What is event marketing

Hello today I’d like to discuss
what actually is event marketing. Cause that’s a really interesting
question and it comes with two elements. I was speaking to a friend today, I was talking about event
marketing for businesses. And first and foremost people think of
event marketing as marketing the event and how to get bums on seats. But the other part of event marketing
is actually marketing your business with an event. And so really we need to reverse our
thinking and event marketing is about marketing our business with an event and
then marketing our event so that we can make it successful and enable us to
achieve our goals in our marketing funnel. So what I find is especially with
you know the smaller organizations, big teams, Big organizations,
they have an event market, they’ve got a marketing team which looks
after all the marketing activity and events a part of that. And then they’ll have an event marketing
team to make the event viable for the organization or for the business. But for the smaller organizations
or for us small business owners, what we tend to do is we just think
about the event and marketing the event, which we sadly do not as well as we
could and we completely forget about marketing our business with an event. And so let’s take a look at step one. Step one is a marketing
your business with an event. In order to be able to
do this effectively, the first thing we need to
do is we need to look at, you need to look at your funnel. So if you’re looking at your
marketing funnel, your sales funnel, you need to understand where in
that funnel our events fitting in. Are they at the very top of the funnel
and you just getting engagement and growing your database? Are they in that middle part of the funnel
where you are teaching more building know like and trust and giving more value? Or are they at the bottom of the funnel, like a retreat that you’re going to be
running where that is your main bread and butter or are these events
sitting all the way through? Do you have an intro event and then
a secondary event and then a retreat. So really understand where in your
sales funnel is your event situated. Once you know that we need to
also look at our customer journey. Where in the customer journey are they
going to be dealing with your event? So again, is this at the very start of their
customer journey where they’re doing the exploration? Is it more when they’re trialing some
products or is it right at the end when they’re ready to commit? So that’s step two is understanding
where in the customer journey your event falls. Then we must add
some, what are the outcomes, what is the ROI or return on investment
that we would like to achieve in our business from our event and only
once we are clear on the funnel, the customer journey and what outcomes
and ROI do we want to achieve. Then we create the event
that reflects this. We create an event that sits in the
right part of our marketing funnel. It is touches the right
customers at the right time. It is created to get the ROI that we
need and then we’re able to create our event. Once we’ve created the event, we go to step two and step two
is about marketing the event, and so this is when we
really look at clarity, so we’ve identified that purpose of
this event for us in our business, which is what we’ve done throughout
understanding our ROI. Then when we plan, we plan out event logistics,
so what’s it gonna look like? Where’s it going to be?
How’s it going to look? All of that event management part, we plan our promotion and we
really plan our presentation. What is it that we’re going to be saying
delivering? And once we’ve got that, we promote, we promote our event
cross-marketing. We really, really need to make sure that our
event promotions across all marketing channels, so it’s talking to those customers at
the right time that we’ve identified in step one. Right? That’s
your promotion. Next, you run the event, we shine, we
deliver, we deliver the value, but we make sure that we keep in
mind what is the purpose of this? What is our ROI? Are
we selling from stage? Are we getting the leads in the database? Are we getting our
photography or videography? Really making sure that on the day we
capture as much as possible and then follow up is super important.
Finally, improve review. Did I achieve the ROI? Did I achieve what we set
out to achieve in our events? If we have, great, we’ve got a blueprint
and we can try and make that better. If we haven’t, well let’s review what we did or did not
do and were we realistic and did we set everything up in order to succeed? So what I’m saying is don’t
set yourself up for failure. Start with identifying how you’re going
to market your business with the event. Once you’ve identified
how you’re marketing your
business with the event only, then start to create the event to
reflect that purpose and then market your event effectively so that you get the
right people in the room and you get the ROI that you need. So there you
have it. That is event marketing. It is two steps. It is identifying how
to market your business with your event. And then identifying how to market
your event for event success. So that’s been me. Thank
you so much for tuning in. It is always a pleasure to
share the Eventologists journey. If there’s any questions or any
feedback, or if you’d like to discuss, please pop that into the comments
and we do have an event coming up, so please check the link
in the description and come
along to our next event. For now, have an absolutely
awesome time, wherever you are, and I look forward to
seeing you soon. Bye.

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