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(Just) Don’t I’m recording this in about 11:50 in the night Suddenly, this video appears on my recommendation videos So the video that I mentioned is TRCNG and the title song is Missing I think….. Wolf Baby, right? (their last comeback) I think that song is a long time ago, about a year and 7 months because Wolf Baby released in January 2018 Thats what I knew, because that song is one of my favourite song in 2018 If you haven’t watch my top favourite 2018 songs, I will link the video up here That song is a bop, its so great! I listened to it untit now!! (Don’t mad!!) I really like that song Really, I am so forgotten about this group It suddenly missing from my brain I don’t know what is their concept that they will bring to me Why my tongue is so twisted today? **** Why’d you crying? Is this the same place(set) as 1the9? There’s no subtitles Wow suddenly>>They’re in school? And they are doing Maths.. I SEE THAT!! why you’re being alone? Why they’re all crying? Why are you the only one there? I don’t get it Suddenly, someone is fainted.. *confused* oh no.. (Just) don’t Wait, its too loud Based on the dance, they are so happy about this.. But suddenly— Oh My Gosh whose body is that You will flood that tub That tub is for bathing, not a tub that’s used for crying I’m feeling attacked right now I want to cry with them too This song is so hype, but– The story of the song is really sad ****, I didn’t get to listen to it OH TS?!!! NO WONDER (THE COMEBACK) IS TOO LATE! F*** TS.. Why do you being like this, TS? You have made BAP turns on each other, and then you’re releasing TRCNG’s comeback SO LATE!! So messed up, TS!! I’m nagging out here.. What happen here.. What made them cry, even the song is too hype.. Maybe because the song is called “Missing”, so there’s some stuff missing from their hearts Or there’s something missing in that group? I don’t what happen, suddenly a person cried And then all of them starts to cry too… EVEN I WANTED TO CRY TOO

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  1. Ramai dah org membebel kat ts dr zaman b.a.p tetap same je..hope nasib diorg tk mcam b.a.p..btw thanks for the reaction

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