Vocal Coach Reacts to Susan Boyle & Michael Ball ‘Million Dreams’ #whatwentwrong

Hey there and welcome back to my channel. My name is Georgina and I am the honest vocal coach Today is what the fu. If you haven’t seen it blah blah blah blah. Basically what we do is we look at mistakes, so things like lip-sync fails, dodgy costumes, bad choice of arrangement. Stuff like that just to, not to have a laugh. Maybe a little bit, but to sort of look at what’s not the right thing to do. Try and avoid these things if you’re trying to make it in the industry. So let’s take a look at today’s. Today’s has been suggested by……. Suggested by my honest children. This is a Michael Ball and Subo on Britain’s Got Talent 2019. Let’s dive in. Teeny bit dodgy there my ‘hown’ my ‘hown’? my own. It’s alright though. It’s not bad so far Just a teeny bit cringey for me as he leans over to her let’s have a cuddle. Okay, I wouldn’t have done that. I would have just left them in two places for a bit longer. Then maybe brought them together I don’t know. Do like Michael Balls voice. Can be a little bit over vibrato at times But he’s had a long career, you know. Successful musical theater guy. I think he realized he was out of tune on the harmony. So he stopped. Good choice. I’m sorry. It’s to cringey. Why is he doing this up next to her. Separate, focus. Perform to the audience. It’s just a little bit cringey. Plus it seems that there’s a real lack of, like rehearsal here. They’re not entirely in sync Again it’s still cringey. Move-move-move my God. Just separate, you know. Perform out to your audience It’s cringey the way they kind of cuddling one another in it. Oh, no, it’s not working for me. Not the best vocal there from Subo. It is lovely that they’ve got the choir there. That’s kind of nice. It’s like young voices. All the UK moms watching this. You’ll know what I’m talking about Young voices where they get all anyway. They’re totally out of time with one and another. Again out of time, his voice cracked He seem very warm like. Like he was overheating a little bit. Okay, so it wasn’t really that bad. Vocally, it wasn’t gray, but it wasn’t a horrendous. I just saw it was staged badly. Really nice idea to have the choir. I get that. Maybe have some of them on stage. That would have helped. Like surround them a little bit. But the fact that they were cuddling one each other. I found that cringey. And their vocals did not match, throughout. Literally no performance practice. I think no rehearsal. If they did it was for five minutes. Because that just wasn’t synced together very well. He oversong her. His voice broke in certain places. She had bad breath control. Oh dear, yeah real lack of rehearsal. They it could have been so much better Anyway, do you agree with me on this? Did you enjoy the performance? Let me know in the comments below. And if you want to work with me, you can do. I can react to your singing via wisio. The links are down below. I’ll see you next week. Bye loves

95 Replies to “Vocal Coach Reacts to Susan Boyle & Michael Ball ‘Million Dreams’ #whatwentwrong

  1. I feel like it would have been 100x better if it was just Susan. They’re voices just don’t sound like they were made to sound good together. A+ for effort though!

  2. Awful. Boyle is very overrated flung into stardom from one audition, Michael ball is terrible here for how professional he is

  3. I think he was distracting Susan with leaning in & invading her space , must have been off putting , but not a good performance by either but not the worst .

  4. He was not in tune OR time with her!? He was the one that wanted to “cuddle” I think. “Bad breath…”!!?? 😂😂

  5. He was more cuddly than Susan and he appeared to be more out of time than she did. I know they did a duet for her album so maybe this was before they recorded the song. I do like him but maybe they should have practiced more xxx

  6. Susan has an amazing voice but for some reason I think the nerves got the better of her and Michael spoilt it, it should have just been her singing a track

  7. it needed to be one or the other. the two of them together is just awful. doesnt help that the song is too young for both of their styles of singing. it needed a youthful, powerful voice. neither of them could deliver the energy for this specific song.

  8. 😱😱😱 Sounds awful…🥺🙄😱 And eeew, why does he need to touch, cling to and invade her space all the time…👎😤👎 She's on a spektrum which – as everyone but him knows – doesn't allow all of that…🤬👎🤬

  9. Just to let you know, Susan suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, meaning she can become very agitated and afraid on stage, which you can tell she was at this performance. That’s why Michael was hugging her and trying to console her.

  10. When I heard it live I had to turn it off it seemed so bad, and I am a huge MB fan. listening now it wasnt as bad but the body language wasnt good and I agree the cuddling was a bad bad idea

  11. He was trying to harmonise with her, she was having none of it. She is a solo performer and isn't trained still by the looks of it. This should never have happened it was a horrible performance.

