WE’RE ENGAGED! (Proposal story)

Ashley: Hello YouTube! G: We’re engaged!
A: We ARE engaged!
G: FUCK YEAH! [high-five SLAP!] [together]: Baababa, baBABA!
G: [inaudible]
A: Yeah it is, yeah. [LOUD CHAMPAGNE CORK POP]
[both]: [SCREAMING] [acoustic guitar intro music begins playing] [click sound effect] [music pauses]
Ashley [voiceover]: Seriously, you guys sent in some /amazing/ stuff and made this video /extra/ special for me. Best engagement present ever! [music picks up again]
[camera film rolling/shuddering] A: I’ve decided we’re gonna tell the story of how you proposed and we’re gonna alternate. Does that sound good?
G: [sighs after sip of wine] I guess it has to. A: It was uh, the day after Halloween, and I was suuuuper tired, and just a liiiittle bit hungover. And Grace was being randomly–
[transition BEEP] A: Grace was being surprisingly, /excessively/ nice to me. She’s always been very nice to me, but like, I kept saying, [pleading] “Five more minutes of sleeping, baby,” ’cause she got up at like 6. A: And then I was like, [whining] “10 more minutes of sleeping, baby.” Finally I was like, “If you bring me bacon and coffee in bed, I’ll get up.” A: And then she did! [laughing] So it already was like a beautiful day, ’cause she was just being so sweet to me!
G: So I made breakfast, and then we filmed the video. A: It’ll be coming out soon, it’s just us answering really hard–
G: –relationship questions. Which is actually one part that I really liked about proposing on this day, because G: I felt like we had a really good conversation about our relationship and where it was at, and where we like, saw things going. [transition BEEP] A: Have you ever apologized when you didn’t actually think something was your fault or you did anything wrong?
G: [both chuckling quietly] Yeah….[both laughing loudly] [transition BEEP] G: BUT! Ashley asked me…
A: I asked, “Would you stay with me if I didn’t believe in marriage?” [transition BEEP] A: Oh here, this is a–I’m curious about this one.
G: Okay.
A: It’s very hypothetical, but: Would you stay with me if I didn’t believe in marriage? [transition BEEP] A: And apparently, [laughing] they–
G: I FREAKED OUT internally.
A: It was a very hypothetical question, and I was only just wondering, I do believe in marriage. G: And then I took her to this park that means a lot to me because I uh, I used to work over by there, and then I would do a lot of writing there. And I had written about her a couple times. G: One time in particular when I had really like, definitively had said, “This is the girl I’m going to marry.” I just wanted something to be really us, because G: on the day-to-day basis, her and I get lost in conversation uh, more than anything, I think that’s one of my favorite things about us, is how much we get lost in conversation. A: For both of us, our favorite dates involve the dates that we like, talk for HOURS. Our first date we got to the restaurant at 7 and stayed ’til it closed which was like, what? Midnight? G: Yeah.
A: Yeah, five hours. Five hour dinner is a long dinner.
G: Yeah. This is what I kinda wanted the day to be. Is just, a conversation. G: And I kept asking like kinda like, ~future questions and cute questions~ and like, I really tried to like, focus on like, um, like the future and stuff like that. G: And one thing she said that really resonated with me, is like, there’s always a reason to wait.
A: She asked me, she’s like, “What do you want us to do within the next year?” A: And I was like, “I would like us to have accomplished like, at least a couple of adventures. Whether that’s traveling or just doing something crazy, or, I don’t know, seeing something that A: “that we’ve always wanted to see.” And just because like–sometimes those things cost money, and you can always–
G: There’s always a reason to say no. A: Yeah, you can always be like, “Well, in a year we’ll have more money.” Or maybe like travel’s just really complicated on that date, and maybe like next month it’s easier. A: And it’s just like, no, sometimes you just have to say, “Let’s do it anyway.” Because otherwise you’re gonna get to the end of your life and you’re not gonna have done anything. So like, A: I hope we accomplish a few adventures and I hope we don’t like, find excuses to wait for things that are important. Let’s just do them, let’s take the leap. G: And we were sitting on this um, swing bench kind of a thing. My heart’s like beating out of my chest, at this point. Like.
