This Life, Next Life (A Documentary by Dr. Keith Parsons~Life After Death)

every religion on Earth believes in an afterlife a spirit world and television takes religion seriously But for the rest of its output the spirit life is really regarded as well so much bunk and fit only for [entertainment], so [we] get spooky movies with scary music mental mediums entertaining large audiences by contacting the Dead and illusionists who try to assure us that there’s no such thing as pSychic phenomena as demonstrated by their clever tricks and When the paranormal is taken seriously well, it’s the skeptics who win the day Materialism is all But you know there is [another] side to this story Little-known evidence that our consciousness really does survive the death of our bodies This is the grave where my mother and father of there is The question is when they were put in the ground was that the end of them or has some element of them still lived on when my mother was still alive [I] went to see a medium and the medium said I’ve got two people here in spirits One is a man and she gave my father’s name and the other is a woman and she gave my sister’s name She then gave me some messages, and I was really pretty impressed But was it telepathy was she simply reading my mind Or were the spirits of my family members there in the room with us? Well since then I’ve done a lot [of] research and you [know] ever since the 19th century There’s been empirical evidence accumulating that we do indeed survive death I know not everybody agrees [with] this take the atheist Richard Dawkins He says that thinking that anyone lives on after death is simply dangerous nonsense Well, he can’t have done the same reading as I have or maybe he’s not open to persuasion on this issue Look at the world around you. I mean the ecosystem of the Earth is absolutely amazing is it a mere pointless Fluke and Human beings their intellect their creativity is really remarkable at times Surely, they’re not just meaningless accidents In the 1870s sir William Crookes was one eminent scientists to conduct controlled experiments in the paranormal and these convinced him that we survived death where sir William Crookes of course was the eminent Victorian scientists who was knighted by Queen Victoria for his Researches and science, but he became interested in psyChic [research] and he investigated a number of very prominent mediums and came to the conclusion that they were displaying genuine paranormal phenomena, and so quite bravely I think he wrote it up It was published and then the heavens fell in him all the respectable Science has said that he had no business being taken in by these Charlatans despite this criticism interest in spiritualism was running high at the end of the 19th century and in 1882 Cambridge professor Henry, sidgwick became the first president of Britain’s Society for pSychical research the [Espy] are two of his Chief associates were Edmund Gurney and Frederik meijer [a] Poet and classics fellow Myers was a very learned man and this Trio with the help of friends Researched hauntings apparitions and deathbed visions and Myers became the author of a book entitled human Personality and [it’s] survival of bodily death Published over a century ago. It’s still in print today but their greatest contribution came after Myers died in 1901 Yes after he died He started sending evidence of his own survival through the automatic writings of mediums in India the United States and britain These people lived thousands of miles apart. They didn’t know each other and they couldn’t collude they were told to sent their scripts to London Now this process lasted 30 years and the Spr now holds [12,000] pages of Writings known as the cross correspondences Individually the scripts don’t mean a lot that [when] you work out the puzzle join them together you find that. They do make sense as Myers himself said and I quote his own words record the bits and when fitted they will make the whole I Will give the words between you neither Alone can read But together they will give the clue The cross Correspondences were complicated Jigsaw puzzles with classical references. Let me give an example on January the 17th 1904 the sister of Red Yard Kipling [a] lady called Mrs.. Alice fleming a medium Received an automatic writing a message purportedly coming from the dead Frederik meijer Now being the wife of an Indian army officer Dabbling in the occult was not really approved of so Mrs.. Fleming used the pSeudonym, Mrs., Holland Myers told Mrs Holland to send to the Spr in London the biblical reference 1 Corinthians 16 verse 12 He told the Spr in his message that he tried to get Mrs. Holland to write this verse out in Greek, but that he couldn’t control her hand well enough to form Greek characters On the same day thousands of miles away in England another medium Mrs. Margaret Farrell did receive the verse and she wrote it down, and this is what it said? what she stand fast in the faith quit you like men be strong and Here is that inscription that Frederik meijer used to walk under every day