The American “Work Ethic” Is Completely Stupid – The Jim Jefferies Show

Work is an integeral part
of the American identity. When you meet
someone at a party, the first question is always,
“What do you do?” I used to lie to people
when I was younger ’cause I didn’t want
people to know that
I was an amateur comedian, so I’d tell them that I was
a giraffe keeper at the zoo. Did you know that the
giraffe tongue is so strong, it can actually tear
the flesh off the human body? That’s why there’s
no lesbian giraffes. Also, they don’t make sensible
pants for four legs. So why is America
so focused on work, and does that focus on work…
work? Let’s find out in our segment “America,
You’re Doing It Wrong.” We’re not doing songs a–?
Okay. Uh, the country’s obsession
with hard work dates back to these Bible-thumping
buckle-headed [bleep] who invented the
Protestant work ethic. Why is it called a work ethic? Work isn’t inherently ethical. You can be a very hardworking
human trafficker, and no one’s going to say,
“Gotta hand it to Nikola. Up at the crack of dawn
every morning stuffing young women
into shipping containers. Ah, you think they’re
not gonna get in, but he always makes them fit. He has good ethics.” But hard work just for the sake
of working hard is stupid. You know we’re all dead
at the end of this, right? And it’s not like hard work
is quality work. Woman: Compared to other
highly industrialized nations, the United States has one of the
longest average workweeks. According to several studies,
increased work hours tend to have an adverse effect
on productivity. If you work less,
you’ll be more productive. I’ve been trying to tell that
to Comedy Central, but they say they don’t have
monthly shows. The 40-hour workweek
is making us less productive and it’s ruining
our personal lives. Woman: The average American
age 25 to 54 with at least one child spends nearly nine hours a day
engaged in work, less than 3 hours for leisure, and a pathetic 1.2
caring for others. Perhaps the most stunning part of our insanely intense
work culture is that this country
does not require companies to offer parental leave. Parental leave in the U.S.
is so bad, they’ve stopped doing
Lamaze classes and just started to teach women
how to not let contractions disrupt their presentation. “And as you can see,
we’re doing much better in the fo-OOURRTH quart– Ahh…ahh…ah.” Obviously, that’s a joke. In my experience,
childbirth is easy. [ Laughter ] America, you’re doing it wrong. It’s time to rethink
the way we work, because happy workers
are better workers. And companies around the world are experimenting
with a four-day workweek. At a New Zealand based
financial-services firm called Perpetual Guardian,
starting next month, they will be implementing
a permanent four-day workweek after a successful trial
this past spring. Stress levels during that time
were reduced by 7%. 78% of employees said that they could manage
their work-life balance better, And social-media surfing
dropped by 35%. Okay, okay, I support
a four-day workweek. But a financial-services firm
in New Zealand? How much work
do they really have? They only got about five dollars
in the entire country. It’s just like, “Oh, Kevin’s
got some money, bro.” “Oh, no. I’ve heard that
Dave’s also got some money.” “Oh, we should — we should
put all the pebbles together and put them
in a big heap, bro.” “Oh, I like that, bro. Uh, what is four pebbles
plus four pebbles?” “That would be six, bro. Six.” [ Laughter ] Pebbles are their currency
because they’re inbred. [ Laughter ] The way Americans overwork
themselves is ludicrous. Pretty much every other
industrialized country gives employees
four weeks vacation. Germany has one of
the most generous vacation policies in the world,
and they give up to eight weeks, and they’re the ones
who lost the war. [ Laughter ] Though I’m okay with that,
to be honest, you know? We should encourage
the Germans to stay relaxed. We’ve seen what happens
when they get a little uptight. [ Laughter ] You might say they got
a little bit too much done. I think America should implement
a four-day workweek, but you won’t because it goes
against the American idea that if you’re not
killing yourself at work, you’re doing something wrong. But I have
an alternative suggestion. Just add an extra day
to the end of the week. Then you can work
your precious 40 hours and still get
a three-day weekend. There’d still be
365 days in the year, but since the weeks are longer,
we’d need fewer months. Obviously we’re gonna keep
October and December, because they’ve got
the best holidays. We’ll just get rid of March. [Bleep] March!
Nobody likes March! The — The only good day in
March is St. Patrick’s Day. But here’s the best bit. When it’s an 8-day week,
we’ll make one day every week St. Patrick’s Day,
so you’ll always get it. [ Cheers and applause ] Also, I’m getting rid of
6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Instead, 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
will now take three hours. That way, you’ll always leave
a party just after midnight. Sure, it will [bleep] over
some shift workers, but you chose to become a nurse. So, there you have it.
Jim’s 8-day week. [ Cheers and applause ] Now that Beatles song
makes sense. “Yellow Submarine.”

