Welding at CRC

Our shop’s really great because we have a
lot of new equipment, we have a lot of brand new Lincoln Electric equipment. MIG, TIG,
stick welders, we have Miller, electric welders too. And we have pretty much every single
process you can think of. You get really good equipment, it’s top-notch.
It’s definitely something you’d see out in the field. The fact that they have this beautiful
new facility really helps. When you have better equipment, it just makes it that much easier
to learn. We have a machine for everybody here who’s
in the class. Everything’s what’s up-to-date and current in the industry. What I really like about this program is that
it’s really independent and that there’s just a lot of shop time to work on developing your
skills. [Instructor talking to students] He lectures and we discuss what we’re going
to do for that day and the processes. And then we come out here, he usually gives us
a small demo. And once we’ve demonstrated to him that we can do it, we get to come in
here and actually do it ourselves. The thing I like most about helping the students
in the booths, I get to go in there and show the students exactly how they need to do it…body
positioning, timing, travel speed…there’s a lot of different parameters involved. So
it feels good when I go in there and show them, exactly how I was taught to do it, and
then watch them apply it and turn out a quality weld. I just remember from last week we had these
projects. I was getting all frustrated and my TA came in and showed me this new little
technique and I literally screamed out loud when I saw the weld bead afterwards. And I
didn’t even get the project done that day, but, you know, I really learned something
and that’s what I’m here for. My main goal is to get a degree in construction
management, but I saw the welding classes and I figured that would be a really good,
useful skill to add on to that degree. The main instructor is a certified welding
inspector, so you can get your AWS certs right from this program, and they’re for free all
you have to pay for are your materials. It’s about certification here—to get you
certified by the American Welding Society, and that’s the one that really gets them jobs
is the industry certification. We have students who are placed now with different manufacturers
locally: Siemens, we have students working there, and GNB Productions, another big company. I would definitely recommend students to come
to Cosumnes River College because it definitely prepares you for employment in the future,
or whatever you want to do with it. You know, just to learn the skills. There’s people from
all walks of life here. I would definitely recommend taking welding
at CRC. It’s definitely worth it.

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