What Are California Employment Laws Regarding Parental Leave?

Just because you don’t work for an employer
who has 50 or more employees doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain protections that
you have. So, for instance if I work for a company that
only has 15 employees, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not entitled to time off to care
for my sick child. There are certain other laws that apply that
may give me protection in those types of situations such as you are not allowed to discriminate
against an employee for associating with some another family member, so my association with
my child who has a serious medical issue I may be entitled to certain accommodations
such as leave of a few days to take care of that child or to have a modified work schedule. As a result of that there are protections,
there are a lot of unique protections that a lot of employers are not aware of and even
small business owners are not aware of as well, which is why I always encourage people
to get advice when you are in a situation especially when it relates to the care of
you know somebody in your family for a serious medical issue. Feel free to give us a call anytime for a
free consultation. 310-273-3180 or you can also go to our website
at CaliforniaLaborLawAttorney.com.

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