
JianHao, Sandeep and Vicknesh.>>Who?>>Okay, come, get to
work people. [MUSIC] [Types of Students in
Group Projects] [Students in Group Projects
The Awkward Teammates]>>So, you guys new
or something?>>[I’ve been in your class
since kindergarten.]>>Really? Kindergarten?>>[Remember you wanted to
go to the toilet then you did it in your pants]
>>[Laughs] Okay, okay. We don’t have to talk
about that. Wait, but you don’t
speak English?>>You of all people should know
that I don’t know English, but… Thai, Punjabi, Hindi, French
Korean, Japanese, Somallan and everything else.>>Great, and… Awesome. Trev, finally someone familiar. So I was thinking
for our design.>>Umm, sorry, bro. I’m going to go
over to Ben’s table.>>For what?>>To see if he has any ideas. I’ll be back.>>Great, that’s just great. [Students in Group Projects
The Deserter]>>Hey, what’s up, guys?
How’s it going?>>How’s your group, bro?>>It’s wack, bro. I’m just gonna
chill with you guys, and let them do all the work. I don’t care.>>Are you sure?
It’s 30 percent of our grade.>>I’ll make up for it
during the exams. Hey, you guys want
to play MapleStory M? There’s a new update.>>I think we should get
some work done before we start playing, right? [laughing]
>>What?>>But, I mean she’s right,
we should focus on our project first.>>What?
supposed to do? Do you think we’re allowed
to use calculators? Does anyone need a calculator?>>Uhh, I think this one.
>>I brought glitter glue, Do you think we can use that? Does anyone need blue tac?>>Does anybody have a ruler?
THE DISTRACTION]>>Hey guys, check it out,
in Maplestory M’s new update there’s new character
called Phantom. His main weapon is a cane
and he steals the skills of Explorer class characters
to beat others down.>>Oh my god,
I’ve been playing too. I keep using steal because it
makes the gameplay so fun.>>Yeah, I mean check it out.
[making sound effects]>>Vincent, it’s fine if you
don’t want to contribute, but can you not distract
the rest of the groupmates?>>All right, babe,
I’ll contribute. What topic is this again? What are we doing here? Aren’t we supposed
to build something? Something about boats, right? [STUDENTS IN GROUP PROJECTS
THE OVERACHIEVER]>>I need to show you guys
something. So, somehow Vicky knew about
this project months ago, So the three of us did
some pre-research, and came out different ways
on how we can fold a plane, look.>>Well done, ladies.
>>Thanks. Which designs do you think
we should go for? Well, actually I’ve been
doing some research on aerodynamic
principles on my own and I’ve come up with
these ten different designs. Each of these have
been crafted using very precise flow visualisations
and force measurements. Plus, I’ve taken into account
the lift equations so our plane will be able
to stay in the air for the longest period of time. [clapping] But, actually we
don’t need to use all of these, just this one. This is the best. This one I
can build with a remote control. So technically it will stay in the air
for the longest period of time. [STUDENTS IN GROUP PROJECTS
THE BOSSY GROUP LEADER]>>Okay, so as the
group leader, I want to make sure that
we crush the other groups.>>You do know that
it’s not a competition, right?>>What do you mean
this is not a competition? Of course,
it is a competition. Okay, so here are some of the
rules that I came up with for all of you. So Kevin go and do
some research. And Juhi, go and gather
all the materials that we need to make
the perfect plane. And you, Ren Yi Xiang,
go and get some markers and start on the decoration
so we can have a pretty place.>>What about you,
you’re doing nothing.>>Supervising, delegating,
envisioning.>>I’m PMSing.>>What? It’s not easy
to be a good leader, okay? Okay, so go and complete
all the tasks that I’ve given you. [MapleStory M theme
THE COUPLE]>>Okay we’re done with the designs,
you guys can play your game now.>>Do you want to join us?>>Really? Okay.>>Did you guys know that they
applied the wedding system To MapleStory M
in their new update? Hmmm, characters can now get
married in the game and get an eternal wedding ring
and there are massive rewards for the couples and attendees
of the ceremony, look guys.>>Hey Debbie,
let’s get married.>>Really?
>>What?>>Yes, yes, yes, yes
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.>>Uhh, just in the game. So that we can receive bonus,
special bag during gameplay. And also, receive special rewards
when we celebrate our anniversary. So it makes sense for us
to get married, right?>>It better just be
in the game, bro.>>Of course, it’s
just in the game. Let’s go to the wedding
park and propose. Hey guys, let’s attend the ceremony
and get the rewards. [THE “HARDWORKING” GROUP]>>So the paper part of
the plane will be made with the paperboard.
>>We need a paper board, and we need a ruler,
>>Uh, measuring tape?>>Yes, definitely,
a measuring tape. [THE REBELLIOUS TEAMMATES]>>Guys, where are
the materials? Where are the markers? and where did you
guys even go?>>Pei Shi, you did nothing. Okay, so we decided
not to do anything as well.>>Yeah, why must we make
the plane so colorful? Are we even graded on that? Why not just make it pink?>>And who made you
the group leader anyways?>>I’m the leader because
no one volunteered.>>Madam Soot Beng!
Pei Shi is doing nothing and making us do
all the work.>>What the hell is
wrong with you?>>Who would trust you
to be the leader?>>Who would trust you
in general? You make promises
and you don’t show up.>>Cause you are not worth
showing up for. Okay?
