34 Replies to “Understanding How Paradigms Work: Julien Blanc Reveals How To Let Go & Shift To Parallel Realities!

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  2. Love the cookie monster jacket!! I wonder if there will be a vid clarifying on the evolution of Julien's dressing style.

  3. Reality really is completely different depending on the lens through which you see it – very powerful. Julien, thanks to all your transformational work, you’ve inspired me to create my own channel that focuses on living a life of both external success and internal fulfillment (because you shouldn’t have one without the other)! Keep up the great work man🔥💪🏼

  4. Loving the get up. Looks like youre taking it slow in terms of "wackyness". Cant wait till you let loose and go full crazy again 😂

  5. So basically what i need to do is ask myself why my default is fear and let go of it?
    That doesn't seem that uncomfortable
    Btw great content as always Julien

  6. This is awesome. Recently read David Goggins' book and he talks about the same exact thing like confronting your inner demons and how those inner demons are there when you are by yourself at home. Great video.

  7. This is possibly the hardest hitting of any your videos i have seen….
    I literally felt like a ton of bricks hit me-
    This is the truth,and getting out of the roles we have had thrust upon us from a young age will take some doing but is the only way to change life circumstances and results…
    Or one will just keep repeating lines from the same script they have always read from

  8. i have to say i have that seed planted in my mind wtf, around the 10 minute mark when you talk about "im a loser that dosen't deserve a beautiful partner" that shit hit hard ngl… like i faced that thought multiple times and kind of embodied it in a way its so weird, i think it's really self-sabotaging me. But what i notice myself doing is that whenever i have any interaction or mental masturbation of this one girl that ive crushed on for about 3 years… yes i know how pathetic that is, but its not a real crush its a delusional crush/ a stale infatuation. i repeat the same cycle and it goes like this: she's beautiful, but im just a worthless loser… and its on repeat whenever i get reminded about her, so then in my mind because im such a pathetic loser, i tell myself the only way she will ever even consider you for a second is if…. and i fill in the blank with some goal that i have in mind, whether its sport related like i want to master a new trick, or that if i get this certain academic mark and become this intellectual beast that ill even have the smallest slimmer of chance with her…

    truth is i dont really want to be with her, its a shallow infatuation and ive read these 'pick up' books and hours of RSD content that is truley helpful – how she needs to chase you, and you dont chase her… how you have to be that high value guy etc. like i know how to theoretically get women, and if TRULY TRUELY TRULY wanted to get with her i know the actions and practice that is needed to be able to have a successful social/dating life… the information is out there, but this dark little seed inside me is possibly what is stopping me, that little thought of "i dont deserve this" like bruhhhh moment, but im grateful that you and the rsd crew are here posting your content because in any little way we can all learn from it, whilst you get the fufillment of helping others we are being helped, and the positive spiral continues and we want to help other people improve their lives

  9. Failed PUA selling hipster "spirituality". This guy is visibly filthy. He looks chewed up, spit out and stepped on.
    These clothes that he and his "friend" Owen wear, wouldn't even be acceptable at a thrift-store.
    He's just plain dirty, with stains all over a torn up sweater, that looks like it was once owned by a teenage girl, about 20 years ago.

  10. So true , for example if you want to go and say hi to that girl you like and you see yourself as someone who deserves her ,you would just go and do it . You are just that dude who does that. No problem there. But if you have these bad lenses(I am an underdog ,I must hustle trough it ,I must try harder because I am not good enough) Then that simple thing is a big problem.

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