24 Replies to “The Leather Industry in 60 Seconds

  1. If these cows where for meat purposes they wouldve used breeds like a "belgische blauwe koe".
    Search for images, it basicly looks like an cow on steroids.
    I dont buy the "leather is byproduct" some are saying.

  2. how do they even live a life with so much blood on their fuckin hand…..i ain't being racist or atheist but the culture on this part needs to grow up……why do they have to kill a poor being to get rich? kinda retarded how these people act like its a normal daily job.

  3. We human beingz hv crossed all d limits..we r actually a shame to dis planet….
    Hw can one treat animals in such a horrific manner…..
    Creation f human beingz is d worst thing dat has happened to dis world…

  4. Simply not eating meat for religious reasons doesn't mean people have compassion towards animals. It is strange that the same people for whom cow meat is prohibited and a definite no no are indifferent towards using leather products….this is hypocrisy……DO THE RIGHT THING NOW, YOU CAN!!!!

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