The Right Man In The Right Moment? Putin Wants “Miracle Working” Technocrat For New Economic Policy

We are back to the main news of today. About an hour ago, the name of the man whom the president proposed to head the Russian government became known. The head of state submitted to the State Duma the candidacy of the current head of the Federal Tax Service, Mikhail Mishustin, who has been the head of the department for almost ten years and is known as the person who created the most effective modern tax system. More details on why did the choice fall on him by my colleague Pavel Zarubin. The best tax and levy system in the world is what international experts say about the Russian Federal Tax Service today. They noted the real breakthrough it has made in recent years. Here is what the tax service departments and the process of registering entrepreneurs look like – Sergey Brilyov interviewed Mikhail Mishustin Who will you be? An individual entrepreneur? OK. OK. State registration. There. First, we choose what we want. For example, submitting documents. – A passport is necessary. – I always carry my passport. I don’t go outside without it. And this is the tax services 20 years ago: the long wild lines that people occupied at four in the morning, rudeness and constant confusion in the documents. Such a mess only exacerbated the situation in a country where there have always been problems with tax collection. Mishustin is heading the tax service from 2010. What was then and now is the difference between heaven and earth. It was possible to achieve recognition of world-famous experts – here is a fragment of the presentation from the one of the international conferences: I assure you that the Tax Service of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and the Internal Revenue Service of the United States is not so user-friendly. The Financial Times: Inside the Federal Tax Service, everything is crammed with the latest technology. Mikhail Mishustin, the head of the tax service, is standing in front of a full-screen video screen and is preparing to demonstrate his capabilities. In just a couple of clicks, the Russian system will show prices across the country, and for any product or service. When the work system became clear, transparent and convenient, tax collection in Russia increased sharply, and this is extremely important in order for the country to work quietly and develop, it is important for the work of schools and hospitals so that pensions are paid on time. White-collar work has become even fashionable. Each cash register actually transmits data online to the tax service server, and we can get information at the cash registers at any time. What is this? I passed by this corner of Moscow for more than one time and didn’t realize what it is. Did you build it from nothing? No, before this was a military city. Do you feel like special forces? No… You are probably special forces in the financial state police. Not really. I think that we are still a calm and firm unit that is trying to solve everything peacefully. Only in 2019, thanks to the tax service, almost twenty trillion rubles (325 billion dollars) were collected in the Russian budget. The country continues to develop with this money. Now, Mikhail Mishustin, who has solved the seemingly unsolvable task of normalizing relations between society and the tax authorities, will be responsible for the development of the economy of the whole country. Mikhail Mishustin is 53 years old. In 1989, he graduated from the Moscow Machine Tool Institute and received the qualification of a systems engineer. In the early 2000s, he defended his Ph.D. and afterward doctoral dissertation. Since 1999, Mishustin served as the Deputy Minister of Russia for taxes and duties. He also headed the Federal Real Estate And Cadastre Agency. Since 2010, Mikhail Mishustin has led the Federal Tax Service.

92 Replies to “The Right Man In The Right Moment? Putin Wants “Miracle Working” Technocrat For New Economic Policy

  1. Good luck Russia, any decent person knows the USA are the real warmongers. Its a pleasure to see Russia come out of those bad communist years. Good luck.

  2. Главный по налогу России не нужен им нужен строитель который даст стране работу чтоб покушать

  3. Seems to me he is a great person, and will be an excellent leader. I am excited to see the near future of Russia.

  4. True Diplomatic Presidential Statesman, a leader who focuses on promoting Principles, truth, quality information, enlightening, motivating and empowerment to the Citizens. I love Motherland Russia and my brothers and sisters.

  5. Please Mr. Putin come to Mexico … We want to see the great ruler of the world … We need you Russia here in North Latin America !!! Y'all welcome here !

  6. So much respect for your people, I just hope my government in the U.K. gets of there arse and start improving diplomatic relations with Russia 🇷🇺 🇬🇧

  7. He seems to be a good candidate for presidency. But I would've personally prefer it if Shoïgu had become president of the Russian Federation. Anyways congrats to you, mister Mishustin.

  8. The guy seems good.But he won't be President because he's bald. In Russia there is a pattern when a bald ruler is replaced by a hairy one)))I'm not kidding:
    Nicholas II-hairy
    Putin Again
    Next -???)))

  9. The US method is the opposite: make the system as complicated as possible so the rich can always wiggle out of their full share. Meanwhile a self employed person like me has to give up almost half no matter how poor I may be!

  10. First Order to Putin, STOP stealing your people’s wealth. Second order to Putin, STOP stealing your people’s wealth…..and Third order, STOP murdering journalists who try to expose your grand theft.

