Should you make the first offer in negotiations? Salary Negotiation Techniques with examples

– Has this ever happened to you? That you finally nailed an offer. It’s time to talk about the salary, and the recruiter ask you “how much you’re getting paid right now?”, in your head you’re like
“no, I don’t wanna tell her” but the next question is: should I tell her the final
number that I’m looking for or should I wait until
she makes the offer? Your heart is pumping
really hard figure out what’s the best strategy. I been to this experience two days ago. I was offered a director of
product manager (position) at another fortune 500 companies. So, the head of product, made me an offer. Before I head out, he ask
this, the same question: “how much you getting paid right now?”, my first reaction was “you know what?” “it is illegal to ask a
salary in Massachusetts” and I told him so, of
course made a joke about it to not make it very awkward. Most importantly, should
I make the first offer, or should I wait until
he give me an offer? Do you know that research
show that 80% of people didn’t want to make the first offer? Because they believe that
first movers are the losers, because in these scenarios, the one who makes the first
offer will lose information and the one receiving the
offer to have more information so that you can negotiate and strategize and negotiate harder. Is it the truth? Research also shows that
there is another thing called ‘anchor effect’, lots
of people didn’t think about, what is anchor effect? Which means whoever makes a first offer are making the anchor effect. Let me give you give you an example, for this specific offer I just got, I ask for 50% higher
than my current salary, an offer he made was only 15%, so we eventually
negotiating and I got 40%, so how did work was that
I made the first offer, so I had the anchor effect about 50%, so no matter how much you negotiate, he need to negotiate around
the original number I had. On the other hand, if
I let him to go first, he go as a low ball offer at 15%. Do you think I have confidence that already go for 50%? I will probably negotiate
around where he is, he eventually change from 15% to 25%. You know the big difference
between 40% and 25%? That’s what called ‘anchoring effect’. I with you, I understand, as
a woman we always have lots of fear and the stress. Early in my career I had the same feeling. What if I ask the offers too high? They might take away the offer or what if they think
I’m there for the money if I ask for too much money? Or if they think I’m too aggressive? They wouldn’t have a
good relationship with me when I joined the team. I felt the same way earlier
when I started the career. What I also learned is that
the way to remove this fear is to do exceptional well research, for example: I did research to understand what’s the market rate of a
director of product management in a fortune 500 company, how much my current
manager in my old company is getting paid right now, so I have a very specific
number in my head. This is a fear number, but
to have the fair number, which is in this case, 40%
higher than my current salary, then I ask for another 10% higher to leave a margin in, so
that we can negotiate, eventually meet this final
number I’m looking for. Usually in this negotiation process, the way you achieve this confidence came from lots of daily practice and also gradually build
your confidence to get there. My name is Nancy Li, I had mission which to
help women to get more of what they want in life and in work. I’m going to teach a course in this case, a workshop in how women
to learn how to negotiate, specifically focus on the fear. How to address the fear behind it, so that you can achieve
your full potential in terms of negotiation in life and work. So if you are interested in
the new content I’m promoting, please describe below any
interest in my course, sign up down below so you
can get more information about the course and also more free tips. Thank you, have a good day. (upbeat music)