  12. Michael Ball is an excellent live singer , and so experienced so I'm convinced Susan was nervous and losing her timing . She can be nervous but I agree voices didnt match , but disagree that he was over singing. But I admit I am just a music lover I am not in your class of knowledge on singing . But both very good singers

  13. I really like Susan, but she is often slightly out of time, or sings to her own timings. I think this can pose an issue when singing with someone else

  14. 😆😆😆 Cringe, hilarious! I know practically nothing of these 2 but just watching this, it was horrible! I've seen Susan only on AGT and not a fan of the sound of her voice at all!
    I don't know something about her pitch is not appealing. This guy was awful.

  15. I’m sorry it wasn’t that good at all he was there to just show off and why did he have to over power Susan on the power note towards the end? Out of timing lack of confidence due to lack of rehearsal time. Susan was in my eyes better than ball. Also pure cringe the hugging and the close ups

  16. He ruined it, I blame Michael Ball. Susan Boyle sings much better alone. I became a huge fan of hers when she grabbed the world's attention after her BGT audition in 2009. She's actually an excellent singer!

  17. They both are just so crap, both vocals terrible though she is the worst, she has zero stage presence and has less life than a corpse when it comes to being on a stage, she does have a good voice sometimes but the only reason why she did well was because people looked at her and assumed should would sound total crap other than being OK at singing sometimes that is where her talent ends and she just does not belong on any big stage or venue

  18. I think lack of rehearsal with Micheal and Susan is what makes this not in sync. Also since Micheal is such a Musical Theatre actor he is used to partner acting and she isn’t giving him anything and maybe he was trying to get that out of her? It was staged weird.

  19. When you said ‘she had bad breath control’ I burst out laughing because I thought you were just going to say she had bad breath, not only would that be hilarious I’d have probably spent the next ten years of my life trying to figure out how you could tell that through a video 😂

    Although if she did have bad breath maybe Michael would have moved away a bit.

  20. That is time I’ll never get back…. the only good thing about the video is Georgina. The singing WAS horrendous…. 😖

  21. To be fair, I think she makes a better job of it than him. Despite a lot of mistakes. He should have given her more space. He is an experienced musical stage performer, but you would never know.

  22. I love Michael Ball, he is always extremely professional and a very strong singer. Yes this performance would have looked far better had they used the stage a bit more but I have a feeling that Susan was very nervous due to her condition, so it’s possible he was asked to stay close by to give her extra reassurance. You can see at the end of the song he gives her a look at if to say “you did it!”

  23. Is it possible Michael was asked to do something different, in other words….something that was better, and he just maybe did his own thing?

  24. Ugh – Susan is always average but Michael kept putting a bounce to his phrasing. Susan was legato all the way. He should have matched that.

  25. Knowing how nervous SuBo can get on stage, I can see why Bally wanted to stay close to her. However, I doubt that helped…. Oh dear, what a mess

  26. A lot hype regarding Susan Boyle. She simply sings, nothing out of this world and nothing special. Just a bit below average

  27. One more thought…lol…take a listen to David Lee Roth of Van Halen his first night opening in Vegas. Wow. What a bummer. Maybe he had a cold or something. He couldn't remember his lyrics (have a teleprompter, man) and vocals were just abysmal. Sighs.

  28. Hi love your channel it’s certainly sounding like Susan was incredibly nervous, really uncomfortable to listen too & see this performance, especially when televised & singing to an audience, it’s as though no rehearsal too place.
    so sad your so kind when you do your reviews always love listening to your channel 🙏❤️

  29. Michael was clearly not prepared for the performance at all. He was the one who kept going out of time, messing up harmonies, oversang and cracked on a note that's well within his range. He was also nasal and did not control his voice well on the softer notes (they had terrible tonality and were really shaky tbh). He is an experienced vocalist who is perfectly capable of doing this song. I'm genuinely shocked that he was so poorly prepared.

  30. I subscribed a few months ago. But, I just don't like all the perfectionism here. Susan is an amazing singer and has come so far. Her voice is amazing. Who cares if something might night be to your perfectionism. At least she is Susan. Perhaps some Jealousy? Let's hear you sing ma'am. unsubscribed because of this. TOO much just too much. You are going to lose your viewers when you expect perfection. Susan is very famous around the world for her beautiful PITCH PERFECT voice. Good bye.

