UPS Celebrates Women-Owned Businesses– EnrichHER

When it comes to financing
women-owned businesses, we’re not just carving
out a new niche, we’re creating a whole new lane. My name is Dr. Roshawnna Novellus
and I’m the founder and CEO of EnrichHER. I’ve heard it all. “Women don’t have innovative
ideas” or “you’re too old” or “you need more
technical expertise,” but what that really means
is, you don’t look like me so I don’t understand
where you’re coming from. In the US, women start over
1,800 businesses every day, yet we have access to less than 2%
of the capital that we need. That’s why I founded EnrichHER. We’re the driving force behind
women who want the capital to grow their innovative
small businesses and need growth funding
to make it happen. Ladies, it’s a new day. Things
are changing. We can win together.

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