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Part One Is Mindset

hey guys today I’m going to talk about
affiliate marketing but I felt that it would be a disservice to just jump right
in to pushing a bunch of buttons and make it a bunch of affiliate marketing
dollars what I feel like in all of my experience and the people that I know
their experience is it takes mindset you have to get into the mindset to today’s
short video is going to be about the mindset needed to begin an affiliate
marketing campaign and we’re gonna get into that right now! before we continue be sure to download my ebook on my 7 step framework on how I launch knock out
products on Amazon it’s free and instant access just click on the link below in
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the latest in EECOM and like this video so other people get to see it okay so
today I start a series of videos on affiliate marketing now I could put
together a 5 hour long video of affiliate marketing and that would
probably bore you to death but what I’m gonna do instead is I’m going to break
this up into a series of segments so be sure and check out the video that I’m
going to create next which is going to be the beginners easy start guide but
again today’s video is all about the mindset you have to have mindset in the
right position to get started with affiliate mark and if you like these
tutorials that I give then please give this video a thumbs up so that other
people will have the opportunity to see this video so affiliate marketing has
both a horrible rep and a great rep at the same time and it’s a little bit
confusing but the reason is because all these gurus come online and tell you
crushed it I made five hundred and four thousand dollars this month with
affiliate marketing just do this isn’t this and it’s that easy and it’s not
that easy ninety-five percent 96 97 98 percent of
all people fail at affiliate marketing because there are a slew of roadblocks
we get hit with them every day I get hit with them every day
people that I know like Chris and Rodri they get hit with them every day you
have to overcome those roadblocks and get in the right mindset for success so
the biggest problem most people face is they look at all these other people
maybe doing a review or an unboxing or some sort of video to do their affiliate
marketing program and they think wow this person or this person or this
affiliate has all of these videos in all of these views whether it’s on Facebook
or YouTube or what-have-you the problem is you get down on that and
what you should do is you should look at that as inspiration yeah you’re starting
from zero right these people are starting from years ago and they have
400 videos and through I don’t know 300,000 likes or subscribers on YouTube
you’ve got to put in the time and do the work to get there so start today look I
know a lot of people and they come to me and ask questions about this sort of
thing this YouTube sort of thing and they say hey listen I look funny or I
sound funny I have an accent and I say to all of them those are all just
excuses just start this today right get on camera I know plenty of people from
India and China New Zealand Australia Europe whatever that feel like they have
funny accents but that unique trait about them is what propels them to
success just get on board and start talking about what you know that’s all
it takes let me know what you do to get in the right mindset to switch from your
home life and your daily job to get into your online business mentality
it takes a lot but write it down in the comments below and let us all know what
you do to get there another mindset issue that I hear a lot is oh I don’t
have all that fancy equipment I don’t have all that stuff that you have I got
one camera in front of me a couple of lighting elements in a microphone right
here above me it’s not expensive and it’s
not super fancy and if you need to wear a lapel pin to start out with get a
couple of floodlights right I should have a floodlight somewhere around here
but use a floodlight you don’t have to have anything fancy put your camera on a
little selfie stick deal on a tripod as you have success or see success in your
business pay for those little upgrades right upgrade to a Canon a TD or upgrade
to something even better than that and get awesome lights and a boom mic and
all the things that I have today but start somewhere and work your way up Oh
mark I don’t have the confidence to get in front of the camera and talk listen
this is a video number 28 for me on this YouTube channel I didn’t have the
confidence yeah get in front of some people and talk and I like to be out
there and be social but the minute I got in front of a camera to start talking to
you boy things got awkward but like I said just a short few videos later boom
it’s just second nature and you won’t get there unless you start it’s all
about mindset quit making up excuses and just start doing it you will never see
the success if you don’t just start doing it so do it today the other thing
that is most critical to your success in entrepreneurialship write or affiliate
marketing like the series is about its time management so you need to give
yourself an allotted amount of time every day if you’re really going to
start a business and make it a distraction-free zone right turn off
your cell phone give yourself an allotted amount of time set a timer
whatever it needs to be right be sure to shut the door so the kids don’t run in
there but give yourself a schedule a list of goals for the week and back into
a list of goals per day right you want to be learning new things and working on
today’s objective whatever it is I think ultimately as soon as you break
these obstacles the obstacles that mostly come from up here that’s when
you’re going to ultimately see success and I wish you the best of luck and stay
tuned for the rest of this series in the playlist on affiliate marketing for
beginners okay guys like always thanks for
watching this video and I hope that you’re able to use this
information and really put it to use for you like I said let me know how you get
in the right mindset for your online business also don’t forget to download
my ebook on how I launched knockout products on Amazon it is free and
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Aislelabs: Social WiFi to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