[thunder rumbling] And you! Can you be
more specific? What pink? [arguing]>>Stop talking so loudly!
THE CREDIT STEALER] Wow, wow, wow, Group C,
what is this? I’m very impressed. These designs are
more advanced than most scientists
can come up with.>>Yes, we all came up
with this together, but mostly me, mostly me. I do most of the things,
just because I really want to be involved
in making this.>>Is that so?
>>Hmm.>>Madam Soot Beng.
>>I can’t take all the credit myself. It’s a teamwork thing. Everyone did their part,
even though I did more… I did more but everyone
deserves credit.>>Okay. Well, then great
initiative, Vicent, I’m looking forward to seeing
your end product then.>>Just doing my part.
THE SCAPEGOAT]>>Group D! Why does it look like you haven’t
made any progress at all? The rest of your classmates are
already done with their designs.>>Well, Madame Soot Beng.
>>Good afternoon, Madam Soot Beng, We are trying to complete
our work but as the group leader JianHao refuses
to give us any tasks.>>Wow. JianHao Tan,
how selfish of you. Always thinking that
you’re so smart. You’re gonna cause
all your teammates to fail. Wake up!>>So now you speak English? Help me figure
out this equation.>>[What are you saying?
I don’t understand] [THE DESPERATE TEAMMATE]>>Alright, look guys, this is
30 percent of our grade. And I know that I’m not going
to do well in the exams. So I’m really counting
on this group project and I need
everyone’s cooperation to just do whatever
it takes to get this done. All right?
So here’s the plan. I know a guy who we can pay to make
these kind of stuff. So all we have to do is just
pass this to him. Take it. Just take it.>>Tell them we
want it big.>>All right.>>Woah, woah, woah. Are you saying
that you want to cheat?>>Dude, if anybody
else finds out, Or if Madam Soot
Beng finds out… We’re going to
get screwed. And I, for one, do not partake
in these kind of. Hey, you’re waiting for what?
Let’s go!>>All right.
THE CHEATER]>>Oh, hey Denise.
>>Hey, JianHao. How’s your group going?>>My group? It’s great. It’s great. It’s just the best.
>>Really? Well, if you need this,
these are some of my designs. I know we’re not supposed
to share them but these are not used so technically
you won’t be copying.>>Oh, wow. Thanks Denise.>>No worries. You know, I heard that one of the groups
are paying someone outside of school to do
the project for them. And I just think it’s
so unethical as students. How can we be so dishonest
about our work? If it were me, I would be
so embarrassed about myself. If I found out who did it, I would lose
all respect for them.>>I know right?
Me too.>>Is your eye okay?>>My eye? It’s all right. Just just a little twitch.>>Oh, I have some
Eye-Mo in my locker. Let me go and
get it for you.>>No, I mean it’s
just an allergy so you don’t have
to worry about it.>>What about tissue? I can get it from
my locker as well. Uh, how about we just
go back into class? Okay, you can go in first,
and I’ll catch you back inside.>>Are you sure?>>Yeah. I’m sure, I’m certain.>>Okay.
>>I’ll see you inside. Guys, I don’t think we
should cheat anymore. I have these and I think
we can build a plane.>>What did you say bro? I can’t afford to fail,
I can only afford to cheat. So take this man. Okay, just, just, just
take it, just take it, and throw it away,
just throw it away. [STUDENTS IN GROUP PROJECTS
THE GOSSIPERS]>>So I heard that JianHao’s team
is cheating on their project.>>What? No, he would
never do that. Ah, forget about it babe. You know what, we should totally
get married on MapleStory M and think of all the couple
names we can have. There’s Dincent, Venise.
How aboue Dince? You like Dince?
You like Dince?>>Yeah.
>>Yeah. Let’s go. Dince, Dince, Dince
Dince, Dince, Dince. Shall we get married?
>>Sure, Vincent. All right, you guys, you are all
invited for the wedding. You’re gonna get those rewards. Yeah. Guess that means
we’re official now.>>Hey, bro. Have you seen my rocket? Wanna play with it? Ah! My rocket.>>Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this video. There are a lot
of amazing new updates to MapleStory M for
its one year anniversary. So aside from what you
watched in the video, there are lots of special events
to gain massive exps and rewards such as mythic-class equipment,
boss accessory choice box, and special damaged skin
and much more. So if you haven’t downloaded
the game, do it now, and use the code “MapleHao” and as usual subscribe, watch
our latest video, and I’ll see you
in the next one. Bye.

Is Time Travel Really Possible?

