Unity College – Your Dollars at Work

I see the world as being in a state of
crisis but I also see it as offering this incredible opportunity to the
people who are alive right now. I was on my own at 16 years old I was kicked out
of my house and in the course of six years I had to move nineteen times and
then eventually I landed in a homeless shelter I stumbled upon Unity College by
driving by it and I thought “this really aligns with my set of values.” I
remember looking at the tuition thinking I am NOT going to be able to afford this
but they had a scholarship for academic excellence so I submitted the
application and I got a telephone call from Unity College saying “hey guess what?
you won the scholarship!” It was like to this day one of the best days of my
entire life it was a moment where I knew no matter what not only am I gonna be able to pay my
rent but I may be able to even do some stuff for my kids. When you come from a culture of poverty one
of the things that you don’t know is how to make connections with people who can
help you to empower yourself, and that’s a tremendous thing that Unity College
gave to me Unity nurtures you not just by
developing you but by helping you to develop others as well. They’re very
service oriented and it’s a huge part of the culture at this school: that you don’t
just take what you’re learning and use it for yourself but just take it and use
it to try to create a better world and I’ve been able to do that in strides. I won the Nicholas Holt Challenge
Scholarship and I created a short documentary film in Iceland that spoke
to that learning curve and I also was able to create a website that offers
resources to people to teach them how to live differently. Now I’m taking that
project that I call “Adaptive Earth” and I’m turning it into something that hopefully
will make change in the State. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m the director of an
organization called “Resources for Organizing and Social Change” and I’m
able to give back in a way that was given to me. If I were to speak to the
strongest impacts the Unity College had on me. on me I would say that they helped me to
find my strength and my passion I want to change the world I want to make it a
better place and they help me connect that passion to
the world around three

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