Update following today’s pay talks at the Cabinet Office

Hello I’m Mark Serwotka the general
secretary of PCS. I’ve spent this week touring all around Britain and I’ve met hundreds
of you as members and your representatives to discuss our pay
campaign and I’ve now just come from the Cabinet Office in Whitehall where I’ve
met the chief executive John Manzoni and his pay team. I put to Mr Manzoni why it
was essential we all had pay rises significantly above the rate of
inflation or between 8 to 10% why the government needed you
more than ever before as they prepare for Brexit and now is the time to put
right last year’s betrayal on pay. Unfortunately when you strip aside the
warm words, Mr Manzoni’s message was quite chilling. He told me that the
government has only funded 1% for this year’s pay round and anything
more than 1% must come from business cases which will rely on
changes to terms and conditions and working practices. What a slap in the
face for you as a hard-working public servant. So your executive will meet next
week on Tuesday. We’ll look at the thousands of responses you’ve sent us in, the
responses from your reps and I think it’s very likely that we will move to an
industrial action ballot. So my message to you now is this – if the government
really thinks it can get away with 1% when they need you more than
ever before, we’ve got to show them they can’t. So get involved in the campaign.
Sign up to volunteer to do things for PCS. Talk to your colleagues and get them to join the union and attend any meeting and look out for any email or leaflet.
Together we can win on pay. Let’s make sure they do not take you for granted.
Join our pay campaign.

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