Imagine you own a watch that let’s you travel through time. One day, you get the bright idea to travel back to the 1920’s to mess with your grandparents. You press a few buttons, and suddenly you’re standing beside old Pappy who is taking in the scenery at the precipice of the Grand Canyon. Since you’ve never been the biggest fan of your grandfather, you decide to push him over the edge. Gravity does its thing, and a few seconds later, no more Pappy. But wait, if you killed your grandfather before he ever met your grandmother… you wouldn’t have been born to be able to go back in time and kill him! Here’s the problem. If you didn’t exist and killed your grandfather, you couldn’t have killed him… Because you didn’t kill him, he’s still alive. but that would mean that you yourself would be alive and now you can go back in time to kill him. And so the endless loop goes on. This is called the Grandfather Paradox. And it’s part of what makes time travel so interesting. The grandfather paradox deals with time travel on a significant scale. But why don’t we start with something a little smaller? Let’s say you and I are wearing identical watches and we synchronize them right before I blast off into space. In the space shuttle, I’m traveling at roughly 28,000 kilometers per hour relative to the Earth. If I make a few orbits around the Earth before I return, when we compare watches, we’ll see that less time has passed for me. A very, very tiny amount of time, but is there nonetheless. This is called time dilation, and it simply means that according to Einstein’s theory of Relativity, Time measured along different trajectories is affected by differences in either gravity or velocity – each of which affects time in different ways. One example of time dilation is when we compare the passage of time on the ISS versus on Earth. After spending six months on the Space Station, astronauts have aged approximately .005 seconds less than those of us here on Earth. Of course, this is a very insignificant amount of time, but it would be much more apparent if the astronauts were able to travel to closer to the speed of light. Interestingly, the effects of time dilation are fairly minor, even up to around 70% of the speed of light. However, once we reach 75% or so, the effects become dramatic. Now, bear with me here, because this is where things get a bit weird. Possibly the strangest aspect of special relativity is the distances shrink in the direction of motion. When we think of traveling to a point 10 light years away at 90% of light speed, you’d expect it to take 11 years, right? That’s not exactly the case. To a stationary observer, it would indeed
seem to take your vessel 11 years. But to the people inside the vessel,
not only time, but distance would dilate and you would reach that point in only 4.4 years. Want to play with time dilation yourself? I’ve added a link down below to a time dilation calculator. Okay, that’s all really fascinating, but is it really time travel? Perhaps not in the sense that we usually think of it, but according to the nature of
space-time, it is. If you were to return home from your 90% light speed trip, you would be almost 9 years older. But everyone back on Earth would have aged 22 years. So in essence, you’ve traveled 13 years into the future relative to your time in space. let’s look at another example. In the film Interstellar, Cooper and his team land on a large watery planet, on which gravity is 30% stronger than on Earth.
This planet is situated very close to a supermassive black hole called Gargantua, which it orbits at 55% of light. Gargantua’s mass is equal to that of 100,000,000 suns and spins at 99.8% the speed of light. The combination of all these factors have the effect of slowing down time relative to the astronaut left aboard the ship, by a staggering 61,000 times. That means that 1 hour on the planet is equal to seven years aboard the ship. When the team makes it back to the vessel after a little over three of their hours, their friend had aged by 23 years. The craziest part is that this isn’t just science fiction. Those calculations all check out. That’s exactly how it would happen in real life. So in essence, the crew had traveled 23 years into the future. Now so far, we’ve only explored traveling into the future. Is it possible to travel backwards in time? According to some theories, specific types of motion in space might allow time travel into the past and future, if these geometries and motions were possible. However, that’s a big if. It would require something called a closed timelike curve, or CTC for short. A CTC is a closed loop in space-time which could theoretically allow an object to return to its own past. The science behind time travel to the past,
is incredibly complex and speculative and many scientists suspect that it is not possible at all,
because of the issue of causality. That bring us back to the Grandfather Paradox, if in fact these scientists are correct and assuming traveling to the past would cause a paradox then we have our answer, time travel to the past is impossible. If however, the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle is correct, then there is still a chance. The Novikov Principle states that if an event exists that would cause a paradox or any change to the past whatsoever, then the probability of that event is zero. It would thus be impossible to create time paradoxes. Unfortunately, for any would-be time travelers, the Novikov Principle is not widely accepted. Another possibility would be the existence of wormholes, which are technically permitted by general relativity.
– In order to travel through time using a wormhole, it would have to be what is known as a
Transversable Wormhole. Brace yourself for more strange
space-time shenanigans here. In order to be able to travel through time using a Transversable Wormhole, its creation would have to be in one of two ways. Option one, one end of the wormhole would have to be accelerated to a significant portion of the speed of light, then brought back to the origin point. time dilation would result in an accelerated wormhole entrance aging less than the stationary one as seen by an external observer Option 2 requires one end of the wormhole to be placed within the gravitational field of an object with higher gravity than the other entrrance and then returned to a position near the other entrance This is a difficult concept to grasp So think of it this way, imagine you and I synchronize our watches to both display the year 2000 I hop in my ship and accelerate one entrance to the wormhole to near light speed and then bring it back My watch now reads 2004 And yours reads 2012 If someone were then to enter the accelerated entrance they would now exit the stationary entrance in the year 2004 the same location, but 8 years in their past It’s incredibly complicated stuff But an easier way to look at it is by picturing by a piece of paper This paper represent space time, a wormhole is an area of warped spacetime with an entrance and an exit which you can imagine as the paper being folded back on itself with a hole poked through it essentially you’re simply skipping all the time and distance between the two points The problem with transversable wormholes is that you can’t possibly travel back further than the initial creation of the wormhole So…really it’s more a path through time rather than a device propels itself back and forth through the years at will It could be useful for the people in the distant future wanting to come observe our time but if we created such a portal today we couldn’t use it to go visit the dinosaurs One final method that could potentially allow an individual to more or less travel through time is cryopreservation The branch of science concerned specifically with preserving human is called cryonics and the practice has been