A: This whole time, this whole time–we’re just walking and talking. G: Yeah, and I’m carrying around a jacket.
A: Which I thought was weird. There’s a lot of things I thought were weird, but she was being so sweet that I didn’t care. Like she didn’t lock the apartment door when we left. A: And she was really weird about it. [Grace laughing] She was like, “I’m just not gonna lock it.” And I was like, “Okay, that’s like, but my computer was in there.” And she’s like, “Just trust me.” A: And I was like, “Okay…” And I did, because like I do trust her, and.
G: Yeah, so I was like, again, my heart’s beating out of my chest, ’cause I just want it to go so perfectly. A: So even though all these weird things are happening, I still don’t know she’s gonna propose. It’s still not on my radar. It’s like, for me, in a month or two. G: Mhmm. And then, so then, I can’t even like, super remember what we were talking about before I kissed you, ’cause I was like in like a haze. G: I was like, [whispering to self] “Just do it!” So, uh, I start kissing her, and then–
A: That’s when I thought, “Oh my gosh, is she gonna propose?” ‘Cause the way she kissed me was so different than normal. A: It was so like, scared and nervous and full of love and like, a lot was riding on this kiss. Y’know? And like that’s when I thought, “Ohmigosh, is she gonna propose?” G: All right. I get down on one knee. And the first thing Ashley says, SCREAMS: “NO!!”
A: Grace has given me shit about this ever since she proposed. G: I will give you shit about it for the REST OF OUR LIVES! She starts SCREAMING “NO! NO! NOO!” And my face apparently just DROPS. A: It did. Okay, it was like, an exclamatory no. It wasn’t like I meant no, it just was me like [disbelieving and excited] nO! NO! NO! IS THIS HAPPENING?! A: But then yeah, her face dropped.
G: [laughing] And then she said: “NO KEEP GOING!” And then she blacked out essentially, because she doesn’t remember anything I said! A: [laughing] I don’t really remember anything she said! All I know, is her faced dropped, and then I was like, “Aw baby, keep going!” And then she stopped talking, which I assumed A: meant she was done with her speech. [both laughing] And I just said YES!
G: Yeah, and then we kissed, and then I fumbled with the box, and I was like, G: “You have to take off the bow! The people at the store told me you have to take off the bow!” There was a bow on the box.
A: It’s a very high-maintenance box. A: It was a box with a bow, so first I had to undo the bow, and I had to take off the ribbon. And THEN I had to open the box. G: And then there was–no and then there was tissue paper around it.
A: And then there’s tissue paper around it, and she had to take off that. And then like, apparently she– A: see, I would’ve done it backwards– it’s very complicated.
G: Yeah, it is.
A: And then open the box, and then inside the box was the most beautiful and most perfect wedding ring– G: Engagement ring?
A: …Whatever. Engagement ring–that I could ever imagine. You can’t see it but I’ll zoom in later. [transition BEEP] [cheerful guitar and drums background music]
[transition BEEP] G: And so, and then she said yes, and then she–we just kissed and we hugged a lot, and
A: And the I fell on the ground.
G: And then you fell on the ground crying and laughing. G: ‘Cause you were–you were in such disbelief, I think. And then she looked up and me like, [cute lil meek voice] “Will you propose to me again?” [both laughing]
A: I wanted to remember what she said! And then I kind of made her propose to me like throughout the night several times. I was like, “Propose to me again.” “Propose to me again!” “Will you propose to me again?” [laughing] [smooch]
A: And then we drove back home, and the reason that Grace had left the apartment unlocked was ’cause my best friend and her husband snuck in and romanticized the place. G: Per my instruction. [transition BEEP]
A: Okay guys, guess what? [laughing] Guess what guys! I just got engaged! [both laughing] And I’m so!!! Like [laughing] I’m so, like, I cried a lot. A: And um, my hat fell off a little bit ago. And there’s candles all over the apartment, you should look. At them. And I don’t even know how to talk. A: Or say anything. I’m usually very articulate but I lost the ability to think and move and talk without crying. And EVERYTHING. And um, I just wanted to get a clip of what the apartment looks like. A: And [laughing] And.
