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  1. man…stop blaming China…blame your stupid corrupt politician and government. US doesn't want fair trade they want to screw China.


  3. "Won't get above 4% again". That's all anyone needs to hear. I wonder if he knows that he's full of shit, or if he actually believes this nonsense.

  4. So, Trump boasted and boasted before a real win, very comfortable indeed. There is a Chinese saying, " The enemy really find it difficult to exert his attack strategy on one who is good at low-profile defense ". I doubted Trump is doing anything by the book, or simply bulldozing, or just boasting daily to show his seemingly tariff winning, or making noise enough to cover his worry, timidity and stupidity!
    Long journey test best the strength of a horse, let times prove who will laugh last, though all are losers in the long run!

  5. Did you know that China lost its status as world's second largest stock market during the trade war with the US? Japan's stock market is now worth $6.16 trillion leaving China behind with $6.09 trillion. After all, majority of Americans approve of Trump's handling of the economy, and that counts.

  6. Imposing high tariffs on Chinese steel, including all Chinese made steel products like nails, spoons, cookware and more.

  7. the American worker is winning.
    if the American workers wins, America wins.
    Buy and hire American……it is always a economic circle…
    My government is also taxenslaving the real workers in the real smaller businesses, throw the money around in socialisme, and where the repicients of this "free" money buy more and more the cheaper made in Asia?
    At least have the obligations (the decensie) to spend this taxrobbed money in the country itself, so they can continue paying taxes: buy national. Trump DID……incredible succes. Where goods from Asia got more expensive, mr. Trump cut taxes so they can efford it easy. Great strategie for the USA workers, a politician NEVER can make…..

  8. Chinese workers works very hard while the US enjoy the cheap products. That's why the US has low inflation over the last two decades!

  9. Trump cut big companies tax so they have money to boost the stock market. yet future Americans is doomed to handle a historical high national debt and government deficit. btw your trade deficit with China in the first half of 2018 is 187 billions. Well done tarrifs lmao.

  10. Investors in the U.S.A.that have invested in companies in China are starting to bring thair investments back home it's a safer investment just comensents

  11. Research 'Belt and road initiative' find how China is spreading its tentacles around the world. Trump is bending over backwards to help them.

  12. Donald Trump's GDP is a big Bernie Madoff balloon filed with debt and polluted air. That balloon is gonna burst soon, hurting not the riches because they will have taken there protections, blue colored John and Mary will be paying the prize.

  13. Hehe, Trump is creating a trouble, such as the dispute of trade with Europe, Canada, China, Mexico, by using nationalism, increase goods price, then make a deal with everybody, and Trump supporter really appreciate Trump more. Hehehe, like he puts a tax on everybody, then remove it, and everybody is very happy about its remove, nobody cares who add it.

  14. when you're running a $400 billion yearly trade deficit with China, who would be more hurt by tariffs? Obviously China and temporarily the U.S. consumer who relies on cheap products from China. American industry and American workers would benefit greatly by manufacturing coming back to America. Manufacturing is what created the middle class and for almost 20 years we've been at a net loss of manufacturing jobs as they've left for China and Mexico and as a result the middle class has shrunk and wages have stagnated. Obama went so far as to say these jobs are never coming back but he was wrong. They are coming back.

  15. So how come America owes China so much, and how come dotard gave the Chinese that phone contract after it was proved it was a threat to national security….oh yeah, so his daughter could get her trade agreement with China. Well that's alright then.

  16. This trade war is killing the small guys like me .Trump gives apple a pass but companies like mine who import from china are getting hit .This means we can’t control our prices and on goods we already sold months ago . trump should at least give us a warning and time to adjust. How would you like to wake up on July 6 and find out you just got hit with 25 % tariff on delivered goods on the July 7th.thank you for screwing the little guy .

  17. Our economy has been growing and doing good for eight years. Donny is screwing it up. He still thinks he is in the 80's dealing with NYC RE. Big difference and the DA is going to create a recession.

  18. So we have a federal DEBT of over 20 trillion? And we owe it to WHO? The Federal Reserve? The federal WHO? What military defense does the "Fed" have? We don't owe that unconstitutional "shithole" a dime… LOL!


