The Best Amazon Basics Deals of the Week Under $15

– They are the five best
Amazon Basics products. I have the deals, the unboxing, and a big giveaway comin’ right up. (cha-ching sound) (gentle music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. This is getting really difficult to hold. There are a lot of batteries in here and some great tech items. Welcome to my home. This is your home for savings. In the video description box right under me, you’re gonna find a bunch of links to my favorite
Amazon Basics products. If you guys don’t know,
Amazon Basics makes everything from pillows to diapers and dog beds. I’ve had a chance to
test a lot of the items and feature them, but I
thought it would be fun to make a top five list of products under 20 bucks that really get the job done, and the items are at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. At the end of the video, I’m gonna give away your pick of any Amazon Basics item that I featured today,
and I wanna show you the five items before
we get to the unboxing and the demonstrations,
and why they are so crucial if you’re a consumer looking to save. Of my five favorite Amazon Basics products under 20 bucks, let’s start
with the Bluetooth speaker where size is deceptive. You get this right out of the box, and I will tell you,
yes, it’s Amazon Basics. The packaging is basic. You’re not getting Apple-esque packaging, but you are saving a lot of money and they are packaged well. You get the Bluetooth speaker itself. The size is deceptive. I’m gonna give you an
audio test in a moment, and I will tell you,
it comes out of the box ready to rock, carries a charge, and comes with the cable. I wanna show you the water resistance on this two-sided speaker. Check with out. (pop music) Still working. Perfectly clear audio. It’s inside the speaker and you can still hear perfectly! This is insane. In the number four spot,
and also under 20 bucks, the iPhone cables. How many iPhone cables do
you go through or lose? And before you go pay Apple
their full ripoff price for their lightning connector, which does the exact same as this, and before you go to a dollar store and pick up some knockoff
that could potentially ruin your device, this
is certified to work with Apple products, hugely well-rated, you can pick your length and color, and you save a lot of
money in the process. And you can plug that iPhone cable into my favorite surge protector in the number three spot. One of the amazing things about this surge protector is that it only occupies one outlet so you can still plug something in underneath if you needed to. Now I wanna show you why I love this. Let’s start by quick charging
a fully-loaded iPhone ten. You wanna be really careful what you plug into this device itself. This is the Amazon Basics cable. As you can see, now charging perfectly. In the other available slot, I can plug in the Blue Prime phone,
charging perfectly, great. And with the surge protection, I could charge a Macbook Pro, I could charge whatever
device it is I want or you could power a television. This is surge protective and safe enough to use with a major appliance, and of course I have two
available slots left. This is an awesome grab under 20 bucks. And the number two spot, if you need HDMI cables,
this will work beautifully with an Apple TV or a great way to connect a FireTV to your 4K television or really anything where you
do have available HDMI slot in the back. We use these for monitors
within our studio and I will tell you what, you can go run out and
buy a monster HDMI cable at Best Buy or some other
store for full price. This gets the job done at a fraction of that cost. This worked just as well in our test as many other competing
cables on the market. The only one that beat this out was the Marseille mCable. It’s an HDMI system for 100 bucks and unless you’re a visual expert, you probably won’t notice the difference. Batteries in the number one spot. Amazon Basics batteries outperform in terms of all of my tests, or at least hold their own. Wow, this is great packaging. They hold their own against Duracell and Energizer for a fraction of the cost. You can get 100 double A batteries for what would regularly be 20 batteries from most other competing brands. Before you run out to a pharmacy to buy your batteries there
or some other dollar store, these are incredible. How long do they last? Well, they last just as
long as the top-performing batteries, but I rely
upon these for all of my television broadcasting when I work at YouTube or other shows. (off-air tone) (upbeat music) I’ve already been using this battery pack for four hours. It still has full power. This outperformed many other brands. I love the reliability, and they also make rechargeable batteries. Now, those are my favorite
Amazon Basics deals located right under this video screen under 20 bucks, but there are other items which I love that, for example, the Amazon plates. Yeah, they actually make plates, which have held up really
well in the dishwasher. I did an unboxing, a
demo of this a while ago with actually one of
my favorite contestants from Master Chef Junior, he joined me and he actually really liked the plates. The bedsheets, awesome. The diapers are great, I’m told. And even the pet beds
have even made appearances on this channel. There’s camera accessories. Oh, by the way, Bluetooth speaker. Still doing really well after that virtual
submersion, so it’s here. It’s my favorite list this week, and I’ll have many more lists to come. What else do you want me to test? It’d be awesome to know. Now for my favorite part of the video. I’m gonna give away any Amazon Basics item that you saw today that you want. If you are a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, using Tube Buddies random selection tool to
find that lucky person, congratulations goes to Kimberly C.! Go you, you’ve won, congratulations. And if you’ve just missed this giveaway and you wanna be notified of other huge deals as they drop, you wanna join in on the unboxings, and I really do appreciate you guys for watching, it means
a lot to have you here. The best way to get subscribed is to click on my head right here, that’ll subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
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demo’s right over here on that left. I also forgot what I was gonna say, but I gotta keep going. And that last big roundup
of deals I featured is right over here.

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  1. They look nice Matt, but I'm not an Apple Fan Boy. Thanks so much for informing us about AMAZON Basics. I had never heard of it.

  2. I've been getting the AA and AAA Batteries for a while. They are AWESOME! Before It's always use Duracel. These work so much better and are a killer price. Plus, if you do Prime Pantry, you can save EVEN MORE money. I mean, who doesn't need batteries every few months (3,6,9 set up what you want!) Great video!!!!

  3. Amazon Basics has some good items. Liking those batteries for a cheap price! Also those HDMI cables are cheap as well!

  4. Hey Matt, I've been catching up on some of the deals you 've showcased these last few weeks and I left a "LIKE" on those videos as well. I checked out the AMAZON Surge protected charger and the HDMI cables and they're still on sale at a great price, so thanks for the heads up on those. I was still looking for a good deal on a 17.3 inch laptop with three or four USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI out, 3.5mm Headphone jack, a blu-ray optical drive, backlit keyboard with at least 12gb RAM and a 2 TB HDD or SSD. I'm hoping maybe you could help me out with this. Great video as usual, Matt.

  5. Great review, thank you.  I shop Amazon all the time but for some reason I was not aware of AmazonBasics.

  6. I have been a Prime member for years and did not realize there was such a thing. I need the iPhone cable. Always losing those…

  7. Maestro, great rundown of Amazon Basic products on the cheap! I thought the wall outlet charger was especially awesome.
    Congratulations to the winner! 🙂
    I know someone who's gonna need some diapers pretty soon (wink, wink), besides some really old folks I know. 😀
    Have a good one, Chief!

  8. Thanks Matt, I've heard of Amazon basics, now I will definitely look into it. …also Congratulations to you and your family!

  9. Amazing Basic stuff is great. Ran into them 2 years ago, looking for cheap HDMI cables. Hope they keep making a broader range of items.

  10. Thanks, “Deal Guy”, for ‘enlightening’ me to the Amazon lightning cable. It works great, for a great price!

  11. Got HDMI cord and the speaker. It's perfect for getting ready in the morning since I spend the majority of my time in the bathroom. The sound is perfect and hangs perfectly on my shower curtain rod.

  12. Let me start by saying i never leave your videos without learning something new. Thank you Mr. Matt and i will surely recommend your videos

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