around since the late 1960s. Cryonics is on the speculative edge of medicine as its proponents suggest that Death is not a singular event, but a process it would have to be for the practice to be successful because it’s currently illegal for a human to be frozen before they die One a person opted to be cryo-preserved their bodies prepared minutes after official death the theory is that by reducing the patient’s body temperature to around -130 degrees celcius enough brain information will be retained in an accessible state for doctors and scientists of the far future to revive the patient temperatures of that low inevitably cause significant damage to the human body regardless of prior-preservation safeguards so the doctors of today are relying on the development of future technology that will allow the brain to be repaired at the molecular level and restored to functioning condition if someday technology has advanced far enough to revive cryo-preserved humans they will have essentially time traveled to the future it’s not quite as easy as shows like futurama make it seem but it is theoretically possible and that’s time travel in a nutshell you really can move forward through time by traveling at an immense speeds or through cryo-preservation But travel to the past is likely impossible of course the science of quantum physics and time travel is incredibly vast and well beyond the grasp of most normal people so we may be missing just one crucial element to understanding exactly how spacetime works but who knows? maybe someone from the far future will show up in our time and give us the key to unlocking the mystery or…would that cause a paradox as always, I’ve included sources and links for further reading in the description if you enjoy this video please take a moment to subscribe my channel your support helps me keep releasing two videos every week feel free to leave a like or dislike as you please and share your thoughts on time travel in the comments thanks for watching! And I’ll see you in the next video

Number of employed women in Korea hits record-high in July

The number of women in South Korea’s workforce
hit an all-time high in July. Data from Statistics Korea shows some eleven
million women were employed last month,… up 180-thousand on-year. Around 15 million men were working,… an
increase of 130-thousand from the same month last year. Male workers still outnumber women in the
workforce,… but the number of women in work is rising at a faster rate. However,… women generally have less stability
in their jobs. More than three out of ten women workers are
classified as temporary employees, compared to less than two in ten men.

Number of employed in Korea up 310,000 in July

The government released Korea’s employment
figures for July… an important barometer of whether the local economy is on a solid
recovery path. Kim Hyesung has the details. According to Statistics Korea Wednesday, the
number of people in Korea’s workforce was up 310-thousand in July compared to the same
month last year, thanks to a pickup in the manufacturing sector. “The manufacturing sector showed a turnaround
starting June. The manufacturing workforce increased in July
thanks to a base effect from last year, and an increase in exports of manufacturing goods.” The manufacturing sector posted 50-thousand
more jobs in July. Construction, education, and real estate also
added more jobs. On the other hand, services, including publications
and information services, finance and insurance saw the number of jobs drop. The employment rate increased slightly to
61-point-five percent. The number of unemployed also fell below the
one-million mark in July, the first time in seven months. The unemployment rate stood at 3.5%, staying
flat from the same period last year. But the youth unemployment rate increased
slightly to nine-point-three percent. With the number of young people who have given
up looking for jobs and the number of job seekers both on the rise, the real unemployment
rate for 15 to 29 year olds, a key indicator of perceived job market conditions, now stands
at over 22 percent. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News.

FTC fines YouTube $170M over privacy violations


The Equinox SoulCycle Boycott, Jeffree Star #ClearTheList, Chrissy Teigen, Brooke Houts, Puerto Rico

– Sup you beautiful
bastards, hope you’ve had a fantastic Thursday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today, it was kind of a
surprise, we saw SoulCycle and Equinox in the news. For those unfamiliar,
SoulCycle, well, they describe themselves as
“way more than a workout” it’s a sanctuary.” Which, given where the story
goes, that’s kind of funny. Yeah, it’s a place people
workout by spinning like crazy and Equinox is the high-end gym that, I think the price range for a membership for a single location can
be like, anywhere from $185 all the way to $500. For the sake of transparency, my wife and I used to
be members of Equinox but we stopped going for
non-political reasons. We just realized, holy hell,
that’s way too much money. Let’s literally take the
money that it would cost for a year and just make a gym ourselves, and that’s what we did. My main point here, this all starts with a Washington Post report
related to Stephen Ross, a real estate investor who was a chairman and majority owner of related companies which owns Equinox and SoulCycle. He’s also the owner of the Miami Dolphins. And the Post said that
Ross would be hosting a major fundraiser event for
Donald Trump in the Hamptons. An event where certain tickets
could be as high as $250,000. Reportedly at that price,
you would get lunch, a photo with Trump, and a chance to participate in a round table discussion with him. The report came out on Tuesday, but it just blew up yesterday when members of those gyms were reportedly upset
to learn that the owner was hosting an event for Trump. With some saying they
were extremely frustrated because Equinox prides itself on being LGBTQ+ friendly and even having a presence at some Pride parades
throughout the country. And so we all of the
sudden saw a lot of people calling to boycott the locations, this including some celebrities. We had Queer Eye’s, Johnathan Van Ness, Billy Eichner tweeting, “Hey Equinox, what’s your policy for
canceling memberships once a member finds out
your owner is enabling racism and mass murder?” Adding that he cancelled his
membership after many years. “Money talks especially
with these monsters,” and adding, “If it’s
too inconvenient for you to trade one luxury gym for another, then you should be ashamed,” but adding “No disrespect to the many wonderful employees at my local Equinox.” You also had Miami Dolphins player, Kenny Stills, chiming in about his team’s owner, specifically calling out a non-profit Ross is a
co-chair of called Rise. According to its website, the foundation educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice,
and improve race relations. And about this, Stills
said, “You can’t have a non profit with this mission statement then open your doors to Trump.” You also had Chrissy
Tiegen being involved, both in Tweets and talking
about it in her Insta story. And in it, she says that she knows a lot of her friends are members of Equinox and SoulCycle and then she goes on to say- – And I just want to let you know, that their owner is hosting
a giant Trump fundraiser and so, fuck them. Cancel your memberships today. You can come to my house and work out. – [Philip] She also tweeted
out what appears to be the notice of her cancellation. And in that email it says, “At the moment we are experiencing high volumes of emails and a response time of redacted.” So it appears that she was not alone in trying to cancel her membership. But of course in addition
to people being supportive or also canceling their
memberships, there was also some backlash here.