while he was here at Cambridge University? on another occasion Mya’s Gave to the medium Mrs. piper [in] Boston Massachusetts [a] list of 40 references to the Mythical River Leaf in Ovid’s Poem Metamorphosis The River Leaf is the river of forgetfulness in hades, but Mr… Piper was not sufficiently educated to [know] that 10 months later Mrs.. Willet in England was sent a list of 40 references to the River Lethe from Virgil’s aeneid Were when challenged why had he given two lists to two separate mediums? Maya’s Reply was that he wanted to prove that this was not a case of telepathy That he myers on the other side had selected the references My final example across correspondence again Involves, Mrs.. Holland in India She received in automatic writing a message from the dead Poet [wrote] [in] nowell who in fact was unknown to her The message said to ask aw. What the date may the 26th? 1894 meant to him, and if he didn’t know he was to consult, [Nora] Well, Mrs.. Holland made nothing of this so she sent the message to the Spr in London and There they worked out that aw was doctor aw [verrill] and Nora was Dr. Eleanor Sidgwick and the Date Given by Rhoda Noah was the date of his own death none of these cases could have happened if the destruction of the Brain was the destruction of the personality It was only reasonable to suppose that they were doing this on the other side To show that they were actually still in existence [still] had their memories still had their intelligence Survival is now a sufficiently well-established fact to be beyond denial by any reasonable person that was the conclusion of Colin Brooke Smith after a lengthy in-depth study of the cross correspondences and He felt that the society for pSychical research should make an announcement of this Momentous scientific breakthrough which he felt was of prime importance to mankind But the Spr has its own share of skeptics and it failed to make the announcement Indeed skeptics are a major issue in the denial of survival after death even if you accept that the phenomena are Supernatural if you like paranormal if you like, then there are still other explanations such as well Maybe the mediums were getting the information from the minds of living people rather than from the mind of deceased people This is called the super Esp theory that there are always possibilities of getting the stuff from living people [or] from the physical world, but in the end of course that explanation Even less credible than the suggestion of survival itself because you have to suggest that the medium can rummage through the minds of people Both present and those who are not present rummage through the environment to get information about people who she has never met and about people with whom she has no emotional contact at all so that you have to look at the balance of probabilities and the balance of Probabilities, I would say are overwhelming in favor of survival, [I] think one of the questions we’re most frequently asked is why the scientific community does not accept the reality of psychic phenomena in spite of the strength of the Evidence And [there] [are] various [answers] to that very very briefly of course Many scientists are not interested in this they’re interested in their own area of work. This lies way outside Their expertise and their interest and they don’t follow it up. They don’t read the evidence Then there is a feeling amongst a lot of scientists that if these things are true [then] it calls into question the whole of our Material understanding of science and of the world again the answer to [that] is no It doesn’t it just lies outside a lot of our understanding of material world, then there is a very strong argument I think in favor of the fact that many scientists just do not want these things to be [true] you [can] actually talk to them on their own and many people will express an interest maybe even express a Belief in the field, but they can’t do publicly because they feel that it would Actually threaten their reputations would threaten their careers and so on this book is by Australian, lawyer victor [Samet] Skeptics denying the strength of his evidence for survival bother him a great deal So he’s offered a million dollars for anyone who can prove that it’s not valid My challenge to these skeptics close my the skeptics [I] said what’s your authority for this give me your objective authority that there is nothing You know I? presented the Evidence now the onus shifts onto the closed-Minded skeptic To show where when how and why the evidence cannot be admitted? Alfred Russel Wallace the naturalist and the co originator of the theory of natural selection Concluded that there is a spiritual origin for man’s higher mental faculties So Oliver Lodge the physicist invented the loudspeaker, and he transmitted radio signals a year before Marconi the Principal of Birmingham University His investigations left him in no doubt that [we] survived our own demise Thomas Alva Edison creator of the light bulb and the phonograph Worked on a machine to allow Direct communication with