Take That, Boss Baby! Scene – THE BOSS BABY: Back in Business (2019)

talk to me Oh am i interrupting nappy nap time calico wait you're a baby Corp Oh fancy goodness hey how did you I'll tell you a story of course I can babies love silly stories now I told you I was out raised back kittens well one day my mama kitten was climbing her favorite tree praying for his prance Oh No she's now she's dangling from a tree branch 10 feet off the ground oh now now mama was more embarrassed than anything it was fine until somebody boss baby decided to capture the most humiliating moment of my mama kittens life and turn into an amusing offense bouncer oh yes that was entirely boss baby's idea I remember pre-bedtime laughs baby courtesy of mine come on say it six well-placed kittens you know you two think it had no even better I want you out there helpless to stop it wait he can't get out there looks like he got grounded maximum security then I guess the baby's better form a posse and bust him out beat bossman right you're assigned to head the rescue team I know I'm the chief executive I don't do things I criticize the way others do things yeah allow me to tell you what I'm gonna do to you it's in you don't yeah my mind has changed and now my diaper needs to be we are back to work Templeton hello you beautiful baby car yes reporting for duty I bosses brother are they always this friendly I can't have my own brother ignorant to the art of business it's embarrassing I make sure the world loves babies more than puppies more than kittens what cats don't play by rules fate of the company's in your mashed potato hands don't blow it just kidding of course you will what's up this meeting is making me uncomfortable I'm gonna bag the tiger [Applause] this is my job on the line you made a choice to join a family we can fix this what if you broke stuffing blamed it on the cat just spoon star for Stacey in fairness sir the cat thought of it first you can't kill what you can't see time to go mommy is a dirty liar [Applause] [Applause]

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