The Office Is Leaving Netflix and FANS ARE PISSED! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– The Office is leaving
Netflix, and fans are pissed! Tuesday seemed like any other day. A little bit of Marvel
news, a few Star Wars rumors here and there, and then, out of the blue, news dropped in the
afternoon that smelled worse than the stain on Michael Scott’s carpet. – Oh god, yuck! Yuck, yuck, yuck!
– But, that’s right, it was announced this
week that The Office, the beloved workplace comedy is leaving its current
streaming home on Netflix in 2021, ditching the
media giant for NBC’s own upcoming digital media service. Reports are saying that NBC Universal acquired The Office for five years for the tidy little price
tag of $500 million, or $100 million a year. – $5,300 for a dummy?
– Wow. – And of course, it didn’t take long for fans to express
their righteous outrage. In fact, we might even have
some exclusive footage of this. – No! God! No, god, please no! No! No!
– Seriously though, social media was quickly
bombarded with fans’ reactions to the news, Netflix
itself tweeted a statement about the departure, saying, “We’re sad that NBC has decided “to take The Office back for
its own streaming platform, “but members can binge watch the show “to their hearts’ content
ad-free on Netflix “until January 2021.” So, a little shade thrown by Netflix here about the fact that there
are no ads on their platform, and that fans still have a couple of years to watch The Office to
their hearts’ content, minus the commercials. Now that didn’t stop
@pam_grace18 from replying with this classic Office
gif, which put into words the betrayal that fans were feelings. “Yeah, I have a lot of
questions, number one.” – How dare you?
– Next, @RaniqDesigns pulled a couple of iconic screenshots of Dwight Schrute to
express how they were coping with the upcoming loss. “When I heard that The Office
will be removed from Netflix.” “Will I get over it, hm. “No, but life goes on.” Even John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO, reacted to the news, tweeting, “No! “Starts re-watching entire series.” CNN jumped in on the fun
when they didn’t say it, but declared it with
their newsworthy tweet of Michael Scott’s timeless line. – I want people to be afraid
of how much they love me. – There were also some, shall
we say, snarky responses to the news, like Arkansas Fred, who tweeted, “Taking
The Office off Netflix “is erasure of people who put stuff “like Oxford comma enthusiast
in their Twitter bio.” And @ItsDanSheehan dropped
the truth bomb of them all by saying, “Netflix is
getting rid of The Office “for your own good, you
people have a problem.” Yes, we know, however, before the stress of The Office leaving your life causes you to go into a depression–
– Depression? Isn’t that just a fancy
word for feeling bummed out? – Remember, there’s always physical media. – Oh!
(group cheers) – Are we kidding, what, no. In all seriousness, Twitter
did have a few solutions to this problem, like
@TVMoJoe’s suggestion, “Don’t wanna pay an extra $10 a month “for The Office when it
leaves Netflix in 2021? “Pro Tip: You can buy the full series “for $70 on iTunes, or wait for a sale. “Earlier this month, it
was being sold for $25.” Now reportedly, The Office
has been the number one show streamed on Netflix,
accounting for seven percent of all views in 2018. On top of that, according
to NBC, it has been streamed for a total of 52 billion minutes. So with less than two years
to go until The Office closes its doors on the streaming service, does this mean the end of Netflix? Well, no! Not really. Despite what Twitter
would have you believe, reports of Netflix’s death
might be greatly exaggerated. While this loss is a blow,
they have saved themselves nearly half a billion dollars. This coupled with the fact
that they also still have an impressive slate of
original programming like Stranger Things, The
Haunting of Hill House, The Crown, as well as it’s upcoming series with Steve Carell and the
creator of the American Office, Greg Daniels’s Space Force. Honestly, look at HBO. A similar conversation
started around the end of Game of Thrones,
would people be ditching their HBO subscription
once the show ended, and so far, it seems HBO
is still doing its thing. Another question that lingers is will fans flock over to NBC’s streaming site where The Office will soon be housed? With the upcoming Disney+,
as well as Warner Media’s rumored service, and Apple TV+, and add to that Hulu, Amazon, DC Universe, CBS All Access, Netflix, the list goes on, the streaming pool is
becoming increasingly more and more oversaturated. Only time will tell to see if fans prove that The Office
was worth the price tag that NBC paid for it. But for now, as fans of The Office, we will admit this will
be hard on all of us. We were hoping it could go all day long, but ultimately, it will
always leave us satisfied. – That’s what she said (laughs)! – Michael, Michael!
(Michael laughs) – But what do you folks think? How many more times will
you re-watch The Office before it leaves Netflix? Will you hop over to
the NBC streaming site, or just buy The Office
digitally or on DVD/Blu-ray? And would you rather
watch Scott’s Tots again, or go to the DMV?
– What’s Scott’s Tots? (Stanley laughs) – Because we think they’re
equally painful, let’s discuss. Thanks for watching, be
sure to like, subscribe, and mash that little bell to get notified every time we drop a new
video or go live with a show. And if this isn’t enough
of The Office for you, check out our breakdown of the
biggest mystery of all time, the true identity of The
Office’s Scranton Strangler. Check it out on YouTube right now. (bright music)

100 Replies to “The Office Is Leaving Netflix and FANS ARE PISSED! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

  1. I thought everyone saw the entire series at least 3 times by now. Why else did they rent Netflix? Black Mirror doesn’t produce much content a year.

  2. "No! God! No! God! Please No! No! No! Noooooooooooooooooooo! " – my response. I luv Netflix, not other things.