the Dead and so did John Logie baird the inventor of television in 1925 and color television and video recording as early as 1928 so if leading scientists say there’s another dimension after death shouldn’t we take it seriously – I’m not talking simple religious Faith here I’m talking about the empirical evidence and we’re really talking about the physics of reality Now there’s plenty more evidence apart from the cross Correspondences to suggest that we survive our bodily death And I’m going to come to that evidence right now between 1914 and 1918 over [nine] million Soldiers died in the [great] [war] against this backdrop of wholesale slaughter a single life may seem insignificant But not to their families and these soldiers are remembered at war Memorials across the globe this is Nottingham High school for boys and Behind me you can see their war memorial. It lists the names of over 200 students who died in the first world [war] Two of them were brothers Eric and Tom whitlock and it’s Tom who concerns us here He died in action on the 24th of August 1916 he was only 20 years old 34 years later He communicated at a seance in cambridgeshire in July and then again in December 1950 and then again in 1952 Now nobody attending these seances knew anything about Tom. Which is why he’s known as a drop-in communicator but he gave several details about himself and These were subsequently verified by research It was found that documentary evidence was spread across several sources, so it’s very unlikely That’s fraud or telepathy or even super Esp can explain this phenomenon He gave his name He said he was in the Scottish Battalion of the northumberland fusiliers He gave his rank as second lieutenant He gave the date he died in action as the 24th of August 1916 He said he lived in Nottingham, and he said his mother was on the other side with him This is a picture of Tom from the school archive This really does suggest that Tom Whitlock was a spirit communicating from the other side the official list of officer fatalities showed that Whitlock was indeed a second leftenant in the Northumberland fusiliers [so] the information he gave was correct and [just] the same with his death certificate this shows the date of death that he claimed it to be and As you can see his name appears on the roll of [honor] at his old school There’s far more detail in this case And I’m just [going] out to skip it but for many people this provides excellent proof of life after death It’s stronger because the Saiyans members had never heard of him before in years gone by when it was necessary to protect the interests of the family the names in this case were changed and It was known in the literature as the harry Stockbridge case This is the pretty village of skull deep in the English countryside [in] Norfolk. It was here in 1993 that a series of seances took place that many people argue provide definitive proof of life after death Behind me is Street Farmhouse where the home circle sat twice a week for five years the mediums were diana and alan Bennett and Sandra and Robin foy This book summarizes [what] happened at scull under the observation [of] three investigators from the society for pSyChical research? professor David Fontana was one of that Trio There were materializations there were lights there were voices we were touched by so-called spirit hands. We were able to Actually, shake hands with so-called disembodied spirits we had information coming through the mediums about facts that [they] would not normally have known because these related to the history of Spr and so on so when you put the whole [lot] together It’s rather like a bundle of sticks you might break one stick But if you put a bundle together it becomes harder and harder to break it in other words It’s harder and harder to explain that full range of phenomena we [experienced] we had a ports Which were little little gifts brought by spirit people for us there were over 80 of those over the period of the experiment We had psychic photography? Which ran on after the still photography [and] into video? Photographs where spirit people were able to put their image on on the photograph itself We had spirit lights which eventually were used for healing effective healing as they [entered] [a] patient’s body we had materialization spirit people and Overall there were so many different things engineers and Mathematicians criminologists and psychologists astrophysicists from Nasa and even a stage magician witnessed these physical manifestations Either in the Village of skull or when the group Went abroad to demonstrate their work? That was it fraudulent. Well there was absolutely no way that fraud could have occurred because [I] was a witness to this over five years as was my wife and we saw over a thousand hours of physical phenomena during that period The fact that we weren’t searched personally Was basically because the the [researchers] never actually asked us [to] be searched. We would have complied with that without any problem but also They did have the opportunity and used it to search both the