[VIETSUB/ENGSUB/INDOSUB][VLOG] J-hope Important Business in LA

Jhope: I’m going to LA Jhope: It’s not difficult to go to LA alone, should I do it well? Jhope: I’m worried if I can do well Jhope: I really want to work on this song. But now I’m under pressure because the project is getting bigger. Jhope: What can I do now? I just need to do well, the only answer is to do well .. do my best.
Jhope: And I dyed my hair .. in the ’90s style, .. to match the concept Jhope: I will take a safe trip. Jhope: Wow – That’s great. Jhope: I came to LA. Yaaas- I went to dine. The weather is very good, Wow- Yeah- LA- Los Angeles- Jhope: I went to the hotel. Jhope: I will have a rehearsal with Becky G and I will have a shoot tomorrow. Today I will take a rest. Jhope: So I think I have to work harder. I will work hard Jhope: I usually have a breakfast alone in the morning like today when we go on tour. Jhope: So it’s not hard to do this.
Jhope: Of course it was awkward when I started going to America alone. Jhope: Everything is the same after arriving at the hotel. Jhope: I know a great recipe. Jhope: Spread butter on it. Jhope: Is this blueberry jam? Anyway, spread this on bread. Jhope: Put some eggs in there Jhope: Jungkook is also fascinated by this .. Jhope: Put it on like this. It seems a bit strange, right? But it’s quite better than you expected. You will be surprised. And then combine sweet & savory on it, you guys don’t know this, right? Put some bacon on it. Tear it up. Jhope: Put two pieces of bacon on it.
That is j-Hope’s recipe. French toast. Hope toast. Jhope: And I think it tastes better when strawberry jam is spread. It’s really good when you spread some strawberry jam .. Jhope: Actually it’s not breakfast. I’m just having breakfast and lunch. It is crunchy Jhope: I can’t stop eating this. Please try everyone. Jhope: Now I’m going to take a bath, warm myself and go to practice. I will work hard today. Fighting. Jhope: I’m about to leave to rehearse. Jhope: It was the day to film. Jhope: I’m worried. I should go .. I have to prepare to leave after wearing a sunscreen. Jhope: I was overworked yesterday. Jhope: 15 minutes before filming Jhope: Now I will return to Korea after the schedule. Jhope: This trip to America is really fun, Jhope: Did you go to the airport. Jhope: On the flight
Jhope: On the flight to LA.
Jhope: Flight to LA Jhooe: I was, I was really excited! Jhope: No, no, no need to type, Yes Jhope: I almost spit it out Jhope: Practicing dance before going to bed. A bowl of sweat,

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  2. 8:57 i donโ€™t think he said it is crunchy.He said brunch(brun-chi) ๐Ÿ’œ Anyway thank u so much for the subs

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