Trump Wants Obama Investigated Over Netflix Deal

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is being
investigated for everything under the Sun right now. His hush money payments to a porn stars and
playboy playmates, his emoluments clause violations, his tax returns, his business tax returns,
and pretty much anything else you could imagine. So yeah, the guy’s a little investigation,
uh, you know, tired right now, doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. And he thinks that all of these investigations
are witch hunts. They’re all hoaxes. Just like he claimed the Mueller investigation
was a hoax. Well, yesterday he finally snapped. I guess he kinda hit that point where he just
couldn’t take it anymore and Dang it. He wants the House Judiciary Committee to
look at the real scandals. And the real scandals are Barack Obama’s book
deal and his deal with Amazon to produce some programming for the streaming platform. Those, according to Donald Trump, are the
real crimes that house Democrats better start looking into because yes, no president ever
after leaving office has, you know, cashed in because people want to hear what a president
has to say. Donald Trump’s an idiot. And I can’t say that enough. And I feel like I say it all the time, and
that’s still not quite enough. I mean, obviously this is classic deflection. He’s trying to say, yeah, but look what Obama’s
doing. I’m losing money. He told us on Twitter, he says, I’m losing
billions by being president. But I did it because I wanted the honor of
being your president. Meanwhile, Obama’s out here writing a book
and getting money for it. How? Which one of us is the real crook. Trump wants to know, this is actually what
Donald Trump tweeted. So they say, okay, let’s look at everything
else. And all of the deals that Trump has done over
his lifetime, he’s referring to the fact that Mueller allegedly came up with nothing, but
it doesn’t work that way. I have a better idea. Look at the Obama book deal or the ridiculous
Netflix deal. Then look at all the deals made by the Dems
in Congress, the congressional slush fund, and lastly, the inspector general reports. Okay, let’s look at him. What kind of bad things do they say about
Democrats? Because inspector general reports tend to
be taken pretty seriously. Uh, people do read those. They do make headlines. And as far as I can remember for God, probably
at least the last two years, uh, all the IG reports that have come out have been about
things like, oh, you’re violating the emoluments clause. Oh, members of your cabinet are exceeding
the spending limits and broke the rules. And of course, Kellyanne Conway’s countless
hatch act violations. Those have all come from the inspector general. So if you want us to start looking at those
reports, we have solutely well, because we already have been and we’ve been reporting
on them since you came into office. Obama’s deal with Netflix. I don’t care if you love Obama, you hate Obama,
where you think he’s, whatever. That’s not illegal. The man’s not in office anymore. He’s not funneling money. He’s not laundering money. He’s not getting paid under the table. He’s not committing tax fraud. He’s a former president who was hugely popular
and Netflix wants to capitalize on that by giving him lots of money to go make some programming. There is literally nothing wrong with that. Now, depending on your opinion of Obama, you
may not be happy that it’s happening, but oh well that’s life. Suck it up, buttercup. These things happen. It’s like if George W. Bush got a deal to
start a new sit-com, I wouldn’t sit here and say that it needs to be investigated. I would just say, that’s dumb. I’m not going to watch it, and then I’d move
on with my life and forget all about it, but I guess Republicans aren’t able to do that
are ya, you know, for the group that always likes to whine, that the other side is always
triggered and the other side’s a bunch of snowflakes. You guys sure as hell do seem to dwell on
the most tiny, innocuous little things out there and you let it burrow down into your
skin to where it just becomes this constant irritation that you don’t know how to rid
yourself of. That’s what happened with the Obama Netflix
deal when all those Republicans came out and said, well, I’m canceling Netflix now. bruuuuuuh, I’m not going to do it anymore. Nobody cared, and I’m also willing to bet
nobody actually canceled their Netflix subscriptions. Did you? He just wanted to make a scene because you
hate Obama with everything that you’ve got. The real criminal, the real crook, the real
guy who’s breaking the law. He’s the one still in the White House today,
and I can promise you when he leaves office, nobody’s going to be offering him a buttload
of money to produce some shows for Netflix.

100 Replies to “Trump Wants Obama Investigated Over Netflix Deal

  1. Don't be jelly trumpty dumpty there will be a netflix series about your presidency the only difference is that Obama can write eloquently and you are illterate.

  2. America America

    Jealousy is crueler than the grave.

    OMG tramp just can not move from his self created gutter.

