Volunteering For The Canterbury Oast Trust | AM Marketing Charity Day at The Rare Breeds Centre 🚜🐖

Welcome, it is AM charity day! As some of you may know every year the whole of the AM team spend day working for a local
charity This year it was Alex’s turn to pick and we are here in the beautiful
countryside at Canterbury Oast Trust Rare Breeds Centre We’re here for the whole
day volunteering helping the guys with loads of stuff around the centre first task of
which is spreading some green hay then I think we’re going to be helping painting
parts of the chicken area which I am super excited about I’ve already seen
some goats there’s a lovely cow it’s gonna be a great day I’m Paul Harris I am the Volunteer
Coordinator here for Canterbury Oast Trust The Canterbury Oast Trust is a charity in Kent and East Sussex which was set up almost 30 years ago by a group of
parents that were raising children with learning disabilities and they were
finding it difficult to get education and care once they’d reach adulthood so
they decided on themselves to club together and and start something up
themselves to try and do that and the first home that they purchased was in
Canterbury hence Canterbury Oast Trust and was a set of Oast houses. Eventually that wasn’t big enough so they acquired a property here at Highlands Farm and it
expanded on from there A byproduct of that was the Rare Breeds Centre, which is an extremely popular family destination where we have livestock, goats, sheep, pigs, miniature pygmy goats and a whole range of other things as well, falconry
displays, turkeys They do different events throughout the year the place is designed and set up to help and educate adults with learning disabilities to
reach a better independent living and that’s our aim that’s what we do so we’ve had an incredible day
volunteering at the Rare Breeds Centre We have spread a load of green hay to try and make more flowers grow We have painted two chicken coops mm-hmm a duck coop, and a turkey coop We saw a pig race. We saw a pig race yeah that was pretty cool and now Alex is buying a load of plants If you are thinking of volunteering for a local charity, honestly this has been an incredible day the Canterbury Oast Trust and Rare Breeds Centre are in constant need of volunteers and donations so even if you just come down visit to see what they do here, we highly recommend it. We will see you next time. Bye! you

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