seance room before and after each sitting they attended All that I can say is that particularly the case of skull But in other cases that I’ve investigated Not only have I no doubts as to the honesty of the people who were involved in the case but also you can set up sufficient controls to Virtually eliminate the possibility of fraud you can also suggest That magicians can jurors call them what you like could be given all the opportunities to duplicate the phenomena under the same circumstances in which we saw them and see if you get any takers [in] fact in our experience no although we’ve invited Conjurer’s to come along try the same thing. We’ll give them every health but we haven’t found a single taker The supervision by scientists ensured that the phenomena were [of] great scientific interest Take a look at this is this a photograph from the afterlife from another dimension These photos and many more like [them] were produced without a camera Spirit scientists on the other side allegedly imprinted them onto film supplied by the Spr This remains sealed in its factory wrapping during the seance and kept inside a padlocked box The Investigators developed many of the films themselves So the mediums could not cheat but critics of skull have found fault with the padlock box design and compare these this picture came from a skull seance while this similar photo comes from film Manipulated by skeptics using ordinary methods to suggest there was fraud but that hardly accounts for this picture of otherworldly pyramids or this one scrawled with can you see behind the moon or These shots taken from skull video One shows a man’s head floating in a bubble Possibly in another dimension [and] this other one looks remarkably like the face of an alien Then there’s a single [photograph] over a [meter] long It’s reminiscent of the cross Correspondences It’s as though Frederik Meijer dead for over 90 years Had come back especially to create a puzzle on a print The name De úLTIma is the Greek goddess of love reflecting [meyers] classical Interests a Sentence in French says it is but the first word that counts and that comes from his book human Personality and it’s survival of bodily death Then there’s a meyers poem which begins That hour may come when earth no more can keep tireless per year long voyage through the deep Next comes a passage in greek that says it is not yet apparent. What we will become Now the origins of these quotations were only solved with verbal help from spirits on the other side But the skoll experiment produced other marvels For example there was one print which showed a design for a gadget to enable spirits to communicate [with] people on Earth without using a medium Trouble was when it was built. It didn’t work properly, [so] [an] additional film was provided [by] the spirit side adding two more coils Now here’s the weird [thing] that coil photograph was signed tae the same initials as thomas Alva Edison Who died in 1931? But he was known when alive to be working on such a device Now the signature was sent to the Edison foundation in America without revealing its origin And they confirmed that it looked like his writing The signature on the right you can see is edit ins when he was alive and the other thing nature Could be his when he was dead according [to] professor Ellison of the Spr who built this gadget It was not a radio nor indeed was it an electronic device and yet when it was plugged into an amplifier in January 1997 [A] message was obtained that was 20 minutes long and Amongst its sentiments were these words Hello, my friends. It said it is hoped in the future this system will enable us to communicate with distant dimensions many people here feel as I do that this work is of the utmost importance to Mankind and Therefore are willing to put their hearts into these experiments The resounding question is whose voice gave this message, and where did it come from? Well according to the Spr it could be the afterlife this is known as instrumental transcommunication [or] ITC and rather interestingly ITc has been given endorsement by the Vatican itself as a form of communication with the spirit world in 1921 this man became the founder and chancellor of the Catholic University of Milan Father agostino Gemelli was a neurophysiologist and a prominent Franciscan his institute of pSychology was the most prominent in italy and In rome a large teaching hospital is named in his honor on the 17th of September 1952 Gemelli was in his laboratory with Father Pellegrino and Nitti working on some recordings of gregorian chant on an old-style tape recorder of the time that used wire instead of tape and The wire kept breaking and needing repair in his exasperation Father Gamellia called out to his deceased father which was a habit of his when he was frustrated Well when the wire was repaired they didn’t expect to hear what they did here instead of Gregorian chant there was the sound of gamma Li’s deceased father saying of Course they help you I’m always with you Now I know this is a preposterous story [but] this man’s credentials