(Travel Vlog) A Day In The Life Day 4 Itinerary Welcome Back To Osaka Japan Travel

here we’re walking out on day four and
we’re planning to ride the Dreamliner which is like a cruise but starting here in Kitahama district so yeah that
will be our activity today and we’re going to Dotonbori, and go to a temple also we’re gonna ride the Aqualiner and there’s the time here’s our tickets for the three of us two adults
1700 yen each and for our kid 850 yen, his four years old and
we got some peanut butter sandwich chocolate bread and some hotdog, coffee, while waiting for our boarding at 2:20 we’re waiting for it to dock and then we gonna ride already you’re not gonna get wet because this is glass yeah we’re going already we’re going to make a separate video of
the Osaka river cruise tour it will be up after this episode so this is our stop, we are here at the Yodabashi pier where we
first started our tour after resting for a while from the hotel
we are at Midosuji and we’re just gonna walk we’re just going to have our early dinner so after we ate, we just walked and
walked until we reached Dotonbori it’s just a good idea if you’re
full just to burn the calories and there are also stores on the side so it’s
window shopping at the same time sightseeing we’re walking here in Shinsaibashi, we
are going to be BIC and it’s so nice to walk here because it’s
air-conditioned we’re here at the Hozenji Koisan Dori Hozenji temple is the smallest Buddhist
temple located in the middle of Dotonbori Hozenji Yochoko is an ally with
traditional shops and restaurants so now we’re going to BIC camera done with BIC camera now at Pablo for
some cheesecake there is a special price for tourists,
it’s just 500 yen so it’s ice cream and a tart you just have to show your passport we’ll be calling it the night
Ivy Round The World

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  1. Hello my good friend. I always look forward to your videos. I have such a good time every time I stop by. Love your channel. Thanks for the share today.🌹👍👏😊😘

  2. Hello friends!. A very interesting trip. Great video. I looked with pleasure.👏👏👍👍👍😋😋😋 🔔1👍👍

  3. Like👍10 Wonderful!! This is so awesome trip really enjoyed watching it💝Thanks for sharing my friend~Have a happy day🤗

  4. To start Day 4, we will go for a river cruise. Then a walk along Mido-suji towards Shinsaibashi. A stopover at Hozenji Temple, Hozenji Yochoko and BIC Camera. And our last stop is to get takeout from Pablo.😁

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  6. (여행 블로그) 인생의 하루 4 일 오사카에 다시 오신 것을 환영합니다 일본 여행 일본 여행

  7. Hey Ivy! The place where you had early dinner looks nice! The little pizza is so cute! 😀 Dotonbori is so nicely illuminated at night, especially the Hozenji temple! Enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing! :)) Greetings from Seoul!

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