100 Replies to “The American “Work Ethic” Is Completely Stupid – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. Just booked 10 days off in sept and begining of oct just to make it up to 8 weeks holiday this year but only 4 were paid i had to have the other 4 without pay

  2. So I've watched about 20 of his videos. All he does is make fun of, insult and tell Americans why we suck. Funny considering he came to this country because it offered more opportunities than his own country. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. A company I worked for in Texas fired an employee who had a deep gash in his head which required an ambulance ride, bunch of stitches, and a day off. They refused to pay for any of it and fired him. He'd hit his head of a pallet while cleaning up – bled a quart in minutes.

  4. Here's what America should do, get rid of the Corporations and all things corporate. Then, maybe we'll have a opportunity to reset everything.

  5. The United States is actually really productive, though, you fucking idiot.
    You don't have a right to not work for (x) time out of the year. It's not the role of government to reduce your stress levels, it's the role of you.
    Your job literally isn't even a job lmao it's not like you'd know what it is to be responsible for balancing your own hard work and personal time.

  6. The term "work ethic" is used by our over lords to enslave us. They tell us that by busting our nuts for a life time, we will be rewarded. They will be rewarded by using our labor and then pitch us off into a shit pile to die. They keep us running on the hamster wheel by keeping us "wanting" the crap they want to sell us. The answer is simple; stop buying their shit, do for yourself, grow a big garden, get off their stupid grid. It works! I work for myself, doing what I want, when I want. Corporate American, slowly insert that into your rectum and rotate it! 🙂

  7. My dad wasn’t home in the country for the first 7 years of my life. I wouldn’t ever consider ( and don’t have any) having kids if that’s a human life, I’ll take suicide way better.

  8. Fuck off, any change in the work week will only benefit the well off, so fuck that right now. I already hate those fuckers for getting holidays.
    I, along with many other Americans, have jobs where we never get a holiday off and work every weekend, unless it happens to fall on a scheduled day off, and need every fucking hour we can get to pay our bills.
    This complaint SCREAMS privilege.

  9. In corporate, so much time is wasted not working. I can see people being more productive in 32 hours. People would do less water cooler talk, internet browsing, procrastinating, and bs-ing

  10. Of course an Australian comedian takes something that's entirely about America and still finds a way to roast New Zealand about halfway through

  11. You forgot to mention how much some managers and bosses REALLY hate it when you get done with your work that shift and don't ask for more.

  12. Or you can work four 11 hour days, get 3 days off and still die inside like a good american, welcome to my life

  13. Minimum work-free time in germany is 20 workdays, equalling 4 5-day-workweeks of holiday time.
    Thats what employers have to do at a minimum, legally bound.
    Most people get some more, often as part of payment bargaining.
    One Job I had was 26 days, which meant if you combined it smartly with legal holidays you could get up to six weeks a year.
    Which is quite usual – older salaried employers with employment contract from the "good times" of german econmy may have as much as 36 days, coming out to more than eight weeks if managed smartly.

  14. It's called wage slavery…. And NOBODY ENJOYS IT. (Except the sociopaths making profit off of human tears)

  15. If i'm feeling at peace at work, it's ok the hours. But if there are assholes that is paid to make your life hell, fuck the job. Shit people makes a job worthless, not the hours.

  16. Rethink all you want. Nothing will change until we have the political revolution Bernie Sanders is bringing. Corporate greed and capitalist exploitation has created this. Wake up people. #Bernie2020

  17. The problem is that in the US we pay people for their time not for their production. If we pay people for production with no overtime pay required then those who want to work more can and others can work less. Realizing this is the tricky part.

  18. Ive always thought adults should have as much or almost as much vacation as kids. Yes im talking about summer and winter vacation. So yes Im talking about at least two months.

