(Autistic snapping) Hey guys, and welcome back to a new video! The previous video where I tested
out some new soda flavors, or some new Coca Cola products… That video did relatively well. And it was surprisingly fun to make it. I remember that as I was about to record it, I was like: “Is this where I’m at?” “Have I sunk this low?” “Do I really want to post this kind
of generic content on my channel?” But as I was recording and editing it, I was suddenly just like; “Hmm” … This is actually pretty fun. And I do like these kinds of products. And to test them out and give my opinions
on things in general. So, it just fits. This
seems to be right down my alley. A bit generic, but… It’s ok. And I’m definitely not copying a certain
somebody with this kind of content. Nope. nOpE. Anyways! I want this video to be a little bit shorter. I am going to test out a new Burn flavor today. It is called “Burn: Sour Twist” By the way, if you are watching
this video on Instagram TV Then… Hi to everybody who follows me on Instagram.
{H E Y} Or haven’t done that yet…
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haven’t followed me on Instagram already… Then do so 🙂 Because I’m uploading content
onto Instagram now as well. This’ll be my third Instagram TV video. 2/3 of my Instagram TV videos are just these fucking flavor testing videos. Ok, so that isn’t the only type of
content I’ll be posting on Instagram… But this is the kind of YouTube video that is
convenient to post on Instagram as well. And I’ve been wanting to expand my content by
uploading both on Instagram and YouTube… (Possibly even more platforms eventually.) I am moving onto other social media than just YouTube. YES. Anyways. I wanted to keep this video shorter. I don’t want to ramble too much
before actually tasting it and stuff. This is a new energy drink flavor. It has… I think… Yeah, it is out in the stores. It has very recently been released to stores. Ok. The smell… No, I can’t smell shit. I can try and pretend like I
smell more than I actually do… And try to… describe what I’m
‘smelling’, just to add more to the video. But seriously, I can barely smell anything at all. I’m just born like that, I can barely smell a thing. This one probably smells
SOMETHING, but I don’t know what. So, let’s move onto the taste itself. I don’t know, when it hit my tongue and slid down my throat… (Realizes what he just said…) That sure was a sentence. At first when I tasted it, it did taste pretty good. Surprisingly good. Refreshing… It was… You should definitely drink this
and probably everything else cold. It tasted good, it did. But the aftertaste… Boy, was that strong? And… I don’t think think that I liked it. It had a very strange aftertaste… A very indeterminable aftertaste. You will enjoy it when you take a sip of it. But you will regret it as soon as you have taken that sip. That’s all I can say.
{“A soul for a soul” Thanos meme} But… Hmm… I don’t know. It is delicious in a way, but at the same time not. Ahh, the fucking name makes sense now… “SOUR TWIST” It does taste delicious … but then it has a plot twist. A SOUR plot twist. That you will experience a weird, sour aftertaste. So, I guess it’s supposed to be that way? People who enjoy sour flavors will enjoy this. I usually prefer sweet flavors over sour flavors, but… Because it does taste kind
of sweet and fresh in a way. But then it gets sour right after. The aftertaste. As far as to what it actually tastes like, if you
would like me to explain that any further… I have tasted this before, whatever the taste is. But it’s like… I can’t seem to place it. Let’s read on the can here. So, that wasn’t very informative at all. This video is not sponsored either, by the way. (Even though it should’ve been.) Coca Cola… 😉 I don’t really know. I think I would rate this one… Hmm… I think… a 6/10. A pretty WEAK 6/10. Mhm. It was pretty mediocre. When it came to its taste. But then again, I feel like this is the kind
of thing where you either like it a lot, or not really at all. Those are the 2 options, I understand that. But I don’t know, 6/10. It was alright. It was alright. Briefly summarized: It was alright. But the design: Hmm… It actually
had a really cool design. Even though I FUCKING HATE the new Burn design. And by “the new design” I mean … Well, the new one is starting to get old now. But do you guys remember
when Burn cans looked like this? That! That was THE best. And Burn used to have… All of the cans used to have one of
those fucking… Not the things where you
open the can and it stays open forever. But one of those twist-to-open thingies. I can put in a picture of it if I find one. That was the stuff. That was the shit… I don’t have any idea what they were
thinking when they stopped adding those. As well as the fact that the new Burn design in itself… It just looks cheap and crusty, compared to the old one.
{Old –– New} The old design looked so fucking nice and smooth.
{Old –– New} And now it just looks fucking cheap. Honestly just… No. So, fuck the new design. But I can’t blame this one specifically for the new overall design. I liked the green flame a lot, it looks very smooth. I don’t know. The design was really cool. As it is supposed to be. “Less sugar”. Ok, so it’s less sugar, but it does
contain some sugar at least, and that is good. And it also contains both caffeine
and taurine, if anybody was wondering. I think that would be all. Thanks for watching, click Subscribe and join the
Winther Army today, if you haven’t done that already. I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. And if you are watching this on Instagram;
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in the next Instagram TV or YouTube video. [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]


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