G [off-camera]: How do you feel being a fiancée?
A: I feel incredible. [muffled because of hands] Oh baby! [gasping breath]
G: [laughing] [transition BEEP] G: There was rose petals and fl–and roses. There was candles lit everywhere. There was a canvas uhh, um, with painting ’cause we love doing that together. Uh, /two/ bottles of wine. G: We still only used one, which is very unlike us. And then I had um, chocolate molten lava cake ’cause Ashley’s been asking for chocolate molten lava cake for like two months. A: But y’know what’s cute? I learned later that night, that it wasn’t just any chocolate molten lava cake. She literally Googled the best chocolate molten lava cake in the city, and A: it was apparently from some restaurant named ‘Eli’s’ and, that’s where it came from. It was really good! She had a whole playlist, a YouTube playlist prepared of our videos. A: So we reminisced and we watched the whole, like The Girlfriend Tag and some of her favorite daily vlogs. Like we just gushed and watched like a video scrapbook of our relationship. G: Yeah, as it’s kinda progressed. And then uh we ordered in Ashley’s dream dinner.
A: [so excited!] Yeah! She said I could order anything I wanted–
G: Anything in the world. A: Anything! And I figured the only time someone actually means that is the day they propose. So I ordered a pound and a half of king crab from a wonderful restaurant in uptown called ‘Stella’s’. A: And it–and she ordered lobster ravioli. And we had chocolate molten lava cake beforehand, so we were just stuffed on the RICHEST food, the most delicious, flavorful, fantastic food. [transition BEEP] G: We’re getting married.
A: What did I just tell the bicycle lady?
G: [laughing] That we just got engaged.
A: And how did she react? G: [daintily/politely confused, kind of happy] “Oooh!” [laughter] [transition BEEP]
A: We rented a movie, and we watched the movie while we ate. I’m talking too much.
G: No! G: Then we watched the movie, and then we painted our canvas. Cut to canvas!
A: And we paint when we’re stressed, and we paint on date nights, it’s just always been a big part.
G: Painting has just always been our thing. A: It is.
G: So I got us a canvas and now we’re gonna frame it and that’s our engagement night canvas.
A: Which is super cute. [smooch] G: I tried to do everything that you’d want in that night.
A: It was everything that I wanted. It was so unexpected, which is one of my favorite parts about it. A: Like I really wasn’t expecting it.
G: I was trying to surprise–like I was trying to catch you off-guard. Because like, she’s right, if I would’ve waited another month or two, couple months, G: she would’ve been like, seeing it coming.
A: Yeah. And so I didn’t see it coming and it was so fantastic. And like, I don’t know, it was just so–it’s so raw and intimate being engaged, too. A: I thought it would be more like, just straight-up cute and shallow, but it like, was really heavy, but in a good way! Y’know? Like I feel so much closer to you, and I know nothing happened besides you said, “Will you marry m–” [muffled by smooch] A: “–me?” and I said yes, which we’d already talked about, but.
G: But it’s different when you’re actually like, saying, “No, I’m ready to make this commitment to you.” Like this REAL commitment. A: [quietly&cutely] And I’m a-sited [excited].
G: [same way] And I’m a-sited, baby, we’re gon’ be married.
A: We’re gonna be so married. [smooch] [loud smooching]
A: That’s good! [smooch]
G: I love you. G: OOAH! NO! AHHHH!!!
A: [blows raspberry on Grace] A: [screams]
G: You raspberried on mah face!
A: You spilt champagne. You need to settle down.
G: I DIDN’T spill it… [Ashley chuckling]

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