  20. Oh yes, trump haters, cos you know that China will win more than me, a chinese don’t you.

    It’s time to wake up to the truth guys! Trump is a great president. Not only will he really make America great again, by limiting immigration for the good of its own people, he’s also helping billions of people who are living in oppression to maybe see a brighter future. Many of us in China now support trump due to his aggressive policies towards us. He’s destroying our currency and stock markets and finally giving our government a big wake up call, that China isn’t that powerful at all.

  21. Trump, we will not be afraid of your raising tariffs on Chinese goods. If you increase the tariff by 25%, our currency will depreciation of 25% to offset the effect. So don't think you will win!

  22. Putting sanctions on countries like russia ,Iran and North Korea and numerous others, and then starting trade wars with the rest , will only end badly for America ! Because all these countries will simply stop trading with America and tell them to stick their trade sanctions , embargoes and trade wars right up there arse ! And then start trading with each other and not them ,and then they would be fucked ! No trade , no money , means recession and misery for the American people !

  23. The US can always stop buying, consuming. Nobody put a gun to their heads to buy. So when you spend too much you blame others.

  24. Deb in China comparing to US Debs are penauts !!! even if import taxes on "us" Cars would be lower, who buys american cars ??

  25. Trump had different options as far as resolving the issues. No one is telling the US/ Trump to do nothing. It's his way of reacting to his trade issue concerns that is the problem.

  26. the economy was already at 1800s it has not gone up to 40% I wonder where Mr. Trump is getting his numbers from.  The economy was doing really good with Mr. Obama

  27. US companies make about 300 billion a year in the domestic Chinese market, and climbing rapidly. Chinese companies make almost nothing in the US market. Just wait until they retaliate on these US companies. GM would probably go bankrupt. Trump is an idiot.

  28. WeDontThink: To what end, a world war that will take us back to the stone age? We're at the decision point where we will have a peaceful planetary civilization, or no civilization. That's the real big picture. Try to think.

  29. america should expect alot of domestic problems from internationalists with his trade war … they will seep into our police ..with high end eubversion ……

  30. Don't be naive. Trump's team hidden agenda is to screw up China, tariff is just an excuse. China has come to US and proposed trade deficit reduction by 50%, and Trump seemed agree but change position and impose more tariff. That's why China does not want to negotiate with someone who keep switch positions. The hidden agenda is to screw China like US screw Japan in the 90's, preventing China become technology/economically/militarily power. Simple as that.

  31. Chinese money flowed to US starting in 2011 and helped US economic recovered. "Make in China'' helps more than 80% of US middle class and low income families. Without Chinese product, they can't live. This is the fact. If Chinese has no money to flow to US in 2011, US today might still fail to solve the US economic depression. This is the fact.

  32. If China good, US will also good. It is good to cooperate instead of against each other as US & China are the biggest countries in the world. Don't you agree?

  33. No one wins from this totally uncalled trade spat, just to show someones bigotry. Even if China doesn't retaliate, these tariffs will increase consumer expenses and slows sales which results lack of job growth.

  34. A simple math will show that US economy will contract (shrinking) if and when China decide to hit Trump where it hurts. 1. US products will be more expensive which will hurt exports out of US platform. 2. Big US multinational companies valuation will collapse when China tax their exports out of China thus cutting off their most profitable exports platform in the world.

  35. 贸易战持续了快半年了…作为一个中国人,我感觉对我…完美没有什么影….醒醒吧,中国目前最大的痛点是房地产,美国应该精准狙击中国房地产行业,尤其是几个房产巨头…只要遏制住中国房价,就遏制住了中国发展…加油哦~干死中国房地产商…支持特朗普的私人房地产业务多在中国发展。

  36. Its IN THE HOLY BIBLE the USA most get down to its knees for evil nation.


  37. Its sad to see all these Trump puppets get owned by Trump as Americans lose jobs. Chinese tariffs lead to 126 jobs lost at South Carolina TV plant

  38. Donald Trump is a three card man can't be trusted no one must trust the Americans their plans is to destroy countries who are not aligned with them for their greed

  39. All the TRUMPTARD states that voted for him like Wisconsin and South Carolina are closing their business because Chinamen are increasing their prices and they can't keep up. Liberal Power CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

  40. Of course China wont negotiate. There is nothing to negotiate. This is all surplus money for China. Its not like China needs the trade.

