The Inspiration behind Salary Finance

Two or three years ago now,
it just kind occurred to me that consumer finance is quite regressive,
so the less someone earns, the poorer value products they get.
And then I guess I saw it quite personally, so I have two children, we have a nanny,
and it just seemed really unfair that I could get a loan at 6%, whereas
she couldn’t get it for less than 40% or 50%. So, you know, we paid off her debts for her,
collected a small amount from her income each month, really saw the difference we had made for her, and I kind of felt really good about it,
and so we looked at… can we do this on a much bigger scale?
So I partnered with Dan Cobley, with Daniel Shakhani, with Blenheim Chalcot,
and we’ve gone from that one example to now helping thousands of people
across the country.

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