50 Replies to “Unfinished Business Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco Movie HD

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  2. I guess I'm in the minority of liking this movie. Thought it was funny. "Mike Pancake" scenes made me lol.

  3. I watched this movie straight through to the end only because I was astonished by how bad it could be. Sadly this is not a joke.

  4. Watched this movie not expecting much, basically ran out of anything else to watch so I put it on. Ended up laughing most of the time, especially thanks to Dave Franco. I'd recommend it, I had fun watching it.

  5. Why do we always have to put poor Dave in a car that's going to crash? (reply if you understood that reference)

  6. I was surprised at how bad this actually was. I was watching it with a friend about a week ago, and we were 20 minutes in and no jokes no laughs.. nothing. It was stale and boring. Franco was creepy and awkward to the point where you think he might have severe autism, we turned this shit off.

  7. probably one of the worst movies i seen this year. story is so predictable, i didnt laugh at all through the entire movie. If you really wanna watch it go for it but i can pretty much guarantee you'll hate it

  8. I like Dave Franco. I saw only two films with him and here I am still remembering his name which is something.

  9. A guy vs girl movie where the Guy is not a blubbering idiot or an asshole ??? Β  OMG Β (well he does seem kinda dopey)

  10. Why are the Soldiers wearing patrol caps indoors? Why don't these patrol caps have rank on them? You just distracted 1 million active and former service members from the joke because you either don't care enough to google what correct military uniform indoors looks like, or because you've made an aesthetic choice and don't care that it distracts 1 million service members from the joke. I'm not going to go so far as to say it's disrespectful, but I will say that it comes across as annoying and lazy. I don't understand the decision. – An Army Officer

  11. Watching this and it's cracking us up so bad, dumbest funny movie I've seen since Stepbrothers and The Sitter. #unfinishedbusiness Β #vincevaughn

  12. wtf Tom Wilkinson doing these stupid kind of films. this is Trash and not funny. its more Stupidity than comedy . such a Stupid FIlm and dumb ass Trailer .Vince looks Tireddddd

  13. I'm holding on for True Detective season 2 I'm positive Vince Vaughn will blow everyone away… He needs to take more serious roles I think.

  14. This movie will rock if….IF Vince bludgeons this woman to death in the penultimate scene, and gets away with it scot free. Anything less will just gag me to death with pwecious rom-com-y-ness.

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