UAlbany Students Use Social Media to Help Market Small Business

We have a CSA which is Community
Supported Agriculture. People buy a share in the season’s harvest. We harvest whatever is ready and deliver it to our sites where people come and pick up the produce. The students are working on how the farm could market to a younger
demographic, to find out ways to get the CSA concept advertised with people
that are just graduating. Raymond shows us his tactics, how he keeps customers, how he gets new customers and then we also got to brainstorm and come up with
new ideas to reach other customers. Pretty much right now we just focus on
social media and presence because that’s what our generation knows and what we
know to bring customers and profit to a company so knowing that this generation
is very social media heavy we feel like that’s the best way to bring him more
customers. It would be nice to access a younger generation of consumers to support our farm. A farm without a market, is not a farm at all, just a pretty place to visit. Working hands-on is a real life
experience rather than working on a case study. Working with the farm you get to
understand it through a business aspect and be put in the real world. Working with him he’s a lot different because we’re able to get his perspective. It’s easy to jump off and try to think of a bunch of new ways he could go about, you know, running his farm, but he has a good thing going and so he can’t just jump
into new projects necessarily. He just wants help reaching out to younger consumers. Actually being there to feel the emotions that you get from seeing a view, from seeing the animals that you won’t see in the city, you can read
about it but it’s different from experience and from feeling it. This collaboration with the School of Business is gonna be beneficial to us and also to those students who learn a little bit about smaller businesses, because we’re not super big and about local agriculture and how it works to
basically survive as a farm.

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