  11. Putin is a fkn genius!
    He got the guy to resign on his own, hires a better man and gives a perfect job to the person he just fired! Machiavelli would be jealous!🥊

  12. Russia is in the grip of a paranoid Dictator and the world laughs 🤭……The whole system is going to collapse sooner than later….We would never allow this in INDIA 🇮🇳

  13. Holy Shyt Another Russian whose actually qualified for the post he's going to serve, how dare Putin do something so anti-democracy and against Western standard and norm….more sanctions are coming.

  14. Why would he need one? he's de facto the supreme leader of Russia regardless what governmental position he's in be it as the president, PM, or even as the ministry of agriculture

  15. Putin fires some of his partners in crime to deflect attention from his own massive theft of the Russian peoples wealth. Putin is just a liar, a very good liar I can see why he support Donald Trump and interfered in the US elections.

  16. I bet the Russian people have a different opinion then what you do. The taxman is loathed all through out history because tax is theft, now he will head government. ZOG

  17. its time for the administrator to issue a 99,9 Silver and Gold coin into the russian economy it will protect the interest of the citizens of the Russian federation against American imperial adventurism

  18. Theodore Roosevelt 26th president of the United States (1901-1909)

    “I see a great future for Russia. Although they will still have to endure harsh judgments and may even have to face severe tribulations; but this will happen and Russia will rise and become the bastion of Europe and perhaps the strongest empire in the world. ”

  19. Putin want a loyal tax man to prevent investigations into his corrupt, money stealing ass! Putin is a petty criminal and full on crack pot for trying to pull this amateurish move. He is trying to return Russia to full on single party rule and install himself as an un-opposed dictator for life. He is Assad and Hussain and the Ayatollah all in one. A total clown.

  20. President Putin has shown the Russian people and the intelligent people of the world that he has EXCELLENT judgment. Therefore, it’s highly likely that his selection in this case was eminently correct.

  21. А этот мудило британского разлива – бирюлёв, до сих пор доется от вести 24?

  22. I´m happy to follow coming steps, believe they will be efficient like the steps taken to create Russia from ashes to current stable economy with so many transformational developments :-)))) ! Now is tiime for future social developments – usually we can learn from past how it goes – so future looks exiting for Russian people :-))))
    But one thing I feel I must say about this quick government move just made: No bragging, no extra theather and flash lights needed, no effort to get extra points from public = just humble hard but calm work as usual = Russian leaderships style. Must give 100% respect 🙂 !

  23. If this was the "controlled west", there would be questions asked, and media hell.

    Why? He's another White, Middle-aged man, perfect for the job. Here, he would be replaced by a non-gender specific waster, or a treacherous female.

  24. Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Wednesday!! 👋👽I bring thin crust pizza to all you friendly Earthlings 🍕Don't mind me, just cruising by:::::::::::::::::🛸

  25. Sound common sense decision, that’s quite a significant achievement, so logic dictates the move, what more do you need.

  26. А сколько украдено ???
    Бабло (воровоные деньги)из квартир самосвалами вывозите.

  27. крэзи хаус :)) глобалисты воще ёбнулись :))) босх и Lorn курят в сторонке :)))

  28. у меня есть еще более адекватная заставка к ФНС

  29. It is easy to understand how it is that the Russian Constitution would be stronger if the President were not to be responsible for naming the Prime Minister, and the job of selecting the Prime Minister were to come from the ranks of the dominant party in the Duma. Basic separation of powers. I was actually surprised Putin made this announcement of Mr. Mishustin's nomination. Why so? After talking about the needed, obvious to many, Constitutional change to improve separation of powers, it seems a bit hypocritical for the President to nominate Mr. Mishustin, however competent Mr. Mishustin apparently is, rather than have the Duma nominate Mr. Mishustin. This is a comment on separation-of-powers implementation as opposed to big words, not a comment on the person for the job. I have seen Mr. Mishustin talk to a reporter only once. I have watched Mr. Putin, of course, for years, sometimes more carefully than others.

  30. May God Bless President Putin.
    Russia is always on his mind beyond personal considerations, unlike the criminals in power elsewhere!

  31. Putin violates human rights

  32. Мишустин кончил малый бизнес, поборы на каждом углу, бизнесом стало не выгодно заниматься…

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  34. the previous cabinet of ministers failed the president’s tasks in digital technology. therefore, a new person, an information technology specialist has been appointed. that's all.

  35. Russia’s poor and weak pathetic still using conscripts and outdated Cold War junk there government know Russia’s economy is failing so they jumped ship putins a cunt 🖕🇷🇺💩

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  37. Good decision for president Putin, Medivedev is liberal very dangerous for Russian united and country, I’m happy that they will change the law to admit only Russian residents about 25 years in the country to be president, that is very important, all those Russian travel or living studding, businesses man in western countries is dangerous for Russia 🇷🇺, they accept money to betray their own country

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