    Tramp knows he will never, ever, ever never be the quality of person Obama is.

    Tramp knows he is not as educated as Obama,
    Tramp holds no academic degrees nor is Tramp as educated as Obama.

    Tramp can't and have never penned a book, all of the books about tramp had ghost writers, tramp can't competent with Obama in any area of government, academics, nor just being a descent human being.

    Tramp is angry because Obama is a better business man than tramp,.evidence Obama is a far more superior negotiator than tramp.

    Tramp is just ignorant and hate Obama's ability to achieve what ever Obama puts his mind to do.

    Tramp is incompetent, tramp accidentally comes up with an idea, like the sharply Mark on that weather map, now he sells sharply markers with his stupid name on it, and only his followers are the only ones who purchase them.
    Cheap items makes money, tramp has a tramp bear he sales with an American flag, tramp is making money, tramp even has a tax guide, advertising learn tramps ways on how to not pay taxes, learn tramps secrets, just stupid
    Out of order for a so called leader of a nation.

    Tramp has stolen $400 million dollars from FEMA
    Tramp stole $2 billions from the military,
    Obama never robbed Paul to pay Peter.

    Obama obeyed the laws of the land, tramp still stonewalling congress, telling witness not to honor the legal subpoenas from congress. why tramp will never never be the man president Obama is
    Dead or alive.

  3. Trump is so obviously obsessed and hates Obama so much he is continually putting him down .. But this book deal investigation is ridiculous. .

  4. Donnie is a malignant narcissist, so gets very jealous.
    The Obamas are going to be nominated for an Emmy. Trump cannot handle it.

  5. How about he go suck on a big black dildo for that investigation!! What a dumbass this president is…what’s the point?…oh that’s right he’s jealous!!, he’s jealous of a black man…one that has a lot of power than trump does

  6. Are you kidding, Netflix probably can't wait to make a show and I for one can't wait to see the first episode of orange is the new prison bitch.

  7. Trump again being a nagging bitch. Please leave the real President Obama alone – the audacity of this knock off parody of a president ! I will not have it!!! Leave bitch!

  8. Trump wants PRESIDENT Obama investigated!!!?????? That's rich 🤔😲😋😆!!! Trump has broken every damn law there is. But it's ok if a trump does it. I forgot they are royalty. My Bad😆 And he wants others to be investigated 🐍🐍🐍😠😎✌️💙🇺🇸

  9. The Mueller investigation was a crime against Trump. You're such a joke. Mueller did come up with nothing I read the report and there was NO evidence of wrong doing on Trumps part. How about we charge obama for interference with Israel's election. You are just like every other person with Trump derangement syndrome. Lmao Can't wait to see your face in 2020 when Trump gets reelected. Lmao GO TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  10. I do not like Donald Trump but how can you say that you know what it is a man thinks that does not stand up in court get your head out of your ass

  11. Obama says nothing [[[ an all screams less is more]] and continues to kick trump ass an it must suck to know the head of white supremacy cant carry water for the former first two term black president …. ANND basically by default Mr. Obama is still THE REAL PRESIDENT because trump needed the Russians to intervene and he's in there because of the racist electoral college .. AND to watch the envy and jealousy at the highest level by a carnival snowflake barker its quite amusing to say the least .. And lets hope there is a OBAMA BLVD which will be the ultimate troll of trolling ..

  12. This is just plain old penis envy.Spankey can't stand the fact that President Obama has a bigger Brain then he dose lol ( I know what you thought I was going to say). What happened to that investigation into why Obama bugged his office? Why was that never looked into and no indictments ever handed down? The public needs to know.

  13. Donald Trump is just jealous that the HONORABLE and MOST PRESTIGIOUS BARACK H OBAMA a BLACK MAN is BETTER and SMARTER than he is ,a white crook and the world knows it and we are laughing loudly

  14. Donald Trump is just jealous that the HONORABLE and MOST PRESTIGIOUS BARACK H OBAMA a BLACK MAN is BETTER and SMARTER than he is ,a white crook and the world knows it and we are laughing loudly

  15. Donald Trump is just jealous that the HONORABLE and MOST PRESTIGIOUS BARACK H OBAMA a BLACK MAN is BETTER and SMARTER than he is ,a white crook and the world knows it and we are laughing loudly