are impeccable [and] he asked is that really [you] father the reply recorded was Don’t you recognize me [Tes] Tony? now [tas] [Tony] was go [Mellie’s] Father’s pet name for his son and This impressed [him] [le] deeply because it was deeply evidential that this voice was coming from the other side Naturally both Gamellia and [Annette] [e] repeated these experiments They then requested an interview with pope pius the 12th in rome who surprisingly? Agreed that this could mark the beginning of a new Scientific study that would confirm Faith in the Beyond So the Catholic church has discreetly accepted trying to contact the dead if done for scientific purposes or to help the bereaved and the [manifestations] of Electronic voice phenomena known as EVp or instrumental transcommunication Known as ITC has continued a pace with thousands of researchers doing this work all around the globe Now it’s not really surprising [that] ears pricked up in far-flung places and one of those places was Hollywood What you are about to hear is real. It has not been edited or enhanced It is the voice of ruth Baxter This voice was recorded in august 2003, ruth Baxter died in 1987 Electronic voice phenomena [EVp] is the process by which the dead through sound and image communicate with the living through the static and white noise of Modern electronic devices As early as 1930 the medium Susanne max getting predicted that Devices would replace mediums as a way of communicating with the spirit world [in] the future she said Photographs would come from Distant dimensions and the results would be magnificent five years later another medium an American, Edith ellis made a similar prediction and so did the author Alice Bailey and since then EVp and ITc have really taken off much of Present-Day EVp research was inspired by the Swedish film Producer Friedrich Jürgenson In 1959 he found anomalous voices on his tape recorder after recording birdsong in the countryside with nobody around Subsequently his dead mother called him by his pet name, and he devoted himself to this research Jorgenson’s work, encouraged the Estonian intellectual, Konstantin Rod ever to record Otherworldly voices on his machines, and he published a landmark book called breakthrough during Rowdy [vers] experiments in [England] under strict controls Sir Robert Mayer the Banker and Philanthropist Recognized the voice of his recently dead [friends] the pianist arthur Schnabel you you This is the province of Galicia in the far Northwest [corner] of Spain Facing on to the atlantic ocean and I’ve come here to find out more about using electronic devices as a way of communicating directly with the dead without a medium Specifically I’ve come to visit Dr.. Annabella Cardoso She’s a portuguese diplomat, and she’s deeply involved in this research and she has an international reputation When she’s working in her studio. She’s in touch with a spirit team on the other side called Rio. De tempo otherwise known as timestream this group is also helping researchers elsewhere in Europe [I] [turned] them on um in white noise so called white noise static noise between stations the noise that you can hear now and This this one that one that one that one that one and that one and I have had voices that start here then they continue speaking from that one they go into that one and then they go into that one and They are all tuned [into] different frequencies of the shortwave band, so I sit here and I start experimenting as if I were experimenting for EVp which Which is like this you sit here as I am now And you speak to the invisible communicators? And so you start speaking as you would speak to a visible communicator? the truth is that I know from my own em Experimentation that the voices called me by my name in certain cases it can be Universally [recognised] that is my name annabella Cardozo sometimes by my pet name Bella they say it’s auto [pie] Drunkard or zoo that was my father’s name or it’s your brother [Louis] Cardozo. It’s your grandmother So and every flying to my questions obviously, and I mean Beyond any doubt Personally when I’m told that a pet dog has communicated with its owner from the other side using human [language] Well, my boggle Threshold is exceeded The phrases in EVp can be extremely short open to interpretation and the white noise background can be so loud That it’s [difficult] to understand. What’s being said Although I’m assured that the quality is sometimes excellent back in the 1980s [George] meek and Bill o’neil two American researchers built a device called spiricom for and Using [that] they contacted the late Dr. George Jeffries Muller [a] person they didn’t know who had died [in] 1968 [Twelve] years earlier They talked to him [for] over 20 hours a lot of technical stuff. He was an engineer by background He provided his social security number he told them where to find his death certificate and George [meat] managed to locate one of his publications in an oBscure library So it’s hardly surprising if researchers argue that proof of life after death will be undeniable using these