USA | Tamil | hair care routine | secret hair growth method from Kerala

hope you all are doing good! in today’s video you are going to see my hair care routine as how i nourish and take care of my hair this is a highly requested video and here i post this video for you guys i do not use any fancy fancy products on my hair mostly i try to do things naturally i would like to share few important tips that i follow kindly watch this video until the end as i will be sharing a secret method from Kerala which i follow if you are wqtching my video for the first time do not forget to like share and subscribe! The first tip is to keep oil in your head and take bath on Tuesdays and Fridays without fail i do it only those days when i have cold or fever i dont do it but other than that i make sure to do oil bath twice a week only then body heat will reduce and hairfall will reduce the most common reason for hairfall is because of the heat in our body to avoid that we must do oil bath while taking bath make sure to start pouring water from your feet on those days our ancestors used to go to river and take bath that is because while taking bath in the river your feet gets wet first and then slowly our other parts and last will be the head this is followed to actually let the hot air escape from our body through the nostrils ears and mouth before taking bath in the shower fill water in a tub or bucket and pour lots of water on your body starting from your feet to the head so that the heat escapes from your body and then take shower bath the next tip is about hot oil massage for your hair atleast try doing it for 5 minutes starting from your heads mid point massage your head throughtout with hot oil this helps in maintaining your hair healthy few people asked me if i did not have hair fall once after coming to america i did have hairfall but i followed few tips to tackle the situation i followed very simple things first is to eat one fruit per day without fail next is to eat two dates per day during night time even during pregnancy i did the same i made sure to eat dates daily night which actually made my hair strong and that i did not have hairfall immediately after birth the main thing as per my moms advice i made sure to eat dates which helps is blood circulation and also to increase the iron content in your body during pregnancy and even after pregnancy continue eating dates which will reduce your hairfall completely lets see how i oil my hair and the secret method for my hair growth heat some water in a bowl pour oil in a smaller bowl keep the oil in the hot water as how i am doing this is a double boiling method please see the description box for the oil that i am using try using this kind of comb which will help in easy detangling comb your hair very slowly apply oil as how i am showing in the video do it this do this kind of inversion method and massage for 5 minutes this will increase blood circulation in your scalp which will lead to faster hair growth the day when i started following this inversion method my hair growth increased very well try this and it will for sure workout dont do this inversion method every time you take head bath do this only twice a month only then you will see good results you will for sure see that your hair has grown big in 2 to 3 months product links are provided in the description box do not blow dry your hair try drying your hair naturally even hair straitening or smoothening is not good for your hair do not forget to like share and subscribe thank you for watching bye

100 Replies to “USA | Tamil | hair care routine | secret hair growth method from Kerala

  1. neenga yena oil use panringa mam pls reply panunga mam …pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  2. Hi sis… heavya hair fall aaguthu next dandruff eruku regulara use pandra maathiri nalla shampoo sollunga sister.

  3. Iam new to ur channel…ur hair look beautiful and healthy….correct sis when we r bathing in hot water we should pour water in head only..tqs

  4. Akka tuesday and Friday thalai kulikiradhu poga matha naalla coconut oil vaikalama… Na gulf county la irukken. Romba hair fall irukku. Actually munnellam braid pota 4 finger size la irukkum. Ippo koranjiduchu. So vazhi sollunga. And en appa veedu sidela ellarukkum hair density jaasthi and seekiram naraikadhu. En appavuku 62 age ippo dhan 1 or2 white hair irukku. So enakkum adhe mdri dhan irukku nu ninaikiren. So idhuku yetha madri solution sollunga. Onion lam solrangale adha try pannalama. Pls reply to me asap.

  5. Hi mam
    Enaku kerala ladies avanga hair a maintain panrathu romba pudikum
    Enaku oru doubt
    Daily um hair wash panalama apadi panna oil vachi shampoo pottu panalama
    Konjam sollunga mam

  6. Kottakal nellibringadi keerathailam oil daily um use pannalam ma pls reply coconut oil Kuda mix panni apply pannalam ma or appadiae use pannalam ma pls reply pls

  7. Hi akka…nan unga video first time pakkuren…I am so happy….use fulla irukku..thanku so much akka..oil bath ku enna oill use pandrathu akka??

  8. Na Florida la iruken comb hair oil shampoo conditioner name enna enga vangineenganu sonna nanum vangiduven ,unga tips use akum enakku long hair but strength illa thin a iruku , ini neenga sonna maathiri use panren thank u❤️

  9. Wow😍💖Worth watching 👏 after seeing this video, my heart weighs Lite😍Cuz I'm facing hair fall prob now, grabbed all ur tips into ma mind 😁am sure gonna try.. Thanks alot akka 😘loved the way u talk n conveyed. One doubt, aftr oiling the hair how long I should rest it for bath?

  10. Thank you so much I have bad way hair falling and u r all tips are very use full and easy also thank you for sharing with us

  11. Mam enaku. Hair ungala maari neraiyaa irukum..but naa clg poga aaramichadhularundhu apdiye kothu kothaa hair loss aagudhu..adha naa epdi stop panradhu nu sollunga pls

  12. Mam iron kaga dates sapdurathu nallathu but iron tablet or dates saptu citrus fuits like lemon sapta iron absorption neraiya agum nan nutrition student

  13. Hii.. i am malayalii.. i don't no tamil. Aanalum solluren first time thaan unkaloda video paakiren.. super video chechii💕😍😍(akkaa)

  14. I understand bits of Tamil and subtitles is not working all the time. Could you please describe the steps in English for us all. Would be very helpful. Thank you.

  15. Enaku hair fall pblm la illa but hair rmba short ah iruku niraya hair vedichiruku so enna pannuna hair growth agum plzz reply me sis

  16. Hi sis I am ur new subscriber I like all ur videos but I need one remedy from u I do temporary hair straightening for my marriage I have curly hair but after that my hair texture changed and it's too frezyyy wat should I do for smoothen my hair pls tell some good remedy

  17. Thank you sis.i too have a very long hair, i recently moved from India to Poland.last 2 weeks dirastic hair fall for me.will try all ur tips.thank u so much.

  18. Hi mam.. I am hostel student mam… I have lots of hairfall… I used to cry when I used to comb my hair mam.. heavy hair fall is taking place mam.. currently I am using khadi Amla reetha shampoo mam.. please give some tips mam… Please reply mam

  19. Tamil is one the most beautiful languages and it is greatly apprised when it’s spoken correctly as she does in the video👍🏽

    I agree with all of the hair tips you shared with your viewers, except for the choices of shampoo you choose is not the best. All shampoos consist with so many radicals and chemicals, mimicked with just a little bit of natural ingredients. So why not opt out the chemical perfumed shampoo and use Shikkai rinse.

  20. vanakkam sister.. sister im from malaysia.. your video is really great.. i got hair fall problem and before this my hair was long and thick but now the hair fall was increases. so can i get the suggestion for using oil.

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