  41. US Retailers took advantage of China‘s low Labour costs….
    Tim Cook: an iPhone 100% made in the US would cost between 30,000 and 100,000 $
    Trump is ruining America and his voters think that’s great….

  42. Trump imposes tarriffs on goods, china buys from elsewhere which means america lost a big customer and tarriffs mean fuck all looool 😂👍🏽🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 well done trump u truly fucked up lool

  43. The tariffs are working. Wait another 1-2 years. China will be starving again.
    Make China Reclusive Again! MCRA!
    Go Trump MAGA!

  44. Thats not true. america is the most foreign owned country on earth. Much of the multinational that dominated america are foreign owned.

  45. U.S. FDI into China totaled $228 billion from 1990-2015, much higher than the $70 billion to $75 billion reported over the period based on U.S. and Chinese government data, according to a report published on Monday by Rhodium Group, an economic research consultancy specializing in Greater China and India.

    us investment in China varies between 75 billion to 228 billion.

    This statistic shows the direct investment position of the United States in China from 2000 to 2016, on a historical-cost basis. In 2016, the U.S. investments made in China were valued at approximately 92.48 billion U.S. dollars.

    Official us and Chinese figures put the figure at 92 billion.

    Official figures for Chinese investment in america is 1.1 trillion.

    Beijing is the largest foreign owner of US Treasuries, with holdings of $1.18tn, according to official data. China’s holdings have grown rapidly, rising from under $500bn at the end of 2007 to $1.16tn at the end of 2010, and have stayed close to those levels since.

    Chinese investment is the us is worth about 1.1 trillion. While american investment in China is anywhere between 90 billion to 200 billion. So america has a negative 800 billion investment position with China. And a negative 8 trillion investment position with the world.

    U.S. Net International Investment Position
    First Quarter 2018, Year 2017, and Annual Update

    First Quarter 2018

    The U.S. net international investment position decreased to -$7,888.1 billion (preliminary) at the end of the first quarter of 2018 from -$7,725.0 billion (revised) at the end of the fourth quarter of 2017, according to statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The $163.1 billion decrease reflected a $182.8 billion decrease in U.S. assets and a $19.7 billion decrease in U.S. liabilities (table 1).

  46. Liberals Panic soo much, it's no wonder the stockmarket is fucked over by China.. they let them hack and control it with bribes and blackmail.

  47. Trump is actively rerouting US trade from China to other nations hence limiting exposure to Chinese retaliation. It`s very smart indeed thus far its working

  48. The USA will never get a trade deal with China because Chinese morality will never allow them to loose face to Trumps bullying tactics.

  49. Compare the trade values for sure china is a producer and USA it’s a buyer If china lose also USA will lose They are the buggiest economies on earth. So if china lose 1% in Gdp the USA will lose double. Because the parity of growth. 6,5 gdp in china 3,5 gdp in USA. So by which way you measure the lost for USA will be double of the point lose by china by anyhow in any trade things ! So think about it !

  50. For those who are evil will be destroyed by US
    "We must take strong defensive actions to protect America's leadership in technology and innovation against the unprecedented threat posed by China's theft of our intellectual property, the forced transfer of American technology and its cyber attacks on our computer networks,"
    "These tariffs are essential to preventing further unfair transfers of American technology and intellectual property to red China,"

  51. The stock market is not a good index of how the economy is doing. Most people do not own stock. Look at the deficit, Interest rates. Levels of companies inventories and new construction. Experts agree we are headed to a major recession in 2019.