In fact, regarding that, Tiegen shared a post that
read “Are we seriously not using businesses now
that don’t have the same political views as us?
No matter who any person or business supports
should not affect personal relationships or ruin
businesses just because they do not support who
you support. It’s our right as Americans to
have freedom of choice or there would be one
political party. Respect their choice and move on with your life like I respect your choice. This
is getting so ridiculous.” To which Tiegen commented,
“Yeah we fucking are. There “different views” you
speak of are fundamental differences in compassion,
empathy, humanity.” We all saw Equinox and SoulCycle
respond, both statements very similar. Equinox’s reading
“We want to let you know that Equinox and SoulCycle
have nothing to do with the event and do not support it. As is consistent with
our policies, no company profits are used to fund
politicians. In fact, we are committed to all members and the communities we
live in. We believe in tolerance and equality, and will always stay try to those values. Mr. Ross is a passive investor and not involved in the management of either business.” But regarding that, you
had people taking issue with their statements
referring to Ross as a “passive investor” as he is the chairman of their parent company.
Then he’s saying it’s incredibly misleading to
downplay his involvement and his benefit from
owning those companies. Right, essentially saying
Equinox and SoulCycle might not be donating directly to Trump or putting together this
event together for Trump. Right, the money would
go to a number of people, including Ross, and then
Ross is doing what Ross does. As far as what Stephen
Ross has to say about this whole thing, he
issued a statement saying “I always have been an active participant in the democratic
process. While some prefer to sit outside of the
process and criticize, I prefer to engage directly and support the things I care deeply about. I have known Donald Trump for 40 years, and while we agree on some issues, we strongly disagree on many others and I have never been bashful about expressing my opinions. I started my business
with nothing and a reason for my engagement with
our leaders is my deep concern for creating jobs and growing our country’s economy.
I have been, and will continue to be, an
outspoken champion of racial equality, inclusion,
diversity, public education and environmental stability, and I have and will continue to
support leaders on both sides of the aisle to
address these challenges.” But that statement also
appeared to have angered people. And this was with, kind
of, people on both sides albeit to different levels.
Because a lot of people were looking at Ross’s
statement and they’re like “Okay, so he says that
he greatly disagrees with Trump on several issues
and then, in that same statement, he refers to
himself as a champion of diversity, of inclusion,
of racial equality.” So you have a number of
people reading those parts of the statement together
and saying “Okay so is he saying President Trump
does not stand for this?” Which of course, for
supporters of the President, would look like he’s
throwing the President under the bus. And then on
the other side of things, you have the co-founder of
Vox, Matthew Yglesias, tweeting “The fact that the
SoulCycle billionaire guy, under pressure, wants to explain that he supports Trump for the tax cuts and not for the racism is actually a clarifying and important moment about what’s really happening in America.” Right, and so there were a number of people
saying “You’re choosing money and tax cuts over
the other stuff that you’re saying you’re
against.” Which, I will say, I do know a number of Trump
supporters, some of which are kind of reluctant,
they’re like “You know, it feels like this has been
great for business and for my money but, you know, I don’t like his Tweets and his other stuff.” Right, which with your
vote you are weighing one thing heavier than
the other ultimately. Also, though, it can be connected to how much worse you think the other candidate could be. Right but the
idea is that they’re essentially arguing
that they’re a reluctant Trump supporter. I think that the reason so many people are
calling bullshit on Ross is because it’s hard to
like kind of position yourself as a reluctant
Trump supporter when you’re throwing an event
where a single ticket can cost $250,000.
Ultimately, that’s where we are and as far as,
kind of, the end piece of this story. One, it’ll be interesting to see if this kind of
celebrity lead boycott will matter. And will
it make a difference? Maybe. But as we’ve
seen, uh, when the left and the right boycott
things, sometimes it doesn’t do anything except give it free press. As far as should the politics
of owners of companies matter? I think that is
an interesting question. It feels a little bit like
the higher-end version of that whole Chick-Fil-A
situation from years ago. Among the differences in
those situations, ’cause there’s a number, there
is a difference between a few dollar delicious,
delicious chicken sandwich, and an in the thousand
dollars a year gym membership. Alright, so accessibility,
clientele of those companies. But I don’t know and I guess that’s the question I pass off to you. Do you think it should matter? We’ve definitely seen people take advantage of it. I mean Nike, of course, one of the mainstream examples. Of course that’s less about some owner you maybe have never heard of and more of a company positioning
itself. Another company I think that’s done it fantastically on the other end of the spectrum, you have Black Rifle Coffee. They appear to have a strong conservative lean, they’ve taken advantage of some of the news headlines, thrusting themselves into the situations. So, you know, I guess it
feels like politics is becoming part of everything,
which, of course, includes consumerism.