At last, there is a product that allows brick-and-mortar
stores to understand their customers as easily as an online store. Aislelabs Connect not only allows physical
venues to collect data about their shoppers but do it far more effectively than an online
retailer. Up until now, online stores have always held
the advantage, by obtaining an email address or a Facebook like whenever a customer makes
a purchase. Suddenly, through a customer’s social media
platforms, they have access to extensive demographic information. But at a mall, store, or restaurant you can’t
just walk up to customers and ask for their contact information. Aislelabs Connect provides an easy solution. Connect brings the raw power of online data-collecting
to real-world businesses. This new platform transforms your guest WiFi
into a formidable marketing tool that helps you convert casual visitors into loyal customers. Here’s how it works:
A store visitor connects to the guest WiFi using any social account such as Facebook,
Instagram, or Twitter. All social networks are supported. Alternatively, they can authenticate via a
form by providing their email. Their first login is also their last:
From that point on, they’re permanently signed into the venue’s guest WiFi. Not only does the connection work where they’ve
signed up, but also at every other location where you run Connect making it convenient
for your guests. You get more than just your visitor’s email
address when they sign in with their social accounts. You also acquire names and demographic information
like age, gender, interests and visitor behaviour. You’ll be able to understand who your customers
are and what their interests are. Connect allows you to hyper-target your customers
based on any criteria such as age, interest, or if they haven’t visited in awhile. Quickly create and run automated social campaigns
via Facebook audience network, Instagram and Google ad network as well as email campaigns. Also use Connect’s template builder to make
email campaigns fast. The platform evaluates the return on investment
by assessing store visits attributed to your campaigns. Connect lets you effortlessly create digital
surveys. Know exactly what your customers think about
your store or venue and devise informed strategies to improve and optimize
Connect’s enterprise-grade artificial intelligence and deep learning engine will grow your subscriber
base from thousands to millions of engaged customers — all through your current wireless
infrastructure and with no additional hardware costs. Connect’s enterprise-grade arti cial intelligence
and deep learning engine will grow your subscriber base from thousands to millions of engaged
customers — all through your current wireless infrastructure and with no additional hardware
costs. Aislelabs provides WiFi marketing solutions
for multinational shopping centers, international airports, the food and beverage industry,
hospitality, public venues, retail chains, and global brands. Get started with Aislelabs Connect right now. Sign-up today for a free account and learn
more about Aislelabs products.

Getting Paid to Cuddle with Strangers | Body of Work

-In most jobs, people are
really just using their brains, and in cuddle therapy,
I’m using my body. -Laughing is good. -I know. It is.
Yeah. -This is a service
for human beings. We are using our bodies
to hold other people’s bodies. Good night.
-Good night. -I’m Saskia Larsen, and I’m
a professional cuddler. ♪♪ I prepare my space for each
client so that we have, like,
enough room to cuddle, and then I take a big sheet,
and I cover the entire couch, and that’s it,
and then I hop on. Ta-da!
[ Laughs ] A professional cuddler
is someone who helps people who are touch deprived
by simply holding them, so if I help somebody feel
better and more connected, they might go home to their
family and be more connected. My clients range in age
and backgrounds. I have clients with
a Hasidic background who don’t get much touch
in their community. Unfortunately, most of
my female clients are sexual abuse victims, and I’ve had situations
where touch doesn’t happen at all during a cuddle session. They are just allowed to say
they don’t want touch. Then I have elderly clients
who live alone, maybe don’t have family around that aren’t getting
enough touch. Hey, come on in.
-Hi. How are you? -Good. How are you doing?
Want a hug? -Yeah.
-Okay. -Always.
-Mm. -Thank you.
-All right. -So I’m going to change?
-Yeah, go ahead and change, and I’ll see you in a minute. A few things that I do
to maintain the nonsexual or platonic nature
of the session is I always have
the sessions in my home. I don’t cuddle on a bed. For me, the bed carries
too much sexual energy, so I do cuddle sessions
on my couch. I don’t allow people to cuddle
with me in their street clothes ’cause I just think
that’s gross, and people have to wear
an appropriate cuddle outfit. How’s your day so far? -Oh, it’s really good now
that I’m here. -Yay.
-I really needed to come. -Yeah, good.
-Mm-hmm. -So when I interview
new clients on the phone, I talk to them
about arousal immediately, and that’s just because
sexuality and touch are so tangled,
so I just tell them, you know, if arousal happens for them,
don’t shame themselves. Thank your body for being
healthy, and don’t act on it, and my definition
of acting on it would be doing anything
that increases arousal or even doing anything
that maintains arousal. -Mm.
-I put so many, like, boundaries in there, it’s, like,
a safe place to function within, and at no point
does anybody think that this is going
to become sexual. -Oh.
It already is working. Can we lay down now?
-Sure. Do you want me to put my arm
under your neck? -I like it like this.
-Like that? Okay. Good.
I’m going to put my — We’ll do pretzel legs, okay?
-Mm-hmm. -Yay.
It’s good to see you. -Thank you.
-[ Giggles ] This is fun. Cuddle therapy, to me,
is a dream job. So we go…
This is all the states where we have Cuddlists. When I first found out that
I could do cuddling as a job and make money, I was like,
“Yes! Are you kidding me? $80 an hour to cuddle?” Basically there’s a profile
for each of the cuddlists on, and I think what makes
a good profile is just friendly, neutral
pictures of the cuddlist. For me, it was like walking
into a candy store because I’m just an
extremely affectionate person. -Mm. Thank you.
-You’re welcome. I think the reason that I get
some inner soul satisfaction from doing cuddle therapy is just because
it’s really helping people, and it’s so simple. I kind of wish prostitution
was legal and safe so that it could be more clear
and people looking for that could also not feel shame
and just go and have that, but people who are really
actually looking for platonic, nurturing touch
could find it more easily. -Now we’re gonna eye-gaze
and just look at each other. -This one is my favorite.
-[ Giggles ] -It gives me so much love.
-Yay. -The right eye is the right eye. -So I have two main sources
of income right now. One is massage therapy, and one is cuddle therapy,
and I — It’s about fifty-fifty
at this point. Massage therapy can be
physically exhausting, and I have to limit
the amount I can do. Cuddle therapy,
there’s almost no limit. I can do up to 7 hours a day
and feel fine. Yay. That’s nice. -[ Laughs ] -Ushy gushy.
-Ushy gushy? -I have a boyfriend,
and he’s awesome because he understands
what I do and why I do it so we don’t have to deal
with jealousy. When I’m doing cuddle therapy,
even though it’s — there’s a closeness there
and there’s an intimacy there, and I have love for my clients,
it’s not the same energy at all as me being held
by my boyfriend. When I first became
a cuddle therapist, I was kind of, like, shy
about talking about it, so I would actually
introduce it by saying, “You’re gonna think
this is weird.” Now I don’t do that at all.
Now I just say, “Oh, I — You know,
I’m a cuddle therapist,” and I continue the sentence
by saying, “I provide touch
for touch-deprived people,” and people are like,
“Oh, cool.” It’s amazing, like,
the difference in reaction, how I feel about it
and how people perceive it. There’s a paranoia
about touch in our society, and I think it would
so much better if people could get touch
without necessarily being villainized
for coming on to somebody. I think touch is important
because we’re human beings and it’s in our DNA
to need connection with other human beings, and without connection
to other human beings, we just don’t thrive. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