  3. Dont see what the big deal is. Its not like its gonna be gone forever. You can watch it on NBC or you can always find it to stream for free online with site like Putlocker or TeaTV

  4. 10 years from now there will probably be over 100 streaming services and it will cost us over $2,000 a month just to see all the shows we want to watch. This shit could get worse than Cable packages real fast.

  5. Just buy the box set and own if forever before netflix spends 100m to keep it and raises the price again

  6. I've never seen an episode except the one about sexual harrasement because HR thought best to show it to us…it was funny though

  7. holy shit you had me panicking thinking it was next month or this month that it was coming off netflix, it's not till 2021 it's coming off, okay so what you're saying is buy complete series next year on dvd/blu ray. i just started watching it for the 4th time.

  8. This can't happen soon enough. The Office is 33% of all TV watched in my house and I can't wait for the flavor to change to anything else…hell even Fox News would be a welcomed change at this point.

  9. At some point, there’s no fucking difference between 1000 separate streaming services and 1000 separate TV channels. We’re just going backwards now, except now you have to pay for each channel.

  10. I’m leaving Netflix and switching to Amazon that way I can buy the show once never gotta worry about this again

  11. ah everyone making their own streaming service .. more annoying than everyone having their own sub. box.

  12. How was I ahead of the curve on this one? I knew it was leaving a month ago, I've been binging hard. And after it goes off Netflix I'll only be able to watch it for multiple hours on regular cable where it's probably running right now. Yep, Comedy Central.

  13. Be ready forcthe Disney fallout as well. Get yer physical copies.
    Dont pay subs and data fees to enjoy your faves.

  14. whats wrong with jessica always looking like one of those 10/10 girlfriends u see in the street but can never achieve?

  15. At least it's not Netflix taking it off, which is what I though at first. But this seems like a really really poor choice on NBC's part. I can almost guarantee that The office is one of if not the top show on netflix that people watch and brings in the most money. NBC is mad dumb if they think we are going to buy their shitty streaming site JUST for the office. There are already SO many free streaming sites such as Kodi (I know Kodi is a service not a streaming site), and by 2021, there will probably be even more free streaming sites. Not to mention Hulu which is almost as popular as netflix. NBC is going to lose a ton of money by doing this, as well as netflix unfortunately.

  16. Omg now NBC is starting there own streaming network! do these company’s really expect use to pay a monthly streaming cost for every fucking network out there. It’s bullshit, theres a Disney stream, nbc, Netflix, amazon,YouTube, hbo, Hulu….. and this list is going up and up making are lives more difficult and costly. Why can’t these guys just figure out a way so we have one main streaming service. Omg how amazing that would be to have any show or movie new or old right there on one service at ONE monthly fee. I would happily pay more, It would make life so much more easy and better for us all. But no they are all greedy fucks. It’s to bad life wasn’t like Star Trek where there is no money and we all strive to better are selfs and mankind. I bet there would be a cure for all cancers and we would have space travel and colony’s on other planets and we would be doing everything in are power to preserve are planet and no destroy it like a fucking virus.

  17. Oh, wow… people are only JUST learning the down-side to streaming?? Hello… but, streaming never guarantees you get to watch something FOREVER. You like something enough to want to watch it over and over again? You buy it!!

  18. Finally my sister watches this shit all the time and sleeps to it. When the last season is over she just restarts the shit, and won’t watch anything else. Now we can actually watch movies

  19. Well I don't know why everyone is surprised. It took them a few years, but all of the major networks finally figured out how to stream their content and still make ad money.

  20. We should all boycott their streaming service- I mean c'mon I can't afford 10 different streaming services jeez

  21. I have watched the office more than 55 times
    now its getting taken off netfix no god no god please no no no nooooooooooooo

  22. Netflix was convenient but I don't mind an extra step to get what I want and I'm certainly not paying more or subscribing to another streaming service. All they're doing is pushing me back to pirating. For example, I search for The Fifth Element, Netflix says not available and the next site I visit is PB. Now Netflix has to convince me why I should keep them at all with the constant price increases and content exodus, all the while I still enjoy the same programing, granted there is an extra step but I'd rather wait for a download to finish than to be bled dry with 7 different streaming subscriptions. I'd rather spend that money on a VPN service and have all that my heart desires, permanently. I cut the cable 10 years ago and if I cut the streaming cable it'll be extremely difficult to pull me back. You lose.

  23. Oh Execs, always taking the wrong lesson from success….

    Many surveys that came out in late 2000s suggested that piracy was rampant, not because people didn't wanna pay, but because the sites served as a one-stop shop for all media across all available channels/movie studios/music studios. Netflix was the legal answer to this wherein it consolidated TV and Movies from across studios and channels and peppered it with some OG content too. Now any idiot with half a parking lot is coming up with a streaming service…wrong…lesson…taken…

  24. The Office: leaves Netflix
    Literally everyone: *I am dead inside.

  25. dang i haven't streamed a comedy in years. its all dramas, crime drama, superhero drama, zombie drama etc.

  26. Its kind of funny in a way. People that are for video game streaming say its the greatest thing, but will realize it will probably happen also. This will happen more and more

  27. To NBC. Goodluck on obtaining subscribers as you flood ADS in your streams. ADS or not nobodys gonna pony up $$$$. NBC's better of (royalty) per stream with Netflix.

    – Truth

  28. No…to many other shows. Not enough time and don't want ANOTHER streaming service anyway. Their loss, not mine.

  29. I'm collecting DVDs for now on. Who the fuck is gonna sub to all of these streaming services. Plus I could watch it on NBC or Comedy Central.

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