Money does make the world move round and, much
like a vote, how we spend our money can also show what we want to see more of in the
world. But I don’t know. And I genuinely mean
that. Because I feel like often times when we see
people, whatever side they’re on, and they’re
like “Ugh, I wish blah, blah, blah, wouldn’t
involve politics.” It feels like often the people
saying “Ah, does everything have to be about politics?”
Are usually saying about a situation where there’s
an opposition to what they’re feeling. Yeah,
that’s where I’ll leave it and I’ll pass the question off to you. But from that, I want to
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that watches the show so we get enough views so places like SeatGeek are interested in sponsoring us, I decided we would take
some of the money that SeatGeek is giving us
to just fantastically promote their premium product to join the Clear The List movement.
Which, if you are not familiar, it’s an awesome
thing but also a thing that somewhat infuriates
me that it’s even having to be a thing. If you
don’t know, there are educators out there
that have wishlists for what they need in their
classroom. Right, books, pencils, chairs, whatever
you need in a classroom. Personally, I became aware
of this movement thanks to Jeffree Star, who
actually donated $25,000 to a GoFundMe around
this. I’ve also seen other celebrities joining in.
And so today, thanks to SeatGeek and thanks
to you, I cleared a few teachers’ wishlists. I
will say there is some joy that we’re in a
privileged enough position to be able to help. And
so that and seeing others join in, that fills my
heart. But to repeat myself, I do hate that we are
in position where we are failing our educators
so much that this even has to be a thing. It
reminds me of the feeling that I have when you see
those feel good stories. And it’s like “Co-workers
come together to give vacation days to the
pregnant person that needs to take care of their baby
still.” You know, it’s a great positive and you
love to see it but it also, it also, if we’re
being real about it, it highlights a failure.
Our system failing our educators. But also what
I would say here is if you also want to take
part, you can search that hashtag, you can check out
other educators’ wishlists. Keep in mind, you don’t
have to clear the wishlist by yourself, you can just get one thing. Although, I would love
to see this movement grow so if there are other
YouTube creators out there that wanna join in, now could be the time. But yeah, there was that. Then in more traditional awesome, we got a trailer for Honey
Boy and I’m actually really excited about
this, it’s a movie that was written by Shia
LaBeouf and it’s based on his life. There are two
actors that play him. He actually plays his father in the movie. The trailer just looks
utterly amazing. It comes out in November and I can’t wait. Then, in hilarious and terrifying awesome, we had Dr. Fakenstein
giving us Full House if every character was Nick Offerman. Then, of course, I highly
recommend our brand new rogue rocket deep dive
today. We take a look at the global helium
shortage and why that’s actually cause for concern.
Then we had Kristen Bell on Hot Ones, a
show that I continue to love an promote, even
though they disrespect me at every turn. You’re
the DJ Khaled on Hot Ones of Friends, Shawn. Also for
everyone else that doesn’t get that reference, don’t worry about it. And then, finally, our
phil.chrono.gg partner game of the day today is Warstone TD. It’s a tower defense game
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It’s very positively reviewed. It is normally
$15 but, if you buy it using our link before
nine a.m. tomorrow, and/or while supplies last,
you can get it for just $4.99. If you want to
see the full versions of everything I just
shared, the secret link of the day, really anything
at all, links, as always, are in the description
down below. Then, just a very short update on
the Brooke Houts situation that we covered yesterday.
I’m not gonna show the videos again here.
Some of that was reported a little after our video
went up. Reportedly, an LAPD representative said “Our Animal Cruelty Task Force has received numerous complaints about the
video you’re speaking of and we are currently
looking into the matter.” So it appears the
authorities are aware but for now we’re gonna
have to kind of wait to see what happens there.
And then, my friend, let’s talk about the
updates around the situation in Puerto Rico. Now the
last time we talked about this was when Ricardo Rossello said that he was stepping down as governor. And this came after days and
days of massive protests calling for him to resign following the RickyLeaks scandal. Which
if you don’t remember was where there were
hundreds of pages of messages that were leaked revealing
conversations between Rossello and some of his
top ranking officials using sexist and homophobic
slurs. Also joking about people who died in Hurricane Maria. But that is not where
the drama ends because as we kind of touched on last
time we talked about it, there was a red flag
as far as who was going to replace him. So
that’s actually why we’re talking about Puerto Rico again today. Because as of yesterday,
they had had three different governors
over the course of just six days. So let’s break down what exactly happened. After Rossello
resigned, the next in the line of succession
was the Secretary of State, which seems simple enough. But only if you actually have a Secretary of State. But as we talked about before, Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State actually resigned because he was also involved in the RickyLeaks
scandal. So that was a no-go and Rossello basically had two choices from there. One,
either nominate a new Secretary of State and
hope that that person was approved by Puerto
Rico’s House and Senate before he left office
on August 2nd. Or two, just continue down the line of succession. And just on its face, the second option seems easier but it turns out it wasn’t. The third in the line
of succession was the Secretary of Justice, Wanda Vazquez but a few days after Rossello
announced that he was going to resign,
she tweeted “I reiterate I have no interest in
occupying the position of Governor. It is a
Constitutional mandate. I hope that the Governor identifies and submits a candidate for the position
of Secretary of State before August 2nd and I have told him so.” Alright so Wanda was out and that meant that the next in line
for succession was the Treasury Secretary. But
he couldn’t be Governor because he was 31 and
Puerto Rico’s Constitution says that the governor
has to be at least 35. And so at this point, they
were at the 5th in line for succession, which is
actually the Secretary of Education. Right so
people were describing this as things getting pretty
desperate. And that wasn’t helped by the fact that
Secretary of Education was a career bureaucrat with very little political experience, who has also only been serving for a few
months. Right because as we talked about before,
the previous Secretary of Education was arrested
for illegally directing $15.5 million in federal
contracts to business firms. But ultimately
what we ended up seeing was Rossello nominate
this man: Pedro Pierluisi as Secretary of State. And
he seemed like a good choice. He was a lawyer who previously served as Puerto Rico’s
non-voting member in Congress and as there
Secretary in Justice. And notably it seemed like
the House agreed because they approved his nomination.