  31. Would've been so much better with just Susan. She did a really good job with the exception of a couple small things but he just wasn't good in my opinion and it ruined the whole thing. It seemed to me he must have skipped rehearsals to me.

  32. Totally agree Georgina, they obviously didn’t rehearse enough for the performance. I love Susan but she seemed nervous here – I’ve noticed her voice is often quite shakey live especially when she’s nervous. Didn’t like Michael Ball at all. A big lesson here is rehearsal time is so very important & commanding the stage – neither of them did unfortunately. Also the song choice wasn’t the best, they seemed to lose control of the song.

  33. Two voices that shouldn't have been together!! Terrible, both amazing singers but this is dreadful.. Michael is in a completely different league to Susan! O dear!!

  34. To be honest I think Subo would have done a better job by herself, he crowded her and I’m sure this is what has made her uncomfortable, I like Michael Ball but he was very off key in this!!

  35. Everyone saying Susan Boyle is overrated, SHE'S NOT. she was an amazing singer and still is somewhere down there, she stopped singing for a while cause she moved to her original village in Scotland and she worked at a corner news agents shop with very little pay because she missed being at home with her family so I can see why she messed up a bit during this performance

  36. you missed from 3:10 to forever! ….how bad was that?!? HORRIBLE and you missed it 🙂 You talk about cringe acting but the voice harmony was a DISASTER! You weak. Sorry

  37. It does sound less rehearsed than it could have been, but I wouldn't have called this performance a wtf.

    Also, the amount of vitriol in the comments towards two people who are basically strangers is alarming.

  38. I wonder if Susan has had vocal lessons in the years she won the competition…you know just to tweak it and keep it strong.

  39. I don’t feel like Michael should sing with anyone who can’t over sing him he’s just too loud and obnoxious. Ha just imagined a duet with him and John barrowman and SHUDDERED.

  40. I was in the choir, and trust me they and we rehearsed during the day, but yes, it all went a bit wrong on the night, they're only human after all, Susan seemed very nervous. We (the choir) backed Susan on her latest album 10 on A Million Dreams, and it sounded beautiful – MB is rather overpowering for her voice I think, but nonetheless a great performer in his own right.

  41. I think he's trying to watch her lips to be in time with her but he could of stepped away and tried to get eye contact from afar ?

  42. It wants her for Susan Boyle because her voice is stunning for that song she should have sang It solo with the choir

  43. Susan sounded flat & out of time. She is very overrated singer. Check out her version of Over The Rainbow a few years ago. Horrendous is putting it mildly. Michael Ball is fabulous as always, however he should not of duetted with her. It obviously put him off vocally.

  44. Oh wow. I was cringing all the way through that. She looked so uncomfortable with him snuggling up. Talk about an invasion of personal space!

  45. I was one of the choir singing that night in rehearsal they were much better Susan was extremely nervous I felt when we recorded on the album it was an amazing sound

  46. I noticed that when you speak, your words don't always come through clear. I agree with Patricia Sloan…if one cannot sing, one should not criticize. I will say their voices don't belong together because I love both of them. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Susan gets nervous easily and Michael's gestures and movement more than likely put her off. I'm just saying.

  47. Susan Boyle was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, so this would of made feel very uncomfortable…which shows in other duet performances, if he hugged her like that in rehearsal…she would of found it very hard to express her discomfort, so probably not be able to say she doesn't like it! Your right this is very cringeworthy, the way he is hugging her seems very false…almost patronising, it looks like he's thinking he's doing her a favour, oh look at me…im so kind hugging her, she will be so grateful 😩

  48. No sé hablar inglés, supongo que estás criticando su actuación por los gestos que haces y estoy de acuerdo contigo. 😂

    se oyen terribles los dos aunque amo a Susan, desentonan muchísimo y sus voces no comulgan. Felicidades.

  49. "Okay, it wasn't really that bad." Or how to criticize a bad performance in a nice way. Your a dear. And a bad performance does not necessarily mean that the performers are bad.

  50. I really get a kick out of people like you ! you think your the leading expert of singing . do you have a multi million dollar record deal ?……. are you friends with Simon or can I turn on the radio and hear you singing? ….. I think not so do us a favor and just shut up

  51. Your looking extra pretty here…
    Nice..thanks it's interesting how you can do this as a living.. something very interesting!!!!
    Thank you..

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