techniques Everything indicates that the future will bring this electronic communication with the next dimension into Daily life as Freely sure genson already predicted Imagine you’re a caterpillar feeding on a leaf when a fly lands next to you Fortunately the fly speaks Caterpillar language, and it says you know when you go into your chrysalis at the end of your life Don’t think of it as your coffin because I know you will not die Instead you will Emerge into a new life with wings you will be beautiful graceful and fly wherever you wish and You the caterpillar says between mouthfuls of that juicy leaf now. That can’t possibly be true When you’re dead, that’s it. You’re finished But as humans we know that the fly is correct the caterpillar does reimagine to a new life as a butterfly It’s called metamorphosis, and the fly does something does a strange turning from a maggot into a fly so by the same reasoning Why should it not be possible for human beings to do something just as strange? To lift out of their bodies into a new spiritual life Eminent scientists, say this is possible sir William Barret professor of Physics at the Royal College of Science in Dublin Researched and accepted survival, and he helped to found the American society for pSychical research and the British Spr professor William James of Harvard the eminent psychologist and Philosopher Held Similar views and was another founder of the American Spr James his law professor of ethics and logic at Columbia University said I regard the existence of discarnate spirits as scientifically proved and no longer refer to the skeptic as having any right to speak on the subjects and Lord, Rayleigh the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the gas argon He said I have seen enough to convince me that those are wrong who wish to prevent? Investigation by casting ridicule on those who may feel inclined to engage in it sir Arthur Conan Doyle the creator of Sherlock Holmes agreed with these views and was the most famous ever protagonist of survival and then there’s arthur Baltha Britain’s prime minister from 1902 to 1905 he was a philosopher and the Chancellor of Cambridge University and Edinburgh University Even Albert Einstein [the] greatest scientist of the 20th century said it is entirely possible That behind the perception of our [senses] worlds are hidden of which we are unaware if you’re finding this information difficult to accept Remember the stature of these people distinguished intellectuals great minds most certainly not [full] and if you want evidence that Investigation into this topic can change minds well then there’s no better case than that of Dr.. Richard Hodgson Born in 1855 in Australia. He graduated from Melbourne University Later he became a lecturer at Cambridge and a renowned skeptic and a debunker of mediums He exposed the medium Madame blavatsky the co-founder of the theosophical society the Spr sent him to India especially for this investigation [and] Critics say that Hodgson was both dishonest and biased by his determination to unmask her in 1986 the Spr officially retracted its verdict on her But regardless of this madame blavatsky’s reputation at the time was damaged while Hodgson Gained Great kudos from the episode Nearly all the professional mediums are a gang of Vulgar tricksters. He said in league with one another and it was this sceptical reputation that led to his arriving in Boston, Massachusetts [to] Investigate another medium Mrs.. [Lea], [Nora] piper Exposing her in fraud would put yet another feather in his cap But despite meticulous observation in hundreds of sittings over 18 years there was no wrongdoing to discover Instead he became convinced of the afterlife Frankly he said I went to mrs.. Piper about 12 years ago with the aim of unmasking her I Entered her house profoundly materialistic not believing in the continuance of life after death Now I say I believe The truth has been given to [me]. He said in such a way as to remove the possibility of a doubt So how did this conversion happen? Mrs.. Piper was a conservative middle-aged woman But this photograph taken in England by Frederick Myers wife shows her in another light She was the most remarkable mental medium the history of psychical research Stars Real Stars Come along Quite rarely now, Mrs. Piper was probably the best [example] because she was investigated by such careful and well-known Researchers the Great professor William James was the first person to investigate her and she was also investigated under very tightly [control] conditions as when for example she was invited to Britain she stayed with sir Oliver Lodge and family over a period of time, and he was able even to control her mail Quite apart from putting private detectives to follow her to make sure that she was not getting Information which she would then feed back as if it came from the dead From his very first sitting Hodgson was startled by Mrs.. Piper’s revelations about himself Despite not even knowing his name He noted that a controlling spirit, Dr.. Finley took over Mr… Piper’s body when