But the Senate didn’t feel the same way.
Reportedly, the senators were weary of Pedro because
he had spent the last few years working for a Washington, D.C. based law firm. Which, notably
gave legal council to the federal oversight
board that monitors Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy.
And that board is largely and strongly
disliked by Puerto Ricans because it imposed
strict austerity measures on them. And so as a
result, the senators were concerned that he would still try to push the board’s agenda. And
so then August 2nd rolls around and with the first
in line not confirmed as Secretary of State, no one had really any idea who was going to
be sworn in as Governor. And so what we end up
seeing is Rossello just goes ahead and swears in
Pedro. And so unsurprisingly it turns out that the
Senate wasn’t okay with a guy they didn’t approve
leading Puerto Rico. And so the next day, we
see the Senate Majority Leader filing a lawsuit
arguing it was unconstitutional for Pedro to be Governor
without Senate confirmation. Pedro then defends
himself, citing a 2005 law that says the Secretary of State does not need to be approved by
both House and Senate if they need to assume the
position of Governor in an emergency. But
yesterday, Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court ruled that
a Secretary of State does have to be approved by both the House and Senate in order to
step up as Governor. Right so as a result,
Pedro’s appointment was deemed unconstitutional and he had to step down immediately. So
then what do we see after Pedro serves a whooping
120 hours as Puerto Rican Governor? Alright,
the understandably shortest period of time
anyone has served in that office. Well he stepped
down and, shortly after, Wanda Vazquez was sworn
in as the Governor of Puerto Rico. And Vazquez
had a televised speech last night where she
said she was not chosen by the people but she would
try to create dialogue and build consensus saying
“We will work together on all that unites us,
and we will look for consensus where we
disagree.” And continuing, “I will remain focused
on resuming the course for our people in an orderly
and peaceful fashion.” And while that is pretty
much where we are right now, it is also incredibly
unlikely that this is where this is going to end. And I say that because even before anyone
was sworn in as Governor and even after Vazquez said
that she didn’t want this job, the protesters take into the streets to oppose her possible
appointment. There was also a hashtag calling for her to resign that was reportedly shared on Twitter
more than 60,000 times. And also after her swearing
in, a small group of protesters gathered in front of the
Governor’s mansion to call for her resignation
and reportedly chanted “There’ll be no peace as
long as there’s impunity.” Already Puerto Rico is
expecting a new wave of much larger protests
calling for Vazquez to step down. And Vazquez, who has never held elected political
office, is already highly unpopular among Puerto
Ricans for a number of reasons. At the very top
level, kind of like we mentioned last time,
many just view her as an extension of Rossello’s
corrupt administration. Critics have also accused her of not being aggressive enough in launching corruption investigations into
members of her own party during her tenure as Secretary of Justice. She has also been criticized for not prioritizing gender
violence cases while serving as the head of
Puerto Rico’s Women’s Affairs Office. As well as for
making controversial statements about abuse victims and for not investigating a recent rise in violence against women in Puerto
Rico. And more recently, she also came under fire
for refusing to investigate trailers full of unused hurricane supplies that were found abandoned
in fields a year after the hurricane. This
despite the fact that the leaked messages revealed she had discussed looking into it with the
Governor’s Chief of Staff before declining to do
so. Like I said, that’s pretty much where we
are now. It’s gonna be interesting to see what
happens there. But for now we’re gonna have to wait
and see. And of course I always love to know
everyone’s opinion. But also because, specifically on
this story, because we’ve had kind of more people
from Puerto Rico or with family still there chiming
in when we cover it. What’re your thoughts on
this? What do you think will happen? What to
do you want to happen? Let me know in those comments down below. And that’s where we’re
going to end today’s show. And, hey, if you like diving
into the news with me, I’d love if you took a
second to hit that like button. Also, if you’re
new here, I definitely recommend you hit that
subscribe button, turn that bell on for
notifications, that way you don’t miss the Philip DeFranco show. Which, actually, on that note, if you did miss yesterday’s show
and you want to catch up, you can click or tap
right there. Or if you already saw that, you wanna watch today’s extra bonus news deep
dive, you can click or tap right there. But with
that said, of course, as always, my name is
Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been filled in, I love yo’ faces, and I’ll see you next time.

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偶尔也会用下4K How did he get that software?
