THE SCHOOL (The Office spoof) – ENG/PL subs

What do I like about the school? Lunch breaks. They’re so… relaxing! I like the fact that the rules are clear. Okay, the bell is for the tea- Here we go. I meet my friends and spend time with them. I like the school but sometimes I want to swap the roles. Stop running. Watch this! I like the exit doors. I like the discretion. Hey, did you bring it? I did, but shh! Hey guys, cheat sheets are here! No, those are not- Teacher speeches are cool! Thank you! You’re our hero! I’m not a hero. You know who’s a real hero? The Superman. That’s a real hero. He’s strong, good-looking and wise. That’s a REAL hero. Also Bono. We can always confide in our teacher. So Bartek stole my pencil and- I like my classmates’ attitude. Thank you all for being here. Let’s get started! Whoa, that’s a great attitude Szymon! Sorry, I was talking to these markers. There are a lot of interesting school competitions. That’s a great result, now Paweł! I don’t know but I think the knowledge is important. I really feel that the knowledge is important. I like Filip. Like in the Fortnite. You need to know where the drops are, what weapon should you choose and where your enemies go. I no longer like Filip. About the things I don’t like, well I don’t like when students become TOO involved… Okay, so who knows the answer? I don’t like misunderstandings. So that’s picture C. Great job, Julia! I don’t like boredom. Let’s change this! Can we sing a song about the school? HIGHWAY TO HELL! I’m on a… We have too much homework. Do this ONE sentence as your homework, ok? We should have more school trips. We want to go on a school trip again. Okay. To your left there is a fire extinguisher. Let’s go back. Lessons are too long. Okay, we have a lot to do for today. Okay. But after all… WE LIKE THE SCHOOL! Okay, you may begin.

16 Replies to “THE SCHOOL (The Office spoof) – ENG/PL subs

  1. Nadal subskrubencji nie dowiedzieli się, dlaczego BOA. Bohater Ostatniej Akcji. Jednak dlaczego? Mówiliśmy, że kiedyś powiedziecie. Nigdy do tego nie doszło.

  2. No fajnie, fajnie ale ja dalej czekam az wrzucie stare filmiki 🙁 uwielbialam je i wiele gagow pamietam do dzis, byliscie swietni Panowie

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