  19. 5 days work week and 9 h of work each day is fine, we do it the same way in Switzerland. the difference is we get 4 weeks of holidays, this gives you the possibility to recover from time to time

  20. Seriously?? You provide arguments from RT 1:51 (Russian propaganda channel designed to spread negative thoughts in western society)?

  21. spend $30,000 to legally earn your journeyman's license so you can be an apprentice electrician earning $15/hour in money the companies you work for wont pay you directly (you have to chase your money down while being worked like a rented mule) for 4 years until finally you can move up the ranks and earn a little bit more money… as an electrician, not a fucking burger flipper. an electrician who will work his ass off outside most of the time in the freezing ass cold, doing work that if done even slightly improperly could KILL HIM. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? FOR $15/HOUR? no thanks. id rather work a part time job at a shitty pizza parlor and make the same money

  22. Why worry about happy workers when you can work them to the bone and then just swap them out for a fresh drone once they've been used up? Most big corporations have "at will" employment, meaning you can be fired (or resign if you want, but usually fired) at any time for ZERO reason. Murica logic

  23. Well I used to like working hard then my employer started nicotine testing. Now I don’t have any passion or care about this communist shit hole at all.

  24. Try Japan – 10 days PTO per year including sick leave. I work 5 days a week, 10 hours a day and I'm considered 'lucky'. Some of my friends have sleeping bags under their desks at work for when they miss their last train home.

  25. Liberals love having foreign libs degrade their society overlooking the fact these foreigners strived to get here to do it 🤣

  26. Well, if you benefit from people's work and see them mostly as "human capital", of course you would want to propagate the idea that working your ass off is morally good and ethical and if you don't do it, you're lazy and a bad person. Better yet, you would pit employees against one another in a competitive manner so they basically exploit themselves on their own accord, without you having to get your hands dirty.

    Btw, hunter-gatherers (aka people living the original human lifestyle which we are mostly still biologically adapted to) work about 15 hours. A WEEK.

  27. higher wages less hours for the same pay … now thats winning the best line of this whole clip …. you do know you die at the end ..? right …. learn to enjoy life .. the harder you work .the more you buy .just makes the rich …. richer

  28. You included a clip by Abby Martin? That was a very pleasant surprise. Most American shows have labeled her an outcast because of her "Empire Files" project.

  29. You can work hard and not get anything done. Different between work hard vs work smart. Doesn't matter how happy you are. And to put a simple equation to how much time you spend and how productive is stupid, it's different from person to person. Not all people are made equal. Pure propaganda to create more "fake" job opportunity.

  30. “Work hard, play hard” is one of the stupidest American mantras. We don’t need to work hard, just more productively. And we don’t need to play hard, just more intermittently. It’s all about having a balance of work, family, & fun.

  31. The system is set up by and for the actual Capitalists in our society. In other words the 1%. The rest of us are worker consumers and we must feed the system. WTF with having to wait until you are 65 or 67 or even 70 to retire. What kind of quality of life will you have after all that? It's all bullshit and the 1% know it and the rest of us know it but at the present time we can't change it because the 1% won't allow it.

  32. Companies also take advantage of our love for things. For example, I love to design. They would say, “If you really love to design, why wouldn’t you want to stay late to design more?”

  33. It’s funny that when places test out shorter work weeks, they get higher productivity and morale but companies refuse to implement this. They do not want you to be happy, they want you to be tired and fueled by caffeine just to get by

  34. How’s that nations GDP, there auzzie?
    How bout your unemployment/social assist programs??? Yeah, so suck it!
    Hoe bout you go defend the power farmers that aren’t allowed to have the water bought up by the richer F’rs???
    Look it up n you might actually do something worth while with your time

  35. It's all part of the master con that is the "American Dream." Rich people have convinced the plebs of America that if they work hard enough for the rich they might one day join them. So don't upset the system to even the wealth imbalance because you will lose out when you get rich yourself. Instead blame people who aren't rich (including yourself) for not working hard enough. It is like convincing everybody to buy into a lottery scheme that will only pay out to the winner so long as 99% of the participants are kept poor as part of the process. Dream of being in the 1% even though you are almost guaranteed to be fucked over as a result, because you never know, you just might be a winner! And they fall for it hook, line and sinker.

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