那这个软件他怎么获取呢 He has a website
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我们尽量去选一个延迟比较低的就行了 He can use it on the computer as well
他这个也可以用在电脑端 But I didn’t use it
但是我没有用过 Because he’s a little bit more complicated on the computer side
因为他这个用电脑端比较麻烦 You’re going to set this link code every other hour
你要去每隔一个小时设置一下他这个链接码 Look at his speed
看下他的速度 And he can do that at a rate
他这个速度也还算可以 At his speed
他这个速度的话 It’s perfectly adequate in the cell phone
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因为他这个软件 If you want to download it
如果你要下载的话 You need to go to the Google store
你是需要去谷歌商店的 So you go to the Google store and you actually have to go to the wall
那去谷歌商店其实也是需要翻墙的 How to go to the Google store to download the software
至于怎么去谷歌商店去下载这个软件 You can go and find some kind of VPN that you can use for a couple of hours for free
大家可以去再找一些那种可以免费用一两个小时的那种vpn I’m gon na go ahead and flip the wall and then download
先去翻下墙之后再去下载 How do you find that?
至于怎么去找这些呢 I’m not going to talk about that
我就不在这里多讲了 You can go and feel it
大家可以去摸索一下啊 When we go into this Google store
我们就进入这个谷歌商店的时候 And I’ll just search for him and that’s it
然后直接搜他这个就行了 Direct search
直接搜索老王 He’ll come out.
他就会出来哦 You can just search in there
大家直接在这里面搜索就行了啊 And the second one
那第二款的时候 And you can see that this is the one that’s under the old king
大家可以已经看到就是这一款在老王正下面就他这一款 He’s actually pretty much the same as this old king.
他这一款其实跟这个老王是差不多的 It’s free too
也是免费的哦 I’m not going to go into that software
我就不再进那个软件 I’ll tell you about it
里面跟大家讲 Just to show you that he’s actually a little bit more compact than lao Wang
就在这里让大家看一下他其实比老王更更简洁 It’s just a button
只是一个按钮就行了 And he doesn’t have a route for you
而且他没有线路给你选择 I’m going to keep him at that speed
让他这个速度也还行 You just have to go in and click on it
你只需要进去点一下就行了 He’s both of those things that you need to download at a Google store
他这两款其实都是需要你在一个谷歌商店去下载的啊 You’re gon na go through the wall and get into this Google store
你要先翻墙去进入这个谷歌商店 To download to other things
才能下载到 其他的 I haven’t used it for a while
我暂时没有用过 That’s enough for both of them
那这两款就已经够用了 I’ve got these two on my phone
手机上就这两款了 You can download it to your own needs
大家可以去根据自己的需求去下载 Okay, so that’s pretty much the end of the video
好 那今天这期视频差不多就到这里了 If you think this video is going to help you
如果你觉得这期视频对你有帮助的话 Remember to pay attention
记得点一下关注 Or post a comment below and share it with you
或者在下面 点赞 评论 留言 分享给大家 So today’s video
那今天的视频 You’re gon na add a new thing
你要加一个新的东西 I’m just going to end with a closing sentence after each of my videos
就是我现在要在我的每一个视频后面加一句结束语 This is the first time today that we’re going to add in this video
这个结束语是今天第一次在这个视频里面加啊 I’ll probably end up with a line like this in every video
我可能以后在每个视频里面都会加一句这样的结束语 So I’m going to start now
那我来现在来首发 I’ll close my video
我的视频结束语 Because I am now my platform
因为我现在我的这个平台 The names of the platforms have been changed
各个平台的名字都已经改了 Change the latest name
改了最新的名字 My name
我这个名字 It’s translated as a love of life
它翻译过来的话就是 热爱生活 Loving lifes
热爱生命 So I’m going to end today with the video
那我今天的视频结束语 Just love life
就是 请热爱生命 Everything is in time
一切都来得及 I’ll see you in the next episode
我们下期节目再见 Bye bye

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Share a Sweet Kiss While Cuddling at the U.S. Open – News Today

 Love is in the air!  Joe Jonas and fiancée Sophie Turner were spotted sharing a sweet kiss on the lips while attending the annual U S. Open tournament in Queens, New York, together on Friday.  The Game of Thrones star, 22, wore a plunging plaid suit jacket, which she paired with a pair of matching trousers Keeping things simple, she accessorized her business casual look with two necklaces  The musician, 29, also opted for a monochromatic ensemble, wearing a black shirt with a pair of matching trousers with a sporty checkered pattern on the side  Jonas went on to share a short clip of the night’s most anticipated match on his Instagram Story, as Serena Williams took on — and eventually defeated — her sister Venus Williams  Earlier this month, Turner shared a touching Instagram post in honor of her soon-to-be sister-in-law Priyanka Chopra, who is engaged to Joe’s younger brother Nick Jonas  “First I’m blessed with an incredible future brother-in-law, and now such [a] beautiful, inside and out, future sister-in-law,” Turner wrote on Instagram alongside a shot of the engaged couple  Jonas proposed to Turner in October 2017 after the pair had been dating for a year  Turner opened up in April about how much she’s enjoying her time with her husband-to-be  “It’s lovely to be engaged,” the young actress told Marie Claire. “Not like I achieved anything, but I found my person like I’d find a house that I love and want to stay in forever ”  “There’s a sense of peace that comes with finding your person,” Turner added  She also shared that even though “there’s this misconception that being married is the greatest thing that’ll ever happen to you,” she thinks her career is a bigger deal “I’ve always found that my career is something I work for,” Turner said. “And when I achieve something, there’s a sense that this is the greatest thing I’ll do in my life ”