The Truth About Yu-Gi-Oh Banlists…

look I'm sicker now you don't tell me who they are but we don't have to get full look Maddy no snitch breath you know what you look thirsty here have a drink water presentiment man fuck their water no it's all my lawyer breath I am the law here now I'm gonna give you one more chance I can't do it man I know sits with my homies I'll make you a deal you give me the names you and your girl get to go free oh my baby so what we got we got a deal do it man but happening so long since I've seen them look good to them I mean look high bravest Omaha fairytale snow raghu gum block men in here so it's hard you know it's all obviously I seen that newsmen reunited and it feels so good

49 Replies to “The Truth About Yu-Gi-Oh Banlists…

  1. I was literally crying at the beginning when he said
    “Have some water”
    “Aww thank you”

  2. Trell, my ngga, I thought you were supposed to be a thug? Snitch ass hahaha. Talking to the Feds

  3. Hey you guys always makes my day every time you upload a video.

    Ps. Thanks for the relinquished deck build

  4. Does someone know if u can use emerging emergency rescute rescue with winged beast and beast-warrior? Cause it says beast monsters and not the specific beast type

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