The social media app that’s not safe for work

Does your boss bug you on WhatsApp? For new assignments? asking about deadlines? Do you bug him? for seeking leaves and approvals? Now no more. Companies like Hero cycles, Amway India, Dunkin Donuts, Dominoes, RPG group and many others are discouraging the use of WhatsApp for official purposes. Here’s why… Companies have no control or backup of the WhatsApp chats unlike e-mail. When the employee leave, companies discontinue the official e-mail. With WhatsApp, everything is on the employees mobile phone. Also, WhatsApp is not an official mode of communication Because the official conversation is likely to stray towards the non-official coversations like gossip. Incase you lose your phone, sensitive information on WhatsApp is at the risk of being misused Still talking to your boss on WhatsApp? Share this video, and let us know.

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