Upgrade Season | Yile, Morgan and Angelina work on their routines for 2020 | All Around Episode 6

We have started
our school classes. Today we have English. My education and my Olympic
dreams are important to me. Your handwriting is very nice. She writes very neatly. Everything is in
the same style. Do you know the Great Wall
is the only man-made structure that you can see
from outer space? I have to ride it like this,
with the cliffs on either side. We believe
that these cultural classes will help their sports careers and let them aim
higher in the future. They can fight on the field,
and study in the classroom. Winter training is about
improving your ability, adding difficulty, enhancing strength
and upgrading routines. I am aiming to improve
the difficulty of my routines, without losing quality. It’s serious because
everyone is trying to improve. Now is the time to think
about your routines, because next year it will be
too late to change anything. My body lost that physical form
for competition, so I need to get the momentum
going again. Gelya, you go to the tumble
in planche, you started right, the tumble starts
and shrank again, why? And why do you need
to curl up here? Stand like a nail. Shall we do the same again or do you want
to start from the top? From the top. Chen Yile! Why did you add sugar
to my tea? Sugar! It was too bitter. Chen Yile has made some
changes in all four routines. After more strength training she can now do
more difficult moves. Just because other gymnasts
are stronger than me it doesn’t mean
they are better. Everybody has their
strengths and weaknesses. There are days when an element
just doesn’t work. You’re making it
worse for yourself. If you keep your body straight, you would have continued
to tumble. It might be the state
of your body, your legs push you less, you don’t feel
the turns that well. I’m always keen
on learning new elements, but when it doesn’t work
it can really spoil my mood. Hips higher, hips. One, two. But overall, I am very keen
on learning something new. We invited
medical professionals from all over the country
to help Yile’s recovery. She has made some improvements but she suffers
from chronic muscle strains. I can’t use any force
on this arm. My whole left arm
is tired today. I complain that I’m tired. But the training must go on. For me gymnastics is about
overcoming yourself. My aim is to grow
and improve each day. I think there
are many challenges. But I hope I can do better
day by day. It’s starting to look
beautiful. It’s like a fairy tale. ‘Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! 2019 was a successful year,
right from the beginning. The fire inside me
started to grow. I matured a lot. My attitude to life
has changed. I feel more comfortable
in myself. Because of this,
everything has changed for me. I’d like to begin next year
really strongly. I know it will be tough because we are preparing
for the Olympics. So I want to enter the new year
with renewed energy and desire. And hit the ground running.