she was in trance That Dr.. Finley sometimes lied So Dr.. Hodgson saw Finley not as a discarnate spirit Which is what he claimed to be but as a secondary personality of Mrs.. Piper’s own subconscious possessing nonetheless Incredible telepathic powers Since Hodgson had no proof [that] Dr.. Finley had ever lived Why should he not be part of her subconscious? Then in 1892 a strange thing happened It was at this time that in New York the statue of Liberty was still almost new The City was coming to terms with increasing traffic and a friend of Hodgson called George pell you Managed to fall off his horse, and he was killed George pell you took over from Dr.. Finley as the spirit control of Mrs. Piper after that Hodgson brought along over 150 anonymous sitters and of these [thirty] were the unnamed friends of Pella himself and [telly] recognized them all It was George pell you who made the spirit life and the afterlife Possible for Hodgson to accept tell you was responsible for Hodgson’s conversion and Mrs.. Piper even picked out tell you from a mixed collection of 32 photographs She recognized it was his spirit who took control of her entranced body while she was vacating it Hodgson said of [pellew] the continual manifestation of this personality so different from [finley] with its own reservoir of memories and its Swift appreciation of References to his friends and its little give and take in incidental conversations with myself Has helped in producing a conviction of the actual presence of pail [you]? Which it would be quite impossible to Impart by a mere enumeration of verifiable statements When Dr.. Hodgson died in 1905 aged only 50 professor William [Newbould] of Pennsylvania University took over the [investigation] of Mrs. Piper and Amazingly Hodgson himself began communicating through Mrs. Piper Communicating from the other side he told professor [newbould] I find now difficulties such as a blind man would experience trying to find his hat [I’m] Not wholly conscious of my utterance –is because they come out automatically I? Understand so much better the modus operandi than I did when I was in your world Perhaps that explains, why Dr. Hodgson preferred to Express himself through automatic writing rather than through the voice of Mrs. Piper Mrs., piper ‘z mediumship was truly remarkable She could let one spirit use her hand in automatic writing While a different spirit simultaneously spoke through her voice she was never caught in fraud even when the Spr set private detectives on her both at home in the United States and during a visit to England [after] great service to psychical research she died in 1950 according to the Materialistic view Consciousness is the product of the three pounds of tissue inside your skull [and] [when] your brain dies that it death is annihilation and yet, there’s impressive evidence from near death experience studies that we can perceive things outside of the human torso The most famous case is that of Pam Reynolds of the United States? BBC television the discovery channel and the National Geographic channel have all made programs about her Interviewing the surgeons the researchers and Pam herself She had a dangerous aneurysm deep within her brain which was threatening her life To treat her they had to stop her heart They had to drain the blood out of her head and keep her body at a low temperature while they worked by any standard she was dead on the table and Yet from the operating theater ceiling. She looked down at what the surgeons were doing to her and Then she went into an afterlife dimension where she met dead relatives Afterwards she described instruments and incidents that she couldn’t possibly have [seen] given her condition Some point in time. I was reminded that it was time to go back Of course I had made my decision to go [back] before I ever laid down on that table But you know the more I was there the better. I liked it didn’t My uncle was the one who brought me back down to the body But then I got to where the body was I looked at the thing and I for sure Did not want to get it because it looked pretty much like what it was as in void of life This is a classic near-death experience occurring under extremely monitored medical conditions where every known vital sign and Basically every clinical sign of life and death was being monitored at the time And that’s what makes her her case so remarkable and so valuable to us Now many scientists say this is simply impossible But how can our unitary sense of self come about from an essentially electrochemical process? to say an unconscious process Results in awareness has yet to be proven many Philosophers including plato from ancient Greece and rene descartes from 17th Century France Argue that mind and brain [are] separate entities with the brain acting as a kind of radio receiver or a mediator for the mind instead of being the Physiological originator of thoughts no purely biological mechanism has yet shown how the brain creates awareness or even where it stores memory It’s true Mri scans show a correlation between Brain activity and