100 Replies to “Trish Regan: The left’s ‘big economic lie’

  1. Trish, you finally got this right and you are the first. The reason that socialists want central government and control is so they can control the buying and make commissions from corrupt supply deals. Please investigate this. John Kerry, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton on the Rostom Uranium deal and John McCain making more than $ 200 million from arms sales which I suspect funded the RINOs, Obama and Clinton.

  2. I applaud this message. Trish could no doubt go into greater detail of the slavery system socialism becomes when a Dictator seizes power and control over what used to be free, autonomous citizens, given more time. People die. Put Leninthink by Gary Saul Morson in your browser to get a real education of who the Democrat Socialists are.

  3. Amen Trish R. 18 yr old's going to college and learn nothing just to have someone else to pay the debt is disgusting. 4 years of school to hear liberal professor's spewing their propaganda just so they can end back in their mom's basement demanding handouts is shameful.

  4. ohh,…this is bad. Listen, the economy is fake and in a terrible place. That is a fact. Socialism is not the answer, that is also a fact. You just can't see the forest through the trees…or,..Fox has some great donors. mmhmm.

  5. Wow, you mean to tell us that the only two presidents to be shot in the last 120 yrs are coincidentally the only two presidents who attempted to reverse onerous taxation? JFK (killed) , Reagan (shot a month into first term)….(((hmmmm)))

  6. Love this woman. She is not only breathtakingly beautiful she also has brains. Love when she talks to cory Lewandosky. It's like conducting a romantic conversation online. Love them both.

  7. Trish I love watching your programme, you
    Always give the facts. Keep it up you are the best.
    Just to let you know you look more beautiful with a middle part on your hair.
    Just my opinion.

  8. If the Bidens were smart, they would flee the country unannounced. otherwise, they should sacrifice themselves to save face. I know they own handguns. But then again they are cowards and could not go through with it.

  9. Trish, you do a great job giving the facts. You say it like it is- no sugar coating! Keep up the great work!!🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️American patriots!!

  10. You know i don't recognize the democratic party anymore, it has been taken over by socialist.If my father was still alive being a life long democrat, he would vote for Trump because it is a heck of a lot better than socialist.Very sad , maybe if the dems were not so busy trying to get Trump out, they would have noticed their own party is being infiltrated by socialist, worst yet they make decisions for the people of the USA and they can't even manage their own party is being consumed by socialist, this is scary.

  11. cancel the democratic party. close it. call it socialist party. at least it will be the truth. God have mercy on all Republicans. The evil minded will reap what they sow.

  12. Free stuff and taking from others and blaming others is always an easy sell. Just ask any sanders supporter. And isn't it interesting how millionaires are and the biggest carbon footprint people are always telling us we are the earths problem.  I don't see Sanders or any of the rest of them spreading their wealth around or taking the bus for that matter. Oh and by the way I don't see many of you Kool-Aid drinkers of the global warming fraud  doing that either. Rant over.

  13. I appreciate Trish. She spoke with Corsi when no one else would.

    If she was ever a mockingbird, I don't believe that she is now.

  14. Socialist bastards always create a dark shadow, but We The People are behind OUR President 100 percent ! TRUMP 2020 by a LANDSLIDE WIN ! CRY libturds Cry!!!

  15. Nancy Pelousy recently said…
    "Elect us, hold us accountable, and make a judgment
    and then go from there. But I do tell you that if the
    Democrats win, and have substantial majorities,
    the Congress of the United States will be more
    bipartisan." –Nancy Pelosi 🤣

  16. Sanders couldn't win in New York, where Bernie is from.
    We can't stand that he says he's from Vermont.
    We do not like Sanders in rural Vermont. He got elected by the coneheads who moved in and took over Burlington and All the other large Vermont cities.

  17. Do not fall for the Communist Socialist Economic Solution (or move to China/Venezuela)…Democrats and Leftists are delusional brainwashed morons.

  18. This will not happen because Eliza-Hontas will not be elected. However, can you imagine hearing that WHINY voice for four years and after she has totally WRECKED the US economy …???

  19. Many reports on this channel were fake.
    I'll bet anyone who claim Capitalism is the best. Let us take an example with 2 countries. UNITED STATES and INDIA.
    Both in these two country, 60 to 75 % of the money were owned by few families.
    So the question is……..
    Are the rest of citizens a dog???

  20. R's should point out that the creators of great wealth (where it did not previously exist), DO pay back – in the form of both corporate and individual taxes. Sure, close loopholes that may have been created by politicians. But our mixed economy does already redistribute much of the created wealth – paying for infrastucture, etc.
    Redistributing ALL (or nearly all) the wealth isn't fair and does not work.

  21. I totally agree with breaking up big corporations because they don't care about the worker it's about money and bonuses that's obvious, because of the way they treat people if people don't work for you get rid of them but it's not about that it's about money and that hurts everyone that wants to work as far as socialism goes f$&k no nobody's going to tell me what to do and when to do it f**k you. And something to think about socialism if people don't stay busy and work everyday total mob rule will ensue it's been proven time and time again people must work everyone must work everyone.

  22. Trish was born a millionaire. She went to private schools, was handed privilege every day of her life. Now billionaires pay her millions to lie to you.

  23. Look back into 1908 with Woodrow Wilson, then into the 1930's FDR, then into 1960's with Lyndon B. Johnson, then into Clinton the 1990's, now 2008 with Obama, and I ask are we better? What a travesty. Wake up stupid!