Find Work on a Superyacht with Flying Fish

– Hi, I’m Sam, 23 years old
and live on the Isle of Wight. I’d been working in the marina in Cowes for a couple of years, until
I found out about Superyacht through a friend of mine. I’ve always wanted to
travel and work outdoors, so I decided to get qualified
and start a new career. I contacted Flying Fish, based in Cowes, who offer STCW basic safety training, as well as specific deckhand
and stewardess courses. Whether you choose deck or interior, Flying Fish has everything
you need to get started. The support continues after
the course is finished. Flying Fish recruiting day
in Antibes offers a unique opportunity to find out more
about the superyacht industry. After a few days in France,
I found my dream job. I would recommend Flying
Fish to anybody looking to work on superyachts.

Scarlett Johansson’s Highest Movie Salaries

Starting as a child actor, Scarlett Johansson
already has almost 25 years of acting experience. With a lifelong commitment to the craft, it
stands to reason that she has made some hefty earnings over time. Even though the bulk of her income has come
later in her career, she’s already amassed a whopping 140 million dollars in net worth. Her humble beginnings performing in New York
has led her to a bank account that skyrockets in size each time she releases a new movie. Because she is in so much demand, she has
likely just scratched the surface of how much income she will ultimately bring home. Just because Johansson’s stardom has been
a crawl instead of a sprint, does not mean it hasn’t been a prosperous journey. Despite taking in solid paychecks for years,
she won the lottery, so to speak, when she became involved with Marvel Studios. Getting her foot in the door with one of the
most popular production companies on Earth would ultimately change her life, and how
much she demanded per picture. Johansson first popped up in Iron Man 2 as
Black Widow, but this set up of the character launched her into the stratosphere of multi-million
dollar price tags for her services. For the first Avengers movie, she comfortably
pulled in 6 million dollars, which at the time was the highest total she had ever gained
for a role. The movie’s massive success rewarded all of
its stars, with Johansson graduating to the 20 million dollar club for the sequel, Age
Of Ultron. Not only was this a turning point in her career,
it was also one in the industry as well. With less than ten percent of leading actresses
banking 20 million per film, she entered elite status among all actors. Scarlett Johansson hasn’t just been limited
to one franchise however. In 2017 she delved into science fiction, and
made 10 million dollars for Ghost In The Shell. Even though the movie was a miss with audiences
and critics, it did not hurt her bottom line whatsoever. Johansson’s standalone film of the popular
Black Widow is estimated to be her biggest haul to date. Even though she garnered 20 million dollars
from Avengers 2, Black Widow deposits another 15 million into her savings, and this is without
even factoring in the back end percentage that depends upon the movie’s box office. If Black Widow makes even a fraction of the
returns of the other Marvel movies in the series, she will easily surpass the 20 million
plateau, particularly if it finds a large audience overseas as well. Between performing on Broadway and appearing
in numerous films every year, Johansson’s net worth will continue to build at a healthy
rate. Even after the Avengers series closes out,
Black Widow is poised to become its own bankable spinoff. One thing is certain, any time Johansson lands
a leading role, an enormous check comes along with it. Because of this, she is one of the most requested
actresses in all of Hollywood.

16 of the Dumbest Content Marketing Mistakes We’re Still Making – Content Marketing Tips