  52. lolzzz..dumb American didn't even realize they elected a brilliant businessman as there president. Chinese must be thinking oh sit American just came back to there senses.. 😛

  53. Is toad trump America dealing like Putin's russia? Toad trump causes a mess with his tariff wars with China. Republican senators give toad trump billions to suffering farmers who take a big hit on their farms then the senators like Gasslick & Testmoney collect from those billions to their own pocket panama farm pocket? What is toad trumps cut? A victory lap for the mess he created? Wise up folks. The toad digs into mud & the republicans water his hole.

  54. TRUMP IS A STUPID CUNT! As a retailer I buy from wholesalers who import from China. The goods I sell would cost 5 to 10 times more if they were made in the USA. Because of the increased cost, my sales have plummeted.

  55. "If I didn't do anything with Trade, just keep quiet, let them continue to take advantage of us, nobody said anything, I think stock market would have been up another 40-50% but eventually, you would have to pay the piper

    We are not gonna do that, we gonna do something that would make our country so much richer"
    Donald Trump
    The president with balls

  56. China has a huge advantage over the US when it comes to executing its business goals. That being that they dont really have to run everything through a gauntlet of politicians. They can make a goal and stick to it. The US runs ideas by so many people and then they are out of office in the next election before they can execute their long term ideas and its on to the next party with a 4 year deficit budget with plans to be green in the next term (which never seems to happen). How can a country run sustainably on short term self serving plans and budgets?

    China will keep buying US debt, they will keep the cost of business so tantalizing low that everyone will keep doing more business there regardless of tariffs, Other countries will scoop up the opportunities the US leaves behind, they are on track to be free of US oil with their ambitious energy transformation and trade deals else ware, they will keep growing economically and the US will never ever be able to keep up because the US economy is funded by multi trillion dollar deficits and any economical advantage is just something funded by debt. Its like a game of keeping up with the jonses. Look at it like this: you know those people that live large but can hardly afford their payments on the Lamborghini and then they talk bad about the guy living in the small house who shops at walmart but has millions in the bank (that walmart guy is china!!!). Well guess who goes into bankruptcy when times get bad? As trump himself said you eventually have to pay the piper. Its funny he then says China will pay the piper but we will do something else (as if the piper policy doesn't apply). How does he think he will escape the piper then? O right leave it to the next generation and future administrations.

    I hate to say it but Democracy has an unfortunate end here. I wouldn't want any other system but you have to admit it has too much fighting, indecision, backstabbing and plain old horse shit. "Lets have everything nice and hope that the future will pay for it". This is a collision coarse and nobody seems to want to see it. If the US cannot get its people to work together make a plan and stick to it where will this end?

  57. The Americans what to cut all trade with evil wicked director ship control government. China.the Chinese government steal everything from everyone

  58. The whole world is seeing the Chinese government evil director ship control government taking over Australia India south Korea European union Japan France and freedom from all

  59. Americans Australia indie Japan south Korea European union strand for freedom around the world for all. China stands for director ship control government

  60. Trump is just putting up a show to fool his own people. In order to reduce the trade deficit, his only choice is to cut import. Instead of slapping sales taxes on his people directly, he choses to slap import taxes on the companies that import the goods. That way, he doesn't have to tax his people directly which is highly unpopular to get himself elected or re-elected. America first? My ass!! The Americans end up paying more. LOL!

  61. Dumb trump is literally hurting the economy right now for no reason. Without the trade war all the uncertainty and volatility won't even be there

  62. We are paying for the tariff dummy , not China…I ordered containers of flooring material and their prices in china are the same like before Tarrifs but I had to pay 10% more to the customs here in America and I had to pass it to my customers…so basically our goods cost are 10% higher than what we used to pay and we, the Americans are the victim in your genius stupid policies…and gues local producers hete in America raised up their prices tooo… in fact one them sent you a letter asking you to go up on Tarrifs to 25%…

    I dont know and always wonder about the people who elected you , what kind horse shit they are smoking???

  63. Democrats Hate Trump
    We don't want to be more RICH… what about the poor? They don't WORK
    They don't contribute
    They Don't vote!!!!!!!!!!
    But….. They stand in Line for hours and hours. Bernie SAYS we MUST fight for THEM!!!!!!!!
    TRUMP 2020 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

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