West Side Market Cleveland – 5 spots to get lunch there

The West Side Market is a must-visit Cleveland
destination. It’s been around for over a hundred years. Let’s take a look at 5 great
lunch spots. Frank’s Bratwurst has been here for 3 generations. They make Bratwurst
sandwiches with a family recipe. A big favorite is the Cleveland-style, which is topped with
horseradish, ball-park mustard and sauerkraut. If you’ve never tried a pizza bagel, this
is a unique lunch. It’s been a West Side Market tradition for 30 years. The pepperoni
rolls are popular for good reason. These are made fresh daily. And you can have grain-free
dough. Kim Se Cambodian brought Asian cuisine to the West Side Market. From their egg rolls
to stuffed chicken wings, shrimp or chicken pad thai. They also have vegetarian spring
rolls. And my favorite, their bubble tea. Always a hit for lunch time visitors.
Let’s go to Steve’s Gyros. This stand is so popular that it consistently sells out.
It’s been on the Food Network, Man vs. Food and others They’re not afraid to give you
a bunch of meat in each gyro. Maha’s Falafel has been a staple here since the 80’s. They
do shawarmas, Philies and gyros too. They’ve also been featured with Rachel Ray. When I
filming this, a gentleman from out of town was ordering, and he said he stops here every
single time he’s in Cleveland. That’s the type of following they have. There’s so
much at the West Side Market. From pierogis to paczkis, crepes to coffee. I’d love to
hear about your favorite lunch spots here at the market. Leave a comment below.

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