different mental States specific thoughts memories and emotions activate multiple groups of brain cells often located in different parts of the brain But this does not prove that brain cells themselves produce thoughts Then there’s the problem of [freewill] if an electrochemical process is a prerequisite of consciousness Then how do we have free will [if] a biological process? proceeds any decision we make Take an Amoeba a single-celled organism So it has no brain cells Yet it can swim it finds food it learns and it multiplies So brain activity does not underlie. [it’s] survival strategy in 1980 there was a mathematic student at Sheffield university with an IQ of 126 Yet a cat scan showed that he had virtually no brain at all Instead of two hemispheres filling his cranial cavity he had about one millimeter of cerebral tissue covering the top of his spinal Column and Yet. He lived a normal life, and he got a first class degree in maths This led professor John lauber to ask do humans need their brains at all the students brain weighed about 50 to 150 grams instead of the usual 1.5 kilos in Marseilles in 2007 a civil Servant was found with up to 75 percent of his brain missing I Think the types of cases [lauber] identified people with severe hydrocephalus who have virtually no Brain tissue left and yet abnormal Iqs tell us that [our] normal ways of thinking about how the brain relates to mental function are grossly inadequate if We seem to be able to function quite well in terms of mental faculties with Little brain tissue Then we need to rethink what is the relation between Brain and mind? so could consciousness be a fundamental quality of the universe like [maths] or gravity in Physics an Independent scientific entity and If mind is not dependent upon the brain then survival of consciousness after death Becomes more understandable so john eccles the Nobel prize winner for his work on brain Synapse Was one of the 20th century’s [greatest] [Neuro] [scientists] The unity of Conscious experience he argued was provided by the mind and not by the machinery of the brain Look at all these books on life after death and the paranormal it’s only a fraction of what’s available, but [each] book is a testament to survival although admittedly some of them are more scientifically based than others and You can criticize some of the contents of these books but taken together They provide a mountain of material Which only a skeptic would conclude amounts to nothing at all not one jot of it? personally I’m impressed by much of the evidence in books like these and The intellectuals I mentioned in this program have also found adequate evidence upon [which] to base their conclusions You know there’s an increasing number of scientists who believe that if there’s going to be an effective theory of everything well, then it’s going to have to include consciousness as one of its elements and That rather puts in perspective the current work of physicists who are trying to join up relativity theory with quantum mechanics string theory and the [Big] [bang] if consciousness is not a part of their conclusions not a part of their theories well can they really be successful as Max Planck the Founder of Quantum Theory said science cannot Solve the Ultimate mystery of Nature Because in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of the mystery that we’re trying to solve But that won’t stop people from trying to understand reality as best they can in My view the tide is turning against pure materialism give it [Twenty] Years And I think we’ll see [the] start of a paradigm shift in which spirits and other dimensions are Regarded as an essential part of understanding reality science will start to modify its theories and Scientists more and more are acknowledging that where we’re at. Now is certainly not all there is as the free thinking Writer Victor Hugo put it an invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come the question of consciousness and Whether the universe is essentially conscious is absolutely fundamental [night] physics there are many theories and certainly eastern theories which argue that this is so it looks as if The west may be going that way And if one does come down to the conclusion that in fact consciousness is primary Then we have a very different Outlook on this whole question of [survival] When we began this program I referred to the atheist Richard Dawkins Asserting that belief in an afterlife was simply dangerous nonsense But if consciousness does survive death then Dawkins would be incorrect and in this program We’ve seen six different kinds of evidence all suggesting the survival of spirit The Australian lawyer Victor zammit says that the 24 chapters of supportive evidence in his book [has] yet to be refuted So you decide is it dangerous nonsense. [I] don’t think so But the point is this if you [think] that consciousness or some element of you survives the death of the body? Then it changes our [understanding] of ourselves and of the world you you you you you you

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