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  2. Dan what is opinion about the you tube videos that starting saying " dont forget to subscribe " at the beggining not at the end, not even before knowing what is the content of the video, ? For me i see that is annoying and stubid but many videos doing the same technique, and your videos is the opposite and i see this is good

  3. You can't multiply zero and bank followers or likes at the bank. Watch more Danflix, not Netflix. Dan's shoes look sooo comfy by the way.

  4. What about selling ideas.. If i have a brilliant ideas some of them not profitable or in other way its about management and system new generation of management and setting rules and systems how i can make a decsion of selling or achieve this idea and make money too from it

  5. Probably the point that confuses the most, surprisingly even experienced people! It's a big point in my book, that just cause you're getting reach doesn't mean those you're reaching care let alone convert! πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi Dan, I have read your F.U book, listen to your podcast and watch your YouTube. I honestly say I have learn a lot of you. I love Dan!

  7. @ 5:15 You can also add martial arts, self defence and life philosophies into what you can get out of Danflix. Me, I ran out of questions before even asking any. I never needed to. Cheers!

  8. This is true, Dan! When I started my affiliate marketing business, it was not that successful maybe because it was not the best product to promote with and maybe I promoted a product to a wrong audience. Hence, it is really important to know the brand that we’re promoting as well as the needs of the audience and with great motivation and dedication, we will surely be successful in this line of business.

  9. Why would I ask you any questions you already answered all my questions in your earlier videos. I watch you so your ideas get through my thick skull.

  10. Well said Dan,
    I'm an Ecommerce Manager and Instagram expert, and ALWAYS enjoy watching your videos.
    Perfect Buyer's Person and Buyer's Journey are now the secrets to successful online marketing today.
    Thanks for sharing your experience

  11. Good Dan Lok, agreed but what if your target is to just expand your company not sales than you only need likes not sales, for example ali baba buys daraz in Pakistan so I am trying to built 2nd big company, my focus is not sale, I spent all of my money to get likes because it shows the company strength or power so what you say? I am from Pakistan

  12. Hi Dan I have followed all Ur videos I'm 20 years old I'm having a training centre where we train school students and Post graduate engineer and medical school students we started this as an startup during our College time .we tried to approach in many colleages but we are not getting any results , with our free workshop classes we did improve but it was non profitable , students here lack knowledge we have the knowledge and ready to provide but v couldn't sell it is been going more like an social service not a profitable one how can I make it a profitable business, please help me in this oh I forgot to mention I'm in India , Tamilnadu

  13. Took some great notes here with good old fashion pen and paper and understand the power of a conversion mechanism.

  14. its about quality not the amount of traffic its who are they what do they want and when do they want it KNOWING the RIGHT customers is the main point

  15. I feel like something in you has changed lately, like your heart got cleaned or something, idk what it is but i feel you are no longer trying to sell us something!

  16. Hey Mr. LOK! im judy from Philippines. I just want to know what the difference between "ENTREPRENEUR AND A BUSINESSMAN? how you can define yourself that u are an ENTREPRENEUR

  17. Thank you Dan for this excellent Video…I have only been following you for a short time but I find everything video you make very motivational

  18. That's why gaming youtubers make more money than comedian youtubers, even if they have a smaller audience.
    The audience is very specific and easy to run ads on.

  19. Biggest takeaway: follow the right steps. 1.
    Determine Ideal customer & strategies on how to acquire them.

    Present value proposition to them in best possible form.

    Put in place, best possible conversion mechanism. (iterate and test until you have what works BEST if necessary )

    Drive traffic to your eCommerce website.

    Thanks Dan. I am learning.

  20. i am 21 now no passion , no skills but i have small business of my dad which can earn me decent middle class income what should i do with my life

  21. Hey Dan you are the man. I do have a GOOD question, what advice do you have for entrepreneurs who live or are doing business in third world countries? Happy new year!

  22. Hi Dan, can you please break down ideas on how independent digital marketers can reach their daily income goals? Especially when you're still on the way to developing your high income skill.

  23. Dan's doing something in this video that I sometimes do lol…

    People only look at the stuff that's in front of them, they don't go searching for shit.
    You make this website, this video, this app, this FAQ section, this whatever…ALL for the sake of giving as much information to your customers as possible so that they DON'T ask you questions that you've already answered. But you find out on a daily basis that it doesn't matter/work whatsoever lol…. people will still ask dumb questions, not because they're dumb, but because they're unobservant and want the quickest route to their answer.

  24. I love how you reiterate what I read in the books I've borrowed from our school library. Btw, I'm Kyla Cruz from the Philippines and I am a business and economics student. Thank you for adding humor to topics that could be boring when read in a book πŸ˜€

  25. Hello Mr Dan Lok. Thx every advice that you give to us. I'm starting online business as a part time. Call shopee. I always remember your word [ who ever can make it rain, controls the game]. And it work. Some the item in shopee. I'm the only one sell it. That's mean I conquer the market. All because of you Mr Dan Lok. A million thx from me to you sir. I'm not the best like you. But I'm must be like. Have a great day sir. Peace

  26. i started to drink honey tea, no more coffee.. for me that was the biggest because of that i can't continue to find what is the biggest.. thanks to you sifu..

  27. Your Audience Data is Everything! More you know about them the better then we can craft the Offer for them! (Don't Target Everyone because then You would Reach No One)

  28. Dan lok I’m 20 years former party head… ever then I watched your first video which was like 3 month MY LIFE HAS CHANGED! I got my first market job today!!!! Your my ROLE MODEL FOR LIFE

  29. Thanks DANFLIX!
    NEED A Series
    Make Money with your BRAIN
    Thanks fir you time
    Have the hardware and Drive.

    Very impatient and need directions

    Have the computer hardware

  30. Great video! Like it! We also publish videos about marketing! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! πŸ˜€ Don't forget to subscribe if you like it!!πŸ˜€


  31. i love the art of your speaking just great! πŸ˜€
    watching your videos for some time now and i learned so much from you over the last weeks.

    i watch everyday about 5-6 videos and they are very valued.

    Thank you Dan,
    Greetings from Germany

  32. Amazing as always. I knew this info before watching this video, but the information is presented in such a structured way, so it makes everything more organised in your brain

  33. Superb value SIFU. if your conversation mechanism does not work do not send more traffic. your conversation mechanism will work in direct proportion to how well do you know your audience.

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