  24. Left or right… They lie to make a buck. Grocerys have gone up in the last 3 or 4 decades and rent is prices are through the roof. Only an idiot or the entitled believe the economy is improved for anyone not among the rich.

  25. More accurately, a $200,000 education for degrees majoring in GENDER STUDIES or LIBERAL ARTS, that they can't possibly find a job with…the govt should not give loans for anything other than core plus what could not lead to a job/career. If they want to study basket weaving or "women's studies", they should pay for it themselves, cash on enrollment. We need more qualified doctors and engineers, not queer studies.

  26. …no, the Faux Noise narrative is just whoring for the oligarchs – Bernie is the only solution – and yes, our economy IS that bad, and Dolt 45 bots (aka MAGAts) think capitalism is what freedom is about due to morons like you…

  27. The Ruling Class is afraid of what will happen to them when the minions come together against them. That's why they MUST divide. Since the mainstream media monopoly on propaganda has been broken up, they along with the DNC and the elitist of academia had to amp up the lurch Left to create a nation of "victims" in order to amplify differences and keep the populace divided….so that it never occurs to us to hold the Rulers of the Swamp accountable. Don't dare threaten their POWER ….and the Deep State grows.

  28. Just WOW! I know some high school and college students that need to hear that about once a week for the remainder of their education term.

  29. Trash Regan got owned by Liu Xin. Get yourself an education before engaging in a debate with an intelligent and sophisticated person Trash Regan.

  30. THE Dems are the biggest liars on planet Earth.  They are all deceitful, and they use people only for their votes and for power.  WALK AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, OR AMERICA IS DONE.  If you want to flood the country with 30 million illegals and put them on Medicare (destroying Medicare), and if you want an 80% tax rate, they vote for them, if that is what youREALLY want.

  31. The question is, "Are people gullible enough to swallow the garbage dished out by the dems?" So far it seems that around 50% of them are…… and that is very telling.

  32. We need to get rid of the term limitation on the presidency now. I am willing to back Trump against Obama. We can't have lame duck second terms EVER. Any law enacted out of fear is inevitably going to end up being a BAD law.

  33. Kennedy had nothing to do with today's DNC. The Dems would like to count him in their ranks but can't because he was for the people. Today's (D) is imposing as a Democrat… They are Socialists, or their big brother, Communists. Trish told you how it works… In 2020 TRIUMPH with TRUMP! 2020 KAG! No detour! USA!

  34. To all Americans, if you want freedom, democracy and better lives, please do not welcome socialism and communism into the United States.

  35. The economy is at a 1.9% GDP. Trump promised it would be 5.0% GDP. Trump and republicans agreed that at 5.0% it would pay off the national debt of two trillion dollars added thru tax reform by the republican party. At present the present rate America pays 1/3 of our yearly intake in taxes for interest on the debit. Dems have always paid the debt down.

  36. Obviously, the Schiff "snowblower" is a Democrat publicity stunt to throw off the opinions of Americans about Trump, while Hillary, who paid good money for the stunt, is waiting behind the scene, anticipating in excitement that Trump will be ruined, and she can then move into the White House as soon as possible. Forget about the elections; who needs them

  37. Amen to Trish Regan, she is so right!! Why are these institutions giving loans to students that can not pay them back? The only thing they do after they graduate is whine, about what they owe and want the middle-class taxpayer to take care of the bill! Did they actually take anything that would make enough money to pay back the loan or did they get a diploma in basket weaving like Trish Regan says?

  38. Truth to Propaganda, Actions versus blind reactions, Problem Solving versus it is what it was. Trump Continues to make america great again and keep it there.!

  39. Beauty and brains…!
    Conservative women happen to be some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen !! ^_^

  40. Trish, they are NOT the DemoCRATIC Party and never have been! They are the DemoCRAT Party!! There is NOTHING DEMOCRATIC about them!!!!

  41. You know what I believe? I believe we should pull out of Afghan completely, & focus our Forces entirely, on South & Central America, & eradicate the cancerous rot that is the drug cartels! We have a MUCH better shot at doing that here, close to home, than making any headway in the Middle East.

    Those women & children the cartels murdered, need to be avenged!

  42. Actually and as far as I can understand, we are taking the words of the liar Adam Schiff and Democrat party that there is a whistleblower, they are keeping it secret to support their impeachment of President Trump, the whistleblower is actually Casper the Democrat friendly ghost , they should have to prove that the whistleblower does exist, or is just a figment of Schiff's imagination, and without a single fact other than what they tell us, I believe that the whistleblower is a ghost. Why should we believe them?

  43. They believe the left because of the MSM. The MSM are domestic terrorists and should be exposed as such by trying for treason every damned one of them that has spread lies over the last 3 years. Start with Zucker and go from there.

  44. Democrats politicians leftist socialist, you should be happy that you have millions of dollars in your pockets and buy two houses, and millions of dollars invested in wall street who are funding your campaign now. The economy is working very well for our american citizens and you socialist democrats are taking advantage of these economy and still want to impeach our President. Corrupt democrats let's have an election in 2020 and our nation will speak very clear if they need a good economy and jobs and new business owners or higher taxes, free welfare for all undocumented immigrants and free everything and let our citizen pay for in 2020 for this great nation. President Trump will work for the infrastructure for all american people who support Capitalism not socialism.

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