33 Replies to “‘The Bachelor’: Does Kaitlyn Bristowe Know If Colton Underwood Is Engaged? | Access

  1. You don't trust virgins? That's because you probably haven't been a virgin since age 11. Seems like you've been making most of your dating decisions based on your vagina. Close your legs and open your mind to the classy decision of celibacy.

  2. Kaitlyn looks too "filled with fillers". My god, she's ruining her natural beauty. PEOPLE, this does not make you look younger or keep your youth.

  3. she looks so weird now….
    she used to look so much healthier with a bit more weight and natural (no plastic surgery)
    Shes such an amazing person.. i hope she stops doing these procedures on her face.. she looks even older with surgery vs. before

  4. Um no she didn't mean that at all . She feels horrible uu can tell how embarrassed she felt cz she is also friend s with Hanna h g right t!? Love Hannah g 💙❤️❤️

  5. I immediately thought the “shiny objects” hint was a reference to caelynns (shiny ) crown as a pageant queen!!
    Who’s with me on this?

  6. O gawd, kaitlyns bajillion procedures have aged her. Looks 40 and she’s only what 33??? White women though, they all age fast.

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