  16. Donald Trump is just jealous that the HONORABLE and MOST PRESTIGIOUS BARACK H OBAMA a BLACK MAN is BETTER and SMARTER than he is ,a white crook and the world knows it and we are laughing loudly

  17. Donald Trump is just jealous that the HONORABLE and MOST PRESTIGIOUS BARACK H OBAMA a BLACK MAN is BETTER and SMARTER than he is ,a white crook and the world knows it and we are laughing loudly

  18. Donald Trump is just jealous that the HONORABLE and MOST PRESTIGIOUS BARACK H OBAMA a BLACK MAN is BETTER and SMARTER than he is ,a white crook and the world knows it and we are laughing loudly

  19. This whole shitshow of a presidency is tRump's ego being ruffled publicly whilst with his family over a few roast jests The paper President just could not handle people laughing at him because he is a racist through and through and no black guy makes fun of him…except that thousands do now lol !!

  20. So the maggot ridden criminal in chief who has been corrupt since the day he was born wants to try and divert attention from his malignant criminal activity by telling lies and making insinuations about Obama. At least we all know that Obama is an honest man an all that he does is above board and not a criminal enterprise like Trump’s.

  21. tRump is envious of Obama having a book deal? Could that be because his books were written by other people because he is illiterate?

  22. WOW……so. Far. 952. Comments on. This. Nothing. Topic!!!!! It. Goes. To. Show. WE. Americans. Aint. Got. SHIT. Better. To. Do!!!!

  23. On your closing, maybe something for the Fox news, a Fox News Cartoon, starring that wacky Donald Trump with his adorable family who's exploits of cheating and back stabbing are so funny and with cut-aways to Macaulay Culkin like public with their hands on the side of their face going "Ahhhhhhhhh". Better yet a 2020 1 episode edition of the Apprentice where the american public points at Trump and says in unisone "You're Fired!"

  24. Basically what you have to say Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin all the dictators in the world were always paranoid schizophrenia and all of them were crooks Donald Trump is no exception he’s a clown an idiot and manipulator a liar everything negative under the sun. And the sooner we get this clown out of office, The sooner American will be safe.

  25. Obama one of the most noble men that in history I adore him he does not tell lies he does not spread hate she is a real man of course Filthy45 is jealous of him! because he will never have a scrap of integrity, or even a fraction of the Nobility that is Barack Obama! This sooner his feeble-mind can actually wrap around the fact that he is nothing! the better for his frail ego

  26. Uh-huh, unlike Trump, Obama waited until AFTER he became a PRIVATE citizen again. The difference is that during a presidency a sitting president may be subject to outside influences through bribes by emoluments in regards to him being in charge of the executive branch.

    Trump is an idiot for not recognizing the difference.

  27. Barack gets a Netflix deal AFTER his presidency because…

    1: Obama is an extremely likeable and intelligent human being.

    2:His speeches are captivating to listen to.

    3: he’s still relevant in American culture and not for being a notorious conman and fascist POS racist fucktard but for being the voice of reason and looking so damn smooth doing anything… even in a tan suit.

    4: because it triggers all of you right wing conspiracy theorist TRUMPANZIES.

    5: made America great again after inheriting the disaster left by good ol’ Dubbya and cleaning up even thought a Repubtard lead senate and congress.

    Eat shit 45. As for you following him you deserve all the cancer and money problems and getting caught in mass shootings. Thoughts and prayers assholes. Thoughts and prayers

  28. Trump is so jealous of Obama it’s not even funny! Like you said said, Obama was loved, respected and scandal free and it’s eating Trump up! If he even has TIME to investigate something as trivial as this he CANNOT be doing his job properly! What a loser!

  29. Follow the Lazer kitty kitty the world is sooo tired of this administration. Ok maybe not Putin Uhn and the Saudi Prince they enjoy pulling Trump's strings

  30. Record yourself saying he's an idiot & play it on a loop 24/7… still won't be said enough, but it'll sound good.

    Also, I have $9.99 in the bank; Trump can have it if he'll leave the White House today. (I know that's not much money, the point is that I'm willing to give him all my money if he'll just GO THE FUCK AWAY .)

  31. This is some Qanon bs. When I was watching the hearing today someone was on there talking about Obama laundering money through this documentary. So fucking sad that Drumpf can't come to terms that the Obama's throughly care about this country and giving working ppl a platform to express what they're going through at their jobs where they aren't being treated right. I HOPE the Obama's get an Emmy for this film. I'm about to watch it in a few. To think Obama helped GM while Drumpf doesn't really give a shit unless he can squeeze some votes out from them by lying to them. He was bragging about a GM plant that shutdown in Ohio as if it was saved and still up and running, SMDH.

