Tech Tip 42 – Skype for Business: Whiteboard, Poll, and Q&A

Hi everybody. Welcome back to your Tech Tip of the Week. I’m Laura Simcik, the Marketing Manager for
Networks Unlimited. This week, I will be discussing more Skype
for Business tips, and this one is to show you how to get Polls, Q&A’s, or a Whiteboard
while you’re in the conversation and these are all very different. Obviously, a poll, you can set it up and ask
any questions you want, and people can pick their favorite option. The Q&A portion is where people can type in
questions and then once you answer it, as the administrator, everybody can see the question,
and the answer and the Whiteboard is really great because you can draw things out if you’re
having a tough time explaining it. So, let’s hop in, and I will show you how
to do it. First off, you’re going to open Skype for
Business, and you’re going to start a conversation. Once you are in the conversation, you’re going
to be in the meeting window and click the Present Content button (or Share Content Button)
down at the bottom. From there, you’ll click the More option,
and you’ll see the options for Whiteboard, Poll, and Q&A. So, just select whichever one you want and
follow those steps and that’s it. With that, you’ve just had your Tech Tip of
the Week. Have a great day.

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