– I admittedly still
make a lot of mistakes with content marketing
and you’re probably making the same ones as well. Hello my name’s David Spark and welcome to Content Marketing Tips. So let’s just get into it, 16 of the biggest content
marketing mistakes we’re still making and we should avoid. Number one, let’s just publish it and hope something eventually happen. You gotta measure your content. You gotta measure what you’re doing and then actually have a follow-up plan. People rarely do that. Shorter is always better, right? Ugh, I deal with this all the time. Clients are constantly saying, “Oh, you gonna make it
shorter, gotta make it shorter. “People have short attention spans.” People with short attention spans are never, ever going to
become your customers. Look, data shows it’s not true. Long-form content ranks
really, really high and converts really well. Number three content marketing mistake, my content takes off by itself. I don’t need to pay for promotion. Yes, there was a time that was true. Guess what, not true anymore. Everyone’s creating content,
there’s tons of it out there. You must pay for some
type of distribution. Number four, create it, publish it and then just forget about it. This is really common,
create a piece of content and then just move on to the next one. If you’ve been doing it
a lot, you probably have an amazing library so
index your existing content and search it before you
begin any new content project. Number five content marketing mistake is everyone will enjoy this
post that’s not for everyone. Okay, I know this logic
is gonna sound reverse but you will actually get more people to consume your content
if you narrow the focus of that piece of content because it’s going to
speak to the audience. That’s why it works so well. Number six, create targeted content off of incomplete direction. Sadly, this happens all the time. Client just wants to see something but they won’t tell you what they want. (sighs) If you go ahead and create it, no one’s gonna be happy. It’s your job as a journalist
to just keep plying them and asking questions as to what they want. Number seven, come on,
everybody, you’re all invited to collaborate on this Google document. Ugh, too many cooks in the
kitchen never works out well. One editor, you can have
tons of multiple ideas but just one editor, not
the other way around. Number eight, my audience
loves everything I do. Stop assuming you know your audience, even if you work in that market. You always have to verify the consumer, especially when you’re creating content that’s deeper into the funnel. Now, content marketing
mistake number nine, before we get into what you
want, a moment of my brilliance. You’re gonna think that
you have a great joke or a great story to tell and
you definitely wanna get it in. You gotta shoot the darlings, old industry term, it applies here. Number 10 content marketing mistake, I said no content without product. In traditional marketing, this is true. You can’t market without product but in content marketing, you can. And in fact, it’s
extraordinarily valuable. That kind of feedback will
give you the information you need for product development. You can do content
marketing to build brand and also just to gauge
the audience’s interest. Number 11, new idea, new
process, don’t repeat. This is really, really
common, one-off campaigns. Don’t do this yourself. Figure out what the whole
process is gonna be. Here’s a great idea, when
you’re writing the contract with the customer, ask
for the customer story up front in the contract
rather than after the fact because that takes
forever to get agreement and you might not get it. Number 12 this case study
will be epic in length. Yes, I was promoting
long form but guess what? Everything still needs to
be edited, even long form, and often, sometimes that
content can be explained in a much shorter format. Number 13, if you don’t
have time to review it, don’t sweat it. I don’t care how brilliant
the writer is of the article, everything needs to be edited. Number 14, email address
first before you see anything. Do not gatekeep top-of-the-funnel content. That is a recipe for no one will see it. Number 15, now that’s done, what should my next piece of content be? Similar to the one-off problem, you gotta have an editorial calendar. If you don’t, you waste cycles without it. And the last content marketing mistake is a single-edit round
will be surely enough. If you’re creating a big form of content, like a book, which is what I did, you can fall into the
horrible, horrible vortex of death by a thousand paper cuts. I published a book and
(chuckles) we kept finding tiny, tiny mistakes. Each time we found a new mistake, we had to republish the
book four different formats, in PDF, Kindle, iBook and print. Don’t fall into that trap. Do multiple-edit rounds for big content. It’s hard to not still make
these mistakes, here’s why. It’s easier not to do all these things. It’s easier to not have
to measure the success of your content efforts. It’s easier to just create
one piece of content than develop a whole editorial plan for all the pieces that
have to come after it. It’s easier to write what you want rather than what your audience wants, and it’s easier to eliminate
or do a minimal review process. Look, don’t do this to yourself. You can avoid all these
content marketing mistakes. If you’ve got them tips and advice, please leave it in the comments below and if you like this, please
tell your friends, subscribe. I really, really appreciate you watching Content Marketing Tips.

Locarno Shorts Weeks #04/23 · THE LAST POST OFFICE · Aung Rakhine

Radio Bangladesh. Two employees of that post office have gone missing again. There is no trace of them. The investigating officers are trying to solve this mystery. But they have not found a clue yet. According to the last news, the two new employees
have been working there without any interruption. Do you want to post a letter? Do you need an envelope? Did anyone win? The game is not over yet… I’m throwing the dice for a number, bur getting something else. Everyone is waiting for their number… Roaming around with an empty cage… Are you a bird hunter? What are you doing? Passing time… There is no time inside the cage. Then you can stay inside the cage. What’s the hurry? Today is the dark moon! Who wrote these letters? Everything happens according to the scripture… But I don’t know the name of the writer. Why is the cage empty? The birds died. So, what now… Who will pick up the letter? Do you wanna play… a game? Radio Bangladesh. Two new employees of the same post office
have mysteriously gone missing again. There is no trace as where they have gone. A new investigation committee has been formed again. But the committee could not solve this mystery either. According to the latest information…