  32. I can barely stand it, on the rare occasions President Barack Obama, speaks! I cry for the days when we had a real President, like 44! Those dulcet tones in his voice, using words that make sense, showing compassion for ALL Americans, and people around the world in desperate, abject poverty, his intelligence and the admiration that was shown for him around the world. He topped the highest bar in the history of America, when he was the first black man who we voted in as our beloved President! Putin's tRump can never take that away from American history, and he knows it. tRump will never be the man President Obama is. tRump doesn't have the tiniest fraction of integrity that 44 has, and it can't be bought. I was going to say what tRump DOES have the tiniest of…..oh hell with it. Button mushroom, brain, morals and hands, says it all!

  33. Obama should be investigated for protecting banksters as he let homeowners hang, destroying prosperous, civilized Libya and helping terrorists in Syria, arresting more reporters and whistleblowers than any other President, deporting more people than all other Presidents, giving healthcare to the insurers who had already wrecked it and are now wrecking it again, increasing the national security state. He made pretty speeches but was a total fraud – a corporatist and warmonger. He's one reason I quit the Dems after 50 years.


  35. #MeinFuhrerTwit is going bankrupt, according to Deusche Bank, and is worthless, despite corruption deals. Obama is making money, honestly.

  36. Deflect, deflect, deflect. It is ALL he knows to do. MAKE YOU A DEAL, DONNIE – WE WILL INVESTIGATE OBAMA IF YOU WILL SHOW US YOUR TAX RETURNS!
    OR, I'm perfectly happy just cutting your ugly, racist HEAD off.

  37. Petty, incompetent, insecure, unqualified moron trump wants President Obama investigated for writing books (i.e., intelligent, talented) and producing series under a deal with Jeff Bezos.

    What a punk. What a fucking punk. AMERICA. We deserve better than this piece of shit and his henchmen, bitch hag Conway, and bag man Fat Frog Fuck barr. Let's take out the trash and get back to being Americans. These punks are pukeworthy, and they're fucking us over.

  38. “The conclusion that Congress may apply the *obstruction laws to the President’s corrupt exercise of the powers of office* accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law,” Mueller’s team wrote.

  39. Agent Orange Sharpie is just jealous of Obama. Obama look better and he certainly is more respectful of other. More people love him because he show love and compassion for others. Evil was working against him while in office but good substained him. I believe he did a good job although I don't agree with everything he did.

  40. Please will someone tell Trump Obama is now a private citizen and can make any deals he likes. Please!! Obama is not the president who using his position to make money at the taxpayers expense

  41. Goddamn…that is so pathetic…I mean, dude, you are the president. Why you gotta be jealous over a black dude getting a tv show?

  42. Trump is trying to deflect. He just upset that he will get no book deals because he is to stupid to string coherent sentences together.

  43. People should start posting hundreds of pictures of Obama everyday on THE PARASITE’s Twitter. Maybe that will speed up his brain explosion and then we will all live happily ever after. 🙏

  44. Distraction after distraction after distraction. Yeah. That's not gonna work. Not anymore. tRump's going down regardless.

  45. I believe trump is correct to investigate the Obama Netflix/book deals. We need critical information…. like when does the book come out, will there be a download ebook version? When does the series come out? Who will play obama? Can we get that mean lady from game of thrones to play ivanka? She’s a great two face character. who will be playing trump in the series? Will trump be naked in the series in pee tapes? ….. all these answers need to come out so let’s have this investigation.

  46. I think you've got that wrong. Trump doesn't believe that all of the investigations are witch hunts. He knows that none of them are actually witch hunts. He just wants us to believe that they are all witch hunts. He knows the truth, that all of the investigations are justified, he just likes to lie through his teeth. By no means does this bastard actually believe that little witches are running around under his ass…

  47. Trump like all Republicans don’t understand that Obama had to be squeaky clean to get where he got to. The tan.suit was all they could find after looking under every rock twice. Black people can’t get that far up in government being corrupt and dirty.

  48. Ttump:[how dare U obama become more famous after presidency!! and im gonna live in ttump jail soon. im going to investigate obama and jail him ]

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